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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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and to our viewers you can see jim's special report, war in space t next battle field tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" next breaking news, donald trump and mitt romney about to sit down dpar highly anticipated dinner. will romney be america's next top diplomat. and trump's twitter tired claiming wide spread voter fraud. and the tennessee's deadly wild fires. we're live at the scene. let's go "outfront." good evening everyone. i'm kate baldwin. out front tonight. breaking news. donald trump and mitt romney.
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who gets the nod remains open. but tonight's dinner, their second meeting in the last two weeks should go a long way to answering that question, we think. also breaking one official telling cnn trump is tapping his campaign finance chairman, form form former goldman sachs partner. and trump turned to former secretary of labor elaine choi to be his secretary of transportation.
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>> it is still the most high profile cabinet post, that of secretary of state, which tonight is still very much on open question. tonight donald trump is taking major steps to fill out his cabinet. >> we want to be in a position where in the first hundred days we can execute the economic plan. >> the president elect having form former goldman sachs partner steve minchen. and also naming gop congressman tom price as his pick for secretary of health and human services. >> as a position i believe the president's healthcare law violates every single principle we hold dear in healthcare. >> price is a staunched conservative who's been leading the charge in congress to repeal
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the affordable care act. which will become his priority in a trump administration. >> dr. tom price, chairman of the house budget committee. member of the ways and means. every cycle the last several introduced solid replacement healthcare option builds and that is the things he's going to lead the charge on. >> and also favors over hauling medicaid and meds care. under paul ryan's plan medicare enrollees would receive subsidies from the government to cover or offset their expenses trump also selecting see ma very ma to serve as the administrator for medicaid and medicare services. close ties to the mike pence, having designed the medicaid expansion under obamacare. in the meantime the palace intrigue over who will be chosen
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as secretary of state continues to take center stage as trump hosts more contenders in new york today. trump welcoming bob corker to trump tower. >> he needs to choose someone he's very comfortable with. that he knows there is going to be no daylight between him and them. >> and having a dinner with mitt romney. with the two being joined by their wives. the sit down is so trump and romney the can get to know each other more. >> and we expect them to depart any moment at trump tower to arrive at that dinner with the romneys tonight. the second meeting more personal in nature, the fact that the wives are coming and that they are sitting down to dine together. but as still there are still very deep divisions between donald trump's own team about potentially tapping mitt romney. >> "outfront" tonight. republican strgist kevin madden worked for mitt romney.
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and the democratic strategist keith boykin and mark breast preston. mitt romney. donald trump going to dinner. the last time that we know of that donald trump dined with a potential candidate of any time, that person became his vice president. does that mean --? how serious this? >> breaking bread. one is after they had that dinner there was that time that donald trump seemed to be going back on his decision with mike pence and seriously considering chris christie. but i think we're in a different world right now. and i do think for all the criticismly heap upon donald trump for the donald trump for the things he's said and donand. he also has three women of color
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in his cabinet and i don't think enough as been made about that but that's been his fault because he's decided to sidetrack the conversation with all of these other things. >> i find it fascinating that donald trump is bringing melania and mitt romney is bringing anne to the dinner. and i'm not trying to be cute. i wonder if that increases the significance of this dinner. you wouldn't want to waste your wife's time if you didn't think it was important. >> especially anne romney's time. and don't underestimate the power of anne romney's charm. >> exactly. >> i think as the sign maybe they had a very good meeting the fist meeting where they talked about maybe some of the issues and looked upon governor romney for insights in world issues and world affairs and this is one where they are trying to establish more of a personal rapport. and given there was very strong
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disagreements during the campaign to potentially bury the hatchet. again i also think we can't read too much into it. it could be just a meeting where because he hasn't spent as much time with governor romney as he's spent with some others that he just wanted to give it equal access. i still think that because president elect has -- really can't miss a with any of the candidates that he's met with that we shouldn't read into any one meeting. >> this is cable tv. we read too much into every meeting. you have been around this rodeo line up. in fact let's continue to read too far into this. join me the if you will. let's say they bury the hatchet. say romney becomes secretary of state. what does he do? he needs to go to donald trump on an issue that they absolutely disagree on, let's say. and is mitt romney really going to be able to just follow what donald trump says, his pos of the administration maybe on an issue where they are on opposite
