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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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it is the top of the hour. it is 7:00 p.m. eastern. we begin with a very, very sad breaking news story. a holiday party in california turning into a horrifying scene. a fire erupting and killing nine people. it was packed with partiers on friday night when a fire suddenly ignited. still unknown, adding to the nine confirmed deaths, officials
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still continue find 25 victims. up to 40 could be dead from this fire. oakland's mayor talked to reporters just a short time ago. >> we're trying to be as transparent as possible with you. such a short amount of time after this incredible tragedy, but we again remind you that our efforts right now are focused on the humane and compassionate greats of the victims, as well as securing the sight, and caring for those families. that's what we're focused on right now. >> our dan simon is in oakland, still no word yet on what could have sparked this. is that right? >> that's right, poppy. this is really beyond horrific.
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the main task at this point is trying to recover the bodies, but that is proving to be very difficult for firefighters. the warehouse is said to be structurally unsound. trying to make that building safe so they can go in there and remove the bodies. >> and dan, at this point, what do we know about those missing. we heard an official say about an hour ago we don't have an answer for how many there are right now, but we expect the number of deceased to go up. >> they're expecting them to go way up. nine confirmed dead. about 25 reported missing. the problem is they can't really get a firm number because they can't get inside of the building to get a glimpse and to see how many victims we're talking about. so that is really the main task.
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as a side note to all of this unfolding, you have the investigation, that is, of course, taking a back seat to what they're doing behind me at the moment. they don't know what started this fire. but we have learned, as you talked about earlier, this building was just permitted to be a warehouse. certainly not to have people live there or to have a party either. >> we also heard the fire chief say he didn't see any evidence of sprinklers in the building. can you tell us what exactly was going on there? i know it was an artist collective, were people living there as well? >> that's what we have been lead to believe. but crews have not been totally certain in their answers. they believe people were living there, but that is still part of the investigation. this is said to be what is called an artist collective, so you go inside there, and we have seen some of the pictures, and you know you have mannequins and
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different tables, and workstations, and a lot of people were said to be working there, and working on their various projects. and then on the top floor it seemed to be more of an open spa space. that is where the party was taking place. live music going on. what caused the fire to start i don't know. sometimes at live music shows you have pyro technics going on. i asked if that was a factor and at this point they told me no. >> dan simon in oakland, thank you very much. joining me now is congresswoman barbara lee. oakland is your district. i'm so terribly sorry about all of this. what can you tell us about the communication you had with the mayor and the different city officials there about their efforts. >> sure, i have spoken with the majyor and we're about to have
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another call. this is a tragedy beyond proportions. it's horrific. it is something that we can't even imagine. so right now i think everyone is praying and offering our condolences, and addressing the real grief and mourning that is taking place in the city. it is so important that families of loved ones and friends call the phone number, and i'm pleased that you have the number posted, the 510-283-3000. we don't know what has taken place. our first responders are doing a phenomenal job but they still can't enter the building. we have to focus on the
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compassionate care and humanitarian concerns of the people grieving and the community that is grieving, and we'll bring in all of the federal resources once we know what is appropriate and needed. >> congresswoman -- >> i'm so sorry to interrupt, congresswoman, stay with me. i just learned we have another press conference updating everyone on the situation. sergeant kelly. >> that slowed things down and we continue to have our system up now. it is functioning very well now. we just talking to the mayor who is coming back over there to meet with the families again. the oakland police department says what will go on here for the next 48 hours. we will anticipate that we will be here at least through sunday, maybe early monday morning. we would like to get that -- get
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this place back functioning as quickly as possible. offer watson will talk about that. >> thank you sergeant kelly. so far this evening until monday morning. this will be our media staging area. we will not change the location. if you anticipate coming here, the location is 30th street international entrance from 30th. on to international. and it will be the egress and ingress. we'll assess then. additionally at tomorrow morning we will give a media availability if will provide any information that occurred over the evening, over this evening. if there is a significant development tonight -- >> we will continue to monitor this press conference. they don't seem to have any
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updates on victim numbers at this point. let's talk about the victims. i spoke with a freelance journalist earlier. he said a lot of people at the party were key members of oakland's music community. we don't have their why tidenti at this point in time. tell us about this musician community. >> respecting the family and loved ones of the victim website it is very difficult to really talk about anything as it relaces to them other than the fact that our condolences and prayers go out to the victims. oakland is a communicate of artists, of creative people, of
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people who have visions, and who understand the importance of culture and art. and so once again, to really hone in on this, we have to just make sure the family and victors make sure that the mourning and grieving process move forward in a way that it's hard to imagine for people for what i'm feeling, it's something that i can't even begin to explain in terms of emotional reaction. so as we move forward, and as our first responders attempt to get into the building, really
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focus on supporting them, lifting them up, and finding every we have to really address the humanitarian and the compassionate care for those who are suffering as a result of this tremendous loss. >> and our thoughts with those families and our thanks and deepest gratitude to the first responders working throughout the day and the night on this. trying to get access in that building. and, you know, and properly treat the remains of the victims. congresswoman barbara lee, thank you so much. >> the most critical information to share at this time is a phone number where victims families can get information, 5103823000.
