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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 24, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hi there, i'm brianna keilar. it is 12:00 p.m. in chicago. 1:00 p.m. in washington. 9:00 p.m. in baghdad. to viewers in the united states, a very happy thanksgiving. for our viewers watching from around the world, thank you for joining us. up first, donald trump tweets he's, quote, working hard, even on thanksgiving. one of those tasks he is working on he says is bringing the country together. the president-elect as well as president obama each made a plea
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for unity. >> we've just finished a long and bruising political campaign. emotions are raw. and tensions just don't feel overnight. it doesn't go quickly unfortunately. but we have before us the chance now to make history together. to bring real chance to washington. real safety to our cities. and real prosperity to our communities. >> as a country, we just emerged from a noisy passionate and sometimes divisive campaign season. thanksgiving reminds us that no matter our differences, we're still one people. part of something bigger than ourselves. we are communities that move forward together. we're neighbors. we look out for one another. >> the trump transition team says don't expect any announcements today. they are taking a day off of those announcements. meanwhile, supporters and critics are reacting to the president-elect's most recent cabinet choices. critics questioning nikki haley's lack of foreign policy
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experience. haley is trump's choice to be u.s. ambassador to the united nations, and supporters are pointing to her executive experience as governor. teachers unions are sounding the alarm over donald trump's choice for education secretary. they point to betsy devoss' support for charter schools and voucher programs. but trump calls devoss, quote, a brilliant and passionate education advocate. we're following a report that president-elect donald trump has received just two classified lbl intelligence briefings since the election. "the washington post" says analysts have been available for daily briefings but donald trump has only made time for two of them. the president-elect and his family are spending thanksgiving in his mar a lagos resort in palm beach, florida. there's no official meeting he has on his schedule. the trump team says internal staff discussions are ongoing. jason carroll joining us live from palm beach with the latest on this transition. give us an idea of what we can expect in the days ahead.
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>> well, as you say, today, not expecting any announcements, brianna, but tomorrow, they're scheduled to have a meeting at 10:30 in the morning. that transition call should take place where they go over some of the candidate's cabinet, some of those up for cabinet positions who should be interviewed on monday. again, that call expected to happen at 10:30 tomorrow. brianna, look, we still could hear about some announcements tomorrow. you heard from ben carson who's up for hud secretary who basically said an offer is on the table. also perhaps we'll hear something about commerce secretaries. you know, wilbur ross, the billionaire investor, is up for that particular position. we might hear something about one or two of these positions tomorrow. but officially the only thing that's on the books for tomorrow is that 10:30 a.m. transitional call where they're going to be going over schedules for monday. brianna. >> the president-elect not taking a break from twitter.
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he was tweeting about jobs. tell us about this, jason. >> right. right. talking about keeping jobs in the united states. as you know throughout the campaign. he was very critical of one particular company. a lot of companies but one in particular, carrier air conditioning. he basically used them as an example, saying if you're going to take jobs, move them overseas to a place like mexico, i'm going to impose a tax on your imports when you try to bring them back in the united states. here's what he said this morning. he said, i'm working hard even on thanksgiving trying to get carrier air conditioning company to stay in the u.s., indiana. making progress. will know soon. and also this morning brianna, carrier air conditioning released a statement as well saying carrier has had discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. nothing to announce, though, at this time. brianna. >> all right, jason carroll in florida, thank you so much. so which staff or cabinet position will president-elect donald trump fill next? let ae's discuss that and more h
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our panel. kirsten powers is a cnn political analyst and columnist for "usa today." maria car donna is a cnn political commentator and democratic strategist. lauren fox is a political reporter for talking points memo. and doug hye is a cnn political commentator and republican strategist. this is interesting to me whether some people have said that donald trump is taking some credit that he doesn't deserve when it comes to talking to businesses but i'm stuck by the fact that he's calling them and that there's this outreach. i wonder if that's telling us anything about what we should -- what kind of president we should expect him to be. >> well, i mean, i think even for somebody who wasn't a supporter of his, something that a lot of people would look at and welcome. it's a very hands on approach to a problem i think a lot of people are concerned about in the united states. we need to know what they're actually saying to each other, right, but we don't want him strong-arming people. but if he is reaching out and figuring out how can we work together to keep jobs in the united states, i think that's a good thing.
