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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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we are going to fix them. we've spent as of this week according to the latest count, we've spent $6 trillion in the middle east. and the middle east today is far worse today than it's ever been. you will see changes very quickly. a -- you will see them. a shrinking workforce and flat wages are not the new normal. and we're not even talking about flat. we're talking about wages where some of you in this audience, hard-working, incredible americans, were making more money 20 years ago than you are making today. and today you are older and you are working harder. and in many cases you have two jobs. some of that's because of obamacare. and by the way, we are repealing and replacing obamacare. we can reverse the stagnation
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and usher in a period of true opportunity and growth. endless gridlock is not a way of life any longer. we don't have to accept that. government can be responsive. and we can become proud again of how washington works. and i've spoken to democrats. and i've said to them, look, we can't go on with this gridlock. it's gone on so for so many years. they can't get together. we're going to get together. and i believe they want to get together. do you know why? because it is time and the people are angry. they are angry. and they are going to get together. we're going to make joint decisions. we are. and the nice part, our victory was so great, we have the house, we have the senate and we have the president. but we want to get them on board
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also. people are constantly telling me and telling you to reduce our expectations. those people are fools. they are fools. but this campaign proved that the old rules no longer apply. that anything we want for our countried country is now possible. anything we want. right? now is not the time to down size our dreams but to set our sights higher than ever before for our country. now is the time to push for real profound change that restores the full promise of america for all of its people and those people are great people. i got to know them, believe me,
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over the last 18 months. and what we've created is a movement and it is a beautiful thing. if you take a look here, the roads are all gridlock. all locked down. all secured up. and people pour in. it is an amazing thing. now is the time to unlock the potential of millions of americans left on the side lines. their talents unused. their dreams unrealized. and their aspirations totally forgotten. and these are people of great talent. this is the moment. this is our chance. this is our window for action. this is the hour when the great deeds can be done and our highest hopes can come true. we're going to do it, folks. we're going to do it. we're gonna do it.
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[ chants of "usa" ] thank you. i love you too. guy. some guy. look at this guy. and i do love him. he's a rough-looking cookie though. i'll tell you. we love -- we have a lot of love. believe me. going to be a lot of love in our country. driven by these goals, i'm working to assemble a detailed action plan for america. my plan begins with a bold structural reform to create millions of new jobs and rapidly expand our economic growth. and you see what's happening with taxes. you see what's happening with regulations which are totally out of control. right now but punish companies for doing business in america. totally punished. that is why they are leaving.
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and by the way i have to say this. we are going to reduce taxes to a point that are incredible. for the middle class in particular. but for our companies. and we're going to reduce the regulations. but if a company wants to still leave the state of ohio or pennsylvania or how about north carolina? how well did we do in north carolina? right? remember when they said he cannot win north carolina. so we had just won ohio, iowa. and we had just won florida. breaking news, donald trump has won florida. they are saying whoa. and we won it big. but then the people back there, the extremely dishonest press --
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[ chanting "boo" ] >> right? very dishonest people. highway about -- how about when a major anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won? tears. oh tell me this isn't true. and do you know what she doesn't understand? things are going to be much better now. she doesn't understand. i mean think of it. we won in a landslide. that was a landslide. and we didn't have the press.
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the press was brutal. you know what? hey, in the great state of ohio we didn't have the upper echelon of politician either, did we? but i will say this. i will say this. it was very nice. your governor, john kasich, called me after the election. and he was very nice. he said congratulations, that was amazing. he couldn't believe how much he won ohio by, or the election by. remember you cannot get to 270. the dishonest press. there is no road.
