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tv   New Day  CNN  November 25, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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all over the world. and everybody wants a hug from me. >> yeah. >> and i hug everybody. >> reporter: and in the decades following the show, henderson never shied away from the limelight. returning to her iconic carol brady for multiple spinoffs of "the brady bunch." ♪ but even before she became a brady, she seemed destined for show business. >> i don't ever remember not singing. and i would sing in pass the hat and i would sing for groceries. >> reporter: henderson's career took off at the age of 19 at broadway on when she landed a leading role in "oklahoma" in 1951. ♪ oklahoma >> reporter: becoming a bona fide star and she became "today" girl in 1959 and broke barriers as the first woman to guest host "tonight show" for johnny
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carson. henderson earned her star on the hollywood walk of fame in 1996 and recently danced her way back into the spotlight on "dancing with the stars." henderson is survived by her four children. she'll be remembered most as america's favorite mom ♪ i want to be loved by you ♪ just ask you and nobody else but ask you ♪ ♪ i want to be loved by you alone ♪ >> "variety" was reporting that she was at "dancing with the stars" on monday night supporting her co-star maureen mccormick. you are in my heart forever, florence. also tweeting out, florence henderson was a dear friend for so very many years and in my heart forever. love and hugs to her family. i'll miss you dearly. writing heartbroken. i'll miss you, my friend. over time as she took on this
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role of being carol brady self-depreciating about it. embraced it fully making fun of herself as that icon. >> she just seemed so wonderful and so open to that and so many other things. boris, thank you for being with us this morning. joining us by phone right now "entertainment tonight" host nischelle turner. she said everyone wanted to hug her and she hugged everyone. >> can you imagine walking down the street. >> you told us last hour not so long ago to hug florence henderson. >> i interviewed her just a couple months ago. she was at the robert shapiro foundation, bob shapiro foundation in honor of his son and he has a big party every year. i was at that and she was there. when she came up to me i gave her a hug before i interviewed her. she is that woman, was that
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woman that you did just want to hug her. she had that smile that lit up a room and that was infectious and she always had a kind word when she saw you and always flashed that big smile at you. just makes you want to hug her. i did. i know one of the things i spoke to her about and boris spoke to it when he was talking about maureen mccormick who was sending her condolences out. she came to the ballroom to "dancing with the stars" to support maureen. the first time maureen danced after she got done they both had a moment. everyone was clapping and florence was crying because she thought what maureen was doing was so brave and beautiful. i asked her why she got so emotional and she said, she's like my daughter. florence was always there holding her hand and cheering her and pushing her to do better and be better and get through on the other side. a special relationship that the
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two of them had. when i talk to people about florence, everyone seems to have that relationship with her. because she was someone that was very easy to love. >> you know, she came a long way from her small town roots. indiana where she was born back in 1934. we talked about not just her role on the iconic "brady bunch" but also her role on stage. i think it's also important to mention before johnny carson moved in, she was the first female to host that show. >> very important to mention, brooke. yeah, that was breaking a barrier there. 1962. she guest hosted for johnny carson and was the first female to do that. et ki kind of setting the stage for the joan rivers of the world to come after her and host that show. one of the things you were talking about the fact that she had this long storeied career on
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the stage and on the screen. she said herself, i can never remember a time that i didn't sing. she sang for groceries. she sang for money. she was not a child born privileged. she said she was kind of america's mother because she always wanted that kind of mother and didn't have that in her childhood. so, when we saw this very sunny person, you know, in a lot of ways she battled from dark places to become this lovely, sunny woman. that also speaks to who she was just as a person, not just her career. but she had a storeied career, a long career. and we often smile when we hear the clip we were just talking about it last hour that it is a very sad day because she has passed on. but when we see her on the screen, it does make us smile a little bit. i think she probably would be very happy to hear that we're all smiling when we remember her. >> she made it look so easy. even raising jan, which as we all know, was never easy. let's just watch a quick clip of that.
