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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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meals. we have been expecting you. with that, millions of "star wars" fans suddenly stopped caring about shopping deals this morning. tickets for the next "star wars" movie go on sale starting monday. the new movie is both a spinoff and prequell going back to the stories of how plans for the death star were stolen. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the dinner plates are cleared and americans now scramble to get their fill of bargains. black friday now under way. with it, the crowds and chaos of the post-thanksgiving tradition. some shoppers braved massive lines or midnight deals to snap up the most popular deals like electronics and toys. others never left home, taking advantage of online retailers. stepping up their game to get into some of that spending frenzy. meantime, the trump team in-fighting goes public. key trump allies picking sides in the battle to become our next
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secretary of state. will it be rudy giuliani or mitt romney? let's begin with political intrigue inside the trump transition. cnn's jason carroll live in florida this morning. >> reporter: good morning. sort of fascinating to watch all this play out publicly. this is, this type of in-fighting is the thing you normally see happening inside inner circles but certainly not outside like what we have seen. certainly a number of people still seem to be angry with mitt romney for being so critical of donald trump throughout the election season and we are seeing that now. this is why we are seeing tweets like this one from kellyanne conway saying the following yesterday. receiving deluge of social media and private communication regarding romney. some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. conway saying she was simply saying publicly what she's been saying privately to both donald trump and mike pence. meanwhile, donald trump for his part turning this into in part a working vacation. as you know he's made promises
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over and over to try and save u.s. jobs and to penalize companies that take those jobs overseas to places like mexico. and he basically pointed out a company, carrier ac, and basically tweeted about this yesterday saying the following. i am working hard even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s., indiana, making progress. will know soon. carrier for its part also releasing a statement weighing in, saying carrier has had discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together, nothing to announce at this time. i should also tell you, in just about a half hour from now, the trump transition team is going to have a call where they are going to be going over the candidates who will be interviewing for positions on monday. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live this morning. let's talk about that and more. joining me, errol louis, cnn political commentator, jamie weinstein, senior writer for the daily caller, and josh rogen,
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cnn political analyst and columnist for "the washington post." welcome to all of you. good morning. happy friday. so errol, kellyanne conway says she's not saying anything publicly she hasn't said privately to the president-elect, but are you surprised that she tweeted out that there's this rift among trump supporters between romney and rudy giuliani? >> i interpret it as maybe kellyanne conway thinking that she's got to go public, because it is one of the tested and true ways of trying to sway donald trump. we saw this in the campaign, where people would quite openly acknowledge newt gingrich among others that one way to get to him is to sort of put something out there on twitter or on television discussions like this one, because he watches a lot of television. it's a little unusual. most of us would expect that maybe a policy memo, political
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memo or conversation, maybe a meeting would be the way to convey this stuff, but i see kellyanne conway as doing something we have seen throughout the campaign. it's a little jarring, but in the name of transparency, we can get a look at what kind of discussion's going on inside the transition. >> so will that really sway mr. trump, hearing maybe this discussion on television? >> well, i agree, this is -- we saw this during the campaign itself. the best way to sometimes communicate with donald trump, it seems, is to go on television, to go on social media. we know he watches television a lot. but you have to give it to donald trump to some degree here. a lot of people didn't think he had it in him to consider someone who was so brutal to him during the presidential campaign for a top post like mitt romney, but the fact that these people are going so public to try to sway donald trump suggests to me he is very seriously considering mitt romney, a guy who called him all sorts of names during the primary.
