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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this friday. we begin with a couple significant names here. donald trump has filled three posts that are key in defending the nation. two of the men selected were key in defending trump during his presidential campaign. first up, alabama senator jeff
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sessions. he had accepted the nomination to become trump's attorney general. sessions was the first u.s. senator to announce his support for trump but he is dogged with decades old allegations of racism miken flynn is another one. general flynn often introduced trump on the campaign trail and then kansas congressman mike pompeo up for cia director. a source tells cnn the congressman doesn't know mr. trump very well nor did he do much campaigning if for the president-elect. let's fill in the blanks here with sara murray she's been following the ins and outs of the transition. the president-elect is expected to leave trump tower. tell us about his meetings today and this weekend. >> he's been meeting with governor mike huckabee today, one of the final meetings before he's heading out to his golf resort in bedminster new jersey for a weekend of what i've been told are going to be non-stop
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meetings, some designed to shape his view of howe you build a team, what you need to know about certain subject areas, but others are essentially job interviews as he begins to think about how he wants to fill some of these remaining cabinet post, some of the names on the list for this weekend are interesting. obviously we've talked about mitt romney who is a krcritic o donald trump but former washington, d.c. public schools chancellor michelle rhee, general james mattis. and, brooke, the key question going into this weekend is whether these meetings are designed for optics, designed to make it look like donald trump is casting a wide net and considering people who may not have the exact same ideology as him or whether he's really really considering these people. what we've seen from his first round of picks is, yes, even mike pompeo doesn't know donald trump very well but their ideologies are aligned. that's true when it comes to senator jeff sessions, it's true when it comes to michael flynn. both of those guys are donald
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trump loyalists. they were out there speaking in his favor when many other people were not willing to do so. so i think a lot of people are wondering is this just a head fake so donald trump can appear he's interested in moderating his position or is he really considering someone like mitt romney for potentially a secretary of state. >> is it for real, is it for show? we shall see, sara, thank you. reactions range from complimentary to caustic. this tweet from john dingle tweeted "forget the basket, the true deplorable ones end up in the cabinet." let's have a conversation with manu raju, our senior political reporter, kevin sheridan used to be senior advisor on romney's presidential campaign and served on the republican gnatnal committcommi -- national committee and stuart
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holliday, gentlemen, nice to have you on. manu, i defer to you first in terms of what you're hearing on capitol hill. senator sessions is a veteran, almost two decades there. how much support does he have? how confident in terms of folks you're talking to could he sail through these confirmation hearings? >> there's a good chance he gets confirmed, mike pompeo gets confirmed. republicans will be controlling the senate in the new congress, they'll have 52 seats and because of the democratic change of filibuster rules in 2013, now only a simple majority of senators are needed to confirm an executive level nominee. that basically means that they can do it on a party line vote and i can assure you that probably some democrats will end up voting for both pompeo and sessions so chances are pretty good that those two men will get the jobs they want. now that being said, democrats are vowing a rigorous oversight
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process. they said these guys will be vetted very intensely even if jeff sessions is friends with a lot of senators. they said they plan on looking at his record on civil rights issues and jeff session's hard line views on immigration. so controversies will emerge as well as controversies over mike pompeo's juice about surveillance and harsh interrogation techniques and keeping guantanamo bay open, things democrats will want to pursue but not necessarily enough at this point to derail a confirmation. >> let me follow up on one of manu's points, kevin, the fact that senator sessions did not ultimately pass through the confirmation to become federal judge in the late '80s because of these allegations of racist comments. he stands by, he says he is not a racist but this is something we're starting to hear, this chorus from the left, this cry how would you defend him? >> well, i think democrats will
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try to make a big deal out of it and let's just see what the hearings look like. i think he is likely, as manu was saying, to get confirmed. the president has a pretty big latitude to get his picks, he always does, and he comes into office with a senate in republican hands so it would be unlikely for him to face serious opposition but we'll have to see what the comments are they want to bring up and what policies they want to focus on but i would put my money on him getting through. >> and i want to follow up with you on this meeting with governor romney over the weekend. mr. ambassador, also another name, national security advisor, lieutenant general mike flynn. in august he said this about islam. >> islam is a political ideology. it is a political ideology. it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion.
