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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brianna Keilar  CNN  November 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> congrats to the 21 recipients. thank you so much for joining us here "at this hour." happy thanksgiving, everyone. i hope you have a wonderful day. "newsroom" with brianna keilar starts right now. welcome to "cnn newsroom." thank you so much for joining me. i'm brianna keilar. we begin this holiday edition not over the river and through the woods but at the luxury resort mar a lago in palm beach, florida, where the president-elect says he's working hard, even on thanksgiving. donald trump is building a cabinet that so far has defied expectations and more hires could be announced as soon as tomorrow. cnn's jason carroll roughing it for us down there as we -- it's pretty nice here as well in washington. but certainly you have some warmer weather there, jason. what's going on. >> you heard from the president-elect talking about working over the holiday. initially it was said this was
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going to be a down day for the trump family so they would spend some time on thanksgiving. but the president-elect says that he is working in any case. and let me just give you a little bit of background and tell you what he's doing. throughout the campaign we heard him say many times over during his rallies that companies is up as carrier air conditioning for example, if they were to take their jobs and move them overseas to a place like mexico, he would impose a 35% import tax. on companies like carrier. so what he says he's doing this morning, he's trying to keep those jobs here. specifically with that particular company. tweeting the following, i am working hard even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier air conditioning company to stay in the united states, indiana, making progress, will know soon. now, the president of the union there said that he didn't know very much about that at all. and criticized mike pence for not doing enough to key jobs there in the state of indiana. but carrier has just now within the past few minutes come out with a statement saying the following. carrier has had discussions with
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the incoming administration and we are looking forward to working together. nothing to announce at this time. so it was supposed to be a down day for the president-elect, but he's doing what he likes to do and that's trying to make deals. so it seems as if he's trying to keep some jobs here in the united states. brianna. >> and what about his cabinet nominations? because right now, the big buzz is on commerce secretary going to wilbur ross, he's known as the king bankruptcy. tell us about him. >> yes, known as the king of bankruptcy for sort of going in and buying and restructuring these companies. that's what his supporters like to say that he's able to do. his critics say this is someone who gets in there and restructures companies at the expense of workers. but he is said to be on the top of the list there for commerce secretary. not expecting any announcements today. but perhaps we'll hear something tomorrow. either about him or perhaps about dr. ben carson. as you know, he's supposed to be
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at the top of the list to hud secretary. carson has all but said the deal is on the table. >> he said something was forthcoming and now crickets so we'll see what's happening with that. tell us about trump's holiday message. he was talking a lot about unity after such a divisive election. >> you know, he was. a lot of his critics, as you know, said throughout the campaign not only did he run a divisive cav pain but some of his critics say he ran a racist campaign. what we saw is, last night, the president-elect come out with a video message for thanksgiving. telling the country it's time to put the election behind us. and try to come together as one people. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. >> trump also saying in that
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message that it is his hope that people will come together. he says he knows it won't happen overnight. at one point, brianna, he quoted am babrhaham lincoln saying "on voice, one heart." >> i'm joined by cnn politics reporter eugene scott and by cnn political analyst josh rogan. i want to talk to you about mitt romney. because i'm curious about this. first i want to ask you about that message we heard, that holiday message. i wonder what you think, eugene, and how people are going to respond to that, because there were elements of donald trump's campaign that fit the definition of racism. i think of judge curial and his -- attack his ability to do a job just because he said he was mexican. mexican-american actually, born in indiana. how does donald trump actually, or is he really trying to, motivate people to unify when he is someone who created some of the problem with language like he used during the election? >> i think many of voters who
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think that, need to be more unified, think that donald trump can do a better job of his camp, including himself, who put out ideas and messages that caused some of this division. whose job it is to bring things together i think is what's up for debate right now. >> was that something that surprised you, that the message where he's talking about unity? because it sort of -- i mean, it sort of catches you off guard a little bit because of what we've heard from him before. >> right. well, campaigning is different than governing. we've seen a change of tone. now we're waiting for a change of action. you know, it seems it's two steps forward, one step back. he'll call for unity, then attack his enemies. you know, i think that donald trump is going through a transition in more ways than one and where he ends up nobody really knows including him. >> okay, let's talk about john kerry. it's not a done deal. that's what's clear. and you have people who have really been for donald trump all along, including some big names.
