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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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facility. because we're tried to make it very home leak. when an old dog that's been in a shelter gets let go, it's like whohoo! >> nancy, shari, thank you, you are vote for your hero at "the lead" starts now. >> thank you, brooke. so yu who is on president-elect trump's christmas wish list? "the lead" starts right now. donald trump has yet to reveal his pick for evacuation and source say the pool of names keeps growing. trump warned democrats could steal the election. now in south clone, they say it's the governor pulling a fast one. are they right? or is this just politics? the top secret aircraft searching for the terrorist's secret hideaways.
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[ music playing ] >> good morning, i'm in for jack tap their black friday. while you are shopping for tvs, nextb president-elect trump is picking two aides for his white house staff. yet no word on who will be secretary of state. at the end of the day, he had two items in his shopping cart, mitt romney and rudy july gain. now we learn he is expecting to choose from five sources. you have five names on that list. does that reflect infighting inside trump's circle? >> perhaps some, jim. we should also point out a little news that came in, in the last hour or. so we are told that mitt romney is still in the running as secretary of state and governor romney and donald trump spoke over thanksgiving. i am told it was a brief conversation, but they did speak. donald trump you did say added more names to the administration, but the
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president-elect filling deputy national security adviser white house council as one source put it a layup of a difficulty apparent that comes with picking the next secretary of state. now that he's finished with his thanksgiving turkey, donald trump is stuffing his white house staff, naming former republican administration official katy macfarland as security adviser and don mcgan as a white house staffer. they accused russia of meddling in the presidential election just last september. >> it's a russian state entity and then he smiled. what's that? that's an ad mission that, in fact, they're doing it and why they zoit because they can get away with it. >> reporter: trump still faces the high stakes test of choosing his next saevenlgs an addition of mitt romney and rudy guiliani, david petraeus and general john kelly and senator
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bob corker are in a battle into rival faction as romney as the safe choice and staffers loyal to guiliani. senior trump adviser kelly anne conway took it to twitter. saying regarding romney, some troubled loyalists against romney as secretary of state. >> i would suggest a lot more people more qualified than romney in foreign policy and who have also not been as actively hostile. >> it's not that i don't care for mitt, i am personally happy mit did everything to derail donald trump. he attacked him about his terror and integrity, his honor. >> reporter: he said i probably have traveled in the last 13 years as much hillary did in the years she was secretary of state. romney's world is much more qui wet wife anne teeth tweeting on thanksgiving, thankful today for a full house and full heart. as for petraeus, sentenced to
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two years probation after sharing classified information with his lover told the bbc he is opened to serving government again. >> i have been in the position before, where the president has turned to me in the oval office in a difficult moment and turned without any pleasantries and said i am asking you as your president and commander-in-chief to take command of the national security force in afghanistan t. only response can be, yes, mr. president. >> reporter: during the campaign, he defended petraeus, saying he received far less treatment than hillary clinton didn't from the fbi director david comb. >> after all these things, he left her off the hook. while other life, including general petraeus and many others have been destroyed for doing far, far less. >> as for the infighting over secretary of state, tensions are build figure response to some of the glum u grumbleing over romney's past criticism of trump. one romney loyalist said to me,
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who needs who more? trump's team is floating more names for secretary of state. >> that is a seen, as we reported, it may not just be a battle between mitt romney and rudy guiliani. >> returning now to our panel to talk more about the transition effort, i want to bring in the panel usa today column yvette, christine powers, contributing writer jay newton small and thanks, to all of you for coming in, the day after thanksgiving, kiersten, you know, seeing this battle kind of bubble up out into the public and on social media, kelly anne conway tweeting about it. do you think he could survive this? mitt romney? clearly there is opposition inside the inner circle. >> that's what we will see, is trump going to be swayed by liss closest advisers or is he going to decide now and say, look, this is the team who got me
