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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 23, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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through, from the decisions to the very end. >> we are living vicariously through you and the cnn team in watching these two little boys grow. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. talk about a lot being thankful for this thanksgiving week. thank you. >> if you want to wake up early i'm on tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 a.m. "the lead" starts now. thank you, brooke. president-elect trump is in mar-a-lago for thanksgiving. at least one family won't be arguing politics over dinner. two now announcements from president-elect donald trump. coming on the heels of men joining his team, both of today's picks are women. two weeks after hillary clinton conceded, but could we now be headed for a recount? two computer scientists calling up the clinton campaign and telling them that some of the key votes just don't add up. speaking of arguing politics at thanksgiving, you actually
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may not have anything to worry about. with the interstate traffic jams and the usual clogged airport terminals, you may not make dinner at all. welcome to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in again today for jake tapper. a very happy thanksgiving to everyone. today president-elect donald trump is burying one hatchet. the trump administration can cross two positions off the recruiting list. united nations ambassador, one of america's most visible faces on the international stage and education secretary, the person who helps to guide what your children will be learning every day. the next diplomat to battle it out with the likes of russia, china and the u.n. security council. south carolina governor nikki haley. she took a shot at trump earlier this year calling upon the country to reject, quote, our a angriest voices. also, betsy devos has accepted his offer to run the department
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of education. she has been a long-time advocate for charter schools and school voucher programs. jason carroll is in palm beach, florida, with the president-elect where he is spending thanksgiving. are we expecting any more personnel announcements today? >> reporter: it's unclear at this point. we wouldn't be able to say with ser certainty one way or another. this president-elect is not opposed to bringing in former rivals into his cabinet. president-elect donald trump is bolstering his cabinet by turning to a one-time critic. >> when a bully hits you, hit the bully right back. >> reporter: announces south carolina governor nikki haley as his choice to serve as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. haley, a daughter of indian immigrants, became the first woman and first person of color elected as governor of the palmetto state. and she was the first woman selected to join the trump administration. haley endorsed senator marco
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rubio during the gop primary and was a vocal trump critic during the campaign. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk. that is not a part of our party. that's not who we want as president. >> reporter: trump today naming betsy devos, a top gop donor and proponent of school choice, as his pick to head the department of education, calling her a brilliant and passionate education advocate. trump blejpledged to do away wi the common core education standards. >> we are going to end common core. education is going to be brought local. >> reporter: devos previously served on the board of an education group led by jeb bush that supports common core, but in a statement she says, i am not a supporter, period. it got turned into a federalized boondoggle. but it is the selection of haley that raises the questions, could another trump rival be next?
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transition sources tell cnn mitt romney is a leading contender for secretary of state. >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. >> reporter: the 2012 republican nominee was one of trump's fiercest critics during the primaries. blasting trump's foreign policy credentials. >> his bombast is fueling the enmity of our enemies. >> political infighting is part of the game. when you go after a person who was the nominee of your party, who has been dually nominated by the voters and then you are savaging the voters, you're not just savaging donald trump. >> i can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the trump vision of foreign policy. >> reporter: trump taking to
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twitter to announce that he is considering another rival for hud secretary, dr. ben carson, and carson tweeting an ambiguous follow-up saying an announcement is forthcoming about his role in helping to make america great again. the trump team expecting to release a trump thanksgiving video. we were expecting that video to come out today, jim. but the day is not over yet. jim. >> he's got one more day to do it, jason carroll. joining me now is democratic congressman andre carson of indiana. thank you for joining us today. >> a pleasure. thank you. >> in the past you have said that donald trump is dog-whistling to white supremacist groups. he has now picked the south carolina governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador. she is of indian descent. she wanted the confederate flag taken down from the south carolina state house. she is someone who fought bitterly with the trump campaign. calling him out for taking so
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long to disaviow the kkk. does this selection represent a substantive change in donald trump? >> i think so. i think that governor haley is a good pick. she is smart. has a sorry of success. a child of immigrants. as an indian-american, i think that she does a great job in terms of challenging the status quo, even the removal of the confederate flag. and what we're seeing represented in her is that she is inspiring more young women to participate in the political process, and she has inspired more from the south asian community, who are becoming more politically engaged in our country. it's a solid pick. >> does it change your view of donald trump and the dog-whistling that you described during the campaign? >> as i said over a year ago, i have met mr. trump. i found that his -- who he is in private betrays his public rhetoric. i am still deeply concerned about the dog-whistling. to the degree that we are seeing
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people give nazi salutes and saying "hail trump." he has yet to condemn the group with specificity, but the haley pick tells me he is very well aware, because he is a smart man, that this kind of posturing to the far right, to the extreme right, to white supremacists and white nationalists is not representative of what a true presidency should be. i am hopeful that we have the obama administration, who has been making this handoff very smooth, very professional, and it shows that president obama is a man of great character, intelligence and elegance, dare i say, in the way he is dealing with the handoff, in wanting to keep america solid and on track. and i think he is a great example that president trump should consider modelling his presidency after. >> you deal with many national security issues. are you concerned about nikki haley's lack of foreign policy, diplomatic experience, in this role?
