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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 25, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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present and coming to terms with it not an abstract discussion, it not an abstract discussion, but the daily business of life. -- captions by vitac -- another day of deadly air strikes in aleppo. yesterday, at least 59 people lost their lives. a massive blast kills dozens of pilgrims in iraq. we are following the latest out of both regions. as he settles into the new role of president-elect, we look at how donald trump may deal with syria. we say good-bye to this
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lovely lady. tv's florence henderson has died. thanks for joining us. i'm maxwell foster in london. this is "cnn newsroom." we are learning of what is the thanksgiving table, president-elect is spending time with his family at mar-a-lago in florida. he said he is working hard trying to get the a.c. company, carrier, to stay in the u.s. and not move 1,400 jobs to mexico. the company became a flashpoint in the campaign when a worker said the company is moving to mexico. kellyanne conway highlighted the anger with mitt romney. a leading contender for secretary of state with this
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tweet. she told cnn she was only tweeting the same message she has been telling mike pence and donald trump in private. sources say trump will likely pick todd ricketts as deputy secretary of the commerce department. he comes from a family of major conservative donors. he and his team are busy filling cabinet posts. they are downplaying the fact that trump has been skipping the intelligence meetings. he has met twice with the analysts. vice president-elect mike pence has been receiving briefings daily. some americans are calling for recounts in three straits th states that were key to donald trump's victory.
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some experts say clinton's vote totals in areas with electronic vote look too low compared to those with paper ballots. they case concerns that votes tallied electronically may have been hacked and recounts are the only way to rule that out. deadlines to request recounts is friday and monday in pennsylvania and wednesday in michigan. green party candidate jill stein opposed hillary clinton in the election, but she said she is raising money for the recount. so far, stein raised $4.6 million with the goal of $7 million. the clinton campaign has not asked for recount in any state. cnn's paula newsome spoke about the recount. >> reporter: t >> the anomalies aremain to be seen. we know hacking was gone on. hacking into voter databases and
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into party databases and into individual e-mail accounts. in addition to that, we know the voting systems we use, many of the machines are wide open to hacking. some of the machines used in wisconsin have been made illegal by the state of california after it was proven how easy it is to tamper with them and to install basically malicious programming. you know, it is really unfortunate that the american people are in a position right now where we're very skeptical. we're not only skeptical about the vote and election, but people have a widespread cynicism about our basic institutions of government and about the supreme court and about the executive and congress. you name it. >> what is your skepticism and cynicism mean? because some people will take it to mean you are trying to delegitimize the presidential
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election that just took place. >> i don't think we don't want to sweep our doubts under the rug. let's show the vote was valid. we are not saying there's specific evidence of fraud here. by no means. there are questions that have been raised, but they have not barometric pressu been proven. we should have a built-in assurance. we have quality assurance built into the health care and delivery of services. it shouldn't require proof of a disaster or proof of fraud in order to install cross-checks into the voting system. we should have built-in audits. >> we heard this before the vote and yet the states across the board said look. this voting system is sound. why now?
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why after the vote? >> well, i was approached by a variety of computer scientists and election integrity experts who said they felt there was a critical mass of evidence we could prove this in court. prove in court, not fraud, prove in court we need reassurance and quality assurance built into the system. >> jill stein speaking to paula here in london. nigel frye says he has no plans to meet with president-elect when he visits the u.s. in the next few days. he does hope to improve relations between london and washington. >> i don't think i'm going to be made the british ambassador. let's be honest. i'm not the type. i did have 20 years in business before getting involved in politics. i know how to cut deals. i do have the support. amazingly of the
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president-elect. i do know a number of his team and known for years. i am very keen for britain and u.s. to get closer again. my critics would say i spent my career in politics trying to knock down buildings. now i would like the chance to build one. >> farage tweeted that he would do a great job as british ambassador. teresa may said thanks, but the position is filled. we will turn to iraq. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly truck bombing on thursday. saying it was in retaliation for the ongoing battle in mosul. 80 people were killed in the blast at the gas station southeast of baghdad. victims were mostly iranian shi'ite. now to eastern mosul.