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here, but i need a different team to move me forward? i would say it doesn't look great for mitt rom 90 we don't know yet how donald trump can make these decisions, so he could surprise us. >> the thing is each, none of these candidates is perfect. petraeus has his own issue with having dealt with classified material, guiliani, you were mentioning this before about business confliblths of interest, et cetera. >> uh-huh. the man gave so many features to wall street. that was a huge criticism of hillary clinton, right? everybody said she was bought and paid for by wall street. she's in the pocket of all the rich people. rudy guiliani has done nothing of giving tons of speeches since being mayor during 89/11. even senate republicans don't know we can confirm mitt romney, there are so many dogs in his past that have to be flushed out. so if there is a question of rudy guiliani, if there's
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questions about him. there is questions about david petraeus. romney nearly confirmable. he gives democrats the warm and fuzzy, it's how far we have come from 2012. but, obviously, a huge critic of donald trump and the question now is can donald trump take that to his team, people tell him, point blank, we don't know where you are going. we want to see this in a different direction. >> yesterday's hard liners, today's moderates. when you look at that slot a parlour game people betting who will get the key positions. are you sensing any kind of consistent vision or style that donald trump will be likely to govern by if these choices? >> the only consistent thing is we are seeing the vast majority are people that have been loyal to him and people who share his vision, whether it's a strategist and jeff sessions on
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things like immigration and trade, michael flynn, national security adviser on his suspicion toward muslims. i think the battle of the romney and the elites we are seeing, these power plays we see by some people within trump's team is shaping up to be a proxy war over whether trump will bring in people who have been opposed to him in the past. someone like mitt romney, who was very quickal of him in the primary him called him a fraud, a phony, a con artist. nobody else trump has pucked has been of that mold. >> nikki haley, though. >> she was supporting someone else. >> i was told earlier by transition sources that criticism is okay. personal attacks were might be a bridge too far. but who knows. i suppose we will see. >> it's who is the question. it seems like donald trump is over it. it seems the people who aren't over it is newt gingrich and kelly anne conway and rudy guiliani. who else we don't know. so it doesn't seem to be an
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issue for donald trump. if it was, he wouldn't be meeting with him in the first place. >> that's a fair point. >> it's always between obama and hillary, it was staff that for years and years and even now had grudge the two had buried the hatches a long, long time ago. >> a major indication that romney is still in the running, part of the effort so that he withdraws or whatever because he doesn't want to deal with this drama. there is a lot of it. >> as we we heard before, they did speak, though, romney and trump did speak. no idea what they said. k.d. macfar land, you have the advantage of working with her over at another network, whose name i won't mention. do you have a sense of vision, policy, priorities for her and how she would fit with michael pence? >> i always thought of her as being a pretty conventional hawkish republican. so it wouldn't be a kind of donald trump tough republican. but she did support him, i gather. so this is top down.
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it's trump's vision. people are there to implement it. i am told she is very close to general flint that's probably in large part why she got this. i'm sure trump is familiar with her, because he watches a lot of cable tv and obviously likes what he sees. like i said, they're going to be making the recommendations. he has a pretty clear i think dwlad idea that he wants to do. >> there was so much talk about candidate briefing, before and now after the election. we are learning reports that donald trump since the election, we are 17 days out, has had two intelligence briefings. his contractor he is offered this every day. he has access to the ppb. should america be concerned? >> i mean, it's certainly be some expressed a lot of concern at this time in the nation's history, this is the time you want to get a lot going on. there is a lot of insecurity in the world. that, frankly, what left him,
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the sense of insecurity in the world. you would want your president to be played up. his staff place it down, he has been pretty busy picking up the cabinet. the is absolutely up to date on what's going on. they're not worried at all. >> too busy to received classified intelligence briefings on national security threats? >> it's an interesting phenomenon to what we are seeing. it speaks to the fact that the people that donald trump surrounds himself will be more than important than usual. this is a person who has not had experience as a government. that's highly unusual for a president in this era, especially in an era with threats this complicated abroad. that's why weiss picks we see matter might matter a lot more than otherwise. >> happy thanksgiving to you as we head into the weekend, the man at the white house north. new information about the potential taxpayer costs to protect donald trump's fifth avenue home.
