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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  November 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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sunday. you're live in the cnn news room. donald trump is heading back to his headquarters in new york. as he heads home this evening the president-elect is continuing one of his trademark twitter tirades. here are some of his latest. in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide i won the popular vote if you deduct the million of people who voted illegally. it would have been easy tore win the popular vote instead of electoral college. i would have won more easily and convincingly but smaller states are forgont. i want to bring in ryan nobles. so to be clear there is no evidence millions of people voted illegally, right?
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>> reporter: there isn't any evidence. he didn't provide any evidence despite the fact that this twitter tirade is the longest topic he tweeted about since the election took place. the trump campaign obviously concerned about this recount effort not only is the president-elect himself talk about it on twitter but his aids are talking about it. kellyann conway, listen to what she said about this recount effort. >> he has been incredibly gracious to secretary clinton at a time when for whatever reasons her folks are saying they will join to try to some how undo the electoral votes he beat her by. i was asked on cnn and elsewhere a thousand times will donald trump accept the election
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results? now you have got the democrats and jill stein saying they will not accept. she congratulated him. the idea that we are going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous is pretty incredible. >> reporter: and one thing donald trump seems to be particularly upset about is that the clinton campaign decided to join this recount effort. their own analysis found there is no evidence as regard to this but since jill stein started that they intend to join in. it doesn't look to be an issue that will go away any time soon. >> it certainly does not. thanks so much.
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as we reported president-elect donald trump is considering mitt romney for secretary of state. kellyann conway says -- following a tweet on thanksgiving about her concerns with romney this morning conway explained her position on cnn's state of the union. >> the first job of any secretary to have state is to support and work directly for and advise the president whom you work. i felt compelled to mention it because it is breathtaking in scope and intensity the type of messages i receive from all over the country. i'm just me. i'm not donald trump. just as his former campaign manager the number of people that feel betrayed to think that he would get the most prominent cabinet post.
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he gave speeches against donald trump. he attacked his character. i never heard governor romney come out and say hey, i had a problem with x, y and z and that job creation plan is really something to look at. the fact that you'll reduce capital gains tax were you have a 10 point plan to reform, none of that was ever said. romney consultants were the worst to all of us. they were complete anti-trump and look, if president-elect trump chooses mitt romney as his secretary of state or whoever he chooses it will have the full support and backing of all of us. i felt compelled to come forward on behalf of the people bo were weighing in. >> absolutely. we know you have been supportive of president-elect trump and his
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decisions. it really sounds like you personally -- not that you have been receiving criticism and concerns but you personally have concerns about a potential secretary of state for donald trump. >> well, it's -- i'm not sure that my personal concerns matter. >> am i wrong to say that? >> it rests with one man. >> you're not wrong to say that. governor romney went out of his way. i also think it's donald trump who shows he has political instincts. governor romney ran for the same office and lost speck tar ltacu. they won states like michigan. mitt romney won wisconsin for the first time since 1984, won pennsylvania, won ohio. all of these states that were elusive. the other thing is i think there are other candidates being
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considered apart from the ones that are being covered more commonly in the media. apart from that governor romney in the last four years, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states of which we are unaware? did he intervene meaning like offer to help? has he been helpful? in other words i'm all for part of unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that. let me repeat, what donald trump decides kellyann and everybody else will respect. >> let's talk it over. he supported trump in the election. as a republican but did not support trump. thank you both for coming on. looking forward to hearing your thoughts. i want to start with you.
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we'll talk about romney in just a minute. donald trump won this election. he is the president elect. why does he appear to be questioning its legitimacy with the latest claim that millions voted illegally with no evidence to support it? >> you know, i haven't personally talked to him but for a long time he questioned the validity of some of the people who actually vote. you have seen them push for voter i.d. and i watched cnn six months ago and an individual who talked about ways to create voter fraud. there is always concerns out there. you have seen far long time when i was in the legislature we pushed for voter i.d. so everyone who goes out to vote has to prove who they are. >> this is millions. andre, if this is what trump truly believes wouldn't a recount be more important than
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ever if they think there is voter fraud? wouldn't it justify the recount effort? >> i don't know you can justify the recount effort. if it is for the good of the american people to make sure there is 100% trust then we should do it. it looks like we're going to do it. it will show donald trump did win. it may move one way or the other but you don't hear any secretary of states saying there was any type of fraud. in the end we are still going to have the same president-elect. in a short time the new president of the united states will be donald trump. >> and donald trump tweeted he believes millions of people voted illegally. what is your latest on this? >> facts and figures have never stopped donald trump from tweeting whatever he wants to tweet. i think he is irritated by this recount. i think it got under his skin.