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newt gingrich, mike huckabee, you say he's not the guy, he's pro intervention, pro nato, anti-russia. and then this, kellyanne conway, one of donald trump's top aides, tweeted, receiving deluge of social media and private cons about romney and she links to a story. she also says kissinger and shultz as secretaries of state flew around the less, counseled the president close to home more and were loyal, good check list. >> wow. >> if she's tweeting an article that says he's, you know, maybe he's not the guy, i mean, come on, we know what that means, right? >> so we've been following this battle inside the trump transition team over rudy giuliani over mitt romney for secretary of state for some time. the fact it spilled so openly is pretty shocking. that is a signal that romney is in the pole position. when the knives are out, that means trump has a guy he's
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leaning towards. he wants somebody to be a consensus candidate. he also wants to sort of built a bridge to the foreign community in washington, especially those against his presidency, and those republicans are looking to mitt romney to sort of get them back in the fold. >> if she tweets that out, it seems like you could almost put that a little bit on donald trump. i mean, she's not going to tweet out something that tm donald trump would be upset about, right? >> there's a suggestion if donald trump were to pick someone as critical of him as mitt romney and caused him to have to defend so many things and maybe lose some votes, it's almost a jab at president-elect trump for going in this direction. especially for someone who had such a strong reputation for valuing loyalty. picking romney would be the exact opposite of that. >> from your perspective, dealing with national security, is it odd to you that you're talking about rudy giuliani or mitt romney? both very accomplished
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individuals. but not so much in this field of foreign policy. right? >> yeah, i think mitt romney is seen by the foreign policy community as a more acceptable choice because he has more experience. he has dealt with world leaders more. he's a higher profile. it's not just about these two guys, it's about their teams. remember, romney ran for president, the entire foreign policy establishment working for him. they don't have connections to rudy giuliani. he's seen as a loose cannon. so if you're looking around washington, who do people prefer, it's definitely romney. if you're looking at trump tower, it's definitely rudy. >> do we have any idea when this might be resolved? it's such an important position, secretary of state. >> right. i think it could be resolved before christmas. we weren't told for sure. we don't know. i mean, we've gone back and forth and we've been told even -- i think maybe a week or two ago that we would have gotten an idea. but time remains to be seen. >> i'm told by trump transition sources the next announcement will be secretary defense. looks like general mattis, looks like next week, okay.
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after that, then they'll get to the secretary of state position. it's more contentious. they want to have a little bit more debate about it. there's a dark horse. if romney and rudy can't please both sides, you've got david petraeus who threw his hat into the ring very publicly last week. trump loves david petraeus. >> so many people love david petraeus on both sides. >> a lot of former generals. you've got general mike, general mike, general mike, and general david and general jim. it's a lot of generals. >> it certainly is. josh, eugene, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. >> before we move on, president obama recorded a thanksgiving message too and it sounds a lot like the president-elect's. >> thanksgiving reminds us we're part of something bigger than ourselves. we are communities that move forward together. we're neighbors. we look out for one another. especially those among us with the least. we are always simply americans.
