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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> his family still owns and operates 21 mcdonald's in pennsylvania. jeanne moos, cnn. >> onions pickles on a sesame seed bun. >> reporter: -- new york. >> makes your mouth water. thanks for joining us. ac 360 starts now. >> in an exclusive interview tonight senator elizabeth warren on whether she thinks she can work with president elect donald trump and why she says her side lost the election. first we begin with how the trump administration is coming together. still no word on who will be the secretary of state. but other appointments are coming in. jim acosta joins me with the latest. jim the last time we spoke with you were in a new york city restaurant whispering to me on the phone while watching a meeting between romney and trump. what is the latest on last
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night's meeting. >> we did pay our bill, just for the record there. but it looked like as they were picking up their forks, they buried the hatchet at this dinner last night. as you were hearing us describe it, it was a very warm and friendly exchange. and the question now is whether or not this was enough to get mitt romney the job of secretary of state. i talked to a source who described the meeting as a net positive. if you calculate how things went last night and subtract all of the negative comments mitt romney has had to say about donald trump over the past year. but anderson, i think the other thing important to note is some of mitt romney's detractors like gingrich and huckabee were sort of enjoying themselves at lunch today talk about the romney eating crow. so perhaps those critics have been satisfied in terms of what they saw last night. but at this point no final decision made. >> beyond secretary of state there were a number of appointments made today.
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>> steve minuchin, the finance year for donald trump's campaign. he's tapped a treasury secretary. he's a multi millionaire. wilbur ross tapped for secretary of commerce and a deputy secretary of commerce, todd rickets from the wealthy rickets family in chicago that owns the chicago cubs. it is giving some americans i'm sure out there that donald trump is putting together not a team of rivals but a teams of the super rich. and we should also point out one other name that was floated throughout, sarah palin, the former alaska governor has been talked about the next potential secretary of veterans affairs but i've been told by sources that may be coming from sarah palin's camp than the transition team. >> donald trump tweeted today he's leaving his business in order to a avoid conflicts of interesting or business operations. but did he give any details beyond that is this. >> no. only that he's pulling out of his wiz in total he said today. no talk of whether he's going
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put this in a blind trust. he says he's going to be talking about this in a news conference on december 15th with his children. and anderson, what has not been resolved is just how all of this will be handled and whether or not his children will have a role in his presidency. of course that will also create conflicts of interest if they are in charge of his businesses. but at the same time meeting with foreign leader and so forth as we've seen in the process. and the constitution keep in mind still says the president at of the united states cannot accept gifts from foreign governments. so these are all things we'll be waiting to hear from the president elect when he holds that news conference. a new round of fire from elizabeth warren who's been vocal about several of trump's opponents. i spoke with senator warren earlier today. you said that the pick of the steve minuchin should sinned quivers down the spines of every
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american who got hit hard by the financial crisis. is that fair? should no one who worked in finance at that time be eligible? >> no that is not really the point. put hit the way. what happened is the wall street bankers crashed the economy. they got bailed out and nobody went to jail and that made the american people really really furious. they are still angry about it. donald trump tapped into that anger. and he promised when he was running for president that he would break the connection between wall street and this congress. that from the government.eparate no more revolving door. he wasn't going to do that sort of thing. and then what does he do? he turns around and picks a guy who had actually been one of the the people who helped do all of those lousy mortgages. that not only broke the economy but broke millions of families. and then after the crash, a guy who turned around and bought a
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bank that then became infamous for how hard it squeezed families that had already been cheated. and was the foreclosure machine following that. you know the american people -- this is a guy in who also said that -- today, that he wants to roll back the wall street regulations. the american people have r furious over what wall street has done. they don't want somebody who's going to come in here and say, hey, let's help wall street. and what donald trump is doing is he's literally handing the keys to the treasury over to a wall street banker who helped caused the crash. >> are minuchin though speaking about himself and wilbur ross said one of the good things about wilbur and i we were actually bankers. the only two people during the financial crisis issues licensed
