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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  December 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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how many more may be dead. they have completed searching just 35% of the warehouse. they have a lot more to go through. stephanie elam is live for us tonight in oakland. and this is also incredibly personal for them because one of the sheriff's deputies we learned tonight has lost their son. it is shaking the entire community. what else did we learn from these officials? >> reporter: so many people affected and they're saying that the investigation is a tremendous undertaking, poppy, because they have so many witnesses they need to interview, as well. but when you listen to what the priorities, the mayor of oakland saying the priorities are the respectful removal of the human remains that they find inside of this building, assisting the families and then also preserving the evidence fully so that the investigation can completely finish up here and it is going to take some time to do that. listen to the mayor as she describes where they are in this investigation. >> but it is with so much grief
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and so much compassion that we as your city family share with you this horrific news. and as this tragedy continues to unfold, i want to again reassure you of what our priorities are as a city of oakland. our first priority is the humane and compassionate removal of the victims of this tragedy. and i want to assure you that we are continuing to operate a 24/7 recovery operation to effectuate that removal. secondly, we are focusing on supporting the families and the loved ones, some who are coming from very far away, and we are working as fast as i can and i really want to commend the coroner's office that's put extraordinary resources to speed up our ability to positively
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identify the victims of this fire. >> reporter: and the sheriff also saying that they have broken the warehouse up into four quadrants to search and they said that they have found victims in all four of those quadrants as they have been searching and also saying that there are some juveniles who lost their lives here. we know 17-year-old he said were found and that there were several of them. and that there were other young adults there, as as well as some 30-plus and we know that there were some international students who were involved. and we also know that there is within person associated with the berkeley who's also missing. university of california at berkeley that is missing, as well. getting more information out about this. but they're saying it's way too early to determine what the cause of this fire was but they're making sure that that investigation is ready to go and that they have a criminal investigation team that is getting prepared, that's launching to look into this event, incident, as well, poppy. >> stephanie, a criminal investigation team of the
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district attorneys has been activated tonight. do we know why? >> reporter: they want to know -- i mean, at this point they don't know what happened here but i think the issue is because we know there's two exits or entrances and that this building had been cited before, as recently as november for blight and debris outside and trailers inside of the warehouse and said they're not able to access yet and don't know if there's victims inside there and if the unit is not used the way it was sanctioned for that's a problem. they're not saying that so far as yet but what they're looking at, poppy. >> stephanie elam live for us in oakland, thank you very much. for ways to help those affected by the tragic care house fire, 33 people dead, go to cnn.come/impact. many ways there that you can help. also tonight, breaking news out of north dakota, those protests over the dakota access pipeline starting in north dakota, goes through four
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states, a major victory for those protesters tonight. they're celebrating as they learn gnat army corps of engineers is halting construction of that controversial pipeline now hours before the state of north dakota set to enforce an emergency evacuation order to force them to vacate the camp so that construction can proceed. sara sidner has been on the ground there for weeks. sara, major celebrations there. major disappointment on the side of those supporters of the pipeline. where does this battle go after tonight? >> reporter: it's such a good question. we just talked to someone who is a member of the standing rock sioux who said that in his opinion the battle isn't over. yes, there has been a victory and that people are celebrating that victory. but his biggest concern is the next administration. the donald trump presidency which will begin after january 20th when he is sworn in.