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isis is not in control, but a threat. we are hearing of stories of survival. cnn's phil black reports. >> reporter: these people just lived through the horror of urban warfare. they cowered in their homes for days. prayers and white flags are their only protection as forces run through their neighborhood. now there is little food, water or medicine. no electricity. but there's much relief. >> like a dark thing on your chest. >> isis is like a dark thing on your chest? and it's gone now? >> yeah. it's gone. >> reporter: you can hear the fighting in the distance. it's still dangerously close. isis has gone from the streets, but ability to harm the people hasn't passed. just 24 hours ago, we're told, a family was sitting here outside the home when a mortar struck a
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short distance away. an 18-month-old girl was killed. her name was amira ali. the father omar is overwhelmed by grief. he cries what did she do wrong? she was just playing. she's gone from me. she's my only one. every day this makeshift clinic in mosul sees the terrible consequences of mortars fired into civilian areas. it's a bloody production line. wounded are delivered, patched up quickly and loaded into ambulances to transport to hospital. at times it seems endless. one ambulance pulls away and another military vehicle speeds in carrying more wounded civilians. they are unloaded with great care as the medics work to help the victims of yet another isis
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mortar attack. but they can't save everyone. this man's 21-year-old son was killed. he says a mortar just fell in front of the door. he came and he was just a piece of meat. four or five of my neighbors were standing with him and they're all dead. here, another parent, falls to the dusty ground before the body of her son. these people endured two years of living under isis only to be killed by the group's desperate military tactics and it is total indifference to the lives of the innocent. phil black, cnn, mosul, northern iraq. in syria, some of the
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quarter million people trapped in aleppo could starve to death. the group white helmets say they have no resources to pull people out of the rubble. on thursday, 59 people wiere killed in the city. a chemical attack including chlorine killed one woman. in the meantime, the anti-isis to cocoalition is goi after the terror group. cnn's senior international correspondent fred pleitgen has more. >> reporter: fighting isis in a space suit. we can only identify the man by his first name. captain. he is about to go on a mission
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in a spy plane. we were given rare access to the launch and landing of the highly secretive missions that have a clear objective, one of the pilots tells me. >> we can find those guys and track them and get back to the fighter types. when they go out, they have the best intel and information about where they are and obviously do what needs to be done. >> reporter: the u-2 can fly high. more than 70,000 feet and get pictures to forces on the ground fast. it is a cold war era plane flying since the '50s, but it has been upgraded. with the upgrades, the u-2 dragon lady is the main asset in the information gathering against isis. intelligence gathering happens through drones like this global hawk which patrols above iraq and syria almost every day. the information from these
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surveillance platforms is key to helping jets from the u.s.-led anti-coalition targets. support of forces combating the group on the ground in mosul and iraq. but while the u-2 can soar higher than almost any other plane, it is pretty hard to land. we're in a chase car speeding after the jet after an almost ten-hour mission. feeling himself out of the cockpit, captain says he believes the u-2 is making a major impact. >> things we can do up there and how often we're up there is thanks to the maintenance guys. providing us support. >> reporter: the need for the u-2 services will remain in high demand and isis may be losing ground, the group remains deadly and elusive. fred pleitgen, cnn. and donald trump will soon
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face the immense challenges in the middle east. including the war in syria. we will discuss what trump said during the campaign about washington's role there. and what and lalysts say is doa. and tributes to the woman who led the most family tv family. florence henderson has died at the age of 82. pro rinks ste chalky? then get worse? introducing protein shots from 5-hour energy. protein shots from 5-hour energy are smooth and tasty, and still deliver 21 grams of protein with 100 calories. they're great for workouts, no matter how you work out... whether you're going for reps... or laps... or distance. you gotta try it... period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein.