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>> what i was going to say is yes, it certainly would be a good thing. you know what, he could actually start by leading by example. are his products going to be, now, made in the u.s.? we know his ties, his shirts, his suits, so much of the products that he owns are made across -- are made overseas, in india and china, south america, et cetera. we haven't heard a peep about that, nothing. so for a president-elect to start talking to companies, i think it's great, but a leader leads by example. >> how do you convince people to keep jobs in the country when youlauren, is fueling jobs overseas? >> it's a difficult task. as we've seen from donald trump his rhetoric is his campaign, is his sort of presence in the country and how he plans to lead. i think that, you know, he is very publicly sort of trying to negotiate these things. his supporters don't necessarily know he's got all these business interests overseas. i think that is something that has been a little bit unclear for people who voted for him.
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so i think it's sort of up to people who are reporters and in the media to sort of remind americans that yes, he might be discussing these things overseas with other businesses and trying to negotiate jobs in the united states but he has his own business interests abroad, i think that's very important. >> right now, he's very busy figuring out his cabinet, figuring out his top advisers in the white house so when you look, doug, at the people he has picked and we see now nikki haley, u.s. ambassador to the u.n., betsy devoss. unions are upset about betsy devoss, can we talk about this, but is it really a surprise he picked a charter school advocate? >> he picked somebody who fits his vision for education. obviously democrats are going to be critical because they don't like those policies. i also find it pretty startling that donald trump initially was being criticized for having an all white male cabinet. okay, fine. so he names two women, including nikki haley, who's of indian-american descent.
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and now they're being criticized as unqualified. it seems he can't win, he can't lose. because his critics are always going to be there regardless of what he does. i don't think there's a better pick than nikki haley. >> what's the problem there? >> i think nikki haley is a great pick and i do welcome diversity both in terms of gender as well as -- >> why do you think she's a great pick? >> because first of all it does represent something that is different from what we, you know, what we had seen thus far like you said. it was all old white men up until now. i do think that's great. nikki haley was also a huge critic of his. i think the fact he is naming her also demonstrates that he is open to, you know, people who had been really vocal critics. we'll see if the mitt romney pick goes through for secretary of state. but i'm not going to criticize him for the nikki haley pick in terms of her not having enough experience. i think that her being governor, you know, will give her the kind of experience that you need, will give her the kind of knowledge. she's a smart woman. and i think that she will do a great job as u.n. ambassador.
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i think there's so much more to be critical of this president-elect in both how he has done his business thus far and his policies and his leadership style, that i'm just -- i mean, that's not one i think i would focus on. >> it shows a lot that he's broadening his circle. that he's bringing somebody in who was critical of him. >> that's a good thing. >> you guys are going to stay with me. we're going to see a lot of each other this thanksgiving, which i'm so thankful for for the next hour. >> thank you, brianna. >> so stick around. donald trump is supposed to get daily intel briefings. that's pretty usual for a president-elect at this point. these are designed to bring him up to speed on global developments, on security threats. "the washington post" is reporting he's only received two since winning the election. joining me now to discuss is cnn senior law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. tom, the report says that trump's team argues he's been immersed in the work of forming his administration and he has
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made filling key national security posts his top priority. but others have interpreted this limited engagement with the intel community as indifference from a president-elect who has no real foreign policy national security experience, stuff that he really needs to get up to speed on when he heads into the white house in january. what's your opinion? >> hi, brianna. i think to call that indifference is a little bit extreme when one of the very first positions he names is his national security adviser, general flynn. so i think that it does show a concern for national security and for the issues and i think at this point, this couple of weeks after the election, i think it's much ado about nothing. there is no rule or standard law that these briefings take place on a daily basis. i talked to people involved in these briefings. they last about two hours. but they include a wide range of agencies, cia, fbi, nsa,
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director of national intelligence, often someone from the pentagon. so you have a number of people and they have a limited time to speak, and secondly, he's months away, at least two months away, from decision-making authority on any issue. so i would expect the closer it gets to inauguration day, he'll probably step up the briefings and make sure he knows more about what's going on. and remember, at this point, if something terrible was to happen to the president, it's not going to fall in donald trump's lap, it's going to be joe biden that rub runs the country until january 20th. i think there's a little bit of overworked criticism here in this case. >> so you don't think there's a problem that he doesn't see it as a priority to receive a daily briefing that clearly mike pence feels is a priority? >> well, he has mike pence getting these briefings. for him as the final decisionmaker in the cabinet positions, i don't see it as a problem. i don't characterize it as