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they want to take a look at this because this just happened. i mean, for some people this was just a surprise to happen on a sunday and learned that the army corps of engineers was going to stop this for now and ask them to reroute it and no permit for the easement to go underneath the missouri river. and so, at this point, there is celebration and consternation. not knowing exactly when's going to happen after this and not having seen all of the legal details about this, the call has gone out to stay put. until they can figure this out hoping that it cannot be reversed and the position of some of those folks that are members of the standing rock sioux. but certainly, in talking to those who were here today to hear this news, there was jubilation. let me let you listen to someone who was here when it happened. >> it feels good. i'm really happy i'm here to be
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celebrate and be on the land with my elders and the youth and keep in mind that we need to be ready to keep going. >> reporter: now, the chairman of the standing rock sioux had told us just yesterday there's nothing else but a reroute of this pipeline that would stop their protests and their insistence to keep it away from the water worried that one day the pipe leaks and the crude in the water that sustains life for the standing rock sioux and millions of other americans down river and now reason to celebrate. is it over? probably not. right now, the camp is filling up. people aren't leaving. poppy? >> yeah. certainly you have been there reporting for weeks and many people didn't connect it tonight and certainly didn't think that the protesters would be victorious in all of this. obviously, there's another side of it. right? economic argument. the huge boon it would have been to the state of north dakota. all the jobs to come from across
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the country there. what about those people? >> reporter: that's right. i mean, we haven't heard a lot from them and we have heard the disappointment. and we asked the tribe about that. we asked the chairman about that. he says, i understand that there was going to be some sort of economic boon. and i understand that those folks that work for the unions, the unions were for this give jobs that paid well to the folks here in north dakota. and in other places who came in to start working on the type line. but ultimately, the answer he gave was, we can't let that blind us to poison the very thing that sustains life which is the water that runs through this area. and that he says the entire world including all of america needs to realize that we need to be careful and more careful with our resources that everything can't be about oil, that water, air, all of those things should matter just as much and really this is a victory because the
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standing rock sioux believe they finally have been heard. poppy? >> sara sidner live for us in south dakota, thank you for the reporting throughout. ahead, a lot of breaking news. taking you to italy. a monumental vote, the prime minister will resign as a wave of populism sweeps from the united states through europe. we'll talk about how this is transforming our world ahead tonight. also, the search is on for a secretary of state but donald trump not narrowing down his options. instead, his list is expanding. find out who's been added tonight. the world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member, i can embrace them all. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries.
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its products back into the u.s. without retribution or consequence is wrong. what would he do? he said he'd slap a 35% tariff on the goods. it worked in the case of carrier. that indiana company where trump negotiated to save 800 jobs from being shipped to mexico. but also important to note the company will still move hundreds of its jobs south of the border. economist ben stein is with me, initially supported senator graham and did vote for donald trump in the end. nice to have you on the program. >> honor to be here. very, very sad about the tragedy in oakland. >> unbelievable. we have much more on that breaking news ahead. on this point, ben, as an economist, so, let's say that donald trump does, indeed, slap in 35% tariff on any goods made from the companies outside of the united states coming in this country. does it start a trade war? if it does, what does that actually mean for the american people? >> it's a disaster. the whole thing is a disaster.
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i mean, it's good to save those 800 jobs and should not disregard the welfare of those workers but profoundly anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, profoundly anti-free market to tell people they cannot move their factories and threaten them with personal rebring bugs by a person who obviously thinks he's above the free market and above the law. it's a -- it's a paronism. taking the name of juan perone of arguety in. >> a lot to unpack there. that is guy you voted for to be president. this is the ultimate capitalist and someone in the companies -- >> well, he sort of -- sort of is. >> before he became president -- okay. before president-elect, the companies made a lot of things and frankly still do outside of the united states and ship them in to be sold here. do you think that this is his tactic is, okay, if i threaten they won't do it?