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so that is a characteristic we didn't really expect to see in donald trump to look beyond such slights. >> so josh, those trump supporters who were supporting giuliani, do they see it as disloyal on mr. trump's part if he picks mitt romney? >> we are seeing two fundamental conflicts inside the trump transition team, one between the tower in new york and the people in washington, who are likely to go into government, and the other is between the loyalists and the never trump people. if donald trump wants to reach out to the never trump people, the romney pick is a great way to do it, not only would that allow him to mend fences but all of the rest of the foreign policy establishment which has been very never trump throughout the campaign, would fall into line. you would have a big tent sort of national security team. on the other hand, newt gingrich once called all the never trump people sniveling, whining, negative cowards, okay? there's a lot of anger there. they feel like they made a bet and they won the bet and they should be rewarded, and if they
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aren't rewarded there's going to be some backlash for sure. >> interesting. while all of this is going on, supposedly mr. trump reached out to the carrier plant in indiana to try to prevent it from moving to mexico. that's kind of unusual for a guy who's not president yet to do. >> well, it is a promise that donald trump made over and over again, and you know, we will never see him with more clout than he has right now. to the extent he can pull this off, it would be a real triumph for him. the question is, can he do it just based on what he said would be threats of tariffs, in other words, penalizing companies that take jobs out of the country, or would he have some other kind of persuasive means. right now he doesn't have any control over any of the levers of government. right now this is all sort of hypothetical. we will see if he can pull this off. and at what cost. because a company like carrier is not going to do this i think,
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or do what the president-elect wants just based on threats or on promises, but we will see how it all washes out. >> so jamie, how do you think the negotiations are going? because carrier confirmed it, they are talking to mr. trump or someone from his team. like what could mr. trump promise them to keep them from moving the plant into mexico? >> well, i suppose he could promise tax cuts or he could threaten them. honestly, this is a bit concerning, to have the president-elect of the united states reaching out to a company like this who knows what he's saying, is he threatening them, is that appropriate for the president of the united states? if you are carrier, you might just be so worried that if you don't fall in line with the president on this, he will do whatever he can to destroy your company. so this is i think a worrisome development in the trump transition, that he is calling companies and perhaps, we don't know, threatening them -- >> on the other hand, i think the people who voted for mr.
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trump would be thrilled if mr. trump were threatening carrier, right, josh? >> i'm sure they would be. >> listen, i don't think the trump administration is going to be able to fix the jobs problem in america one company at a time. if he is able to do something in this particular situation, okay, let's see what happens. but what we are all waiting for is how will he change the economic picture more broadly, trade policy, tax reform. is he going to build the wall, is he going to start trade wars with china. these will be things that impact millions of jobs. this is fine, he's free to do this kind of stuff and no one's going to fault him if he's able to save a few hundred jobs in indiana, but the big decisions are yet to come. it's not clear how what donald trump said during the campaign would be applied to u.s. economic policy and whether or not that's really going to bring manufacturing back to the united states in the way he promised. that's going to be a much bigger challenge for sure. >> so i do want to touch on this recount thing with the green
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party, right? jill stein's green party has raised millions of dollars for recounts in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. wisconsin's deadline is today. if they want a recount in wisconsin, they have to ask wisconsin by 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. do you think that the green party will do that? >> no, i do not. frankly, in the appeal from jill stein, read the fine print, because she also makes clear to the donors that she's hitting up for money that there's no guarantee that any of this is going to happen. it's not clear whether they have the standing, whether they have the evidence, and of course, at the end of all this, there has to be a change in the outcome or the whole thing was a waste of time. so this is all based on three improbabilities, all stacked on top of each other. they are trying to make the case that the thin margin by which donald trump won, about 100,000 votes across three different states, were all somehow miscounted and could go the other way because without all three of those states going the other way, there's no change in
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the outcome. it's a really dubious kind of proposition and i think people should be very clear that any money they give to the green party to chase down this rabbit hole is not necessarily going to be money they will have for holiday spending or anything else, or a change in who takes office in january. >> all right. we will keep an eye on it anyway. thanks to all of you. >> thank you. sad news to report this morning. she was a tv icon and certainly was america's favorite mom. for a long time. ♪ >> just makes you smile. florence henderson died in los angeles overnight at the age of 82. fans were startled by her death. she just paid a visit to "dancing with the stars" to support maureen mccormick who