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ends of the spectrum, like russia? can we do it? >> i think that is one of the reasons mitt romney in this dinner tonight so so important to say hey, can we have a conversation and disagree but could i still work for you? and donald trump is asking the same question. hey your biggest speech you made was a nasty ugly speech about why i'm a terrible person and should never be elected president. would not become president. we don't even know that mitt romney even vote forward donald trump for that matter. i think they are trying to feel each other out and say hey if i take this job or offer you this job are you going to be able to do the job well for me? and i think the mitt romney takes the job he has to decide that he serves at the pleasure of the president. if he chooses to go against him he won't have that job long and i think he unctions that as well. ultimately if he gets this opportunity, he's going to have to do what the president says. now can he have an open dialogue with the president? i think that is something he's going to ask the question
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tonight? if i disagree, can we have a real battle. i'll co-what you say at the end but i want to make sure my voice is heard in that room and that will be important for him or anybody else who get this is job. >> keith you are not in the business of ouring advice to donald trump or mitt romney. but if you were, what is the one question that mitt romney needs to be answered tonight in this dinner? >> i think mitt romney needs to know that if if he is the secretary of state he'll are the president's back or the president will have his back. they need a working relationship where they can trust each other and mitt romney is in a difficult position not only with russia but also with mixco which is something that romney has a different take on the issue than donald trump. the issue of the religious tolerance. and whatever crazy things donald trump says for the next four years, mitt romney has to be the face of the united states across the world explaining to diplomats and foreign leaders
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why this is acceptable. that is a really difficult position and i don't know how they square that circle to make that relationship work? >> that is what you can figure out over dinner tonight. "outfront" next the breaking news we are standing by for donald trump and mitt romney to arrive at the new york city restaurant for maybe the biggest dinner of their lives. plus trump threatening to revoke your citizenship for burning the american flag. why even republicans aren't going for that. plus is trump getting his news from a website that pushes false conspiracy theories? and the investigators now say the ohio state attacker was likely inspired by isis. new details ahead. family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english,
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flag burning. the people who burn the american flag should lose their citizenship or go to jail. flag burning is protected by the first amendment. for almost 30 years now. >> president elect donald trump once again putting republicans in an awkward spot. this time over the issue of burning the american flag. in an early morning tweet trump said that people who burn the flag should face serious consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. republican leaders on capitol
4:15 pm
hill disagree. do you have any concerns with what he said? >> the supreme court has held that that activity is a protected first amendment right. >> trump's comments reopening old wounds in the capitol. in 2006 mcconnell casting a decisive vogt against a constitutional amendment to ban flag burning, which failed by just one vote. >> the american sflag a monument.flag is a monument. why in the world would we refuse to protect it against desecration? >> i didn't raise my hand to defend the flag. i raised my hand to defend and take on oath to defend the constitution of our country. >> reporter: the supreme court ruled that the burning of the american flag is protected you should -- under the first amendment. >> burning the flag is a form of
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expression. >> reporter: trump's latest statement a sharp contrast from 2013 when he quoted george washington, saying in a tweet "if the freedom of speech is taken away, dumb and silent we may be lead like sheep to the slaughter. the debate hit home last weekend in hamster college in amherst, massachusetts, where roughly 400 military veterans protested removing the flag after a group of students lowered the flag to protest the trump presidential campaign. the flag was later burned. on capitol hill the campaign criticizing flag burning but declining to say whether they agree with trump. >> it is repugnant, disrespectful to the brave men
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and women protecting this country. >> should they be prosecuted though? and senator john mccain says there should be some punishment. but -- >> refuse to comment on mr. trump's comments. i have not and will not. >> reporter: now kate, he also said to me the reason he doesn't want to comment on donald trump is because he said my time here is going to be devoted to make sure the nation is security not to comment on every time donald trump makes remarks. really shows when donald trump does not stick to the bread and butter republican issues like obamacare, and taxes and regulation, and goes off script it puts his party in a an awkward spot and provides quite the distraction to folks here on capitol hill. >> probably going to be hearing that line a lot from mccain over the years. "outfront" now. congressman, great to see you.
