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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 3, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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much. be sure to watch brian's show, reliable sources tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. coming up at the top of the hour, we'll take you back to oakland, california, where at any moment now, we're expecting another update from officials on that deadly warehouse fire. nine people killed, 25 still unaccounted for. the very latest on the next hour of the "newsroom." hello, again, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. at least nine dead and 25 unaccounted for in the massive fire in oakland, california, involving a warehouse party. it happened in a building used by local artists. it happened in the county there of alameda and the sheriff said they are preparing for the worst, which could be possibly upwards of 40 people dead.
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one witness describes what he saw. >> open fire is still seen. we are making sure it is safe to go in and see what we have to deal with inside. this is a very traumatic event, a rough day for the city of oakland. our heart goes out to the families and first responders that have to deal with this. this is very, very tough for us. this is not easy. this hits very close to home fr a lot of us. so right now the coroner's bureau, which is working in conjunction with the police department and the fire department, we are prepared for a mass casualty event. i am not going to throw out numbers but we are prepared to deal with several dozen fatalities as a result of this fire. we don't exactly know how many. we can confirm at this point we have nine deceased. that number we expect to go up.
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once we go inside and begin to move things and look around inside. i can only confirm nine people deceased. >> dan simon in oakland, california, a tragic situation. possibly, it could get even worse. >> what are some of the obstacles that firefighters are dealing with right now? >> we are here at the scene. i guess you can't hear me. i apologize for that. so fire crews are trying to figure out how they can get inside the building and figure out how many people are deceased. as many as 40 people dead. they are preparing for a mass casualty event. this fire broke out about 11:30 last night. there was a party. a place for artists. it is called an artist
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collective. some people, also, apparently live there. there was a party on the second floor, live music being played. we don't know who this was started. it obviously spread very quickly much. the building must be configured where it made it difficult for people to escape. some people on the second floor looking out the window calling for help. we are hearing reports that a couple people actually jumped out of the window to try to reach safety. just a terrible situation. >> if you are able to continue to hear me, what about the use of these drones and why are firefighters reporting to that? >> well, the drones are outfitted with thermal imaging technology. we just saw one up above the building to help firefighters determine if there are hotspots and if they can make safe entry into the building.
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a newer piece of technology they have acquired. it will be helpful in determining whether or not crews can go into the building. we saw crews go a few feet into the building, cleared away a little bit of rubble, if you will. so far, he they have been hesitant to enter and go into the second floor where the party was taking place. at this point, they think it is too structural unsound. >> dan, still unclear. the sequence of events. are any eyewitnesses saying more about what happened last night when the first sparks of fire or when someone first smelled smoke or in what part of the building, all of those detaills? >> unfortunately, we have not been able to hear those first-hand accounts. the people who attended the party, they have stayed clear from this scene this morning. we don't know where those people have gone. presumably, fire investigators will want to talk with those folks. a few blocks away, there is a notification center for people
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who live in the bay area that may be concerned about their loved ones or friends. that's where they can go and congregate an tell somebody physically that their friend or loved one is missing. facebook has been a very useful and helpful tool. people have been posting pictures and names of people that they fear may be missing. that's something that invest gay stores are sorting through as they try to determine how many people are missing. the critical piece of all of this is going to be getting inside to confirm how many people may have died. >> there should be more updates in the next hour and a half? >> there should be. we are told at every hour. that update has not taken place. it should occur within the next few minutes. if that happens, we will fry to bring that to you live. >> dan simon, in oakland, california, appreciate it. >> there are less than seven weeks until donald trump becomes
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president. he is already overturning international policy protocols. yesterday, trump sfopoke on the phone with the president of taiwan. this marks the first publicly reported call with the leader of taiwan since 1979. now, china has lodged an official complaint with the u.s. the u.s. does not formally recognize taiwan as an independent state. chinese officials fear this phone call may have signaled otherwise. trump and his team are downplaying that call, that it had any further implications. cnn's ryan nobles joining me right now from outside the trump tower. ryan, any more detail about the sequence of events and how it all unfolded? >> fredricka, president-elect trump tweeted yesterday he just accepted a call from the president of taiwan and accepted her congratulations of her recent win and he also congratulated her, trying to downplay the idea this is any
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kind of indication of perhaps a shift in policy by the incoming trump administration. this was simply pleasantries between two foreign leaders. it obviously has raised some concerns in washington and in the foreign policy community that perhaps the president-elect is not aware of all the information that goes into this relationship between taiwan and china and the rest of the world. it is leading some to ask whether or not the president-elect is experienced enough to handle a matter like this. trump's senior advisers have pushed back on that criticism quite strongly. this is what kellyanne conway told anderson cooper last night. >> president-elect trump is fully briefed and fully knowledgeable about these issues on an on going basis regardless of who is on the other end of the phone. >> the transition says this should not be an indication that the trump administration will push back on this idea of a one china policy, something the american government has observed
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since the late '70s. now, the trump team has a very busy monday planned, three different people will come here to trump tower to meet with the president-elect. some could be up for jobs. among them, debra yang, a u.s. attorney in california. two south carolina pol tigs will be here, including congressman mitt mill vain any and katherine templeton, rumored to be a front-runner for 2018. monday will be a big day. it will be the formal announcement of general james mattis as trump's pick for secretary of defense. a lot of eyes here. >> thank you so much outside trump tower. let's talk more about all this with allen lickman. a presidential who represented that trump would win the
