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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. the president-elect holiday call for unity. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> plus the latest trump surprise, two campaign critics get big cabinet jobs.
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>> when a bully hits you, you hit that bully right back. >> the death of fidel castro ends an era and a streak of frustrating 11 american presidents. >> for freedom to rise in cuba fidel castro must fall. >> one day the good lord will take fidel castro away. >> and this new twist for cyber week at least one state is recounting to check if the presidential vote could have been influenced by russian hacking. "inside politics", the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics". i'm john king. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. we have a lot to talk about. fidel castro is dead and different tone from the president-elect and the sitting president reminded not only of the sharp cuban policy debate but the stylistic changes 54 days way. if castro news nt enough, we'll spend parts of what's known in our shopping lexicon as cyber
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week, tracking efforts to recount the presidential vote in three states critical to donald trump's victory just to make sure all that spy game of russian hacking was just that, talk. after a thanksgiving weekend in palm beach we're told to expect a few more big cabinet announcements. this as top trump loyalists launch a campaign to talk the boss out of considering mitt romney for secretary of state. and policy shift from the president-elect. and this not to worry take his watchdog sound alarms trump business interests collide with trump transition business. >> i could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly, and there was never -- there's never been a case like this where somebody has had -- if you look at other people of wealth they didn't have this kind of asset and this kind of wealth, frankly. it's just a different thing. >> as i said, a lot to talk about. with us to share their insights
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our panel. fidel castro frustrated 11 american presidents the with from dwight eisenhower to barack obama. donald trump will not be next on that list. he sees that as a cause of celebration. look here, fidel castro is dead! . in a statement later saturday trump called castro a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. president obama chose a very, very different approach, offering condolences to castro's family and avoiding any direct mention of castro's brutal history. quote, we know that this moment fills cubans, in cuba and the united states with powerful emotions recalling the countless ways which fidel castro altered the course of individual lives, families and of the cuban nation. history will record and judge the notorious impact of this singular figure on the people and the world around him. let's start the conversation
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there. no mention in the president's statement about the brutality. now the president clearly is trying to defend his policy of re-establishi inin ining diplom relations. but no mention of the brutal history. why? >> it's stunning. everyone at the white house looks at the polling and says majority of americans want to end the embargo. they run with that. i got emails from cuban-americans and stories of genuine brutality and horror that castro put that island through deserve mention by the president, frankly. >> there's an inference there, history will judge. >> which is a take history will absolve me. people see it that way. it's a dismissal of reality people down there in florida especially have always thought and they have been very dismissive of that feeling
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saying look the majority of the country wants this, there's economic benefit if we engage them, this will work. i thought that was a missed opportunity by the president. >> there's something at play here which we've seen in a number of areas at the white house. president obama knows that trump is coming to office, he knows that donald trump and the republican congress is likely to try to overturn most of what he did as president so he's really trying to not give them any room to do that. we've seen that with tern deal, we've seen that in other areas, communing sentences. they want to make it hard as possible for them to roll back what he's done. >> there's also obama's sort of personality. he's cool. and a lot of people have criticized him for that. >> a lot of people say one of the reasons why we have trump. >> basically, his twitter there, four words, sort of like the mun munchkins would have tweeted if they had twitter back in the day. it's all passion and emotion and
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feeling and his longer statement calling him a brutal dictator. an open question what happens with these policies, right? because he seems to suggest there would still be some sort of openness, kind of wait and see in terms of those policies that obama has ordered through executive action. >> on a slow week we're doing a show on what would they have tweeted from oz. >> even though trump called him a brutal dictator and criticized castro the way that obama did not, both acknowledged that this is a turning point in the cuban-american relationship and that's a question for donald trump. he can come in as he promised to do in september in a speech in florida and reverse a lot of the president's policies because they were done on an executive level. but the question is, the overall trade embargo which needs congressional approval, does congress move forward on that. that's a much harder -- >> gets back to the defining question. we won't know until he's
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president. who he is really? a lot of republicans are having this question on policy issues we'll get to. trump's initial reaction was to support obama when he had the opening in cuba. the businessman, his initial reaction was to support the re-opening. the presidential candidate he came back. >> we forget that this was a guy who sent emissaries to cuba to build a golf course. he's in the construction industry. they want to play ball down in cuba. to see him reverse course on this when he knows there's business opportunities down there that would be a pretty stark reversal. monday is the first commercial flight to cuba. snee said this on many issues i can negotiate a better deal. maybe that's what his effort will be. with fidel gone who knows. on that fish donald trump will address this he needs a secretary of state. who does he pick?
