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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 4, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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top of the hour. 6:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin with an update from that tragic fire in oakland, californ california. the confirmed death toll rising significantly. crews have been working tirelessly around the clock locating more bodies of that burned warehouse where a crowd
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was gathered for a dance party on friday night when the entire building burst into flames. the recovery now slow and pain staking work. because of that officials expect the death toll will rise even more. stephanie elam is live in oakland near that converted warehouse. stephanie, officials are about to hold this press conference. today they came out and said they know at least 30 people have died. they're having an incredibly hard time identifying them. what has been so challenging? >> reporter: we know some they're able to identify because they may have had their identification on them, in their pocket. others they can go to dental records or finger prints. for others it's difficult because of the fact there's nothing to identify them based on. they're going to have to use dna. they are asking family members if you think your loved one may have been here to set aside a hair brush or toothbrush. something that would have their
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dna. put it in a clean paper bag and hold onto it. that may be the only way they can identify the people who lost their lives here. if that's the case, it will be weeks before we fully know the people here. it wasn't just a dance party location. it was also a place for artists to gather, musicians, painters of all kinds and some of them were living there. a mixed use space that had just be been cited for blight and trash and debris around the building. we know it's had issues in the past. when you look at it this way, that's what makes it harder to get through all the debris and to figure out just to make sure they are getting debris out of the way and identifying the remains of all those people at this very hot fire tore through the building. some hot that firefighters had to leave the building when they were fighting the fire and attack it from outside. it just shows how hot it was.
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>> i know you've been speaking with some of the friends of some of the victims of the people who are missing. people who used to go to this artist collective. what have they told you? >> reporter: the one thing that came across is they said this was place where artists who may not have made it huge but still wanted to express their creativity. this is place they would be. a lot of clean sanctioned placed that had met code may not have allowed for the kind of expressions that the artists wanted here. this was a family community. a place they could do this, express their art and have somewhat of family environment even if you didn't know everybody was there. you just knew that everyone was like minded. >> stephanie, in terms of the families, i mean, one of the things they said is not a lot of people went to the hospital. either they were unaccounted for or missing or among the dead.
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have there been family members coming to where you are searching for their loved ones? >> reporter: we haven't seen that. i talk to one man who was concerned that his friends were lost. all of his friends have been accounted for. he said his facebook traffic was all about this incident and this fire and people in the community trying to figure out where people are. he said a lot of that conversation have fallen off because people have found their loved ones or figured if they didn't know for sure that their friend, loved ones did lose their lives here in this fire. there were not enough exits for the number of people in there and not the right exits to get out of there in time. he said his facebook traffic completely dominated about this fire here. just really hitting the community hard. >> stephanie, what are we expecting from this press conference? i know it's about to begin any moment. do you have any sense? >> reporter: they might be able
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to identify some of the victims and release those fames to the media. the priority is getting in touch with next of kin first and letting them know and then sharing that information here. the other interesting piece of information that we've learned is that there were some international students who were inside of this building and also they said that there were some transgender individuals, and they are working with the transgender community to identify these people and making sure that they identify them in the way that that person would want to be identified to the world. they're trying to take care here and respect the people that lost their lives and remember them in the way that they would have wanted to be remembered. we're hoping to hear more about the people inside. also, just keeping in mind, too, they have made it through only 20% of the building. they are moving so slowly because the fire was so hot and there was so much debris. the roof collapsed in on the building. there's all of this they have to
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sift through. because the fire was so hot, they're saying some people are easily identifiable and others that are not. when you put that into perspective, that makes it clear why you can't go trudging through very quickly. also they're building out ways to make access to other parts of the building. that's what they're doing behind us so they can gain entrance and also dissect it in parts of the building they're having trouble getting to. they were working through the night last night and continue to work on that through this hour right now behind me. just to show you right now, if you take a look, you can see they have these tarps up. the reason why is because as they do in the middle of this recovery effort and they recover the remains of someone who last their live, they are respecting them and so it won't be somebody that everyone can see. they are doing that very privately behind there and in front of that you can see those wood planks are working on getting access to this building so they can continue their
