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tv   New Day  CNN  November 28, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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costing him the popular vote. >> pedaling an apparent conspiracy theory. you had 12 tweets about this absurd notion. why? it seems that the president-elect doesn't like this recount effort that is set to begin in wisconsin. we're also waiting for word about more picks to trump's cabinet. will he pick another billionaire? we'll have it all covered for you, let's begin with sara murray live in washington. good morning, sara. >> good morning, chris. it really is an unprecedented move. donald trump now the president-elect having won in this campaign. getting ready to go to the white house is publicly questioning the integrity of the u.s. election system. without offering any evidence. donald trump is falsely claiming he only lost the popular vote because millions voted illegally for hillary clinton. despite winning the election, trump is reviving unfounded allegations of voter fraud. a sign he's unwilling to drop his pension for conspiracy theories now that he's the
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president-elect. trump tweeting, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. trump's tweet storm coming as hillary clinton's recount effort led by jill stein. they seem to make similar pushes in pennsylvania and michigan after security experts raise possible concerns over voting discrepancies. >> this is a total and complete distraction and a fraud and something that they should drop. we will sit there and look through scan tron ballots and we will win again for the second time and they will lose again for sthekd time. >> reporter: republicans quickly slamming clinton despite her campaign statement that they're not challenging the results. trump even quoting from her concession speech where she urged americans to move forward. adding, so much time and money will be spent. same result. sad. the clinton campaign general counsel responding to trump's tweets with a dose of irony. saying, we are getting attacked
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for participating in a recount that we didn't ask for by a man who won election, but thinks there was massive fraud. >> i was asked 1,000 times, will donald trump accept the election results. now you have the democrats and jill stein saying they do not accept the election results. the idea that we're going to drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the clintons and obamas is pretty incredible. >> reporter: the clinton campaign and the white house but stein inserts that the recount is necessary. >> our voting system should have that kind of assurance built into it so there is automatic auditing taking place to make sure we are not being hacked. >> we are expecting to hear more later this morning from wisconsin election officials about the status of that recount. as for donald trump's claims i reached out to a number of people in a transition effort to ask whether they had any evidence to provide whatsoever
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to back up his tweets insisting there was this widespread election fraud. so far they have not responded. back to you guys. >> sara, thank you very much. joining us now is chris collins and also the co-chair of trump's leadership committee. good to see you. i hope thanksgiving was good for you and the family, congressman. >> it was and the bills won yesterday so it's a morning. >> let's put up these spreads in michigan, pennsylvania. maybe legitimate issues and still wanting to count his own votes but these spreads, 11,000, 27,000, 68,000. while they show very close races, we've never had a recount influence that kind of number. do you believe that is enough to not have a recount just because it's unlikely or do you think we should still certify the results? >> well, we should, obviously, certify the results.
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but we don't need a recount to do that. it is time to bring america back together. make america one again. the irony here of jill stein and now hillary clinton joining in a recount push that really is going to drag on some of the hard feelings, some of the disbelief of the clinton supporters that she actually lost. it's time to put that behind and let's move forward as one america. i think i do know president-elect trump has been very magnanimous in reaching out. he has said the right things to try to heal the divisiveness in america. this recount is just going to drag that on for another week, another two weeks. it's not necessary. it's actually detrimental to what we want to do to heal this nation. >> is it detrimental for the president-elect to tweet that millions of people voted illegally when you and i know there is not a shred of evidence that that is even close to true? >> what we do know certainly
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more people that voted that shouldn't have. here in new york we don't have any voter i.d. is it millions? >> congressman, we both know it. you know there has been exhaustive reporting and research on this. yes, there is fraud in all things that man touches. voting is no different in that regard. >> that's correct. >> but the numbers are small. the amount of obvious provable cases, small. he's forwarding a conspiracy theory that whacko owhackos cre. why? why do this? he won. nobody is saying it is rigged except him. >> that is right. he is the president-elect and it is time to move forward. i'd like to think that we could strengthen some of the voter election i.d. laws. but, you're right. he won the electoral college vote and that is all that matters. in fact, i called out in may we were going to see a trump tsunami. we did see that. 306 electoral college votes in winning wisconsin, michigan and