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by the country. we've been in the business and understand what it it is to make loans. donald trump talking not wanting washington insiders. isn't he just doing what he promised? >> no. donald trump promised that he was not going to have a government that was going to work for wall street. he promised that he was not going to have a revolving door. he criticized how close the connection is between wall street and this government. and he promised that he was going to stand on the side of the american people. he was not going stand with wall street. and then he turns around in his first big economic poiappointme is to appoint a wall street insider. a guy who made millions of dollars off mortgages that crushed families financially. that is who he's putting in charge here. >> do you approve of any of the president elect's cabinet picks to date? >> i don't know. today he just talked about
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having the u.s. attorney down. and i think preet is a pretty terrific guy. so maybe it will turn out he'll have one of these appointments. i don't know at this point. >> -- selected so far? >> so far what we have seen is that donald trump has doubled down on racism and bigotry. he's got as his strategic advisor a person who's a white supremacistis. and he's now -- >> there is no evidence he's a white supremacist. there are obviously people who are white supremacist whose support donald trump or breitbart and steve bannon. >> come on. steve bannon has certainly associated himself with white supremacists. >> i don't know that you can say he's a white supremacist. >> he's associated himself with white supremacists, is that close enough? this is a guy who's appointment is applauded by the kkk.
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what donald trump is doing is he's putting so far he has said that he's going to go forward on bigotry and that he's going to go forward on wall street insiders. and i think this is a real problem for the american people. i don't think this is where the american people want to go. you know -- >> weeks ago though you called on donald trump to get rid of lobbyists on his transition team. subsequently they did purge lobbyists. do you give trump any credit for that. >> of course. i'm very glad to see they got rid of the lobbyists. or at least made them drop their affiliation while there were there. of course. it is better when they are not using lobbyists and it would have been even better if they were not using wall street insiders to run the economic system of the united states. >> is there a chance for common ground between you and other democrats and spending. infrastructure, t.p.p. and
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glass-steagall. will you work with donald trump on these and any other issues? >> look, i think the real question is how does donald trump want to run his administration? if he wants to run his administration on bigotry and on wall street insiders trickle down economics that helps a handful of people at the top and leaves everybody else behind. i can't be part of that. and i don't think that is where democrats are. it is a real -- >> even if there are certain issues that you agree with and you can make progress on? because a lot of americans are sick of gridlock. >> you know i think what a lot of americans are sick of is a government that works for those at the top. i think the donald trump tapped into that anger and now donald trump is doing 180 degrees on it and putting wall street insiders into exactly the jobs where he criticized wall street insiders before. >> you -- >> we need people in the government here who work on
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behalf of the american people, who aren't caught up in a wall street mentality. and certainly not people who made their fortune by turning families upside down on lousy mortgages that tricked and trapped people. >> you have asked the gao, the government accountability office to look into trump's overseas business ties and conflicts of interests. earlier today trump said he would take steps to separate himself from the business operations of the company. what would be enough from your perspective? we don't know the details of what that means is him maintaining ownership okay? legally he doesn't have to have a blind trust. >> the question is how is he really going to separate himself? i'm glad to hear he's said he's going to move in that direction. i think obviously he was feeling a little heat about that and felt like he needed to respond. but it is as so often the case the devil is in the details. is he really going to have a separation where had he doesn't know what advances trump
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interests in foreign governments for example don't know what would advance trump interests. if they both know what advanced trump interests, this isn't about formal ownership. this is about whether or not you have got a conflict of interest. whether or not donald trump is actually working for the american people or just working for trump enterprises. >> what about the carrier deal? and again we don't know details how it would come about. the company announces it would keep about a thousand jobs in indiana. do you give trump for credit that? and is that something president obama could have done. >> yeah, jobs are good. the question is exactly what is the deal? the things you learn when talk about the deals is let's read all the details. the fine print. how much government money has gone into this. wlabd of jobs are they? i just want to know the details. this -- you just don't know enough yet to know how this has
