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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  November 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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so tonight in our america sixth-graders in iowa who started what they call a joyologist club at their middle school right outside des moines. these joyologists help spread happiness to their classmates and look for ways to reach out to those who are excluded by others. >> we want everyone to be happy and they all deserve to feel included. we're trying to like get the drama to go away. but no -- like it's kind of hard to get everybody to stop. >> everyone gets so caught up in everything, and it's just a lot of stress. >> pretty amazing kids. if you see moments of unity like this, we want to hear about them. tweet them to m me @poppyharlowcnn. we'll bring them to you every night on this program. i'm poppy harlow in new york. have a great night. i'll see you back here tomorrow.
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oh, man! >> freeze. what did you see? a few seconds of video. four cops dragging a black man down a hall. easy to jump to conclusions if this clip went viral. so let's rewind this scene and play it back from beginning to end. >> it's a real person. he's holding a female inside. refusing to let her go. >> he's off his medications. >> so apparently, the man is being very, very aggressive with the woman. >> you're not in trouble. >> i'm going to die. >> we're going to take you to the hospital. >> is there a wagon over here? >> watching the entire scene makes things a little clearer, right? >> listen, we're just going to take you to the hospital. >> this incident and many others
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in the future may be captured by police body cameras. >> have a seat up there for us. >> an initiative by law enforcement to protect the public and themselves by putting the city under surveillance. >> this is our third eye. the camera's an eye. >> philadelphia's police department is allowing us an inside look. >> can you notify the real-time crime centers? we'll see if they can pull anything up on their cameras. >> to see how technology is changing the way cops do their job. >> no, no. that's a gun. >> in a time of intense public scrutiny. >> you can't deny the role that video plays. they're real. they're ugly. you can't ignore them. >> on your face! >> what does law and order look like when everyone is under the lens? >> everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions. the police officers as well as members of the public.
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♪ ♪ this is philadelphia. on january 7th a security camera on the streets captured a gruesome crime that splashed across the news. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> coming to us from philadelphia, where someone pulled the trigger 13 times. >> allegedly tried to kill a police officer. >> the entire thing was caught on crystal clear surveillance video. >> because a camera witnessed it all, the nation got a front-row seat to the horror and a sneak peek into a wired philly.
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you should know when you come to philadelphia that you could be watched. there are over 4,000 cameras here that the city has access to. they are everywhere. so it seems that in the city of brotherly love big brother might be watching. it's part of a new mandate to modernize the police department, and it starts here at the real-time crime center. where a vast network of camera feeds stream in action from all over town. sergeant green is one of the masterminds behind the rtcc, affectionately nicknamed "the bubble." wow. so futuristic. >> mm-hmm. >> do you often catch live crime happening? >> we do. if a part one crime comes, in a robbery, a burglary, a rape in progress, something like that, we get that information and we go to where we have a camera. and when the officers respond to the calls, we'll try to give
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them situational awareness as to the -- what's going on. >> do you think people are really cognizant of the fact that they could be being watched? >> interesting question. sometimes they do. but all our cameras are clearly marked. they have a philadelphia police patch on them. so we know that they're there. they know that they're there. >> the entire system is made up not only of city cameras but also local businesses and septa, the regional transportation authority. >> this is one of the cameras. and as you can see, he is able to 360. you can go up or down. we can zoom in or out. >> and this is recording. >> yes. this is recorded. people who are walking on the street have no reasonable expectation of privacy. after 30 days the images that we have recorded are wiped clean. the only reason it would be kept longer is if there was a criminal kay that it was needed for. >> there are strict policies in place when it comes to safeguarding citizens' privacy. requests for footage follow the rules of criminal procedure to
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the tee, and trying to stalk your ex-girlfriend is not tolerated. for cops that have spent a lifetime in criminal justice, the future is now. >> they didn't even have cell phones when i was -- when i became a cop. so no, i didn't think anything like this ever would exist. you still have to investigate the crime. but i think it's given us a leg up. it helps us do our jobs better. the criminals are smarter today, and they use the technology that we use. we have to stay one step ahead of what they're doing. >> philly isn't alone in its high-tech ambitions. cities like new york, los angeles, and chicago have also placed their streets under watch. the groundwork for philadelphia's digital dive was laid out by former police commissioner charles ramsey, who upon entering office in 2008 noticed several alarming trends. >> tell me about the state of affairs when you inherited the philly police department. >> the crime was on the rise in
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philadelphia while it was actually dropping in many other cities. the year before i came they came close to 400 murders. technology, obviously, there were areas that we really were a little behind the curve. quite frankly quite a bit behind the curve. >> ramsey's administration got to work. upgrading his force to the 21st century. and in 2012 the rtcc went live. how was the reception from the community about deploying thousands of cameras throughout the city? >> we haven't gotten a lot of pushback around cameras. in fact, if anything, people want us to have more cameras out there, including body-worn cameras. and i think that's appropriate. everyone needs to be held accountable for their actions. the police officers as well as members of the public. the b >> the body-worn camera program is a response to a nationwide outcry for transparency and accountability.