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folks, how many times did we hear this? there is no path to 270. there is no path. [ cheers and applause ] there is no path for donald trump texas is in play. remember that? as a republican i'm supposed to win texas. as a republican i'm supposed to win georgia. as a republican i'm supposed to win the great state of utah. love utah. love those states. remember when they said donald trump is going to lose to some guy i never even heard of. who was that guy? he is going to lose to this guy. but the people of utah were
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amazing. and we trounced them. we trounced them. and by the way, hillary came in second and that guy came in third. i'm still trying to figure out what was he was going to prove. what the hell was he trying to prove? i guess he wanted us to lose the supreme court. that is about the only thing he was going to get. but think of it. they said i'll tell you what, just two, three weeks before the election. and my friends were telling me just the opposite. they live in texas, in georgia. they said georgia is in play. texas is in play. that means like we're even. and then we won in a landslide both states. i said what happened? they go for weeks texas is in
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play. and turn on the television and donald trump has won texas. you know. these are very, very dishonest people. okay. i love this stuff. should i go on with this just a little bit longer? i love it. how about, it's like 12:00 in the evening. and pennsylvania, i'm leading by a lot. and we couldn't get off 98%. they didn't want to call it. we're leading by so much that it is impossible, if i lost every other vote. and they refused to call. then at 3:00 i'll never forget. i watched a particular person. and we won wisconsin, and we won michigan. and we won pennsylvania.
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and that person is doing the math. and that person was saying for months that there is no way that donald trump can break the blue wall. right? we didn't break it. we shattered that sucker. we shattered it. we shattered it. man. that poor wall is busted up. so i'll never forget it though because it felt so good. more so because they kept saying there is no path and all this nonsense. and i go out, and i see the people like this. and i'd say how are we going to lose? how are we going to lose? but what happened? so they say we win wisconsin. donald trump, 38 years or so. donald trump has won michigan.
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and then they are looking at the map and they are saying, oh wow. there is no way for hillary to become president. donald trump is president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] oh, iamazing. amazing. really amazing. and one of the announcers -- one of the announcers, i have to tell you, from espn. now, they cover football and boxing and everything. right? and he went out and he said i got to tell you, that event last night, meaning the election results, was better than any fight, any baseball game, any football game. he said that was the most exciting event i've ever seen and it was politics. and then you look at the nfl.
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well now they should start recovering. but their ratings were so far down. and do you know what the reason was? this. because this business is tougher than the nfl. it's crazy. people liked it. their ratings were down 20 or 21% and it was because of us. so we lad a lot of fun. the bottom line is we won. we won. we won big. whether it is producing steel, building cars or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in ohio. right? first on taxes. we're going to massively lower taxes and make america the best
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place in the world to hire, to invest, to grow, to create and to expand. on regulation, we are going to eliminate every single wasteful regulation that undermines the ability of our workers and our companies to compete with companies from foreign lands. we are going to do this. we have the greatest competitors on earth. and by the way, i put on some of the greatest business people in the world. one of the networks said why he put on a billionaire at commerce. well that's because this guy knows how to make money, folks. he knows how to make money. i'd like to put on a guy that failed all his life but we don't want that, do we?
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i mean i'd put on a killer -- and i've been honest. i said i am going to be putting on the greatest killers you have ever seen. we need that. it is time. it's time. we have a great, great cabinet. i'll tell you. it is coming and wait till you see what we have next week. are we doing a good job with our cabinet and our people? and i don't want to tell you -- i don't want to tell you this was a i want to save the spence f so i will not tell you that one
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of our great, great generals -- don't let it outside, right? and of course the press is very honest. they will never let this go. even though it is all a lie they have about seven stations live. we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis as our secretary of defense. [ applause ] but we're not announcing it till monday so don't tell anybody. mad dog. he's great. he is great. i asked one of the generals -- i love the generals. and i won't use his name but he probably would come forward. but i said to him you're a good general aren't you? yes, sir i am. i said, so how do you compare to
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general mattis? how do you compare to mad dog? sir, he's better than i am. i loved it. i said i --. they love him. so we're going to be announcing him on monday of next week. keep it inside the room. but that is what we have. and he's our best. they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have. and it is about time. okay. so i gave up a little secret. my people over there are probably saying, you weren't supposed to do that mr. trump. on energy, we will pursue energy independence and cancel the job-killing restrictions on the
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production of shale energy, oil, natural gas and clean coal. and we're going to put the miners of ohio back to work. on infrastructure, we will build new roads, tunnels, bridge, railways, airports, schools and hospitals. including major projects in the inner cities. there is such potential in the inner cities. we're not using our potential. remember when i would make the speech, i'd say what the hell do you have to lose? the african american community was so great to me in this election. they were so great to me. amazing. i couldn't believe it. i started off at a low number. and every week, boom, boom,
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boom. and i got it up to a number that's higher than all of the republican candidates for years. and it was great. the hispanic community, i did great with the hispanic community. great. higher than people that were supposed to have done well. i felt it. and is this really a big surprise? we did great with women? can you believe it? great with women. [ cheers and applause ] a couple of polls came in. [ boos ] >> a couple of polls came in. and day said we don't believe it. he's doing well with women.
