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tv   United Shades of America  CNN  December 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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so this week on the show i went to florida. yeah. no black guy's first choice. [ laughter ] i mean, you put a list of 50 states for me to go to, florida would be 52. [ laughter ] right after puerto rico and guam. do you understand what i'm saying? [ laughter ] because when you think about florida when you think about it it's all bad stuff. stealing elections, george zimmerman. they're the only state that's ever had an actual zombie attack. [ laughter ] remember the bath salts thing? that was florida. of course it was florida. as soon as they said zombie attack you were like, florida. you all knew that. [ laughter ] and yet there are people who voluntarily go to the state of florida. two groups of people -- college students and retirees. yeah. kids on spring break and people
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who don't want to break nothing. [ laughter ] >> my name is w. kamau bell. as a comedian i've made a living finding humor in the parts of america i don't understand. and now i'm challenging myself to dig deeper. i'm on a mission to reach out and experience all the cultures and beliefs that add color to this crazy country. this is "the united shades of america." ♪ i'm in florida. why florida? now, i know you can't tell from looking at me, but i happen to be somewhere in that murky middle of life and i'm at that point in my life where i'm trying to figure out where i've been and where i'm going. so i'm here to learn about the two sides of that spectrum. retirees and spring breakers. >> whoo!
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>> now, the only spring break i ever experienced was watching mtv in the '90s. did i miss out on something? you know, other than an std. >> spring break! >> the second group i'm going to meet, retirees. how do i survive the next 40 years until i join them? and will it be worth it when i do? first stop, spring break. [ cheers ] spring break was originally a vacation given to school-age children in order to celebrate the easter holiday. but these days it's been taken over by college students, who've taken out the jesus and replaced him with tequila. between 1.5 and 2 million students go on spring break every year, and collectively they spend over $1 billion. on drinking, partying, and let's be honest, bail money. and no place draws in the spring breakers like the beaches and
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bars of florida. >> whoo! ♪ >> i'm here in daytona beach for spring break. yay. now, i was never the spring break kind of guy. one, because i dropped out of college. and two, this whole scene always kind of made me feel queasy. you may look at this and see fun but i see a lot of future regret. but i'm here to see what i missed out on. so i'll hold my tongue for a little while. so what's on the agenda today for your spring break good time? >> this is it. >> yeah, this is it. >> just beaching. >> what does beaching mean? >> just getting drunk on the beach. >> i probably could have guessed that. >> within five hours of being here i blacked out. so that was checked off the list right away. i actually fell asleep on the toilet. >> was that on your spring break to-do list too, fall asleep on the toilet? >> it was not but i'm glad it happened. >> that's a spring break bonus. >> yes. >> tell me how a good time comes together. >> we're here to nail [ bleep ].
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we're here to get [ bleep ] up. >> i'm sure what he meant to say is nailing consenting women. all right. is that the order of events? >> as the father of two girls i kind of just want to spend the rest of the day stabbing every dude i see. but again, that probably won't help me get to a nice retirement. >> because there are some dudes here i feel are not of the highest quality. >> definitely not. >> how do you handle those dudes? just a hand up like -- >> that's good. because i see some dudes i worry about. i'm going to remember that. well, thank you. thank you for talking to me. i don't want to interrupt you. this is on cnn. >> no way! >> i know! the party channel! cnn! >> now, i was ready to leave at this point, but my producer insisted that i should at least attempt to look like i was having a good time. i immediately called my agent and found out that yes, pretending to have a good time is in my contract. damn.
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>> what am i about to drink here? >> it's a ppd. good a ppd. pink panty -- oh, pink panty droppers. well, good thing i got my pink panties on. >> whoa! whoa! >> i think i'm being made fun of. but i'm all right with that. >> no, that's an encouragement. >> oh, that's an encouragement. sweet. so that's the noise of encouragement. is that rum? what is that? >> a bottle of vodka and a case of beer. >> what? ♪ whoa, let's drink some more >> silks, buds, zack, and gary are all seniors from st. norbert college in wisconsin. they're here partying in florida as a last hurrah before real life begins. ♪ >> whoo-hoo! >> i just feel like you would shoot guns if you had guns. >> oh, yeah. >> so i had to ask, where do these best friends want to go in their lives? >> want to go hop on a boat. i want to go across the atlantic.
