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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 21, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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60 days to go until donald trump takes the oath of office. as the president-elect meets with potential members of his administration, he's trying to keep his distance from the most controversial supporter. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> racism, anti-semitism, even what appeared to be nazi salutes on all display in the nation's capital this weekend. as the alt-right celebrate donald trump's victory. his transition team issuing a statement saying he denounces racism of any kind. but is that enough? let's go to jessica schneider with the latest from there. >> another busy day in the transition what's the latest? >> donald trump meeting with a lot of people today. rolling out a list of priorities
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he released a two and a half minute video, he talked about it as putting america first in terms of job creation and innovation. he laid out snippets of his policy proposals on trade. reiterating his pledge to withdraw from the tpp. talking about national security and ethics reform. he didn't talk about the big pledges he had during his campaign, building that wall. deporting illegal immigrants, he did talk about immigration itself, he talked about the fact that he would direct the department of labor to look into visa programs that in his words were undercutting the american worker. we're getting word tonight that donald trump could start unveiling his economic team as soon as tomorrow. he's narrowing his list for treasury and commerce secretaries. the word we're getting, two names have come to the forefront
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for treasury secretary. steve manuchin formerly at goldman sachs. the billionaire investor wilbur ross is at the top of the list. donald trump meeting with a multitude of people today including rick perry. he had a meeting with the hawaii congresswom congresswoman. she said she disagrees with donald trump, but she came here to talk about the policies in syria, as well as her thoughts on the war on terror and the war on isis. >> thank you, jessica, i want to bring in david, matt and peter. matt, the first person to bring it up, and talk about it at length on this show was you. >> because i was getting hate
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tweets from the alt-right for years. >> we're calling it alt-right, i'm asking is it a white nationalist group, is it the klan or just racists rebranding themselves? >> it's the old joke about the holy roman empire. you could argue that -- it's a rebranding effort, the word alternative sounds cool. they're not really right in the sense we think of it, they're not prolife, for free trade. they're basically isolationists, it's a misnomer, it's a smart branding move, it certainly includes white nationalists and white supremacists, it's also a weird amalgum of people, gamers and men's rights movements. they're trying to project themselves as young as cool.
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some people say we shun the call them the alt-right. i think we have to, if we don't deleg it mize that term, then young people will think, they're just young cool people. >> what should we call them? we should call hate what it is. >> i think it's important to understand where this comes from. we had the election of an african-american president. immigration, which has changed the face of this country and we are seeing, as we always do in american history, a brutal and vicious back wlash. sadly, the american story never sees periods of this kind of racial gender progress, without a serious backlash. this is what the backlash looks like today, this movement would not be where it is without donald trump. i'm not saying he agrees with
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them on all these things, he does not. they feel empowered by someone who ran a racist campaign. all of these things are for them, music to their ears, this is the most powerful man in america now, essentially embracing the kind of racism and misogyny they had. this is a coming out party for them. >> i think peter is right to focus on the birther movement. that's one thing in donald trump's lexicon. it's hard to explain that race wasn't behind it. there were other things that donald trump has said he can explain away. the fact as peter said, that white nationalists, you know, sort of take pride in donald trump's election or wants to associate with them. right now, because donald trump has become the president-elect and will be the president of the
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united states we can debate many we can continue debating whether or not, what the overlap is between racism and trump's movement, or racism and the alt-right movement, the onus is on him now as the leader of the country to either disassociate himself from this, or have people think he is associated with it. >> you're not buying. this is what brian lanza said. president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind. he was elected because he will be a leader for every american. >> but what he has -- >> is that too acute by half? >> because of what we've seen him done. in the "60 minutes" interview he did, to just turn to the camera and say stop it, is not enough. to come out at his hotel about nothing related to it, and then just say, by the way, all that birther stuff i was doing in
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2011 and 2012. i didn't mean it after all. the predicate was set that he wanted to attract people on this us versus them divide. >> the alt-right held a conference in washington, d.c.. this is what the leader said to the audience. >> we are not meant to live in shame and weakness and disgrace. we were not meant to beg for moral validation from some of the most despicable creatures to ever populate the planet. we were meant to overcome, overcome all of it, because that is natural and normal for us. because for us, as europeans, it is only normal again when we are great again. >> hail trump. hail our people, hail victory.