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china has ordered all residents of the region to surrender their passports. those who want to travel need to get authority. beijing is targeting muslim visitors. they have targeted that group which has been blamed for multiple attacks. stay with china. the death toll in the eastern part of the country has risen to 74. disaster happened when the platform at the power plant collapsed. that is according to the state-run news agency. authorities say 68 people were on the platform at the time of the collapse. the structure was built around a
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cooling tower which is undergone repairs. wildfires ra s rages across israel. a number of fires caused by arson. an official says ten people have been detained with connection of the blazes which started on tuesday. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the arsons would be treated as terrorism. for more, let's bring in cnn's oren liebermann. is there a history of the arson attacks there? >> reporter: not like we have seen. the question is how many of these fires were arson. how many were negligence? that is the next question. once all of the fires are out. many are under control. one hot spot just flared up a few minutes ago. firefighters dealt with this yesterday.
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firefighters rushing to the scene before it got worse. you can see the effect it had yesterday. gutting this building. you can see inside the windows. that is black char from the fires here. all of the branches burned from the fire. as difficult as the last few days, the conditions. it is dry here and the high winds, which is peicked up by te microphone, very hot here. that is the challenge. oa the official number is 1,200 fires. 250 are major fires. after these are all out, then come the investigation to figure out arson and who started them and how many negligence, like someone tossing a cigarette from the car. in haifa, several hundred buildings destroyed.
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firefighters have been active to make sure there are no injuries. many people, many families, thousands of families still waiting to find out if and when they can come back home. palestinian authorities lending a number of fire crews in haifa to help with the fires. the palestinian leadership dealing with 88 fires. most of those in the west bank in the northern part. max. >> why this talk of terrorism? it normally would not be treated as terrorism. an arson attack. >> reporter: if it is not arson attack, the suspicious is from the political leadership, it could be natural in nature to try to hurt or kill israels. especially in these conditions. that is what prime minister benjamin netanyahu said. if they find out fires are arson and fire investigators say there is no doubt some are arson, they will be treated as terrorism. not only because of the damage they caused here.
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again, more than 700 buildings damaged in haifa alone and because of the reason for setting the fires to kill people in some of the major cities in northern israel. we heard a short time ago a fire 30 kilometers away from us. ten families have been evacua d evacuated. this problem is not over as we continue to track conditions and high winds across the country. >> okay. oren in haifa, thank you. thanksgiving brought tragedy in kentucky. fatal shooting at a football game. a witness was live streaming on facebook when the shots rang out. here is mary maloney. >> reporter: a hail of bullets force a crowd of people to take cover. when the gunfire stops, the screaming begins.
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[ screams ] >> reporter: this louisville park hosted the juice bowl. an annual football tournament. kids, parents and friends and neighbors gathered to feast and watch football. violence interrupted the fest e festivi festivities. >> most of the people are here to have a good time. this tragic situation has happened. >> reporter: a cell phone recorded more than a dozen gunshots. >> we are thankful more people didn't get hurt in the situation. >> reporter: but some of those shots were deadly. >> just to see that man shot in the head like that. they are telling him to hold on. it's horrible. it's really horrible. >> reporter: as police investigate the motive, many in the crowd mourn the lives lost. >> get off. >> this is very tragic of what's happened here. i'm saddened. >> it's a sad time for thanksgiving. and it's a sad day for the juice bowl. >> reporter: i'm mary maloney
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reporting. a 34-year-old mother of two has been found safe. meanwhile after disappearing three weeks ago. sherry had been missing while jogging in northern california. authorities announce her return on thanksgiving day. >> we are very happy to report that sherri papini has been located and reunited with her husband and family on this day of thanksgiving. >> papini had been held and escaped her restraints to return to her family. although no motive is known. there is a search under way for two reportedly armed in a dark suv. tr tributes paid to florence henderson. she has died at the age of 82. we look back at the career of the woman loved on and off
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screen. ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ >> reporter: she played the mom carol brady on "the brady bunch." her story wasn't so i deal. born in dale, indiana, henderson grow up poor with an alcoholic father and mother who left when she was 12 years old. henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and help make ends meet. >> i don't ever remember not singing. i would sing and pass the hat. i would sing for groceries. >> reporter: her big break in 1951 when she landed a role in "oklahoma." the singer turned actor and took her talents to tv. in 1959, she was "today" girl and became the first woman to guest host the "tonight show" in 1962. in 1969, henderson became carol
