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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 19, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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i'm martin savidge filling in for fredricka whitfield. we are following the world of politics. let's check in on president barack obama in lima, peru meeting with the president of peru. it's been a trip on reassuring the u.s. will maintain close ties with other nations after president-elect trump takes office. >> he is holding meetings of his own today.
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he will meet with mitt romney at his golf course in an hour. one topic of discussion will likely be the secretary of state position in trump's cabinet. >> gop spokesman is hinting we could hear of a new cabinet appointment today. >> yesterday, obviously, the announcement and the landing team arriving at the various agencies with national security. it is possible we'll see an additional announcement today of an appointment in that same area and in the president-elect's schedule we may have an announcement in that area. >> the meeting is one of the nonstop sessions trump will hold today as he contemplates who will hold the remaining spots. >> a school of choice advocate is in the running for education secretary and retired marine
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general james mattis. jessica, hello to you. >> reporter: hi, martin. the highly anticipated face-to-face between mitt romney and the proteesident-elect happening in one hour. it's been a contentious war of words between the two men. will they be mending fences or could they be talking about another topic, the secretary of state position? sources tell cnn mitt romney said if he were to return to government, the secretary of state position is something he might be interested in. a close friend tells cnn there's healthy skepticism that mitt romney would accept a post in a trump white house even if he's offered it. it's one of many meetings donald trump will have this weekend. a long list of people including michelle reid, the chancellor of
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schools in washington, d.c. interestingly as well, governor chris christie will meet with the president-elect tomorrow. governor christie did head the transition team until he was removed from that position a few days ago. communications director, jason miller says the wide array of people donald trump is meeting with shows the extent to which they want to welcome all ideas and perspectives. we are awaiting, in addition to the meeting with mitt romney, an announcement that could be coming forth this afternoon or later today as it pertains to the national security team. all eyes on the trump golf club a few miles away from here where we are expecting mitt romney to arrive in an hour. >> we will be waiting and watching along with you. thank you very much, jessica. >> trump works to fill his team his running mate took the night off. when mike pence entered the
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theater, he got a mixed response. [ applause and booing ] >> during the curtain call, one of the "hamilton" stars made a plea. >> we welcome you and thank you for joining us here. we really do. we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious at your new administration will not protect us. our planet, children, our parents and uphold our rights, sir. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. all of us. we truly thank you.
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an american story told by a diverse group of men, women of different colors and creeds. represent all of us. >> president-elect trump reacted tweeting this, our wonderful future vp, mike pence, was harassed from the cast of "hamilton." this should not happen. the theater should be a safe and special place. the cast of "hamilton" was rude to a very nice guy. let's talk about this with cnn political commentators loni chen and john phillips, a trump supporter and columnist. loni, let me start with you. i just want to get your reaction to what happened last night with mike pence going to the show. i'll get both your reactions,
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but loni, what did you think? >> it was surprising to see it in that context. obviously, from what i hear, i don't know the vice president-elect, but he seems like a man of high character and good spirits. i'm sure he took it all in stride. you know, you would like to think we can separate out those things, entertainment and theater. these days, everything is so co-mingled. we will move on and talk about something different tomorrow. >> republican getting booed in manhattan, that's like the red sox gets booed in yankee's stadium. i watched that video on cnn all morning. that's nothing, martin. i saw ""the addams family" go do that? >> you put a good point on.
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turn to the meeting that is expected to take place between president-elect trump and mitt romney. they have not always had a rosy relationship. here, take a listen. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> he is a disloyal guy. he's an elitist. >> his promises are as worth lsz as a degree from trump university. >> the guy is a stone-cold loser. >> what am i to make of this meeting? is it fence mending? is it a pr maneuver or is there serious consideration of mitt romney for a cabinet position? >> i think he could end up in the cabinet. you know what? i would love to see that. if you have the wisdom to hire lanhee -- he can't let anything go. he has these feuds and he continues to feud when he should have moved on a long time ago. when you look at the names and
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the people on the list being considered for the cabinet, mitt romney, nikki haley, a vocal critic, marco rubio, democrats like michelle reed and jim webb. i think that's a good and healthy thing. the overarching theme he's looking for, based on what i see, he wants disrupters. he wants people to go in there who won't become part of the culture of the agencies they will be running. he wants them to be reformers, come in with his agenda and implement them. mitt romney has a long history of going into underperforming properties and turning them around. if you are playing fantasy baseball with the cabinet, i prefer to see mitt romney at the v.a. if he can do what he did with the olympics and the corporations in maine, i think he would do a great service to all of our veterans.