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>>? any other way to characterize this than white nationalism and neo-naziism? >> no, that's what it is. >> come on, that's frightening. >> it's horrific. the only thing that i would say, though, is, there was like 200 people at that meeting and that's -- you know, one of my colleagues noted there's like a convention for people who like my little pony that draws three or four times that many participants. the good news is, this is a small group of people that met in washington, d.c.. >> i'll grant you that. but this is the extreme, and there are different degrees of hate and racism and misogyny and homophobia and on and on and on. that may be the extreme, there is something that has been awoken in this election, across
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the country. >> no, i think it's an international thing. >> if you're going to be the person who represents all the people in the united states, shouldn't you say there is no place in america for anything like that? rather than saying, i want to be the person for all the people, and it's just a few people, why should i take credit for them. shouldn't you denounce them? >> one of the lessons of donald trump's political success, is that things that seem utterly fringe and -- let's remember the idea of a donald trump presidential campaign was utterly absurd. this is a small group of people right now, there's something that's changed. i've been on social media for many years now. up until the trump campaign, i can't even ever remember getting an anti-semitic tweet. i get them so routinely, i don't notice them any more. i mean, by the dozens, by the hundreds. how dangerous it is now, we don't know, but we want to make sure it doesn't grow any more
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than it is, because we found out the last couple years, that very unpredictable scary things can happen. >> i want to put this up, when you were talking about it, normalizing this, let's put up the tweet, this is from the restaurant where the group went to celebrate, maggiano's. this is a tweet from guests there. protesters followed the group, forcing the restaurant to shut down, and issue an apology. you can put the restaurant's apology up there, saying it was a last minute booking. they apologized for inadvertently hosting this meeting. this hateful sentiment. the thing is -- the question is, which i think you're on to it, is about this sort of thing becoming normalized and saying, what are you going to do, it's just a few people. it's on the fringe. i don't remember talking about this as a journalist. >> they're being normalized too.
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and you know, i used to think that there was -- we all knew that on both. keith ellison, who is going to be the dnc chairman maybe. was associated with lewis farrakhan. denounced his anti-semitism. >> i think he's made a full throated separation from that ideology, though, right? which is fair, and the same can be asked for politicians. i didn't mean to interrupt you. but -- >> talking about the sort of suggests that 9/11 was an inside job to gin up anti-immigrant sentiment. my point here is, this is a guy on the left, who is part of the bernie sanders populous movement. >> i think it's an entirely. >> i think we could devote a little time to the radicals on the left. >> i don't see a left wing movement gathering here, and
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promoting misogyny and anti-semitism anywhere near the same way. >> all they have to do is organized 203 people at a meeting and they could -- >> and launch a -- have a presidential candidate as their ali. >> i think you have to be careful any time you throw out the word racist and white nationalist. but because of what we've seen over the years. >> because of bannon. >> because of trump and bannon. i'm not saying trump is a racist, but he was a divisive candidate for sure. bannon is a divisive figure. one example, an article on breitbart, i wanted to get this out here, describe my washington post colleague as hell hath no fury like a polish, jewish elitist sworned.