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search. >> thank you so much. we'll get back to oakland as soon as that press conference does begin. i want to get to some other big breaking news tonight in that battle to stop a controversial oil pipeline beginning in north dakota, going through four states. this is how protesters reacted that the army corps of engineers is halting construction on this particular route saying it will not approve a necessary easement. attorney general loretta lynnch saying department of justice remains committed to supporting local law enforcement, defending protesters constitutional right to free salespeople and fostering thoughtful dialogue. it's imperative -- stand by. we'll take you to the press conference in oakland,
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california. >> i'm going to test our mic microphone. we have some print media here. it's difficult to hear over the generators and equipment. we'll be using our microphone. hopefully that will assist you. we'll get started in just a moment. i want to do a regular sound check for media. can everyone hear us all right? sound check. no? for regular media with microphones, we're good? okay. everybody in the back, we're good? all right. we're going go ahead and get
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started. i want to thank you for your patience. this is an ongoing incident. there were a lot of change, a lot of moving parts. we sincerely thank you for your patience with the time adjustments. my name is officer johnna watson. i'm one of the police officers for the oakland police department. we have media updates that we would like to provide you with, but first i'd like to start with sergeant ray kelly. he's with the alameda county sheriff's office. sergeant. >> at this point, the last number we gave out of deceased folks was 30. that's moved up to 33. 33 victims of this fire thus far. we continue to work inside the building. if you would like a percentage, i would say we're 35 to 40% through the building. that work continues. i'm sure fire can probably comment on that more.
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>> i'd like to introduce, we have a lot of out of the country media with us and also outside the state of california. i'd like to introduce mayor libby shaft. >> at this time we have delivered the unacceptable and horrific news of losing a loved one to seven of our families. we'll be releasing the names of those with the exception of any juveniles to you promptly. it is with so much grief and so much compassion that we as your city family share with you this horrific news and as this tragedy continues to unfold, i want to, again, reassure you of what our priorities are as the
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city of oakland. our first priority is the humane and compassionate removal of the victims of this tragedy. i want to assure you that we are continuing to operate a 24/7 recovery operation to effectuate that removal. secondly, we're supporting the family and the loved ones. some who are coming from very far away. we're working as fast as we can. i really want to commend the coroner's office that's put extraordinary resources to speed up our ability to positively identify the victims of this fire. then our final focus is doing everything that we can to preserve evidence and to conduct the recovery operation in a manner that allows us to fully
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and professionally investigate this incident so that we can get to the bottom of how this happened. today our district attorney, nancy o'malley did activate a criminal investigation. that team is on the site and working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. finally, i just want to offer my extreme gratitude to a group of individuals who give the term public servant just a whole new meaning. the team work that we have seen as these professionals have under the hardest of circumstances have hand by hand, bucket by bucket removed debris, preserved it, as well as humanly and cam passionate-- compassion
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addressed the victims that have been found. 33 victims found in this building. the professionalism that they have exhibited under these unbelievable circumstances has been something that has been an honor to work alongside. with that, i'm sure you will have plenty of questions, and that you'll continue to have questions. we will continue to be available and answer them as this horrific tragedy continues to unfold. i'm going to turn it over to johnna to manage your questions. >> thank you, mayor. before we open it up for questions, i would like to call up the captain who was up here earlier. it's imperative that we provide information that may affect the investigation in the future. captain, if you could just reiterate for everyone what you shared with the media a couple of hours ago. thank you.
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>> again, the coroner's office does ask any family members or friends of the victims if you can preserve any dna type of equipment, combs, brushes and secure them in a brown paper bag. please hold onto them until you are asked of them from the coroner's bureau. thank you. >> if we come across a victim and we cannot identify them, we have to resort to dna. >> i'm going to ask for patience on the side of media. we have a lot of media here. not only our local stations, national stations but international. we understand you have a lot of questions. we have time to answer those questions. there are a lot of questions we won't be able to answer, so please be patient with us. those answers will come.