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>> see what i mean. she wants to be editor, boom, she's editor. >> jan, you're really not being fair. you know that marcia's been working on that for month. if you feel you're in your sister's shadow. do something about it. get out and develop your own talent. >> jan wasn't really being fair there. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. >> thank you for calling in as we are remembering and celebrating this iconic tv mom in carol brady. >> she was so pitch perfect. you know, every little clip you see from "the brady bunch." perfect. >> so sweet. also today, day after thanksgiving. you're still maybe hurting a little bit after all the irv issings of rkey. today is the day you can get out and shop until you drop. bargain hunters hitting the stores last night into the wee hours this morning. we begin with alison kosik our holiday shopping coverage live there inside of a target store.
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are you seeing people or did they rush in last night? >> you know what y think they rushed in last night, but it dozen mean that they're not going to rush in today either. i want to give you an idea of how much they rushed in. i'm in the electronics department. i want you to check out this line. it's empty right here. but this black rope showed how far the line went. this year's got to get gift is, it's tvs. 4k tvs and any kind of tv. target is saying at its stores last night when it opened its doors at 6:00 p.m., when you saw the hundreds and hundreds of people waiting outside. they sold 3,200 tvs per minute every minute for the first hour that they were open. so, although we're seeing black friday kind of bleed into thursday, it's still a very significant shopping event. this year's black friday frenzy kicking off with hundreds jamming the streets outside macy's flagship store in new york city.
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early bird shoppers taking over entire departments in search of steep discounts. it's that time of year when all-out chaos ensues over jumbo-sized tvs. and shoppers battle it out over who gets the biggest deals. this excited crowd caught clamoring over electronics at a walmart in columbus, mississippi. even though walmart is trying to reduce the brawls by handing out wristbands to a limited number of customers for hot items and increasing staffing. still, across the country, retailers are welcoming the long lines, ushering in eager bargain hunters. and customers are braving inclement weather. shoppers at this best buy in portland standing in the rain for hours. >> i'm soaking wet. and i'm still here. >> reporter: forgoing thanksgiving dinner to flood the aisles in search of big-ticket items, ready with cash in hand. the national retail federation says holiday sales this year are
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expected to top $650 billion. a 3.6% increase from 2015. and on cybermonday, at least 36% of consumers plan to nab their deals online. okay. just to show you a tv purchase in action. we have a 55 inch going out the door right here. a 4k come and get them before they're gone. back to you. >> this is it. this is live television, folks. we're seeing a tv go right there. a black friday sale. all right, alison kosik, thanks so much. great to see you this morning. joining us now consumer spending analyst and cnn chief business correspondent and star of "early start" christine romans is here. we saw that tv flying off the shelves right before our very eyes. are we talking about electronics, again, that are going to be the hot item again this year? >> definitely. like i was saying i was in walmart earlier today. actually a couple hours ago and
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electronics is one of the biggest sellers that were selling out at walmart, including target, as well. those televisions, you would think with this new millennial generation that people aren't watching tv as much, but its arer quite the contrary. they're buying these gigantic televisions. >> the price is like 100 bucks cheaper than they were even a month ago. >> you're getting gigantic televisions for $250 that are super souped up and also ipads. technology, as well. just apple is having their first black friday sale. it's one of the first times that they ever put their products on sale. so, some of the older items are more discounted than some of the newer ones. >> can we just be real for a minute. so many people shop online. i'm getting inundated in my inbox of that deal and this deal. is black friday we used to always talk about? >> it's not because you have cybermonday which is starting on saturday this year which is online only deals.
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they call it brown thursday now because you have all these retailers are open in the evening on thursday of thanksgiving. so, you leave the dishes and, you know, and leave the trimmings and you go and go shopping instead. and even this year, amazon started its black friday online deals the first week of november. but did an analysis of all the ads for today and found these are good deals for today. these deals today are better in many cases than they were earlier. >> i'll take it one step further. i think the good deals are really more specific to product, as well. >> like what? >> the electronics, as i was saying, they actually go on the best discount now. but as we go through later into -- as we get closer to holiday and in through december, you'll see better discounts and more lower discounts on things like clothing. >> so hold off on that. >> on travel. retailmenot came out with a study discounts on travel are up to 60% just this weekend. and clothing, as well. and electronics.