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every time we game out i saw the pink signs. women for trump. we did great with everybody. we will deepen our harbors. and new lanes of commerce across the nation. we have harbors that ships can't even go into. we have two simple rules when it comes -- >> they don't know that hillary lost a couple of weeks ago. they forgot. i don't know. where do these people come from? oh well. they're taking her back home to
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mom. it's true. it's true. they don't realize. you don't know. a lot of the people who protest. did you vote? no i didn't vote. they don't vote. they never vote. and do you agree with my stance that if people burned the american flag, there should be consequence. right? >> we'll have two simple rules when it comes to this massive rebuilding effort. buy american and hire american. we're going to do it ourselves. and that will be our new mantra.
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on trade, the history of nations teaches us that the strength of a country and its trade and manufacturing sector is vital to both its economic prosperity and national security. because we don't do that, our borders are weak. our trade is terrible. you are going to see a turn that is so big and it is going to happen so fast. and we started today in indiana. believe me that is just the beginning. that is just the beginning. our trade deficit now is nearly $800 billion a year. it is a chronic drag on growth and destroyer. it destroys the wealth of our country and jobs. and jobs. ohio has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since nafta.
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and do you know the nice part? now i don't have to say, signed by bill clinton and approved by hillary. who cares. all i can tell you is that nafta is a disaster. what difference does it make? we will fix nafta or we'll terminate it and start all over again. america has lost 70,000 factories. hard to believe. i always say that is a typo. 70,000 factories. since china joined the world trade organization. in the year 2000 america had nearly 20 million manufacturing jobs in the rust belt. okay? today we have only 12.3 million manufacturing jobs left in the rust belt. we're going to bring them back. we're going to bring them back.
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we're going to bring them back. the rust belt has been hammered. and one of the reasons i won -- one of the reasons i won. ohio as an example is down from 1.2 million manufacturing jobs in the year 2000 to only 690,000 jobs today. not going to happen anymore, folks. or take michigan. they are down from 900,000 manufacturing jobs in the year 2000 to only 600,000 manufacturing jobs today. i see these numbers and it's sad. but what isn't sad, because this is all about hope. but it is real hope because we are going to turn that around so fast. and we don't want ford leaving
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and going to mexico to build its small cars. we don't want it. we're going to turn it all around. we're living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. i've been saying it for months. it used to be the cars were made in flint, right? and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. today the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint, michigan. you know that, right? what a difference. but we're turning that around. what a terrible thing that was, too. gross incompetence on so many levels. the era of economic surrender is over. we're going to fight for every last american job. it is time to remove the rust from the rust belt and usher in a new industrial revolution. we're going to do it.
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on healthcare reform. we will repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice. we have no choice. and we will finally fix healthcare for america's incredible veterans. veterans. we love our veterans. where are the veterans? raise your hand? who's a veteran? we got a lot of veterans. our veterans have not been treated properly. and i want to thank our veterans. and i want to thank our military. and i want to thank our police forces because the number of votes i got was staggering. staggering. for whatever reason, people in uniforms like trump. i don't know. tough the figure that out. these are great people. we're going take care of our veterans. and we're working right now on somebody to run the veterans
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administration who will be terrific. believe me. terrific. and i'll be watching too. i'll be watching. on child care i'm asking congress to pass legislation to support the american family and make safe and affordable child care accessible to all. our agenda will fight to increase pay and opportunities for women in the workforce. support women entrepreneurs. who's the women entrepreneur here? who are the women? lot of them. hate to tell you, men. generally speaking they are better than you are. now if i said it the other way around i'd be in big trouble. we're going make sure that no one penalized for the decision to have a family. right now they are penalized.