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i want to go to europe. and then i'm going to figure out life from there. >>nd buds is heading to colorado. >> i love nature. i love hiking. biking. if i'm not -- if i don't go now, i'm never going to move. >> and zack and his buddy garrett are going to follow their dreams to nashville. >> he's going to be a musical genius. i'll be his manager making way more money than he is. >> of course. it's like beyonce and beyonce's mom right here. that's what's happening. >> so what are your plans for the rest of your spring break? >> have fun. go with the flow. who knows? >> now, are you here to meet some ladies? i see you just met some ladies. >> probably not. >> probably not? i like the man who has honesty. this is the most honest group of dudes i've met in a long time. we'll give it a shot. >> 90% of the time we strike out. when we do, we walk back with each other and tell stories about the night. but the other 5% is glorious. >> obviously, this isn't my normal scene. i don't typically binge drink or hang out with bros or go outside. but when i thought about the
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other bros i met today i realized something. i don't want to stab these guys even a little bit. so maybe i'll hang with them and see if they can make me like spring break. >> whoa! whoa! whoa! time to leave the spring breakers and meet the other group of people who think florida is an awesome place to party. retirees. and in florida they're everywhere. ♪ a post-war increase in the birth rate defined the baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964. in the year 2000 the u.s. had 35 million seniors. by 2010 it was 40 million. by 2030 the senior population is projected to be 72 million. doubling in 30 years. seniors will represent nearly
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20% of the total u.s. population. so it's time to start being nice to that old weird dude who lives next to you. he's got a posse. ready to get me a rocking chair, a shawl, some "one life to live" and a nap. >> florida has over 200 retirement communities. and some lucky retirees live here, lake ashton. we've already seen how young people try to find love. and it's convinced me to home-school my daughters through graduate school. let's see what i can learn about love from the older generation, while pretending to be comfortable wearing a swimsuit on national television. >> hello. >> hi. >> hi. my name's kamau. >> kamau. welcome to lake ashton. >> what's your name? >> nancy. >> nice to meet you. what's your name, sir? >> orlando.
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>> nice to meet you. thank you for allowing me to join you in the pool. >> well, this is a wonderful pool. it's a real special pool to us. >> it is. now, why is it a special pool to you? >> well, actually, we met a year ago over at that hot tub. >> you met in that hot tub? >> we met in that hot tub. >> and now you two are -- >> married. >> i didn't know this was a swinging singles community. >> well, it was fortunate for us that we were in the right place at the right time. >> so that's the time in the hot tub. that was the first time you'd ever met before? >> it was. >> yes. >> yeah. and when he came into the hot tub and i saw this handsome gentleman -- >> yes, i see. you don't have to tell me. >> his first question was, is your husband playing golf? >> oh, i see what you did there, sir. i've used that one before. is your boyfriend coming anytime soon? and then you said -- >> and then i said, i don't have one of those. >> oh. you did a little tiger woods fist pump. yes. yes. is that what you were doing, sir? were you fishing around a little bit? >> yes, i was. >> a little jacuzzi fishing? >> yes. then i invited her for dinner the next day and she accepted.
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>> and the rest is history. >> the rest is history. that's so great. so i guess i have to ask, what is it like dating at 70? >> it's wonderful. >> you look like you said don't get into inappropriate questions. that's what that face was. that was the be careful young man face. >> he reads well. >> yes. i have to ask just because i'm curious. and you're like a newlywed couple. so i'd imagine that part of being a newlywed couple is -- i was going to do this. that's the part -- so all that's happening? >> that works. >> all right. well, i'm glad to know that. it's so funny to me to think about we're going it's ole old folks' home, quote unquote, and here i am hanging out in the pool with two newlyweds talking about romance while i straddle three noodles. you know, this is not -- we all have our good time in our own ways, right? >> it's a wonderful life, and we still believe we have a long way to go. >> i believe you do too. >> hope so. >> it was at that point that i realized i might be cock-blocking a whole pool of old people. my name is yasmin belo-osagie and i produce programs...
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i feel like this happens to me a lot because i think about race and i think about black people a lot and people go ask them about why there's no black people around. what are your thoughts on that there aren't a lot of black people at spring break or the retirement central? i'm leek i don't have to ask them that. i know the reasons. [ laughter ] i thought about black people a lot. i thought about where black people should and shouldn't go.