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it will be a matter of time. they may not be right now, tomorrow but those answers will come. that's what everyone in the city of oakland is working to find. please let's be patient with each other. allow us to call on you. identify who you are and which agency. we know that we have a lot of national and international media. we are not familiar with you as we would like to be. please, allow us that moment. i'm going to start on the left here. yes, ma'am. >> is it accurate that some of the first responders have family member who is are victims? >> i will turn that over to sergeant kelly. >> yes. this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work
3:16 pm
with lost his son in this fire. we're still dealing with that as we continue to deal with the other victims. this is affected us as first responders and we're -- we weren't really prepared to talk about that right now, but we're dealing with that and our family, our department is hurting from that. yes, that is true. >> do you know how many people were at the party? do you have a rough guess? >> the mayor mentioned a criminal investigation is under way. who is the target? >> all we can say at this time is we have activated the criminal investigation team. that is a precaution. that means that certain individuals are present on site from the district attorney's office and they are working in concert with other law enforcement agencies.
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>> no particular, specific investigation yet. they're just here? >> this is a process that gets activated that preserves the options. >> hold on one second. we're going to start from the left and work our way over. we'll make sure everybody gets some questions answered. go ahead, sir. >> i want to ask the mayor, he said he felt this party should never have been allowed to happen. i want to ask you should this party never been allowed to happen? >> everyone is understandably very emotional because of this incident. i'm sure that many things are going to be said. many assumptions, many things are going to be said out of emotions. what our job is to focus on our priorities and to also assemble
3:18 pm
a comprehensive record of what we as a government knew about this property. we're in the process of doing that. we want to assure that it is complete, professional and it's comprehensive before we draw in conclusions from that public record. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> can you ask your question again? >> i think how are they able to be identified? >> the identifications took place through finger prints. we also had identifications that got us close and then the, a lot
3:19 pm
of folks have ids on them whether they have wallets or purses or knapsacks. we're finding identifications in there. that helps. we have to verify those identifications with finger prints. that's how we're able to get the seven identities at this time. >> go ahead, ma'am. [ inaudible question ] >> they're not all in one area. we thought that maybe going into this they would all be in one area. we're finding people throughout the entire square footage of that structure. we have broken the warehouse into four quadrants. we have found victims in every quadrant. if you look at it from a box, we have broken that box into four pieces. each team is working each section. we have found victims in every
3:20 pm
section. they and they're not. there's no answer to that question. it's so random. we're finding victim where is we least expect it. >> speak up a little louder. >> chief. >> good afternoon. i'm deputy chief darren white. i believe everyone heard the question. it was how fast did the oakland fire department get to the incident? we arrived within three minute, sir. >> evan, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] at this time all that i know is
3:21 pm
that we were not able to gain access to the interior of the building. i, at this time, do not know the reason for that, and i am not going to speculate. what i am doing is getting team of city employees to gather every piece of evidence. this is the weekend. we are in the process of ascertaining that information. >> go ahead. >> you mentioned -- can you talk about the progress in identifying those and are some that have been identified. >> we're doing the identifications as fast as we can. the sooner we can get those identifications done, the sooner we can meet with the families, offer counselling and begin to move forward from that. we want to get everybody
3:22 pm
identified as quickly as possible. however, it's a very cumbersome process. [ inaudible question ] >> we have spent considerable amount of time at the assistance center. i know the mayor has been there very much all throughout the last two days with families, spending a lot of time with them as has the sheriff's office, fire department and numerous volunteers. most of the families are aware and they know that their loved one is likely a victim within the structure. >> go ahead, sir. [ inaudible question ] >> we have now started to recover and identify victims who are minors.