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fueled by a way of violent police encounters caught on video and gone viral for the world to see. >> get your [ bleep ] hands up or i'm going to shoot you. i will shoot you. >> ow! >> with successful prosecutions of officers few and far between, public outrage has only grown, demanding answers from a force that's meant to protect and serve. >> not a week goes by when we don't hear about officer-involved shootings and police brutality of some sort. to what do you attribute that? because many fingers are pointing to the race issue. >> well, race in america is an issue. and i mean, you can't egg nigno. and so does bias exist? certainly it exists. it exists everywhere. and what we have to do is root it out. there are some videos that clearly show that an officer's actions were inappropriate and in some cases even criminal. but if every cop was a rogue cop or abusing their authority, believe me, you'd have more than a few videos to show every
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night. so the majority of police officers do the job properly. but we can't afford to have any not do the job properly. one shooting that is wrong, that's inappropriate, that's unjustified or could have been handled another way is one too many. >> the hope is police body cameras will capture a complete record of an arrest, justifying shows of force or proving them excessive. but ramsey needed a testing ground before a citywide rollout, and in late 2014 one of the most violent neighborhoods in philly was chosen for the body camera pilot program, the 22nd district, which recorded 117 shooting victims that year. so these are the police body
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cameras. >> yes. these are the taser exon. >> this is officer mcfadden, the man in charge of getting the body camera program up and running here. >> they place them as you can see here on a clip like this on their shirt where the pocket clip is. you press the button in the center twice. very simple operation. you'll hear two beeps. [ beep beep ] that means the camera's now recording. so you'll see video start from inside the car so the situation's filmed from beginning to end. >> so the cameras don't stay on for an eight-hour shift. >> no. the cameras are only on for a job. >> do police officers have to announce that they're recording? >> we enter someone's house where expectation of privacy is key, we do announce there's a camera, can we keep the camera on if it's in the house. if you're outside there's no reasonable expectation of privacy. so you can and will be filmed. >> because the program and its policies are in its infancy, we're not allowed to show actual body camera footage in action. however, they've made an exception for demo purposes so we can see the quality of the
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video. >> put it in the docking station. it will load to the cloud. so are you ready? this is the video that they would see. >> the cameras don't stay on for an eight-hour shift. >> no. >> as you can see, we're talking right here. we have the room. we have you in the video. pretty clear audio. >> so this is the future for philadelphia and probably much of the country. >> yes. yes, it is. >> roll call. mann. swan. montan montanez. >> of the over 6,100 cops in philadelphia 30 volunteered for the pilot program in the district. for the next 72 hours i'll embed with several patrols here to see the experiment in action. >> a few things out there that are surfacing coming from the west. this is a firearm and iphone. >> i've always had a thing for crime-fighting. i'd always be the cop.
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my other brother would be robber. cops and robbers. and i was always the good guy. >> 30-year-old montanez has been wearing the ppd shield for ten years, a calling he was are drawn to from an early age. >> what was your perception of cops as a kid? >> when i was a kid going to school, coming home, the cops were always nice. they always waved at me. i remember my journal entry, what do you want to be when you grow up? it was a police officer. >> but the reality of the job is no game. every day montanez must put his life on the line, despite the concerns of his family. >> my 7-year-old she kind of looks up to me. she knows i'm a police officer. and she knows i help people. >> and how about your partner, your girlfriend is it how does she feel about the job? >> she's -- she has mixed emotions. she knows i love what i do, and she loves that. >> for montanez it's a job of passion.