10:15 pm
i mean, spring break, daytona beach, it looks fun for some people, but on another level it's filled with drunk aggressive white people. it's not really black people's best look. you know what i'm saying? hanging out with drunk aggressive white people has not historically worked out too well for us. [ laughter ] >> i'm in florida, exploring two groups of people -- college kids in daytona beach for spring break and retirees living here at the lake ashton active adult community. to get a closer look and to see if i fit in here, sales manager john journey is giving me the tour. >> well, this is kind of the favorite mode of transportation here at lake ashton. you'll find out about that as we take you around and show you everything. well, it helps when you can put it in forward. >> there's many ways to do this. whoa. >> you know what? play some old people having fun music. ♪ >> that's our clubhouse. it's 20,000 square feet. >> wow. >> you know, it's got a bowling alley in it, movie theater, restaurant bar, ballroom. all kinds of clubs, organizations, activities. i think there's over 100 different clubs here. and over 100 different activities going on every month. >> wow.
10:16 pm
i didn't know there were 100 different activities. i would have a hard time naming 100 different activities. >> you're going to find that seniors, they still know how to party. they like to have a good time. >> it does seem like it's a different type of senior. now you said people are eating healthier, now with people eating kale we're never going to die. you'll have to have retirement communities for people in their 150s. a bud light truck? wait a minute. hold on a second. >> i told you they like to party. >> that doesn't look like a metamucil delivery. >> is this a retirement community for billionaires? it seems like -- >> you know what? you can actually be in a community like this under $200,000. >> so there's still space for a guy like me? >> there is still space for a guy like you. absolutely. >> before i cash in my kids' college fund, like they've got one, i want to meet some of the people who live here to see what keeps them feeling so young.
10:17 pm
>> got it! whoo-hoo! >> hi, ladies. >> hi. >> hi. hi. size 13? >> size 13. yes. >> wow. i thought i was going to get out of it. but -- >> no, no. okay. >> no, keep talking amongst yourselves. don't look over here. >> you're the focus now. >> no, this is too much pressure. this is too much pressure. >> time for the producers' favorite segment. kamau's not that good at stuff. maybe if i try on a ridiculously small shirt. >> whoo-hoo. ♪ >> whoo! >> so this is -- >> the bowling babes. >> the bowling babes. yes. >> it's an amazing group of
10:18 pm
women that are so incredibly loyal to one another. we've walked some walks together. we've lost spouses and -- >> but you have this to come back to. >> always. >> yes, yes. >> always. >> one last chance for glory. with training wheels. >> hey. >> yay! i got some of them! i got some of them! i got some of them! >> back in daytona beach the sun's gone down and the inappropriate nature of me being here has gone up. ♪ ♪ bring it on >> i think i need my wisconsin tour guides to help me get through this. hopefully they're keeping it a little more low key. >> have you ever had a beer,
10:19 pm
dude? >> no. >> a true wisconsin thing we take a spoonful of coffee and just -- >> wow. >> yep. that's instant coffee washed down with beer and vodka. i know what you're thinking. they still make instant coffee? >> kamau. >> on fire. >> not bad. >> don't swallow. >> i'm not making that sound. my liver is. >> whoa! >> whoa! >> and then suddenly the guys got all sentimental. >> we graduate in, what, may? >> yes. >> i can only have so many beerdos. >> is that when you graduate? at the end of the beerdo? >> this is the last go-around. we're going to make the best of it. >> we're never going to have this much fun together again at the same time. >> even in the summer once we get jobs we don't see each other at all.