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on crime, the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in 45 years in our country. think of that. we're going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. they are incredible people. my administration will marshal federal resources to bring this crime wave to an end. most in 45 years. we believe all americans have the right to live in safety, and peace. and we will never back down in fighting to deliver that security. to every community in our land and to our inner cities that have been forsaken. going to take care of our inner cities and people in our inner cities. on defense we will begin a major
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national effort to rebuild our badly depleted military. have no choice. we have no choice. look at this world, it is a tinderbox. we have no choice. and we want a strong military. and we don't want to have to use it. ideally we don't have to use it. although we will destroy isis. [ cheers and applause ] at the same time we'll pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. we will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments, folks. remember, $6 trillion. 6 trillion. in the middle east. $6 trillion. our goal is stability not chaos.
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because we want to rebuild our country. it is time. it is time. we will partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat isis. and radical islamic terrorism. okay? we have to say the term. have to say the term. in our deals with other countries, we will seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding and goodwill. on immigration we will restore the sovereignty of the united states. we will restore the sovereignty. we will finally end illegally immigration. have to. we will construct a great wall at the border.
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dismantle the criminal cartels and liberate our communities from the epidemic of gang violence and drugs pouring into our nation. we will ask congress to reform our visa and immigration programs to protect jobs and wages for american workers. i love american workers. i love these people. you know what i call the american workers? the forgotten men and women of our nation. and those men and women came out to vote. nobody ever thought that was going to happen. they came out by the millions. these are great, great people. to keep our nation secure from terrorism and extremism. we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be
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safely processed. we have regions of the world, people are pouring in. i don't have to say who's letting them in anymore. i just have to say they are pouring into our country. we don't need san bernardino. we don't need another orlando. we don't need another world trade center. we don't need paris. you look at paris. you look at nice. all over the world and what's happening to germany. we don't need that folks. we have enough problems, believe me. your state has just experienced a violent atrocity at the great ohio state university. and that is a great place. that further demonstrates the security threats are created. and these are just threats that are stupidly created by our very very stupid politician, refugee programs. we offer our thoughts, prayers
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and deepest sympathies to the victims, and our hearts go out to the entire community of ohio state. what a great place. great place. we are with you and we will stand with you every single step of the way. the job of the president is to keep america safe. and that will always be my highest priority. we will do everything in our power to keep this scourge of terrorism out of our country. we're going to keep it out of our country. just so you understand, people are pouring in from regions of the middle east. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they are thinking, and we are going
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stop that dead, cold, flat. and you just take a look at what just happened in your state. just take a good look and really think about it. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100 day plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington d.c. drain the swamp. [ chants of "drain the swamp" ] thank you. i will impose a five year ban on executive branch officials becoming lobbyists and a lifetime ban on officials becoming lobbyist for a foreign
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government. change is not going to be easy. i am going to need you to fight as hard for these proposals as you fought for this great campaign of ours. we are going to need our government and this movement to be more engaged and more vigilant than ever before to help us accomplish the reforms and overcome decades of stalemate and gridlock. we're going to get it done, folks. now that you put me in this position, even if you don't help me one bit i'm going to get it done, believe me. don't worry about it. it would be easier the you helped but that's all right. don't worry i'll get it done. importantly, we are all going to have open arms. and we're going to invite everyone from all political persuasions to join our movement to help us achieve our goals for
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this country. great schools. safe neighborhoods. a thriving economy and a government that answers only to the people, our people. we are going to have to a dig deep. and i know you and i and all of the people working with us are up to the task. there are a lot of people working with us. every single day you will be the agents of change. change for our country. but good change. great change. americans must ignore the pessimists and embrace the optimism that has always been the central ingredient of the american character. we are the nation that won two world wars. that dug out the panama canal. that put a man on the moon.