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pennsylvania was more than anyone really had hoped for. yeah, it's time to move on. and it's time to end the discussion of recounts and, again, hopefully we can strengthen voter i.d. laws. but i couldn't agree more. let's just move on. let's get the cabinet selected and let's get the other 4,000 positions filled. that is just an enormous task ahead of us the next 60, 90 days. >> congressman, what's going on with romney? trump comes forward and says, you know what, i could be the bigger man. i know what he said. but i liked when i met him and, boy, he could be really qualified for secretary of state. now, you have kellyanne who is not in the business of contradicting mr. trump, savidging romney, newt gingeraggingeragricgingrich. >> what do i know about mitt romney? he puts himself first who has a
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chip on his shoulder that thinks he should be president of the united states. i mean, there's no love lost between me and mitt romney. i called him a loser for the last six months, even though i supported him -- >> why did president-elect trump say i like this guy. i think he can be secretary of state. you certainly didn't say that when he first came out with his name. what changed here? >> well, i'm going to leave it up to president-elect trump to pick the people in his cabinet that he thinks can serve his administration. a healthy debate is a good thing. disagreement is a good thing. once you come to an agreement, though, you have to move on. my concern is that mitt romney is a bit of a lone wolf and might not take the advice or the direction of president-elect trump. i mean, he is a lone wolf. so, from that perspective, would i choose him? no. but if president-elect trump does, i will certainly support that decision. it's up to the president-elect to surround himself with the people that he thinks can best
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serve his administration. but i have not seen in mitt romney the personality traits of someone who will take direction. >> what do you make of the concern that the early choices and there's still many to be filled as you suggest, got a lot of billionaires in there. is that returning power to the people? >> oh, these are successful individuals. and you want to surround yourself with successful people. the dollar sign after their name, to me, is meaningless as long as they're there to put america first. to help donald trump make america great dpagain. it's of no concern to me that these people are people of means who are going to turn their own personal lives upside down and work these 60, 70-hour weeks. god bless them for that. you should never hold it against someone that they are successful in a prior career and bringing that success to serve the
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american public. i have no concerns whatsoever. >> but you don't think it's different than the campaign where trump was saying, look, i don't, i don't need the money. i don't need the influence so people can't buy and sell me. but money corrupts those in power and that's why we have to get it out. i can do it. i know the system best. now, he's putting people in there who seem to be the kind of people he said needed to be out. i don't understand the inconsistency. >> in saying that power can corrupt, he's talking about the clintons who were dead broke 16 years ago and now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. somebody coming in that is a wealthy individual, someone like penny who is secretary of commerce under barack obama is not going to do anything that is self-serving. they, in fact, have the means to take care of their family for generations to come. so, i don't think there's any risk of someone that has already
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accumulated a certain amount of wealth. somehow using influence to create more wealth. it's more the concern of people like the clintons who were dead broke who did use their influence to become worth hundreds of millions of dollars. >> the difference between new money and old money. congressman collins, thank you very much for being on "new day," as always. >> always good to be with you, chris. turning to cuba now. tens of thousands of people in havana expected to bid farewell to fidel castro. the cuban dictator's ashes will cros cros the island nation this week. this comes as the first commercial flights from the u.s. begin to havana today. cnn's nic robertson is live in havana with more. so much change happening there, nic. >> slow change, subtle change. the beginning of the public manifestation will be the gathering in revolution square to celebrate the passing of fidel castro. at that time we're told there
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will be a 21-gun salute. the guns fired off here in havana and in the other end of the country, santiago. timed to go off at the same time. what we're expecting for the rest of the week will be more commemorations and more memorial the government is planning these sorts of things. towns and fillvavillages across country. what we're not seeing passion poured out on the streets neither joy nor sorrow. the older generation perhaps here still residents feel truly feel younger people do hope that there is a better future for the country and perhaps the symbol of that is the arrival of this first flight scheduled flight direct from the united states. that's due to land here, really, in the next few minutes. chris? >> nic, thank you very much. keep us up to date on all that happens there. the dakota access pipeline is a situation that demands your attention. there had been a deadline given to the protesters there. the army corps of engineers
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saying they were going to remove them by force but now saying they want a peaceful solution. big key here is what will the protesters do. we have two tribal leaders ahead.