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thank you for coming in. the president elect today ast a manu laid out that i had have their citizenship revoked orifior face a year in jail. >> i do find it a little fullback when you are spending all day talking about this when you find the first amendmnt so sacrosanct but don't find the second amendment as equallily sacrosanct. >> whenever a democrat goes out and start talking about our second amendment rights you don't spend all day talking about b it. i think you have to ignore what he said on this issue. i think the supreme court had settled the issue. i don't think there are many members of the congress who are going to be agreeing with him on this. and i think you need to move on. >> two point ordinance that. number one you know me pretty well. >> i do.
4:19 pm
>> i don't think so you would say. you can't put me in the becomes of being a democrat or a republican and can't put me in a box of the not caring about the second amendment. >> in general the media have spent all day talking about this. instead of talk about a america. >> why are people focusing on the musing on twitter about what the president elect said about the cast of hamilton or other things he's opined about on twitter. here is the thing. it does seem a big deal, or a deal of some sort when the president elect, the man who is going to be the leader of this country threatens or poses on twitter that people should have their citizenship revoked for something that's been settled law for almost thirty years. >> let's wait for him to submit a proposal to congress and then we can debate the proposal. let's not debate a tweet. i think the media made that a
4:20 pm
topic during the entire campaign. he's expressing all these things i disagree with vehemently. i think he's completely wrong about this. just like justice antonin scalia. this is one of the basics protections of the constitution. we can have that debate but let's not go over board every time he tweeting something out. he likes to communicate through twitter. he does a pretty effective job communicating through twitter. sometimes i agree. sometimes i disagree but i'm not going spend all my day muse aggregate b the tweets he puts out. >> it is one thing when a it is the president elect taking an opinion on twitter about what should be constitutional, not and what the supreme court should be doing not and who -- >> i do want to move on. >> i hope that next time a democrat starts talking about taking away our second amendment
4:21 pm
rights and shrinking our -- >> when the democrat is the president of the united states or the president elect, that is the difference. >> obama did many times. and clinton did many times and it wasn't the whole media just exploding like you are doing about this issue. >> i would not put this as exploding. i can show you exploding congressman. >> okay. sounds good. >> but went woe do that. let's talk about the cabinet. donald trump and melania trump at dinner tonight with with mitt romney and anne romney. >> what do you think of mitt romney as secretary of state. >> i think it would be a great choice. the question president trump has to answer is whether he can trust mitt romney right now. mitt romney said some pretty negative things about the candidate. he worked very hard to make sure that president elect trump did not become the president of the united states. and i'm all for a team of reallies. i actually think that shows a lot of growth and a lot of great things about donald trump. and it also shows a lot of
4:22 pm
things about mitt romney that he's meeting with him about this job. but for such an important job, as the secretary staof state, c they trust each other? and i haven't seen anything that tells me they can. and i think we need that relationship to be a pretty solid relationship. >> and you know congressman there have been some folks that said mitt romney in order to show the trust he needs to offer some sort of public apology to trump before taking the post. what do you think of that? >> i disagree with that. that is actually the ugly part of politics. i don't think that is -- it shouldn't be about diminishing or demeaning one person or making one person feel less than the others. i just think in their conversations i hope they can come to a resolution of trust, to a moment where they can realize they can work together. that president elect trump knows that mitt romney is going to have his back. if he doesn't know that, i don't think he should be selecting him or nominating him to that position. >> no better way to figure out
4:23 pm
if he trusting somebody than breaking bread together. so that's it. >> thank you so much. breaking news coming in. two sources are telling cnn that wilbur ross is donald trump's pick for commerce secretary. the nomination is expected to be announcement tomorrow long with others for his economic team. famed for rejuvenates businesses. and "outfront" next. more moments from donald trump and mitt romney's dinner together. and more. ♪ (laughs..) here it is. ♪ ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true.
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just learning from the pool traveling with donald trump that donald trump has arrived at the area where donald trump and melania trump and mitt romney
4:28 pm
and anne romney will be having dinner this evening. they have arrived, along with reince priebus. the incoming chief of staff for donald trump. he's also arrived. so the dinner is about to get under way. we're following and 24 looking for any new information as it comes. former speaker gingrich taking on the man tonight who he's advising, donald trump, telling usa today, it was a big mistake to tweet that he would have won the popular vote if it weren't for the people who voted illegally. >> the president of the united states of the can't randomly tweet without having everybody else track what's going. there is no evidence.