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worked out. >> jill stein, filed for recount in michigan today. do you support this? she offers no actual every day of fraud. potential hacking is something the fbi is already investigating so is this really necessary? >> well look, i think that it is important for all of us to have confidence in the electoral system and. >> but is she raising doubts unfairly about the electoral system? >> how is it raising doubts to do an audit? if that's what comes out and they reaudit and here are the numbers and we double and triple checked and we're absolutely sure these are the right numbers. i don't see how that raises doubts. i think what that raises is confidence. >> lauren stride from harvard recently said that even though recounts are within the law stein is most likely doing this to establish herself as a national player. raising millions of dollars for recount and building a mailing
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list etc. >> if what she's going to do is say let's double and triple check the numbers and people want to contribute to that effort, they should be able to. and i think that should boost our confidence in the electoral system. i'd like to know that every vote in america was counted. i'd like to know that every one of those votes gets counted. i think that helps on credibility overall. >> looking back at the election, was secretary clinton simply the wrong candidate for the moment? can senator sanders have been the right candidate? could he have possibly run? ? a momentum we'll have senator warren's answer to that question. and also ahead, the death toll climbing in tennessee where wild fires have claimed hundreds. with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory
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in the wake of hillary clinton's defeat, senator elizabeth warren has made it clear she's prepared to wage battle with the trump administration come january. looki looking back at the election was secretary clinton simply the wrong candidate. was senator sanders the right candidate? could he have possibly one. >> this is not about looking backwards. this is about what we're going to do now. let's keep in mind that senator clinton got about 2.3 million
5:18 pm
more votes than donald trump. and democrats took seats in both the house and senate away from the republicans. so i think what happens next is how it is that we drive forward on a message about economic growth and actually come up with the ideas and work for the american people? we've had enough of republican trickle down economics works for the people at the top and doesn't work for anyone else we need to make this economy work. >> as democrats it is disingenuous to say you are in the going look back. many candidates you in fact fine gold in wisconsin. and --. so many democrats the party seems in disarray. what is your message to those who didn't vote for donald trump about the next four years? how are you approaching the next four years? and i guess it goes back to the question of common ground. you are essentially saying even if there are areas that t.p.p., glass-steagall, infrastructure, that you might agree with donald
5:19 pm
trump on, are you saying you will not work with him on those issues? >> no. what i have said and what i'll say about how with egoforwae go you start with core principals. and i think it means to be a democrat is that we believe in respect and dignity for every human being. and i also believe that it means we believe in building economic opportunity. not just for those at the top but economic opportunity for everyone. i think those are the principles on which the democratic party stands and those are the principles on which we'll go forward. >> but there are also politics obviously involved and you as a party and you as a senator have to figure out, you know, do you confront every step of the way? do you work with? do you reach a hand across the aisle when you think there are issues you can do good on? >> look, i've been doing that for the four years i've been here. i have worked with republicans -- i have worked with republicans on different
5:20 pm
bills. right now we've got a 21st century cures act on the floor. i took to the floor on monday to talk about how terrible i thought that bill was. and at least there is some good in it. the bill is now better than it was. >> so would you be willing to work with the trump administration? >> like i said, it depends on what's happening here. if donald trump wants to run an administration based on bigotry, and he wants to follow through on trickle down economics, run an economy that only works for those at the top and doesn't work for anyone else, then i can't help on that. those are not the things that i stand for and i think those are not the things that democrats stand for. >> so even if there is more infrastructure spending, if it is not done in the way -- if it is done -- lowering tax or corporative incentives. >> if it is done to try to help those at the top and it is not going to provide jobs and economic growth and opportunity for the rest of america.