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brady. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i had. i think everyone long for. i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me. i hug everybody. i get so much affection. >> reporter: henderson continued to act and sing on tv for decades after "the brady bunch." she cha-cha'd on "dancing with the stars." she had four children with her first husband. she met her second husband while undergoing treatment for stage fright and fear of flying. >> people used to kid john. >> reporter: the treatment worked so well, henderson became a certified therapist herself. she became a patient of a different kind. she starting to lose her hearing. >> you cannot imagine for someone who makes her living through music and you all of a
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sudden don't hear that piano or violin, it is the most terrifying feeling in the world. >> reporter: doctors discovered she had an ear disease. after multiple surgeries, she restored her hearing. henderson seemed to always look on the bright side. >> larry, if you are not having fun, you shouldn't be there. >> say good night, florence. >> good night, everyone. >> the tribute to florence henderson who died at the age of 82. it's bladaerizond peop ready. because they know a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. our best deals of the year on top android phones. like the pixel, phone by google and the samsung galaxy s7. $10 per month and no trade-in required. or get an ipad mini 2 for $99. shop our best black friday deals
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. let's get a check of the headlines for you. u.s. president-elect donald trump is working hard over thanksgiving weekend. he tweeted on thursday from his estate in mar-a-lago, florida, that he is trying to get carrier air conditioner company to stay in the u.s. and not move 1,400 jobs to mexico. we he heard that trump will pick todd ricketts as the commerce department secretary. at least 80 people were killed in thursday's blast southeast of baghdad. some aleppo residents have dten days before they start starving to death. at least 59 people were killed in the city alone. a chemical attack killed one
1:32 am
woman an involving chlorine. this will be a challenge for donald trump. trump seems to want to change the washington approach there. cnn's becky anderson has a look at what that could mean. >> we have been very clear that a red line for us is we start saying a bunch of chemical weapons moved around. >> reporter: more than four years later, that red line has been crossed again and again. there's been little if tn the w of action to back up the warning after the deadly use of chemical weapons across syria. a country almost numb to cruelty. a country in civil war for nearly six years. isis festering there for much of it. preying on the country's complex and toxic mess. america's next president, donald
1:33 am
trump, sought more simple terms on the campaign trail. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. >> reporter: that's not true, of course, but syria's president assad has been at the center of it all. with moscow throwing a huge amount of fire power to the battle fields to help stay in control. something washington has been pushing against. >> it is unimaginable that you can stop the civil war there when the overwhelming majority of people in syria consider him to be a brutal murderous dictator. >> reporter: the u.s. has given weapons to other supporters. that may be about to change. >> we're backing rebels. we have no idea who they are. i would like to see what's going on. i would like to find out who these people are that we want to
1:34 am
give billions of dollars to. we have no idea. assad is a bad guy, sure, but you can have worse and maybe these people are worse. >> reporter: some analysts think we should put that to the side. >> we should not take what he said during the presidential campaign seriously because it is inn ccoherent and counter productive. if he does translate what he said on the presidential campaign, this would be catastroph catastrophic. >> reporter: the kremlin doesn't seem to think so. it describes trump and putin's views on syria as quote phenomenally close. meanwhile, millions of refugees have been forced from their homes. many pouring toward europe. >> we want to build safe zones. we'll do it in syria. we'll get the gulf states to put up the money. >> reporter: they there have be
1:35 am
calls for arab states to do more to help the refugees. so far, they have gone unanswered. they would rather keep this messy web of a patch work of fighters and jihadi forces and others. all armed to the teeth fighting in syria. what president-elect trump can do to untangle it remains to be seen. becky anderson, cnn, abu dhabi. police in france searching for a suspect after a woman found dead in the retirement home. the masked man forced his way into the home and tied up a staff member and she was able to free herself and call police. the knife was used to kill the victim and it appears she was the intended target. police do not think the attack was terror related. police in the uk look looking into the deaths of a few men. steven port was found guilty of
1:36 am
murdering four gay men and sexually assaulting seven more. now deaths previously thought drug overdoses are reviewed after concern and criticize for mishandling the case. erin mclaughlin has more. >> reporter: self obsessed. steven port was driven to kill by a overwhelming desire to have sex with younger gay men. all drugged and unconscious. all four victims in the early to mid-20s. their bodies found not far from his east london home. >> this is four all found very close to where you live. four young men. you say you find attractive.
