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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> i am. >> it isn't a perfect system. but as long as people want to buy sex, shouldn't there be an alternative to the hazardous life of street work for those willing to sell it? -- captions by vitac -- ♪ it's 8:00 in midtown manhattan, and these 20-somethings are getting ready for a party that could turn their lives around. >> i was like a completely different person. >> in an hour, they'll be surrounded by wealthy men looking to mingle, but it won't be your average hook-up. >> you make money, you have a beautiful girl. that's what the american dream is. >> women have a certain value, and this party, it tells you that value. >> for as long as anyone can remember, moneyed older men have
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courted attractive young women. >> we women are nurturers, and men should provide. it is in their dna. >> now a new crop of websites is bringing this old-school dynamic into the modern day, and the phenomenon has been given a name -- sugaring. the men and women who partake are sugar daddies and sugar babies. >> you have saved up over $100,000 because of sugaring? >> i'm really good at what i do. >> in the rendezvous between romance and capitalism, who really has the upper hand? >> this is my world. and if my sugar daddy can't conform to it, he doesn't belong in it. ♪
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♪ at age 38, this guy, who we'll call mark, is already a self-made man. an entrepreneur, living in downtown philadelphia. how did you become as successful as you are? >> selling real estate, getting a couple investments in. got into oil a couple years ago, started doing well. >> he married in his early 20s and had two kids soon after. when the marriage fell apart five years ago, he turned to the internet to find romance on his terms. >> i just wanted somebody who would reconnect me to being younger. this came up, it was brand new, better rules, better women. it just works.
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>> mark had stumbled onto a website called seeking arrangement. for a monthly fee, men and women can search for someone who catches their eye, message each other and set up dates. but here, it's understood that women or sugar babies are young and expect to be spoiled with gifts and money and that men or sugar daddies are older, successful and generous. >> tell me how it feels to be seen with a beautiful intelligent 20-year-old girl? >> of course it makes you feel good. there's always the fantasy of being successful. if you're a rock star, you have a super model for a girlfriend. if you have money, you have an attractive person that goes around and does stuff with you. >> so what are some of the things that you've provided for some of the women that you've gone on dates with? >> apartments, cars, money. shopping trips. you know, normal stuff.
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>> what's the biggest allowance, for example that you've given someone? >> about $8,000 a month. >> so you're perfectly comfortable for the fact that these women are seeking you out because you can provide them with something? >> sure. and they're providing me with something too. so it's mutually beneficial. >> a lot has changed between the sexes since the feminist movement got women into the workplace and gender equality became a widely-held value. >> all of us must stand up together and say no more. >> but old habits diehard. a surprising number of americans are hungry for an old-fashioned kind of love where men financially support women in exchange for companionship, and one man is capitalizing on that desire. >> if you don't mind, i'm just going to -- >> seeking arrangement founder brandon wade. >> why did you start this? >> i was having troubles with my own dating life.
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i would try the normal dating sites, and it was difficult to standout. and that's when i remembered something my mom told me when i was growing you, being the nerdy boy that i was. she said study hard, focus on your school, and some day when you're successful you can use your success and generosity to turn it around. >> so you started seeking arrangement because you were having trouble with your dating life? >> that's right. >> brandon, you are a very smart nice guy, and isn't that enough? >> apparently not. on most of the dating sites, unfortunately, there is no way for your intellect or the success to shine through. >> brandon set out to change that. in 2006, he launched seeking arrangement. today it's the most successful in a crop of sugar dating domains. the site also throws parties where babies and daddies can mingle, and wear a mask if they want to go incognito.