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but when the tools of the trade are bullets and guns workplace safety takes on a new meaning. >> be safe. >> there's a lot of people that just because they see what they see in the media they hate cops. so with that i kind of have to have my head on a swivel, making sure my back is clear and so is my partner's. >> make sure you be safe and you return saefly at the end of your shift. fall out. back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united. ♪ sing girl, come on. ♪[ singing ]♪ sorry, ariana you gotta go. seriously? verizon limits me and i gotta get home. you're gonna choose navigation over me? maps get up here.
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start your day with the number one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. it's my first night embedding with the 22nd district police. tonight montanez is partnered with officer mathis, a veteran of the force for 17 years. every night before their shift they stop here to pick up their body cameras. how did you guys feel when you first heard that you'd be wearing cameras? >> i felt good. i mean, we try to do everything so that we're -- to act as though we're on camera anyway. so when they asked for volunteers we were a couple of the first ones to volunteer to wear them. >> i was a little skeptical at first. i didn't want to be responsible for another piece of equipment.
5:17 pm
i didn't want the camera catching personal moments, restroom, you know, eating on my phone. >> and how has it been? >> i believe it's a good tool. it's helpful for us. soon as we let them know we have a camera and it's on, their demeanor changes. and it changes for the better, i believe. because this is our third eye. someone can say, well, you beat me, you did this to me, you did that. but when they revut camera, it's all on there. the cameras don't lie. >> last year there were over 12,000 violent crime offenses in the city. that includes aggravated assault, rape and murder. a staggering average of 32 incidents a day. so along with montanez and mathis we are taking every precauti precaution. they're part of the tactical unit, which means they're assigned high-priority calls
5:18 pm
involving guns and violence. about how many calls do you respond to a night on average? >> on an average night i'd say maybe about 10. on a busy night maybe up to 20 or more. >> we get a lot of violent crimes. shootings and stabbings. >> how many involve guns? >> we'll get five gun calls a night. >> five, that's a lot. >> that's just normal. >> in 2015 there were over 1,200 shootings in this city. that's an average ever three a day. and when the first call of the night is dispatched, these cops are ready to respond. >> wearing black and a burgundy hoodie, bright sweatpants. he keeps on following her and harassing her. he won't let her leave. >> pick that up. >> so a woman's getting harassed. >> so a woman's getting followed and harassed by a man that doesn't want to let her go. guys, just hang on. all right? >> when answering a call, officers know a simple disagreement can spiral out of control quickly. >> this dude right here. >> watch, it guys.
5:19 pm
>> i just called. >> is he high? >> he was drinking. and the lady -- >> stand back. stand back over there. >> let me get out. >> i'm just trying to say i want him to go his way. i ain't trying to get him locked up. >> no. no. you just smacked me in my [ bleep ] face. she just smacked me in my face. excuse me. she's pregnant with my child. she's pregnant with my child. >> listen. >> she's pregnant with my child. >> do you have any weapons on you? >> yes, sir. >> okay. >> a search for weapons turns up nothing. >> yo. you know what, leah? i'm done. >> that's it. >> and the couple decides to go their separate ways, declining to press charges. for officers calls like these are just another day at the office. officer montanez, how dangerous is this area, this district? >> i could look at almost each corner and give you a story of something violent that has happened here in the last ten years i've been here. it's a shame.
5:20 pm
but it's the world that he with live in. >> we're on the night shift, when violent crimes reach their peak. the temperature starts to drop as we continue our patrol. without warning a job pops up in the police computer. >> priority one. person with a gun. the kid on the phone stated someone with a gun and hung up. no further information. >> is that close to where we are? >> there are already several squad cars at the scene as officers rush in. but this call isn't quite as it seems. >> what happened? why did you call? why did you say you saw somebody with a gun? >> i didn't. >> you didn't say that? >> you just said they were arguing. but everything's good now? >> the kid here, he called. just because he said he wanted to. >> hey, buddy, you know you can't call 911 unless you really need it. okay? it's only for emergencies.