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does that make steve bannon an anti-semite? no, but it prompts people to request these questions about him. and if you're representing the president of the united states, you have to explain fully, which they have not. why that is not them. >> thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> fascinating conversation. when we come back, will donald trump put america first, even if it means giving up his worldwide business empire? will he pay a price for winning the white house? we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the ultimate sleep number week, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store,
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the president-elect has a huge web of deals and dozens of countries around the world, raising unprecedented questions about potential con 234rik9s between his presidential and business interests. >> it started with what was build as a courtesy call, japanese president abe slipping in a back elevator at trump tower to meet the president-elect. trump's daughter ivanka in attendance. neither reporters or cameras were at the meeting. a gold golf club worth nearly $4,000 abe gave to trump. then came the two businessmen from india who own properties south of mumbai. according to the trump organization, it was just another social call. while it's not illegal for a sitting president to run a business, it's a question of
8:18 pm
optics and ethics. a cnn analysis shows trump has business dealings in 25 countries including saudi arabia, china, azerbaijan. a month ago, there was worry the trump brand was being destroyed by his run for office. since november 8th, things have changed. the only possible solution to end all of trump's conflicts of interest are for trump to sell it all, and end the trump empire. >> of course a blind trust can work. but you have to sell the assets, you can't just put the assets in a blind trust and pretend you don't own them. >> a large parts of trump's business is donald trump. trump's partners across the globe are buying the license to buy that brand. the brand also comes with the trump organization expertise in design marketing, operations, almost like a franchise. business partners buy in, because it sells, and the
8:19 pm
trump's stay involved to make sure the brand doesn't get tarnished. daniel levenson took over a failing trump property. and fought to keep the trump brand, because he wanted to make sure he had access to ivanka and eric trump in almost every part of the deal. >> we wanted the association, they want the continuity of brand. and that works on both ends. it's profitable for everybody. >> in a fox news debate earlier this year, donald trump said, instead of selling off the brand his solution is to pass the brand to the people he has groomed to take it over. all named trump. not exactly a blind trust. >> i have ivanka and donald tren eric sitting there. run the company, kids. i'm going to do it for america. >> cnn's senior analyst. the former white house special council for ethics and
8:20 pm
government reform under president barack obama. and richard painter, he was a white house ethics lawyer under president george w. bush. you just saw him in drew griffin's report. we saw you in this report. expand on that point a little bit. if ivanka, eric and donald jr. run the business, is that a blind trust? >> no, a blind trust is a trust administered by a trustee, who does not have a prior business relationship with the office holder. furthermore, you need to sell the assets that create a conflict of interest. either they're sold before, the cash is put into the blind trust or they're promptly sold by the trustee as soon as the trust is created. those steps need to be taken if the president-elect is going to be free of conflict of interest. and this has very serious ramifications given the broad dispersion of these assets throughout the globe.
8:21 pm
>> jeff, apparently this conversation about conflicts of interest is getting under donald trump's skin. he tweeted earlier, after the election, it's well known i have interests and property all over the world. only the crooked media makes this a big deal. is this a big deal for him? >> it is an obvious conflict of interest, let's put it in practical terms of ivanka is one of the people running the company. she's sitting there during his meeting with the japanese prime minister. do you think that when she tries to build a hotel in tokyo, or she tries to -- you know, make deals in tokyo, it's going to be to her advantage that she has a personal relationship with the prime minister of japan? i mean, it's an incredible conflict of interest. but the president-elect is right, that he aired this out all earlier, it's not like he deceived the public. he said, i'm not doing a blind trust, my family's going to run the business, and this is what happened.
8:22 pm
>> yeah, yeah, but he didn't release his tax returns and also -- >> and by the way, we're never going to see those tax returns. >> never going to see the tax returns, isn't this what he -- this was sort of the narrative against hillary clinton, was that the foundation, there were going to be conflicts of interest with the foundation, and it was pay for play, and the foundation should be shut down? >> the connections between the clinton's wealth and the clinton foundation is so much more attenuated and so less clear than this conflict of interest, but, you know, he was very clear about how the company was going to run, he got elected anyway. it's not against the law, and this is what you get. >> presidents are largely exempt from conflicts of interest rules, right? >> that's correct. congress made the judgment for constitutional reasons and also because if there's a big chris in the oval office, you don't want the president to have to
8:23 pm
say oh, sorry, everybody, i have to leave, because i have a conflict of interest. so congress made the judgment not to cover the president and the vice president by the conflict laws that apply to all other federal officials. >> donald trump's children know his business is better than any other person they know how to run them, they've been there, why doesn't it make sense for them to step in and run it? >> well, the problem is, he still owns the businesses, regardless of who rungs the businesses. and this is a situation that could have dire consequences. we have these assets all over the world. imagine what would happen if franklin delino roosevelt, who was a very rich man owned large office towers in germany, and had large bank loans outstanding from deutche bank, we may not be here today, and we have a situation now where we could have a president who is be holden to foreign dictators, who
8:24 pm
has his hands tied because of his own properties. these properties are also a security risk. you put a building up with the trump name on it -- who's going to pay to protect those buildings? the u.s. government, the foreign government or the trump organization? i mean, the list of problems goes on and on. >> jeffrey toobin, you'll get the first word on the other side of the break. "credit karma, why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free." "credit karma. give youself some credit."