10:20 pm
>> once you leave school you may get drunk with friends again, you may have good times but you're not going to have that kind of time to sit around and just chill. >> that's the thing. >> not till 60 years from now when someone comes up with that yacht on the beach and you will have time to sit around and hang out like this. you have to soak it up. >> and now kamau asks a question fed to him by producers. >> do you have like a good line you have that you use on some ladies? >> yeah. it goes like this. i usually carry a spoon around with me and i go, kamau, you're the prettiest girl i've ever seen. >> and i'd be like, oh. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm getting the vapors. >> and i say do you want to spoon later? i pull a spoon out of my pocket. literally one time this girl saw my spoon and goes, yeah. yeah, i do. i really want to spoon. >> one last drink before we head out to the bars. >> one more for good luck. ♪ >> two beerdos later and my
10:21 pm
liver's about to go on spring break. >> whoo. >> please tell my family i love them. >> kamau is here to get weird. kamau is here to get weird! busiy when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
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so the producers -- here's the thing about a show like this. you have producers who want to talk to you about the thing you're going to do. so producers were like we need you to get into the mindset of the spring breakers. [ laughter ]
10:25 pm
after about three minutes of hanging out with spring breakers, i was like, i think i get it. [ laughter ] i think i got it. i think we can wrap this up and go to the next thing. >> i'm in daytona beach, where spring break still. this is a popular spring break nightclub called razzle's. tonight i'm headed there with my new friends. and you can call me mr. black. ♪ this next section is really more of a public service announcement for parents. razzle's is a place that combines lots of drinking, lots of dance music, lots of grinding on the dance floor, and lots of 18-year-olds. because of some weird more fluor florida law that lets them come in as long as they promise not to drink. i'm sure that always works out fine. >> whoa! whoa!
10:26 pm
>> we go way back. >> and what am i doing here? oh, yeah. looking like everybody's creepy history professor. >> would you like to spoon? >> i'd love to. >> at least i know enough to keep my old ass off the dance floor. ♪ finally, i'm back at the place that moves at my pace and where everybody calls me kid.
10:27 pm
and yep, we're going to the golf course. because you can't do a tv show on retirees and not play golf. another weird florida law. >> figure 8s on the golf course is my version of reparations. sad thing about this is that if somebody gets mad about me doing this they're going to know it's me. i have no alibi for this. i can't say it was the other black guy under the age of 55 who doesn't live here. >> al, frank and dana have kindly offered to let me ruin their day. >> i'm your number four. >> yep. i'm headed out to golf with three white folks at a florida country club. and i've never played golf before. >> as our guest you get to hit first. >> but who knows? maybe i'm great and i don't even know it. i could be the oldest prodigy ever. the next charlie sifford. no. >> we'll try that again. >> that may be the shortest drive in history. >> the history of lake ashton. >> oh! >> hit it so hard the ball exploded.
10:28 pm
>> wait a minute. >> yep. an 85-year-old just played a golf prank on me. i've just been punked by a grandpa. grandpa. >> here you go. >> all right. that's pretty good. >> it went somewhere! >> whoa. >> all right. >> yeah, i mean, you guys have a different style. but you know. >> you can call me mr. green. >> we've got to go over and find that ball. hit down at it. >> okay. >> you got the idea. >> hey, duff. let's move him up by the greens. >> okay. all right. we can do that. >> thank you, sir. thank you. you're a saint. >> i want to show you something here.
10:29 pm
>> please do. >> you want to play that off the back foot. >> oh! >> all right, now. this gets better. >> duffy, you've created a new monster golfer. oh, my god. >> wow. >> that felt good. >> here's my senior advice. >> senior advice. yes, sir. >> retire as early as possible. >> i like that advice. retire as early as possible. >> yeah. >> why do you say that, sir? >> well, don't wait till you have health issues. enjoy it while you can. >> i see people here at 55. and i thought that would have been too young. but i guess if you're lucky enough to retire that early -- >> well, they're all the people that stole money. [ laughter ] some of us had to work for it. >> some of us had to work for it. those are some of those people who have some of your money. yeah, yeah. and some of my money. >> i was skeptical at first, but i get it now. you hang out with your friends. looking at beautiful scenery. hitting things. kind of like boxing without the excitement. although sometimes there
10:30 pm
actually is excitement. >> my memory piece, they laid me open here i was about that wide open. >> an alligator bit you. >> he was a 9 1/2-footer. i hit an errant shot, walked down to this retention pond, looked for my ball, didn't see it, and this thing hit me like a bolt of lightning. i screamed. it started dragging me down. once they get you in the water they spiral and kill you. and he had me up to my waist, with two guys hanging on to me. my buddy just yelled, he let go, and they dragged me out of there, and the rest is history. >> you are a braver, more bold person than me. because the minute i get bit by an alligator i go honey, we're selling the house, we're packing up the car, screw this place, i hate florida, we're going back north. >> there you go. >> oh, wait a minute. hold on. >> it's way out there. you see it? >> after that story you just told i think i'm going -- >> you're not going down for that ball, are you? >> how much do i owe you for that ball franks? because i'm not going to get it.