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>> which are back with word of new logistics and lots of money in the works to secure donald
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trump and his family at their new york home which has become known as white house norm. trump towers in the heart of manhattan features an atrium opened to the public, luxury stores and perhaps soon a noor for the secret service. this is a big logistical challenge and also a lot of money we are talking about here. >> plans are in the works as we speak to figure out how to make this happen. what we are told by officials is that the secret service is looks at least at one floor, basically set up a command post. now we spoke to a person responsible foring out these floors. we are told one would cost $1.5 million on top of the million a year we are told a day i should say being spent on protecting trump and his family in new york city. so the costs are really adding up here. i am told the situation would be different, it would cost less and there one be much security if you didn't have the future first lady staying in trump
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tower through at least the spring. of course that would mean the president would be coming back a lot. that's basically what the secret service is preparing for trump when he's president and president-elect as we've seen going back and forth. what's also interesting is the fact have you trump tower on fifth avenue, one of the busiest corridors in the world. the city service is renting out the floor and paying the trump association who owns the building. essentially, if you but this together, trump -- >> one you in effect have to secure two permanent residences for a period of time. it's not like going on vacation for a couple of weeks. also the money is not only being charged by taxpayers. the taxpayers in effect are paying at least a corporation. >> exactly. in that sense. now, we don't know all the details worked out, in essence, trump's corporation would be get inning the money the secret
1:18 pm
service would be paying for the rent of that floor through tax player dollars. so it's really unprecedented in that sense. of course this could all change if and when the first family permanently moves into the white house. we know that melania and baron are seeing in the spring. we don't know after that what will happen. a lot of this is unusual. at the same time, a lot is typical after every election the secret service has to come up with a brand-new game plan to protect the future first family. there are some interesting aspects for sure. >> so unusual to be paying the first pamly? pamela brown, thank you very much. was the kremlin behind those facebook and twitter feeds before and during election? and one candidate has declared himself the winner, putting together the transition team t. other candidate is refusing to concede. the governor's race, it won't end, that's coming up.
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. >> looking back, looking at politics. like shouteding into a hurricane. that's how researcher get the truth to break through the fake news story. now those researchers tell the washington post that russia helps spin those fake stories by exploiting american made platforms like twitter to boost stories pedaling conspiracy theories, for instance, around hillary clinton's health or super power brokers that runs the world. joining me is a democrat for my home state of new york. he sits on the foreign affairs committee. very happy thanksgiving to you, congressman meeks. >> thank you very much. >> this is serious stuff we are talking about here, a
1:24 pm
coordinated effort to spread fake news to in effect poison the election campaign. what is your reaction to this report? >> i think throughout the election campaign, you saw that there was only, it was one-sided. i mean, rugs clearly were supporting mr. trump and clearly did not want hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states. all of our intelligence agencies have indicated that soond whether it's wiki leaks or these fake stories that were on the internet, they've perfected them to try to distort at least the thought process of the electorate and probably with some success. some folks, you read something and they believe it because it's written on the internet. so it is troubling. it's very concerning. >> this is, in effect, an attack. you mention in addition to something that u.s. intelligence has identified. they say that russia was behind
1:25 pm
those cyber attacks, exposed the e-mails of the dnc, another democratic officials. that is, in effect, by definition a cyber attack on the american, on america's democracy. what do you think that the response should be? >> well, i think that there has to be a response and i would hope that the president-elect would not, you know, he seemed to disbelieve everything that was being thrown at that time. ah, it's not russia. so the first thing i am focused on is hoping that the president-elect reads the intelligence briefings and believes in the intelligence briefings and scientists say, you are wrong. i might just based upon a whim that he may have. so that's my first concern, based upon his statements during the campaign that you've got to read these briefings. you got to analyze them, then you can make the appropriate responses to make sure that we're protecting the integrity of the united states.