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>> half of the country fears this sort of rhetoric, you from a global perspective are perfect to ask. how concerning is what he just said? >> i think the role of the national security advisor is to be a behind-the-scenes air traffic controller of policies coming in from various agencies, if you look at the previous lieutenant general's, scowcroft and powell you didn't see a lot of them out there, they were really managing a process and i think what you saw there was a reaction to his perceptions but perhaps that the obama administration wasn't as forward leaning as identifying what he saw as the root cause of the problem that we face with isis and the global terror threat and i think he's going to play -- >> forgive me, mr. ambassador, let me pivot quickly, governor huckabee is standing and talking to the press at trump tower. >> terrific job of looking for the best talent he can find for
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his cabinet. beyond that i don't have anything to report to you because it's not my job to report. >> are you interested in the position? >> you know, i'm happy to do what i'm doing. my job right now is to listen. it's his job to make those decisions and whatever those decisions are is going to be good. the only person giving out jobs in this building is president-elect trump not me and i would respect that any information about that come from him. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> concerned with it? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> you know, i feel like i'm going to serve my country whether i'm inside or outside of government and i'll be loyal to donald trump because i believed in his as a candidate, stood by him throughout. i'm not looking -- i didn't come here looking for a job and i did
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not campaign for him because, you know, i was needing work. >> reporter: what's your reaction to jeff sessions? >> an absolutely wonderful appointment. i gave it a standing ovation. jeff sessions is one of the, i think, stalwart conservatives in the senate. he's also been a loyal, faithful ally to donald trump throughout this entire campaign. i've always considered him one of my favorite senators and appreciate the clarity with which he brought especially to the tpp debate when it was going on and i think that was a great choice. i was thrilled. >> reporter: governor huckabee, how long was the meeting with president-elect trump? >> three hours. no, i'm kidding. >> reporter: you got here early. >> yeah, i was visiting with other people. it was long enough and just appropriate and i've got to go. i have another meeting across town. thank you. >> so let me just -- this is interesting because obviously you have the media staked out there at trump tower. just this time yesterday we were
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watching senator sessions roll past the cameras and he was saying hey, i enjoy doing the job i'm doing at the senate and voila, we have been reporting today that he's been nominated as a.g., we know governor huckabee, once a rival of donald trump's, wanted to be president, now he's bandied about perhaps as commerce secretary. we'll see what tomorrow brings. kevin sheridan, let me loop around to you. you know governor romney. we know he will meet face to face with mr. trump over the weekend. i just talked to ari fleischer. he's not buying that this is genuine interest on behalf of the trump team that this is show, he was saying to me. from the romney perspective, why do you think he's doing this. >> i think this is a good sign for the country, a good sign for things to come, a good sign for republican unity. i don't know exactly what the intentions are of donald trump in doing this meeting but i take it as a good sign. i think they have a lot to --
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they could discuss. they can discuss the transition generally. they can discuss policies where they overlap and governor romney is very smart and patriotic leader on foreign policy. >> i feel like you're giving me a very diplomatic answer. >> i am. >> [ laughter ] >> i don't know what will come out of that meeting but this is a good sign for republican unity. 10 days ago we were talking about the crackup of the republican party, now we're talking about president-elect trump sitting down with mitt romney. can you believe it? i think it's good. >> of course you do and i agree it's incredible. mr. ambassador, back to you. you're part of the non-partisan organization. seeing how divided the nation is how do you think these picks that we have seen thus far might help in that unity? >> well, thus far we've seen people who have been loyal to the president and i think he's been true to his word.