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i have it right here. >> i would say later in the year closer to christmas, jewelry, apparel, that kind of stuff. if you're shopping for yourself, you know, then you wait until after christmas, honestly, those are the best deals altogether. >> what is a good deal, though? how much should i be looking to save? >> 65% are the best deals. we have been analyzing this all morning. 65% seem to be the best deals. i would not accept anything less than 45%. >> i gave you 35% every morning on "early start." >> walk into banana republic and coupon codes are all the time. also be careful about retailers that put the price higher and then give you a really deep discount. be careful of that, too. >> there's also the price differentiati differentiation. talking about amazon prior to going on air. amazon is really interesting because what they do sometimes figure, they switch the price up a little bit. you'll see a product that was once discounted earlier in the year and is now back up, again. so you really have to watch those prices.
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even if you're getting a 40% discount, that price actually may have been lower in august. so, what you want to do is download these apps that are out there that will tell you exactly when amazon is dropping that price or other retailers online retailers. >> they're not doing this to be nice to you. >> they're not? what? >> this is not about you or us, this is when they started being in the black for the year. they're here to convince you to spend more money than you wanted to. you'll see $19.99 women shoe and boot doorbuster but they're hoping you're going to go in and get the 1$19.99 doorbuster and they're looking forria to pad their bottom line. >> charitable donations are up. 52% of americans are giving more this year than ever before. >> stick around. a lot more to discuss. including what do you get for the former massachusetts governor who has everything. do you get him, say, the state department? donald trump considering that
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welcome back to "new day." with president-elect donald trump taking no holiday from cabinet building, there appears to be a great divide among transition team members, a public divide, over who should serve as secretary of state with kellyanne conway stirring the pot over social media. jason carroll is down at mar-a-lago. jason, sort of extraordinary how this is playing out so publicly. >> usually this is something that is done privately. but extraordinary to watch this play out publicly. a number of folks still have not forgiven mitt romney for being so critical of donald trump during the campaign and that's why they're now supporting rudy giuliani behind the scenes and in public for secretary of state. kellyanne conway weighing into it debate publicly. she tweeted about it yesterday saying receiving deluge of
4:19 am
social media and private communication regarding romney. some trump loyalists run against romney as secretary of state. conway saying all she was saying publicly is what she has been advising both president-elect trump and mike pence about privately. brooke? >> all right, jason, thank you. let's start there with cnn political commentator matt lewis and politics editor for jason johnson. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> matt, let's start with you. when you look through some of these kellyanne tweets the word loyalist jumps out at me and betrayal. >> subtle, very, very subtle. >> very subtle. what's happening here? >> well, i think there are two possibilities. one possibility is that she's freelancing. that this is, that this is her doing something that, in itself, is remarkable. and politics there's always been this distinction between who the
4:20 am
principals are and who the staffers are. principals are people like presidents and secretaries of state. they are seen at a different level than the staffers. staffers are sort of hired help that are to be seen and not heard. and, so, if kellyanne conway is doing this on her own to sort of advise president-elect trump through the media, that is something that would have been, in years past, frowned upon. you can't imagine dana perino dissing bolton during the george w. bush administration publicly. also the chance that this is actually coordinated. that donald trump is trolling mitt romney and toying with him and that conway is actually doing this, you know, with trump. i don't know. >> jason, this does represent, i mean, there is a clear divide here when you're talking about trump world. i mean, mitt romney would represent something significant. mitt romney would represent donald trump going way, way beyond his circle of support.