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played her daughter on the show. let's bring in boris sanchez with more on her career. good morning. >> good morning. this was something unexpected. her manager saying she passed away alongside her four children last night of cardiac failure. she made her name playing carol brady, but it was seeming that even from a young age she was destined for stardom. she got her big break at 19 on the broadway show "oklahoma." in '59 she was the "today" girl on nbc, a bit of a trailblazer, the first woman to guest host the "tonight" show for johnny carson in 1961. six years ago she still had it. her dancing chops on "dancing with the stars," the show you mentioned that she attended monday night for her friend maureen mccormick. obviously it goes back to carol brady, that iconic role she loved so much. here she is talking about the role that made her a household name. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i had had and i think that everyone longs for. i get so much fan mail from all
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over the world and everybody wants a hug from me. and i hug everybody. >> i wish i could have hugged her. she really is america's mom. it's really interesting and touching that she says that, that she played the mom she always wanted because she had a difficult childhood. she was the daughter of a single parent that had to deal with alcoholism, grew up in very humble beginnings and she rose to be a star. she will certainly be missed. we let her into our homes and our hearts and now have to say good-bye to a lovely lady. >> i can't believe it. thanks so much. i want to bring in the host of "dancing with the stars," tom bergeron. hi, tom. >> hey, carol. i can tell you first-hand, she gave great hugs. >> that just warms my heart. you just saw her a couple days ago, right? >> yeah. you know, we have been friends for, god, 20 years, and she was at the show monday night. we were both excited that norman
7:13 am
lear was there as well. i just, i can't really wrap my head around it. just hearing her voice in the clip you played makes it even more unbelievable. >> i think it says something about her that she was there to support maureen mccormick, a kid who played on a tv show with her in 1968, and she's kept in touch all these years. >> yes. it was real love and affection, when we would talk off camera about her continued connection with the cast and with her fans and we would often go out after the show because she not only participated in the show, but also would come to the audience and we would go out after quite often for a drink and a bite to eat together, and i loved to pick her brain about her career and the people she worked with and she just was -- she was just
7:14 am
a lovely, lovely person. i still can't believe that i won't see her again. >> i think that a lot of people have a hard time believing that, you know, she was in a cutthroat business and she lasted many, many years and made a success of so many different roles. you want to believe that this person was good through and through, but she actually was, right? >> she also -- she had a sense of humor that belied mrs. brady. she could go wonderfully hilariously blue which i loved her for, and yeah, she was performing right up until the end. i would tease her sometimes if i didn't see her for awhile, i said you're out singing and giving concerts and traveling and she would go yeah, yeah, you know. she was just a wonderful working actress, singer, performer who
7:15 am
never lost the love for what she did. >> i would think that you guys are going to do some sort of tribute to her on the show? >> well, we are back in march and i certainly hope that that's the case, because she was an important part of our extended family, and is going to be missed by so many of us. >> tom bergeron, thanks for checking in this morning and helping us remember a really wonderful lady. thank you so much. we'll be right back. oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising?
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from stuffing turkey to stuffing shopping carts, it is black friday and millions of americans are out today trying to get deep discounts. it was packed in front of the flagship macy's store in new york city as the doors opened very early this morning. in minnesota, more than 1,000 shoppers braved the cold and rain to be first in line when the mall of america opened at 5:00 in the morning. with the crowds, a little chaos, too. these shoppers were caught clamoring over electronics at a walmart store in mississippi. no surprise that black friday means big bucks for national retailers. this year the national retail federation expects holiday sales
7:20 am
to top $650 billion, a 3.6% increase from last year. joining me to talk about early shopping is the ceo and chairman of jcpenney, marvin allison. good morning. so jcpenney opened up lots earlier than other stores. why did you make that decision? >> we actually allowed a vote on what time to open. last year we opened at 3:00. it was very successful. we put the vote to the associates and they decided they wanted to open at 3:00 because they felt it gave us the best opportunity to win. >> interesting. so this year's black friday seems to be going a lot better than last year's black friday. what lessons did you learn from last year's black friday that you carried over to this year? >> i think it was a couple of things. number one, bringing new products really matters. for jcpenney, we opened over 500 new appliance showrooms in the last couple months and that's been very successful.