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i think there are people that will appeal to the voters who sent mr. trump to the white house. >> what about the other half of the country? >> well, they're going to have to look -- when you look at the completion -- i think ari was mentioning this. you have to look at the totality. michelle rhee to be coming in to visit, that would be a dynamic choice, former head of schools in d.c. nikki haley. but at the end of the day there's going to have to be probably a democrat in the cabinet. that's been a tradition to reach out, ray lahood in the obama administration, norm mineta in bush. let's wait and see but so far he's starting with his base and he'll move from there. >> last question, manu, just from a democratic perspective on the hill, given the names mr. trump has selected adding in a mitt romney or governor haley to the mix, what message is that sending to them? how are they receiving it? >> i think they would view it as
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an effort to not raid, to show they're willing to deal with more establishment friendly republicans to move towards the center slightly but i am curious to see, brooke, whether or not these meetings are more optics to showcase there's an effort to try to come to terms with different factions within the republican party and move forward with -- as a so-called unified republican government and not necessarily to give a position to someone like mitt romney for a secretary of state job because they harbor such different views on key issues, namely russia so it remains to be seen whether or not this is optics or whether or not there will be serious concrete action that could showcase an effort to try to bring some of the people who don't trust donald trump into the fold. >> i'm about to sound like my mother but she always tells me "time will tell, brooke, time will tell." manu, mr. ambassador, kevin, thank you all for being voices on all of this. and a programming note to you tonight, cnn goes inside hillary
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clinton's historic presidential campaign, the first woman ever nominated by a major party, correspondents who covered it for us at cnn share their stories in an "ac 360" special. we're calling it "unprecedented -- inside the clinton campaign." donald trump expected to leave trump tower any moment. we have cameras position, live look inside his residence on fifth avenue ahead of his meeting with governor romney. we will talk to house majority leader tom delay, a.k.a. the hammer, to weigh in on these picks and more. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪spread a little love my way ♪spread a little somethin to remember♪ philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly.
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queencse mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. j let's talk about one of the first republicans to endorse donald trump, unwaivering in the most controversial moments, we're talking about alabama senator jeff sessions who will likely be the next u.s. attorney general. a source tells cnn mitch mcconnell plans to support him and help him with the confirmation. we have former republican house
12:19 pm
majority leader tom delay. congressman, nice to see you, welcome back. >> thank you, brooke, great to be back. >> let's begin with the ark of this election and how you had felt about mr. trump, you were quoted in march as saying "trump will tear the republican party apart. if you listen to what he's saying, he wants to be king, he doesn't want to be president." ultimately you voted for him. what made you come around? >> well, a couple things. my -- i have a book that's just out called "revival revolution rebirth" and it's about a revolution for the constitution. i was very concerned trump wasn't a conservative, that he was -- doesn't know much about the constitution and yet we had to stop hillary clinton at all costs and that's why i voted for him, to stop hillary clinton and now i'm glad i did because i'm really liking what i'm seeing so
12:20 pm
fa far. >> let's talk about that, and congratulations to you and your party for everything that happened in washington. let's start with senator sessions we know democrats will raise their voices as they already have begun talking about what happened in the late '80s, how he was not able to become that federal judge because of allegations of racial -- racist comments he made. that said it's all red on capitol hill in the house and senate. do you think he'll sail through? >> oh, sure. first of all, the senate, no matter what they say, is a collegial body and they have to phi something bad for the democrats to vote against him and presidents get their pick, but jeff sessions is the perfect pick for donald trump here's a man of strong principle, a man of faith, a man that stands on those principles and will fight for those principles.
12:21 pm
>> it's a brilliant pick to put him in charge of a justice department that has been totally politicized. >> well, i think half the country would agree with you but half the country congressman is deeply fearful of what they saw as racist rhetoric from the campaign, you look at senator session's past and, yes, i know there was three decades ago but at the time he had charged three civil rights workers including one of the leaders from the selma montgomery march for voter intimidation after black voters were turning out. that will come up and in this divided nation, how will that assuage concerns to, say, african-american communities in this country? >> well first of all i think when people see jeff sessions in hearings on a national stage they'll see the real man. if the democrats want to continue to dig the hole that
12:22 pm
they're in, let them do this. the american people will reject them and reject their whole premise that any time you criticize anybody you're a racist. that's not jeff sessions and it's not the jeff session that i know of and if they want to continue down the road that the american people have rejected, so be it, they'll suffer the consequences. >> on your grand old party, let me just show everyone this cover of "time" magazine, this was from march "what happened to this party" is how it reads and you see president reagan and nancy reagan. we talk so much about the civil war and then, poof, we saw what happened november 8, people woke up the next morning with a republican president and republican-led congress. what changed? >> nothing changed. what the media -- >> you all were at war with one another. it was like the establishment
12:23 pm
republicans then establishment became a dirty word and the trump republicans. it was a mess. >> well, that's republicans. we're at war with each other all the time. we're fighting for our principles and what we believe in and we're at war all the time. what people should have looked at was how the republicans came together at the convention and wrote one of the most conservative platforms ever written by the republicans. that is -- that showed you right then and it gave me great heart that the republican party is still the republican party even though "time" magazine and others wanted to announce the death of the republican party, it was still strong and it won and it not only one on the federal level, it won on every level so it was still around. and now it's more unified than i've ever seen it. >> well, on the flip side, you have to democrats, you have leader pelosi who you served with, we learned yet she now has
12:24 pm
an official challenger in terms of holding on to her post in tim ryan. what do you think the democrats have gotten so wrong? >> what they've gotten wrong, number one is they hang on to leaders that lose. nancy pelosi lost the house in 2010. she's lost just about every round she has fought ever since then. now she's lost -- well, she gained a few seats but nowhere near the seats she should have won. if the democrats continue to support their leadership that loses, they will continue to lose. >> final question just quickly, businessman donald trump is known for making deals and having things happen like this. you know the pace of congress. do you think that will be a rude awakening more film? >> wh .