1:26 pm
>> should congress investigate russia's attack on the u.s. election, one, then i would ask you in conjunction with that, do you expect the republican-led congress to do so? >> should congress do an investigation? absolutely. should congress conduct hearings in regards to what took place? absolutely. will congress do it? well, it doesn't look like it right now. i think but you will see and hear democrats i think elijah cummings on an oversight committee has sent letters to the chair saying we need to look into these things and very religiously for the country of the occupation. i think that democrats will be making a lot of noise to the american publics that congress should do its job for the integrity of the elections and the infiltration of russia propaganda into american politics. >> you mentioned intelligence broefks, as a report that donald
1:27 pm
trump in the 17 days he was elected president of the united states has only taken two intelligence briefings. although he has the option every day to get the presidential briefing as it's noevenl does that concern you? >> it does concern me, our national security is a first priority and on top of which concerns me is what donald trump has said all along that he knows more than the spell jens agencies that he and he alone can move forward with foreign policy so that concerns me very much. you know, sometimes as a business person, can you do something on a whim and sometimes if the whim is wrong, you go, you file bankruptcy you do something else. you can't do that as president of the united states of america. our national security is at stake here and so you know as i've looked and read about prior presidents. they've delved into some of these matters very seriously, between the time of day where the president-elect to the time they became president. i think that it's, you know,
1:28 pm
when you look at mr. trump and his back ground it's unprecedented that you have someone like him, who has never been in government before. so i would think he would delve night more than anyone else. it seems to be. >> that is not the case here. >> certainly no shortage. wish the best this holiday season. it's been three weeks. one state still doesn't know who its next governor will be t. vote fight getting uglier by the day in north carolina if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price...
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. welcome back to "the lead." 17 days after election day, north carolina still has not
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declared a winner in its governor's race. now the man trailing by some 7700 votes, the incumbent republican governor pat mccrory could be laying the groundwork to have his fellow republicans who control the state legislature decide the outcome. could that really happen? will it be legal? i want to bring in collin come bell, he has been watching this closely, for the news observer in raleigh, north carolina. thank you for helping us walk through this. so the democrat roy cooper leads by 7700 votes. can mccrory actually have the north carolina general assembly, in effect, override that outcome? >> what the legal option they have here in north carolina. it's happened before about ten years ago in a superintendent of public construction raids where the ten democratic legislature ruled in favor of the democratic candidate who was actually leading in the vote. so it could happen again, all they have to have as far as a reason is that the results may somehow be murky or contested.
1:34 pm
they could jump in here. it is a republican controlled legislature, so if they were to jump in, it is likely they would go for governor pat mccrory, even if the vote tallies show roy cooper in the lead as we get towards the end of the vote counting process. >> murky, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. the fact is the democrats have a lead. i understand republicans are saying that some votes came from dead voters. i mean, we've we heard this before. convicts who they say are ineligible to vote. how are they building the case, if they will are, to say that this result is somehow fishy? >> we are getting these allegations and comments filed about voter fraud throughout the state in a variety of county, there are typically complaints filed, with help from the mccrory campaign by local public officials. they're saying challenging individual voteders, naming people they say are convicted felon, ineligible to vote. you can be a convicted felon and vote. but you can't serve an active
1:35 pm
sentence. they say the dead people voted in this case, it's not necessarily appearing people who have died long ago still on the voter roles, it's people that cast by mail in september, october and pass away before election day, under stated law, those votes cannot count. so there are a fairly small number of votes. i think the total challenges amount to no more than a couple hundred votes meanwhile, as more votes get tallied from the absenteeism ballots, the lead for roy cooper is now at 7,000 votes. we are near the end of the process for. that. >> let me ask you this basically the republicans, that enjoy the general assembly, the numbers don't matter. they can decide, hey, it's murky, you know what, it's a fishy result. we can vote and put in republican. is it as simple as that? >> we talked to the speaker of the house last week about that possibility. he says it's premature to talk about that. he didn't rule out the possibility that it can happen.