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for ways to help people affected by the horrific fire go to we have a lot coming up this hour. how the president-elect broke international protocol by answering the phone. that is next. the ashes of fidel castro arr e arriving in the town now where his funeral will take place. live in cuba this hour. businesses and careers.eir this windows 10 device, you can configure it in so many... ...different ways it feels like a much more robust... than the old mac that i used to use. since we started shopping at way first down! as close as two friends trying to annihilate each other can be. ahh, interception! that's because with
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the reason, china considered taiwan part of it's territory. and they have respected the to-called one china policy. calls with other foreign leaders frankly this week lead to chris murphy to -- trump is playing this call saying the president of taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. ivan watson is based in hong kong. he has unique perspective on this. give our viewers a sense of the magnitude of this. what does it signal to the international community. we know that president-elect trump was elected as a disrupter
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and he seems to be doing that. this is a very delicately calibrated piece of diplomacy. also trying to sell lots of weapons to taiwan. but there is a way of being able to do both of those things at once and not risking an escalation of tensions. it has already responded by also seeking to down play the magnitude of this. and pointing out the one china policy is a corner stone of the relations between the u.s. and china. it is a rising super power. >> there is obviously tension between the united states and china when it comes to issues, but at the same time, the u.s.
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and china are really partners, obviously, in global trade. obviously when it comes to china having a seat on the u.n. security council, and the united states needing china in line on sanctions and such. china is pointing their finger at taiwan and not the president-elect, why do you think that is? >> they didn't want this particular lead tore win ter to elections in taiwan, so they put some of the blame on taiwan. they played a trick. this was not quite good. some of the chinese voices out there in the state media are suggesting this might have been a test by president-elect trump. others saying maybe he just didn't know because he is not really familiar with foreign policy. >> which his team says that's not the case. this is not happening in a
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vacuum. he had a controversial call this week with the president of pakistan. on top of that, trump this week had a phone call with the president of the philippines, d dutarte. and he said that president obama could go to hell. here is what he said, i think we had it. >> he wishes me well. and he said that we are doing it the right way. >> it is significant that he says that donald trump said he is doing the war on drugs "the right way."