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election. we tried to get you right away and you were overseas and someone else got you at the time. good to see you, professor. >> same. >> let's begin with this phone call with frum antrump and taiwan's president. what is wrong with him having a phone conversation? >> there is a big difference. >> i mean her. >> there is a big difference between selling military equipment to taiwan and actually upsetting the one china policy that is essential to our relationship with certainly one of the world's top three powers, certainly perhaps our greatest trading partner in a critically sensitive and volatile area of the world. more over, there is a big contradiction here. on the one hand, they are saying, this is okay. on the other hand, they are saying, it is pretty
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meaningless, inadvertent, just a congratulatory call. they need to get their story straight. >> and then reportedly there was an adviser, trump adviser, who was in taiwan, who helped facilitate the call. does that make a difference, how the phone call came about, whether anyone in the president-elect's corner helped make it happen or make it ease ferri ier for that to happen? >> i athink it makes an easier way to make it happen. he has far flung business over the world and associates all over the world whose interests may not be consonant with the interest of the united states. this may be a slight hint of truly significant clashes of conflicts of interest to come. all over the world, at least 25 countries, 500 businesses and in
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many of them the name trump is emblazoned on all of it. professor lickman, good to citi you. >> same here, fred. we'll have more on this massive fire in oakland. a two-story warehouse going up in flames overnight. confirmation of nine killed and 25 unaccounted for. the alameda county sheriff's warning. they are getting ready for a mass casualty event, meaning they are making preparations for it. there are concerns the casualties may be very high. much more from oakland right after this. , that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. you are looking at pictures of a massive fire in oakland, california, confirmation of nine dead. 25 unaccounted for. we expect to hear from officials about how they are going about going into that building. they have been unable to do so, because there remain hotspots. when they do, they will better assess how to attack the smoldering embers and retrieve, recover and perhaps rescue. they are making preparations for a mass casualty event. >> when dthat press conference
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happens, we will take you there live. i want to bring in norman augustin, the deputy chief for georgia's decab county fire department. thanks so much for joining us on the phone now. deputy chief, give me an assessment of when you know there is a two-story warehouse building. it may involve a number of people. upwards of 100 inside and now based on that information, how do firefighters assess how they will tackle a blaze like that. >> there is a lot that goes into assessing an incident of such a scale. the first thing, get a good idea of what's going on the ground. it takes experience bodies to do that with experienced eyes. the first part is putting people on the ground to look all around to see what's going on.
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that depends. another. >> another tool is the uav. a lot are going to this technology because it is another way of gathering that vital information we all need to make decisions relative to attacking fire and saving lives. we did hear they would be using drones to get a better assessment of the hotspots in this warehouse. they are unable to enter it. give us a better assessment of how these drones would be used. what's the capability? is it primarily used for a visual? are there other apparatus or other potential tools attached? >> it is primarily used for visuals but with the right camara tached, you can assess the hotspots and see where you need to attack. it can also in some cases show victims so you can focus your rescue efforts. >> will they use more than one at a time.
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do they work in concert together when you are talking about a building of this size? we don't know the square footage. it seems to cover a good portion of a block? >> yes. in some cases, you can put more than one drone in the sky. in some cases, you can have a pilot that will operate the drone and another that will assess on the ground. they are focused on keep teeing safe in the air and the other person is looking at the screen and making decisions based on what they see. go ahead with that final thought. >> some decisions they would be making would be seeing if it is safe to enter, seeing where victims are and seeing how best to attack a fire in a safe manner. >> deputy chief norman augustton, thank you so much for you time.
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i appreciate it. we are going to continue to follow developments out of oakland, california, as we await an update from officials there. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, i'm andy shoels in downtown atlanta where become become and florida fans are getting ready for the sec championship later today. a rematch from last year's sec championship game that saw the crimson tide win by two touchdowns. alabama has been the best team all season long. they are undefeated. they have won four national titles under nick saban. coach say bin says he doesn't necessarily love winning. he just hates the alternative.
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>> i hate to lose more than i like winning. this next game is the game we can lose. i'm not in love with what we did last week or the week before that or the whole season. the challenge is the next game. because that's the game we can lose. i hate losing more than i like winning. >> a kickoff for the ncc championship is at 4:00 eastern. alabama, huge favorite in this one over the gators. they are 24 point favorites. tonight, we got two more huge games in college football. clemson trying to lock up a spot in the playoffs. they are taking on virginia tech in the acc championship game. in the big ten, you have sixth ranked wisconsin and 7th ranked wisconsin. last night, the fourth ranked huskies making their case they should be in the playoffs. washington and colorado playing
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in the first pac 12 title game. the first play of the third quarter. washington's defense would dominate this one. huskies beat colorado, 41-10 to end the season 12 and 1. in we are looking at the playoff picture today, alabama is in. they are number one undefeated. they are in whether they win or lose. ohio state, they are ranked second, likely in. washington has likely clinched a spot in the playoffs. it all comes down to what happens tonight in that game between clemson and virginia tech. washington and penn state both huge fans. that's when we could see some chaos and make the playoff committee's job really hard. if not, it could be an easy walk for those guys. we have one, two, three, four. the folks behind you are having a good time, really excited to
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be there. andy scholes, always good to see you. thank you so much. i am fredricka whitfield. "vital signs" with dr. sanjay gupta starts right after this. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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they are known as zoonotic, disease ds that can jump from animals to humans with disease names like czars or mers. it takes a global effort to prevent a widespread outbreak. this is vital signs. i am dr. sanjay gupta. they might sound of something out of a flashy novel. these men and women are doing crucial work all over the globe. here in the united states, t


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