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>> i'll let mr. trump answer that question. i think that governor haley will have a chance to prove herself. and we'll go from there. >> let me ask you this as well. as one of two muslim members of congress, i just want you to listen. i know you are familiar with these comments, to what trump's national security advisor. retired lieutenant general michael flynn has said in the past and more than once about the faith of islam. >> islam is a political ideology. it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion. it's like cancer. i have gone through cancer in my own life. it's like cancer. it's like a malignant cancer, though, in this case. it has metastasized. >> does it concern you, having someone with that view that can only be described as bigoted as it comes to a religion,
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whispering in the president's ear as one of his closest advisors? >> it deeply concerns me. interacted with general flynn on numerous occasions. i appreciate his service to this nation but the comments concern me. arguably, most religions could be accused of having a cancerous element. look at many of the white nationalists, many of whom claim to be christians, who distort and pervert passages in the good book, in the bible, for -- to justify their superiority claims, which are totally false. so any group of extremists who can claim to be jewish, christian, muslim, hindu, sikh, buddhists and even non-theists can use their so-called philosophy for wick ed gain. >> i appreciate you taking this time during the thanksgiving holiday and wish you and your family the best. >> thank you. scientists telling the
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but of course, she still lost the election because the electoral college. that said, some computer scientists are privately urging her campaign to ask for a recount in several crucial rust belt swing states. why is that? they say clinton got fewer votes than she should have in critical counties that used specifically electronic voting machines. the scientists say there could be a pattern there and this is potentially explosive indicating the machines could have been hacked. >> tom foreman has been investigating this. as you look into this as an explosive theory, is there any truth to it? >> well, this is a conspiracy theory for disgruntled democrats. unless we get a whole lot more evidence rngs that evidence, that's all it is. like all conspiracy theories. it seems it may could be true. something seems to have happened in the electronic voting in three key states and that maybe
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it cost hillary clinton the white house. in wisconsin, with almost 3 million votes cast, donald trump edged hillary clinton by less than 28,000. in pennsylvania, out of almost 6 million votes, his advantage was 60,000. the count in michigan still remains too close for cnn to call the race. but now some political activists say in counties using elec trofr -- electronic voting hillary clinton seems to have mysteriously underperformed compare to areas with paper ballots by as much as 7% . they've not released their analysis nor provided proof of hacking but the margin could have tipped wisconsin and, if the others went her way too, she would have won. so who is leading the charge? >> our democracy is under attack. >> a democratic activist who ran for office a few years ago. >> this is a story of where the democratic party needs to be.
1:16 pm
>> a big proponent of voting rights. he tried to get president bush impeached over the iraq war. >> the united states house of representatives has a constitutional duty to investigate fully and comprehensively. >> reporter: at the university of michigan, the chief computer scientist behind the discovery of these alleged voting oddities seems to be on a different page. j. alex halderman is concerned about the risk of elections being hacked. he talked about it before the vote. >> a realistic attack on the election will home in on whichever states have the closest margins. >> reporter: he wants an investigation because he thinks any questions about voting security ought to be addressed. not because he is convinced it would necessarily change the result nor prove anyone tried to rig the vote. he has posted online, quote, were this year's deviations from pre-election polls the result of a cyber attack?
1:17 pm
probably not. i believe the most likely explanation is that the polls were systematically wrong. as for election officials, some certainly went into the balloting pretty confident. >> i could set one of these machines in the middle of red square in moscow and the russians couldn't hack into it. >> reporter: the folks pushing the theory say they don't want to say more in case there is legal action. the clinton campaign has yet to file a challenge. jill stein's campaign is raising money to try. meanwhile, as states finish counting the ballots. clinton's lead in the popular vote growing. she is now more than 2 million ahead. that's probably all the more reason people want to buy into conspiracy theories than ever. let's talk about this with our political panel. cnn political analyst and washington bureau chief of the daily beast, jackie kucinich.