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indifference. if there was something urgent, certainly they would -- the briefers would contact him and contact pence and say, all right, we have something we want to tell you. but he's two months away from being in a position to make any decision on any topic. be an for a lot of the global issues that are brought up, in these briefings at this point, not a lot changes from one day to the next. if it does, they're certainly in a position to get a hold of him and say -- >> why doesn't the president get a briefing every day then? if nothing's really changing -- >> no, no -- >> if nothing's really changing -- >> i am saying if nothing really changes, that will affect donald trump at this point as president-elect, if something does, they can let him know. we have something urgent to talk to you about. the president on the other hand is the decisionmaker in chief. and secondly, i'd like to, you know, an editorial comment about some briefings. we've had situations with the last two presidents where they've received briefings and
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ignored information that they didn't want to hear. whether it was george w. bush before 9/11 saying when he was briefed, received the presidential daily brief about bin lad be determined to attack on u.s. soil, what did he do? in the case of president obama, some of the information that he received, especially the rise of isis, he ignored that and referred to them as the "jv team." so even getting a daily presidential brief doesn't necessarily mean it's going to lead to a decision at that time. >> all right, tom fuentes, thank you so much for your insight on that. and happy thanksgiving to you, sir. >> happy thanksgiving, brianna. ahead, less than a month ago, was donald trump warning that the election results would be rigged, now it's jill stein's campaign armed with $2 million pushing for a vote recount and the election outcome may make for an awkward thanksgiving dinner this year. but fear not, wolf blitzer is here to help.
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a senior adviser to president-elect donald trump is taking issue with clinton supporters would refuse to accept the outcome of the election. kellyanne conway tweeted, look who can't accept the election results. along with a link to the story hillary clinton supporters called for vote recount in battleground states. voting security experts reportedly alerted hillary clinton's campaign to the possibility of hacks in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. president-elect donald trump won pennsylvania and wisconsin. michigan, still too close to call. green party candidate jill stein is spearheading a effort for a recount in those states. in less than 24 hours, she has raised nearly $3 million to cover filing fees and earlier on cnn she explained why she is pushing this point. >> what we know is that there were lots of hacks taking place around this election, hacks into voter databases, into party
10:19 am
databases, into individual e-mail accounts it and what we also know, unfortunately, is that the equipment we use, much of it is not just open to hacks, it basically invites hacks and malfeasance, tampering, human error, et cetera. >> let's bring back our panel now. i want to talk to you about this, maria, as a hillary clinton supporter. it seems like there are a lot of hillary clinton supporters, people close to the former campaign, who aren't really -- they aren't really taking this incredibly seriously. even though when you talk to democratic supporters, they want the electoral college to intervene. they want the recount. they're convinced this is not legitimate. but what are people saying? >> well, i think those core supporters are still reeling. i mean, we're all still reeling. and it is tough to accept, there's no question about that. but i think that the people who are really looking at this, and this includes the hillary clinton campaign, and frankly what the computer scientists
10:20 am
have said, said look, you know, it is possible but it's highly unlikely any of this really happened. even if it did, it's highly unlikely it would change any of the real results. i think what clinton supporters are frustrated about is that she is about to, if she hasn't already, go over the $2 million, 2 million vote threshold of winning the popular vote. >> she beat him by a lot of votes. >> and so -- >> in the popular vote. >> so i think what clinton supporters -- they're kind of acting out their frustration. and i think that that is natural and is normal after this kind of divisive campaign. i would not suggest that they really believe anything is going to change here. i think that's where the clinton campaign is. >> is this just an exercise of frustration or are there bigger ramifications? >> it's fine for a reporter to feel that way it, it's not okay for what jill stein is doing. which is undermining people's
10:21 am
trust in the election. and so because there really isn't any evidence that there was hacking that took place, the onus is really on the people making the accusations, right. like you have to really have serious information suggesting it happened to start saying this because people aren't going to trust our outcomes of our elections. >> if you go back to the impeachment, the organization move on. donald trump won fair and square. it's time for us to move on, go through this transition. the other thing i say is not only coincidentally they're looking at states advantageous for clinton, but watch where the $3 million goes, where that money goes and what jill stein does with it is going to be very important. >> i find it so interesting that jill stein is doing this. it's a little bit ridge. when you really dig into it, there are a lot of questions. you brought it up. if this is even really a thing. >> yeah. >> there are experts who look at this and they say there's no there there, this isn't real.