1:36 pm
you can expect lawsuits filed challenging the legislature's decision to do that. drag the process out longer. >> the democrats could challenge that in court. not in state court. they have to if to federal court to challenge. >> the law says they can't do it in state court. liam experts told us federal courts would be just fine for. that certainly if you are able to claim the vote margin, it's clearly in favor of roy cooper, the federal judges have overturned a number of decisions in north carolina before. so certainly not unprecedented there. >> collin campbell, pretty remarkable story. something we got to keep watching. thanks very much. >> thanks, a lot, jim. black friday, why today's shopping bonanza could be differ than any other. isis fighting oon the ground with some help from the very edge of space. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪
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>> welcome back. our money lead now. the holiday season has begun, shoppers are on a spending spreerks at least online, where shoppers spent $1.39 billion, today they are forecast to spend
1:41 pm
more than $3 billion. the first time online sales have gone that high. alison kosic took on the assignment of visiting a targeted city to see how many are shopping for deals, the old fashioned way in person. so, how is it looking there today? >> hey, jim, black friday started at 6:00 p.m. in jersey city, new jersey. hundreds waiting out in line on thanksgiving, after eating their turkey to come inside. where did most of them go? they came here to the electronics department, because the must have gift of the year is tvs. and they went fast. target says yesterday on thanksgiving within they opened, 3200 tvs per minute were sold in that first hour of opening. it just guess to show, black friday is changing a little, meaning moving to thursday. but the spirit is still alive. listen to this. >> i am going to four different
1:42 pm
stores, so i'm kind of rushing between each one. it's not as crazy as i thought it would be. >> it's fun to wait outside, i see people coming in, rushing. >> we got a good price, everything is down. >> jim, here's a hot toy catching everybody's eye, an almost life size version of darth vader or a robotic volume, so you vacuum the floor sitting on the couch. and did you know that pajamas doubled, who can't live without a papa bear or mama bear pajama, this is a thing this holiday season. back to you. >> i can't believe that's a thing, thanks, very much. turning to our world lead, donald trump says the focus of his administration will be america first. he vows to fulfill his campaign pledge to full out of the transpacific partnership. he called the agreement with asia terrible for the american worker. >> i am going to issue a notification of intent to
1:43 pm
withdraw from the transpacific partnership. a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back on to american shores. >> so who is poised to cash in on america's collapsing trade agreement? china, it was left out of the tpp negotiation as the u.s. tried to grow its own influence in the region, now china the world's second largest economy is happy to propose its own treaty as the u.s. steps out of the picture. joining me now is a senior fellow at the atlantic count sim. he is out with a new book "eternal sonata." thank you for being here. >> thank you, you too, jim. >> the centerpiece of president obama's famous pivot to asia. what could pulling out of the deal mean for u.s. standing and influence in the region? >> well, this is a historic win for china and a historic loss for the united states t. united states has been working for ten
1:44 pm
years, not just under president obama, but under president george w. bush to create the tpp. many people, president-elect trump during the campaign was saying they were getting these bad deals from china. that's why we are against tpp. tpp excluded china and it set a much higher standard for free trade and it brought in all of our allies into a grouping of people who are going to be able to stand up to china to create new higher standards for labor, for environment and to tie our commission together. now the united states is out of that equation and china is very quickly picking up the slack in a much, much stronger position than it was just a few weeks ago. >> so of course, donald trump said during the campaign it is bad for american workers. a part of this larger message that u.s. companies are shipping manufacturing to places where la intor cheaper, et cetera. as an immediate economic effect, is it right to assume that being outside of the tpp would mean less business for american companies, less sales if asia, less export, et cetera?