10:31 pm
here's $5. here's $5. i'm not going into that water.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls.
10:34 pm
together, we're building a better california. the thing bay retirement community, especially like this, where it's beautiful and it's got a golf course and there's all these activities. that's for the winners. you know what i mean? if in the third act of your life you can just go i'm going to pay a few hundred thousand dollars and i'm going to find a good place to sit and wait for death.
10:35 pm
you're like a winner. if you're like the rest us where in the third act of your life you're like i've got to keep fighting. i got to keep fighting. i got to keep fighting. i've got to get a job at a walmart and stand by the door. you know what i mean? wow. that was really -- you took that personally. [ laughter ] >> ah. there's nothing better. sunshine, blue skies, and getting crazy with some septuagenarians. >> she'sn thkitchen. the kitchen is this line here. and we have to get one in there. just like this. there you go. >> okay. that's sort of in the living room. so right here, i've got this one right here. >> awesome. look at this dude roll. >> this is the kind of workout i like. >> have you tried threading the needle yet? >> one step at a time, ma'am.
10:36 pm
i'm in the not training program. i'm going to go sixth sense. yeah. feeling a little bit -- yeah. see if everybody is -- who's serious. >> three aces. >> three jacks. >> three 4s. >> all right. you win. >> give me all this money. that's what those ladies get for playing poker with a shark. you sit down with a table with me, you better know when to hold 'em. >> i used to think of seniors as people cut off from the action. yet i met more people here in one day than i usually meet in a year. but there's still one type of person i haven't met yet. >> you know, i like everybody here. everybody's great. i do seem to notice there's not a lot of minorities here. >> yeah. i guess they don't know very much about lake ashton because
10:37 pm
i'm here and i feel like i'm one of everybody. >> yes, yes. >> and maybe the black folks feel intimidated because they feel it's a white community. but it's not so. and you're welcome to come here. >> basically, the only requirement is that you can actually afford to get in here? >> yeah. >> it's a green community. >> it's a green. it's a green. >> all right. >> i'm meeting back up with my bowling buddy lynn to hear more about her life and how she feels about this community. >> well, i grew up in pittsburgh, and i met my husband in college, in kentucky. and we've had a furniture business. and being in a small town, i kind of had a fun life. i had a little boutique with a girlfriend too. so i'd work a few days in the store and a few days in the boutique. >> nice. >> and then dabbled in the event business too. which i kind of have gone back into doing a little bit since i lost my husband a year and a half ago. >> was it a long terminal illness? >> no. it was very quick.
10:38 pm
it was cancer. he ended up in the hospital, and within two days the doctor told me he had two to four months. and three days later she told me he had two days. and two days later he was gone. >> oh, my goodness. >> yeah. i miss him. >> come here, please. >> i'm sorry. >> no, no. don't be sorry. don't be sorry. it's got to be hard. >> it is hard. it is hard. but the way everybody has just been supportive. and it hasn't stopped. losing people you love is part of living. and figuring out how to go on is part of living. >> for me personally had has been quite an interesting week for me because two days ago i was in daytona beach hanging out with 18-year-olds who think they're squeezing the most out of life. and they are. >> they are. >> they are. but i come here and see people older than me. i'm sort of halfway between both
10:39 pm
these poles, and i see people here squeezing everything they can out of life and living a way they sort of have earned the ability to live, and i sort of thought i would go into this being envious of the young people and afraid of being old. but when i was hanging out with young people, i was afraid of that. i was like, this is not for me. >> back in daytona beach i'm beating up with zack, garrett, budz and silks for their -- a first meal of the day that isn't alcohol and instant coffee. >> real food tastes so good. oh my god. >> time for another question fed to me by the producers. >> so tell me, what do you guys think women want? what do you understand about women? >> i think realistically girls just want -- they want something stable. really that's the reason we don't have girlfriends. we're independent right now. you want to do your own thing. like you don't want to be checking in with somebody. like it's just like -- and that's what a relationship is,
10:40 pm
all the dependability. >> what about you, silks? you're a philosopher. i look at you as kind of a local philosopher. >> what do women want? >> yeah. >> i look at it the other way around. they want a wild card. they want a guy that they wake up every morning saying i wonder what's going to happen. >> wait, is that what women want or is that what you want women to want? >> that's more like it. i don't understand women. period. >> i think we're still trying to figure ourselves out. once we kind of move on and after we sober up and come back for spring break, then we'll try to figure out who's going to be with us for the rest of our lives. >> that's a good plan. >> do you feel have any -- at this age have any fears about old age or what that looks like? >> we've got our whole life ahead of us. we've got all these aspirations. with the retirement community they're all looking back and telling fun stories we're going to tell eventually someday. what's in between there is going
10:41 pm
to be the most fun i think. >> actually, i think the most rewarding stuff is after this and between here and old age. but the most fun stuff is actually right now. and then if you make it and you can go to a nice retirement community the fun is in old age. all the important stuff, marriage, kids, getting a good career, all that important stuff, it's not fun but it's rewarding. but this right now -- >> this is where it's at? >> this is the fun. >> yeah. >> how long does it last? >> or it's supposed to be fun. >> budz, i'm leaving my kids to you. >> oh, my god! oh, no! oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! no, no, no, no, no! oh! oh, no, no, no! >> i can confirm this, not fun. >> whoa!