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>> i think he's going to have to threaten them and then bully them and then send the fbi after them. and then going to have to threaten to look at the income tax returns and i think it's going to be a step against freedom for the individual, against freedom for free markets. look. i feel very sorry for people unemployed. my grandfather was employed for the great depression. it is a terrible thing to be unemployed give those people money to be retrained or move to a place of jobs. but let's not destroy the free enterprise system. the free enterprise system a gigantic weapon, machine, for prosperity and happiness. let's not kill it. >> the thing is, it needs to work for more people. you brought up two ways that it can. you bring up the great depression. the last time this country and government instituted a massive tariff was back during the great depression, back in 1930. smooth holly act did it. it was largely seen to make the great depression even more
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prolonged and worse. is there any reason to think that wouldn't be the case if we do it again now? >> well, only reason i'm smiling is that's what i talked about in "ferris beuhler." it was a disaster. trade wars are a disaster. it's a very bad idea to eliminate or cut down or free trade, and it's a frightening idea that this is coming from a republican president. "the wall street journal" hammering him about it and right to do so. we have to have freedom to have a prosperous society and will get to the point where the fbi is leaning on people and we're going to end having freedom for corporate executives and investors and it's not going to be a free society for anyone. it's -- this is the camel putting the nose under the tent. >> ben, here's how "the new york times" put it this week. in pledging to bring manufacturing back, mr. trump putting the interest of a relatively small group of people against hundreds of millions of
4:16 pm
consumers. now, you nor i put ourselves in the shoes of american workers whose jobs under threat all the time. so, keeping that in mind, is the times right on this? because what they're bringing up is the amount that millions of americans would pay extra for are goods. the fact that the goods to rise in price considerably with these tariffs. >> well, the -- look. if i lose my job so that somebody out there in des moines can have a tv screen for $25 less, i'm not going to think it's a particularly great idea but i think the basic idea is much, much bigger and "the times" is basically right about this. it's not about price but freedom. we have as our main asset in this country our freedom and that includes freedom to move capital and businesses. if we lose that freedom, it is a much, much bigger loss than 800 jobs and 800 jobs is a lot. i'm all for raising my taxes to give them money to be retrained.
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but freedom is a precious commodity. i don't want mr. trump throwing it away to make himself look like a big wheel. >> something tells me your taxes are not going to go up that significantly under this administration. ben stein, thank you very much. >> thank you. breaking news tonight out of it will, another leader, the prime minister, mateo renzi, toppled by the power of wave of populism. italian voters tonight rejecting a constitutional amendment that would have slashed the size of the italian senate. italy's vote is just as much a part of discontent across the world. our international diplomatic editor nic robertson live with me tonight in london. a resounding no from the people of italy to a referendum that many argue would have improved the stagnant economy in italy. they did not want to see this. now renzi will meet with the president of italy tomorrow and hand in his resignation. how big is this?
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>> it's big. i mean, look. just sounds like we're listening to the brexit vote in britain in the summer where the experts said, if you do this, the economy will be worse. for britain. and the experts in italy have said essentially support this referendum because it will help the economy. but the majority by 20% have voted to reject the reforms that the economists say are needed. the winners political in this in italy generally don't support the european union and you could see a further weakening of the european union which will weaken the economy in europe, the economies won't grow as fast and this potentially has a knock-on effect. i don't want to get ahead of where we are today. but this is what we're faced with right now. the populists have won. >> you said last hour it could lead to a run on italian banks. does this lead -- is this the beginning of the road to italy
4:19 pm
perhaps voting on pulling out of the eu altogether? >> potentially. the second largest party in italy has a lot of, if you will, anti-eu issues on its agenda. it wants to be -- doesn't want to have the euro anymore. the indications are it would like to go back to its own economy and the lira. going back to its old currency, the lira, to control its own economy. it's hard the see how the european union allow this is kind of change and not the sort of thing they do that easily and the type of fundamental issue or even larger issue that brit tn trying to negotiate to lead to that situation. you know, and then you have the nationalists that are prospered in this vote. they want to be out of the european union. that voice to leave the eu is certainly, certainly one to emerge here. >> obviously, another key vote in austria tonight where the far right candidate did not win in