1:45 pm
>> well, immediately, it won't change much. what this is about is who is going to define the future. so with tpp, we were going to open markets that we previously didn't have as much access to. the united states is a very open market. but we are going to get much more access to tpp partners like vietnam, like japan and we are going to set a standard for trade particularly like service, intellectual property rights where the united states has been robbed blind by china and tpp created the leverage to stand up to china. now that that's gone, american workers are going to be in a much worse -- in a much worse situation on on the of that, excuse me, on top of that, there's going to be, this is about access. and we have had a lot of access with our access and trade partners. right now there will be a new supply chain that will develop with the united states not a part of it. that's very, very serious and dangerous for our economy.
1:46 pm
>> we have seen president-elect trump back off on several campaign promises. is there any signal he might soften his position on tpp as well? >> there is certainly no senate. when he put out his video the very first thing he says the first proils pronouncement is we will withdraw from tpp, it's going to be very, very difficult. but on so many issues, so many smart people are saying maybe he doesn't mean a thing that he says during the campaign because so much was so anti-thettical and he may just be a completely different person and different leader from the way he campaigns, that would certainly be good news for the united states. >> a big picture for folks at home. you have really, i don't want to say a battle, but more a competition between the u.s. and china in asia on a whole host of fronts, military power, but certainly economic power as well
1:47 pm
how does it push out? do some of the asian allies gravitate towards more the new sheriff in town? >> we are already seeing that, countries like philippines were moving towards china. now close u.s. allies like australia are recognizing the balance of power in asia is shifting and it's shifting towards china. that's why at apec last week, many leaders were moving towards china. talking about the regional economic partnership as the new show in town. china was stepping up as the leader of free trade taking in some ways the mantle from the united states. on top of that, because president-elect trump has said things that denigrates u.s. strong treaty relationships with japan, with korea, there the a lot of uncertainty and that's certainly strengthening coin very significantly and weakening the united states. >> no question, some of the
1:48 pm
asian leaders looking for reassurance if those phone calls. thank you very much for walking us through. >> my pleasure. having a plane flying at 75 feet above the earth is helping to smoke isis out of its hiding spots down here. that's after this. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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>> breaking news just now into the lead. we told you about this theory the vote count in certain swing states wasn't quite right and two told the clinton company they should ask for a recount. now an entirely different campaign is asking the state of wisconsin to do just that. the wisconsin election commission tweeted the jill stein, of course the green party candidate, has filed recount petitions, the deadline was 6:00
1:53 pm
eastern time tonight. getting these in just under the gun. the department promises more details on the exact scope of those requests. we will bring you more information as we get them. moving back now to our world lead. we don't need any more reminders that the u.s. remains a nation at war. but we got one on the thanksgiving holiday, the first u.s. service member has been killed fight income syria. the american died in an eid attack yesterday. roughly 35 miles northwest of the terror group's self proclaimed capital of ra ka. hundreds of u.s. special forces are helping fight isis inside syria. we want to say our thoughts and prayers are with the fallen hero's family tonight. from syria to iraq where security force versus now completely surrounded the isis strong hold of mosul in northern iraq, fighting inside that city has been fierce, often waged, street-to-street, even house-to-house, guiding those
1:54 pm
soldiers on the ground are critical eyes in the sky, way up in the sky. specifically u.s. spy planes tracking every isis' move. fred pleitgen got a rare view. is this absolutely critical to this mission? >> reporter: yeah, jim, we have been talking so much how the company against isis is ramping up, especially to keep the terror group out of mosul. okay, to take isis out a lot of spell jens is necessary. we were able to to film with the unit responsible for collecting a lot of that valuable intelligence. fighting isis in a space suit. we can only identify the pilot by his first name. captain steven and by his call sign meathead. he's about to embark on a high altitude reconnaissance mission in a u2 spy plane. we were given preparations to the launch and landing of one of