12:25 pm
>> what's the rude awakening? >> slow as molasses on capitol hill. >> well, that's the way it's supposed to be but if they want to speed it up they can speed it up. my only concern right now is the senate. if we win the seat in louisiana, the senate will have 52. the senate relies on that 60-vote margin. i would hope people would start putting pressure on the senate to eliminate that 60 votes, let them filibuster if they want to, that's fine, but that 60 vote gets in the way of moving quickly and i hope that will change but i'm really encouraged that the leadership of the house and the leadership of the senate are standing by their guns and being a partner to donald trump not a rubber stamp, i really am encouraged with that. >> let's remind everyone, your book is "revival, revolution, rebirth." congressman tom delay, thanks for swinging buy. >> thank you, thanks for having
12:26 pm
me. >> thank you. up next, we'll take you live to one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country. we want to listen. hear how immigrants are coping with fears about the trump presidency. but first, a sneak peek at sunday night's all new episode of "parts unknown." anthony bourdain takes us to buenos aires where meat is king. >> this is the restaurant i love. carlito's, he serves you whatever he has. there's no menu. >> of all the places in the world that francis malman can eat and has'sen, this is the place he wanted to take me to, don carlito's. >> it's him and his wife and daughter in the kitchen, nobody else. >> an unassuming family-run joint across from the soccer stadium. >> who are the customers? >> it's fun, you see very simple people and if you look wealthy
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democrats and advocacy groups are raleigh to protect millions of undocumented immigrants in this country known as dreamers. these are young people who came to this country as children, were granted temporary status and work permits and now this particular community is fearful, fearful for their future under president-elect donald trump. miguel marquez is here, i know, miguel, you have been talking to a number of these people, how are they feeling? what are they sharing with you? >> well, i think it's fair to say there's a shock of fear through the entire immigration community across the u.s., not only among the dreamers but other immigrants as well. many of these families come from mixed statuses, some are legal, some are not.
12:33 pm
donald trump when he talked about deporting up to three million immigrants who exactly is he talking about? he said criminals but the migration policy institute says there's about 11 million estimated illegal immigrants in the u.s., 800,000 of them have a record of some sort but only 300,000 of those have a felony record. we talked to one young woman who is a dreamer, she's here on a temporary status because of that order signed by president obama. here's how she's feeling today. >> it's scary to go outside and we don't even know if we're going to be here tomorrow. i don't know if i'm going to be here in a month, in three years, one year and what is going to happen with my daughters. i mean, they were born here. this is their country, and my country as well. >> >> other than two to three million deportees that president-elect donald trump
12:34 pm
wants to affect, he's also named jeff sessions, senator sessions, as his apaintment to the attorney general's office. his office will have great sway over immigration policy and going after those policies. here is how one individual who works with the immigrant community, an organization that helps thousands of immigrants across queens and around brooklyn and new york, here's how they reacted to jeff sessions' appointment. >> it suggests to us is that they want to pick the biggest fight against immigrant communities and that they are ready to try to tear us apart. >> reporter: the biggest concern with sessions is that not only was he anti-illegal immigration but he also had great concerns about legal immigration. even those sort of tech workers going to sin kohl valley and the like, so there is great fear, great uncertainty throughout the
12:35 pm
community across the country as to what is going to happen next, brooke. >> tell me about this hotline, mexican foreign ministry talked about a hotline to protect immigrants in this country. >> this has become such an issue, countries like mexico, a large percentage of the immigrants are from mexico but many from central america and latin america but the ministry sent out to its consulates across the country a hotline creating a video telling people to stay calm. they've given a hot line so they can call in for information to figure out what their rights are and what they can do going forward but it's all a moving target at the moment until there are policies on the ground, it's hard to see how the federal government could mobilize both themselves and the local government to move some three million people out of the country in wick order. keep many mind, president obama deported three million people over eight years. doing in months a year would be a very, very difficult, massive
12:36 pm
thing to do, brooke? >> miguel, thank you. miguel marquez. next, he is graduate, first of his class, by the way, from west point and harvard law review, he was afierce attack dog against hillary clinton on the house committee on benghazi, congressman mike pompeo now the selection to become cia director. we'll talk about what he might do as the head of one of the most powerful agencies in the world.