1:18 pm
lynn sweet and white house correspondent for urban radio networks, as well as author of the upcoming book "at momma's knee, mothers in race in black and white." lynn, if i can begin with you, looking at this theory, really, and tom has done a good job of pretty much debunking it, is the campaign, to your understanding, taking this seriously and considering a recount? >> well, even if they are -- excuse me -- a little allergy. even if they are, you can't not wait forever to do a recount. that's the most important thing here. >> if you're going to do it, do it right away. >> there are only a few days remaining. guys, i don't know what happened to me here. >> we'll get you some water and then let you complete your thought. >> i'm okay now. >> okay. >> the point is, you can't wait forever. there are only a few days left in each of these states.
1:19 pm
the main ones they are talking about are wisconsin, michigan and ohio. if they're going to do something, they have to do it in the next few days. >> jackie, is that something they'll actually consider doing? >> haven't heard anything yet. there is also no clear evidence that this even -- to tom's report, that this even happened. so it could be seen as being sore losers at this point. you would think you would hear more if this was something that they were considering pursuing. this is 2016. so anything could happen. >> nate silver and others have looked at the numbers and are not convinced either. >> right. >> april, as we talk about that, obviously there is a debate that has to happen at some point as to what went wrong in this election for democrats. is the democratic party struggling to begin to answer those questions, to address how they win the next election? >> they're trying to do that as well, they're trying to formulate leadership. back to the original question
1:20 pm
about what's happening, this is very deep. yes, there are sore feelings. they are hurt and disappointed. at the same time they said from the beginning my sources told me maybe last week. they wouldn't go on record but they started telling me from the very beginning, when the election night results came in and everything was official, they said something was wrong. at this point it's so deep that they even have forensic professionals looking into this. if anything were to happen, going back to lynn's point, it would have to happen this weekend. hillary clinton would have to make a decision this weekend because the electoral college goes for that crucial vote on november 3rd. >> you're saying there are serious considerations. >> yes. >> they're looking to see if they have a case. >> my high-ranking sources who are very close to the situation are saying this is very deep. they got someone to go on the record and they're talking about it now. hillary clinton, they're
1:21 pm
starting to talk to her about it. but right now she is trying to figure out her next steps. but they have to talk to her this weekend to make the critical decision, if she wants to go forward, to take legal action. yes, it may be a conspiracy theory, but you are looking at places like michigan that the lead for donald trump is less than 10,000. so i mean -- they're also using the issue of comey. comey took his time to see what was what in these e-mails. they want to go back and say, okay, if it's not, they still deserve the time to see what's what even though we're close to inauguration day, january 20th at 12:00 noon. >> if this was a thanksgiving year we'd have a surprise like that, this would be the year. the president-elect as we know him today is donald trump, and he is beginning to fill out his cabinet. we just are andre carson on. critical of donald trump and what he called dog-whistling on racial issues. he is giving donald trump credit for, for instance, the appointment of nikki haley, who was also a critic.
1:22 pm
do you, lynn sweet, see substantive change in the initial personnel moves? >> change from what? nikki haley seems like an appointment that will not be controversial. the other move, betsy devos as education chair, will be wildly controversial. she is strong advocate of charter schools, a hard-liner. seen as the enemy of public education. she'll have a fight. it's nice to have diversity, but you can count on people complaining if they think someone is outside -- out of a certain kind of parameter view. so i think, as we sort out thighs appointments here, it is something to think of, who is going to have a confirmation fight and who isn't. mitt romney, if he becomes secretary of state nominee, he will be, you know -- >> waltz in. >> waltz in. nikki haley, i think everybody will just, you know -- no
1:23 pm
problem at all. betsy de vevos will be a fight. >> school vouchers at issue. she released a statement saying she is against common core, something trump opposed in the campaign. a lot of these positions remain to be filled. but talk of ben carson, another campaign opponent, for the department of housing and urban development. talk of mitt romney for secretary of state. do you see substantive change here potentially from trump the candidate to trump the president? >> all rivals are not created equal. ben carson became very much a trump surrogate over the course of the campaign where mitt romney was steadfastly and publicly against. >> called him a danger. >> exactly. if he brings in mitt romney, that, i think, will signal more of a change. nikki haley to an extent did as well because she spoke out publicly against donald trump as well. not as emphatically as mitt romney. not only was mitt romney not great to him during the
1:24 pm
election, but he also has a differing approach to foreign policy. >> right. >> to russia in particular. >> in 2012 famously identified russia as the threat. >> right. so that, i think, is going to be a real thing to watch. >> april, but i have to ask you, because there is precedent for high-profile posts of moderates or people who are greatly admired. colin powell, for instance, as secretary of state, who didn't have the influence, in fact, arguably was pushed into supporting a war he didn't support. >> right. >> you can have those positions, can't you, but not change the course of policy. >> colin powell changed the course of policy but making sure people knew he was a dissenter and his name was never used when you would hear these things. >> he was in front of the security council pushing the case. >> right. so what's really important right now is you have to remember the core group around donald trump are people somewhat in line with his rhetoric during the campaign. now you have in the cabinet
1:25 pm
posts people who are further away but who he may talk to on a daily or every other day or whatever basis. they are not looking at him as the emperor without clothes but you have to remember his core is still centering around the rhetoric as before. >> appointees such as michael flynn. >> see if he gets a democrat to join the cabinet. >> that's a great question. please enjoy the holiday tomorrow. the least wonderful time of year to get where you're going. a look at thanksgiving travel and if mother nature is cooperating. a new precaution for the famous macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york because of direct isis threat.