5:21 pm
okay? >> well, that must be kind of frustrating when you get prank calls like that. does it happen often? >> it happens a lot. but i'll tell you what, i'd rather take a prank call than an actual -- you know, somebody with a gun. >> so whenever a call comes in that someone has a gun, you always respond? >> yeah. always. it's number one on our priority list. a lot of people take advantage of that. >> the reality is many cops don't know what kind of situation they're responding to when they answer a call. gun violence is a major problem in philly, and it hits close to home for the 22nd district. last year one of their own, officer robert wilson, was killed in a gunfire exchange while buying a present for his son. it's a sobering reminder for the force to always be alert and on guard. >> when you go into these neighborhoods that are known for violence, you have to be cautious. and what's it like to live that way? >> i mean, i'm always cautious,
5:22 pm
but i'm more cautious. it's just that little extra bit that i have to have. >> how has all this scrutiny on police officers, how does it make you feel as career police officers yourselves? >> you represent all police officers, whether you want to or not. that's how the public looks at it. if they're bad, then you're bad. i'm not as excited to tell people what i do for a living. >> anytime you see little kids out here, they'll usually say hi to us but now they don't. their parent teaches the kids how to basically not like us because we're the bad guys now. but we're still the helpers. we're still the ones that they call when it hits the fan. if they like it or not, we're coming. and we're coming to help. ♪ >> it's my second night embedding with the 22nd district police force.
5:23 pm
tonight my escorts will be officers pinto and artiz, partners with 25 years of experience between the two of them. and as soon as we hit their beat, the calls start to pour in. >> we have a person with a gun. >> a gun call comes through the radio. >> narcotics and guns out on the table. they're requesting an alleyway. one of the males is trying to hide in the alleyway. >> there's an officer in a foot pursuit now. >> an officer's in a foot pursuit? >> somebody came out -- ran out of the back door and they're in the alley chasing them. >> oh, wow. >> we're not the only ones responding. they called in a s.w.a.t. team and a ppd helicopter is overhead. >> so this is the alley? >> yes. >> it's a high-priority call. recorded on the ground and monitored from the sky.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal,
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and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. i'm with officers pinto and artiz, and we're responding to a drug bust. the suspects involved have scattered, and one is still on the run. so there is a chase that is going on, and because there are guns involved the s.w.a.t. team's coming out and helicopter
5:28 pm
support as well. apparently they have one suspect in custody and one is on the loose. this is tough because you can go in any of these houses. >> exactly. a lot of these guys, they know where to run. they know what houses are vacant. >> while first responders stand by foote s.w.a.t. team ppd choppers take to the skies, scanning the scene from above. all hands including the operators at the rtcc are on deck. >> what they're doing now is they're doing a thermal. they do a thermal throughout the whole alleyway to see if they see the infrared, if there's any body heat coming from under a tarp or something like that, or hiding somewhere. >> so far they're unable to make anything out from the skies. as the search for the fugitive continues on the ground. >> this is the block he came out
5:29 pm
for the males with guns and nar narkt ickes inside. there's a lot of drug paraphernalia inside. usually whf there's drugs out there's people with guns. >> the s.w.a.t. team is geared up and making their sweep through the alleyway. but it's such a condensed neighborhood filled with vacant buildings and empty lots, there are limitless escape routes. and a s.w.a.t. team comes up empty. so it looks like everyone's dispersing. does that mean one guy is still on the loose? >> we did the best we could. we searched the alleyway, searched the back yards back there, and turned up nothing. >> so your night just goes on. >> on to the next job. >> while officers didn't catch their man tonight, there's comfort in knowing that they stopped what would amount to $30,000 in heroin from hitting the streets and that nobody had to discharge their weapon. have you had any close calls? >> yeah, probably like about two years ago i had to fire my service weapon. came out, 911 call for a male
5:30 pm
armed with a gun. so we pull up, go to stop him, took off running. chase we got into. he stops and pulls out a gun. so i fired my weapon one time. but no one got hurt that night. >> you don't fire your weapon often, do you? >> no. it's very rare for cops to fire a weapon. the majority of cops don't even fire their weapon at all their whole career. >> really? because from what we see on tv cops are firing all the time. >> that's only a small percentage. and i've been here 16 years and that was the only time. so -- >> wait a minute, you've been in the department 16 years you only fired your firearm one time in your career? >> yeah. besides the annual training we have to do. >> outside of training. >> outside of training, correct. yes. >> one of the things that surprised me the most about this experience was learning about how many times the police officers that we spent time with had fired their weapon on the job. one of them has discharged his weapon, and it happened only one
5:31 pm