10:22 am
and it seems like there are many -- doesn't it define this election in a way? it's people who believe what they want to believe -- >> if you're in your own bubble and if this is really happening -- >> i mean, it's the reason why oxford dictionary declared the word of the year post-truth, right? >> right, absolutely. >> i think this is really about jill stein and democratic base supporters wanting to act out. i don't think we see any significant changes here. i want to be really careful we are very accurate in how we report this. because there really is no evidence. we want to make sure american voters feel like their voting system is fair. >> but i will say this. you know, to the frustration and concern of clinton supporters, part of their issue moving forward on this is the fact that they believe very strongly, as i'm sure everybody does, that every single vote counts, right? so they want to make sure if there really is an issue here and if legally there is a recount that can be had, then
10:23 am
let's do it. but i also believe that it is a way for them to talk about a lot of the issues that took place this election. for example in wisconsin, where 300,000 voters were turned away because of voter i.d. laws it but there are ways to deal with that that is not this. >> all right, friends, stay with me. happening now, authorities in west virginia, they're looki into whether the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old african me african-american was a hate crime. servings of veggies? v8 or a fancy juice store? ready, go! hi, juice universe? one large rutabaga, with eggplant... done! that's not fair. glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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federal authorities are being asked to review whether the shooting death of a black teen in west virginia can be
10:28 am
considered a hate crime. this is according to our affiliate wchs. police say this deadly shooting happened on monday night when william pullian and 15-year-old james means got into a verbal altercation on a street. accord to investigators, pullian shot means twice and has shown zero remorse since, telling officers at one point, quote, the way i look at it, that's another piece of trash off the street. pullian denieser saying that. he claims that means pulled out a gun and that's when he fired in self-defense. cnn's ryan young has been following this story. ryan, tell us, that's really the question, was means armed? do we know this? >> brianna, that's the question we're still trying to answer at this point. of course, it's thanksgiving, so we've called the police department, tried to nail down some of the details here. we haven't received a call back. according to this man, william pullian, he's saying we he encountered this teen, he did have a weapon and, in fact, he went to a dollar general, and after going to that store, even went on the other side of the
10:29 am
street to avoid this teen. he said he then approached him again waving a gun and that's when he opened fire. in fact, he did a jailhouse interview and talked about why he shot the teen. >> i don't like it. i mean, believe me, i didn't want to kill anybody. but, you know, they're not going to kill me. i felt my life was in danger. i'm sorry, but, i mean, i'm 62 years old. i'm not going to take a bunch of punks beating me up. don't care if he's white or black. doesn't make any difference if he's black. er around here is black. i get along with all of them, ask them. >> brianna, conversation really different here if you believe his details about the story. he's contending that he was going to the store we he encountered the three teens and then of course he got into that altercation with 15-year-old james means and then he left and went to that dollar store and on the way back he said he saw that gun again. of course the details about this and whether or not the kid had a gun, that's something we're still trying to figure out. that obviously will shed a different light on the story. means was not supposed to have a
10:30 am
gun, i mean, not mean, but pullian was not supposed to have a gun. he was charged with domestic abuse charges in 2013 he pled guilty to. the fact he had a gun and went home and had dinner after the shooting has also made people shake their heads with him being able to eat after shooting this teen. >> certainly does. all right, we know you will continue to follow that. up next, we will be talking about this story. 57 people have been killed today near baghdad. this was after a truck bomb exploded at a gas station. we're going to take you to iraq for the very latest aft effort the break.