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>> is there a typical profile on seeking arrangement? >> the average sugar baby is 27, typically has a college degree or going to college. the average guy is 40 years old and makes $250,000 or more every single year. >> what percentage are married? >> roughly 40% are married. >> they're essentially trying to find mistresses. >> i would say so. they're looking for a relationship elsewhere, to spice up their life. >> someone who considers herself a feminist and has always been insistent on paying for everything myself, it just seems like you're taking women back. >> these relationships tend to be a lot more empowering than people would want to believe. >> empowering for whom? >> both parties have power in their own ways. the guy might be powerful because he's rich and wealthy and has financial means. the woman is powerful because because she will have the youth and beauty. i've heard from sugar babies who
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have met guys who have helped them start their own businesses, pay for school. >> why can't she take care of herself? >> and that's what she's doing. it's a disney dream, when you grow up, you want to be a princess, yes, you want to be an independent princess, but every independent princess still needs to find a prince. >> in my hometown growing up, it was accepted to go away to school, get a degree, get a 9:00 to 5:00, a white picket fence, and that's never been what made me happy. there's more that i want on top of it. >> 22-year-old allison was raised in a small town in upstate new york, and she still lives there. today i'm meeting her in the dance studio where she teaches and trains, a place she considers her second home. >> you're going to have to help me get my feet out. >> are you really stuck? >> well, just move my feet,
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yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> i think i pulled something. >> so first off, how did you find out about sugaring? >> my friend and i were watching like a talk show, and it was like, don't do this, so we were, like, let's do this. >> did you have any reservations about it or did you jump into it. >> no. of course, i was really afraid of meeting people. i was afraid to ask for anything. i didn't know how to. if you don't ask you don't receive. >> allison was 18 when she first logged on to seeking arrangement. within a couple weeks, she had hundreds of messages from daddies eager to meet. and offering the kind of cash she'd never seen before. >> can you divulge how much you've gotten after a date? a lot? >> yeah. >> like $1,000? or? >> the most i've ever gotten was $3,500. >> wow. that's a nice chunk. >> mm-hm.
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that changes things. >> would you say most of the men who come to the site hope that sex will be part of the negotiations? >> even in a relationship not on the site, i don't think i've ever met a guy who's like, i just hope we hold hands forever and ever. you know what i mean? but there really are guys who would rather sit at a knicks game with a girl than with a co-worker or best friend with them. they take care of everything. i don't worry about a thing that night. i can just go out and dance the night away. men will pay a lot, just for the chance or opportunity or thought of you. there's some people that are going to be upset about that. but we all do it, but in different ways. >> all do what? >> use our resources. i do want to stand on my own two feet, but if i can do that in a
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favor louie vuittons, there's no shame in that. >> allison's not alone. in the eight years since seeking arrangement has launched, its membership has grown to 3 million men and women. and babies make an average of $36,000 a year in gifts. and it has gotten the media's attention. >> are you all hookers? >> no. >> what's the most you've done on one of these dates? have you kissed one of these men? >> what's the most you've ever done on a first date? >> what's your estimate? >> i got to tell you, i never got paid for it. >> so when most men go to your site, are they looking for sex or a relationship? >> i would say both. a seeking arrangement relationship is like any relationship. like any boyfriends and girlfriends, eventually they're going to be physically intimate.
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>> despite giving a woman an allowance or showering her with gifts in exchange for -- >> being there. >> -- being there. how is that not prostituting oneself? >> my mother decided she wanted to be a full-time housewife and she has no source of income. and my dad gives her a monthly allowance. does that make her a prostitute? my question is what is wrong with a woman having expectations when they step into a relationship? >> who said money can't buy happiness? >> far from a departure from traditional dating, they claim they're tapping in to long-held values, but inside the sugar bowl, not all is what it seems. as i dive deeper into this world, i'm going to discover that for the woman, the perks of the lifestyle can go beyond money. and that not every daddy is who he claims to be.
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it's hard to get ahead in today's america, even for those with college degrees. squeezed by a shrinking job market and an average of $30,000 in student loans, many grads are looking for a quick fix. and for some, seeking arrangement offers a tempting solution.