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>> lanhee, let's bring you into this. a lot of people may not remember, mitt romney met with trump in 2012 before this election we just had. he was seeking his endorsement. what are your thoughts on this meeting and where it could lead? >> you know, look, the election has happened. the president-elect, donald trump has been elected, dually elected as governor romney noted in a tweet after the election. what's been reported as well that romney and trump had a conversation that both sides described as gracious. at this point, the focus, martin, is on how to make donald trump an effective president, a leader of the country and unifying all of us as we go forward. i think we all share that goal. so, regardless of what happened at the meeting, i don't have special insight into the meeting, but i think everyone is on the same page in terms of trying to help the president-elect be successful, including president obama and hillary clinton, i might add.
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>> do you think that -- lanhee, do you think mitt romney would want to be secretary of state? >> i don't want to speculate about anything happening and whether he may or not but here is the thing. if you look back to the 2012 campaign and governor romney talking foreign policy, there are few people in the republican party who are more articulate or thoughtful about america's role in the world. i would say there are lots of other people considered for the trump cabinet that would be wonderful people to serve as well. we'll have to see what happens today. what's clear, as i said earlier, i think everybody in the republican party shares the goal of trying to help the president govern as effectively as he can. >> john, next time, i will talk to you more, too. lanhee had great insights on this meeting, which i find fascinating. thank you both. stay with us, we need to talk more about trump's cabinet pick and we will. donald trump settles a
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lawsuit over trump university, for $25 million. plus, president obama is facing tough questions regarding trump and trade. we'll get a live report from the trade summit in lima, peru. that will be next. ♪ p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind.
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donald trump and mike pence arrived in new jersey at the trump national golf club. this will be the site of a number of meetings today as the team hosts potential cabinet candidates, which includes mitt romney. president obama, meanwhile, is in lima, peru at this hour, the last stop of his final overseas tour as president. he made stops in greece and germany. he will spend the weekend at the trade summit before heading home on monday. obama is meeting right now with the president of peru, but also going to meet with the pacific rim leaders. obama is likely to face questions about the tpp trade
9:15 am
agreement and his successor, president-elect trump. athena jones is covering the president's trip for us. she joins us now from lima. i understand you have a plethora of information. >> reporter: hi, martin. that's right. we got an update from the pool. the president wrapped up his meeting with peru's president and he's on his way into this meeting with tpp countries, the transpacific trade deal. it's the 12-nation trade deal the u.s. spent a good deal of time pushing and negotiating. that deal is now dead. we know that president-elect donald trump called that deal and other deals a disaster. trump has expressed a good deal of skepticism about a number of international agreements, including trade agreements like this one. we know from members of congress tpp is dead. it's not going to get a vote in the lame duck session in congress. it's unclear, at this point, what is going to happen with
9:16 am
this and many other deals. that is one of the challenges president bush faces as he meets with the leaders trying to assure him the u.s. needs to remain engaged. martin, this is a region that the obama administration invested a good deal of time in. he visited countries in asia more than a dozen times in the eight years of his presidency and this rebalance of foreign policy to the region was a big part of the president's foreign policy and this failure of tpp is a blow to the effort. the president is left trying to reassure allies and trying to show them the u.s. will remain engaged. there are question marks about exactly what u.s. foreign policy is going to look like in the next administration. >> real quick, one of the questions had been about china. do they plan to capitalize in this? i know you don't have a lot of time, but will they? >> reporter: absolutely, that is the plan. china is going to do more to
9:17 am
negotiate with countries about their own trade deal. this is a 16-nation deal to lower or eliminate tariffs. the white house says that doesn't include the same protection as tpp, the environment and labor standards. that is a concern the white house has been reiterating and talking about for months. if the u.s. is not engaged, china will step in and fill that void. that will not be an advantage. it will disadvantage u.s. companies. that's a concern and something we expect to see here. president obama is going meet with china's president later today. the goal is to move forward on a trade agreement of their own. a lot going on as the world prepares for a new president. >> which is why we are glad you are there for us. athena jones from lima, peru. democrats fire off -- nancy pelosi could be in trouble as her party delays a leadership
9:18 am
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together, we're building a better california. i don't know if you knew this or not, but there's another election coming up. it has democrats choosing sides right now. ohio congressman, tim ryan is going to run against california's nancy pelosi.