3:23 pm
we do have some children in the ages of 17 years old. possibly younger. not sure. we were asked this question yesterday. we had no idea. we believe that a lot of our victims were in their 20s to 30s. it's very unfortunate that we have to tell you that we have 17-year-old victims. no small children but teenage children who are still children in our eyes. there are teenagers and young adults and people up into the age of 30 plus. >> go ahead. [ inaudible question ]
3:24 pm
>> again, i want to confirm that we have activated the criminal investigation team. that means we are engaging in protocol that allows a criminal investigation to be conducted. i believe it's a bit premature and i'm not authorized to make that announcement. only the district attorney is allowed to make the announcement with regard to criminal charges and the direction of the criminal and any potential investigation. what i can confirm is that the district attorney has activated the criminal investigation team, a representative from the d.a.'s office is here on site, engaged in the recovery effort to ensure that we're treating this and have the ability to conduct the level of investigation that would be required.
3:25 pm
[ inaudible question ] >> we do have victims from other countries. we're not releasing those countries yet. we're in the process of conducting those embassies. we're working with our state department to do that. there's a protocol that needs to be followed in regards to notifications to foreign governments. we're following that and using the assistance of the u.s. state department. >> how many? >> there's countries in europe and in asia. >> sir, right back there in the back. [ inaudible question ] >> do you believe or suspect this fire may have been deliberately set? >> i think i just responded to that question. i wanted to clarify that i'm not authorized to say that a criminal investigation has been laun
3:26 pm
launched. only the district attorney can state that. what i have confirmed is that the criminal investigation team of the district attorney has been activated. a district attorney representative is on site and is working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies. we're ensuring that this investigation and recovery operation is conducted in a manner that preserves evidence, is conducted in manner that allows us to get to the bottom of what caused this and leaves those types of options open. it is far too early for us to have any suspicions about what caused this fire. that is something that we will be sharing with you in the coming days. if it is a criminal investigation, that will limit our ability to share full information with you. >> hold on. one second, sir. may we have an opportunity for someone else to ask a question. i'll swing back.
3:27 pm
thank you, sir. go ahead. >> do you have any idea how many at this point? >> when we started this investigation, if you would have told us we would have 33 victims, we wouldn't have believed you. i don't know how many people are left in there. we have no idea how many people were in that building that night. we don't know how many people got out of that building. i would be speculating. we're expecting the worse and hoping for the best in regards to how many more victims we find. >> you did say the relatives know at this point? they pretty much know if their family member hasn't responded or not. how many people are left on that list? >> there's a lot of people on that list. >> we want to make something
3:28 pm
perfectly clear because we're getting into a bit of a repetitive cycle. i want to make sure we accommodate all your questions as long as their not in the repetitive mode. we want to really have a broad brush on answering as many questions. there are a lot of things we can't discuss. as we've said from day one we want to stay away from specific numbers. that can be very dangerous as far as numbers go. we want to bring you facts. the facts are 233 victims have been locate and recovered. 33 families are grieving. we want to be sensitive to that. go ahead, sir. [ inaudible question ] >> we're going to have to refer that to the district attorney's office. it's going to be a different conversation than now.
3:29 pm
go ahead, sergio. >> do you know where he is and been in contact with them? >> criminal investigations are hired handled by the district attorney. we do have our criminal investigation team here on site. that team has also been activated and is present. there are many interviews being conducted right now. you have to understand that the scope of this tragedy is tremendous. we have many, many witnesses to interview. we are in the process of doing that. we have been able to bring in extra detectives so that we can, again, put as many resources on this, get to the bottom of it as
3:30 pm
quickly as possible. we also are trying to stay focused on what our first task is and that is to attend to the victims and their families. that is our moral obligation to put the bulk of our resources right now on that most important task. >> i can assure you from the oakland police department, this investigation as far as what is happening, who is involved from victims to witnesses, we started that from the moment every one got the call. woe have the proper documentation and will be following up. ma'am, i know you have a question right down here.