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so, there's a shift to tell you about in the showdown of the dakota access oil pipeline. the army corps of engineers says that they will now forcibly remove the protesters that are blocking the controversial project. paul is live with more. what have you learned, paul? >> alisyn, things are still heating up on the reservation. here's what the army corps of engineers first said. they'll close federal property north of the canonball river to the public this on december 5th. seemed the showdown was looming and now the army corps of engineers is seeking a peaceful transition to a safer location that has no plans for forcible removal from the camp. people would stay at their own risk, but that emergency fire, medical and law enforcement cannot adequately be there to protect them. now, you're looking at support for the tribe in washington,
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d.c., yesterday. the tribe, of course, saying that they want this pipeline routed around the reservation. that they fear their water will be contaminated and that the pipeline route will destroy some sacred sites. this a peaceful protest unlike last week when there were violent clashes overnight. you may recall that the police were using makeshift water canons, hoses attached to fire engines in sub freezing temperatures. it remains to be seen what this would mean. the army corps said people could be cited. back to you now, chris. >> paul, thank you very much for keeping us up to date. joined now by a member of the standing rock sioux tribe and standing rock chairman dave. gentlemen, thank you for joining me. let's start with where we are right now. the army corps of engineers is saying that they don't want to do this forcibly but they do want people out by december 5th.
4:18 am
they say they want a safer location. what does that mean to you, chase? >> it's reminiscent of past statements and proclamations coming from the united states. for instance, december 3rd, 1875, we were declared haasile if we were not within the confines of our indian reservation. fast forward 140 years, you have a government agency trying to declare us trespassers on our own treaty land and threatening to penalize us, criminally charge us and possibly forcibly round us up if we don't return to the reservation. it's very eerie and we're trying to stay strong through all of this. >> dave, one of the issues that comes up here is that the pipeline was put through with no consult or approval from the tribe. is that true? how did this happen? >> well, this pipeline was proposed and we had the dakota access pipeline along with the state's public service
4:19 am
commission come to standing rock and meet with our tribal counsel. every time i hear that the tribe didn't have a statement or a comment, i find that false because we sat there with the company and we told them don't put it here and all the arguments that we had back then are the same arguments that we have today. >> so, they did come to you, but you said you don't want it and they did it anyway. all right. thank you for clearing that up from your perspective. what are you prepared to do? they are going to go ahead with the pipeline. we know what happens if the work can't commence and time continues to go by. the dynamic is going to change. what is your posture in terms of what your plans are? >> well, it's definitely not a foregone conclusion that the pipeline is going to be built where it is currently routed. it was rerouted from a place north of the capital city of north dakota of bismarck and moved to our northern
4:20 am
boundaries. our 1889 boundaries. there are unsettled legal claims with the land and the area in question. we have our head of state, tribal chairman dave achabalt ii who is on with me. including 2,000 veterans that are coming to join the peaceful, nonviolent, unarmed protests in standing rock to protect clean water. not only that but the civil rights and human rights of a relationship between our tribal nation and the united states. and treaty groups who are on the ground and who are committed to these concepts of unarmed, nonviolence. we expect a win. we are in for the long haul. >> why do you not want the pipeline, chase? >> we don't want the pipeline traversing through treaty territory. there's already been sacred sites destroyed. we're talking about clean water. we're looking to reevaluate our
4:21 am