9:22 am
the congressman is confident he will lead the democratic party in a very different direction. >> we just elected donald trump president of the united states. we are doing something terribly wrong. i think we need to move in another direction. i'm offering myself up to our caucus to say, hey, let's try to do something different. i don't want to hang this around nancy pelosi's neck. i love her. she's great. she was an amazing speaker when she was in. we need to ask ourselves, who can get us back in the majority. >> pelosi says she should continue in her position because of her experience. >> when president obama was president, three republicans took the house. we have an opportunity. it doesn't mean a guarantee, but it means we will do very hard work. i hope to have -- i'm very proud to have the opportunity. i know how to do it to get it done. >> let's talk to representative emanuel cleaver.
9:23 am
he represents missouri's fifth congressional district. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> the leadership election was supposed to happen thursday. you offered an amendment to push it back to november 30th, why? >> i thought, at the time, and still do, that we needed to have more conversation, more discussion about what had just happened and it was one of those environments where i'm walking about listening to all my colleagues or many of them complaining and raising questions and under those circumstances in that atmosphere, i think it would have been fool hearted to have an election because that grumbling would only escalate. >> it makes it sound like you saw nancy pelosi was going to be hitting the bricks and this was your way of presenting that from happening.
9:24 am
do you have a way you see this party and where it should be going? >> yeah, first, let me say, when i made the motion, i had no idea that there was anyone, including tim ryan who was planning to challenge speaker or leader pelosi. but, i do think that, you know, there is a need for some changes and expansion of the leadership under nancy pelosi. i think, we can't blame nancy pelosi, leader pelosi for the direction of the wind blowing. you know? and we saw on november 8th, a hurricane level wind blowing against us. i thought we needed to take some time to think about how we can create something that can fly into the wind. you know, airplanes fly only because they are able to take off into resistance and i thought, let's talk about it.
9:25 am
let's figure out what we are going to do. set up a laboratory to study what should be done. i think the majority of the people in the democratic caucus felt that way. there were people who clearly are going to be supporters of leader pelosi who also thought we needed to have a conversation. >> why shouldn't we blame nancy pelosi? i have great respect for the work she has done. she is a prominent figure in the democratic party. the democratic party was shellacked. why not say, i guess that didn't work too well, we need new leadership? >> well, i do think that we are moving into that time when new leadership is going to have to necessarily take over. there's no question about it. it may not be right now. that has to take place. >> is tim rye yn that kind of leadership? would you support him? >> i had a long conversation with tim ryan, yesterday. he actually is saying, look, i
9:26 am
listen to people griping and nobody wants to talk about it openly. he said i want to put myself out there to run. he is running to win. i think it's going to be a difficult challenge for him or anybody right now. >> why? >> to move nancy pelosi out of leadership. i think for a couple reasons. one, people are concerned that, you know, we might be falling into a pattern that's been on the national level which is women are being removed. we just had the defeat of the first woman who received the nomination of a party, she lost. we saw that, you know, the first few people being thrown out as potential cabinet members of the president-elect donald trump, all men, no women. we didn't want to send a bad signal saying okay, the democrats, in disarray decided to remove women from leadership. there are a lot of things.