4:21 am
the people supported him during the campaign and bringing in people from way far to help with this administration. >> well, yeah. that's why he'd be sending him out of the country. there's an element to this that you sometimes see when someone is like the president of the united states. they may choose some of their most vocal critics who are still within their party and give them prominent positions that will take them out of washington. what did president-elect barack obama do? he took hillary clinton who was one of his biggest critic and made her secretary of state and told her to get out of the country. that may be one of the ideas behind the trump administration. i also think this, i think what kellyanne conway is doing is very disorganized and unprofessional and sets a bad how this is going to work. if everyone is tweeting their own opinion and we don't have one solidified voice. >> newt gingrich or mike huckabee who are talking to
4:22 am
trump from television to try to get their message across. let's move on and talk about all the potential picks within the cabinet and how much they're worth together. so, you have, you know, betsy devos 5.1 million and wilbur ross $2.9 billion. i'm wondering, you know, these are people who trump would, of course, know that would be his network. do you think that they would have the chops, matt? >> well, i think there is an optics problem with that and it's something that we can talk about now. ultimately, i think donald trump is going to be judged by whether or not his administration is a success and somebody like, you know, betsy devos who is going to focus, you know, likely on something like school choice, which could give, you know, poor inner city kids a chance to get a better education. that's going to in the long run, i think, overcome the fact that
4:23 am
she's a billionaire or whatever. >> jason, why are you shaking your head? >> because that's not true. look, a $5,000 voucher is not going to help me if public school, if private school education is going to cost me $25,000 a year. >> there's charter schools. not just vouchers. vouchers is one of many things she can do. >> what we're actually talking about is the fact that donald trump said he was going it put together an administration of a forgotten man and putting in a bunch of billionaires. whether or not they do a good job or not, we don't know. he hasn't been put in office. this is not what he campaigned on. >> all the poor people -- >> and, actually, i'm not concerned about what barack obama picked because he's not president any more, donald trump is. >> my only point is that all of these people that we picked -- >> your point is that devos seems like a good candidate. maybe she is, maybe she isn't. i'll make this administration look like the forgotten americans. right now i don't think there are many americans worth $26
4:24 am
million who are forgotten. >> sadly, not on this sitd side of the camera. i wish. the point is that we're talking about definition about elites. you're not going to name somebody secretary of state or even secretary of education who is making minimum wage. whether you're bill clinton, barack obama or donald trump. does it matter they're worth $20 million instead of $10 million? is that a big difference? they're not like me. >> no. that's not the issue. the issue at its core, like i said, we will see what this administration ends up doing. but if you spend your time saying, look, there are forgotten people. you're trying to tell me that there is not a local aersecreta of state. you're trying to tell me there is not a state director of the republican party who is not a millionaire that knows about education. a ton of conservative activists out there and men and women who are concerned about making this country great, again, who are not some of his billionaire crony friends. america is full of talent. we should see those people.
4:25 am
he is good at finding them. he had a show all about it. >> matt and jason, thank you so much. when i was looking at previous appointments, even president obama selected a billionaire entrepreneur as secretary of commerce. >> a lot of rich people who end up serving in government right now. not sure it's so uncharacteristic. >> i don't know if america cares or not. i don't know. we'll see. by the way, the effort to clean up that presidential election not taking a holiday, jill stein joins us next to tell us why she is pushing for a recount in three battleground states. we live in a pick and choose world.
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i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. breaking news out of france this morning. authorities have arrested five men who prosecutors say were planning an imminent attack under orders from isis. french authorities say the terrorist intentions were made clear in encrypted messages come from iraq and syria. the arrests were made on sunday in two different cities in france. investigators say documents were recovered detailing some of the plans. police also say they found firearms and ammunition.