economic system so that we can value the true source of all economic wealth, which is water. which is our natural resource. we say water is sacred, but it's also good business to protect your water resource. if they would have rerouted the pipeline or went with their original route north of bismarck, we wouldn't even be in this fight right now. >> dave, i want people to see some of the video earlier of the water canon. not only does it hurt and possibly injure, but very low often sub zero temperatures and a lot of fear of hypothermia and people not being able to rewarm. we made calls on it and the official response was, hey, these aren't all protesters. there is a lot of rioting going on out there and violence and criminal activity. what is your statement with respect to how the protesters have been behaving and whether a water canon was warranted. >> i would say let's look at it
4:22 am
from the beginning of this whole stance. and ask the state officials, the state law enforcement how often have they seen the water protectors using weapons. it's never happened. the stance that we have and the fight that we're in on our side we have never used a weapon. but what we witnessed was the law enforcement continuing to escalate the type of weapons that they're using and what they use rubber bullets and whoever is firing this projectile targets a human said. they'll claim that this is a nonlethal weapon. but they're trying to hurt somebody when you have a rubber bu bullet that hit somebody next to their eye and now having eyesight problems when they have concussion grenades exploding next to people and almost taking their arms off. i think we did lose -- a lady lost her arm. what they're calling us rioters,
4:23 am
they should be the rioter. they are the ones that are bringing the aggression. they're the ones bringing the horse and they're the ones who are using weapons. and it just continues to escalate and that's what -- if they're so concerned about safety. everybody is so concerned about safety, what needs to happen is this easement. the last thing the company needs is an easement from the corps of engineers. what they need to do is cancel this easement. that's the safest thing to do. but by sending out a letter saying you have until december 5th, these public properties are closed. it just escalates and causes more concern for safety for everybody. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you very much for offering your perspective on "new day" this morning. for you, you and the sheriff have been going at this for eight months trying to find a peaceful solution to this. hasn't happened yet. we'll continue covering this on "new day." we know it's an important story.
4:24 am
thank you, gentlemen. so, what do you think about this? maybe new to you but it's been going on for a long time there and seems it will continue. you can tweet us @newday. house democrats are locked in a leadership battle. will the party stick with nancy pelosi? a lawmaker joins us next to weigh in on this week's big vote.
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so, donald trump is claiming that he won the popular vote, if you don't count the "millions of people who voted illegally." that was a tweet he sent out over the weekend and that is false.
4:28 am
not a shred of evidence that he has presented or anyone. so, what are the democrats' plans for how to tackle fake news and erroneous tweets over the next four years? let's discuss this and so much more with new york democratic congresswoman who sits on the committee of homeland security, representative kathleen rice. great to see you here. >> great to be here. >> so, are you all talking about that problem that president-elect trump tweets out things that have no evidence and are demonsteresly false. >> we had a campaign for two years that involved those kind of claims. most americans are waiting to see when he starts to -- when he is sworn in and what is going to be put into action and not just the words and the rhetoric. >> what is your plan? do you ignore them? do you refute them? >> i think what we have to do is do what we've been doing all along is try to get people in
4:29 am
the media, like yourself, to call him out when he's saying things that are not true. but at the end of the day, the american people are going to want to see actual action. it's not going to be enough to tweet things out and not enough to hold rallies. you have to actually present things like budgets and get people to compromise and work with you to get america, you know, back on track. >> meanwhile, on the democratic side there is also this recount effort under way started by jill stein and it has now been joined by what was hillary clinton's campaign to count the votes in three battleground states that were extremely close despite the fact that there is no evidence that any election officials can find of voter fraud there either. what do you think of that effort? >> it's not something that i would support. i think that we need to move forward. i understand, you know, jill stein wants to start this and the clinton campaign wants to get on board. that's fine. i think what this country needs is for us to move forward.