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who does he pick? you have this remarkable -- he meets with mitt romney. we all know thirst. he calls mitt romney a loser and choker for losing in 2012. mitt romney was a huge participant in the never trump movement. he said it was trickle down sexism and racism. they meet. romney wants the job. our reporting from jim acosta they spoke once during the thanksgiving break. we don't know the substance of the conversation. rudy giuliani is on the list. bob corker is on the list. general kelly is on the list. general petraeus, i don't know how you get him a security clearance. con, the president's campaign manager tweeting out she's getting blow back from the grassroots about this support. she tweets out over the weekend kissinger and schultz flew
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around the world less. good checklist. essentially they want somebody loyal to trump. >> remarkable. >> public campaign saying hey boss don't do this. >> this is another one of those defining questions. we know about trump that we can answer until he becomes president. this is a guy who praises loyalty. rudy giuliani was loyal. he may not be able to be confirmed by congress. trump has been turned off reports say by his public campaigning for the job. mitt romney was not loyal as you point out. he was out there. i believe he call trump a phoney. but, trump believes he looks the part. and, frankly -- >> that's a key point. trump loves stars. he loves star power. he is assembling a cast here. >> which weighs out, does loyalty outweigh what likely is the easier political choice both at home and abroad? it's unclear. the public campaigning by his closest aides is remarkable.
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>> also the larger fight twin republican party is playing out here too. the establishment versus the insurgents, people that to shake up washington versus people who are comfortable working in behind-the-scenes in washington. does he go a mitt romney route which could reassure those establishment republicans, we're not sure about donald trump presidency. does he go with someone who shakes up the system like a potential rudy giuliani would. >> essentially both are establishment figures. rudy giuliani is a little bit more brusk. he's not as telegenic as mitt romney is. this isn't about experience or approach to the job. isn't it mitt romney's case he looks the part. he would represent trump well on television. >> they disagree on a lot of issues. they agree on cuba. but russia you couldn't get further apart than mitt romney and donald trump. >> eight years ago we were
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sitting here slack jawed that obama would pick clinton as his top diplomat and maybe trump sees some of that. not only does he look the part and there's drama but you send a message to the world, we can have a team of rivals and we can forgive and forget. i think rudy giuliani would have trouble getting confirmed. if you spent the last, essentially, four years prosecuting hillary clinton and her husband of all the ways they made money and what they did, rudy giuliani is no better. for republicans to confirm rudy giuliani after he went out insulting latin america governments and european governments and making money with all the people he is working with -- >> i think it's worth mentioning petraeus here. that's unbelievable. he was out on the campaign trail talk about how petraeus -- how hillary clinton should have gotten the petraeus treatment. which is basically an admission that petraeus misused classified information. mishandled classified
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information. now you're going to put him in one of the primo spots. >> trump loves generals. part of this is the tone you pick. right now people on the national security team are more hard-liners. it would be hard to see mitt romney if he's on the team how does he sit down with the national security adviser general michael flynn when he says things like this. >> we are facing another ism just like we faced naziism and fsacism and communism. this is islamism. it's a vicious cancer inside the body of 1.7 billion people on this planet and it has to be excised. >> essentially saying every muslim has this in them, this cancer in them and it has to be excised. it's a different position from
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the currents administration and different position than mitt romney. when you go around the world they will ask you about things like that. >> that was mitt romney's objection to trumpism to begin w-what you were saying the triple down racism and xenophobia. we've seen from flynn, flynn and trump, flynn has been his main adviser. this idea that it isn't a narrow fight in the way that obama thinks about defeating isis, it's more of this global clash of civilization, that is something new and certainly a different tone than we've seen from obama or bush. >> we'll hear from nikki haley as the united nations ambassador. >> that's right. while trump's picks have all been very conservative picks even nikki haley, she does represent diversity, she's an indian-american, a woman. >> called him a bully. >> she was critical of donald trump. she's very conservative.
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the question also will trump move to the middle in some of his picks, mitt romney cube signal of that in some ways. but will he also move, path democrat in. that's going to be a big question for him. how much does he decide to moderate. >> he's enjoying finishing up his weekend at palm beach and we get these additidecisions again. the clinton campaign is embracing a wisconsin recounts and two more big states could soon follow. first politicians say the darnest things. one last time here right here for president obama to talk turkey. >> i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky, who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom, who met their fate with courage and proved they weren't chicken not that bad, come on.