3:31 pm
i know there's been some concern about this between spaces, large space where is people have these kinds of thoughts. two, that it appears might be a correction. i wanted know what you are going to do to balance it but also to make sure the spaces -- >> i want to stay focused on what our priorities are right now. the issue of creating safe,
3:32 pm
vibrant spaces for oakland artist community is a priority not just of me as mayor but of this community. this is work that's been going on for a long time. we're going to accomplish that in way that makes sense both for oakland and all the different stake holders involved. we do have plans. we are going to be going forward with efforts on tuesday around to preserve and protect artist spaces for both living and working here in oakland.
3:33 pm
>> i'm going to keep sergeant kelly and ask everyone else to go back to the command post. there's a lot of very busy work that needs to be done. we will certainly answer your question with sergeant kelly if you just give us a moment. >> so, before we met with you, i went up on to the roof. i was watching the work as it was taking place. it's very different when you see it from above than when you're inside the structure. the firemen continued to work their way back into the tightest little corners in each quadrant. to watch them work is pretty amazing. they get tired very, very fast. if you see the firemen and the people from the corners bureau, their faces are covered in soot and debris. that's what they're doing. they are literally, i see all these orange and white buckets in there.
3:34 pm
they are moving out in an assembly line fashion out to the side where we poke that hole in the building. that's what's going on there. >> how much more area do you have to cover? >> we have another 60 plus percent to search. we're finding mobile homes or rather motor homes or trailers where people may have been living inside those. they will need to be searched. we don't know if there's people inside of those. we can't even get to those yet or get inside those yet. there's -- there were trailers inside there that looked like they are being lived in inside the warehouse. i'm sure many of you have seen those from the aerial footage. [ inaudible question ] >> there are two known exits or entrances to this facility.
3:35 pm
we need to wrap this up here. as we move forward here today, we will be providing the names of seven victims to you. many of these names have been circulating on social media. we will confirm serven names fo you. we'll be releasing that through the city on our city website and on social media. we'rewo working on that now. when we get back to our office in field, we're work on getting that list out to you. >> thank you very much. >> what we're going to do is we will send an e-mail out advising of the next media availability. i don't want to seat the time right now. last time we had to push it back an hour. we don't want to keep you waiting. we respect your time. >> you just heard from officials tonight in oakland, california.
3:36 pm
some of the headlines here pretty grim. we just learned 33 people confirmed dead in that warehouse fire. stephanie elam is live in oakland. you can hear and feel the pain in their voice. the sheriff's deputy saying one of his own last their son in this fire. they said they had been finding victims bodies where they least expected them and they don't know how many victims there may be because they don't know how many people were at this party on friday night. >> reporter: they don't know how many people got safely. they don't know who was in attendance. they said they broken up the search of this warehouse into four sections and that in each one of those sections they have found victims. there's not one place that these people were clustered. also saying they have made it through about 35, 40% of the area now. they're saying that they're still finding and recovering
3:37 pm
victims. if you think about that, how tragic this is. a revelation at the end that there are trailers inside of this warehouse building and that they haven't gotten into those. they believe that people were living inside the trailers that were inside this warehouse. it shows you how difficult it is to access this area. we knew about the international students. they are saying they are going through the embassy to make sure they can get the information out. overall just tragic with the loss of young people, including some teenagers as well. many in their 20s and some over 30 years old. still, just very tragic situation. it sounds like they expect this number could continue to rise. >> absolutely. they do. thank you for the reporting tonight. we'll get back to you in a moment. i'm going to take a quick break. much more news straight ahead.