4:30 am
there's no evidence that there was any fraud involved. we had to accept the results, whether you like them or not, and move forward. >> let's talk about who is going to lead the democrats moving forward. you have decided that you will support congressman tim ryan over nancy pelosi. that election comes up, that race is this week. what does he have that she doesn't? >> he's a new voice. we need new leadership. i was very clear when we came back to washington after the election that we needed to at least start to have a conversation about what went wrong. why are we so far in the minority and why since 2010 have we been losing election cycle after election cycle. there is no accountability from leadership. this is not personal against nancy pelosi. i like her very much. i think she has done great things for the democratic caucus. these are great things. but now in 2016, we need new leadership. we need a new voice. and i think that tim represents that voice and he can be a great
4:31 am
leader. >> well, there's leadership issues as you've spelled out and also just sort of on the ground grassroots. what do you think that democrats got wrong during this election certainly and in the past? why aren't democrats connecting more with working class voters? >> well, you know tim ryan has a very clear message. he thinks and has said that he believes that the democratic party has become a coastal party. california and new york. we need to be talking to people in ohio and michigan and minnesota and pennsylvania. and all across the country. and that's a message that we did not have in this election and we need to hear what the voters have said. we cannot do this same thing over and over again and expect a different result. tim has a plan for how to kind of take the democratic party, bring it back to the middle of the country and speak to people who want the democratic party back on their side. >> last week he was called a long shot. do you think he's still a long shot to win? >> i think he has a really good chance of winning. this is internal politics and this is a vote that we hold
4:32 am
within our caucus. i think that tim has enormous support. it's tough to challenge someone. >> do you think he -- >> i think the numbers are there and i think it's going to be whether or not we as a democratic caucus decide that this is the time that we need new leadership. again, it's not anything personal. but, you know, if you look at people in the private sector, if you don't bring results, you're out. i think that we're at that point now in 2016 after four successive cycles of losing more and more races. we need to bring a new voice in and i think tim ryan is that voice. >> do you have any fear that if nancy pelosi wins and he loses that you, having been so public, will fall out of favor? >> well, i think i probably am not in good favor right now, but, you know, this is what we need in washington. we need people in positions like mine to speak truth. to power. it is very difficult to do in washington because the system is set up to support powerful people and it's very difficult to get people like me or tim ryan into the conversation.
4:33 am
so, i'm very proud of the support that i'm giving tim. again, this is not personal. this is what we need more of. people willing to come out and say we need to try something different and i hope that more of my colleagues will follow me on that path. >> who do you think should lead the dnc? >> that is a question that people will decide within that organization. i know keith ellison, i think he's a great guy. i have not weighed into that argument. >> do you want to? >> i'm very focused now on wednesday and the election is going to take place with our democratic caucus in congress. >> congressman cakathleen rice, thank you. >> thank you. on the campaign trail president-elect trump promised to reverse president obama's policies restoring diplomatic relations with cuba. so, what happens now that fidel castro is dead? will trump follow through. maybe not. we'll discuss why, next.
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so, how will president-elect donald trump handle relations with cuba once he's sworn in in 53 days. that is the question, excuse me, on many minds after fidel castro's death over the weekend. lifting the embargo with cuba. what would he do differently? let's discuss with andre bauer, he met with castro on a trip to cuba in 2003 and florida congressman carlos carbello who is cuban american. gentlemen, you both have personal experiences with castro and cuba. andre, let me start with you. what was that trip like to cuba in 2003 and your meeting with fidel castro and what were you hoping to get out of it? >> it was definitely eye opening
4:39 am
to see how pressed those people are to watch the people in line to get a loaf of bread. it was moving as a young man. i went down there as a 33-year-old new to the whole process and meeting with him for four hours and engage in discussion. he got very aggravated with me when i talked about allowing americans to come down and open businesses and allowing americans to own real estate and what he said was going to be a 30-minute meeting went on for four hours. i don't think he was used to having somebody challenge him. it was interesting. but this is a real opportunity for the american people and for the cuban people to come together. if we want to try to bargain now, we have to reverse what president obama has done and take this opportunity to say, look, we're willing to work with you, but things are going to have to change. >> congressman, your parents are cuban exiles. how has that colored your impression of the way forward here? >> well, there's not a lot of mourning going on in miami, to