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isis is claiming responsibility for a bloody and horrific attack in southern iraq today. at least 57 people were killed
10:35 am
when a truck bomb exploded at a gas station. cnn international correspondent phil black is live inn erbil, iraq. phil, tell us more about this attack. >> brianna, this took place in an area south of baghdad and it appears very likely the targets were shia pilgrims. shia muslims who had recently were returning from a large pilgrima pilgrimage, an annual religious event in the nearby town of kerbala. it's been targeted in the past by sunni extremists. rarely with such a bloody result. the death toll so far is around 57 but it is expected to climb higher still. there are indications that it will go much higher indeed. and we have what we believe is a statement of responsibility found by intelligence, an online jihadi monitoring group, that
10:36 am
found a statement from isis in which it says it carried out this attack and it did so to spread the battle, the fighting that is taking place here in the north of iraq around mosul to other parts of country as well, including the capital, baghdad. now, it is a long-standing ambition of isis to try and inflame full-blown sectarian civil war in this country. they are a sunni extremist group, as i say, the victims here were shia muslims, frequently the target of isis attacks, and it is yet another sign that isis, while still under great pressure here in the north, while its territory, its control on this ground is being wound back every day, it still has the ability to lash out on another front, a long way away, in another part of iraq, taking many lives and causing further instability in this country, brianna. >> even when the assessment is that they are being pushed back or they are losing, it certainly
10:37 am
doesn't feel that way when you see something like this happen today. all right, phil black for us in iraq, thank you. many americans spend time with their families this holiday season. many u.s. service members will be very far from home. cnn senior international correspondent frederik pleitgen introduces us to one air force team fighting isis from the sky. >> you know, it's so difficult for many of the men and women serving overseas to be away from their families on this very special day. but of course, even on thanksgiving, there cannot be a letup in the fight against isis. if anything, america is actually intensifying its efforts. and that's something we saw when we went along on a mission with the crew of a kc-10 extender refueling aircraft. this thanksgiving, americans are in harm's way fighting isis on the ground and in the air. we're on board a kc-10 extender refueling jet flying over iraq and syria.
10:38 am
captain clark palika commanding the massive airborne gas station. >> it's a dynamic airspace, challenging environment, but it's very rewarding. >> the first batch of planes, two f-15 eagle strike aircraft. getting them hooked up to the tanker at around 400 miles per hour, a challenge for the crews of both planes. boom operator says. >> it is two moving aircrafts. they are moling around the same speed. at the end, the rate of closure the aircraft has towards you when they stop and when you're able to actually give them that contact. >> the kc-10 refuels planes from all members of the u.s.-led coalition against isis. including c-130 hercules transporters and the mighty a-10 ward hog with its massive cannon and many bombs clearly visible through our window. without the help of these tankers, the planes that are flying missions against isis could only stay in the area of operations for about an hour,
10:39 am
maybe an hour and a half. but thanks to the tanker airplane, they can get fuel in the sky and stay in the area to fight isis for up to seven hours. so instead of turkey and football, for the kc-10 crews, it's eight to ten-hour missions hovering over this key battlefield. the pain of being away from their loved ones mitigated by the contribution they're making to the war against terror. >> i love flying. it is hard being away from family. i love this job and i enjoy supporting our country. >> so i'm actually honored to be here. you know, being away from family, they understand it, we work through it, but right now it's my time to be out here and i'm just happy to be serving. >> around mosul, we see the billowing smoke of oil fires isis has started to try and distract coalition planes. but thanks to the tanker jet, u.s.-led aircraft can stay airborne as long as it takes to
10:40 am
find their targets and take them out. brianna, there are some special activities on this day. there's a 5-k run in the morning and then of course there's a turkey dinner in the evening. but of course for more of the of the guys serving here, it is business as usual, and that means very long, very intense missions over what is a very, very dangerous battlefield, brianna. >> frederick, thank you so much. we certainly do appreciate their sacrifice and also that of their families. donald trump's nomination of nikki haley has brought diversity to his potential cabinet but also some new concerns. why her lack of experience in foreign affairs is raising some eyebrows next. lked around the s no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs. it was one of those complete, meant-to-be moments... i totally fell in love with him. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped the aspca save nearly thirty thousand animals so far.