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breaking news in the battle to try to stop a controversial oil pipeline in north dakota. this is how protesters reacted that the army corps of engineers is halting construction saying they will not approve a necessary easements for this particular route. this just hours for the deadline for the protesters to clear the area so the construction can proceed. this is a major victory for those opposed to the planned route of that pipeline. their battle is not over. sarah has been on the ground in north dakota for weeks covering this. she joins me now tonight. this is a major victory. the war is not won, if you will, but it's a major step for those opposed to it. where does the fight go from here? what happens? >> reporter: at this point everyone here is really just celebrating. we saw people crying. we saw people yelling out in jubilation because they had been
3:42 pm
here, many people, for so long, since august, at this camp even through the frigid december temperatures. even through a blast of snow that came through that froze everybody out here. today, we have seen hundreds upon hundreds of people coming streaming into the camp long before they knew anything about this latest development. it is considered a victory, but there is a but, and there's a lot of concern that when the obama administration leaves that this may change. the new trump administration may decide something else. that they may put pressure, for example, on the army corps of engineers potentially. there is jubilation now and that will go throughout the night. we can hear the drumming. we can hear the chanting. it's still going on. the sacred fires are burning. people are smiling. before they just weren't sure
3:43 pm
what was going to happen. they definitely feel this is a victory but that easement that they have been fighting over is just one victory. what the tribe was trying to relay to the rest of the world not just the authorities is that they are concerned in an over arching way about the way in which we consume as americans and the world consumes, including the consumption of oil, including the dangers that it puts waters in. this was supposed to go underneath the missouri river. that's where the fight was a flash point. right now all of the seven council fires, seven different strains of this tribe are in celebration tonight. poppy. >> sara, when you look at the counter argument to all this, it has been the economic boom to north dakota, all the good paying jobs it creates.
3:44 pm
jobs that people come from all over the united states to get. what has reaction been from the other side? people that say what now from the expected economic boost? >> reporter: that's the exact thing that we're starting to get in. the other side of this argument which is standing rock sioux understands that the other side is this was supposed to bring an economic boom to north dakota. they understand that this is money that may be lost to some. what they have been saying and for quite some time now is we've seen this happen before and it always seems to involve our land and we're often not listened to. that was the message that they kept putting out. they said we wanted this to stop in the first place. we told you we didn't want it to go here. authorities say they didn't say anything. they're very clear that they did say we don't want this.
3:45 pm
also, bismarck said we don't want this, and it was rerouted. there's a lot of celebration because they understand there's an economic boon that could have happened because of the pipeline. it's not necessarily something that they would have benefitted from either. poppy. >> obviously you will continue to track there story as it evolves. breaking news, a major win for those protesting this pipeline for a long time now. thank you very much. we appreciate it. we're going to get do a quick break. the prime minister of italy saying he will step down after losing the referendum vote there. much more live from italy, ahead. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle.
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generosity is its oyou can handle being a mom for half an hour.
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i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. breaking news tonight out of italy as we witness a wave of populism sweeping the globe. tonight italy's prime minister renzi said he'll resign after voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have slashed the size of the italian senate to transfer regional powers to the central government. the voice of the majority in italy speaking tonight a
3:50 pm
resounding no. renzi who had threatened to vote if voters rejected the amendments, will resign. the prime minister saying he alone takes full responsibility for the defeat saying i lost, not you. but this is part of a much bigger picture. italy's vote is just part of a huge wave of discontent, populism sweeping not just throughout europe but the united states. our senior international diplomatic editor nic robertson joins me from london tonight. wow. i mean, the latest polling from two weeks ago, recent polling said it may go this way and it has. renzi lost this battle. it is a blow for yet another established politician. >> and not just lost it. absolutely hammered here, poppy. >> yeah. >> with 50% of the vote accounted. 20% against him. 60%, 40% yes. this is absolutely a vindication
3:51 pm