4:40 am
say the least. so people here feel relieved. this is where the victims of castro's dictatorship, this is where many of them live. my family is just one of hundreds of thousands of families who live here in south florida. and who have, in some way, been hurt by the castro government. i was encouraged by the president-elect statement. it's obvious that he's approaching this relationship with cuba with clear eyes. it is obvious that he knows the nature of the castro regime. he said the truth about who fidel castro was and of the horrific crimes that he perpetrated, not just against the cuban people, but also against many americans and it was a sharp contrast to president obama's statement and to president obama's policies over the last two years where it's been one unilateral concession after another to a government that is an enemy of the united states that still opposes our interests throughout
4:41 am
the world that is responsible for the death of american citizens. so, i think we're going to see a different approach starting on january 20th. >> let's talk about that different approach, andre. what do you want to see president-elect trump do differently and try to get out of this relationship with cuba? >> well, right off the bat, they need to release political prisoners. be great if they'd apologize for some of the atrocities they've done. allow international business. there's a multitude of things we can do and to have a neighbor we're not working with is a missed opportunity, but they're going to have to give some concessions before we just roll out the red carpet for them. in my opinion, i'm glad to see president-elect trump talking in that type of tone. >> congressman, i want to put up for our viewers and you the two condolence messages, basically, or at least announcements of death. president obama versus president-elect trump. how they responded to fidel castro's death because there is sort of a stark difference here. so, let me play, let me put up
4:42 am
first president obama's. he says we offer condolences to fidel castro's family and our thoughts and prayers are with the cuban people. donald trump took a different tact. though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by fidel castro cannot be erased, cuban people can finally begin their journey. >> i remind people fidel castro is the man who had nuclear missiles installed in cuba and pointed to the united states. he brought the world to the brink of a nuclear war. and for the president to say also in that statement, he said history will judge fidel castro. we don't have to wait. we know that this man was a tyrant. he was a murderer.
4:43 am
he worked against the united states every single day of his life when he was in power and you look at the contrast to the president-elect who is being honest. and, by the way, that helps explain why this last election went the way it went. the american people want to be told the truth. the american people are sick and tired of this political, this lukewarmness and lack of honesty. and, again, i think january 20th we're going to be opening up a new chapter in u.s./cuban relations and the cuban government is going to be held accountable and american interests are going to be put first. we are going to put the interest of the oppressed cuban people first. and hopefully we will get the kind of change we all want in cuba. a change that, of course, will lead to many opportunities, including business opportunities in the future. but as long as cuba remains a close society and a repressive government that opposes american
4:44 am
interests, it's going to be very hard to get there. we need to put the pressure on them. >> so, andre, what do you think about diplomatic relations. what do you think about the embassy there in cuba that is reopened. is it too soon? >> well, i think that there are folks like the representative we show here and martinez and senator rubio and folks that are much more knowledgeable than i. we have to have positive feedback from their government. for too long people have been oppressed. people have been jailed that spoke out. we've got to have a system where they show us in good faith. they want to work with us and hopefully with, you know, i'm an opportunist and continually looking for a new way to hopefully find better relations. hopefully with fidel's passing that gump will look and say this part of the regime is gone and we want to try to change our ways. i don't know that they will but i'm hoping that. with the tone that donald trump has set, that sets the stage for
4:45 am
at least some type of understanding and discussions to start. >> yeah, very interesting to see what happens over the next days. andre bauer, congressman carbella, thank you for being here. we'll talk about trump unresolved financial conflicts. it is the danger of the unknown and also what is known. what could happen going forward, even before the inauguration. we'll take a closer look.
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authorities think a terror group linked to isis might have planted a homemade bomb near the u.s. embassy. a street sweeper in manila reportedly found an ied in a trash can within 100 feet of the embassy gates. a bomb squad detonated that device. no arrests have been made. police say the ied is similar to the one that killed 14 people in september. syrian government forces retaking parts of the key district after punishing air and ground assault. effectively splitting eastern aleppo in two. this is the first time government forces have taken a significant part of eastern aleppo since rebels seized the area more than four years ago. syrian president bashar al assad has vowed to retake the whole city.