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i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky, who didn't get to ride the gravy train to treat freedom. who met their fate with courage and sacrifice and proved that they weren't chicken. it's not that bad now. come on! >> with as many puns as he could stuff in, president obama pardoned his final thanksgiving turkeys. the white house let twitter decide between two birds named tater and tot. tot won. tater is the backup. this year mr. obama's nephews
1:31 pm
subbed for his daughters. president said malia and sasha were fed up with his corny-copia of embarrassing dad jokes. i can identify. the birds head into turkey retirement. gobbler's rest at virginia tech. today is one of the busiest travel days of the whole year. major interstates have been lit up with red brake lights all day. you know the sight. we look live at l.a.x. it's hurry up and wait at airports across the country with a record number of passengers expected to fly. between bad weather and power outages. getting from point a to point b can be a headache. cnn's rene marsh is live at reagan national. any major problems today? is it the typical wednesday evening volume? >> reporter: right now it is volume. and a pretty big volume. i can say that just trying to get to the terminal here, i
1:32 pm
experienced some of the gridlock today. they are expecting record numbers as it relates to holiday travel this year, jim. it's all hands on deck here at reagan national airport. and, if you happen to be driving, you should expect lots of company on the road as well. millions of people across the country are on the move during the busiest travel period of the year. on the 405 in los angeles, it was the mother of all traffic jams tuesday night. miles and miles of gridlock for drivers who had hoped to beat the rush. on the capital beltway outside washington, d.c., traffic was backed up for nearly ten miles after a crash. most people will drive to their thanksgiving destination, more than 43 million, according to aaa. the best way to avoid the worst gridlock? drive on thanksgiving day and head home any day but sunday. saturday or monday are much lighter traffic days.
1:33 pm
meantime, airports and airlines are seeing a record number of flyers. 27 million passengers are expected to take to the skies. >> for them it will be all snow. >> reporter: inside delta airlines command center this week, the operations team monitors the weather and every flight in the air. >> there is a laser-like focus on completion factor and making sure we get people where they need to be for the holidays. >> reporter: and as passengers line up at security checkpoints, the head of tsa says they're ready. >> we brought on about just shy of 1400 new transportation security officers this summer. we converted about 2,000 from part-time to full-time. we have added about another 50 or 60 canines. >> reporter: unexpected problems can pop up. at louisville international airport, a temporary power outage caused long lines and delays this morning. overall, for most flyers, it's been a smooth ride. >> i was expecting a lot of lines, and just a lot of confusion outside. but everything is really smooth
1:34 pm
this morning. >> reporter: but with one million more people traveling this year compared to last year, it's still a good idea to get to the airport two hours before your flight. >> so, rene, take a looking there now, and i have been in long lines at national before. right now is looks pretty good there, though. >> reporter: right now it looks pretty good. i can tell you that about 20 minutes ago the line was a lot longer than it is now. it really does come and go. but i have to say, we haven't seen any major problems. remember the long lines we saw during the spring, tsa lines, passengers complaining, we are not hearing a lot of that at this point. and jim, one thing to remember, you may see canines when you show up at these airports. if you are on a line that is using canines you are allowed to keep on your shoes, your coat. you can keep your liquids in your bags. they're trying to make sure they expedite the lines and people get where they need to get.