9:27 am
>> i appreciate that. you make a very valid point, although, i believe nancy pelosi would be the first to say you don't just keep someone because of their gender, it's because of their quality. sorry, we are out of time. thank you representative. >> good to talk to you. >> thank you. coming up, trump university agrees to settle a lawsuit. now, president-elect trump has to pay $25 million. what's he saying about this case? ady when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at [and her new business: i do, to express jeanetgo. services
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9:31 am
we are waiting on his arrival. he's a potential, some say, to fill the position of secretary of state. a settlement by president-elect donald trump. he's agreeing to pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits against the now defunct business school, trump university. 6,000 former students are part of the settlement. trump isn't acknowledging liability in the settlement. rachel has been following the story in new york. what were the original complaints? >> reporter: martin, the original complaints were a degree from trump university was completely worthless. some of the students said they signed up for the program because the promotional videos told them that trump was going to be hand picking the instructors, he would be heavily involved in the curriculum. as we know, from a deposition trump gave himself, he was not heavily involved in the selection of the instructors or creating the curriculum.
9:32 am
what does this mean for the students? their $25 million settlement has been reached. they will get a reimbursement for tuition. many of them paid more than $30,000 for that tuition. the settlement is $21 million will go to the two civil suits settling them in california. around 7,000 students were involved. $4 million going to settle the suit here in the state of new york and we know that all the students involved in the suits will receive at least 50% of their tuition back. some will receive 100% of their tuition back, martin. but we also know between 2005 and 2010, trump university took in an estimated $40 million. martin? >> we know that donald trump has things to say about the lawsuit when he was campaigning and, in fact, let's listen. >> i will win the trump university case. i already am, as far as i am
9:33 am
concerned. i will win the case in the end. i didn't want to be forced to settle. this is a case i could have settled easily. i will win it. i could settle the case now if i wanted to settle the case. i don't settle cases. we have a situation where we will win in court. i could win that and settle the case. >> we know donald trump does not like to settle cases but he did. what is he saying today? >> reporter: well, martin, he is a very busy man being the president-elect setting his political agenda, going back to twitter, tweeting this morning saying i settled the trump university lawsuit for a small fraction of the potential award. as president, i have to focus on our country. a second tweet saying the only bad thing about winning the presidency is i did not have the time to go through a long trial on trump university. too bad. martin, we know these suits have been settled.
9:34 am
of course donald trump, as he likes to take to twitter and spin this in his favor saying this was his choice and that he could have won if he continued to fight. martin? >> sitting president taking it and being questioned in a courtroom would be a daunting thing. thank you for joining us. now, what i want to do is return to our panel, our political experts to talk more about this. lanhh and john phillips. this could have been a significant distraction and gone on for a long time. he's probably right. is this about the optics or avoiding a president-elect going into a deposition? what do you think? >> i'm glad he put it behind him. he has to fill his cabinet. once he puts his hand on the bible and sworn in as president, he's going to speed up. the last thing you want is them dealing with a lawsuit going
9:35 am
back years ago. in terms of the settlement, look, i used to work for the walt disney company. they used to own our radio station. they got sued every 20 minutes. sometimes they fought and won, sometimes they fought and lost and sometimes they settled. they settled cases when we were in the right. their attorneys made them believe for whatever reason it was in their interest to settle and they would do that to put it away and move on with everything else. >> lanhee, he does have other lawsuits outstanding. do you think this is the beginning of a move on his part to get them out of the way, cleared before he takes over? >> yeah, i mean it could be. i think, you know, to john's point, at this point, the focus for the president-elect should be on assembling a cabinet and governing. i think that being able to get rid of some of these matters, settling some of them, perhaps seeking dismissal of others, if
9:36 am
it's warranted is a good move on his part given that the focus at this point does need to be on governing. we are getting challenges from abroad and at home. i think it's the right thing to do to move past these, if posz zable. >> real quick, i want to ask you both, john, what do you think will be the very first thing once in office that trump will focus upon? >> very first thing will have to be the wall. it will be immigration. without the issue of immigration, yeah, he wouldn't have won the primary. i think you are going to see visible deportations of criminal aliens and see him move on the wall. >> lanhee, would you suggest immigration or other things help him? >> i hope he focuses on obamacare. this was a big campaign issue and pocketbook issue for many americans and you have a lot of agreement from republicans to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with market center reform. i hope that's where he goes
9:37 am
first. >> the beauty is we see what happens and bring you back. thank you both for joining me. >> thanks, martin. a reminder, trump's white house chief of staff, reince priebus will speak with jake tapper. it will be an interview, 9:00 a.m. eastern time and pacific. we'll be right back.