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and satellites all over space. but somewhere along the way we started thinking splamall. i'm asking you do dream big again, and bold and daring things for your country will happen once again. i'm asking you to join me in this next chapter of this unbelievable and unprecedented movement as we work towards prosperity at home, peace abroad, a new frontiers in science, technology and space. i am asking you -- is that right? yeah. i am asking -- i am -- i love this stuff. he's a believer. you are a believer, right? he's a believer. i am asking you to believe in america once again. we have many challenges but this is truly an exciting time to be
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alive. there's been no time like it. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the next page will read. but i'll tell you, it is going to be a great page. but for the first time in a long time what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each one of you. each one of you. americans will be the captains of their own destiny once again. you know i talk about our great movement. and you are the movement. i'm the messenger. i'm just really the messenger. although i've been a very good messenger, let's face it. right? i've been a pretty good messenger.
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so once again i want to thank ohio. i want to thank the great people of ohio. it is an incredible place, an incredible state. there's been nothing like it. and remember this: it was when they called the landslide that we had in ohio that these extremely dishonest people started saying something's happening very big tonight. something's happening very big. and i've been saying it to you for many months. but i'll say it one last time tonight. we are going to come together and make america great again. thank you very much. thank you, ohio. thank you. ♪
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♪ and there you have it. president elect donald trump just wrapping up a speech in cincinnati, the first stop in what's being called the thank you tour. right to our panel with discussion. van jones, paul vigala and more. phillip, some of the same things we heard certainly from donald trump on the campaign trail. the criticisms of the media, a lot of kind of looking back at
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the -- at his victory during the election. >> yeah. i think that the lessen from tonight is if you thought he was going to moderate in the general election, he didn't. if you thought he was once he won, he didn't. that was a campaign speech. he's already won the campaign but he gave the skpeech went after the media and clinton and obama and everyone in washington. he went after everyone who he's been going after for six months. it was sort of amazing. and the other thing is it reinforces this idea that he's held consistently and actually brought forth. which is ha he doesn't need to reach out to other folks to uni unite. he expects people to come to him. >> i'm still fascinated by the choice of you can't always get what you want which is what we used on the campaign first sock after every speech. he's still using. i don't know if the message is there. >> i don't think there is one. i've been trying to read into that and pop rotary. but this is just a reminder that
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this is like nothing we've ever seen before. we knew that by the end of the campaign. but the question is what kind of president would donald trump be? and wow. it is almost hard to wrap your mind around. i dupree with you that there were lots lots of. as leader of the free world you do set an example for free press in countries around the world. so that was -- i just -- you know, he can't help himself there and i just wish he would figure out a way to stop do inning that. there was a line he made that people have been asking him to make about unity and coming together. he said we downs all of the hatred and forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation and we come together. i've been asking his people look there are people a lot of voters who didn't support donald trump who are really fearful. why not give a unity speech.
5:43 pm
well that wasn't a unity speech but that little portion of that campaign speech is more than he's ever done. >> we -- just listen in. >> we condemn bigotry, and prejudice in all of its forms. we denounce all of the hatred and we forcefully reject the language of exclusion and separation. we're going to come together. we have no choice. we have to and it is better. it is better. >> it is interesting david gergen. the conversation -- he'sen tvrgs. he joins the teleprompter. uses it as a touch stone reach for a while and then the conversational style which has always been incredibly effective certainly for his support owners the campaign trail. >> the alpha male reappeared tonight. >> i'm talking about announcing who his defense secretary pick is. you know, in a sort of charming way. >> it was a --. and he couldn't resist. that is the headline buzz that wasn't the message.