1:35 pm
tsa also has an app. if you want to find out how long the security wait line is, they have an app for that. >> rene. thank you and congratulations on your engagement. >> thank you. >> from the whole cnn team. bringing in meteorologist jennifer gray. drivers watching and waiting to see what the weekend weather will be like. any problem spots in the country next 24 hours? >> it's not going to be terrible, jim. we have a couple trouble spots. say you're waiting to get off work tonight and you want to travel after rush hour, we have some snowy spots in northern michigan. 75 will cause you trouble. a lot of rain from detroit to east of chicago. even the pacific northwest will see major problems. you may have trouble getting through some of the passes. we'll see rain from seattle to portland. if you are trying to take to the skies, we're going to see a couple delays this evening. we've seen delays in places like new york's laguardia because of wind. and we are also seeing delays
1:36 pm
across the midwest. chicago o'hair, as well as detroit, because of the rain. even in the west we're seeing delays in the skies. seattle, down so san francisco. seeing delays due to rain and even some low clouds in san francisco. jim, we're seeing a couple delays already. we have throughout the day. tomorrow looks a little bit better if you're taking to the skies, jim. >> jennifer gray, thank you for keeping us on top of it. the nypd with new security precautions after isis calls out the macy's thanksgiving day parade. your insurance company
1:37 pm
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a thanksgiving eve ritual is under way in new york city right now as organizers are
1:41 pm
inflightiinflating the giant balloons. also, extra security, specifically sand trucks at intersections in manhattan. it's an unprecedented effort to prevent something like this. the attack in nice, france, this july when a man drove a truck through a crowd celebrating bastille day, killing more than 80 people. bringing in phil mud, cnn counter terrorist analyst. an arrest this week, a man accused of providing materials support to isis. a catch-all term. the complaint says he was discussing the possibility of a nice-style attack. through serious is the threat? >> you have to take is seriously. back 15 years to 9/11. it takes you years to train people, to bring them out to afghanistan, to think about how do you access a hardened target like an aircraft. fast forward. look at this copy-cat attack. someone talking to a plot
1:42 pm
similar to france. what do you need? access to a public space. a parade route a mile long. access to a truck. maybe basic explosives to put in the truck. i think you have to take it seriously. not because it indicates isis is advancing but because of the simplicity of the plot and how easy it would be to execute. >> their magazine has mentioned this specifically using vehicles as weapons. i wonder, isis, of course, losing ground on the battlefield in iraq and syria, and there is talk it's really just a matter of time before mosul falls and raqqa after that. does that actually increase the danger of attacks overseas? >> for a period of time. think about this as a comet and the tail of the comet, the followers in western united states and europe who are 17, 20, 25 years old. very emotional. over the course of the next few years as isis declines they'll sit back and say, i can't train in syria anymore, what do i do? they may read the isis magazine
1:43 pm
and say, i'll do it at home. you should not interpret this to mean isis is returning to the battlefield. they're getting whacked out there in syria and iraq. >> people -- you want people to enjoy the holiday. you are a professional counter-terror guy. what do you say to folks this holiday season and the level of real estate? >> chillax. if you do numbers, that is, the threat from your child going to swim in a neighbor's swimming pool versus the threat from an attack -- i am not talking about this to reassure americans, i am saying, if you do the numbers, the likelihood you'll be impacted by this is near zero. as i see my niece tomorrow, we'll play with legos and bake a pie. we're not dealing with a threat. >> your apple pie might be an equal. >> it will be outstanding. >> thanks very much, phil mud, for putting it together for us.
1:44 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim sciutto. our national lead now. police in north dakota are using tear gas, rubbing bullets and water hoses against hundreds of demonstrators standing in solidarity with the standing rock sioux indian tribe. they're protesting the 1200 mile long pipeline. one protester nearly lost her arm when she claims police threw an explosive device into the crowd. paul, what are police saying about the use of force there? >> reporter: they're saying they were justified in using the fire hoses but say they never threw concussion grenades. that's a point of huge contention.
1:49 pm
very different views from the front line where protesters want the dakota oil pipeline route moved away from the standing rock reservation. there is no dispute earlier this week in frigid weather law enforcement sprayed demonstrators with powerful blasts of water. police say demonstrators set fires and tried to storm past their roadblock. but protesters accused police of dangerous tactics, not just spraying but firing concussion grenades. one says an explosion nearly cost his daughter her arm. she is undergoing surgery. >> intentionally a police officer threw a grenade that hit her in her forearm and exploded as it hit her forearm. there are many witnesses. >> there is no merit to that. i assure the citizens of north dakota, the citizens of bismarck is that law enforcement is investigating this. all the facts will be out there.