7:21 am
we also learned that for our customer, toys and jewelry matter so we introduced some new categories of toys for kids and we had some really strong offers with fine jewelry that we had a great response to yesterday. >> so how is the traffic in your stores today? >> traffic is really good. this is a long season but we are off to a great start. i was out and about all day yesterday in stores. we had a really early thanksgiving dinner at my house because we made a very simple rule at jcpenney. if we open stores on thanksgiving i wanted every vice president and above to be working in stores yesterday, including me. so i was out in stores yesterday working and we had all of our senior level executives assigned to stores out on the front lines with our associates. we had a great time and traffic is holding up very well today. >> awesome. so black friday seems to be going well at many stores across the country. to what do you attribute that? is the economy improving? is that what it is?
7:22 am
>> it's been an interesting year. from a macro economy standpoint, all indicators have been very positive. savings rates have been strong, home appreciation has been going up for the last couple of years. unemployment has been moderate. wages are moderate to up. but there has still been a slight pause in consumers' confidence for the last six to ten months. so we are starting to see the holiday bring out that spending spirit that has always existed in the american consumer. we are starting to see customers really start to kind of get engaged in shopping again. we are very pleased with that. we think the holiday season has a lot to do with that. >> so what worries you down the line as far as the economy and the retail industry? >> well, i think for retail, we are going through this really interesting transition of e-commerce and brick and mortar. if you would read some of the
7:23 am
futurist and retail experts five years ago, they would say the e-commerce business would eliminate the need to have physical stores, but now what you are seeing is most pure play e-commerce companies are opening up physical stores. so what's happening is this transition between brick and mortar, digital commerce and how they are merging together. i think retailers, jcpenney included, will have to build a really good strategic plan on how you leverage both retail footprints, both digital and physical, to serve customers more effectively. >> i have always heard that the physical store would be sort of the showroom and then shoppers might go home and go online and decide to buy then. >> i think it's a combination of that, but also what we are finding out is that the most expensive and challenging part of an e-commerce business is the last mile of delivery, that last point of delivering to the customer's home is very expensive so most pure play e-commerce companies, their
7:24 am
largest expense year over year is their fulfillment costs. so what we are finding out is that we are leveraging our physical stores to be that last delivery point so as an example, roughly 60% of all of our e-commerce sales touch a physical store. that gives us a tremendous example of convenience for customers but also speed and a cost advantage. if you are depending upon shipping to someone's home from a distribution center as your most effective way to serve customers, you will have increasing costs for the next ten years. >> fascinating. marvin ellison, thank you for being with me. dare i say merry christmas? >> you can say it. in the retail world we love to say merry christmas. hope you had a good thanksgiving as well. >> i did. you, too, sir. thank you so much. coming up next in the "newsroom" money and power. donald trump's potential cabinet picks worth billions. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads here. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. a u.s. service member has been killed in northern syria. it happened on thanksgiving day after an ied blast. joining us with more on what happened, cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns. hi, joe. >> reporter: hi, carol. we do know this happened in northern syria near raqqah. we don't know a whole lot about what happened with this service member. the joint task force responsible said this person was killed, as you reported, when an improvised
7:30 am
explosive device went off. one of the things we do know is that americans are working in syria, hundreds of them, in fact, serving in an advise and assist capacity to help the local forces deal with isis. we do not have the name of this individual and hoping, of course, the military can give us that. the defense secretary did put out a statement yesterday saying he was saddened by the news, offering his condolences. important also to say u.s. military personnel in syria are not supposed to be actively engaging isis in combat. they are only supposed to be working in that advise and assist capacity. but it does show how even just that limited role can be very dangerous for americans in the region. >> joe johns reporting live this morning, thank you.