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ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. donald trump and mike pence just arrived at the golf club in
9:41 am
new jersey. this will be the site of multiple meetings as they host potential cabinet candidates, including mitt romney. we are waiting for trump to make additional announcements. he's made big decisions about who he wants in his administration including the head of cia. it is a very powerful position. we look at the man picked to run that agency. >> hey, martin, he was not a trump supporter during the gop presidential primary, siding with marco rubio, instead. he did endorse trump after he secured the nomination. he was a surrogate for mike pence during the vp debate. he spoke of national security issues. one thing is clear, a lot of his views closely align with trump's. a staunch conservative now in
9:42 am
line to lead the cia. a harvard law grad who was first in his class at west point. he quickly gained the trust of gop leaders after his 2010 election. holding influential post on the house intelligence committee and the panel investigating the 2012 benghazi attacks. not satisfied with the findings of the gop investigation, laid the blame on benghazi in defeat of hillary clinton and barack obama. >> this was a failure at the most senior levels of government. one i hope we make sure this never happens again. >> reporter: he called for more sweeping terror surveillance. he wants to keep open the detention center at guantanamo bay. he was a staunch critic of fbi
9:43 am
james comey and his investigation of clinton. >> he screwed this up from the get go by announcing july 5th he wasn't going to indict a woman who mishandled classified information. >> reporter: he issued tough statements about islam, accusing religious leaders of turning a blind eye to extremists. >> silence made them complicit in these acts. >> reporter: in 2015, agreeing with a conservative talk radio host that obama was sympathetic to terrorists. >> every policy of this administration has treated america as if we are the problem. >> reporter: he showed a willingness to take on his party, in 2014, engaging in a bitter primary to save his seat. this year, threatening to challenge kansas senator jerry. they convinced him to stay out of the race after they hired a
9:44 am
former fbi investigator to dig up dirt about his past. in the presidential primary, he did not side with trump. backing florida senator marco rubio, instead. >> the one man ready to be commander in chief on day one. >> reporter: now that he's trump's cia director, he is winning praise among key figures in the foreign policy establishment. >> when i saw the choice, i was heartened. he takes the questions seriously. >> some democrats raised concern, they are not going to have much opportunity to stop him. 51 senators are needed to confirm him to the post. that's because senate democrats gutted the filibuster on executive branch nominees a few years ago. 52-48 majority is expected to hold. they should be able to confirm donald trump's nominees. martin? >> thank you very much. still ahead, shortly after donald trump's big win, mexico
9:45 am
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td ameritrade.