1:50 pm
>> reporter: authorities say they didn't use concussion grenades, rather, demonstrators attacked them with make shift explosives even rolling one-pound propane canisters towards officers. amid all the violence at standing rock. silence. no sound of pipeline construction now because the ar army corp ar army corps stopped for talk with the reservation. it's said it's a much more efficient way to transport crude oil instead of by rail. peaceful in north dakota today. amnesty international telling cnn it's re-deployed two observers to the protest site to make sure there are no out of hg that needs to be documented.
1:51 pm
jim. >> thank you for following the story. by air, land and sea, donald trump's sprawling resort in florida is a security nightmare. what's being done to keep the president-elect safe there. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry
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turning back to politics now, it is already the new reality on new york's fifth avenue. police everywhere. barricades and traffic slowed to a crawl. white house north, as president-elect trump's home and office in trump tower is now known, is costing taxpayers lots of money and causing new york residents and visitors lots of headaches. what about mar-a-lago in florida? cnn's ev lavandera has a look at the security being put in place there. ed, i hear it's difficult. >> reporter: jim, palm beach may be the kind of town that's used
1:56 pm
to what comes with the glitz and glamour here. the residents will have to get used to new neighbors, all the officers that come with the presidential security detail. protecting president-elect donald trump is a challenge unlike any other. we're approaching mar-a-lago right here. it's a 20-acre waterfront estate in palm beach, secluded from the public. he also shares it with as many as 500 members, who are willing to pay $100,000 to join. >> basically, it's a compound. we have to treat it as such. >> reporter: former secret service and atf special agent rennie rodriguez says it's in many ways for presidential security. >> it appears as though there is a wall back there. >> a tall wall. >> it's more than -- than 13 feet, i believe, which is
1:57 pm
great for deterring anyone trying to come on the premises. >> reporter: behind the wall, trump keeps a residence that could become the winter white house. >> i love florida. this is my second home. >> reporter: where presidents spend their vacations is a window into their personalities, george bush liked to spend the hottest month of the year in texas at his ranch. george bu george bush sr. enjoyed the serenity of kenny burchinkport, maine. mar-a-lago is nestled between a stunning stream of multi-million dollar homes. the best view comes from across the bay. rodriguez says secret service teams are assessing threats that could come by land, sea and air, and standing outside the club, it doesn't take long to see the skies above will be a major
1:58 pm
concern. >> that plane is, what, maybe a couple thousand feet over us? >> reporter: the palm beach international airport, just a few miles west of mar-a-lago. >> you can see the path for commercial aircraft. >> reporter: for years trump has wage add legal battle to keep commercial and private planes from flying over this estate, and now that he is president-elect, he might have just gotten his way. when he is on the property, rodriguez says, the airspace every mar-a-lago will be closed. >> this would be a type of aircraft that an individual would use to drive his plane into -- on the property. >> reporter: in the waters around mar-a-lago, the u.s. coast guard is already setting up security zones, some parts completely off-limits. other areas that require permission before entering. rodriguez says secret service agents will also conduct renewed background checks on every club member. and inside the club, they can
1:59 pm
expect to see new levels of visible and invisible layers of security. are they in for a bit of a rude awakening? >> i think -- it depends, you know. some of the neighbors may like it. others, you know, may complain because they don't like the intrusion. >> reporter: but life is going to change around here for the next four years. >> yes, it will. most definitely. >> reporter: jim, the security presence very tight since donald trump arrived on tuesday night. you see there, the coast guard boat just off the edge of the property. as well as other coast guard boats in the water as well. guards at every entrance to the gate as well. this is the kind of activity that the residents will have to get used to for the next four years. >> not a bad-looking spot. thanks very much. follow me on twitter and facebook @jim sciutto or tweet the show @the lead cnn. i wish you and your family a safe and happy thanksgiving. that's it for "the lead." i turn you over to brianna
2:00 pm
keilar, she is in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. team of rivals. donald trump has more cabinet picks including the first two women, one of them, south carolina governor nikki haley, has been a sharp critic of the president-elect. another harsh critic, mitt romney, is in the running for the inner circle. but can they all get along? general persuasion. trump has said he knows more than the generals, but now that he is about to be commander in chief, what is he learning from them? road warriors. tens of millions of americans take to the highways and the skies for this thanksgiving holiday. there are backups and breakdowns already, but is the busiest travel day yet to come? and donald trump gets a warning from the obama administration about the top national security challenge he is likely to face as president. the nuclearrm