4:30 am
john? jill stein wants a recount in three battleground states. wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. she's raised more than $4 million to make this happen. this comes after computer experts have raised questions about the possible hacking of voting machines. dr. jill stein joins us this morning to talk about this all. dr. stein, thank you for being with us. do you think this election was stolen? >> we don't know. and i think the forensic computer experts have raised serious questions. what we do know is that this was a hack riddled election. we saw hacks into voter databases and into party databases and into individual e-mail accounts. we know that there were attempts made broadly on state voter databases and we know that we have an election system that relies on computerized electronic equipment, which is
4:31 am
wide open to hacks. which has very primitive security from, in many cases, a decade ago or more and staff that is really not trained in security. so, it's extremely vulnerable. americans deserve to have confidence in our vote. >> dr. stein, the computer scientists say they see patterns which may raise some questions but they admit that is not evident. do you have any reason to believe or have you seen any direct evidence that anyone hacked the voting systems in michigan, wisconsin or pennsylvania? >> no. the computer experts are very frank about this. we do not have a smoking gun. on the other hand, we have a system which invites hacking, tampering and malfesance. you shouldn't have to wait for the airplane to crash in order to have quality assurance on your airport. in order to have safeguards to
4:32 am
make sure it is not going to crash. it is very important that we look at the votes. unless we look at the votes, we wouldn't see evidence of hacking. hacking is subtle. you have to actually examine the votes, the paper copies of the vote and compare that result with your electronic result. that's the only way that we will know. and, in fact, our voting system should have that kind of assurance built into it so that there's automatic auditing taking place to make sure we're not being hacked. >> i think everyone agrees with you that they want free and fair election. however, we all know that elections sometimes are very close. elections that are completely free and fair are often very close. and the clinton campaign itself doesn't seem to be raising any direct questions here. but there are people wondering if you, if you're admittedly on the left side of this debate, if you would be doing this had hillary clinton won this election. >> there's no question i would. and i was asked repeatedly
4:33 am
throughout the election that if there are concerns raised about the validity of the vote or its vulnerability or there are questions raised about there having been tampering with the vote, would i challenge. and i was very clear it didn't matter who the winner was going to be. this is something i would do and it's actually something that the green party has done back in 2004 when there was very -- >> but that, too. in 2004 the people wonder in 2004 there was a republican victory there, as well. people wonder are you trying to block donald trump from being president? >> absolutely not. it was very clear during the election that i did not favor either candidate. i was repeatedly asked given the choice between the two, who do you favor? i refuse to favor one candidate over the other. in my view we have a very
4:34 am
problematic political system. we have two parties that the american people don't trust, in fact. both of the candidates, you know, the highest level of distrust and dislike in our history. and, in my view, we as voters deserve a voting system that we can believe in. and to my mind, having a verified vote is just a first step. we also need open debates. we need a voting system that allows us to vote our valus and not our fears. this is the first of many reforms that the american people deserve. >> dr. stein, last i checked donald trump was leading hillary clinton by 10,000 votes in michigan, you received about 50,000 votes in michigan. last i checked donald trump was leading hillary clinton by 22,000 votes in wisconsin. you received 30,000 votes in wisconsin. do you think you helped elect donald trump? >> so, you may recall the election was called that night based on the votes that had come in. so, based on the votes that were available at the time, my votes
4:35 am
would not have changed the outcome in any state. remember this exit polls showed that green party voters largely would not have -- >> the clinton campaign, thought the third-party candidates may have helped tipped this election. you received 50,000 votes in michigan and hillary clinton is down by 10,000. >> remember the election was decided, the election was decided that night. based on the numbers that night, my votes would not have made the difference in any state. 60% more than 60% of green voters would have stayed home. and of the remainder, over a third would have voted for donald trump. so, it's actually not true that green votes would have automatically gone to hillary clinton. if you actually do the math and you look at the numbers, it's very clear had i been absent from that vote on election day that the results would have been absolutely no different in any state. >> dr. jill stein, hope you
4:36 am
enjoy this holiday weekend and the long thanksgiving. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you very much. what is your take on this? please send ostweet at newday or post your comment on >> berman, thank you. today is black friday. so, if you want to get out and grab the best deals. we'll tell you exactly what you should go for. coming up next we'll talk to the ceo of macy's to talk about the annual holiday shopping frenzy. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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look at these pictures. the annual black friday frenzy well under way. this was the scene last night at macy's flagship store in new york city. shoppers rushing through the doors last night looking to score some early deals. by the way, the doors have been open ever since. so, we get to talk to macy's ceo terry lundgren this morning. terry, good morning. >> good morning, brooke. >> you know, i remember being 13 and my parents took me to new york city for the very first time and i saw the parade and i made them take me to macy's because it's just so famous and so well respected. so, when you look at all the people cramming through your doors, how many thousands of
4:41 am
people have you seen so far? >> well, i was here last night when you saw those big rush of people coming in. that was just one door, by the way. we have multiple doors here. we counted 16,000 people outside of macy's for an hour prior to our opening waiting to get in in light rain, by the way. so, it's just unbelievable. you know, we think about it it's a time when you've gotten off the couch and you finished a big meal and you want to do something with the family. walk off some of the turkey and what better way to do it than right here. we saw a lot of that last night. >> terry, what are the top three items that people are racing for? >> okay. so, fragrances is a big deal. always, we're one of the largest sellers of prestige fragrance in the world, honestly. that was a big, big deal. but, interestingly, a gift set that is only available at macy's of six different perfumes. that was a great deal.