4:19 pm
that's a very aggressive war on drugs in his country that lead to thousands of people being killed. what's the significance there. >> i covered some of this. there have been apply police figures more than 2,000 people killed by philippines cops in five months as part of the war on drugs. you like a dozen or more bodies showing up a night. handguns next to the corpses, and all seemingly killed by police in self defense after they pull their guns. it's very bloody, and the obama administration has been criticized as have a number of human rights organizations. duturte hates that. he seems to have an anti-american feeling. and what is remarkable is while he doesn't get along with
4:20 pm
president obama, soon after president-elect trump was elected, he said we both like to swear, we're the same guy. he seems to recognize a similar sentiment or temperament in president-elect trump and he appointed before the election trump's business partner to be the philippines special economic envoy to the u.s. >> ivan watson, a lot to digest there. thank you for the reporting. appreciate it. let's bring in ben ferguson, a cnn political commentator. mark lamont hill. a professor at moorehouse college. just digesting what ivan just said. this is not being done in a vacuum. it is in the span of a week. the president having controversial conversations with the leaders of pakistan and the
4:21 pm
philippines. throughout the campaign, protect trump did have any understanding of the delicate balances that exist. "bold and the beautiful" said he is goes to engage north korea. although it had not been done, that was not a sufficient reason not to do it. it doesn't seem if he had a sophisticated nuanced, it was just the relationship. and so that lack of knowledge -- >> so kellyanne conway said that
4:22 pm
is not the case. he is aware of u.s. policy, he is engaged and briefed. i want to read you something that he said in august, why he would not disavoi what some see as an embrace of russian president vladimir putin. >> they say putin likes trump, they said nice things about me. that's good, that's not bad, that's good. some of my opponents said we want you to disavoi statement. if we could get along with russia, wouldn't that be a good thing, not a bad thing? >> these calls that ivan was just speaking with us about seem to be a continuation of that. however, there are major issues
4:23 pm
in some of these country that's do not align with u.s. policy, belief, or standing just like ivan described. so as a trump supporter, where do you want that line drawn. >> he says i would rather open up a dialogue later on. he is saying maybe that is long enough. it is the sage logic that barack obama used. but the difference is -- >> the difference is china. you don't worry about him infuriating china? that they need when it comes to north korea? >> china always acts like they're infuriated. they always are overreacting to statements, and this is not as big of a deal as many are making
4:24 pm
it out to be. we're selling billions of dollars to use and defend themselves. so the idea that taiwan will be more outraged over accepting a phone call from taiwan than barack obama sending billions of dollars in sales -- donald trump took a phone call. he didn't sell any weapons to taiwan. >> just to be clear from the readout from taiwan on this phone call, he did talk about things like national defense. let me get your take on this. donald trump spoke with the president ofback stan, and according to a readout he told the prime minister "you're a terrific guy, you're doing amazing work, that is visible in
4:25 pm
every way." there is a reason that no u.s. president has been in pakistan in a decade. what is your reaction to the serious of calls and pakistan specifically. >> i don't have a problem with phone calls per se. i wish they were open to untapped territories eight years ago. but it is not a question of engaging the countries, but asking what getting along means. getting along at what cost? how do we think about the human rights. how do but think about the harboring of terrorism. are we going to make a hard line and have a strategic purpose. i would love to talk to putin, but if we're not talking about
4:26 pm
fundamental issues, there is no point in talking about them. >> i want to get this in to you, ben, i want your opinion on this. if it is someone like mitt romney, someone he has had very different views with, does it complicate things for mitt romney? >> not if you know going in what you're going to be dealing with here. i think he made it clear that diplomats have not done a great job. we have been losing more than we have been winning on an international stage, so he is going to go direct. she a negotiator. and i think he understands one other thing. it is easy to have a rough and tough conversation with the leader.
4:27 pm
the same thing that ronald reagan did with gorbachov. donald trump might be saying if i want to be very plublunt with china, i want to know who i'm negotiating with on the front lines. when you have a relationship, you usually get more done. >>. thank you very much. a lot coming up, moscow meddling. they're attempts to interfere with the u.s. election. we'll have more, next. grand seafood feast,he new and the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio, with a lobster mac-and-cheese topped lobster tail. come treat yourself to feast fit for the season before it ends. it's your tv, take it with you.