4:50 am
all right. a heart-stopping story out of arkansas. an infant ejected from a car following a terrible accident. rescuers searched everywhere for her and when they heard noises coming from the storm drain, it turns out the 8-month-old got stuck in there. after a couple of hours crews did get her out, amazingly the 8-month-old suffered only a few scratches, and we are happy to report is out of the hospital. >> they believe, they don't really know yet, but they believe that that kid may have been thrown from the car, fell into that sewer, and was completely fine. did you see the car? >> you know, babies do have a lot of padding. thank god. >> yeah. emphasis on the last part of that statement. so president-elect donald trump brushed aside questions about potential conflicts of interest between his duties in the white house and his business interests. he actually said he could do both perfectly well with absolutely no problem. a recent interview with "the new york times" reporters verified
4:51 am
all of that. that's how he feels. but there are huge unknowns. with trump and his business pressures. so let's discuss exactly what could be going on here. the unresolved conflict. we have cnn political analyst editor in chief of the daily beast, good to have you. let's go to the map. okay? lots of different licensing agreements all over the world. there are certain ones that you believe where we need to know more and somewhere what we do know is already in trouble. >> that's right. look, just first of all, we've never had a situation where a president or president-elect has these sort of global business interests. it is just one of the many ways this is uncharted territory for the united states, and the implications for at least the perception of compromise of corruption is huge and he needs to address that. let's look at something. >> let's go to the philippines. all of this can be mind boggling. let's focus in on four big ones. the philippines. this is where he has a
4:52 am
relationship with a philippine developer, jose antonio, his business partner. he was name a special envoy to the u.s. last month by the way. hold that thought. and they have a number of projects in the works. >> right. the mean thing here is that his business partner -- keep in mind the way trump makes his money is licensing his name. these are multimillion dollar deals. when the president of the philippines, duterte who is not a deep democrat by any stretch of the imagination taps trump's business partner to be the special envoy to the united states, that's the beginning of the wedge people. this is how the complication between business interests and political interests start getting entwined. it's already happening in realtime. >> one of the macro points that is important is that donald trump is keenly aware of what he doesn't have to worry about legally, as president. you know, the outward notion was, i'm not even focused on that business stuff. it's all about the kids now. i don't care. you smell something else. >> well, look, i think what's
4:53 am
significant is that donald trump hasn't really borne deep into many of the intricacies of white house policy but he seems very clear on the fact that the president is actually exempt from a 1978 ethics in government law. so while self-dealing is illegally, commonsensically, ethically, for members of the cabinet, that is not the case for the president of the united states. and he seems very aware of the fact that he could run his business out of the oval office. he's saying he won't. he's saying he'll give it to his kids but even that is far short of a blind trust or things other presidents have done with far less potential. >> for instance, we already know that he's met with an indian developer businessman at trump tower after the election, his kids were around. for this. where's the conflict? >> well there are two levels here first of all his children who are by all accounts are the most exemplary character references he's got keep sitting in on high-level state meetings with the president-elect. that is unusual in the extreme. especially when their role will be continuing the business interests.
4:54 am
but most troubling i think downstream isn't just the photos that get used by businessmen saying look, we're in political and business with the president-elect it's the fact that his business partners in this countries are themselves tide to political interests, political parties in the government. that becomes a deep thicket of conflict that we only can begin to understand the problems that we could have. >> these are the knowns. these are where you have -- >> these are the knowns, that's right. >> a big part of the concern is part of the world that is not highlighted right now where people have legitimate concerns. >> that's right. >> whether it's just that banks sold debt that donald trump may have an interest in one way or the other. russias, you know who had done business with them, what about his own staff that was involved with it. this whole part of the country is yet not highlighted. when we look at ireland and turkey you see different, scotland and turkey you see a different type of concern come up. >> right. this case the trump organization famously has golf courses. they want to build a sea wall. trump associated himself very
4:55 am
closely with the uk independent party who did brexit, neil farage and that photo there. he apparently brought up that they should be stopping wind farms. this is just a bizarre big aboo with of the president-elect, a long standing dislike for wind farms. when all of a standing he's lobbying personal interests that could be related to business interests with his political allies across the pond that's not a special relationship we've understood between the united states and britain. that's a business driven influence that is a deriffation from our best tradition. >> it's ireland and scotland and one of the things that was interesting is he thought that climate change was a hoax we're not really sure what the president-elect thinks now. >> there is some -- >> well he certainly believed that when he applied for the sea wall because he blamed global warming for it. said that's why they should give him this permit. >> one of many small ironies. >> look at a map. >> turkey. >> this is where he has this relationship with um, again,
4:56 am
more business people with other mow gumoguls, highly influentia families. trump him self said to breitbart news in december i have a conflict of interest here because i have a major, major building in istanbul. >> he wasn't shy about that. this one gets particularly complicated. when donald trump announced a temporary ban on muslim immigration the president of turkey said his name should be stripped from these two towers. but then that was a significant threat to his business interests. but when he cracked down in the wake of the coup all of a sudden now president-elect trump candidate trump had very kind things to say we shouldn't judge. in fairness he's said things about tiananmen square that it wasn't a riot it was a crackdown. but getting cozy to the president of turkey who is a soft authoritarian rolling back democratic rights in that country this forms not only business conflicts, but a larger coalition that i think we all need to be aware of.