5:21 pm
you know you can't just slap a name on something and say gee would you automatically sign up for this? what it's really about are those corps principles. you know we believe in dignity for every one. that is where you start. that is stuff you don't negotiate over. and the rest of it, we really believe in building economic opportunity. we now have an economy that is working great. it is working great for those right at the top. and everybody else in this economy is being left behind. this isn't just about the poor. this is about working families. this is about middle class families. this is about upper middle class families. this is about people who worry that they can't afford to educate their children. this is about people who worry that they can't afford to retire. this is about people who see no economic future for themselves and others like themselves. we have to do better than that as a country. we want built an america that
5:22 pm
worked, not just for those at the top. it worked across a full range. we weren't perfect. but we were bending it in the right direction. and for 30 years now we've done trickle down economics. and it has been an unugly mix of deregulation and just writing one law after another that helps those at the top. tax cuts for the big guys, no spending for anybody else. we have to reverse that. >> when you look at that electoral map, there is blue on both coasts basically. and there is a lot of red in the entire rest of the country. do you feel like you are out of touch? that is what republicans say about you, that you are out of touch. >> out of touch when 2.3 million more people voted for the democratic candidate than the republican candidate. when the democrats picked up seats in the senate and the republicans lost. when the democrats picked up seats in the house of
5:23 pm
representatives and the republicans lost. you know, let's be clear. we are not the minority here. we are the party of opposition, yes. >> but it sounds like you are saying you won. but you didn't. so what went wrong? >> look, what i'm saying is that more americans agreed on -- with the democratic candidate for president than agreed with the republican for president. and not by a little bit. she won by a substantial margin indeed as the numbers keep coming in. that margin continues to grow. >> but you are talking about an economic message that is not resonating with voters in rust belt states. even the term rust belt is offensive. >> we're talking about an economy that for more than 30 years has been effectively a trickle down economy. this economy has been full of deregulation so wall street could do better. and what's happening? donald trump is turning around
5:24 pm
and appointing the ultimate wall street insider. i think he's called mr. wall street, to come in and have the keys to the treasury. we need an economy that works across the range, that produces good jobs, produces a future. >> but it sounds like you are telling those workers -- >> -- all across the range. >> sorry to interrupt. sounds like you are telling those workers who are out of jobs who voted for donald trump and in ohio and other spaces that they were just mistaken. they were sold a bill of goods or they just don't understand what's in their best interest. >> did you just hear what we said about drumpb donald trump? he promised he was going to run this government for the american people and not for wall street. and what he's just done is he's just put a wall streeter in charge of the treasury. and not just a random one. a guy who actually helped package all of those toxic mortgages. a guy who bought a bank that
5:25 pm
made its fortune by squeezing people hard on foreclosure. that is the person who's going the chief economic officer of the united states. donald trump is the man who said one thing during the campaign and now has reversed that by 180 degrees by what he is actually doing. >> senator warren, appreciate your time. thank you. >> you bet. >> let's talk the panel joining me tonight. peter beinart. careen jean pierre. and kayleigh mcenany. alex burns and alice stewart. peter, it is difficult obviously a position for the democrats to be in and for senator warren. now the democrats trying to figure out are they now just the party of opposition? do they try to find common ground with donald trump and the
5:26 pm
republicans? because there are some issues where they theoretically could? >> i don't think there are going to be a lot frankly. even if you look at the trump infrastructure, given what we know of the trump plan. i don't think there is going to be a lot of overlap but i do think that elizabeth warren has an opportunity because she's an authent authentic populist. for his entire career has been in genuine opposition to the powers that be in the american financial corporate system. donald trump is a sham populous. a bogus populous. a guy who made all kind of claims how much he hates goldman sachs in his campaign and lo and behold he's got a treasuriry secretary from goldman sachs and more from. >> is he going back on campaign