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>> as for that other presidential thanksgiving tradition, mr. obama quips that he can't bring himself to stoppastop pardoning turkeys. next year he says he'll do it all again. we'll follow that story of course. and it's been a busy 16 days for president-elect donald trump. he's picking his team, meeting with advisers. there's one thing he's reportedly not doing every day and that is getting intelligence briefings. we'll have that next. plus, ben carson's former campaign manager joins us live to talk about his possible role. carson's possible role in a trump cabinet. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! there are just 57 days left until inauguration. a new report says president-elect donald trump is choosing to skip most of the daily intelligence briefings that have been prepared for him since his election victory. according to "the washington post," an intelligence team has been prepared to brief trump every day since the election. but he's only met with them twice. vice president-elect mike pence meantime has been receiving his briefings almost every day. the president's daily brief, or shorthanded, the pdb, not only provides a rundown of threats and security developments from all u.s. intelligence agencies
9:15 am
but also an update on covert programs that are being run overseas and the specific sources and methods by which intelligence is collected. former cia officer david pries who served as a briefer during the administration of george w. bush. he briefed many top level officials in the administration. he's also the author of "the president's book of secrets." so when you heard this, david, what did you think about -- certainly it's surprising. is this a cause for concern? >> it is a little surprising, and happy thanksgiving, brianna. >> happy thanksgiving. >> it is a little surprising because most presidents have chosen to start getting these daily intelligence briefings and really engage with their briefers. at least in the modern era. but looking back at the history of it, it's not completely surprising. some president-elects started getting it right after the
9:16 am
election. ronald reagan himself in 1980, he waited until november 22nd to start his daily pdb briefings with these briefers. and george w. bush because of the whole recount debacle in 2000, he didn't start getting his daily briefings on the book until december 5th. so there is some precedent for the presidents-elect waiting to get full speed on this. >> president obama has really, you know, he not only got the regular briefings, he scheduled deep dives on key subjects like iran's nuclear program. as you mentioned that george w. bush's was delayed and we see this here in the graphic. but then he got briefings every day afterwards. so i think we're waiting to see what donald trump does going forward. and then bill clinton got his first briefing ten days after the election, then received them almost every day after that. i wonder for someone like donald trump who doesn't have foreign policy experience, those deep dives that president-elect obama
9:17 am
received, how important are those for him to be prepared when he goes into the white house in january? >> yes, they do go a whole lot deeper than the daily book of secrets itself does. because you have to remember this is still president obama's dpb. he is still getting it every day as president. so donald trump is coming in midstream and coming into stories that are going on for weeks or months. it's going to be more useful for president-elect trump to not only get up to speed by reading that book but also get the in-depth briefings on the issues he wants to know more about than he can get in a mapage or two inside this classified book. >> he's also talking to members of the intelligence community, the people who are briefing him, and over the course of the election, he insulted them and their abilities. so with that in mind, how do you think that influences this relationship and how important are the briefings to maybe fixing some of -- a relationship? or maybe those numbers of the
9:18 am
intel community feel really insulted by him? >> it's really hard to tell, because before he got his first classified briefing as a candidate, he said some disparaging things about the intelligence community, saying he didn't trust intelligence from the people in this country. well then in one of the debates, after getting a classified intelligence briefing, he called them experts and said there's a reason why they're called experts. implying that they had won him over during their classified briefings. but we really don't know where he stands now. he's received at least a couple of these intelligence briefings since getting elected. he's not getting them every day. does that reflect that he doesn't love them a lot or does that reflect that he's so busy with getting these other appointments lined up and interviewing everyone under the sun that it's going to take him some time to get into that daily intelligence rhythm? we just don't know yet. we do know the vice president-elect, mike pence, has been getting many more daily briefings and seems to be engaging the material at a much deeper level earlier on than the
9:19 am
president-elect himself. >> he certainly has. just real quick, before i let you go, david, if you had some advice to give him about how to make sure that he's where he needs to be in january, what would you say about what he should be learning about, who he should be meeting with? >> yes, there's really no good substitute for the daily intelligence briefings. because then anything that is on that printed page, which he may be reading alone, with a briefer in the room, you can dig down into the story. you can find out the additional information that is not on the printed page. you can ask questions. you can explore alternatives. and you can create those topics that you do want those deep dive briefings on. so all things equal, getting those briefings is a really good idea. especially on the issues that are likely to come up very early in his administration. from middle east issues to terrorism to russia and china. all of those are going to be on his agenda early on, after inauguration day. >> you know, he could be tested early. david priess, really appreciate