10:42 pm
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to get back to that easy pace at lake ashton. i was told there were a couple of twin brothers that i had to meet who are living life to the fullest. >> ah! >> girls are kicking our ass. that sucks. what's up with that? that never happens to us. >> you guys are getting all you can handle over here. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. i'm kamau. >> i'm bill. >> bill, nice to meet you. >> kamau, pleasure meeting you. i'm jack. >> jack. >> you want to play a little bit? >> i'll let a few go by me. sure. >> here. take my racket, please. >> three times in one show i blunt the myth of black male athletic supremacy. >> eye on the ball. eye on the ball. >> excellent. >> there you go! >> if you're staying here a week, we will have you a pro. >> okay. pro what -- >> i want to be your agent. well, maybe not.
10:47 pm
>> i am exhausted. >> these guys are a lot of fun. i want to be old and fun. let me find out what their secret is. >> normally i don't ask people these questions but i feel like here i can ask. how old are you? >> 72. >> you guys don't seem like typical 72-year-old dudes. >> no. up here we're not. >> okay. >> just when we look in the mirror, we go oh! >> who's that guy? >> what happened? >> and we've never been this old before. >> we don't know how to act. we've never been 72. >> it's the first time -- >> oh, that's awesome. you've never been this old before. >> you don't know what to base it on. >> how do you practice for old age? >> yeah. you just have to -- >> you just have to wing it. >> so how old would you say you feel? >> depends on the day. >> we feel pretty good. >> we're healthy, though. >> you've got to stay in shape for this crap. >> people that are filthy rich that sacrificed their health to make the money and then they've
10:48 pm
achieved the wealth and they realize that they don't have their health and they can't buy it, they've got problems. >> yeah. >> and there's a lot of people we meet that have done that. they're financially sound. physically a wreck. and that's sad. >> so would you say you've been acting this way your whole life or did you start acting this way once you retired? >> no, we've been this way our whole life. >> we never slow down. >> we have a plan. it's no plan. >> that's it? i've got to tell you, you guys remind me of these young kids i met in daytona beach. they seem like you. they're the 21-year-old version of you guys. >> oh, yeah? >> like i talk to these young dudes, is being a senior citizen something to be afraid of? >> i don't think so. >> i think everybody's afraid of getting old. that's the big problem. >> it will happen. if you live long enough. >> if you're lucky, yeah. >> but i think we talk to people all the time that people -- and the guy -- one guy, arn, he said i've always been afraid of getting old, spent my whole life worried about getting old. and now i'm old.