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back with me now, jeffrey toobin, norman eisen and richard painter. you were making a point about conflicts of interest. >> we don't even know what the conflicts are. because in the absence of his tax return, we don't know where he owes money. and this is in many respects the most critical conflicts of interest. if you owe money to a bank in a country that is not friendly to the united states, they have leverage over you, and thus over the united states in a very profound way. but since we don't have the tax returns, we don't know what countries. >> we talked about this and the possibility of this and with the
8:29 pm
tax returns and all of that, to figure it out before the election. people did not seem to care. how do you explain it? >> i think, you know, people vote for lots of different reasons. you're right, we did talk about this, and i think trump can make the legitimate point that, hey, i didn't keep this a secret from anybody. i didn't -- >> in a way he did, though. >> yes, but the fact that his family is going to run the business, he's not going to use a blind trust. he's going to be able to say, look, i promise this and i got elected anyway, so i'm not -- i feel like the people have ratified this choice. >> does it seem a little slippery in anyway? >> it does. >> i think the real risk to him is political more than legal. if things don't go well in the country, people are going to start to ask, why are you worrying about your family's business more than the public -- >> is that norman or richard on the other side i hear?
8:30 pm
>> well, in terms of the commitments in the campaign, he also committed he was going to drain the swamp. the american people are very concerned about putting special interests and personal interests above the public interest. he certainly didn't say, when i have my first meeting with a major foreign ally, japan, i was going to have my daughter in that meeting. apparently he also had his daughter on the tell vin in his conference with the leader of argentina. so i think there's ample reason to feel concerned here, and there is legal jeopardy, because the criminal laws do apply to him, the constitution's no foreign gifts clause applies to him. there's all of the litigation out there, that his business interests spawn under the
8:31 pm
clinton versus jones precedent, he can be put into civil litigation. and he's going to have to file a form 278 making some additional disclosures like his campaign disclosures. there are some legal limits. >> form 278 i had the honor of preparing president obama's, form 278 is the official office of government ethics disclosure of your financial posture. mr. trump has filed two 278 for candidates, and now when he takes office, he'll need to file one as president. his assets, his liabilities, income generating properties, information about his spouses financial posture. so it does give us some sense of his financial picture. but to give you some flavor.