time in a 16-year career. and that just really surprised me because i think the perception is police officers are constantly and haphazardly firing their weapons. it's a perception that has in part been fueled by cell phones. [ gunshots ] videos captured and gone viral. >> people getting shot by the police -- [ screaming ]. >> oh! >> these images have eroded public trust in the police, which is now at a 22-year low. it's something that officer sisca and diaz, members of a tactical team we joined on our third night, have to contend with on their beat. >> in the very beginning when the camera phones got popular it wasn't normal for someone to just walk right up to you and stick their phone dead smack in your face. now you come to work, you kind of expect it. you probably feel like you're a movie star was you're pretty much getting videoed all day
5:32 pm
long every day. they want to see you lose your cool, and they want you to be the next person that's going to make the front pages and do something wrong or put your hands on somebody or say something inappropriate. >> first male wearing north face. >> 911 call. strongarm robbery. six or seven black males also assaulted the complainant. happened about ten minutes ago. >> does it say they're armed? >> no. it was a strongarm. no weapon involved. that may or may not change by the time we get there. >> we can go in. >> as sisca surveys the surrounding area, diaz heads up to meet the victim. >> we're a documentary crew, just doing something on the body cameras. >> okay. >> did you just get robbed? >> yeah. attempted robbery. >> but they didn't get anything? >> no, think didn't get anything. >> attempted robbery. nothing was taken. the male was assaulted by several males. no weapon involved. take you outside real quick. >> so there was an attempted
5:33 pm
robbery. they didn't get anything. but the young man who lives here has been take into a squad car and they're going to see if he can identify the people that tried to rob him. weil we canvass the area by squad car for anyone fitting the assailants' description, officer sisca suddenly slams on the accelerator. >> 24. >> blue jeans. all units stand by. >> in the chaos of the moment it's hard to understand the radio call, but it's clear that something's going down. >> there he goes right there. >> on oakdale. running into a house. he's on the left-hand side here. >> i got him. >> years of training are kicking in for these officers. >> stop. stop. >> entering into a situation where anything can happen. >> get in there, joe. >> let me see your hands now! cog tough choices.
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♪ oh, my god. >> let me see your hands now! >> it seems like this is one of the guys who may have been part of that robbery of the kid. the only thing i heard over the
5:38 pm
radio was black male with a black hoodie and a black hat. they saw him running, and he's apparently in there. these cops are pretty incredible. it's just all of a sudden boom. can you explain what happened? >> the officer was chasing him. he chased him. he took off running. that's when he came down here. he knows the owner of this property. it's a friend apparently. he ran in there, ran up the steps, ran to the bedroom and then he realized we were right behind him, he kind of took a left and he was making a throwing motion. he may have had something on him he shouldn't have had, maybe some drugs, maybe a gun. but whatever it was it was enough to scare him to run into this house. >> after waiting for several minutes officers bring a kid in cuffs out of the house. >> no. stopped by the police. i don't like getting stopped by the police. i didn't do knock wrong. >> why were you running then? >> because i'm scared of police. >> why? >> because i've got a lo a lot
5:39 pm
people killed by police. >> the next deposition is to bring the victim of the assault on scene to see if he can make a positive i.d. so apparently the boy who was almost robbed said that this was not one of the guys who tried to rob him. so what will they do now? just check him out? >> we didn't find anything illegal. him just running from the police isn't going to be a crime. so we'll just do a -- we'll get all his information and we'll do a good pedestrian stop on him and it'll be on record now that we stopped him for an investigation. >> what else will be on the record? should anyone question tonight's events. the behavior and actions of these officers, captured in real time by their body cameras. something officer sisca actually welcomes. so do you think that the body cameras have made you change your behavior at all?
5:40 pm
>> no. i think i needed it honestly. we all have bad days too. sometimes your patience level, you can be the most patient person in the world and there's other days you start losing your patience and getting frustrated with someone and then you fall back in that category that everyone is just thinking you're a bad guy. i can't watch the news all the time. it clouds your mind. sometimes you start wondering, you know, some -- like why am i putting myself through this? but this is what i love. i know we're helping somebody. >> while we roll with the tactical teams responsible for patrolling the streets, we've embedded a team in the rtcc who monitor crime from their screens. in west philadelphia a man has been shot and killed within view of a security camera. officers on the street cordon off the crime scene and call into the rtcc to assist in their investigation.
5:41 pm
corporal hargrove receives the call. >> if we get something i'll give you a call back. take it easy. >> he and operator chaney comb through the multiple camera angles to see if they can catch the killer. >> the person was shot inside his car. i'm going to synchronize all the cameras and go back again and try to review. >> if you look closely, the windows are shot out on the right side. see? the window shattered. so they shot him from the right side. >> the trajectory of the bullet is identified, giving them a better idea of where to find the shooter. >> now watch. the door opened. see this person? i think that's the shooter. >> go back. >> as far as i can. it's such a blur. oh, wait. i think i seen a muzzle flash.