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we know when something is irritating to donald trump he can't let go of it. so he has been on a tweet storm today about that. i think it's counter productive. let it go. don't give it importance. the huge likelihood is it's not going to change the results whatsoever. why give it more oxygen? by him tweeting out against it he is letting america know he is really bothered by it and he can't restrain or discipline himself to focus on the matters at hand. here he is again chasing the shi shiney object. >> he is president-elect. why do you think this seems to be getting under his skin so much? >> i think he is bothered by it. the biggest thing is in a debate they asked him if he would honor it. he said i have got questions about it and i may challenge it.
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hillary clinton was in her support of whatever happens we'll support it. if i were the person that was president-elect i would be p perturbed too. when she was so in her oh, no, we'll accept the results and you see it is quite the opposite when the shoe is on the other foot. >> do you think that is fair anna? >> let's remember it is jill stein leading this recount effort. hillary clinton and her team is joining it but it is a jill stein recount effort. i think jill stein might have guilt by association. a lot of people think it could have lead to a hillary clinton victory. i think if you will blame
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anybody blame jill stein. it is kind of like a silly dewad debate. we have people who talked about the rigged system. what i think we should be focusing on, what happened with the russians? why did they hack the dnc e-mails? why did they release the wikileaks e-mails? it should be troubling to every american. we should focus on how to defend the integrity. it is so disturbing. the russians, if they got away with it this time they are not about to stop. >> i want to just quickly move on and talk about mitt romney. you know, we just heard kellyann conway speaking out really against romney. do you think trump is really considering him or just
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stringing him along? is there an wall thor yor motive? >> i think he is magnanimous in looking at many candidates. i think that's why he had the meeting to see if they could, you know, bury the hatchet on what they actually believe things like russia and our next move with them will be. the next part is to see if he thinks they can work together. this is not a politician approach. this is what donald trump is u used to doing. he has got to make sure he has a comfort level with him or whom ever he decides to choose. >> and it's clear that trump prioritizes loyalty. that's extremely important to him. how could he fully represent
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them? >> i think if mitt romney put himself out there to be a possible secretary of state he will support the president's policies. i frankly found his interviews today on cnn and on other sunday shows astounding. i tweeted about it. it is pretty amazing to see the public airing of grievances. it tells me he is not going to be a cabinet pick because they have been putting him in his place. they have been punishing him. >> do you think trump is -- >> look, i think kellyann is very sharp. she told me in the tweet response she has spoken to him privately. i don't understand why she has got to go on such a strong vocal
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public campaign on sunday shows one after another against mitt romney even questioning his qualifications? what has he done the last four years? i'll tell you what he hasn't done. he hasn't represented any controversial foreign actors. i know rudy giuliani. i know john kelly. i know mitt romney. all of them bring management skills. you can disagree with them on policy. you can disagree with them on different things. they would all be loyal to the president-elect. this kind of public thrashing of a cabinet pick and i have a hard time thinking giuliani, huckabee and others are out there questioning qualifications without it being a coordinated trump strategy to put romney in
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his place. let's remember, trump can hold a grudge. he has shown to be petty in the past. >> he also appointed people like nikki haley who had also been critical of him. >> i think it was a different level. >> a different level of criticism, fair enough. still, she did not throw her support behind him. i wish i could talk to you all day. thank you for coming on. a day after the death it is a tale of two cities, mourning in havana, celebrations in miami. we'll take you live to the street of cuba. plus, what might relations of cuba look like during the trump administration? that's coming up. syrian regime forces, hear the desperate messages from those still living there.
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you're live in the cnn news room.