4:42 am
technology in terms of price point was very strong. apple watches and michael kors has a great technology watch. that business was quite, quite good. apparel. finally gett ating a little col and we're selling the cold weather apparel. finally, it's been like a year since we sold cold weather apparel. >> people are feeling it, but one item people can't get. just a quick question. last time we talked to you trump has been elected president and macy's made the decision to yank his men's wear line because of what he said about mexicans more than a year ago. since he has now been elected will you change? will you restore trump's men wear? >> when you think about that decision, you cannot have the product of a political, you know, oriented person in your store because 48% of the people aren't going to like that, right? we sell to everybody at macy's. i wouldn't have a hillary
4:43 am
clinton, you know, line either as i've said before. so, to me, that decision is clearly made and right the decision to make. >> terry, what about that parade yesterday. we were all sitting here on tv watching and all the kiddos ran to cnn so we could watch over columbus circle. it was the 90th year. what was it like to see for you? >> so amazing for me. i was there with a big group of all my family and my wife, my daughters, my grandson now, brand-new little guy. for him to be there and experience it with me. i've been sitting in that seat for 22 years and i've been the ceo for 14. to have us all together my close friends were with me. it was just really, really special. i can't say enough about my team that can pull that event off the way that we do. it's just so, so well done. you know, look, everybody wants it to be cold weather, clear weather, not too windy.
4:44 am
it was a perfect day for a parade. so, i had a fantastic day when you put it all together. >> hey, congratulations, terry, to the addition to your family and thank you for joining us. good luck with the mad dash today. good luck. >> thanks, brooke. >> thank you so much. john? >> thanks, brooke. 56 days until the inauguration. will president-elect donald trump be ready to take the keys to the country? we will debate that next. and coming up on sunday night on "parts unknown" anthony bourdain samples local favorites with a side of history. here's a taste. >> perhaps the most famous dish beans, smoked in cured meats and, if you're lucky, fresh eggs. oh, there we go. yeah. the pig's foot. m
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. it is being called the miracle on 93rd street. new york city firefighters putting their lives on the line to save an elderly man trapped in a burning apartment building and they did it by using a rescue technique only deployed in the most dire situations. we now have five of new york's bravest who went beyond the call. >> this is the type of job you see once -- you know, once in a
4:50 am
20-year career. >> as a manhattan apartment building ignited in flames, more than 200 members of the fdny raced toward it. these five men among them. >> the roof was on fire. there was fire coming out of the shaft. there was fire at all around it. >> reporter: the firefighters never met before but that day, an 81-year-old man trapped in his home brought them together. >> frank called me and told me that we had a guy at the window. >> my thought was possibly a fire escape to try to get to him. but in the photos there was no rear fire escape in this tenement. >> grabbed the rope, dumped the rope on the roof and andy and steve came up, joe, and we just went to work. >> reporter: a rope rescue is a dangerous technique, which hasn't been attempted by this department in five years. because it's considered a last resort by firemen standards. but one they knew they had to do. within seconds, jim lee was being lowered down, scaling the burning building.