7:31 am
forget about a team of rivals. how about a team of millionaires and billionaires? president-elect donald trump considering a variety of policy experts and politicians for key jobs and let's just say, those people have some serious cash. betsy devos, trump's pick for education secretary, her family has an estimated net worth of $5 billion. that's with a b, billion dollars. some of trump's other potential picks, they have got deep pockets, too. mitt romney is under consideration for secretary of state. he's got an estimated net worth of $250 million. oil tycoon harold ham, reported contender for energy secretary, his estimated net worth is more than $15 billion. i bring this up because trump ran on a promise to fix a rigged system and to rein in wall streeters. >> my weakest support is with very rich people. isn't that funny? i don't get along that well with rich. i don't even like the rich that much. it's like a weird deal. >> with me to talk about this is
7:32 am
cnn political commentators paris denard and ba cari sellers. welcome to both of you. well, donald trump appears to like at least some wealthy people, right? >> yeah. i don't really have that many rich friends. i need to do a better job and maybe i will gain a few. the fact is, this is kind of ironic but this is what we have seen from donald trump. saying one thing on the campaign trail, pebeing a man of the people, being somewhat anti-elite, although he has gold toilets in his own condominium in new york city, but being a man of the people. but he governs totally different from that. let's look at betsy devos for one second. she has no education background, no degree in education, has never taught in public schools, never worked in a public school environment, did not send her children to public schools, believes in for-profit education. all she's done is donate $240,000 directly to mr. trump
7:33 am
and $6.5 million to republicans across the country. that is her qualification to be secretary of education. that's a shame. >> paris, you have to admit, donald trump did say he wanted to take big money out of politics, but she's exactly the kind of person who puts money into politics. >> i think with all due respect to my good friend, i think he should go back and check the record on who betsy devos really is and her long-term commitment to education, especially things like school choice. she is very much qualified to be our next secretary of education. the one thing about her family's wealth, the devos family are self-made and have dedicated their lives to improving the lives of many americans, especially those in their home state of michigan. so the question is, can you be a multi-millionaire and have an impact on the community and want to serve. look, nobody questioned the credentials of president obama's cabinet picks like secretary of commerce, who is worth billions of dollars, or john kerry, who
7:34 am
is a multi-millionaire, secretary of interior is a multi-millionaire. nobody questioned their dedication to service and wanting to make america great again. those people who are stepping up to serve may be worth several millions or billions of dollars but have qualification and want to do something to serve and give back. that's a good thing for the country. >> here's the other thing, because mr. trump wants to appoint outsiders, so there aren't many outsiders qualified for the job or who mr. trump knows and let's face it, he knows a lot of wealthy people because he is wealthy so he's picking people that maybe he knows and he wants outsiders and these people fit the bill. >> i mean, there's nothing about betsy devos that fits the bill to running our system of public education here in the united states of america. the fact is, she is a large proponent of for-profit institutions. she does not believe in the public school system. that's a bit ironic. to say that we need outsiders,
7:35 am
the biggest insiders are those who donate to the political cause. betsy devos is a perfect example of that. she is someone who pumps million after millions after millions of dollars into the system. she is the epitome of what's wrong with the system, not what's good and what's right. >> that's crazy. you know what, carol, if the qualifications to run for public office or to be a public servant was whether or not you sent your children to public school, we would disqualify president obama who sent both his children to private schools. >> that's not what i said, paris. that's not what i said. >> let me interject for just a second. i think what some voters will worry about, especially those voters who don't make much money, right, they think the system is unfair to them and wall street is taking advantage of them. if you appoint all of these people who make lots and lots and lots of money who have wall street ties and who benefit from some of these policies, they don't think those people, the first thing on the agenda will be to change the rules to help the little guy.