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take a look at the left side of your screen right here. the streets of havana are quiet today. a stark contrast on the right side of your screen celebrating the death of fidel castro. tell us more about the move there. >> reporter: you know, it's been very muted in many ways considering that this news came to the city of havana and throughout the cuban island on late friday night. it was just a brief moment where
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ca castro appeared on state television to make the announcement. in many ways i think a lot of people have been trying to sort of feel of this situation. remember, this -- actions can be punished. the most minimal of actions can be punished. many people here trying to figure out what exactly they can do. there have been, as we discovered last night some small individu vigils. we had the opportunity to speak with students that go there. very different the way they talk about castro compare today what we have seen on the street ts of miami miami, florida. >> he proved we had value and with unity we can nmake any change possible. >> they are truly revolutionary.
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i think that the main course here is that the young people in cuba that truly revolutionary young people in cuba are not only revolutionary in his speech they are revolutionary in life. >> reporter: so you can hear from those interviews the difference that you hear in the expressions and voices of some cubans here in havana very different from fr what we heard in miami. many don't feel comfortable speaking out. it is something they are being very cautious about. >> yes. the difference in reactions really sums up what a polarizing figure he was. thank you very much. as cuba gets set to honor coming up next, trump's team says the president-elect will --
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we are live in the cnn news room. we'll be right back.
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commercial flights to that v -- cuba. some wonder if president-elect trump will allow it once he
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takes office. now trump's team suggests obama's cuba deal may soon be history. listen. >> we have got to have a better deal. we are not going to have a uni lateral deal without some changes in their government, repression, open markets, freedom of religion, political prisoners. these things need to change in order to have open and free relationships. that's what president-elect trump believes. talking is fine but action is something that will be required under president trump. >> all right. let's talk it over. in 2001 she served to help bring about a condemnation over human rights record. good to see you again. we heard what he priebus said.
2:27 pm
he said it during his campaign. would cuba be willing to keep the countries ton bath to better relations? >> i have no idea what he would do. we know he hasn't given any concessions. there have been no real democratic changes in cue da bah since the obama policy change in 2014. i think donald trump owes the cuban american community. they voted for him in very high numbers despite the fact that he allegedly violated. i think they were very mad at the obama policy changes and donald trump promised differently. we saw him issue a very strongly worded statement yesterday on fidel castro's death where he focused on the pain and suffering castro imposed on the people of cuba. i think it was a strong signal he is on their side.
2:28 pm
he remembers he wants to change the policy. this is a place where he can actually do it and do it quickly. there was no law change when the policy changed. the law has not changed. it was done through executive order. he can tighten the travel policies and he can ask and demand from cuba real changes. give back some of those fugitives that have safe harbor in cuba, people that are asasseasassen sin -- assassins. i think he has a lot he can do and it will be one of the first tests. it is where he can do it quickly and through executive order. let's see if he remembers his debt and if he follows through with it. >> you know donald trump is a
2:29 pm
businessman at heart. i think he talked about perhaps putting a hotel in cuba. do you think he is going to do what you would like to see him do? >> reporter: i don't know. we have seen him change positions on so many different things. on this one the early signals he is giving is that he plans to have a stronger policy, a more demanding policy towards cuba. i think he has a lot of leverage. it almost felt like president obama so badly wanted part of his legacy to be normalizing that he has normalized the deck taters of cuba. when you saw president obama's statement yesterday he was offering condolences to the family of fidel castro. very little mention of the families of pill prisoner, families of that were tortured and jailed.
2:30 pm
i was very disappointed yesterday. i think you can focus. there's a lot you can do to focus on bringing about democratic changes on funding that financing that on standing and being in solidarity instead of deck taters. president obama so badly wanted this as part of his history. he wanted it in the history books he opened up cuba, that it was nixon and china moment but i don't think he cut a good deal. donald trump has a chance to undo some of this and i think he has a lot of leverage because raul castro understands he badly needs the cash that is coming with american tourists and american investment. >> all right. we'll see whapts once he takes office. thank you for coming on. still to come, a squabl the
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and handling on everything at ♪ the cold war may be over but this next battlefield is taking shape hundred of miles above the u.s. in space. jim gained rare access to u.s. and he investigates the operations built to disable or destroy u.s. satellites. >> good morning. let's get started with changeover. >> one of the first warning shots in space was spotted here at the joint space operation center in california. >> all assets are currently tasked. that's all i've got. >> it was may 2014 when a small
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team of airmen monitoring a russian space launch saw something they had never seen before. >> it is part of the russian space launch. we were tracking three objects on or bichbit. one was the rocket body and another was what we asosumed to be a piece of debris. >> soon after the debris came to life. lieutenant general, commander of u.s. space forces. >> the one object we assumed was a piece of debris started to maneuver close to the booster. >> it has continued to make maneuvers? >> we are watching it very closely. >> in other words it's not due br debris but a satellite with new and dangerous capabilities.