4:20 pm
that case but you're seeing just a sweeping change across europe and the united states. nic robertson live for us in london, thank you very much. coming up, donald trump's search for secretary of state expanding. what does it mean for mitt romney? they had dinner together in new york. clearly not a done deal yet. who else is on the list in that's next. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had
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let the elevator watch continue. those golden elevators. donald trump's senior adviser confirming the president-elect is now considering more than four candidates for secretary of state. and that he'll do more interviews this week. sources tell cnn former utah governor jon huntsman under the amo candidates. of course, this news comes just days after trump's high-profile dinner with mitt romney in new york. one of the leading contenders for the secretary of state job. let's talk about all of it now with betsy woodruff and jane newton small. let's begin with you, betsy. hmm. what should we read into this? >> i think what we can safely read into it is romney is far from being a lock to be secretary of state. just the fact that trump insiders are floating these two brand new names as potential contenders likely means that
4:25 pm
romney's stock is falling. of course, it's that extremely fraught project to try to predict what trump will do and making the decisions but the fact that huntsman and rohrabacher with different positions and backgrounds, the names in the mix probably means that romney's not in great shape. >> as you know, rohrabacher on the same page with trump with russia and that may lean him that way a little bit and the name obviously decision not made at all. jay, we look at pictures of the dinner on tuesday night. seemed chummy enough. listen to how newt gingrich reacted to that meeting. >> you have never, ever in your career seen a serious adult when's well think, independent, has been a presidential nominee suck up at the rate that mitt romney's sucking up. >> he says mitt romney is sucking up. i mean, do you think that trump
4:26 pm
is broadening his search listening to the critics like gingrich? >> i mean, i have never seen anything like this before in terms of a search of secretary of state or any cabinet official where the jockeying is so overt and naked and kellyanne conway saying romney is unacceptable to the base and newt gingrich this weekend, that he was sucking up and insulting the mitt romney and not getting the job, the poor man, his reputation is kind of trashed. same time, there's clearly a lot of anger that mitt romney didn't support trump, gave whole speeches against trump and so there's a lot of baggage that they have to work through if he is going to become secretary of state, if they are going to be able to bridge, and so, he has to figure out -- mitt romney has to figure out how to aswanlg the fee
4:27 pm
fears. >> former general david petraeus of an appeal seemingly in terms of the appeal as to why his guilty plea for receiving classified information shouldn't disqualify him. listen to what he said this morning on abc's "this week." >> what i would say to team is what i have acknowledged for a number of years. five years ago i made a serious mistake. i paid a very heavy price for it and learned from it. >> he served two years probation, fined $100,000. betsy, if trump picks petraeus how does he explain that? i mean, considering that fidel castro he not only hammered hillary clinton over her handling of classified information, he led chants lock her up. >> it's really tough. now, trump did frequently cite petraeus on the campaign trail and said he did what -- trump argued is less problematic than hillary clinton did. but that petraeus with a worse shake for it and weird way trump
4:28 pm
used petraeus to his own political benefit. that said, of course, it is incredibly tricky for trump spokesman to defend petraeus and the confirmation hearings extremely good television. senate democrats are licking their chops for a chance to lambaste him and be fourth in the line of successioning to president. secretary of state is the top cabinet position, in line, a really powerful position, much more than number of other cabinet positions and pay trace is serious contention, trump will be grilled over it. >> stay with me. we'll talk about more on the other side. coming up, donald trump's response to one of the most shocking moments of the campaign. what happened behind the scenes when that "access hollywood" video came out. we get the story straight from the head of his campaign. holidays are on us! he switch your family of four to t-mobile,
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campaigns are often defined by unexpected moments and how candidates respond. for donald trump, his moment came when post published this previously unseen footage from "access hollywood." >> and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ]. you can do anything. >> so what happened behind the scenes that day when that video was released? jake tapper asked manager kellyanne conway to take us back to that moment. >> who told donald trump about the tape? who watched it with him? what was his reaction? >> oh. we were in debate prep. and one of the members of the team came in and took some of us -- a few of us out and showed us. we didn't have the tape for a long time. only a transcript. and so, but anyway, you know the rest. donald trump decided he would like to put out a video apology and he did that night.
