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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 26, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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hello again, thanks so much for joining me. to some, a hero, to others, a tyrant. fidel crass stro is dead at 90. reactions a reactions are poring in from around the world. the people are feeling sad because of the loss of our commander in chief fidel crass stro. we wish him, wherever he is, that he is blessed. us cubans love him. >> reporter: in miami, the heart of the cuban exile community celebrations broke out in the streets. some saying it will close a dark chapter of cuba's history. >> we are here because we are celebrating the death in cuba. after this moment, many things are going to change in cuba. >> let's bring in ed laugvander.
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the crowd is still very full. what are people say sing? >> reporter: people have been pouring out into the streets in little havana since the news of his death was first announced. the streets have been festive. many people celebrating the death of fidel castro. gloria estefan said, the death of a human being is rarely cause for celebration, she tried to explain why these people out here are celebrating today. the grip of castro's regime will not loosen overnight, the demise of a leader that oversaw the annihilation of those with an opposing view, the discripple nat jailing of innocents, the separation of families and the censure of his people's freedom to speak, state sanctioned
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terrorism and the economic destruction of a once thriving and successful country. people know that his death will not have an immediate impact on life in cuba. many people see it as the beginning of the possibility of bringing democratic change to the communist island. that is what they want to see here. although, many people also tell you that until raul castro is no longer in power or has also died, that those changes that they have been wanting to see here for decades aren't likely to come about. here, in the heart of little havana, southwest 8th street known as ocho, the versailles restaurant where they have debated the politics of the day, whether it be u.s. or cuban. on this day, when this
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announcement was finally made, that people would be pouring into the streets and this would be the gathering spot for cuban exiles to show the emotional outpouring they have endured and held on to for so many decades. >> all right, ed, thank you so much. this morning, both president obama and president-elect trump issued statements. ryan and suzanne, ryan, let me begin with you. what more is being said from the president-elect? >> reporter: both the president-elect and the vice president-elect. president trump did not have many kind things to say about fidel castro. he called him a tyrant. while cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move way
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from the who are errors endured for too long and toward a future in which the wonderful cuban people finally live in a country that they so richly deserve. he has been critical of president obama's deal to negotiate more of a normalized relationship between the united states and cube bachlt a. he is not closed off to the idea but thinks there needs to be a better deal. vice-president elect said, the tyrant, castro, is dead. new hope dawns. we will stand with the oppressed, cuban people. viva cuban libre. many wonder what the next step will be once president trump takes office. >> president obama wanting to
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know what will be made of his legacy as it pertains to the warmth between the u.s. and cuba. what now? >> reporter: well, fred, the obama administration is very much invested in preserving his legacy. this is one of the key foreign policy achievements that the president is very proud of, historic. he wants to preserve that. the president very measured in his tone in a statement this morning saying for nearly six decades, the relationship between the united states and cuba was marked by discord and profound disagreements. we have worked hard to put it behind us. the relationship is defined not by our differences but by the many things we share as neighbors and friends, bonds of family, culture, commerce and common humanity. this is one of the things the administration is emphasizing through the easing of those restrictions, those executive orders, people to people contact, which they believe through direct mail or direct flights that they can actually
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improve the lives of cubans there to allow them their cultural political freedoms. secretary of state, john kerry, echoing the same type of tone saying we extend our condolences to the cube ban people as they mourn the passing of fidel castro. over more than a half a century, he played an outsized role in their lives, and he influenced the direction of regional, even global affairs. >> reporter: they are trying to very deliberately take away the emotional sting in this argument and in this tribute, if you will, this recognition of fidel castro as angering quite a number of members of congress including senator marco rubio. it said, president obama issued a pathetic statement on the death of dictator fidel castro with no mention of thousands he
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killed and imprisoned. it will be the congress that determines whether or not the u.s. embargo with cuba stays in place. very likely that it will. next, conservative talk radio host, neal borts joins me live. he called fidel castro a murdering dictator. we will get his take on the future of american/cuban relationships. the hillary clinton campaign is joining the group for recount efforts.
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a deepening divide over the u.s.-cuban relationships. former conservative talk show host tweeted this. he was a murdering dictator. he wanted americans to die in a ussr nuclear attack. neal boortz is here. >> nobody told me that tweet was going to be read on cnn. i'm an old retired guy. >> are you changing your idea about your tweet? >> not a bit. i saw another tweet. about a lady that said this will
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be a rough time for moral clarity. another one said, he invigorated a nation and restored sovereignty but enough about hitler. castro was nobody to be admired. it takes nothing to go into the photographic archives and see the people that didn't like him lined up against the wall and shot. he was a murderous dictator and not deserving of any accolade. they have literacy in cuba but they can't read what they want to. >> with his death, how do you see the potential of cuba moving forward? do you believe that his death is in any way going to symbolize an opportunity or create hope? >> yes. i any so.
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>> in what form? >> i think that raul castro, who has already seen some of the benefits of the limited amount of capitalism they have in cuba now after the 90-day mandatory, in cuba, period of mourning, he will probably say we need to lighten it up a little bit more. soon, all the '57 chevys will be in museums there and maybe they will actually be able to buy new cars. i think the way for cuba is up. >> how do you see president-elect trump playing a role in that? >> the last thing i ever want to do is try to guess what donald trump is going to do on any issue at all. i hope he realizes and recognizes the desire for freedom that these people in cuba have.