5:44 pm
putting an end in one chapter and starting a new one he dispelled that one. this is goodbye to american leadership in the world. goodbye to globalization. he's bringing america home. he's going to lead a nativist, nationalistics populist movement and if you want to join up with him fine, if you don't, forget it. >> a lot of presidents have started out saying you know what, i'm not talk about nation-building. i'm dpoexing here at home and world events have led them elsewhere. >> i got the very clear impression tonight. and i think it's been reinforced in the last few days and blooes looking for is a national security team to whom he's going to entrust most of the stewardship of american policy abroad and he's going focus here at home. and he's going to do it in his pugilistic, narcissistic way. he's not going to change. here is his agenda. he's not moving away from it. and you can -- if you don't like it that's tough. because he's in charge and he has a lot of support in the congress. and that kind of speech will
5:45 pm
fire up his base and it is going to leave a lot of other people -- i knew i didn't like the son of a bitch. >> i actually think he is actually sending a message with the song. with the you can't always get what you want but you get what you need. america you don't know what you need but i am here and i'm going to be what you need whether you realize it or not. and he gets the announcing general mattis there. he does seem a little different. even in the attacking the media a little bit. this has become kind of standard now. barack obama going after fox news. >> just last week. >> yeah -- >> -- something that resonates with supporters that the feeling that the media is out to get you. i criticized obama for that and would criticize trump for this. but i think he understands that and with the can carrier deal it is stage craft. even though it is not a solution to the problem he understands
5:46 pm
picking up that phone what that does the mental it sends. >> jeffrey lord? >> presidents of the united states in the past, in our lifetime, if you will, with television have taken to the oval office address, to rally the troops. to rally the base. richard nixon, ronald reagan was great at it. etc. this is going to be donald trump's version of this. he's going to be out there as legislation gets in front of congress, he's going to be going out and doing the rallies to rally his base and to turn on the pressure and say go to your congressman and write your congressman. when reagan did that as david knows from the oval office, that really worked. >> he also -- do you believe he needs this in a way? he gets something from this -- >> sure. >> -- as well as give -- get -- give something. >> sure, i think it helps him focus. it helps him keep in touch with people. the jokes about the guy we couldn't see. the guy in the front of the audience there. i think these impressions register with him as he depose ba goes back to do the job.
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>> van? >> it's interesting, i just spent the past several days in trump country. i got a clans -- chance to be in pennsylvania. and ohio talking to trump voters. and i got to tell you, that speech sounded differently to his voters. he said now is not the time to downsize our dreams. he said i'm asking you to dream big again. there are people out there hurting economically and they have felt that the elites just want them to settle. swallow the technology. swallow the globalization and settle. and he's pushing back on that. so i think that he's -- there is a reason that, you know, people underestimated him is because they underestimate the pain that he's speaking to. now, i think he's misleading a lot of people. he's saying he's going to have, you know, more fracking and bring coal jobs back. well that is just not possible. if you frack everywhere natural
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gas will be cheap and you put coal miners out of work. a promise to one is a lie to another and he does that through the the speech. i want to make sure we're not missing that he's giving some medicine out there to people who are hurting. >> he is. out after hundred presidential speeches this is unique. and he weaves in and out. and -- but he still stayed between. this reminds me a famous story. when president eisenhower gave a speech. he went out and read the speech and put it this his pocket and said now i'd like to share a few words of my own. and that is what trump was doing. >> there was a moment tonight where early on he went off and was kind of reliving the campaign. talking about it. and then he was almost going to go back to the teleprompter and then he was like should i give you a little more of this? and -- [inaudible] >> -- right, execute. >> exactly. >> i think it was a unifying speech. >> a unifying speech.
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>> you said i --. when he says i don't want to take the rust out of of the rust belt it is exactly what you are talk about. we want to build an america. and buy an america. where they were hurt by nafta and more. i think he was singing the words they wanted to hear. i agree with you on that, van. >> he's doing some interesting stuff. first of all you have two trumps. there is teleprompter trump and then there is terrible trump. and terrible trump is going to say a bunch of mean stuff to basically elites who are going to predictically take offense and that is -- he does that. but he's also producing two different reality television shows at the same time. one reality tv show is for his base firing them up. but the other is for a very concerned business class that wants to see a little more maturity.