9:20 am
your insight, thank you so much, and happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, you too. i want to bring in our panel. trump supporter and goformer lieutenant governor of new york betsy mccoy it also, cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter hilary rosen. i want to ask you, lieutenant governor, shouldn't he be take g ing advantage of these briefings, considering he, as you would expect, has some ground to make up, having not, you know, served in government and had access to some of this information that other former presidents-elect have had? >> i'm not concerned at all. in fact, keeping the nation safe is donald trump's highest priority. that's why he's put forward a plan to substantially increase our defense capabilities. prevent refugees from coming in from muslim dominated countries, closing the border and, most importantly, he is in the process of appointing a real national security dream team,
9:21 am
including congressman pompeo, and lieutenant general flynn, and possibly general mattis -- >> so are you saying then he just dell gates to other people? i mean, it seems like if he's making decisions about national security, shouldn't he be starting from an informed position? >> let's be clear, we're only talking about two briefings versus possibly four or five. that's how early we are. as you pointed out, vice president pence has been getting his every day. frankly, i think the reason we're even discussing this is that the media are so amazed at the swiftness and competence of this transition. and the whole world is watching and responding to it. all the financial markets are up. the dollar is stronger than ever. and even consumer confidence is so high that people are breaking records in terms of online buying. so the world is watching how donald trump is performing. and they say all thumbs up. >> all right, hilary rosen, i
9:22 am
want to see -- i'll let you respond to that. i wonder what you think. we've seen other presidents who waited a while to get their first briefing. but then it's a daily thicng. if you talk to people in the intelligence community, they say this is essential. you just heard it from a former briefer. >> we know people who worked with trump over the years he's not an incredibly curious person, he doesn't read, et cetera, so i'm not surprised. it is disappointing since he said consistently during the campaign and we know that a president's first job is protecting the security of the country. he talked about terrorism regularly. these daily briefings are not just about foreign issues. they are about domestic terrorist threats and other things. and so you would think that he would be interested, would want to know. and, frankly, would want to be questioning the people who he is interviewing for these foreign policy roles about some of the things that he might learn. so, you know, it is disappointing, bub nt not
9:23 am
surprising. it's just one more space where this guy's doing everything differently, you know, between talking to foreign leaders about his own business, between, you know, making decisions based on, you know, messing with people -- so i'm not surprised -- >> that's just a lot of -- >> -- very disappointing -- >> someone who's performing incredibly well, the whole nation is watching how well he's doing, and let me point out that congressman pompeo, who was just appointed to head the cia, is the person would discovered that barack obama, the current commander er ier in chief, has three of the five agrments in the iran nuclear deal. that really weaken the -- >> that's actually not true, he made that up -- >> -- pompeo was already working with -- >> brianna, stop this. >> hilary, go ahead. >> i'm sorry, that's just fake news. but let's go forward here. look, the dollar is -- >> it's not fake news --
9:24 am
>> it's fake news -- >> betsy, where are you getting that from -- >> the stock market is doing well -- >> look, it's documented in the news -- >> the republicans on the hill made it up. >> what news, betsy? >> -- and the president concealed them and -- >> betsy, where are you reading that? >> -- pompeo where the ones who revealed them in the meeting with -- >> betsy, betsy, betsy, where are you reading that? >> i will provide the clips for you after this segment. >> okay. >> they were well -- >> we're looking forward to seeing those clips from breitbart news. brianna, i think going forward -- >> that's awe stupid comment, let's keep this -- >> -- number one, donald trump -- >> a fair chance to do a great job, that's what the nation believes he is doing -- >> hilary. >> i think that the country is -- does want to give the president-elect a chance. i do believe that. and i do think, though, that he is given the divisive nature of this campaign, that a majority of americans did not vote for
9:25 am
him and that -- >> well, that's -- >> i let you talk, let me talk. that a majority of americans did not vote for him. that he does need to go overboard in assuring people on several key points. so we have seen him back off on some of those key, you know, more aggressive pledges that he said. but we'd like to see that through some of his appointments. and we'd like to see him engage in a way that makes people feel secure. i think the daily intelligence briefings are one of those. but frankly i think, you know, the most important thing that this president can do over the next few days is not what he said yesterday in his thanksgiving remarks which were sort of a, come on, you got to get it together, essentially, you got to get over it. what he needs to do is take some responsibility for healing this country. for bringing people together. he needs to own the fact that some of his supporters have been as divisive as they are. and the only way that people are going to trust him is if he
9:26 am
acknowledges that he has an important role to play in bringing the country together. >> all right, hillaary rosen, betsy mccoy, thank you for being on. >> happy thanksgiving. >> next, trump says he's seriously considering ben carson for the head of housing and urban development but just last week one of carson's advisers said he didn't want a role heading a different department. he is joining me live next. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on!