10:49 pm
wasted a lot of time. >> oh. so -- >> you've just got to let it happen. it's going to happen. don't worry about it. like damn, i've got a wrinkle here? man, another year down and worry, worry, worry? that's not a good idea. >> that'll get you old faster too. >> it does get you old faster. >> yeah. >> we've got to slow it down somehow. >> so are you afraid it's moving too fast? >> we're not afraid of it, but it is moving fast. >> they say it's like a roll of toilet paper. the closer the end the faster it goes. [ laughter ] that's what's happening. >> that's what's happening. we're getting to the end of that roll of toilet paper. >> it's moving fast. every day it moves really fast. >> at your age now are you still trying to date people? are you dating anybody? >> no. >> you know, there's good news and bad news. your sex drive when you get to 72 is down. that's the bad news. the good news, the sex drives are down. >> so the good news -- the bad news is it goes away. the good news is thank god it's over. oh, i don't have to worry about that. >> i don't have to worry about that. >> i don't have this guy
10:50 pm
downstairs leading me around by the nose telling me -- >> i sleep by myself. i do what i want. things are nice. >> so what do you have now at this stage in your life that you didn't have before that you were surprised to find out about with old age? >> peace of mind. >> peace of mind. >> no peace of ass. peace of mind. >> so as it goes away, you gain peace of mind? >> that's a hell of a tradeoff. >> people have fear thinking about death a lot. >> we don't fear the death part. it's the dying part that we don't like. it's getting to the death. death is nothing when you're done, but dying like a heart attack or something, that's painful. >> everybody thinks about it. >> what do you guys do for fun? to let your hair down and have a good time. >> we take the rv to the beach and the doon buggy. >> you have a dune buggy?
10:51 pm
>> yeah. >> yeah, baby. ♪ >> whoa. that's right, people. cnn, the party channel. making m. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer... marvel studios. we are very much hands-on producers. if my office... ...becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro's perfect. fast and portable but also light. you don't do this 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for... ...decades if you don't feel it in your heart. listen, i know my super power is to not ever sleep. that's it. that's the only super power i have. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
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♪ >> it's my final night at the lake ashton active adult community, and this is a dance floor i have no problem getting on. here i'm the 18-year-old. i came to lake ashtnd expecting to see old people pining for their youth and waiting for the grim reaper. but in their way, these old people are partying as hard as my daytona beach friends. they're just trying to enjoy every second of life. i can't be madt them. hell, i want to trade places with them. ♪
10:56 pm
>> aren't you glad you're in florida? >> i am. >> i never thought i'd say that. >> thank you all for coming out tonight. >> the consensus of opinion among the bowling babes is you are a way better dancer than a bowler. >> and that's sad, because i'm not much of a dancer, but since i'm here. >> would you like to dance? >> i would love to dance. >> thank you. thank you. ♪ >> okay. to get here, i have to eat healthy and i have to invent a time machine and go back in time and tell myself to start saving money 20 years ago. i can't deny that there is something seductive about this lifestyle. now, i know i'm supposed to be
10:57 pm
jealous of the young people, but i'm way more jealous of this. >> i'm working here. i'm working. >> hey. >> my week in florida has been full of surprises. i've partied on instant coffee cocktails with 20-year-olds. my golf game is thanks to promise thanks to a man 80 years young, and old age isn't as scary anymore. ♪ >> maybe the spanish explorer who came here searching for a cure for aging was onto something after all. ♪ >> spring break is nearly over, but i need one more whoa before i go. >> zach, zach.
10:58 pm
>> whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. >> what's up, fellas? >> we're just having a good time on the beach. >> we talked about how this was going to be your last big hoorah and it seems like you're going out with a bang. >> we're trying. >> it's a ham sandwich. >> there's extra sass. all right, i have to go soon. you guys are going to do big things. hopefully i'll be there with you when you're on the beach with his yacht. before i go, i want a couple guys i want you to meet. >> i can't resist seeing the spring breakers and the baby boomers worlds collide. >> see you soon.
10:59 pm
come meet my friends. >> i want to meet this guy. >> this is billy. . >> for my exhauster and entirely unscientific research, as much as i'm glad my youth is gone, i can look forward to the future. i just need to find a game. >> it's a circle of life. work hard during these shitty years and you get this right here. >> at the end of the week, i finally found my place hanging with my new friends and my new old friends. >> i don't think i ever want this to end. thank you, florida. >> it's all coming together. it's all happening. >> i was going to take this out
11:00 pm
and get a mocha. is that cool? no? all right. sorry. sorry. new trouble for italy. the country's prime minister says he will resign after a lopsided defeat at the ballot box. >> also ahead, a rising death toll. investigators look for answers after a warehouse fire kills dozens of people in oakland, california. >> plus new questions about donald trump's foreign policy after the president elect launches a fresh twitter assault on china. hello and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and you're watching cnn news room.


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