1:37 am
all now dead. >> that's something i know nothing about how they come to be. >> reporter: this week, steven port was found guilty of murder. serious questions remain over how police handled the case and why they did not identify port as a killer sooner. some are accusing the police of homophobia. >> i suspect if the victims had been female, there would have been a more robust and comprehensive police investigation. >> reporter: the first murder victim was 23-year-old anthony wallgate. it was port who called the police pretending to be an independent bystander. >> how old? >> 20. >> do you know if he was awake?
1:38 am
>> no. >> reporter: police tracked port down. they discovered the two met online. port was arrested and charged. and allowed to walk free. he killed again some two months later. in august of 2014, a dog walker found 22-year-old gabriel's body in a cemetery. 500 meters from port's home. in september, another body. 21-year-old daniel whitworth. found in the same place by the same dog walker. >> please let him be drunk and sleeping it off. >> reporter: the victim's hands, a fake suicide note written by port. saying please don't blame the guy i was with last night. later that same month, he met 25-year-old jack taylor on the gay dating app grindr. port killed for the final time. deposits the drug body at the same cemetery. he was finally arrested after
1:39 am
identified on surveillance footage. taylor's family blames police for not arresting him sooner. >> if they had done their job properly, jack would still be here. they just as responsible. >> reporter: scotland yard referred itself to independent investigators for review. erin mclaughlin, cnn london. >> you are watching cnn newsroom. still to come, the plight of myanmar's muslims. we hear from families fleeing a military crackdown.
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central america taken a double hit from hurricane otto and an offshore earthquake. the u.s. national weather service says the tsunami threat has passed. otto has been downgraded to a
1:43 am
tropical storm. it is blamed for several deaths in panama. meteorologist derek van dam has more. >> it has been a difficult 24 hours across central america. as natural disasters struck the region. hurricane otto making landfall at 1:00 p.m.onthursday in southern nicaragua and a 7.0 earthquake sending tsunami threats off the coast. the tsunami threat was marginal. did not create a destructive wave. the concern going forward is from otto and the potential flash flooding. the information to send along to you at home is this storm is still a formidable threat. it is moving offshore over the pacific ocean. this storm is packing quite a punch with winds in excess of 100 kilometers per hour and potential of flash flooding.
1:44 am
the storm has six hours of impacting land. back to you. >> derek, thank you. myanmar is facing more human rights abuses over the treatment of rohinga muslims. some are fleeing myanmar and crossing into bangladesh. some say they suffered rape, torture and witness family members killed by the military. cnn is still working to verify those claims. cnn's saima mohsin has more. what sparked the latest round of violence? >> reporter: max, in early october, it is believed some rohinga activists took up arms and targeted the border guards along the border. they have closed off the muslim rohinga. they are effectively confined in the state in one particular area. in response to that violent attack and i say allegedly by
1:45 am
rohinga muslims, the government has cracked down and since then, more than 100 people have been killed. it is incredibly hard to get in. nobody is allowed in right now. it is hard to hear the personal testimonies of people. we have managed to speak to some of those who managed to escape and come across the border into bangladesh. some of the images we are seeing on social media are managing to leak out are horrific. we have not been able to include all of them because they are just too graphic. take a listen to some of the testimony that we have from the women. he doesn't know it yet. but he was born into one of the most persecuted minorities on earth. the stateless ethic minority rohinga. they are facing another crackdown and their accounts are
1:46 am
harrowing. >> translator: they raped women. some women died after being tortur tortured. they killed a newborn baby. after seeing this, i fled from my home. >> reporter: his mother carried him for four days trekking day and night from their home in a desperate attempt to reach the river and cross into neighboring banglade bangladesh. >> translator: the myanmar military was shooting heavily. when they fired shots, we lay flat on the ground. we kept moving from one village to the other. after that, we crossed the river in the night. >> reporter: she made it across with her loved ones. her family was torn apart on the way. >> translator: when we started our journey, there were six of us. we lost three mechanimbers of m family. my husband and son were killed.