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the trump transition working hard over there on fifth avenue, donald trump's team announcing his picks to fill key national
12:41 pm
security positions. one of them unexpected, trump going outside his circle of trust to tap mike pompeo to head the cia. a bit of background here on the congressman from kansas. very, very conservative. road the tea party wave into congress, former army guy, graduated first in his class from west point and went on to be editor of the harvard law review, was part of the house panel that investigated the benghazi attacks, he is opposed to closing guantanamo bay and just one look at his twitter account will tell you he is vehemently opposed to the iran deal vowing to roll it back, so let's begin there, we have cnn political commentator and count terrorism analyst buck sexton and kim dozier is with us as well. so kim, let me begin with you, really, really, really imprisonive resume but limited when it comes to intel. yes to the house oversight committee but does that translate when you're talking about the head of the cia?
12:42 pm
>> limited resume yes but he is known as a bit of a national security geek he gets into these issues and studies them thoroughly. we had reactions this morning from both ends of the spectrum politically from representative adam schiff who is the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, knows him well, says he's bright and while they disagree on some issues he expects him to be a good person for this post, then you have former cia director michael hayden saying when he heard the news he said okay, that's good, that can work so these are two poles of the intelligence community saying this could be the right person to bring the agency into the future whatever future we're facing. we haven't seen a bunch of policy papers so that part's unclear. >> we have that, let's listen. >> frankly, michael, when i saw the close i was heartened.
12:43 pm
this is a serious man who takes these questions seriously and who studies these questions and so my -- like i said, i'm heartened by the choice. >> you know the intel community, buck sexton. >> i worked for hayden who was also very highly regarded and well respected across the board for being somebody who would dive deep into the ish shoes, is quite knowledgeable but was also able to understand the bureaucratic -- the very byzantine ways of the community. pompeo has a sterling resume, he's more than competent, more than qualified, he brings military service, he'll get respect from the military community. he has a legacy in the private sector, he's not a career government guy, he has tea party bona fides so the conservative wing of the republican party that may have its doubts still about donald trump will see this as a move in the right direction so there is a lot he shows up with that automatically is good and i think quite honestly he'll be somebody that a lot of people
12:44 pm
will work with. he has a reputation for being an intellectual and that's not necessarily the case, not what you hear from people in the intel community when it comes to whom they brief in congress. he's very well regard sod this is a savvy pick from the trump transition team. >> just hearing from manu raju who has his here on the hill who says in a republican-controlled senate he should sail through. we know he's called edward snowden a traitor. you say pompeo favored continuing with the aclu calls buck surveillance. what does this election mean as far as guying in this country? >> that it could get more aggressive. the signals we've got season that this administration would probably keep guantanamo open and start back up with the practice of capturing suspects overseas and bringing them to guantanamo or other places for interrogation. there's even been word from some quarters that they would bring back enhanced interrogation
12:45 pm
techniques. >> waterboarding. >> what president obama has called torture and add that to the mix. so what you have from the human rights standpoint is a disturbing signal that all the work from the past eight years is about to get undone as they step up a fight anew against various forms of terrorism. one thing i wanted to add is pompeo is on record saying you shouldn't tar the entire muslim community with the terrorist suspect brush so it will be interesting to see him and the national security advisor mike flynn work that one out zblo so buck assuming this sails through, again, the republican-controlled senate, would that be the biggest concern from the left? concerns of torture? concerns of -- we know the president wanted to close gitmo. >> i think you can take enhanced interrogation off the table. i don't think anybody in the intel community is going to do that, to borrow from a former cia director, if somebody wants
12:46 pm
that done, even the president, he'll have to do it himself. that's hyperbole or borderline hysteria to worry about that is coming back. >> you do? >> i don't see that happening at all. on other issues, on the iran deal, donald trump won and now he can put people in place that have grave concerns about things like the iran nuclear deal, like the way the obama administration has dealt with the war against the islamic state. these are things you'll see a more aggressive and robust reaction from the administration on out of the gate and this could be an important pick in that process but remember he's going to be an executive branch employee who takes directive from the president. it's not like the secretary of state where there's maneuvering on his own. the cia director will have to work closely with the white house and i think this is a strong pick. >> buck, thank you, kimberly, thank you as well. we are still waiting for the president-elect to li trump tower. we have cameras position there had and the gold elevators. also, a police officer meets
12:47 pm
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a chance encounter between a california police officer and a young driver has changed a life. a police officer found this young man walking two hours to and from his job at a manufacturering warehouse in the dead of night. the officer offered him a ride an ultimately a lifeline. cnn's dan simon has more on this heart-warming story. >> working the graveyard shift can be lonely for a cop. but on a chilly september night, benicia police corporal kirk kever would have some company. >> he had a hoodie on. he was dressed all in black. >> i had seen some lights flash at my back. >> reporter: 18-year-old jordan had just finished his shift. >> did you think this person was up to no good?