5:27 pm
processes. >> stepping on the goldman sachs thing for a second. they had a -- their stocks went up. nine year high. up 3% today. why? because now they have access to the white house. three executives that are going to be part of the cabinet. and i think yes. he was supposed to be a man of the people. he was supposed to make sure that, you know, there wasn't going to be a revolving door and he's doing the complete opposite of what he promised his own supporters the last, you know, 18 months. >> kayleigh is this a betrayal. >> no i don't think so at all. just because someone has goldman sachs on their resume doesn't mean they are a bad wall street person who should never be qualified to run anything in government. so no. just because he appointed people that have this as part of their pedigree. that doesn't mean they are not going to implement the policies that he promised. namely the fact they are going to be tax breaks for all. he's going remedy the trade imbalances and quickly to peter's point you. say elizabeth warren is an
5:28 pm
authentic populist and i find it hard to believe that when she was pushed on hillary clinton by anderson and never figured out the fact that the dnc rigged the election in favor of the hillary clinton. i think you should then have the guts to stand up for bernie sanders if you were that populist. and for her not standing up for that, it doesn't quite ring autoicalhentically authentically. >> what do you make of the choices he's made? >> he did specifically attack goldman sachs. hillary for ties to goldman sachs. ted cruz for ties to goldman sachs. claiming that goldman sachs owned ted cruz. so i think perhaps he should address this. what does this mean. but i also think the to you point it does depend on what they do in terms of policies and steve min chib chin it is going
5:29 pm
to be across the board tax cuts so we have to wait and see the actual policy. >> supporters of the steve minuchin is that he hasn't leld government office so he's not held as a washington insider though clearly he's a financial insider. >> there are a lot of kind of insiders american people don't care for. people in the republican primary whose thought i've only been a governor, i've never been to washington i don't count. and if you are scott walk ore the jeb bush voters see you part as the political class. and everybody is acknowledging american people don't care for wall street or people who come out of the belly of that particular beast and i do think this trump has set a pretty high bar for himself to clear in terms of how he's per received in tweeting industry relative to regular people. >> they did move off the lobbyists who they had in the transition. but do you think this is a mistake to reach out to goldman sachs for 24? >> i think these are men who are extremely accomplished in the
5:30 pm
finance and business world. they helped to craft donald trump's policy reforms he's going implement in the white house and reforms he outlined to the american people that voted for him and now he's the president elect. and for warren to be critical of their wall street insider, as she calls it. that is just experience they have coming to the table. they know how the system works. and they know how the system is rigged. >> she's very critical of minuchin's particular experience at a small bank where he took over a. and we're going to talk more with the panel after this break. also ahead the president elect tweeted he's going to step away from running the business operations of his company to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. is that enough to satisfy critics? you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad...
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we've turbine been talk about the senator warren's strong opposition to trump. here again some of what she said a short time ago. >> he promised when he was running for president that he would break the connection between wall street and this congress. he said he was going to separate
5:35 pm
that from the government. no more revolving door. he wasn't going to do that sort of thing. and then what does he do? he turns around and picks a guy who had actually been one of the people who helped do all of those lousy mortgages. that not only broke the economy but broke millions of families. and then after the crash a guy who turned around and bought a bank that then became infamous for how hard it squeezed families that had already been cheated. and was the foreclosure machine following that. the american people are furious over what wall street has done. they don't want northbound wsom going to come in here and say hey let's help wall street. and what donald trump is doing is he's literally handing the keys to the treasury over to a