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donald trump is steadily billion his cabinet but there are concerns over whether his selections have the right experience. trump has named south carolina governor haley as u.s. ambassador to the ub but haley has virtually no foreign policy experience. betsy devos has been picked as education secretary. also ben carson, his business
10:45 am
manager said he didn't have enough experience to serve as hhs secretary, something that his business manager said he wasn't interested in doing. now mulling whether to accept the position of housing and ush urban development secretary if offered. i want to bring our panel back in. so nikki haley, when i think of nikki haley, i just think of that moment with the confederate flag in front of the statehouse in south carolina and i don't think anyone can say she wasn't incredibly diplomatic which is the skill. so is it, doug, is it that she can be an executer but what about the substance, what about the broad base of international affairs knowledge? >> it's two things. one, that moment wasn't just watched by all of us in america or people in the south, the whole world watched that moment. and they saw nikki haley act with poise and grace and in an incredibly difficult situation. she goes in there wherer knows where she is and everybody's already impressed by her before she says hello to anyone of
10:46 am
them. as governor, she's led trade missions to india, to sweden. those things aren't insignificant. >> we should be talking a little about temperament and ability to learn on the job. obviously, governor haley has that. she's going to be able to go out, to learn very quickly, hopefully, about foreign policy. i think that there are other places in the trump administration where we might be better talking about, you know, experience -- >> as the daughter of indian immigra immigrants, her being in that position helped broadcast the power of america's story to the worldwide stage. >> she certainly does have that. i want to turn and talk now about intelligence briefings. we know donald trump, since being elected, has only had two. mike pence on the other hand seems to have been taking full advantage of this offering of a daily intelligence briefing. he's also someone who has a lot more experience in this. i am, i'm stunned by this, and maybe i'm stunned by this because he doesn't exactly have the reputation of taking in a
10:47 am
lot of information. in fact, i look at the book by "the washington post" reporter and they say he never read a biography of a president. why isn't he trying to push back on what people think he's not interested? >> because i think he's a delegator. who knows what he's going to do when he actually becomes president. i think it's entirely possible he'll continue doing this. >> can you delegate this if you're the decider -- >> i don't -- i don't think so and this is highly unusual. every other president-elect, the last three presidents, got daily briefings as soon as they could so it's highly unusual. when donald trump jr. had offered this was reported in "the new york times," had offered john kasich basically to be vice president and they said you're going to be responsible basically for everything and the person said, well what is donald trump going to be doing, and they said, he's going to be making america great again. this has always been sort of his plan, to delegate things out to other people. it's not surprising pence is getting daily briefings because
10:48 am
he's probably dell gated this to pence. >> this is something that should concern us all and this is where i think the big criticism of him or one of the big criticisms of him should come. because this plays into the fear that so many people who look the at him as a possibility of being commander in chief, and now it's come true. the fact that he doesn't really care. it's not that he's just not getting these briefings. i think the indifference is a huge piece of this. i know my friend tom fuentes was on earlier saying -- i could not, and granted, he has a lot more experience and is an expert in this field. i could not disagree more. because this plays into exactly the view that people have of donald trump, of somebody who doesn't really care about national security. the "saturday night live" skit was so on point where the person -- >> he said you're going to do everything -- >> he's like, yes, sir. when a "saturday night live" skit is on point, that's really scary. >> well, i think, you know, this
10:49 am
idea of delegating, fine, except that if something happens -- >> he still has to make decisions. >> but it's not just that. if something happens, if he relies on the counsel and knowledge because he's maybe not -- we don't know at this point, all right, we're going to give him time and see how he goes into january. but if something happens, he's accountable. so i wonder what you think, doug. is he doing himself a disservices by not doing this? because in the end, i mean, it comes down to him. whether or not he got bad advice or what. >> absolutely. the buck stops here. it's something that donald trump has lived and breathed his whole life. i agree with maria about the perception problem. we should remember, we're still two weeks into this. if we're two months into the transition process, we're in a totally different story. but the anecdote that kir steb related to that was reported by the great "new york times" reporter robert draper speaks to that attitude that he's just going to be a delegator in chief. they need to start a course correction on that sooner rather than later. >> but this is somebody who doesn't have a lot of foreign
10:50 am
policy experience. if you were donald trump and you were going to become the commander in chief, you should want to know everything you want to know. >> but let's remember, he knows more than the generals. >> i'm going to have the final word here. i would say if all of a sudden i had access to the daily brief, i would be geeking out on it. >> we all would. >> he doesn't care. >> amazing information. >> we will see, he has been busy, we will see what he does going forward. guys, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving to all of you, appreciate you being here. up next, worried about politics being the main item on the menu today? wolf blitzer here to help. >> everybody, everybody, quiet. >> we build the wall. >> i'm still with her. >> excuse me, excuse me, everybody quiet. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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president obama presided
10:55 am
over his last medal of freedom ceremony this week. among them, comedian and talk show herself ellen degeneres getting honors. [ cheers and applause ] a number of medal of freedom honors there and many of them have made significant contributions. the president applaud degeneres for her kindness and light. >> ellen degeneres has a way of making you laugh about some thing rather than at someone. except when i danced on her show, she laughed at me. [ laughter ] but that's okay. it's easy to forget now when we've come so far, where now marriage is equal under the law just how much courage was required for ellen to come out on the most public of stages almost 20 years ago.