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heto unlock the freshnessers uyou can see and taste. ♪ . welcome back. the president-elect is an early riser already on twitter this morning criticizing plans for a recount in wisconsin. there might be recounts in a couple of other states, michigan and pennsylvania. sore losers is what his campaign manager says. are there deadlines looming. pence and michigan in this week ahead and there might be extra holiday drama as we prepare important the trump administration. more on the recount. the election was three weeks ago. donald trump is president-elect. hillary clinton is on top because she has 2 million vote
5:20 am
lead in the popular vote which begs the question do you think we should keep the electoral college which is why donald trump is president-elect or pick presidents by popular vote. how should we elect our president. 51% say you want to stwoich the popular vote. 44% say keep the electoral college. that 51% after this election in which the democrat won the popular vote and the republican will become president. 51% now. push for change not as great as it was after 2000. in case you forgot that was the big recounts election, al gore-george w. bush went to the supreme court. will there be recounts now? we know about wisconsin. we'll hatch pence and michigan. donald trump reminding hillary clinton that in one of the debates an on the campaign trail she had a different take. >> donald trump said something that no, no other candidate running on either side has ever
5:21 am
said and that is he refused to say he would respect the outcome of the election. now make no mistake, make no mistake, my friends. this poses a direct threat to our democracy. >> that was then. we are in now, to be clear the clinton campaign did not initiate these recounts, the green party jill stein did. she raised a lot of money with help from liberals to do so. clinton campaign said since wisconsin will recount the votes we'll be there. we'll send our lawyers to keep an eye on things. deadlines are coming up this week. i mean how real is this, i guess is the question? >> it's not real enough to overturn. that's almost certainly not going to happen. the clinton campaign acknowledged that itself in a statement yesterday. so interesting to watch the clinton campaign dance on this because in one sense oh, we're
5:22 am
not -- we don't think this will change anything but it's happening. so we'll be supportive or at least behind the efforts. in a lot of ways a nod to their support ears lot of whom are concerned about the outcome of the election, they suspect there was some sort of russian hacking, there was no evidence that happened at the polling station. the russian actors did try to influence the election in other ways. so they want to challenge legitimacy of it, a lot of clinton support doers. they are making a nod to that. >> president-elect trump is tweeting early this morning. he sthas. hillary clinton consteed election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change. that's what donald trump said. the clinton campaign counsel in a post said because we have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking they looked into this the clinton campaign, we have not planned to exercise this option ourselves. but since it's going to happen we'll send our lawyers there. >> we had heard from donors and
5:23 am
other people close to the campaign after the election they were aware of some irregularities. they didn't think it would be enough to change the outcome of the race. already a week or two after election so they weren't -- the clinton campaign wasn't going pursue this. the time to do this kind of recount is immediately in the 24-48 hours after. >> almost three weeks out. >> we're almost three weeks out and a lot of clinton, former clinton aides are encouraging people to put their money towards the louisiana race. it's important to know if the russians were interfering with our elections. the white house says that probably wasn't hacking machines, was more fake news and other kinds of hacking of people's campaign, personal emails, other interference. seems that would be an important thing for the country to know about. >> it was part of the campaign. sort of the leaked emails and
5:24 am
hacking of podesta's emails. this is certainly a good moment for jill stein. we haven't talked about jill stein much at all in this whole -- >> green party raising a boat load of money. trump called it a scam yesterday. >> this elevate her stature in that progressive left. i do think, the clinton team co-signing for this progressive effort. i have to say on election night i got so many messages from democrats basically saying, were they hacked? right? so this seems to be scratching democrats who had suspicions early on. >> maybe democrats in those states that stayed home. let's put up the margins. wisconsin definitely will recount, michigan and pence the green party says it has the money and will try to exercise it. michigan a little so 6r,000 votes. wisconsin 27,000 plus votes. in pence more than 70,000 votes. there's never bean recount that's overturned a margin
5:25 am
anywhere near the numbers you're looking at there particularly that 70,000 in pence. some people snickering in michigan and pence jill stensyl stein votes went to hillary clinton. >> look, democrats talking about putting money into a senate race. there's been talk about election reform. you don't reform the electoral college. you get states to say if it's within five percentage points we'll do a recount. in this day and age with questions about was there hacking, did fake news play a role, did something else nefarious happen why not compel these board of elections to show everyone in fact everything was cou copasetic and it was fine. we'll see what happens. in essence they may be doing
5:26 am
trump favor. you put this to rest now before the new year. he can move on. he'll be able to say you may be disappointed but i won. >> there's a lot of voters who don't think trump presidency is legitimate. the poll out there today believes 40% of the country believes trump has a mandate to enact his agenda. he needs to be aware of that. i think his people are aware of that. particularly lotion the popular vote. so that could be -- we'll see if he takes any -- >> but his response, i think his response on twitter is important because this is clearly scratching an itch for democrats as we said. clearly there are a lot of people who don't think this is legitimate. maybe this is a time when trump needs to come out and unify the country beyond putting out a video statement, maybe a press conference or something and we just have not seen him do that.