for the populist parties and nationalist parties in italy and could be a run on the italian banks. this is potentially going to weaken the euro, perhaps therefore have a knock-on effect to, you know, more broadly to global trade. let's not get carried away with ourselves here but in the european union it puts more uncertainty of the future of the european union and many of those that voted no against renzi want changes in the european union or even to get out of the european union. so, this is a rocky road ahead starting here. >> let's get to what the dire warnings you mentioned before in terms of potentially run on the banks, could be catastrophic for the italian economy and frankly already really stagnant for the better part of a decade. do you see this, nic, as the beginning of potentially italians some point voting the way those in the uk did to
3:52 pm
remove themselves from, you know, the european union as a whole? >> potentially, we're not there yet. it depends what the president says about how italy moves ahead. do they form a technocrat government? cobble together a government from the existing parliamentarians or go back to the polls? the five-star party which is a populist party, certainly a lot of anti-eu messaging, the second largest party in italy. if they were to -- if there was another election, they were to do well, this could open the door to them to call a referendum just as britain did. >> what about for the economy? you mentioned a potential run on italian banks and also some speck latted of a referendum on the currency of a whole, the euro, the lira. what will happen to the financial sector as a result of this? >> in the short term, how do the
3:53 pm
markets wake up and react to this? in the run-up to this referendum, we have seen a slowdown in investment in italy. there are about eight banks there which are under capitalized. several of them earn in a very shaky situation. there's a real concern in europe that the european central bank may have to step in to bail out these banks. certainly, it's going to mean right now we have already seen a draw down in investment in italy when it needs this least. that reforms that renzi wanted to put in place broadly seen as helping the -- would have helped the economy get out of this period of stagnation. so, clearly that's unlikely to happen. compounded by concerns in the markets about italy's economic standing concerns over some of its banks. >> and so, nic, you are to say it's broadly seen as a move to help make regulations a lot less
3:54 pm
cumbersome and made arguably the economy tick along a lot faster and be more swift at getting things through. then what was the drive for the no vote by so many? >> what we're seeing across europe and we're seeing in other countries, as well, is that there is a push back on globalization. there is a frustration at the increased number of migrants coming into italy and on the front line of that. hundreds of thousands have arrived there from north africa this year. there's concerns about what's broadly seen as traditional values, concerns about the economy. all of these are things that the populists to play up. a view of politicians, mainstream politicians don't connect with the electorate and are, therefore, you know, therefore being marginalized and seemed to have happened here.
3:55 pm
i mean, if we look at the election for president in austria today, the nationalist didn't win. he lost. >> right. >> but you have a green party president, the first time ever in western europe. and the first time in austria that you don't have one of the two mainstream parties as president. that, again, tells you the mainstream parties are losing out to the fringes. >> nic robertson live for us in london. a lot more to talk about. you'll be back next hour. a resounding no from voters in italy. the prime minister mateo renzi on the way out as of tomorrow. thank you so much. ahead here for us, oakland california, the scene of that horrific and deadly warehouse fire, confirmed death toll now up once again. it is at 33. we'll take you to oakland live. officers there just wrapping up a news conference. stay with us. businesses and careers. this windows 10 device, you can configure it in so many... ...different ways it feels like a much more robust...
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top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." we're live in oakland, california, where a warehouse fire claimed at least 33 lives. officials in oakland just wrapped up a press conference. once again, increasing the death toll from the blaze. it broke out friday night during a party. here's what we know at this hour. officials fear there may be more victims. oakland sheriffs saying tonight they simply don't know how many people were inside the party
4:00 pm
and, therefore, they don't know how many more may be dead. they have completed searching just 35% of the warehouse. they have a lot more to go through. stephanie elam is live for us tonight in oakland. and this is also incredibly personal for them because one of the sheriff's deputies we learned tonight has lost their son. it is shaking the entire community. what else did we learn from these officials? >> reporter: so many people affected and they're saying that the investigation is a tremendous undertaking, poppy, because they have so many witnesses they need to interview, as well. but when you listen to what the priorities, the mayor of oakland saying the priorities are the respectful removal of the human remains that they find inside of this building, assisting the families and then also preserving the evidence fully so that the investigation can completely finish up here and it is going to take some time to do that. listen to the mayor as she describes where they are in this


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