4:29 pm
>> this baseless claim and one that maybe, i don't know, does trump rely on this for his news? phil mattingly is. >> reporter: it's been a cozy relationship from the beginning. >> i will not let you down. will be very impressed i 40e7. >> reporter: donald trump and alex jones, the conservative conspiracy theater and. he can take credit for spear heading some of the most outrageous theories on the internet from claims that 9/11 was a government conspiracy to the sandy hook shooting being faked. jones theories reach tens of millions each month and now often echoed by the pruritus. take president obama's birth. >> trump comes along and says birth certificate.
4:30 pm
whether whether or not it was a real certificate? because certainly a lot of people question it. i certainly question it. >> and the leader of isis. >> isis is honoring president obama. he's the found over isis. >> reporter: questioning the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> found a pillow on his face which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow zbloo and ted cruz's father's role in the death of john f. kennedy. >> he was with lee harvey os wald prior to oswald being shot. >> and this message. >> i aem going to ask you to seriously think about making the issue of hillary's election fraud in the primaries one of the central issues to defeating her in november. >> reporter: trump had this to say a day letter. >> i'm afraid the election is going to be rigged, i have to be honest. because i think my side was
4:31 pm
rigged. >> reporter: and in the wake of the election, jones pushing a theory that. >> millions of illegals voting. at least five states stolen for hillary. we're talking five, six, seven eight million people more voting for trump if you look at the evidence in the popular vote than did. >> reporter: and trump tweeting four days later, in addition to the electoral college, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. >> it is surreal to talk about issues here on air and then word for word trump say it two days later. it is amazing. >> reporter: and this isn't exactly an issue trump advisors are thrilled to be talking about but it is one particularly vexing to republicans and democrats. where exactly does the president
4:32 pm
elect get his information? most importantly where does he get his intelligence information the vice president elect is being called a voracious consumer of the intelligence. the president elect not very much. his advisors make clear he has lots of avenues to get information and pursues all of them. when it comes to the advisors himself, his advisors say keep an eye on e. sitting down for the presidential daily brief t official intelligence briefing with top intelligence officials for the third time tins the president elect was elected. expect to see that more and more in the days ahead before he's sworn? >> fascinating. "outfront" now. paris denard, worked in the george w. bush and maria
4:33 pm
cardona. does it matter that the president elect when we're talking about this issue of wide spread voter fraud that he's not dealing in fact or fact evidence that anyone has been provided. that he's spreading inaccurate information? >> i think what's important is he is highlighting the facts that there is an issue that a lot of americans see. and he's bringing attention to it. whether or not we know what has gone on or whether we have gotten all of the information is irrelevant. we don't know what mr. trump the president elect or his team knows or what secretaries of state have told him or anything of that nature. i think it is false to say that we don't have any direct evidence of these claims. we don't have all the information that he has and that is -- >> -- when reporters asked directly to his top aides, where is the evidence of voter fraud? they cited studies. and one of the studies, i actually spoke with the primary
4:34 pm
author of today and he said there was no findings of any kind of voter fraud, especially widespread voter fraud. that they were misinterpreting his study. >> well i think that anybody who knows anything about elections to say that there is no evidence of any voter fraud in the united states of america. >> it is wide spread voter fraud. wide spread serious voter flawed. millions of people voting illegally. >> you said no voter fraud or wide spread. i think that is not true. i think when you have millions of people voting and we do have illegal immigrants here that can vote. i remember when i was mailed two ballots. i could have voted multiple times. things happen. irregularities happen. the president elect is the president elect of the elect and he won fair and square and there are issues out there we should be focusing on. like the diverse cabinet picks and the qualified women he's selecting. those are news stories and things a lot of americans are
4:35 pm
looking to hear more about. because they are important. >> and we have talked about that tonight actually. so i'm glad that you saw that talked about tonight t diverse cabinet that donald trump is building. so thank you for highlighting what we've talked about in the show. maria you heard nooewt gingrich. >> i think he underscore what is a lot of americans are so concerned with with this president elect. first we saw during the campaign that this is a candidate who has lied more in presidential candidate history than any other candidate we have ever seen. so for him to continue to spread fake news, to spread outright lies, to spread talks of studies that are not true undermines not just his own credibility, which frankly to anybody other than his supporters is completely
4:36 pm
shot. but it undermines american democracy and american government, which is a dangerous place to be if you want to be president of the united states for but hasn't proven that whatsoever. and it is absolutely untrue that you have undocumented people lining up at the polls to try to commit election fraud. that is just an outright lie. >> hold on a second. we're getting a picture in from the control room, a picture of inside the restaurant where donald trump and mitt romney are sitting down for their highly anticipated dinner tonight. you see at the table donald trump, mitt romney. told that's reince priebus who has his back to the camera sitting down here in new york city tonight for dinner. paris, your thoughts on this meeting. to be a fly on the wall, as a donald trump supporter, what do
4:37 pm
you want them to hash out at this dinner. >> if i'm a restaurant owner i hope they wouldn't have flies on the wall. but i would love to be there. because there is an important dinner. i'm not so sure that governor romney would be my pick for secretary of state just because of the way he handled himself and things said about mr. trump. i think it would be different for him now say i'm always of a hundred percent behind you. is he qualified? absolutely. would he do an excellent job? he certainly would. the question tonight, what comes after this meeting? will we come out with a result of i am now saying governor romney and serve and i can trust him a 100%. these are questions he has to get clarity on tonight because there are a lot of people waiting in the wings to have this spot of secretary of state, like mayor giuliani and senator bob corker. >> and david petraeus if you wanted to list them all out.