8:32 pm
his second 278-e, the election 278-e he filed had 104 pages, we're told a single year of tax returns has 12,000 pages. there's a lot more important information we need out of those tax returns. >> the president, the current president of the united states, barack obama addressed the conflict of interest question in peru yesterday. listen. >> when i met with the president-elect, i suggested to him that having a strong white house council that could provide clear guide posts and rules would benefit him and his team, because it would eliminate a lot of ambiguity. >> is the president-elect likely to take that advice? >> well, i very much hope so, because this is going to be a very challenging situation. but i think that anybody who takes that job is likely to try
8:33 pm
to convince him to sell off these business assets. they create too many problems. and -- >> come on, richard. >> at the risk of foreign government money getting in there. >> is there any chance he's going to sell off the trump assets. >> i'm sorry -- >> i'm thinking the exact same thing. he's going to have to? >> he's going to have to. because we're in a situation where foreign government money could easily get in there. he already has bank loans outstanding from the bank of china, there's sovereign wealth fundses that i'm sure are trying to participate in a bunch of these projects. there's foreign government money all over the place. these foreign diplomats that check into these hotels, that's foreign diplomat money. the founders did not want our elected officials or anybody holding an office of trust with the united states government receiving money from foreign governments. so there's a problem right
8:34 pm
there. >> richard -- >> and then there's the exposure -- >> yeah. >> i know you say that, but i'm kind of with jeffrey, we've said so many things he has to do, and that other candidates have done, and other presidents have done, so far, he's done none of it. i'm a bit skeptical along with jeffrey tuben that he might do that. >> it seems completely out of the question that he would do that. not listening -- >> and he said he -- and he's also said he wouldn't do it. >> with the, wait until the first -- >> he's going to violate the law. he's going to end up violating the law. >> who would enforce that, the justice department? >> the congress. the congress. the constitution provides for the process of impeachment, and i hate to see our country go in that direction. but we have a congress that impeached president clinton over lying under oath about his sex life. and this is a lot more serious. the president-elect has to deal
8:35 pm
with this situation. we could have allegations of bribery. we even just today had a story, apparently a false story, there was a communication with the president of argentina on behalf of -- by the president-elect and the question of building permits came up. apparently that didn't happen. these types of stories are going to come up again and again, and if there is evidence of any type of quid pro quo exchange of anybody working for the president in the white house, anybody working in the trump organization, making those types of offers, those types of discussions, that would open up a bribery investigation. this could be a disaster for president trump if he doesn't take action now and sell off the business empire. he'll get a couple billion dollars for himself and his family, did it's worth what he says it's worth. that's plenty of money to put food on the table and do whatever they want to do, when he's president of the united states. he wanted the job, he's got it. up next, donald trump's team
8:36 pm
put out a statement saying he denounces racism of any kind. does he think that's enough in the face of support from the so-called alt-right. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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we're back, let's talk about the alt-right movement, cheering donald trump's ebleks. former congressman jack kingston, who is a former senior adviser to the trump campaign. good evening to all of you welcome jonathan to the show. i haven't seen you in a while. some of the most prominent members of the alt-right gathered in washington, d.c., d.c. onfully, to plot how the movement can start influencing trump. why isn't this be more thoroughly addressed by the trump administration? >> well, the first thing i'd like to suggest that we ston using the term alt-right, because it in some way masks who these people are, and it normalizes in a settle way, the way we're normalizing the trump presidency. i choke when i even have to say that, because these are
8:41 pm
neo-nazis, they're white nationalists, they're the ku klux klan, they're hateful, despicable people, they're anti-semites. let's talk about who they actually are. and to your question about why the trump administration isn't addressing this, i think in a funny way, i give donald trump a little bit of credit. he ran as a bigot and a racist, he ran as someone who said hateful things about muslims, about mexicans and now he's following through on that, by appointing steve bannon, michael flynn, jeff sessions. even frankly mike pence who comes from the christian supremacist right. all those people together are intolerant people where racism is not only not rejected, it's embraced. >> jack, here's -- i want to get the statement in from the trump transition team. president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind, he was elected because he will be the leader for every