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breaking news we just learned that jill stein is dropping her lawsuit to pursue a recount in pennsylvania. the campaign says it is because of the cost ordered by a court ruling. they demand that a million dollars be paid, and they cannot afford to post the $1 million bond required by the court. stein raids nearsed nearly $7 m
4:32 pm
for the recount effort. they are planning a major announcement tomorrow. we'll see if they will refile in pennsylvania. this time, donald trump and hillary clinton's campaign managers shared the stage in fake news campaign coverage and talking about russia's rumors of interfering in the election. as you can guess they had very different views. >> congress has to investigate what happened with russia here. we cannot have foreign aggressors intervening in our elections. and we know they were propagating fake news. >> i think the biggest piece of fake news is that donald trump could not win. so there is that, and that was pedalled for weeks and months. if you look at major news papers
4:33 pm
and cable stations and networks, it's unmistakable. >> i never said he couldn't win, i said it wasn't likely. >> brian selter is joining me now. >> i wasn't wait to see that. >> me either. a lot is being written in the posttruth era we're living in. you call it a fake news plague. do you have any sense, will we get one of how much fake news is out there and the impact it has had on viewers? >> there are hundreds of the sites. we have all been fooled at some point by sites intentionally trying to trick people. he says he thinks fake news helped to under mine clinton's
4:34 pm
campaign. there is evidence that suggests that some of the fake news sites have ties, orgins from russia, there are a lot of sites and it is hard to discern -- some people say clinton lost because of fake news tights, there no way to measure that. >> there is also varying degrees of fake news, right? completely fake, and stories with some falsehoods, some things made up, some things that are pertinent omitted. there was a fascinating interview this week with trump supporters with things like trump saying millions of people voted illegally in the election. let's listen to what they told allison. >> do you think three million
4:35 pm
people who were illegal voted. >> how many do you think? >> do you think three dozen or three million? >> i think a good amount. the president told people they could vote and it happened in nan -- google it, you can find it on facebook. >> it's not true, it didn't happen. you can find it on facebook, that's true. you say fundamentally this is an issue of supply and demand. as long as people want to believe made up stories about the enemy and the opponent, they can always find those stories on the line. the harder thing to tackle is how to reduce demand. how you make fewer people want to click on the headlines. >> people like to see what they
4:36 pm
agree with. >> it is a fundamental issue, and it has been true for years. they made it easier to only hear those voices. >> now tech companies are getting a lot of pressure, how will you deal with it. google chrome, a search engine that can help you decipher what is real or fake. >> the sites are very well disguised fake news sights. google is trying to come in with a plug in to help you know if they're true or not. it is ultimately on the users, as of us facebook and twitter users, consumers of the world by w web, it's like spoiled food. eatingpasteurized, something no fda approved.
4:37 pm
you're better off if you know where your news coming from. >> sometimes it tastes good and people like what tastes good more than the truth. thank you so much. you'll see brian right here tomorrow morning on his show "reliable sources" at 11:00 a.m. >> the numbers are in for the first job report since the election and they show the lowest unemployment rate since 2007. this week, the job story everyone was talking about was indiana where donald trump made a deal with carrier to keep a lot of jobs in the united states. we'll talk about why that is such a big deal and debate what precedent is sets, next. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer at...
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unemployment rate, down to 4.6%. president-elect donald trump says there is a lot of work that still needs to be done we're going to fight for every last american job. we're going usher in a new industrial revolution. and donald trump struck a deal with carrier to save 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. carrier took trump hostage and won. they said it would signal to every corporation that they could off shore jobs.
4:42 pm
we have our panel here now to talk about this. gentleman thank you for being here. scott let me begin with you and let me begin by saying it is great that these hundreds of workers are going to keep their job and not lose their job. i think the big picture is precedent precedent, right? this represents .2%. do you want the trump administration to make this deal with other companies, or do you want to see them pause on this and pursue an extreme strategy. >> i will say that if donald trump is tweeting about anything, i hope it's about companies moving jobs overseas.
4:43 pm
it seems to move the needle a little wit. donald trump and voters want to see, that means trade policy, tax policy, investing in infrastructure, and workers although for anyone that thought that carrier might be a one off, and they were very unique circumstances with the sitting governor of indiana about to become the vice president engaged, and a viral video, trump tweeted about a plant just down the road from carrier and called them out for outsourcing to mexico as well. i think the focus has to be on the policy, it's just impractical to expect that company by company you will build up a manufacturing base in this country. >> so you are picking winners and losers.
4:44 pm
sarah palin said yesterday she doesn't like the optics of this. relet the free market system work. you say the details are not so rosy, why? >> delivering on a promise, it is almost like they don't have to do anything. they decided okay, we'll keep about 60% of the jobs we were going to ship out. i was looking at indiana university, the indiana business research center down there. i was looking at the types of jobs that were getting out in indiana. and manufacturing after the recession was already on a decli decline. but you had bigger losses in the last ten years or so. and the service sector jobs and health care service jobs, and i
4:45 pm
remember at the state house, david long made a huge deal out of this to help with manufacturing. are they, by looking backwards, you're looking at something where you have great money, stability, and promise of the ability to raise your family okay. but looking forward, it's frightening, you know? how do you retrain if you're 25, 35, or 40 years old. when you look at the unemployment numbers, you can't just look at the numbers, but trump was able to get elected on a message that the american worker needs more. that the american economy needs to buy.