4:51 am
>> go to your right, go to your right. >> he was burning. at one point you could hear him yelling burning. i remember seeing him looking up at me with that hood up and i just said to him, let's go. >> reporter: with the rope holding them beginning to burn -- >> okay lower us down nice and easy, guys. >> reporter: the team of firefighters successfully lowered the two men to safety. >> okay, good. down. >> reporter: seconds before the rope snapped. >> looking back up and seeing the fire now out the window, the rope was on fire. and the reality really set in that wow, we really just -- we saved a guy's life. legitimately group of guys worked together in seamless fashion and saved this guy's life. what a feeling. >> reporter: at feeling came again. >> you look familiar. >> reporter: when the firefighters met the man they saved. jim duffy. >> i said, thank god. it was a miracle. i called it a miracle on 93rd. >> well that's a good catch
4:52 am
phrase. i like it. >> we deal with a lot of tragedy in this job. and through the course of a career, more tragedy than you'd like to ever see. and this was definitely a win for everybody. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> a great moment. >> all right, president-elect donald trump transition team very, very publicly feuding over the top contenders for secretary of state. >> publicly? >> publicly. very. trump senior adviser kellyanne conway stirring the pot with some tweets, want to discuss this with cnn political commentator, former national press secretary for bernie sabders symone sanders and cnn political commentator mr. ben ferguson. and right now in terms of the public approval in the transition, 46% say they approve, 45% disprove. those numbers perfectly in line, and in some cases a little bitter than past transitions. but there is this thing that has vefd the last few days during this transition, which is highly unusual. and that's the public campaign
4:53 am
over secretary of state. and now people going negative against the idea of mitt romney, including donald trump's former campaign manager kellyanne conway who has gone to twitter with some pretty harsh tweets about romney. she says receiving deluge of social media and private comments re romney, some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. is it pretty unseamly to have this kind of public battle at this level about a nomination the president-elect will make? >> i -- >> well i think it's actually good that you have somewhat of a, you know, a transparent and blunt conversation about a position that's big. i also think you're talking about something that would be, i think, unprecedented in politics. mitt romney's biggest speech of the last two years was when he came out and had a 30, 40-minute diatribe against donald trump. there are a lot of people around trump going, why would you pick that guy? now, to donald trump's credit, what he seems to be doing is saying, hey, i'm going to let the past be the past, if people
4:54 am
are qualified for a position, whether it's nikki haley or mitt romney, i'm going to look at them. and i may even offer them a position because i don't care about the past, i want the best people in positions where i think they can serve this country and serve my administration well. so, from that standpoint, i think it's actually encouraging. a lot of people worried trump was going to have a, you know, a political hit list where if you were against him, you'd never work again anywhere close to him. that obviously is not the case, so i'm okay with there being a grand debate over mitt romney. i'm not a huge fan of mitt romney but i think having the debate is worth the time. >> how do you feel about it? >> i think i'm fine with the debate. i think the public nature of the debate is what concerns me and i think the 45% of americans that necessarily don't approve of the process. we are listening at the process, very reality tvesque and we know mr. trump comes from that world so it shouldn't be a surprise that's how he's running his transition team. i also think it's really odd that kellyanne conway has taken
4:55 am
to twitter in such a public fashion which goes to show the lengths the folks are willing to go through to get mr. trump's attention. so i would definitely prefer if we would just bring a little bit of decorum back to the office, and you know, i think it's great to have debate. perhaps internal debate would be better, so it's still up to the public and the public trust isn't necessarily eroded with this process. >> see, i don't think it's a trust issue. i think the transparency here and how blunt this conversation is in public is actually what the american people want. they want to know why decisions are being made and how they're being made. donald trump is showing that right now. when you do things in quiet, with no public debate, i mean, donald trump has to be looking at what other people are saying right now, mitt romney. i would rather him hear it on the front end before he officially says you're my guy or not, than it come after the fact going man, i wish i would have known this -- >> ben -- normally what you do is you tell it to donald trump, right? you don't necessarily -- >> -- through twitter and television and smoke signals.