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>> college students are mostly single. they are always actively dating. so if you are dating, and you don't have much time, why not date somebody who is successful who can help you the accomplish your goals? >> that message is coming through loud and clear. in 2009, there were about 80,000 college students on seeking arrangement. today there are nearly 1 million. >> i've had some friends who were like, oh, my god, i can't believe you do this. >> in new york city i'm sitting down with allison and two other sugar babies. a college student we'll call serena and a 22-year-old economics major, mia. seeking arrangements rep have brought us together to give me a glimpse into the arrangement world. what has your best arrangement been? >> the $3,000 a month to go for my tuition for my payment plan and also my textbooks, because we all know how expensive
10:17 pm
textbooks are. >> there was this one guy i found on the site. we would watch movies, talk about his day. i ended up getting a $4,000 a month allowance from him. without even asking. without having to do anything. yeah. i've had sugar relationships where they straight up wanted arm candy to go to events and have a good time and look like they have a good time all the time. >> so how often are you propositioned initially by men who are really, really interested in sex. >> do you want me to be honest? >> yeah. be honest. >> probably nine times out of ten, sugar daddies' dream is to be yeah, i'll meet you at a hotel and give you $300. i'm not a prostitute. i want a mentor, older, successful who is going to teach me things. >> those girls that are dating guys that don't have anything to give you, all you get out of it is a pregnancy scare.
10:18 pm
>> my mother can't afford to help me pay for school. she is taking care of three other kids. >> and a i have friends who say, why can't you work three jobs and do it the right way. who is going to determine what is the right way? >> do you look at it as a job? >> i look at it as a way to supplement my dreams, the pursuit of my dreams. >> i was surprised by just how ambitious the women i met today are. contrary to the notion that sugar babies just want to get pampered, the women i met today, they are prepared to work hard, but in a way, they are relying on their assets to sort of skip a couple levels. but for allison, sugaring wasn't just a way up. it was a way out. >> i can honestly say i've never
10:19 pm
met a girl who's sugaring just because she wants the shoes and clothes. the reality is that's not really going to impress somebody who doesn't have enough to survive. >> a few years ago, just before she discovered seeking arrangement, allison left home against her parents' wishes to live with a boyfriend. when the relationship ended badly, allison was broke and desperate. >> it drained me of all of my resources, of all of the positive people in my life, and i left home without anything and i didn't have much experience out in the real world. and i ended up in a program for homeless youth. i couldn't pursue the things that have always driven me. i couldn't dance anymore. >> so the first time you went on a sugar date, you were homeless? >> yeah. but a lot of people that i'd seen, i'd never told them about my situation, because i didn't
10:20 pm
want them to think they could take advantage of my being a young girl with nobody the go to, and nobody to help her. >> desperate. >> yes, and some would be like, i'll take you shopping and this, and that, and i am thinking, that shoes are not that great if you don't have a closet. i needed money and a mentor. you become what you surround yourself with, so i decided to surround myself with success. >> allison credits sugaring with helping her to afford to leave the shelter and go to college. but her journey of self-improvement isn't over yet. tomorrow night, seeking arrangement is throwing a party in midtown manhattan. a chance for allison to meet the men who could bankroll her ambitions.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. thanks to the internet, sugar relationships are sweeping the nation. i'm taking a little detour down south to check out another active scene. so atlanta is known at sugar baby capital of america. who knew?