5:36 pm
wall street bank who are helped cause the crash. >> a lot of democrats obviously criticize republicans for just completely trying to block then prosecute barack oba president barack obama in his first term. isn't this fair criticism, sounds what democrats are preparing to do. >> i got to tell you i'm all for it. in january of 2009 republicans met in some chteak house in wasn and talked about how they were going to make president obama a one term president. >> but they got huge criticism from --s that now how government. not how we function. >> i understand that u. but there is a guy. there is no two donald trump. there is one donald trump. which is the campaign donald trump. we see this from the cabinet picks he's chosen. >> so payback is okay. >> it is more about being part of the resistance and being part of saying to the american people
5:37 pm
have your back. because like elizabeth warren said 2.3 million more votes than -- >> -- [inaudible]. >> people just want to own up to the hypocrisy that is okay. but democrat have been talking about this non stop the last eight years. that this was a strategy. so i think that it is actually a good strategy and that is what democrats saw. because what happens is the president is the one who wins if there is bipartisanship. if democrats start working with trump people say oh washington is functioning and that is good for the president. it is tremendously electoral, not good for the country. >> the question is what is the agenda the president is pushing. barack obama's agenda was basically largely taken from a republican plan in ma. his infrastructure plan had huge number of tax cut which is republicans liked and the republicans still opposed it. . if donald trump comes forward
5:38 pm
with that kind of ideological centrist poem on structure he'll get democrat support. but --. >> is it hypocrisy? >> warren, talking about the building economic opportunities and great passion she. a if the democrats would have run on that and had a candidate that wasn't flawed they might have won. is but moving forward and she shouldn't look at what these guys have done in the past but the plan for the future. and the economic plan that is on the table that donald trump has with regard to pro growth tax, unleashing american energy. renegotiating trade deals and looking at bilateral agreements with other countries. these are plans that will work and grow and look there are 1,000 employees at carrier in indiana who have seen the benefits of these plans. >> there are folks like
5:39 pm
elizabeth warren who feel just draw the line in the sand and don't let him step across. there are others who see donald trump as not a conventional republican. as a guy who's been extremely idealogically flexible over time. he's a negotiator. a guy who doesn't like being unpopular and doesn't particularly like, you know, facing blowback face the face with people. so if you get in the room with him. the alternative theory of the case is get at the table with him and talk him into a different position or at least just appeal to his natural negotiating tendencies. >> when you have bipartisanship the government win. every democrat is going face an important choice. what do you prioritize? policy or politics. if you prioritize policy and prioritize getting rid of the bad trade deals you are going to side with donald trump. if you prioritize politics you are going sit on the side lines
5:40 pm
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potential conflicts of the busy and presidency are unprecedented in the upcoming administration. today trump signalled he's aware. saying i'll be holding a news conference on december 15th to discuss the fact i'll be leaving my great business in total in order to focus on running the country in order to make america great again. i'll not mandated under the law i feel important to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. the presidency a far more important task. joining me to discuss. michael dantonio, outer of" the truth about trump." . author of the "trump naigs." and kayleigh mac anyone. tim you said the only way --.
5:45 pm
what do you mean by that is this. >> they are so deep embedded in his business. he said he would create a blind trust and leave them in charge. but it is not a blind trust if his three heldest children are involved in the business. and also his son-in-law e ivanka trump's husband. and there is no real buffer between established between the children, the business and donald trump's white house activities. >> so you are saying the children if they were running the company would not be -- would have to not have any role in the white house at all or any kind of advisory role. >> correct. and they already do. they are on the transition team. ivanka trump has sat in on meetings with foreign dignitaries and diplomats.