4:33 pm
and two days later -- less than two days later was the second debate in st. louis and he carried forward with that. i will tell you if you look at the polling that incident affected donald trump's numbers much more significantly than the comey letter affected hillary clinton's numbers. that's just a fact. you can look at the data and there was not really early voting under way october 7th opposed to when it was banked by october 28th. a lot of folks voted by the time the comey letter came out, three weeks to the days 80% to 90% had not voted. >> hillary clinton was popping a bottle of champagne. >> that was ridiculous. >> was -- but was that your reaction? did you think this is done and over? >> not at all. i remember the meeting i was in when that news came out, dealing with wikileaks. and that was something that our campaign, stolen e-mails that the russians leaking out. dealing with that every day and
4:34 pm
stayed focused on this. >> my panel back with me. betsy woodruff, jane newton-small. kellyanne conway argued, look, the tape hurt donald trump's poll numbers more than fbi director james comey's letters of clinton's e-mails hurt her. when you look at that moment, what do you think was key for trump in recovering from that scandal? i had people on my program that day saying this is. this is over. no one thought he could recover. the way she put it to jake, everyone misjudged the electorate and the difference of the 2012 and 2016 electorate. >> sure. certainly, when you look at the polling that we were looking at amongst women voters, there was a really large swing away from donald trump, particularly amongst noncollege educated women voters after that tape came out and saw by october 16th basically there was an atlantic poll with them tied.
4:35 pm
hillary clinton epa donald trump amongst noncollege educated voters and a few weeks beforehand he was ahead by almost 20 points and that same demographic. now, that demographic also swung incredibly hard back to donald trump in the wake of the comey letter so i think the comey letter had some effect and you can see that in the polling, particularly of this demographic. so, and it just was a question of did they trust donald trump more to be president? like him more and did they feel that hillary -- buy the crooked hillary line and ultimately they bought the crooked hillary line and the way they swung. >> yeah. they were -- many told me more willing to roll a dice on an unknown quantity than a quantity they knew and didn't love. jake tapper asked robby mook about that moment when bernie sanders taken off the vp list. listen. >> but at the end of the day, she felt like tim kaine would represent her views and values if, you know, god forbid, he had
4:36 pm
to become president. that he had the background and preparation to do the job. but also, that partnership and chemistry was the right one. >> do you think that bernie sanders might have made it a tougher race? >> yes. and bernie sanders, i'd also like to publicly thank bernie sanders for his affect on our campaign because he softened uphill hill. he won 22 states and 13 million voters and that ain't nothing. >> kellyanne conway saying sanders would have made the job tough. do you think clinton camp has regrets of not picking him as a running mate? >> you know, i doubt it. it's a tricky question it seems like coming to it at the end of the day and hillary clinton wanted to run with somebody she liked as a human being and who she had a good connection with and would have trusted to run the white house. that said, it seems pretty clear that having bernie sanders on the ticket would have helped her out, particularly in those rust belt states, those states and so many voters frustrated with
4:37 pm
globalization and trade. he won in michigan and another shocking upset that the polls didn't catch as well as in wisconsin. it certainly is probable that if he'd been barnstorming the states -- >> states she did not think she would lose and didn't go to wisconsin once in the general. hindsight, yes, 20/20. i want your take on the final thing because i thought it was interesting in the interview robby mook disputed the remarks that president obama had to encourage hillary clinton to concede the election. listen. >> she made the decision to call donald trump. no -- before -- >> she didn't do that because president obama told her? >> she made that decision on her own before she spoke to the president, and -- and she made it because she believed and she had said during the campaign that it is important to our democracy that whoever wins that their opponent concede the election and be supportive of them becoming president-elect. >> jay, why do you think it's important for him to clarify
4:38 pm