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and there's a woman here who has made a business out of advising women on how to get the most out of their relationships and we're about to meet her now. taylor grew up in a traditional middle-class family. but in her early 20s, she realized her tastes were anything but ordinary. >> when i started dating guys, they wanted to go to maybe a fast food burger joint or something. i wanted to go out and experience a different lifestyle. so naturally, i ventured out. >> taylor embraced the sugar lifestyle when she was just 22. and this is rich. her sugar daddy of nearly a decade. >> how you doing, you sexy thing? give me a hug. give me a hug. okay. how you doing? >> i'm great. >> are you going to get in? >> i'm going to get in. >> sugar relationships can last a long time. taylor's been in hers for ten years. she says her sugar daddy is
10:26 pm
teaching her a lot of really important things, like golf. >> outstanding! >> good shot. >> outstanding. >> when i met rich, it was just effortless. >> all right, taylor, don't you laugh. >> we just hit it off. >> whoa. >> all right. >> that was a good shot. >> thank you. >> i don't want to use the term love at first sight, but something along those lines. >> can i ask you how old you are? >> i'm 32. >> i'm 69. >> if you forgive me for saying, there are a lot of people who might say, what a dirty old man. >> i am a dirty old man. all old men are dirty old men. have you ever met one that didn't like to flirt? >> actually, no. >> i rest my case. >> turn your hand over to the right. your other right. >> i would suggest everyone stand somewhere else. you should move! ♪
10:27 pm
>> ha, ha! [ applause ] >> i am so impressed. i got to tell you. >> golf daddy in the house. >> wow. >> let's practice. >> okay. >> so i'm just curious, when you're out on the golf course, do people ever say anything when they see you two? because you're kind of an unlikely looking couple to be out here. >> they don't say anything. i'm sure they think different things. it works for us, and that's all we really care about. >> rich and taylor seem to have an uncommon connection. but they found each other the same way as most babies and daddies i've met -- online. >> what were you looking for when you two met? >> in my case, i was looking for a confidante, someone younger that would enjoy more of an upscale lifestyle. >> i was looking for someone who had a business mind, and rich definitely has that. and we can enjoy each other. >> you want to bring the car around?
10:28 pm
>> for nearly a decade, they have shared a mutually beneficial relationship. >> are you going to show me how to drive? you're my driver. >> rich got a young, vibrant companion, and taylor got a mentor. >> you want a ride? >> no. i'm going to get your ball. >> and with thousands of dollars in financial support from rich, taylor started her own business. >> do you feel overwhelmed? >> helping other babies find daddies. >> this isn't something you tell your family, your friends, oh, by the way, i want to become a sugar baby. they look at you like you're crazy. i didn't spend a lot of time searching for my sugar daddy, so i created a special place where they felt safe. where they had people like them. >> she launched the sugar daddy formula. today she has hundreds of subscribers who stream her pod casts. >> focusing on what a sugar daddy wants may feel like the natural thing to do, but it's the worst way to try to make a sugar daddy fall for you.
10:29 pm
>> and for those clients who need a personal touch, taylor is on call. >> how are you doing? >> she fields questions from aspiring sugar babies from around the country. >> what's going on? >> part of taylor's business includes doing coaching sessions by phone with sugar babies. >> i'm glad that you found me. >> because the sugar baby, sugar daddy websites are a fairly new phenomenon, a lot of women don't know how to do it. >> i am business oriented and i would like to have somebody help me financially. >> i will give you a tip. linked in is a sugar daddy gold mine. i'm a plus-sized woman, and i don't see a lot of plus-sized sugar babies in the bowl. >> you are worthy of having someone to provide you with what you want, and i will help you construct a great profile, okay? >> yay.
10:30 pm
i want to meet these guys. >> they're wanting sex? >> yes. >> you can actually set expectations and let them know that, look, we're just going to meet. there's nothing going to happen. if he doesn't return your call, you know what he's after. >> taylor speaks from experience. >> put your best swing on it. >> as a seasoned sugar baby, she's navigated the delicate terrain of sex and money before. but as it turns out, taylor and rich claim that when they met they were both seeking a strictly platonic bond. >> so you two have never had a sexual relationship? >> no. >> no. >> have you both had other romantic relationships while you've been together? >> yeah. >> mm-hm. it has never been about that with us. i mean what i would refer to as when i was younger, recreational sex all the time.