5:46 pm
jared kushner's has already been a presence on the trump transition team. and as long as that exists there is always going to be a conflict of interest looming over the white house every step of the way on every policy decision. and it comes down to donald trump either getting a fully independent third party to run his businesses or selling them off. >> the other question is about ownership of the properties. does donald trump continue to own them? he says he's going to continue to remove himself from day to day business operations but not the ownership itself. is that enough? >> i think it is enough. american people elected him knowing he had a $10 billion brand. elected him -- >> and knowing it was a complex structure. >> and knowing the children were advisors. it is unprecedented and we've never seen anything like it before and that is why the onus is on donald trump to consult
5:47 pm
with white house counsel to ensure every step he takes is not in conflict with -- >> so to tim's point do you think that the adult children should not have an advisory role if they are running the company. >> i think they can may not an advisory role. the special situation we set one t the clinton foundation is the onus was on her to draw the line. now the same onus is on the trump children to draw the line between their role in advising their dad and in working with the company. and i think it is doable and possible. and i think donald trump is the man who take this work in the way the clintons did not. >> -- we don't know a lot about a lot of them. you have argued that the real estate in other countries can be swamps to put trumps words unto themselves. >> absolutely. so there is nothing more political than the real estate business especially when you go to a place like india or turkey. and in india just about every
5:48 pm
real estate developer has his or her member of parliament. there is nothing here comparable to the clinton foundation. this is hundreds of for profit entities. >> you need to get licensing. >> zoning. there is to much in the real estate business that is political fraught and corrupt. there are so many payoffs that take place -- >> and you think the children also, if they are running cannot -- you agree with -- >> right. there is this whole problem of appearance. even if there is not approved conflict and someone is not taking money, how can you be engaged with a public official in the philippines in a real estate project but also do diplomacy with them? i just think this is incredibly complicated. and the onus is on donald trump. and he's going to have to go a little further than just saying
5:49 pm
it is okay. >> would it be possible for donald trump or incredibly difficult for donald trump not just to get out of business operations as he seis he'll do. which seems relatively easy, but to get out of actual ownership? to actually sell stuff? >> e we've talked about this before and it isn't actually complex. i think i've noticed before, the media particularly says donald trump has a vast real estate empire. it is neither vast or a empire. a looukti he has a very lucrative holding. 12 golf courses. three overseas. other hotel or real estate partnerships where in many cases he's a minority investor. almost everything he does overseas are licensing operations. you could easily set up a third person, third party to oversee all of those licensing deals. and the holdings
5:50 pm
and trump himself has said he got into this campaign to make america great again, not to make money. and we're now at a moment where he can demonstrate that to the public. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you, anderson. we'll have more on the breaking news, the death toll rising in tennessee. rain is finally falling in the area but is it helping fire crews? we'll look at that when we continue. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve.
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more breaking news from gatlinburg, tennessee, with the fire toll growing to seven. a lot of families say they cannot find loved ones. take a look at this video when the fire quickly spread. >> heavy fire on approach. >> more than 700 structures are destroyed or damage sod far. the flames have been fueled by high winds and tonight a shift in the winds which may help the
5:55 pm
firefighters. there has been some rain. has it helped? >> it's helped but it's also hurt and the reason is because you're getting this rain. of course it's been official but at the same time you're getting really high winds that come in ahead of these storms. we've also gotten a lot of cloud-to-ground lightning. while the rain has helped contain those fires, the high wind and the lightning has helped spark a few new ones. overall, we think the number of fires have gone down dramatically. the rain has definitely helped but this area still needs much more. people have hiked up to these areas that have been charred where the fires were in areas that were no longer burning they can still feel the heat underneath their feet. and so even though the fire is out, anderson, a lot of these areas are still smouldering right under into the the ground. >> have people started to return to their homes in some areas? >> some people have. but for the majority, they
5:56 pm
haven't. unfortunately, tomorrow morning they are going to wake up on day three still not knowing when they can return home and if they can return home, they are not going to be sure if there's even going to be a home. as you said, the 700 or more structures have been burned. this has been a living nightmare for people who had to flee with just the shirts on their back, anderson. >> a lot of people may need help after this. jennifer, thank you so much. much more ahead including the trump deal to save carrier jobs in the u.s. the president-elect keeping a campaign process. how the trump team made it happen and what we know about the deal so far. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. and, just for the holidays, buy the new pixel phone by google and get $400 back. i love you in that, no, i love you in that.
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visit together, we're building a better california. thanks for joining us for a second hour of "360." last night around this hour we got word that carrier had reached a deal to keep about a thousand jobs in the u.s. it was a promise trump made early in his campaign. today, carrier confirmed it will continue to make gas furnaces in indianapolis, a move it says will save more than a thousand jobs that would have been lost to mexico. carrier released a statement, "today's announcement is possible because of the incoming administration trump and pence administration has emphasized to us its commitment to the business