5:27 am
he's made meager attempts but the country remains divided. he has to enter office with the ability to get something done. >> one of the many big challenges ahead. >> these are not so diplomatic. >> what he's doing is throwing her words back at her. >> that's a point. >> he's doing that literally as we speak, folks. it's happening right here on twitter. >> this is a moment to say -- >> next we show from wisconsin then michigan and pennsylvania. merry christmas. big shift from the president-elect on water boarding and climate change and prosecuting hillary clinton. please don't miss this take our "inside politics" quiz this sunday morning. what should president-elect donald trump's top priority be. trade, infrastructure, repealing
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every president leaves
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behind campaign promises. some get passed by congress, some get changed by world events and some were not good ideas to begin with. donald trump is no different. in a meeting with the "new york times" he topped door to several departure from his campaign promises. water boarding is one of them. campaign trump was adamant. >> torture works. torture works. believe me. water boarding, your minor form. some people say it's not torture. let's assume it is. they asked me the question what do you think of water boarding? absolutely fine but we should go much stronger than water boarding. >> but the president-elect now says he thinks differently because of one meet wag retired four star general being considered for defense secretary. >> general mattis is a strong, highly dignified man. i met with him at length and i asked him that question. what do you think of water boarding. he said i was surprised, he said i've never found it to be
5:33 am
useful. he said i always found give me a pack of cigarettes and a couple of beers and i do better with that than torture. >> what are we learning here? what are we learning? we're laughing about the pack of cigarettes and a six-pack of beers. >> he's got a point there. >> number one, if president-elect trump, he hasn't said he'll change his mind, he said he's open to changing his mind. if he changes his mind on that issue he staves off a fight with congress. >> the obamacare stuff, you can't -- he said, you know, he wants to keep the provision of obamacare that everybody likes keeping your kid on your insurance until they are 25. guaranteeing insurance for people with pre-existing conditions. can you not keep those in law without the individual mandate without requiring healthy people buy insurance. that's, of course, part of the law that republicans in congress
5:34 am
hate. it's unclear how this all works out and how you balance that. that's why i think you see obamacare not being mentioned as much by mr. trump. not on his list of priorities. that's a really hard knot to untangle as republicans for the past six years have learned. >> saying he was going to assign a special prosecutor to investigate hillary. >> now he wants to turn the page on that. he told the "new york times" i want to move forward i don't want to move back, i don't want to hurt the clintons. she suffered in many ways. >> building the wall and suggesting climate change is manmade. whether or not he'll walk away from the paris accords. the risk for trump a lot of his voters voted for him because they felt betrayed by the republican leadership in washington not fulfilling their campaign promises. if he starts to walk things that he said on the campaign trail back it may go better here in this town but people who
5:35 am
supported him initialing that's his real risk. >> that's the biggest question. i think he has more latitude than most politicians. they tlebtd him. they elected the strength tloirngs, the man. even a lot of them will tell you he's not going to build a wall, be tough on immigration. how much latitude is the defining question. >> it's unclear, what you said in terms of what they believe he would do or whether or not they liked that he said it. it is unclear what they do expect. you would imagine that they expect something materially in their lives to change. their lives to get better. their neighborhoods to get better. their income to get better. it's unclear how he even does that. what's his job plans. he talks about infrastructure. >> how do the republicans go along with that. >> so, you know, what's left for trump to do after you untanning tell slogans that aren't governing. >> he's not draining the swamp.