1:55 pm
these highly secretive missions that have a clear objective one of the pilots tells me. >> with the u2, we are able to get out there, find those guy, track them. give that information back to the bomber type so that way when they go out there they have the best intelli, the best information about where they are and obviously do what needs to be done. >> reporter: the u2 can fly extremely high, more than 70,000 feet and give pictures and other information to forces on the ground very fast. it's a cold war era plane flying since the 1950s, but its cameras and sensors have been completely upgraded. with its many technological upgrade the u2 dragon lady remains the main assets in the information gathering effort against isis. of course, intelligence gathering happens on many levels, many through drones, like this global hawk that controls the skies above iraq and syria almost every day t. information from these under surveillance platforms is key to helping j etc. from the u.s.-led
1:56 pm
anti-isis coalition strike their targets. support of forces and combat groups on the ground. while it can soar higher than any other plane, it's pretty hard to land. we're in a chase car that speeds after the jet helping to guide the pilot to the ground after almost a ten-hour mission. peeling himself out of the cockpit the captain steven says he believes the u2 is making a major impact. >> things we can do up there. if he thanks the maintenance guys up in the air providing us support for those who need it the most. >> reporter: the need for u2 services will remain in high demarngsd isis may be losing ground the group remains deadly and elusive. >>some of those missions can take up to 12 hours. they're very taxing, very exhausting for the pilot. nevertheless the intellijohnson
1:57 pm
they collect is very important for those troops that are fighting on the ground, jim. >> fred, thanks very much. lasers in space, kamikaze satellites, kidnapper satellites, the science fiction? no, these are tested and deployed weapons in space today with one target in mind the united states. ready to destroy the technology that runs everything down here on earth from the stock exchange to the internet. we received exclusive access to the u.s. military space command and learned that a war in space is a reality they're already preparing for. in the persian gulf and instantaneous burst of energy destroys targets. first on the surface, then in the air. it's deadly fire power moving literally at the speed of light obliterateing its target the navy says, like a long distance
1:58 pm
blow torch. this is the u.s. military's first operational laser weapon and today it is deployed to defeat incoming threats at sea. could it some day be used for targets in space? >> firing lasers in space? >> potentially. yeah. >> it's remarkable. >> when you get into this. you get into all sorts of other classification levels i'm not cleared into. >> reporter: this would require a major strategic shift for the u.s. deploying weapons for use in space. and so, many took notice when in april this year deputy defense secretary bob work vowed the u.s. will strike back if attacked in space. strike back, he added and knock them out. >> from the very beginning if someone starts going after our space constellation, we will go after the capabilities that would prevent them from doing that. >> that sounds like an offensive response to an offensive weapon.
1:59 pm
>> if shot, you will shoot back? >> let me just say having the capability to shoot the torpedo would be a good thing to have in our equipment. >> make sure to join me for this cnn special report, war in space the next battle 2350e8d. that's next tuesday. trust me, will you not be disappointed. it's an alarming vision of the future playing out today. before we go, saying good-bye to an iconic tv mom. >> let peter introduce the finale. >> the stars above. >> florence henderson, best known, of course, for her role as carol brady from "the brady bunch" reps say the 82-year-old's death was unexpected. just this week she attended a taping of "dancing with the stars." she made tv and movie appearances this year. today she tweeted this photo of the two saying, you are in my heart forever, florence. be sure to follow me on facebook
2:00 pm
and twitter or tweet the show at the lead cnn. tune in at 9:00 a.m. eastern the guests will be bernie sanders and kelly anne conway. i turn you over to briane keeler to wolf blitzer in the situation room. >> thanks, jim. happening now, breaking news, trump decision divisions, trump makes two white house picks, it appears to be raging in his inner circle over the job of secretary of state. but a loyalty test disqualifying mitt romney. sky high security t. secret service is looking to take over trump tower. is it ethic am for the president-elect to charge millions for renting a building that he owns. officials say new york is already shelling out a million dollars a day for police protection. who is impressed? russia's vladimir putin denies