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looking around the caribbean knowing that there are other people in similar circumstances that under different leadership are leading much better lives that they would like to pursue. it is a country rich in natural resources, great tourism capabilities. they would love to see these cruise ships flooding into havana harbor and all of the business and economic growth that would bring. they are going to have to wait. it is not going to be instantaneous. i hope trump understand theirs desires and try toss feed that. >> how do you suppose president-elect trump's selection. >> do you have a hard time saying that? >> how do you suppose the next secretary of state might facilitate those things, whether it is the cruise ships you speak of or helping cuba be able to grant more freedoms to its people there? how do you see the next secretary of state being an instrument of that? >> of all the things i didn't like about obama, one thing i did is trying to open things up
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with cuba. i remember a teacher in seventh grade this said the best way to get rid of an enemy is to make a friend out of him. that's the best way to handle cuba. >> you like the idea of continued conversations, dialogue? >> absolutely. make a friend out of cuba. make a friend out of the cuban people. people that run around with clinched fifties are ve clinched fists, are very difficult to shake hands with. >> as it pertains to the secretary of state, as we see the names being bounced around, mitt romney, rudy giuliani, dana rohrback, do you see any of those three, one of those as a better fit? >> i think all of them could do it. the first step that has to be done, me, a diplomate, i am not diplomate. the reports are that even right now, since the announcement was
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made less than 24 hours ago, i think, right now, they are rounding up and imprisoning dissidents in cuba under the fear that they are going to instigate something. >> it is difficult to verify reporting. >> the first thing is, communicate what cube bans sans that's not the way you should be reacting. >> neal boortz, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me down. trump tower, one of the world's best known addresses. presenting huge security issues now. rachel frame joins me from new york. >> the secret service considering renting an entire floor in trump tower, the potential cost to taxpayers coming up after the break.
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protecting president-elect donald trump in the middle of manhattan has been a rather daunting challenge. they arrested a delusional man trying to enter trump tower and
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they whisked him away for psychiatric evaluation. security efforts have been twice the challenge. people who have businesses there and live there, they have their own set of sentiments. let's check in with our rachel crain in new york. rachel, these are rather unique challenges. what potentially could be next. >> reporter: well, fred, what's interesting here is that the see kr secret service is considering renting an entire floor of trump tower. the cost to taxpayers would be $1.5 million. we know that donald trump intends to hand over the trump organization to his children when he becomes president much the details of that, here they are. >> they are fantastic people. i want to thank the secret service. >> reporter: 725 fifth avenue, also known as trump tower. it might be getting a new
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tennant, the secret service. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the secret service is considering renting a whole floor of the famed tower in order to establish 24/7 command post ensuring the safety of the future first family. melania and their ten-year-old son, baron, will continue to live in trump tower. when asked about the timing of the move, trump said this. regardless of when they relocate, the command post at trump tower won't be cheap. the going price for the space, around $1.5 million per year. the price tag is striking but it is not just cost that's raising eyebrows. the trump organization owns trump tower. so tax payers would be paying the president-elect for his own security. officials tell cnn security plans are still evolving since
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many things are up in the air, like when the future first family will move to the white house and how often the president-elect plans to visit them in the meantime. >> fred, believe it or not, this could actually be the cheaper option, renting the floor here at trump tower, for $1.5 million. the alternative would be the secret service renting hotel rooms in the area. this being in midtown manhattan, hotels are not cheap. trump security detail, also, of course, includes the nypd. sources tell us the nypd presence here at trump tower is costing $1 million a day. >> what are business owners and residents in the area telling you? >> reporter: well, it is really the small businesses that are being severely impacted, that don't have the brand name like prada, tiffany, gucci. one small business owner says he
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has lost about 25% of his business since the election and since trump has won the presidency, because he can't get certain deliveries. foot traffic is not what it used to be. certainly, small businesses in the area are hurting because of trump's presence here at trump tower. >> rachel crane, thanks so much. midtown manhattan. appreciate it. to look at our top stories. a french prosecutor says five suspect that is pledged enter allegiance to isis are in custody charged with conspiring to commit a terrorist act. they were first arrested in police raids last weekend. the first memorials and funerals are taking place for victims of the catastrophic school bus crash in chattanooga tennessee. the crash happened monday when the bus driver slammed into a tree splitting the bus in half killing six children. the driver, jonathany walker has been charged with vehicular homicide. in north dakota, the army
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core of engineers has issued an ultimatum to pipeline protesters, vacate or face arrest. the dakota access pipeline, they say, will threaten the environment and destroy native american artifacts in the case of a california woman who disappeared three weeks ago and was later found alive is still under investigation. sherry pepinni was reunited with her family on thanksgiving day after flagging a car 140 miles from where she was last seen. she says she was later released by her captor. there are still no clear motives on her reported abduction. that's going to do it for me. thank you so much for being with me. today, i'm fredricka whitfield. much more on the "cnn newsroom" straight ahead with pamela brown at the top of the hour.
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more "newsroom" at the top of the hour as the world reacts to dr. sanjay gupta. "vital signs" starts right now.
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> cuba is roughly 90 miles off the coast florida but it feels a world away, the old cars, architecture, music. it is the sights and sounds of havana. this is "vital signs." i'm dr. sanjay gupta. despite being one of the poorest countries, cuba has a relatively strong health care system, a lot of focus on prevention. their screening program for vision and hearing and also a very robust vaccination program. keeping track of 11 million people on t


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