5:36 am
you see big donors and loyalists. >> term limits. >> people will want something. particularly not to bring up obamacare we're seeing a lot of articles and reports that people -- they don't quite under what it is so there are people using the benefits of obamacare particularly in places like kentucky who voted for trump who now say i want to keep those benefits. >> and ohio even. >> it's pretty -- >> this is not a criticism we just don't know a lot. he's never been in government. avenues democrat once. then an independent. listen to that point. this is in the "new york times" interview when he talked about his signature issue early in the republican priefrmaries, immigration. >> i feel strongly about the immigration bill. you can talk about immigration bills for 50 years and nothing has ever happened. i feel strongly about an immigration bill that's fair and
5:37 am
just and a lot of other things. >> the part that a lot of people in this room can be happy with, he met with the "new york times" editorial board. which writes we support a path to citizenship not legal status and we don't support deporting kicking people who are undocumented. i don't know what he means. teen people in this room can be happy. if donald trump makes the "new york times" editorial board happy, president trump i should say he's not going to make his base happy. >> he's walked away from deforget 11 million people here illegally. no longer is he talking about a deimporta deportation, he said he'll deal with the 11 million later. that's a huge capitulation. >> can he send his proposal up, president obama never sent legislation to capitol hill. he said you guys pass something and i'll work with you.
5:38 am
can he send up his proposal to build a law and includes deportation. if nixon can go china can trump get immigration reform. >> that's how washington worked in the past and he would be smart to try that. there was support. we covered it. the senate bill in 2013 basically built a border wall or fence. so that could get done. all he's trying to do here now if he says he's focused of getting rid of criminals and repeat offend serious am ply figure what the obama administration has been doing and criticized for at great length for the last few years. that's essentially status quo. what do you about guest worker visas and those who try to get in here entomologically. so it's hard for republicans to come up with a way to justify splitting apart families and something that i think they know is just way too difficult to deal with. if you send people on a 15, 20 year path most people would
5:39 am
swallow hard and accept that. >> a lot of republicans want to do this on piecemeal basis. do security first before dealing with the 11 million here illegally. democrats will insist on tying it all together. >> incorrectmentsal will become a very important word. everybody sit tight. president-elect says he's handing off most of his business empire to children and face no conflicts. his critics disagree and promise to watch very closely.
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5:42 am
. welcome back. check the new president and his family the secret service is considering a big new post at trump tower. the rent would be paid by the taxpayers to trump organization. as the new president enjoys his inaugural parade he'll pass by the new international trump who pell. dealing with world leaders that have trump properties.
5:43 am
ethics watchdogs see this and see a web of conflict. president-elect said he will think it through and come up with a plan. >> i can be president of the united states and run my business 100%, sign checks. on theory i don't have to do anything. but i would like to do something. i would like try and formalize something because i don't care about my business. >> he says as president he can push this aside and leave it to the children and a lot of ethics watchdogs say wait a minute your children are in transition meeting, your children are a part of this process. you talk about having them as informal advisers. i start from the position cut the guy a little slack, give him time to figure it out. he has his business. but how does doe this? this is incredibly hard and complicated. >> to start thinking about it now or to take steps to do it now is late in the game.
5:44 am
mitt romney was a wealthy man. he had a lot of international holding, had accounts all over the place. he put it in a blind trust. mitt romney land for for many years to make sure you didn't even have the appearance of conflicts. that's not a concern that donald trump seems to have. he's meeting with indian developers of his hotels in india while in between transition meetings. his children are sitting in on foreign leader calls. could you imagine in an alternative universe chelsea clinton sitting in on foreign leader calls and what the outcry would be. >> continuing hound the trump presidency even if he's not doing anything untoord and his motivations are pure. look at his meeting with the british politician just last week or a couple of weeks ago when he registered his opposition to offshore within farms. why? because of his golf course. he said in the "new york times"
5:45 am
interview he was discussing his personal opposition to offshore wind farm but it raises the potential conflict of interest concern because his business was worried about that as well. so he has to think about that because the public will be watching him closely. >> this was their campaign against hillary clinton this idea that she was using her pay for play, her position as secretary of state to benefit the clinton foundation. >> he owns buildings. how does he do it? you have to sell all those buildings, which he says wait a minute no. why she should have to do that. >> your daughter is trunk business and your daughter can't be -- >> the other thing to keep in mind they held a conference at trump hotel down the street here with diplomats based here in town showing them sales packages because heads of state they come to washington now may feel obliterate e obligated to stay at his hotel.