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9:48 am
president-elect donald trump continues to build his administration and americans are still very upset about the whole thing. dozens of protests are scheduled across the country today. largely peaceful, the protest resulted in blocked highways and
9:49 am
a number of arrests. many protests are targeting trump's rhetoric on immigration. mexico's government is urging citizens to keep calm under president-elect donald trump. mexico's foreign ministry released a video titled, "we are with you." there's a hot line for people to report harassment and immigration raids. joining me to discuss all of this is javier diaz. he is the counsel general of mexico. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for the invitation to be here with you. >> what are your concerns right now and do you have them as we change administrations? >> like you were saying, there is a concern a lot of people are very worried. there's a lot of misinformation out there and anxiety. the mexican government, as you said, issued this announcement. it's a set of 11 measures that we at the mexican consulate are
9:50 am
putting into place, approaching our mexican immigrants and giving them information. the key issue is information. they are, you know, getting involved in a lot of rumors and speculation. we think they should be calm and rely on useful and solid sources instead of doing otherwise. >> other than some kind of natural disaster of emergency, has your government ever done anything like this to warn citizens in the united states or to alert them to potential problems of a political nature? >> well, you know, from time-to-time, sometimes in the united states, some local state or local immigration related legislation is passed that creates anxiety. that has happened in the past in different places in the united states. we have a very strong protocol and process in terms of knowing. we know where the concerns are,
9:51 am
usually. this is not totally unchartered territory. we know in a sense this is a little different but, you know, we feel very strongly that people should know that they need to be calm and friendship and the strength of our relationship with the united states is not going to go away because of change of government in mexico or the united states. >> have you been fielding a lot of calls and getting concerns coming into you? >> we have this toll free number people call. the numbers, of course, have rise significantly in the past few days. >> what do they say? do they specifically mention things? >> they are speculating. there's speculation, what's going to happen in january? what's going to happen with my family, my job, my property, what's going to happen with me?y it's a case by case basis. we understand very well this anxiety. we also understand very well
9:52 am
there is a -- a need and obligation of the u.s. government to enforce its laws, we know that. we enforce our laws in mexico, too. we understand we have a duty and a sense of duty very strong to advise mexican nationals about their rights within the law. we are not going to stop doing that. we are going to do that even more. >> of course not. you shouldn't back down in any way. i was at the remarkable world cup qualifying game. mexico won. they won, congratulations. there was a wonderful moment there where the two team, mexico and the u.s. took a photo together. it's unusual. usually they are separate. >> i agree. i saw that photo, too, and i felt proud of it. it sends the message we are talking about. mexico and the united states are partners, we are friends.
9:53 am
we share history. we are share culture. we share an economic relationship. we are very important to each other. but, more than, you know, money or trade, we share families and we share people. mexico feels very strongly about american prosperity. american prosperity is important for mexico. we are partners. we are not going anywhere. we are going to get together in the future. >> very good to hear. counsel general javier diaz, thank you for coming in today. >> thanks to you. >> we'll take a break and be back in a minute. the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean.
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sunday, on "parts unknown," he is in a south american city to meet his king. take a look. ♪ >> here, it's summer in the city. in a decision that will please absolutely no one down here, we are filming in the dead heat of summer, when nobody is in town and it's got a sad, mournful, empty, totally awesome quality.
9:58 am
of course, i really like. ♪ >> this is when you should come here, in my view. >> don't miss "parts unknown" tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. the next hour of cnn news room is going to start, right about now. hello, thanks for joining me, i'm martin savidge in for fredricka whitfield. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect, mike pence, arrived at a new jersey golf course. they will be in a nonstop transition meeting or meetings taking place this weekend.
9:59 am
former presidential nominee and sparring partner mitt romney. romney is expected to arrive at any moment. in fact, there it is, as we speak to you right now. mitt romney outside the meeting place. a lot of expectation to whether it is fence bending on the part of donald trump. there you see the president-elect on the front steps, the vice president-elect. pictures speak a lot. clearly, these hardly indicate whatever past between them in the past is the past. they move inside. could mitt romney be secretary of state? as we love to say, stay tuned. meanwhile, phil mattingly has been following this for us. he joins us live in new jersey. what do we know about this meeting? clearly, it's under way. >> obviously, martin, all eyes have been on this meeting, wanting to see what's going to
10:00 am
happen, trying to read the tea leaves whether or not a cabinet position would be possible. obviously, we saw mitt romney come in, donald trump come out and meet romney. that's not a small thing. he's not been greeting everyone that met with him the past couple weeks. there's no question romney was opposed to his candidacy. unlike a lot of people in the never trump movement or not really for trump movement, he never came around, didn't change his feelings on that throughout election day. but, there is a recognition here, donald trump is the president-elect. mitt romney interested in governing. willing to come to new york, drive to new jersey and have this meeting here. i think the question, martin, you nailed it, is this real? that's what republicans are asking. is there an opportunity for mitt romney in a donald trump administration? is


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