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>> cnn's war in space the next battlefield tuesday night only here on cnn. back in a moment. stay with us. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed. no big deal. but my hygienist said, it is a big deal.
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you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ a twitter storm continues throughout the day. this is one of several trump tweets quoting here the democrats when hay incorrectly
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thought they were going to win not so anymore. saturday clinton campaign announced it will join the recount effort in wisconsin after the filing happened. joining me now to discuss my panel of cnn commencnn commenta. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> when it looked like clinton was on track to win she was all for accepting the results. trump told people to expect large scale voter fraud. what do we think of this? >> donald trump wasn't saying he may want a recount or that he may respond to potential voter regularities. he was saying even if hillary clinton got more votes and it was determined hillary clinton
2:41 pm
got more votes he may not accept it because the election was rigged. it was very different than hillary clinton's team or the computer scientists who say there are irregularities here. she is saying let's make sure donald has more votes. i don't think there's anything wrong with doing a recount. it's for the american people. the american people deserve to have a winner. i don't have a dog in this fight. i'm saying if he won he won. >> so donald did win. he tweets today that, you know, millions of people voted illegally and that he would have won the popular vote. wh wouldn't it make a recount more important than ever considering he thinks all of these people voted illegally? >> there's no evidence to show they sloeted illegally. i think it's about how big of a
2:42 pm
waste of tame this actually is and also it's really sad there's fundraising that's going on on an idea that's not reality which is send in money and we'll recount the vote and some how change the outcome of a free and fair election. that's the part that's the most frustrating to me. i don't understand why hillary clinton's campaign. they are saying a campaign is now involved in this recount and what they are doing is they are taking hard-earned americans money and wasting it and it will go to a bunch of lawyers to recount votes when it will not clang the outcome of this election. we need to move forward. shame of these people for being part of this. >> but millions of dollars is great. wasn't that sort of people speaking and saying look -- >> yeah, but you're selling it -- this is my analogy. it is like someone stumping
2:43 pm
their toe, buying a band aid and saying please help with my medical expenses. it just isn't based in reality of the situation. that's why i say this is nothing more than fraud. the only people that will get paid here are democratic lawyers and those around jill stein who will make a bunch of money fighting over this recount. >> i will tell you what jill stein told me, all of money will go into a separate account and only be used for recount efforts. >> which means they will get paid in this. if there is anybody that will get rich off of this it is lawyers that will get massive fees. nothing is going to change. it's a waste of time. >> go ahead. >> i think it's important to underscore this point because people were saying she was doing this as some sort of scam, that
2:44 pm
she is some how padding her pockets. the question here is democracy. again, we don't have ra nickel in this in terms of the winner or loser. it is about the american loser. he is saying why should we recount a fair and free election? what's the basis -- >> it's not going to change the outcome. that's point though. >> hold on. i'll let you talk far long time. let me respond. >> what would make it a fair and free election is if everyone had access to the vote. i agree with you. if it's a fair and free election you shouldn't detest it. >> i mean it sincerely -- >> hold on. i will cut you off because i want to get another voice in here, bernie sanders. he says he doesn't believe there is a recount. let's listen to this. >> the green party has the legal
2:45 pm
right to do it. we have recounts probably almost every election there's a recount. no one expects there to be profound change. there's nothing wrong with going through the process. >> we know where you stand on this but mark, do you expect anything to come from this recount? >> my best guess says no. i think if there was some massive conspiracy to, you know, win an election, it would be good enough that it wouldn't fall on its knees in a recount. >> at least you're admitting nothing is going to change from this. mark, do me a favor -- >> i -- >> all right. >> okay. well, what we do know is that this issue is not going away any time soon. the filing has been made. we expect more to come. this discussion will continue.