5:46 am
>> the campaign ads just write themselves. you can see pictures of folks going into the trump hotel. >> this is what i wonder. do americans care? >> people know -- again we can have the popular vote conversation but he won the election and he is who he is. most americans know what trump is. >> i think they care if their lives don't improve. you can have the juxtaposition of trump if people are losing their jobs. >> if he behaves this this trickles down to staff. you could have a series of scandals of people enriching themselves at the benefit of the taxpayer. that becomes a problem even if it's not just him, if this is the toechb his administration. >> the democrats will be watching from day one but also some republicans in congress
5:47 am
suggest they will watch this. >> if they start investigating and looking into it it becomes a problem. that's a very high hurdle. >> they can change the law and make it beholding to the federal laws as federal employees and everyone else. >> we'll watch it. more drama on the way for democrats. here's our quiz. we asked what should president trump's top priority be. the majority of you like roads, bridges and airplanes. you said infrastructure. look at that number.
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let's head one last time right around the "inside politics" table. >> in terms of obamacare a lot of focus on congress in terms much what they will do with repealing it and replacing it. some focus on governors
5:52 am
particularly republican governors. if you look at the expansion much medicaid particularly that covers about 15 million people. roughly about 10 governors who were republican governors have this expansion of medicaid in their states. they are look took very involved in terms of what this repeal and particularly the replace will look like because they are on front lines of these folks in their states who have the medicaid expansion under obamacare. they are very concerned about what this will look like and want a say. >> may get a backlash. >> exactly. >> speaking of backlash and obamacare. before thanksgiving i spoke with chuck schumer. he said republicans are silly if they think they will do this think about the good things in this law they don't want to take away. they are high lighting that repeatedly. 20 million people are covered. women have more protection an coverage than they ever had
5:53 am
before. younger people can stay on their parents plans. republicans will rue the day they try to 0 pale obamacare. same with medicaid, go ahead make my day. think about it democrats have run against threat of privatizing or changing entitlement programs before. there's congressional elections two years from now. something says they will try it again. snowboard interesting to watch. nancy pelosi is projecting confidence publicly that she will win the leadership elections wednesday to be re-elected as top house democrat against democratic congressman tim ryan of ohio. but behind-the-scenes she's scrambling to lock down support. she's taken steps to reassure skeptics she's listening to them, bringing in new voice into the leadership team, telling rank-and-file members they will have more of a platform on committees to voice their positions. when i talk to a number of members what they want to hear
5:54 am
is concrete plan for the democrats to regain the house majority, not necessarily by 2018, but by 2020 and she needs to reassure those skeptic, people are anxious she has a plan to do that. she's the cane of the future not of the past and that's going to be the test come wednesday and secret ballot election, john so you can never quite predict. >> fun to watch. curious about the direction of the democratic party. one place to watch is the race to head the democratic national committee. party committee is one of the democrats last bastions of power in washington. there's a dozen of names floating out there. the leading contender seems to be keith ellison. he's locked up support from liberals who think they need to come without a more populist message. but dnc donors are looking more
5:55 am
towards tom perez, maybe the former governor of michigan, jennifer granholm. elections are supposed to be in february. one person watching is president obama. big question is whether he gets involved. it's unclear whether the white house will go from behind-the-scenes whispers to a public position but that will certainly influence where this goes. >> democrats don't care about the party much when he was president. i'll close with a long ago memory of fidel castro and the fits he caused american presidents and vice presidents. i traveled with vice president al gore and first lady hillary clinton to nelson mandela's inauguration in may of 1994. fidel castro was among the who's who of world leaders. in the parliament building castro and vice president al gore were in the same corridor and on a collision course. the president zig and zaged a bit to avoid the encounter. castro wanted a quick hello and
5:56 am
any recognition of the cuban dictator was beyond taboo. some white house staffers were reprimanded that they stopped pose to for photographs with castro. long time ago. that's it for inside politics. thanks for sharing your sunday morning. up next, "state of the union".
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. after castro, the world reacts to the death of the famed dictator with many wondering what's next for cuba and america under a president trump. senator marco rubio will be here in minutes. plus cabinet campaign. trump allies go public to stop him from picking mitt romney for secretary of state. >> romney does represent a very different viewpoint. i'm not sure who secretary of state he'll be. >> will the threat of a conservative backlash influence the president-elect


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