10:56 am
just how important it was not just to the lgbt community but for all of us to see somebody so full of kindness and light, somebody we liked so much, somebody who could be our neighbor or our colleague or our sister challenge our own assumptions. remind us that we have more in common than we realize. push our country in the direction of justice. what an incredible burden that was to bear. to risk your career like that. people don't do that very often. and then to have the hopes of millions on your shoulders. but it's like ellen says, "we all want a tortilla chip that can support the weight of guacamole." [ laughter ] which really makes no sense to me. [ laughter ] but i thought it would break the mood because i was getting kind of choked up. [ laughter ]
10:57 am
and she did pay a price, we don't remember this. i hadn't remembered it. she did. for a pretty long stretch of time. even in hollywood. >> speaking of ellen, as many families remain divided over politics in the election results, she has one idea on how to keep the post-election peace -- cue wolf blitzer. >> i really love that people come together for the holidays, but i know there's a lot of tension out there right now so if you're planning a family get together, there's a new service i think you should know about. check it out. >> the 2016 presidential race was one of the most divisive in history and there's one more big political clash still to come -- your holiday dinner. instead of coming together, your family gathering is sure to explode into a bitter shouting match that ruins the season for everyone. luckily, mobile moderator is
10:58 am
here to help. using your phone, you can order a professional moderator to manage your meal, choose from seasoned pros like anderson cooper, megyn kelly and wolf blitzer. >> of course he should build the wall. they're coming across like a million. >> it's in where near like a million. >> hillary should be in prison. >> she won the popular vote. >> nobody else would get away -- >> mrs. douglas, uncle lou, if we could just please get back to the original question. could someone please pass the salt? [ laughter ] >> your moderator will restore civility to the conversation. >> this broccoli casserole is so good. >> wrong. >> lucas, don't interrupt your sister. >> it's better than the sweet potatoes you helped make. >> wrong! >> leslie is speaking. >> and who makes sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to talk. >> my feet were so sore, they were swollen and red, you should have seen them, they looked like beets. >> you have five seconds. [ laughter ] >> i thought it was because my purse was so heavy.
10:59 am
>> aunt pearl, that's enough. that's enough, aunt pearl. >> i wasn't getting enough arch support. >> you're out of time. aunt pearl, you're out of time. >> they're like little cushions but they also help with the odor. did i tell you about the odor. >> aunt pearl, you're out of time. >> plus your moderator can serve as a fact checker. >> i heard that barack hussein obama made it legal to steal things. >> that is completely false. >> then who stole my glasses? >> your glasses are on your forehead. >> order your mobile moderator today. >> why don't you talk about who you voted for in the election? >> i voted for gary johnson. >> oh, god! >> all right, everybody, everybody quiet. >> build the wall. >> i'm still with her. >> excuse me, excuse me, everybody quiet. quiet. i'm wolf blitzer. [ laughter and applause ] >> maybe pass the turkey and
11:00 am
hold the politics. a very happy thanksgiving to our viewers in america, thank you so much for sharing part of it with me. that's it for me for our international viewers "amanpour" is next and for our viewers in north america "newsroom with brooke baldwin" starts right now. brianna, thank you so much. hi, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin, happy thanksgiving to you and yours. we begin with donald trump. he is calling on the nation to heal divisions this holiday but as the president-elect looks to move forward, a million dollar effort is under way to take a hard look back. the money is to fund a recount in votes of three battleground states due to a possibility of hacking with these machines. however there is no evidence of tampering. we'll get into those details in just a second but first to the president-elect's thanksgiving. trump is not taking a break, quoting his tweet today "i am working hard even on thanksgiving tryingo