5:42 pm
>> where? >> muzzle flash. >> listen. >> go ahead. we'll see. >> boom, boom, boom. right into the car. >> muzzle flash. muzzle flash. >> muzzle flash. >> muzzle flash. >> right here. this is it. boom, boom, boom, boom. >> they can't see his face from the camera but in a wired philly the trail isn't cold just yet. >> here we go. >> armed with this information detectives can tap into their private cameras in the days to come to try and catch their killer. >> if you can, take a snapshot. >> i took a snapshot. >> without you i am nothing. >> it's my final night embedding with the tactical force. and once again i'm with officers pinto and artiz. as we hit the streets, a job comes up on their computer.
5:43 pm
>> mentally ill personal apparently who's holding a female inside. refusing to let her go. the male's violent. >> how are you doing? i have a body camera. i'm recording. is it all right if i come up? >> yes. >> pinto and artiz enter the apartment where a mentally ill man has turned violent. 's wrong it's dry... your scalp? mine gets dry in the winter too. try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care ♪ and if you want to be free,ut, be free ♪♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ you know that there are
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we responded to a 911 call where a mentally ill man has become violent. so apparently the man knocked this door down, and they're going to take him to a mental hospital to get him evaluated. apparently, he was being very, very aggressive with the woman. >> we're going to help you. we're going to take you to the hospital. >> i'm going to die. please. i don't want to die. my brother, man. >> despite the officer's pleas the man refuses to come of his own volition to get medical help. with family members in potential danger force is eventually needed. >> no boy. please. >> taking four cops to subdue him. [ yelling ] >> they're calling for a wagon
5:48 pm
now. [ indistinct yelling ] >> for anybody catching a glimpse of this scene from the outside without proper context it could be misconstrued as excessive force. >> come on. you're not going to jail. you're going to the hospital. >> you're not going to jail. >> but now the entire event has been recorded on the officers' body cameras. >> come on. >> so in a situation like that how does the camera protect you? >> so in this situation, you know, you have to handcuff him for his safety and our safety. and the camera, it shows clearly that we're there to help him. later on if he does get hurt from moving around like that and he's trying to claim injury saying that the police did that to him, the camera will definitely help us because it shows everything that we were
5:49 pm
not harming him, we were there to help him to get the medical treatment and medical help he does need. things you see on tv and what's put out there. >> it's only half the story. >> it's half the story. you guys see it because you're riding around with us. you see all the jobs we go to. this is every day. and the three, four, five incidents a year that happen with police, i mean, it's a very small percentage. >> tonight was a really interesting experience. you know, if i were to have seen an onlooker's video of what happened, i really wonder what i would have thought. a black man in handcuffs -- >> please! >> -- carried downstairs by four police officers. it was a sight that probably would have made me cringe. and that's why police-worn body cameras can come in really handy because it's inevitable that they tell much more of the story. at least 27 of america's larger cities have begun experimenting
5:50 pm
with body cameras. but so far only two have equipped all of their officers. philly is still in the pilot phase, but recently appointed commissioner ross is committed to a full rollout. will there be a point at which every police officer in the department will be wearing body camera? >> our ultimate goal right now is
5:51 pm
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5:59 pm
>> camera -- i saw you. >> at the end of the day, this technology, all these cameras, how crucial is that in this job? >> well, in this age, it's very crucial and realize the public servant and that's what the way we have to do business and you have to let people know what you're doing. mistakes will be made in this business. they will. but when they are, call it for what it is and people will respect you for that. >> appreciate your cooperation. >> oh, i have no problem. no. >> nothing? >> an conversely people will respect what you do each and every day when you demonstrate a level of transparency that they understand. >> you know me anywhere. >> i hear you, bro.
6:00 pm
>> this department is about making this city a better place and if you really believe in what you're doing, then you have nothing to hide. don't get angry. i'll come back when you're calm. >> this is a typical day for deputy medina. she works at the largest mental health institution in the united states. and all of her patients are inmates. have you ever been threatened? >> literally every day. >> no one wants a jail in their backyard. but the biggest one in the country happens to be in mine. >> all of the different issues that we deal with would be looked upon as anybody as staggering. >> los angeles couy


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