1:47 am
my other son has gone missing. >> reporter: cnn cannot independently verify these reports or these disturbing videos posted on social media from inside the state. the rohinga area is in lockdown without access to aid agencies. >> it is the aim of the myanmar military to ethnically cleanse this population. >> reporter: myanmar's government denies the human rights abuses claiming they are targeting violent attackers who killed nine border guards. since then, more than 100 people have been killed and around 600 others arrested. human rights watch also published nasa satellite images which they say shows more than 1,200 rohinga homes that were burned down by the authorities saying attackers carried out the arson. for the few who managed to flee,
1:48 am
they end up here. a refugee camp in the cox by s bazaar. >> translator: how can we go back? they will kill us. >> reporter: now the families here will wait and hope for a chance to live without fear of persecution. max, it is not the first time we heard that uncompromising term ethnic cleansing with rohingya refugees. it is hard when you see images like that we have seen in the report and hear from those women. to understand how it can continue to be ignored and not just by international organizations and countries, but
1:49 am
alsos by t by the myanmar gover. aung san suu kyi is the strongest voice in the nld government in myanmar remaining quiet on this issue. saying it is not the only issue that her government has to face. willful blindness, if you like. a lot of hope was resting on her when she came into government which is falling flat on deafening scienig silence. and many that work with refugees say they are deeply disappointed by aung san suu kyi and her government. max. >> thank you. still to come, an uplifting story from syria. how one of the world's most famous authors chipped in to help this little girl who has known nothing but violence in aleppo.
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and what to do the day after the thanksgiving holiday.
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shop, of course. lines are growing and locals are restless for the hunt on black friday. so named because retailers hope to push their books in the black. many stores this year hyped more saving online. some of which have been available since early this month. a report says americans have already spent more than $25 billion online this month. that's a 3.5% increase from last year. and finally, it's hard these days to find a happy story or possibitive one from the city o aleppo. for children, death and destruction is part of life. one little girl used the internet to make a question. an end to the war and "harry potter" book. j.k. rowling delivered a book.
1:55 am
>> reporter: among the unbelievable destruction in syria. a small bit of good news for a little girl. this is the 7-year-old who lives with her family in eastern aleppo and almost constant gunfire and bombardment. she and her mother tweet about life. one of the most recent posts reads good morning from aleppo. we're still alive. in a recent respite from the war, she was able to see one of the "harry potter" movies and became an instant fan. you can't find "harry potter" novels in aleppo. this week, the little girl's mother posted a message to rowling saying she would like to read the book. the writer responded. i hope you do read the book. i think you will like it. sending you lots of love. rowling sent e-books of her novels. her daughter is now happily reading and she posted this thank you picture and video.
1:56 am
>> how are you? i am starting to read books. thank you very much. i love you. >> reporter: a little girl's wish granted. now reading to forget the war. robyn curnow, cnn. >> i'm max foster. for you in the united states, "early start" with christine romans and boris sanchez is back. i'll be back to check the headlines with you after the short break. you are watching cnn. (vo) it's black friday at verizon and people are ready. because they know a deal
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first up, a tv icon remembered. florence henderson from the "the brady bunch" dead at age 82. black friday. shoppers look for deals in stores and online. backlash over mitt romney. a trusted trump aide talks about the possible secretary of state. we hope you made it over the food comb a. welcome to "early start." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christine romans. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. florence henderson died overnight. she start on "the brady bunch" in


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