7:36 am
>> i think at the end of the day we need to be fair. president obama, his former chief of staff, rahm emanuel, at least five of his cabinet picks were all multi-million naaires. >> we are talking about donald trump's picks. >> that's the problem. for some reason, the president-elect to appoint people who might be wealthy, we are questioning whether they are fit to serve or are in touch with the common man. we didn't have that same critique with president obama -- >> we have to question these people for the good of everyone, don't we? i'm just asking. >> carol -- >> i think we should question them. we should also be fair and look at the record especially with betsy devos and her qualifications and her commitment to public education, charter schools and school choice which is something very very important to a lot of americans especially in the black community. >> but carol, if i may, i think paris is somewhat just forgetting about the recent history here. we are criticizing and critiquing donald trump because he is doing something that he
7:37 am
was adamantly opposed to doing on the campaign trail. he said he was going to drain the swamp. he said he didn't have any rich friends because rich people didn't like him because he was talking against their interests. now what you see him doing is rewarding the same people that he bastardized along the campaign trail. it's one thing to say that you are going to reform the way d.c. works but then when you get there, he's acting as if he's been in d.c. for a very long period of time. he's not draining the swamp. he's simply feeding the gators. so i think that is what people are having the concern about. betsy devos, just briefly, has no commitment to public education. none whatsoever. she despises public education. she has no experience with public education. if you can point to her experience with public education, i will be glad to learn. >> i will tweet about it. the other thing we need to talk about with respect to these cabinet picks are the fact that they are not a part of the system. they are not from washington. when you talk about draining the swamp, that's what he's doing, getting rid of the people who
7:38 am
have been in this district of columbia, being part of the problem for so many years. these outsiders are exactly what we need. the american people wanted change. they wanted an outsider in president. that's why they elected donald trump. he will bring in those type of people who have the personal experience, professional experience, to help make america great again. it's a smart decision to do that. it is not part of the washington system. these are outsiders who want to come inside and make a change and make a difference. that's what the american people voted for. that's what they are going to get. >> they just happen to be very very wealthy. thanks to both of you. it's been a key secret weapon since the cold war. now updated spy planes have a brand new mission over the middle east. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs for a 100% fresh mouth. feeling 100% means you feel bold enough to... ...assist a magician... ...or dance. listerine®. bring out the bold™
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it is a highly secretive aerial spying program targeting isis. the mission, to gain information on their leadership and installations. the pilots are flying at altitudes so high they have to actually wear space suits. here's more from cnn's senior international correspondent frederick pleitgen. >> reporter: fighting isis in a space suit. we can only identify the pilot by his first name, captain steven, and by his call sign, meathead. he's about to embark on a high altitude reconnaissance mission in a u-2 spy plane. we were given rare access to the preparations, launch and landing of one of these highly secretive missions that have a clear objective, one of the pilots tells me. >> with the u-2 we are able to get out there, find those guys, track them, get that information back to the fighter types, the
7:44 am
bomber types. that way when they go out they have the best intel, best information about where they are and obviously do what needs to be done. >> reporter: the u-2 can fly extremely high, more than 70,000 feet, and get pictures and other information to forces on the ground very fast. it's a cold war era plane flying since the 1950s but its cameras and sensors have been completely upgraded. with its many technological upgrades, the dragon lady remains one of america's main assets in the information gathering effort against isis but of course, intelligence gathering happens on many levels and much of it happens through drones like this global hawk which patrols in the skies above iraq and syria almost every day. the information from these surveillance platforms is key to helping jets from the u.s.-led anti-isis coalition strike their targets. support of forces combatting the group on the ground in places like mosul in iraq. while the u-2 can soar higher
7:45 am
than almost any other plane, it's pretty hard to land. we are in a chase car that speeds after the jet helping to guide the pilot to the ground after an almost ten-hour mission. peeling himself out of the cockpit, captain steven says he believes the u-2 is making a major impact. >> things that we can do while we're up there as well as how often we are up there, thanks to maintenance guys, we are constantly up in the air providing support for those who need it the most. >> reporter: the need for the u-2 services will remain in high demand. while isis may be losing ground, the group remains both deadly and elusive. fred pleitgen, cnn in the middle east. still to come, a missing mother found safe and sound three weeks after vanishing.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
a little bit of news coming out of the trump transition team. jason miller, trump's communications guy, announced today there will be two staff level announcements later today but no other announcements will
7:50 am
happen this weekend. he did not confirm whether ben carson or wilbur ross have been tapped for cabinet posts. we will keep you posted throughout the day. in other news, a california mother missing for more than three weeks is now home with her family. authorities say she was found safe yesterday morning, 140 miles from her home. a search is now under way to find two armed women who she says abducted her and left her bound on the side of a road. we are live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: good morning, carol. an ecstatic, overjoyed, terms the sheriff is using to describe the situation. so often these stories turn out differently. we hear about a body being found, then a funeral. in this case, something rather uncommon happened. let's listen to the sheriff. >> it's been three weeks since her disappearance and then find her and released by her captors is very rare.