5:50 pm
what's amazing, is he does them both on the set at the same time. he does one show for one crowd, another show for another crowd. and the fact that our heads haven't fallen off -- >> the difference between the prompter and the not prompter. is that, to you -- >> yeah, there's somebody writing speeches trying to calm people down, talk about unity, that throwaway line about please don't be mean to each other -- >> a throwaway line, but one that has never given. >> he read it adds if it were a hostage message. >> there was a quote in the newspaper today on marcy captor. and marcy captor is a senior veteran congresswoman from toledo, and she said hillary clinton came to my district and stood on the corner of the busiest amtrak rail in toledo and talked about warren buffett. did not talk about jobs, did not talk about infrastructure. and she was frustrated in speaking in the context of the
5:51 pm
democrat did not speak to the heartland of the issues that were most concerned to them. that's what donald trump did tonight, talking about repealing and replacing obamacare. >> a little upset about that. >> that's the leader of a small business association in pennsylvania. and your members are ecstatic. they see taxes coming down, see regulations starting to come off the books here, to give them the ability for economic growth. they are extremely happy about it. >> the issues that working class voters and the business community are not the people that trump needs to unite with, right. he needs to reach out to the rest of america. reach out to frankly the america that voted for hillary clinton. he needs to reach out to people of color and people that were concerned about what his presidency might bring. >> why? >> because he's the president of the united states. if he wants to talk about unity -- >> he did talk about -- >> he did, but in the context
5:52 pm
of, look how good my poll numbers are. >> i think van is right, that he speaks very effectively to middle america, to the working class america. much more effectively than probably most of us here at this table. and i give him a lot of credit for that. i do not think he spoke well to the rest of america. i do not think he spoke well to the hillary-type people tonight. i don't see what there is out there that they can grab on to. >> let's just see what he said off the cuff, or at least not on prompter. >> although we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? right? [ chanting: lock her up ] >> obviously, the crowd chanting, "lock her up." it's interesting, not responding to that, walking away and allowing it to happen.
5:53 pm
>> and who knows what would have happened if he said, you know what, like he said to "the new york times," you know what, i'm not going to do that and they're good people. they probably would have gone bananas on him. and it was not -- it would not have gone well. and he is enough of a stageman and a showman that he understands that. but i actually don't necessarily think that he has to reach out to the people that didn't vote for him. it would be nice if he did. it would be, you know, part of the tradition of presidents-elect and new presidents to do that. but he's not that person. and he's never going to be that person. and he's the guy who america elected -- >> and he has the house and the senate. >> and he talked about unity. >> but mitt romney -- so you're saying mitt romney is -- >> well, i'm just saying, particularly out of shape there, so -- >> but -- >> politically speaking, politically speaking, as a trump
5:54 pm
supporter and a campaigner, i can tell you, there were some dark and dreary times, september, october, and if you were for trump, you had to be 100% committed. and so i think he was entitled tonight, particularly speaking as a supporter, to have some rhetorical high fives. i think it was very important to the base to say, you know what, we won, and everybody says it wasn't possible, but we did it, we broke down that blue wall, i was thinking about, tear down that wall, mr. gorbachev, i was thinking about, rip it apart, mr. trump. i think it was a great moment for those of us that went on this journey with him. but i do believe that there is gomping and you'll see more and more of that. he did announce the language of extremism and hate. >> in a gallup poll, president-elect trump is at 42%. it's the lowest in history for any incoming president, in history. george w. bush, who many -- half the country believes stole the election, was at 59 at this
5:55 pm
point. 59. he came in under much more divisive terms than president-elect rutrump did ande did unite the country. and barack obama was at 58. can this is the honeymoon and you're at 42. if he wants to succeed, he has got to move that number above 50 and keep it above 50 for the entire first year or he won't -- the democrats can politic hbloc legislation. carrier with help a lot. >> carrier was a home run for him. he's on a roll, generally. but i think to go to paul's point, it does matter whether he amasses a larger, you know, following that be he now has. just wait until he gets into a fight about obamacare, but especially after he gets into a fight about medicare or medicaid. those are very, very tough -- >> part of his problem is, i think it was you, dan, that talked about this conservative populist alliance that he's trying to govern through, where, aain, you know, paul ryan is in