4:46 pm
what do the job numbers not show us about what is happening in america's heart land? >> well, look at manufacturing. it lost about 40,000 jobs nationwide in the last few years. even as you see private sector growth. it's impressive, not outstanding, but chugging ail long. and part of it is automation and technology. a lot of the issues are not easy. it is trade, trade with china, more so than mexico, really. and really also valuing manufacturing. you have a lot of hoosier experience. they have 30% of their economy still in manufacturing. it's more than twice the a average. there is a future for it.
4:47 pm
making autonimous vehicles. i think we pick winners and losers all of the time. it has been going on for a long time. it may be kind of ugly, but everybody does it, every country does it. if we want to hold ourselves out as being very pure, there is a job cost to it as well. >> to what extent do you do it and can you do it for all companies across the board. it's important for us that are on the coast that don't rely as much on these jobs to remember what you said in indiana, what a huge part of the economy the manufacturing jobs are. i'm out of time, guys. scott and tom, thank you very much. thousands of cubans turn out to bid a final farewell to fidel castro. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people are paying
4:48 pm
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in cuba, fidel castro's funeral procession reaches the end of a long journey and right now dignitaries are speaking at what is a final fair well, and a cemetery in santiago, cuba, and
4:52 pm
our only american television correspondent based in cuba. you covered this week-long trip down the island to bring castro's ashes to where they are tonight. what is the reaction of the cuban people been that you have talked to along the way? >> reporter: poppy, in five years of living here i never have seen so many people out of fidel castro, and you saw the celebrations in miami, and here it set off an outpouring of grief at first and now a revolutionary spirit, a throwback to the days, the early days of the revolution, where people were defiant, out and speaking in favor of the revolution, and, you know, the long week of covering this, we have seen people tear up and we have seen genuine emotion, and tens of thousands of people are
4:53 pm
bidding farewell to castro. >> what can we expect tomorrow for the funeral services? >> reporter: tonight is a mass demonstration for fidel castro, and no american or international press, of course, invited family, and we rarely see his family that was considered private and he wanted to give the image he lived for the revolution and he didn't have a personal life, and he d. and we will see his brother and his wife and children and sons, and perhaps a few foreign leaders, very close leaders that he considered heads of state, and it will be very small and private and it will be, of course, the end of the fidel castro era, and a send-off for those that changed cuba and
4:54 pm
cubans forever, poppy. >> the only american television reporter in the country, patrick, and thank you and we will have more on that next tomorrow. and then coming up next, we will show you the overwhelming response tonight in our america. and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. and, just for the holidays, get a samsung galaxy s7 edge for only $15 per month. no trade-in required. i love you in that, no, i love you in that. no, i love you in that! (vo) hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon.
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tonight before we go, a look at something wonderful happening in our america. while the country is divided by political beliefs and racial tension and inequality, and we come together in incredible and unexpected ways. tonight in our america, a community coming together to help a family in need. the father, michael chandler, his 1-month-old infant son and 10-year-old daughter was admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation and burns. chandler is the active firefighter, and pretty soon mountains of clothing and children's toys began to fill the firehouse. a community tree lighting last night brought even more
4:59 pm
donations and a fund me page was set up for the chandler family and has raised more than $24,000 as of tonight. >> it's going to be a big help to them why they don't have anything now, so i'm really happy to see everybody come out. it's a good feeling. and we are like a family here and we look out for one another. this is a big help from the community and from our own organization people. >> pretty great people helping out. the chandler's 10-year-old is still in the hospital in critical condition, but their infant son was released yesterday. if you see moment like this, moments of unity, tweet them to me. next, "enlighten us: the rise and fall of james arthur ray," and then trump and clinton
5:00 pm
campaign managers together on the same stage and, boy, do they open up about this historic election. jake tapper gets the war room stories from an unprecedented race, and thank you so much for being with me tonight. have a great night. i will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪


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