10:31 pm
it was pretty meaningless actually. but with her, it's much deeper than that. >> rich is a life-long bachelor. he never married or had kids. before he met taylor, his closest relationship was with his mother. >> how would you say your relationship with your mother influenced your outlook on women? >> when i saw my mother and father divorce when i was 5 years old, it left a pretty strong impact on me emotionally. and i think it made me a little bit more amenable to try to help someone. >> in his 30s, rich inherited and expanded his father's real estate company. and taylor who grew up with a childhood dream of starting a successful business, he found a way to put his good fortune to use. >> that was definitely firm enough. >> i think that everyone should leave a footprint in life. if you can.
10:32 pm
and fortunately, i was able to do it with taylor. and it has come back tenfold by the way emotionally. it is worth every dime of the investment. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> one of the things that i've always loved about her, and i don't think i ever told you this, she laughs all the time. >> now you're going to make my start laughing. >> she constantly laughs. and it was very enlightening and uplifting to me. >> she's kept you young. >> yeah, she really has. >> you did good. >> taylor and rich both say their bond has changed their lives for the better. >> am i going to see now with -- am i getting senile with you? >> you might be, because it might be contagious. >> but in a world with men with money and women who want it, is this the norm or the exception to the rule.
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it's friday evening in new york. and allison's come from her apartment upstate to the heart of manhattan. >> in new york, it's so easy to feel like another person in a crowd. and nobody just wants to be another person. i always have to keep a goal in mind and not lose myself. even if it's like, so easy to get lost in that static. i was like a completely
10:37 pm
different person. >> on seeking arrangement, there's an average of four sugar babies vying for every daddy. >> how many other people are going to be here? >> are people going to arrive fashionably late? >> but tonight the website is throwing a party to bring babies and daddies together. >> it is sort of like a job fair, even though it's supposed to be a social event. >> allison's hoping that meeting men face-to-face might improve her odds. >> oh, yeah. perfect. >> a sugar baby is supposed to bring fun and lightheartedness, and that youth and a spark and personality to the man's life. and i know that's not all i am. but when it all comes down to it, i can play that part. i'm an actress. >> 9:00. doors open, and the party kicks off. but while the babies and daddies crowd in, i'm stuck on the sidelines.
10:38 pm
>> we have a lot of restrictions on us. we can't move about the party freely. our crews have to be relegated to a little space over here. we have press badges, and all the participants have been asked to wear masks, because they don't want their identities revealed, particularly, i imagine, the married daddies. hi, girls. how ya doing? what do you think of the scene so far? >> i'm having a hard time becoming a part of it. i feel a little bit separate from it. i think everybody needs a little drink in our system and then you should see the mingling. >> what are you looking for? >> looking for people that i want to meet, and i don't really have too high of an expectation. >> we'll see what happens. >> i'm seeking an arrangement with a dance floor.
10:39 pm
>> okay. go. yeah. >> while allison loses herself in the crowd -- >> i'm going to move through with you. can you point? we'll be subtle. >> angela offers me a tour of the lion's den. >> are you noticing that already? >> yeah. unlike other parties of people showing up on time, they are usually out late. >> people are always checking others out, but this is definitely -- >> i'm surrounded on all sides by older men chatting up younger women. and i spot some possible sugar mamas. a small but growing contingent on the site. it feels less like a cocktail party and more like the trading ground where everyone has something to off and gain. >> hi. >> hi. i'm lisa. are you having fun at the party? >> yeah. >> cool.