5:56 pm
love with the tpp, may elope with the tpp, but meanwhile trump hates the tpp. so how does that work out? he's going to have to reach out. on the one hand, he says he's a war hawk, he's going to smash isis. on the other hand, he says he's not going to do anything. whichever way he goes, if he's going to be an isolationist, he has to reach out. if he's going to be a war leader, he has to reach out. he does have to reach out at some point. right now, he feels, you guys told me to reach out the entire campaign and i didn't reach out the entire campaign and i'm president of the united states and you are on tv talking about me. >> talking about reaching out, we had senator warren on last night and i kept trying to ask her, what is your stance on tpp? is that something you would work with him on? infrastructure and she's not willing to say, she's willing to work. it doesn't seem like -- paul, what do you want to see the democrats do? do you want them to do what mitch mcconnell said early on in the obama administration? >> i've spoke to several of them and they keep coming back to
5:57 pm
infrastructure and medicare on the two polls. if he really wants an infrastructure bill, the democrats have wanted one for years. guess what, there was a bill that debbie stabenow had, a democrat from michigan in 2014 that was called the bring jobs home act and it taxed corporations that shipped jobs overseas and rewarded corporations that brought jobs home. exactly the carrier deal today. and republicans killed it. he should reach out to debbie stabenow right now and say, senator, join with me and we'll get carrier to take it nationally. >> why is it when democrats propose that stuff, it's called socialism, and when you propose it, it's called patriotism. >> it's the same thing. medical savings accounts, dick gephardt at one time was a co-sponsor and supported it, but when obama got into power, oh, msa, medical savings account, horrible thing, and all the
5:58 pm
democrats started against it. i think the american people are fed up with the politics. elijah cummings said today he wanted to work -- very liberal democrat, as you know, wanted to work with trump. >> she was saying, no, democrats should be the resistance. republicans did it to then president obama when he first came in. democrats should -- it's payback, essentially. >> every meeting right now, and i've been in most of them or called in, among the are progressives is, should it be obstruction, war to the knife, stop this guy everywhere, or should there be a more constructive opposition to help the country. >> which way does he come out? >> you know, there's a -- there's a political discussion on that, but then there's also a governance issue, and what's good for politics and what's good for the country are not the same things. >> here's what trump is going to resolve it for the democrats. he's going to come with an infrastructure bill that's lauded with corporate special
5:59 pm
interests. they didn't want to put working people back to work. but their fear, at least, on the hill, and i've talked to a lot of them. is that they're going to load this up with lobbyists and special interests and they'll have to oppose it. >> i disagree and i'll tell you why. >> i hope i'm wrong. >> when president obama came out with this has stimulus bill, without republican support, and then obama without republican support, it was a mistake. and i think most democrats would admit, you've got to do these things on a bipartisan fashion. and i believe what he's going to do, he's going to figure out which democrats will work with me and how can we get some things done? >> and it's just -- >> and there may be more democrats -- i mean, in some of these states, you know, some of these sort of borderline states tat are willing to work with him -- >> but he never told us how he's going to pay for anything. >> he won't. >> there was nothing about how do you pay for the taxes, how do you pay for the infrastructure, how do you pay about all of these -- >> he's talked about the penny plan, which is a step, and he's talked about repatriation of
6:00 pm
money, and you cannot do infrastructure or health care reform, as we all know, without tax reform. and part of tax reform has always been repatriating that money back home. >> that was not in that speech. >> it wasn't in the speech, but he's been talking about that for weeks now. and the treasury and commerce folks have been talking about it. >> i just want to give a heads up to our viewers. it's the top of the hour. appreciate you just joining us. in an a year of unprecedented presidential campaign, another first. the president-elect just wrapped up a first stop in what is being billed as a thank you tour, back on stage at a rally in cincinnati, ohio. take a look at some of the key moments. >> i'm going to discuss our action plan to make america great again. we're going to discuss. although we did have a lot of fun fighting hillary, didn't we? right? we have so many problems to fix in