7:51 am
california highway patrol was able to connect her with her husband via cell phone. he immediately started responding down to the yellow county sacramento area and then of course, she was very emotional to be released and hear her husband's voice, then a few hours later to be reunited with him. >> she went missing on november 2nd, this after jogging. she basically did not show up to pick up her children at day care. that set off alarm bells with her husband. he began looking for her. he used the find your iphone app, then found her iphone and earbuds and her hair tangled in that phone. that was the last anybody had heard of her. the sheriff's department of course considering her a missing person, at risk because of all of this. they say right now that sensitive information related to this investigation is being withheld. they don't have a motive and don't know if this was a case of stranger abduction. back to you. >> thank you, paul. it was a thanksgiving day
7:52 am
dinner that started with an accidental text message. so this arizona grandmother mistakenly sent a text to a stranger inviting him over to eat. that stranger's name was jamaal hitton. he told her she had the wrong number and the wrong text. she asked why not still come over and have some turkey because that's what grandmas do. >> if you have an opportunity to do something kind for somebody, please, please do, because it's such a good feeling. it's a good feeling to give kindness and it's a wonderful feeling to receive it as well. >> she invited his family as well, but they had their own dinner plans so jamaal was able to enjoy two thanksgiving day dinners. that's awesome. all right. let's talk sports. the dallas -- who wants to talk about the dallas cowboys? don't you just want to talk about the detroit lions and the fantastic game against the minnesota vikings? right? >> i thought about you as i was
7:53 am
watching the lions/vikings game yesterday, how you were reacting to that finish. we will get to that in one moment. we have to give the cowboys some credit. they have won ten games in a row which is no small feat in the nfl and their quarterback dak prescott, and running back ezequiel elliott may be the best rookie combo we have seen in the nfl. the cowboys were hosting the redskins in their annual thanksgiving game. we take a look at the highlights. second quarter, dak prescott rolling out to his right, finding terrence williams for the touchdown. check out the replay. williams barely getting his tipsy-toes down. incredible catch. made it 17-3. into the fourth quarter, elliott will get his second score of the game. cowboys win 31-26. their tenth straight win. throughout this entire game, dez bryant and josh norman were going at it out there on the field. after the game, when everyone was shaking hands, they had to be separated and the trash talk continued during their post game
7:54 am
interviews. >> washington need to get their money back in josh norman. >> this guy, where i'm from, whatever you want to do. >> i honestly feel like the guy's extremely soft. i think he's just a bunch of talk. if he was out and about, i would dare him to talk to me like that. those words would never come out of his mouth. i promise. >> now the game you are most interested in, the lions hosting the vikings. this game tied 13-13 late in the fourth. vikings were driving to win the game. but sam bradford threw one really bad interceptions with 30 seconds left, put the lions in position to kick the game winning field goal. matt prater would nail it. carol celebrates as the lions win 16-13. detroit in great position to win the nfc north position.
7:55 am
vikings are 5-0 to start the year and have lost five of their last six games. the lions won the game but aretha franklin's rendition of the national anthem before kickoff stole the show. ♪ she sang home of the brave like seven times. it lasted 4:35. the anthem, it must be some sort of record. i felt bad for people waving the flag on the field. their arms must have been getting so exhausted, like when is this going to end? >> we were saying that, too. in the end, she still lives in detroit, she's a hometown girl and we love her. >> she's a legend. absolutely. >> andy schulz, thanks so much.
7:56 am
thank you for joining me today. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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hello. i'm john berman. kate bolduan is off today. 30 days before christmas, president-elect donald trump's team expected to announce it has filled two staff positions today. donald trump also shopping for a cabinet on this black friday. a big question is, is mitt romney a good deal to be secretary of state? it appears this prospect creics creating a schism among trump's advisers. mitt romney delivered that scathing take-down of trump earlier this year and the president-elect h


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