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president-elect donald trump says he's seriously considering former republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson to be his housing and urban
9:31 am
development secretary. and while carson turned down a previous offer to serve as health and human services secretary, he is said to be considering this post. however, carson adviser armstrong williams says the neurosurgeon would prefer to advise trump from outside the administration. so wahat's going on here? joining me now, ed brookovers with us, a former campaign manager for ben cars on and the former senior campaign adviser for donald trump. have you talked to him lately to have a sense of what's going on? >> i've not talked to him lately. but when he jumped into the race, he obviously wanted to serve to make the country better. >> okay, so he said something was forthcoming, and then we don't hear anything, so what are you making of that, what are you hearing? >> well, i think natural processes have taken their course. mr. trump obviously got to know dr. carson well throughout the campaign, you know, both when they were competitors and after carson dropped out and endorsed trump. since then dr. carson's been advising him on many fronts.
9:32 am
and i think mr. trump sees him as a leader and somebody he might want to consider being part of his cabinet, which he tweeted he was considering, dr. carson. >> his business manager, who of course you know from the campaign, armstrong williams, said about hhs, the position at health and human services department, he said dr. carson feelings he has no government experience. he's never run a federal agency. last thing he'd want to do is take a position that could cripple the presidency. it seemed like williams was really not doing dr. carson any favors with that. i mean, this is a man who ran for president. if he thinks he's too much of a novice to be hhs secretary, what was he doing running for president? >> well, i mean, dr. carson i think believes he can be a part of an administration. obviously thought he could be president. >> does he have these concerns, that, oh, i don't have government experience? >> he never expressed that to me. dr. carson, though, on the other hand, part of the reason he ran
9:33 am
was to -- because of his concern about the hopelessness that's taking place in many of our cities, be that housing, be that jobs, whatever. >> do you think that's a better fit for him, housing and ush be development? >> i think he could have handled health and human services. he has a lot of skills. but most importantly, he's a good leader. a good leader with very good thoughts about how to help this country. >> when you know what drives him, do you think he would be more interested in the housing and urban development position? because it seems like he is. >> well, you know, there is no doubt that among the things, the reasons he ran, obamacare was one of them, so the hhs would have been there. but the inner cities is another one. his experiences growing up and the way he dealt with things. the way he had to pull himself up. has really formed the basis of how he became a good politician. >> okay, here's what he has said would make him qualifies to be hud secretary. let's listen to the sound bite.
9:34 am
>> i know that i grew up in the inner city and have spent a lot of time there and have dealt with a lot of patients from that area. and recognize that we cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities. >> this is something that he wrote about in his book. >> sure is. dr. carson's background suits this very well. he grew up with a single mom and his brother in detroit mainly, in housing, went to public schools. had enough money to apply to one college after he got out of high school. was fortunate enough to get accepted into yale. his story's pretty well known since then. but he really did have to struggle with the same kinds of issues that the inner cities are still facing today unfortunately. >> when you look at some of the other appointments, do you have any other opinions about what we're seeing and maybe what we're expecting, mattis for secretary of defense, this discussion of whether it's mitt romney or rudy giuliani for secretary of state, what do you
9:35 am
think? >> my biggest instinct is mr. trump seems to be taking his time, not being rushed. that's the right thing to do. it's not a race. it's get these appointments right. >> what do you think about his balancing some of these picks that give some comfort to establishment republicans and then some of these picks that give i guess energy to the people who drove his candidacy? >> i think in the long run he's looking for the best person first. the fact this balancing is taking place is more happenstance. he's choosing, you know, governor haley was an excellent pick and may have surprised supporters but there are people would felt he filled those roles very well. just as i think congressman pompeo and senator sessions will do their job very well. >> ed brookover, thank you so much for being on. we appreciate it. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you,
9:36 am
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america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again. a sixth child has died from injuries from monday's bus crash in chattanooga. he tells cnn his 8-year-old brother was a tough little boy and now he's in a better place. the ntsb says the bus was not on its designated route when it
9:41 am