4:56 am
>> yeah i mean, let me just say this, he's unorthodox. we all know that. so for me this is not as shocking. if it was mitt romney's campaign for example and if he would have been elected, yes that would be shocking. but for donald trump this to me is exactly what i expected after he was elected. >> seems like the bar is low for mr. trump. and i think that's not okay. i think a debate is fine. but the public nature of the debate i definitely think is dangerous. the decorum to the office is slowly being eroded with the parading of these candidates in and out of trump tower. in and out of bedminster. jersey. so i definitely think there's a time and a place for this. and this isn't the place. or the time. >> i'm with you. i'm with you on the decorum. but i also understand the transparency and a lot of americans appreciate that. i think that's a huge reason why a lot of people elected donald trump. but i also, though, i'm wondering how mitt romney's feeling about this? he's hanging back with his family, right over their lovely thanksgiving holiday and he's like well hang on a second, tell me how you really feel. maybe i don't want the job.
4:57 am
>> mitt romney is in an awkward situation because mitt romney put an entire political future on being anti-trump and all of a sudden you get this phone call and you've got to be scratching your head going what did i do so right to get this phone call and what is happening here? so if i'm -- if anyone right now should be sweating a little bit, it's probably mitt romney, because he's going to look, to many, like a total sellout if he takes this job. >> well, i don't think -- >> i don't think he looks like a sellout. >> maybe mitt romney thinks he could be a good secretary of state and thinks it would be an honor to be asked to do so. >> of course it is. but if you look at the words he came out and said and the biggest speech he's given in two years was anti-trump, and to then take a job with donald trump, there's people around mitt romney that i know well sitting there going, what are you doing? you put all of it on the line against this guy. he offers you a job and now you're going to take it? did you not believe what you were saying back then? >> doesn't mitt romney get to be
4:58 am
as unorthodox as donald trump every once in awhile? you're praising donald trump for being unorthodox. >> i'm fine with it. i'm saying there's people around him though that i'm sure are scratching their head right now going, how do we get to this situation where you are this anti-trump, and now you're willing to work with him? i think he would probably make a great secretary of state if he does get the job and he obviously has a lot of connections around the world. and the way he was able to deal with the olympics is a perfect example of how his demeanor can work well and i think that would serve this country in a positive way. the big question is going to be, when there are disputes, you know, is he going to be able to take the leadership of donald trump and say, okay, i'm going to implement this, because from his words, a lot of people worry is he going to be able to be totally loyal to donald trump? >> well, i would -- >> symone sanders we are always honored to have you and your decorum here. thanks so much for being with us. great to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> not like it's been a full-on trump kumbayah. >> we've got a lot of news. let's get right to it.
4:59 am
>> this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everyone. welcome to this special holiday edition of "new day." it is friday, november 25th. it is 8:00 in the east. aim john berman alongside brooke baldwin. >> oh, well low. >> very nice to see you all. >> sad news this morning, we're all waking up on this morning after thanksgiving. sad news for those of us did nothing but watch tv in the '70s and 1980s. florence henderson who played carol brady on "the brady bunch" she has died. >> we're hearing from hollywood celebrities and fans talking about this news that florence henderson passed away at the age of 82. florence sanchez is with us for a look at the incredible career. >> she will certainly be missed. we're learning from her management she passed away last night at cedars-sinai hospital last night in los angeles of heart failure. she was surrounded by her four children and in some way we're all her children and we'll
5:00 am
definitely miss this lovely, lovely lady. ♪ ♪ here's a story of a lovely lady ♪ >> reporter: florence henderson captured hearts across america as one of the most beloved tv moms, carol brady. >> you'll find out. >> good luck on your debate today, jan. >> do i look okay today, mom? >> you look lovely. don't be nervous about a thing. >> reporter: starring as the matriarch of a blended family her career would be defined on her character on the 1970s sitcom "the brady bunch". >> i created the kind of mother that i wish i had and everyone longs for. >> reporter: taking on the role was something henderson embraced. >> i get so much fan mail from all over the world and everybody wants a hug from me and i hug everybody. >> reporter: in the decades following the show, henderson


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