that, that the president didn't have to convince her to concede? >> you don't want to say he was bullied into this or somehow that she was thinking of not conceding looking at the recounts that are still going on in wisconsin, potentially still in michigan. with the jill stein campaign pushing those. the idea that show she wasn't potentially going to concede the way al gore was pulled back last minute in 2000 and said told not to concede and this case it was much her idea and believed in the peaceful transfer of power and that this is what she wanted and not some guy or man or president said she needed to do this. this was her decision. >> thank you very much. betsy, jay, appreciate it v. a good week. >> thank you. >> you, too. donald trump's superwoman. seriously. she is. and she dressed up like it last night. dressing the part last night for a party. the story behind the photo. plus, the "snl" skit hitting
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4:43 pm
already unemployment is at a nine-year low. millions and millions of people have health care and osama bin laden is dead. >> yeah, yeah. he is dead. just like my soul and all of my hair. >> in response, trump tweeted just tried watching "saturday night live." unwatchable. totally biassed. not funny. the impressionist can't get worse. there's a response. release your tax returns and i'll stop. hah. let's talk about it with ryan lizdon. we thought we would have fun tonight, ryan. so, "snl" making fun of presidents, not just donald trump, but presidents and candidates and trump guest hosted. >> yeah. >> some point does he need to, you know, takes office, inaugurated, laugh along? >> most presidents, this's been their approach to the comedians, right? this is going on a long time.
4:44 pm
not just "saturday night live" but decades. nixon on "laugh in." and obviously, more and more pop culture is a bigger and more important part of politics but most presidents have not fought with the people that made fun of them. they have been been self deprecating of it. and trump on "saturday night live" that was the approach. but the alex baldwin portrayal seems to really get under his skin and it is a pretty biting portrayal. it's not -- it's not necessarily light. if you think of like chevy chase of gerald ford in the '70s -- >> yeah. >> mostly it was physical comedy and gerald ford, you know, tripped once and then defined him. this is much more biting and a little bit more ideological. >> do they -- do they know each other, ryan? perhap this is's why it's hurts. >> i don't know. i don't know if alec baldwin knows him or not. >> i shouldn't ask if i don't know the answer.
4:45 pm
>> he's political and pretty liberal guy and no secret that the cast of "saturday night live" leans left. so -- but, you know, this is the best thing for alec baldwin and "snl." tweeting about them. attacking their characterization of trump only helps "snl." right? >> let's get to twitter. kellyanne conway was asked about donald trump and twitter and what he is going to do as president. listen. >> is that really presidential behavior? >> he's the president-elect so that's presidential behavior, yes. >> the things that bill clinton did -- >> are you actually comparing what bill clinton did in the oval office with a twitter feed? shall we review for those not born then when president clinton did in the oval office? >> just because a president does something doesn't make it presidential. >> yes. i wasn't saying otherwise. >> ryan, your thoughts? >> well, kellyanne was saying
4:46 pm
otherwise. she literally said because trump said it, it's presidential. so very, very good follow-up by jake pointing that out. every president defines when's presidential and trump is going to define this in his own way. he's defining in it a completely different way and saw that in very casual ways with the tweets about "snl" and much more serious ways this week with his call to the presidents of taiwan. >> absolutely. >> he's not playing by the rules. >> no. he is not. before i let you go, let's look at the picture. a big party in new york last night. a heroes and villains party. kellyanne conway as superwoman. undeniably she did save the campaign. does she get the credit she deserves? >> i don't think there's been much applaud for kellyanne breaking a barrier and important barrier in american politics and she was the first woman to manage a republican presidential campaign and she won.
4:47 pm
so, yeah, she deserves some credit for that. you know, trump is a very polarizing person and so there are a lot of people that don't like trump and not dwelled on the fact that he broke or kellyanne broke the barrier and she'll go in the history books of first woman to successfully run a republican presidential campaign. first one to do it and win. >> still waiting to see when she gets to take a nap. i swear she works around the clock and mother of four. >> interesting to see if she takes a white house job or not. >> yep. thank you. have a great week. >> you, too. his remarks replayed and shared for days and days. they went viral. van jones joins me to talk about the candid and frank conversations with voters on the other side of the aisle. in one of the most divisive campaigns in memory. holidays a, and the best deals are on the best network.