crashed. it wasn't even supposed to be on this road. investigators are looking into why it was there. the ntsb has also had problems downloading video and data from the bus's cameras. engine control module because of crash damage. the first lawsuit related to the incident filed on behalf of 8-year-old jamar bowling. the family says he suffered significant physical andjuriein. a truck bomb killed at least 57 people, wo wounded another 5. it happened on a highway between two towns southeast of bag dad. the parked truck exploded near several buses carrying s inin i muslims on a pilgrim am. isis has claimed responsibility for this attack. americans are reflecting now on all the things we're thankful for this thanksgiving. unicef wants the world to know it's been a horrific week for the children of syria. with the war in that country now five years old, the u.n. estimates one syrian child in
9:42 am
three has never known peace. judy has lived more than half her life under siege. i want you to read the subtitles on your screen, look at the fear in these eyes. before it gives way to a giggle. this is a u.n. video clip from aleppo where the u.n. says more than 100,000 children are trapped under heavy bombardment with dwidling access to food and medicine. i spoke with unicef's deputy executive director who told me some help is getting through but it's just not enough. >> well, despite the situation being terrible on the ground, we are managing to get aid into some parts of syria. we're helping hundreds of thousands of children. including in some besieged
9:43 am
areas. but the aid isn't enough. and also in some places like eastern aleppo, no aid is getting in at all. and we're in a desperate situation. children aren't only malnourished, they're also bein medical supplies. one team of doctors told us they're having to choose which children live or die. the most injure ed children the now have to let die because the medical supplies are so low. >> you can just imagine the heartbreaking situation of that. now, the u.n. humanitarian coordinator for syria is saying that the u.n. is ready to assist civilians in the war-torn country. you've said some aid is getting in. but what they need is access to be granted by all parties. and they're saying it's imperative that all parties agree to this. what is the holdup? >> the different parties can't reach agreement. the different parties in the security council who back different sides in this war can't reach agreement, let alone the different warring groups on the ground, whether it's the
9:44 am
government or the rebels. and we're ready to go in to aleppo right now with convoys that could come from turkey that would provide basic supplies, medicines, health care more generally but also food. we're ready to provide more energy supplies in other besieged areas in syria and we can't get the aid in because the convoys don't get permission from the different warring sides. we know convoys do get bombed. there was that terrible incident of a u.s. convoy bombed a few months ago where many people were killed. we do need permission from the warring parties to get access to people who need it. >> you also have people holed up in aleppo and surrounding areas and there's humanitarian corridors but they don't trust them. as you said, even though aid is sometimes allowed in, it's with tremendous risk. we actually had a syrian man talking to one of our reporters the other day would said people won't leave because they're afraid that actually being in one of these humanitarian
9:45 am
corridors just opens them up to being picked off by one side or the other. >> yes, i mean, it's a terrible situation in aleppo. the 250,000 people trapped in the eastern part, 100,000 of them children, are running out of supplies. they can't leave because there isn't any cease-fire. and they're literally on the brink of, you know, very severe situation. water, food, medicines are all running out. children are being killed. hundreds of children have been killed in aleppo in recent months. and not only in aleppo, in other besieged areas too. and people are giving up hope. we have one story from a nurse who works in a hospital in aleppo. about how a mother, after losing her husband and her two sons then tried to stab to death her surviving baby because she literally had no hope for that child's future. people are really desperate now. we really need to redouble our efforts to get a cease-fire so we can get humanitarian aid in. >> because what you're trying to
9:46 am
avoid, this is what unicef calls a lost generation. explain what you mean by that. >> well, millions of children are acrosseast, let alone in syria, iraq, other place have not been able to go to school. we know if a generation of scho children don't go to school, if they're brutalized by mortar attacks, bombs, they become easily targeted by extremists. we don't want them to fall into the hands of extremists. we've got to create an alternative. those children desperately need our help. that's what we need by stopping a lost generation of children. >> they desperately need our help. thank you so much justin forsyth with unicef for telling us how we can help out, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> if you want to find out how you can help unicef and help these children and other agencies that are working to assist them in syria, go to, click on that headline that says "help syrians survive the conflict," and
9:47 am