10:40 pm
>> what are you doing? are you looking for an arrangement? >> i am looking for a man who will talk on camera. >> maybe the people here tonight are protecting their reputations or marriages, but at first, no one wants to be filmed talking to me. but as the night wears on, babies and daddies come forward. >> so you're contemplating the idea of trying to find a sugar baby? >> a worthy investment, if you want to put it in banking terms. >> so you're talking about someone who might need trouble with tuition or -- >> if they have family problems or something that they cannot resolve it in any other way. they're really in desperate straits, and you're helpful with them. not exploitive, but helpful. >> did you meet on the site? >> we did. i go to an ivy league school. very expensive. i've dated guys who were my age,
10:41 pm
in their 20s, and they don't have money to buy me dinner from -- >> you wouldn't be open to like a dutch thing? >> i could. but at the same time, if i'm going to have a life with someone, i want them to be able to afford dinner with me. >> 95% of these girls just want to have a good time and not have to pay half. so if you take them to a nice spot, these girls love you. >> you have saved over $100,000 from sugaring, and you're 22. >> i'm very good at what i do. >> are you in college now? >> yes, i am. i grew up with nothing. you know, my parents never even got to go to junior high school. you know, i was working two jobs, and i just realized that guys are really stupid. you can get a lot for nothing. and if i were with a guy my age, he'd use me for sex. so why not use older guys to buy me stuff.
10:42 pm
i'm only going to look like this for so long, so -- >> might as well use it now, huh? >> yeah. ♪ >> hello. can we have some quiet for a while? i want to thank all of you for coming today to make this party such a success. all of you sugar daddies out there, what sets us apart is how we treat women. we are gentlemens. and sugar babies everywhere, there's nothing wrong for being a beautiful, powerful woman and still wanting to be a princess, and don't ever apologize for that. cheers. [ applause ] >> the last i see of allison tonight, she's on the vip patio.
10:43 pm
no media allowed. perhaps this is the beginning of another mutually beneficial relationship. 2:00 in the morning, and i just got back. i saw a lot of designer bags, and i don't think i've ever seen as many christian louboutin shoes. i heard men saying things like, how much for tonight? we are a culture that really glorifies stuff. we are also a culture of instant gratification. we want what we don't have, and we want it now. but, you know, i've never walked in these girls' shoes, and who am i to judge? i just hope that these really, really smart and articulate girls don't regret it one day. for lower back pain sufferers,
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if there's one thing every baby and daddy i've met seems to value about sugaring is that it lets them be explicit about what they want and how much of themselves they're willing to give. that's what drew mark to seeking arrangement. >> i like the idea that can you basically build and create almost any type of relationship. you're really only limited to -- >> how much money you have. >> no. your imagination. you can be who you want to be. >> last we spoke to mark he was single and looking for a new arrangement. and a few days ago he connected with 23-year-old muriel who just
10:48 pm
joined seeking arrangement after graduating from college. tonight she's traveled two hours from her home in central pennsylvania for a first date with mark. >> i'm feeling a little nervous, a little excited. i really like to meet this guy, mark. i don't know that much about him. we had, like, one phone call, but i am hoping for someone who i can learn from, like a mentor. so i can be successful on my own. ♪ >> mark and muriel had agreed to meet by 6:00. but by 6:30, mark hasn't arrived, and he's not answering his phone. >> hey, mark, it's muriel. i just wanted to know if you were going to show up. if you can just let me know if you're running late or coming. i'd really appreciate it.
10:49 pm
thanks so much, hope to see you soon. ♪ >> i think i've been set up. i mean, i find successful men attractive, not because they're rich but because of all the qualities that it takes to become successful. but on the flip side of that, maybe, i don't know if like their ego is, you know, like, like, you know, she's not worth my time, so i'm not even going to call. >> mark is a no-show. and we still don't know why he bailed out. but we did find some surprising information online. so after mark disappeared, we decided to do a little digging
10:50 pm
into his background, and we were pretty shocked by what we found. a trail of court documents that span the last five years. i see here that he was indicted on a charge of theft by deception, after he tried to buy a house with a bad check. he pled guilty and got five years probation. so it seems our sugar daddy has somewhat of a checkered past and that muriel may have dodged a major bullet. we tried to reach mark for comment, but he hasn't returned our calls. seeking arrangement tells us they run background checks and verify net worth, but only for diamond members who pay nearly $1300 a year. just a small fraction of daddies opt for that transparency, and mark isn't one of them. back in new york, allison is having her own second thoughts about sugaring, after seeking arrangement's masquerade mixer.