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4:51 pm
this political season has been unprecedented to say the least. president-elect trump's win caught most of us pundits, politicians, media, many voters by surprise. it's a surprise of a town hall, the messy truth with van jones this tuesday night on cnn. look. >> you couldn't vote for hillary clinton? >> we put democrats in office. and she turned around and forgot
4:52 pm
completely about us. we are what makes this world go round. ♪ we built the tanks and bombs that won these country's wars and for you to completely neglect us, we would have rather vote for anybody. instead of her. and all the other stuff that donald said didn't seem to make a hill of beans. she hurt us. and that's what it is. >> pretty raw emotion. van jones is with me. the messy truth. where does the title come from? >> well, i think that we spent about 18 months with everybody, you know, insisting their side was 100% right and the other side is 100% wrong as if it's completely polar realities when the truth is messy in the middle. you know, you have voters like that guy. he heard the inflammatory comments of donald trump.
4:53 pm
he voted for obama twice. okay? >> yeah. i met a lot of those folks along the rust belt. >> exactly. he felt like, you know what? he found those comments distasteful and not disqualifying with pain nobody was talking to but donald trump. that's messy. he is not saying, you know, trump is perfect but he felt like his needs weren't being addressed by hillary clinton. i want us to start having a conversations more nuanced, the kind of deals with a lot more stuff because now, look, we've got to try to understand each other. we don't have to agree. we have to do a better job of trying to understand. >> we do. and because, you know, this country has to move forward. >> yep. >> you talked to people on the left like michael moore, people on the right like rick santorum. is there a common ground? is america ready far common ground? >> i don't think we're there yet, and again, truth is the truth. >> you are not pollyanna about it. >> i don't think disagreement's the problem.
4:54 pm
in a democracy, you get to disagree. a dictatorship you can't disagree. democracy, the whole point is you don't have to agree but how do you disagree? you can have destructive disagreement and fight about everything or constructive disagreement where even though you have different points of view you at least respect each other and try to find solutions. we stopped doing that for 18 months. >> i'll never forget you on election night and watching you talk from your heart and soul and your gut about your family and your children and explaining things to them. where have you landed on that personally in. >> well, first of all, you know, i was actually talking to my kids through the tv screen because my kids were in california watching that go down and i was getting text messages of muslims and dreamers and people really terrified by what it might mean for donald trump to be president. i was trying to speak to their pain. but when i said white lash, that actually caused some pain for republicans who thought i was saying that all of them were
4:55 pm
voting on racial grounds and not what i was saying. so it's messy. trying to get to a place where we can hear each other better and that's why you want to -- >> so glad you're doing this. i can't wait to watch. request "the turnaround" messy truth" hosted by the man van jones, tuesday 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. coming up, painting the town red, green and gold and how sixth graders are spreading holiday cheer. it is the america tonight. that's next. enjoy your phone!
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4:59 pm
tonight before we go, a look at something wonderful happening in our america. despite the many differences, we also come together in pretty incredible and unexpected ways and we want to make sure you see those things on this show, as well. in tonight, we take you to idaho. school kids helped spread a little bit of holiday cheer wednesday literally painting the town red, green and gold among other colors. 90 sixth graders decorated more than 60 store fronts. teachers there say projects like this teach them a valuable lesson. >> at this point, they're learning how important it is to do community service and feel a sense of pride. >> i don't care about presidents. hey, it is more about giving than receiving. i like helping the community.
5:00 pm
>> if you see moments like this, communities coming together, tweet them to me. coming up tonight, the finale of anthony bourdain. rome. that is tonight 9:00. i'm poppy harlow in new york. have a great week. ♪ >> anthony: miami sneaks up on you. or do we change and find ourselves sneaking up, washing up, ending up in miami?


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