you'll see a link to donate to unicef. next, concerns over conflicts of interests are extending beyond president-elect trump to his children. coming up, a new report about donald trump jr. and we're breaking it down with the man who was chief ethics lawyer under george w. bush. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months. while the majority saw 90% clearance. do not use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting, you should be tested for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur... ...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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even after declaring that a president can't have a conflict of interest, president-elect donald trump is facing new questions about the role his family will play in his administration, and here's the latest example. it is a report from "the wall street journal" that his oldest son, donald jr., held private discussions with diplomats, businessmen and politicians in paris on how to cooperate with russia on the war in syria. and this report follows revelations that donald trump's eldest daughter ivanka sat in on the meeting with the japanese prime minister and also was on the phone with the president of argentina would called to congratulation her father. the trump team says no business was discussed but the trump organization is working on a $100 million project in buenos
9:52 am
aires. and in all does business in at least 25 countries. here to talk more about this is former white house ethics lawyer richard painter. thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving. happy holiday to you. >> well, thank you. >> and i want to ask you about this, because obviously with donald trump's business interests, it is difficult. it is difficult to figure out how he should or will separate himself, but his family, his kids, are clearly going to take on his business enterprises. so when you hear these reports from your perspective as an ethics lawyer, what do you think? >> well, the conflicting stories we get, we're always told children were going to run the businesses and now it appears that they want to help run the united states government. but the broader picture here is what are our values as a country with respect to our leaders. on thanksgiving, there are two me american traditions i'd like to
9:53 am
remind everyone of. when we've always welcomed people in this country from all corners of the earth including the pilgrims who came here in 1620 without permission, but we do not welcome foreign government money coming into our country and influencing our office holders and our elected politicians. and that has been unconstitutional since the founding. and that's the clause that would prohibit trump from receiving any money from foreign governments. and at this point, we do not have the assurances we need that the trump business empire is not going to receive such unconstitutional payments from foreign governments that will allow him to be influenced by foreign dictators and others instead of looking out after the interest of the american people and doing something to protect those children who are being murdered in syria by foreign dictators. he's going to be looking out after himself. his golf courses, his hotels,
9:54 am
his office buildings. we're very concerned about this as americans. >> if he has his children running the business, and they are clearly going to be in communication with him about how he's running the country and he's talked about his son-in-law, jared kushner, helping, for instance, with mideast peace, what would he need to do to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest? and why is it -- even if it's just an appearance, why is that so poimportant to avoid? >> well, he needs to sell the businesses. take the company public, as many people do would want to move on to the next step in life. he's run a successful business for several decades. he now wants a new job. being president of the united states. take the company's public. sell the shares for cash. and then invest the cash in conflict-free assets. but he cannot continue to operate businesses that have operations all over the world, that can be bringing money in
9:55 am
from foreign governments. where his name is showing up on buildings all over the world. also in some places where there's a threat of terrorism. we don't put the president's name up on a building and then worry about how to protect it. we should be focusing on the job that he wanted to do and that is being president for the american people and not just looking out after his businesses. and unfortunately, i see too much of the latter going on over the past week, week and a half, since he was elected. >> so you would basically advise him go public, jettison really the business, any sort of governance of the business, by himself or by his children? >> yes, i think he needs to do that. and donald trump could be a good president. he is a very bright man. he said some things that he shouldn't have said. but he needs to focus on this job. he wanted the job. and now he has a job to do.
9:56 am
>> yes, we certainly take your point. i'm sorry i ran out of time there, richard, but it's fascinating to talk to you. richard painter, thank you, and a happy thanksgiving to you as well. and, you know, it is thanksgiving, not much rest though for presidents-elect. what donald trump says he's working on right after this. purely fancy feast. delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes purely fancy feast. ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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hi there, i'm brianna keilar. it is 12:00 p.m. in chicago. 1:00 p.m. in washington. 9:00 p.m. in baghdad. to viewers in the united states, a very happy thanksgiving. for our viewers watching from around the world, thank you for joining us. up first, donald trump tweets he's, quote, working hard, even on thanksgiving. one of those tasks he is working on he says is bringing the country together. the president-elect as well as president obamaac


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