8:42 pm
american. to think otherwise is a complete representation of every american. is that enough, jack? should he be tweeting his condemnation like he tweeted his condemnation of hamilton and snl this weekend? >> i think you'll see more and more of it. i want to say this, number one, i said this before on your show. i never heard of the alt-right movement, and i still don't think there's much of a moment, i think this is a small group of people, i think they're based in kind of raising hell and stirring up trouble, and, you know, in the provocative sort of way, i think there are some serious members to it, but in terms of the republican conservative mainstream, the alt-right is not a driving force behind it, i can see the tea party is, but the tea party is very involved in it, but i just don't see the alt-right as being a force that donald trump needs to acknowledge them one way or the other, and i will say this to my friend jonathan, all those
8:43 pm
charges, good gosh, let's labelism, and it's not held -- >> they're true. >> jack, they're true. >> it's absolutely not true. >> i'm going to give you a concrete example, jack. donald trump's political career took off and rose on him promoting and embracing birtherism. birtherism is a racist -- >> that was brought up by hillary clinton in december -- at the iowa caucus. >> wrong. >> hang on, i'm not going to go down this rabbit hole again. that is not true, jack. jonathan, i understand you're making a lot of -- some very bold statements here. i'll let you finish up. >> if we can get back to the point. >> it was started by hillary clinton in -- >> that's not true, jack. >> it's absolutely true. >> it is not -- all right, you can believe it. >> december at the iowa caucus. >> if you embrace birtherism, you are a racist, i'll say it to
8:44 pm
jack and scotty right now, do you acknowledge birtherism is a racist attack -- >> stop, grow up, jonathan. >> hang on, hold on, stop. >> bob has not sid one word the entire time. >> you know, let me -- we started this thing, on what happened just two days ago. >> exactly. >> that was a vivid video for matted example of what these people are about, now, you want to hook that on to trump -- what trump -- when they come out and make these statements and say, he has consistently denounced this kind of stuff, you talk about an opportunity, he should have gotten out in front of this, and said, by the way, saturday, there was a meeting in washington, d.c., these people were overjoyed with my election, let me tell them not to be overjoyed, because they have no place with me. can he do that? no. did he take the opportunity, no? >> in the meantime, what does he do? he names jeff sessions attorney general, which is maybe the
8:45 pm
greatest single set back in civil liberties this country has seen. >> he didn't say anything about the at right, he didn't come out as forcefully against the alt right as he did on snl and hamilton. >> for this point, i do agree with jonathan on this, they are the worst of the worst, they are scum of the earth, totally a hate filled group. >> why doesn't he denounce them? >> he did, though. why give them any attention whatsoever. they have no more effect on the republican party than anarchist, socialists have on the democratic party. you did not hear us go after them saying people who supported barack obama in 2008 being communists. i'm tired of voter shaming, that jonathan and others continue to do to those who supported donald trump. all 61 million of us. >> can i make one point. >> 71 people have been arrested in portland for vandalism and
8:46 pm
disrupting the public. and -- i mean, the alt-right people just as the hamilton cast has a right to the first amendment, they have a right to gather. donald trump, i think if he acknowledges them, that builds a bigger platform for them. the best thing is to dismiss them and move on. >> that's the difference, he's encouraged them, he could cut this thing off, but he cut it off quickly. >> he did. he has. >> he's not a mainstream republican candidate. this guy is part republican, part democrat, part independent candidate. >> i've got to -- >> let me make a couple points here. >> go ahead, jonathan. >> i don't want to let go of this birtherism issue. >> imagine that. >> no, this -- >> 2007, hillary clinton campaigned in iowa. >> all right. >> don, please. >> folks, please, let me finish the point. and then you can disagree with
8:47 pm
me. and this is to the point that -- >> i still think hillary's a racist, that's all. >> it's not just that donald trump advanced birtherism as a way of launching his career. in a way, scotty's right, that the alt-right, which we call, the racists and the nazis are a very small segment. but when birtherism became a thing. and it was promoted, virtually the entire republican party, john income cane was an exception. they either stayed quiet because they were afraid of denouncing birtherism, lest they be challenged in a primary or they actually agreed with it, so birtherism, and that kind of racism, the reason you see now the republican party not denouncing trump -- >> jonathan. >> you're saying it started there, and now here we are, that was the beginning of it -- >> i'm telling you. >> i need three seconds on this, don. let me say this, as a republican house member at the time, our speaker john boehner denounced