4:38 pm
and paris denard. >> the list goes on and on. >> flo no no. i do not want too serve. >> thank you very much for -- >> you can be press secretary. >> thank you. thank you very much. just seeing new video actually. not only the picture of a new video of them going into the restaurant sitting down for this dinner. we're waiting for reports if they come out. we'll bring them straight away to you tonight. and up front next, new details about the ohio state attacker why law enforcement believes now he's inspired by isis. and three dead and still more missing in the tennessee wild fires. horrible video coming out of this. we're going live to the scene oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising.
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keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it.
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public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. investigators believe the young man who rammed his car into a crowd of people at ohio state university was inspired by isis. this as one official tells cnn the attackers also purchased the knives he used in the attack just hours before the rampage. "outfront" in christmolumbus, o
4:43 pm
>> reporter: the person who drive into a group of students and tacked them with a knife was inspired by isis. his facebook posts are in line with isis and al qaeda propaganda. officials are combing through his computer and cell phone but at this point they say there was no evidence he communicated with terrorist groups. >> plenty of available evidence to indicate this individual may have been motivated by extreme lism and may have been motivated by a desire to carry out an act of terrorism. >> reporter: facebook posts stated his anger towards the treatment of muslims. anger that those who said they interacted with him said they never saw. >> he smiles all the time. very friendly. very friendly. >> friendly. always nice talk. >> he was born in somalia but moved to the u.s. in pakistan in
4:44 pm
2014. obtained legal residenceky wiy x other siblings. earlier this year he graduate cum laude from community college. he continued his studies and over the summer he said quote, if people look at me, a muslim playing, i don't know what they are going to think. what's going to happen? monday morning he droe his car into a busy section of campus, jumping a curb and then attacking people with a butcher knife. >> i'm at ohio state. and there is a guy with his car and crashing through people and ran out with a knife attacking people. >> the car hit and hit me. i didn't really know what that think. i thought maybe this is a traffic accident but then people started shouting. so so at that point i figured out it was more than just a car accident. >> reporter: within minutes
4:45 pm
university police officer huruchko responded and shot and killed artan. a vigil just wrapped up here. the community coming together to support one another and mentioning thanks to that officer once again. a little more about artan. his mother said to be distraught and hasn't stopped crying. the community leader also telling cnn she learned her son was behind these attacks when law enforcement knocked her home's door yesterday morning. kate. >> thank you so much for bringing that to us. "outfront" with me now. bob bear, former cia operative. investigates are believe now the suspect was inspired by isis. but what seems a common theme. those who knew him say they didn't notice anything. and he also went through the most rigorous screening before coming to the united states. it has a lot of folks wondering
4:46 pm
again, is there any way to detect someone who's inspired? >> kate, actually no. these decisions are made on the spur of the moment. people like this could get ahold of a car. a knife. there is no outward signs of the radicalization necessarily. he's described as the nice guy. it is possible the mother doesn't know. i've seen that over and over again where the family doesn't know. they come to this decision. they won't to belong to something, a cause, a divine cause for them. and they launch an attack. and unless they are in communication with the islamic state. and right now that is virtually impossible, the fbi can't find these people. nor the national security agency. very, very difficult, people inspired by isis. >> do you think investigators should be looking at whether he's part of a bigger cell? or do you think it is clear that this guy is a lone wolf? >> i think he was a lone wolf. by now they would have gotten the meta data, seen his tchbs.