12:52 pm
>> since he was so close to the freeway, i thought he was broke down. >> reporter: jordan explained that he was just walking home but it was the distance that left the officer speechless. >> he tells me the exact path he takes through our city and it's literally uphill both ways. so i said if you don't mind, hold on a second. went over to my front seat, cleared it out and asked if i could give him a ride only. he said you can do that? yeah, i do that. >> reporter: so it took you two hours each way to get to work? >> yes. my car had broke down. >> reporter: he didn't want to burden others by asking for a ride so he walked seven miles each way six days a week. >> most people use that distance and not having a car as an excuse. >> reporter: on the ride home jordan shared his dream, to go to college and to become a police officer. the corporal was so struck by the chance encounter, he knew he had to do something to make
12:53 pm
jordan's life a little easier. getting the car fixed was going to be too expensive, but the corporal had an idea. if four wheels wasn't an option, how about two? so for $500, the police department bought jordan a brand new bike. >> he was speechless. he kind of said just all this for walking. i'm like but it's so much more than that. you're not putting obstacles in front of you, you're getting your job done. that's impressive. >> words couldn't explain how flabbergasted i was. >> did you stay in the car? >> reporter: but that was just the beginning. the corporal and his colleagues have launched a fund to help pay for jordan's college and maybe a new car as well. in the meantime, the bike will do just fine. >> i just treasure the bike. it's never been dirty before. >> how awesome. the go fund me page by the way set up for jordan has raised more than $19,000.
12:54 pm
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be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do,
12:58 pm
and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ voting is now under way for the cnn hero of the year. here's one of the top ten finalists, sheldon smith, who's helping break the cycle of acty fathers. >> being a dad has taught me to overcome because i didn't have any father figure around that
12:59 pm
taught me what being a dad i. fatherhood doesn't come with a map. fatherhood doesn't come from a manu manuel. sometimes you can learn from othersor learn on the fly. >> my son won't have to go through what i went through. >> 70% of african-american children grow up in single-parent households. what i wanted to do was figure out how to provide these men with the skills and tools they need to stay involved in their children's life and really support the next generation of children. my goal at the end of the day when i started the dovetail project was to right the cycle because i grew up in a community where a lot of the young men faced the same issues that i was facing. no one was doing anything about it. there aren't too many places where a father can go and get the help and support that he actually needs. being able to have those resources that you actually need in order to make an impact on your child's life, like employment or some type of assistance, is key and very important. and i really wanted to be the person who built the hub for that.
1:00 pm
>> it is so special to hear all of these amazing stories. please, you can vote for sheldon or any of the top ten cnn heroes. just go to i'm brooke baldwin. have wonderful weekends. stay right here, we're going to go to washington. jim sciutto in for tapper. "the lead" starts now. donald trump's pivot to center as president not happening. "the lead" starts right now. trump's hard liners, the president-elect picking his top spy along with a man who will have his ear in times of crisis and war. retired general michael flynn, who once said islam isn't a religion. also donald trump's pick for most powerful lawyer in the land, one rejected by the senate over his civil rights record. now he's embraced by many colleagues, even trump opponents. so is senator jeff sessions the right man for the job? plus massive tie-up in manhattan, just in time for the