2:46 pm
great to have you on, gentlemen. >> thanks chls. lots more to talk about still to come. could the end be near for rebel forces fighting to hold their ground? you're live in the cnn news room. ople are ready. because they know a deal is only as good as the network it's on. verizon gives you the best network and a lot more. get our best smartphones for free. like the iphone 7. the samsung galaxy s7. the pixel, phone by google. and the motoz droid. all absolutely free. plus, you'll get an $800 visa prepaid card when you switch 4 lines. shop our best black friday weekend deals this saturday and sunday only. hurry, and get it all at verizon. what ever happened to theo say, "handling"?ing and handling"? i do all the handling. can you handle this laptop before we ship it, nick? there's free shipping, and handling on everything at
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there is nothing left to be said. the whole world watched and was silenced. those are the words of a mother speaking to cnn about the horror unfolding in this city. forces loyal at least 46 people were killed. a grim account that only begins to the suffering endured by citizens and the suffering they still have to inter. i'd like to bring in andrew table in washington. he's also the author of in the lion's den. an eyewitness account of washington's battle with syria. i know you have a spent a fair amount of time in jar syria. is the final combbattle for whas
2:51 pm
syria's largest city? >> i think it is. i think it's surrounded by the regime without much aid from the international community. i expect that pocket will shrink more and more. however, while that battle might be lost, bashar assad only control a third of syrian territory. the war is not over. there's lots more to do. we're not sure how it will all work out. >> do you think, you say it's not over, but do you think it's inevitable that they will fall to the regime? >> it would take a miracle. an offensive similar to what we saw this summer to push into aleppo to relieve those besieged. one is little being said by regional powers about the eastern aleppo's fall. the air strikes by russia. at the same time on those areas
2:52 pm
and most importantly, the delivery of iranian shiaa black malitias to that area. that cocktail of forces and events have worked against the rebels. now that works in an area where they're surrounded. in other areas it's unclear frms the regime will pull off something similar or if they'll be content with the western part of the country which many contend they will be. >> there's so much devastation, horror, chaos in alepppo. what are these people going through right now? i imagine very little access to food, water, electricity. what is it like over there right now. >> they have been without amenities. it's a serious blow to those that thought that the
2:53 pm
international community would come and assist those who were demanding freedom inside of syria. it's very, very hard for those living in that area. i don't think they are surprised. they've seen this coming for a while. the offensive to cut it in two, which is going on at the moment is delivering insult to injury. >> the world has largely ignored what is taking place there, the tragedy in that city. why is aleppo in view of the united states. >> it's been mayor source of diplo diplomacy over the past year.
2:54 pm
it's a huge blow for vladmir putin ice russia. this would make it the biggest black mark on obama's presidency whether it's domestic or foreign. that's the legacy that will live with him for the rest of his days. >> thank you for coming on and sharing your perspective. >> my pleasure. we all know why donald trump won the election. why is he alleging that million of people's cast illegal ball s ballots. no evidence but a sharp accusation. we'll talk about it next hour. you're live in the cnn news room. if you have a typical airline credit card,
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coming up, anthony bourdain heads to brazil. >> perhaps the most famous dish means smoked in cured meats and if you're lucky, fresh eggs.
2:59 pm
there we go. >> ox tongue. it has nothing to do with our climate. >> you're right. this is cold weather food. it's nice. beautiful. >> he prepares the tongue. >> you have a great culinary tradition here of flavors. you have fantastic greningredie. people that are insecure about their food until recently. where did this come from? >> it's italian and french food. i used to say it's a complex like trauma. they pose it. good production for us. they make good food with their production. here, let's make the same
3:00 pm
technique but with our product. we have started saying this is good. put in your restaurant. >> taste of inland brazil. top of the hour now. i'm pamela brown in for poppy harlow. new tonight, donald trump now claiming millions of people voted illegally in the election. the election that he just won. the claim is part of a series of tweets the president-elect has fired off over the effort to recount votes in some states. trump writing in addition to the winning the electoral college in land slide. i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. it would have been much easier for me to win the popular vote and that i would only campaign in three or four states instead of the 15 states that i


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