10:51 pm
>> two men made a comment about how much would they pay for me when i was walking by. i really wanted to, like, shove my heel through someone like this, it's not an auction. i'm a person. i have feelings. >> i remember when i was starting in the business that i work in, guys would ask me to, you know, have a meeting over dinner, or, you know, make suggestive comments and so on, and it was so hard. >> mm-hm. >> because it's, like, you're in a position of power, and i'm not. i need a job, and you're in a position to give me one. >> yeah. there's definitely a conflict there. because it's hard to say i'm turning down something that could change my life. but at the same time, if there's a potential i could be robbed of my dignity, so -- >> are you okay? ♪
10:52 pm
>> i just want to know that it's real, you know, that it's all possible and i'm doing it for something. i wanted to play on the same playing field as everybody else. i wanted a chance. that's all i was looking for. >> after four years in the fast-money world of the sugar bowl, can allison find her way out? [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement on the eastside overpass. getting word of another collision. [burke] it happened. december 14th, 2015. and we covered it.
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on new york's lower east side, allison is performing. tonight she's trying her hand at poetry. >> i'm still trying to understand the way the world works. and there are some days i'm convinced that it doesn't. >> she's sharing a part of her story that's left her deeply conflicted -- her life as a sugar baby. >> i understand why there are men out there who will offer to sprinkle my struggle with confectioner's sugar, opening doors that otherwise wouldn't have been opened. but obviously you can't do it forever. it's like a pageant.
10:57 pm
you age out of it. but i'm trying to find a balance, trying to let it not define me, not get lost in it, and not let anybody take anything from me. i'm just your on the side baby doll, get it how and when you want it barbie doll. >> she's taking a break from sugaring and dating a guy she met in college and working as a dance instructor but hasn't sworn off seeking arrangement for good, at least not yet. so what are your goals? >> my goals? i do want a performance career myself. i want to be a professor for the arts some day. my ultimate goal is to be independent, to be able to rely on myself and not anybody else. it's definitely a sweeter reward if you've earned it yourself. >> follow me on twitter.
10:58 pm
>> back in atlanta, taylor and rich are talking about the next step in their sugar relationship. >> here's to years and years and years of togetherness. >> oh. >> what are your plans for the future? >> we talk about buying a home in hawaii, setting up corporate headquarters there. and i decided some time ago that i should put taylor in my will. she knows she's taken care of. and i hope she doesn't spend it all on some young guy to replace me. [ laughter ] >> do you think a lot of other sugar relationships are like yours? >> i think they could be. >> they definitely can be and it can be based on communication and expectations. >> if you want long-term gains, you have to build a foundation. and that's what we did. we built a foundation together. and i don't have another person in the world like that. >> and taylor, what does rich mean to you?
10:59 pm
>> i couldn't see my life without him. >> it's been nice. i get a little emotional too. >> i know. >> we're going to have a cry fest here. >> when we hear about sugar relationships, it's almost inevitable that we think that these much older men are in it because they want to have a sexual relationship with these much younger women. and for some women, they just want to find a prince charming. >> here's to the big 70. cheers. >> sure it's not 50, though? >> it's obvious that taylor is benefitting in ways that go so far beyond anything financial. >> did i pick this out? >> you did. >> i knew i had good taste. that's why i picked you.
11:00 pm
>> and in rich's case, taylor has given him a reason to want to stay young. and in many ways, that's better than sex. -- captions by vitac -- ♪ it's nearly midnight and these men are in the middle of a covert operation. they're moving precious cargo, and they don't want to be seen. why all the secrecy? they're followers of a new religion. but these men don't praise god. >> hail satan! >> they call themselves the satanic temple, and they're descending upon detroit to unveil what's underneath this tarp. and it's making some people in


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