4:47 pm
i think he probably was.telepho. i think he probably was. did he communicate with the 2 islamic state? i doubt it at this point. he was clearly an amateur. there were no fatalities by this attack. if the islamic state had truly been behind it i think it would have been much more deadly. >> bob, thanks so much. coming up we're live in the fire zone. and jeanne moos on donald trump making baseball caps great again. when you have a cold, you just want powerful relief. only new alka-seltzer plus free of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels delivers the powerful cold symptom relief you need without the unnecessary additives you don't.
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breaking news on the deadly wild fires raging across tennessee. three dead now. more than 14,000 evacuated. one official says the cause of the fire was man made. nick valencia is oufrtd. >> go, go, go, go. >> reporter: as a wall of fire and smoke engulfs the community of gat len burg, tennessee. residents are fleeing for safety. >> i looked out the window to see who was banging on our door. there were flames everywhere. it was a fire storm. >> reporter: denise and her partner mark were fast asleep when police came to their home late last night. fleeing with nothing but the clothes on their back, they quickly alerted their neighbor, who managed to escape with her
4:52 pm
dog. they are uninsure if they will have anything when they do return. >> that is the hard part. we may go back to absolutely nothing like so many -- a lot of other people. >> like our friends. >> her house went up in flames too. she just barely got out herself. >> reporter: others not so lucky. at least three have died in a wild fire that's destroyed 1300 residents and buildings. >> the high winds knocking down trees. the trees hitting power lines and they were falling on this very dry extreme drought-like condition. and everything was catching on fire.
4:53 pm
>> announcer:. >> reporter: thousands are unsure when the flames will die down. and while shay they they haven't fully processed what they have gone through they know what one. >> we each other. we made it out where our lives. >> really sweet the ohno that you have someone like that standing next to you. >> yes. he's my everything. >> ditto. >> reporter: outside one of the evacuation shelters here the situation is desperate. with more than 700 people inside they are running short of supplies. not just residents but also vacationers that were evacuated. this of course is a popular tourist destination. for those who do live here it could be up to five days before they have allowed to go back home, that is, if anything is left. kate? >> they need a break there. great to see you nick. thanks so much. "outfront" next. jeanne moos on donald trump's new hat, with the original hung out to dry as the christmas tree ornament.
4:54 pm
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ever the entrepreneur, donald trump's iconic make
4:58 pm
america great, make america great again hats now come as christmas ornaments. >> the donald has donned a new hat. used to say make america great again. but lately the president elect has elected to showcase this. usa on the front and on the side, 45, as in donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states. it is not for a sale yet on trump's website though fans are clambering for it for christmas. must have that hat. but there is no need to feel sorry for the old make america great again hat. it is still getting the royal treatment. on election night there were two make america great again hats enshrined in glass cases. displayed on stage like holy relic, provoking one quitic to tweet in case of america not
4:59 pm
being great, break glass. but the sun is not yet set on the hat that even has its own acronym, maga, make america great again. if you are looking to hang your hat somewhere? how about the tree? the $149 red cap tree ornament is made out of brass and finished in gold. wrote one, every time i hang it on a branch it yells "wrong". >> negotiate down -- >> -- wrong. >> -- the national debt. >> reporter: one joker gave the ornament one star saying it called mary a nasty woman, told joseph to go back where he came from, built a wall around the manger and when you press it, it sings i'm dreaming of a totally
5:00 pm
white christmas. no matter wh no. >> thanks so much for joining us. ac 360 starts regiight now. thanks for joining us a lot happening tonight on several fronts. we'll have the latest on devastating fires wurning in tennessee plus a new controversy over something president elect trump tweeted just this morning. we begin with the dinner date few would have predicted a few weeks ago. not far from here president elect trump is having dinner with mitt romney. the same who did his best to derail president trump from the election. this is their second meeting. jim acosta booked a table in the same restaurant and joins us now my phone. >> we see the president elect sitting at


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