4:57 am
when he's been you know reprimanded by the government for one political policy and that gets eased when he starts backing up repressive policy that's an example of the kind of conflicts we can see which we just don't have a precedent for. >> a lot of it again is the unknown. we can highlight all of canada but we don't know what the actual interests are and what they may -- >> sure so let's just focus on the known. with just those four when he says it's impossible for the president legally to have a conflict of interest, what then is the country to do? >> look, there's legally, and there's ethically. politics is perception. and clearly the president-elect is succeeded in politics an unprecedented way by not caring about perception in the usual way. but it does matter if you're the president of the united states, if people are seeing you -- grading the perception that you're using the oval office if not for personal enrichment then for your family's benefit. >> who's going to stop him? >> first of all i think there could be congressional oversight for further investigation. that's a real question. certainly will be the role of the press to investigate these
4:58 am
conflicts. but there's a fundamental danger remember in one of our darker presidential chapters, richard nixon said if a president does it it's not illegal that attitude can't be allowed to encroach when you're dealing with the kind of billion dollar business interests across the globe. and president-elect trump needs to fully appreciate i think in a way that maybe he hasn't had to in this to date that he is taking on a higher responsibility than the art of the deal. this is about the sacred trust of the republic. and questions of ethics and perception outweigh what's strictly legal. >> you said let's focus on what we know. i really believe the big concern is what you don't know. that's why there was such a push for transparency and while some people thought that the taxes is a gotcha game by the press now you get why it isn't. there's no way to know what you need to know about donald trump and that's unusual. and troubling. >> we don't know what we don't know. but we do know more thanks to you. thank you very much for all of that. following a lot of news this morning.
4:59 am
trump falsely claiming that millions of people voted illegally for hillary clinton. >> the party has the legal right to have recounts. >> it's ridiculous. this is a fund-raising note ryety driven fraud. >> governor romney went so far out of his way to hurt donald tru trump. >> i hope the new administration will pressure the castro regime. >> action is something that will be required under president trump. >> it is my hope that we will see u.s. strength prompting real change and real freedom in cuba. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is monday, november 28. 8:00 at least. first president-elect donald trump claiming that millions of people illegally voted for hillary clinton and that's what cost him the popular vote. there is absolutely zero proof that that is anything but silly.
5:00 am
this was part of a 12-tweet rant that is as yet unexplained. >> so this conspiracy theory has already been debunked. and it's happening at the same time that the clinton campaign has joined this recount in wisconsin. all of this as some trump advisers are ramping up their very public war with mitt romney, as he is still reportedly being considered for secretary of state. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with sara murray live in washington. >> good morning, alisyn. anyone who thought that donald trump would suddenly adopt a different tone now that he's the president-elect is going to wake up this morning disappointed. in fact, he's taking the unprecedented step of questioning the integrity of the american election system without offering any evidence. donald trump is falsely claiming he only lost the popular vote because millions voted illegally for hillary clinton. despite winning the election, trump is reviving unfounded allegations of voter fraud, a sign he is unwilling to drop his


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