8:48 pm
the birtherism, for you to say that that's silence -- >> look where john boehner is now. >> i say this about my own party, my own party could have gotten out of its way and denounced birtherism more than it did. >> do you agree birtherism is racism? >> why are we talking about this? the election is over. we need to move on, jojonathan. >> jonathan, if they answer the question, will you stop talking about it? >> please. >> okay. >> yes, i will. >> answer his question, jack. do you think that birtherism is racism? >> i think somebody can bring that up and not be racist, and i don't think hillary clinton was a racist when she brought it up. >> i rest my case. >> in 2007 in iowa. >> i rest -- scotty, go ahead and answer that question. >> do you think hillary clinton's a racist. i want to ask question for question. >> let's answer scotty answer the question. is birthism racism? >> scotty, make him answer our
8:49 pm
question. >> hold on. >> that's the thing. >> scotty. hold on, stop, all of you. >> this is not what the american people -- >> i've been on with you for over a year. >> i'm trying to get him to stop talking about it. >> answer the question however you want to answer it. >> do you think birtherism is racism? >> i think it's americans right to question -- >> now we can stop talking about birtherism. >> that is our right. get over it, jonathan. >> we'll be right back. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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and we're back now with my panel. scotty nel hughes, bob beckel, john cinkston and jonathan toe see knee. last night at the american music awards, green day stunned the crowd by changing some of their lyrics. listen. ♪ ♪ no kk, no trump, no kk no trump, no kkk no taxes usa ♪ ♪ no trump, no kk no fascist usa ♪ >> so they said no trump no,kkk fascist usa. alec baldwin portrayed donald trump. trump may hahave won the electi
8:54 pm
he's losing the culture war. >> you're going to have a million woman the day after he gets inaugurated. this is the beginning. a lot of people were hurt by there. this guy has taken off scars long we thought healed. and so he gets what he's asking for. what he's asking for is to turn americans against americans. i was one right out of the box who said let's give this guy a chance. >> you did on this show. >> i did on your show. i've now watched the first week and a half of who he's actually associated himself with. i'll tell you, i'm joining the million woman march. i'm going to be out front, too. enough is enough. this guy is a dangerous man. >> scottie. >> amen. >> they have the right to say that just like mr. trump his right to go directly to the people. to say he's a dangerous men, 1 million women march, that's fine. probably it would be more
8:55 pm
productive if they would have done that before election day. women were not moat have aed to vote for the democratic candidate. >> we beat trump by a million and a half votes. >> she's not the president elect. mr. trump is. today he met with tulsi gabbard out of hawaii. which crossing over the aisle. he's met with chuck schumer. he's met with democrats. >> and michele lee. >> for all americans right now. how about you try giving him a chance. what is wrong with that? >> there's a difference between -- >> there is, jack, there is a difference between putting people out there and their names and appointing people. the people he's asked to have a job now and appointed are all white men. >> only two cabinet members. he is going to have a diversity cabinet. he interviewed 20 people just sunday alone. and i will point out that general flynn is a democrat, by the way. >> there's some diversity right
8:56 pm
there. >> in name only. >> well, diversity -- i'm sorry, but i did versity isn't a skin color. >> who is the first black person he's interviewed? who is the first black person he's interviewed. >> woodson. he talked to bob johnson yesterday with bette. >> everybody talks to bob johnson when you -- bob johnson. >> you know, i've got to say this about green day. i do likeheir music. it's spoiled brat hollywood millionaires who didn't get their way and so they're using their forum. that's legitimate. hollywood needs to get over it. they're just spoiled brat millionaires. this is why donald trump won is because of this. >> i have to say this. >> petulant attitudes of the left. trying to delegitimize the election. >> we'll let them keep talking. i'm out of time. thank you so much. i appreciate it all of you. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. good night. celebration holiday sead nothing says "treat yourself" like any of these indulgent new dishes. so try the new grand seafood feast with tender shrimp,
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9:00 pm
good evening. john berman here in for anderson. tonight, donald trump's to-do list. after days of waiting to learn more about the who question, who will be in the new trump cabinet, instead we heard late today about what, as in what he wants to do in his first days in office. we also learned a little bit about the how, as in how he intends to talk to us. this is the first time he's addressed the nation since we saw him on the stage in the early-morning hours after his upset victory. but instead of a press conference, or a live stem


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