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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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feet? shouldn't it have thought the guy back? >> it was stunned. his defense wasn't great. australian men are no joke. he went out to give a boy a great last memory. >> i like how casually he just punched him. >> that's a real man there. >> see what the new york men were like? >> that's not nice. >> australian. >> on that note, advice for my daughter, you guys, when approaching a kangaroo, approach cautiously. >> always have your hands up and in front of your face. >> that's the lesson. guys, thank you. have a good day. "newsroom" begins right now. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in today for carol costello. so glad you're with us. at any moment we'll take you live to a news conference in oakland, california. officials set to give the latest update on the horrific warehouse fires. death toll stands at 36.
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criminal investigation is moving forward. meantime, the man who held the lease on that property is lashing out at claims that he allowed the residents or the warehouse to become an illegal residence and a fire trap. here's the end of his emotional interview this morning on nbc. >> i'd rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents. i'd rather let them tear my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. >> mr. -- >> i am sorry. i'm incredibly sorry. what do you want me to say? i'm not going to answer these questions. >> we will call this -- >> i'm just going to say that i am sorry. >> then we'll end the interview. >> you have to hold my soul accountable. if you have to hold my soul accountable for believing in something. >> our stephanie elam is there with the latest and, steph, you've been there obviously throughout the weekend reporting on this tragedy as the number of dead has grown and grown and grown. how far have they made it
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through the building at this point in time to try to recover everyone? >> reporter: right. tragic story as the story's been unfolding here, poppy. we know that 36 people have been found. they' now made their way through 70% of the building. they don't expect a huge number more of deceased to be found, but they're not ruling out that they may still find some more people there. then we also know that of the 36 people that have died, 32 of them have been positively or tentatively identified. so he this are working to notify the families in that regard as well, poppy. >> and, stephanie, what do we expect they might tell us at this press conference? >> reporter: what they've been doing is they've been updating us on these efforts to update the family. also if they found more remains overnight, the progress that they're making overnight, what they've encountered. they brought in a crane they needed to gain access to the space and so they may update us further about any other
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difficulties or unsafety -- or safety concerns that may be inside there as well. so that's what we're awaiting to hear. >> and they are beginning. let's listen in. >> i'm one of the public information officers for the oakland police department. we would like to provide you with an operational update. at this time i would like to turn it over to al will l aleme deputy modeste. >> i'm one of the public information officers for alameda county. there has been no change overnight in the total number of victims located and recovered. the numbers have shifted within the 36 -- within the 36. at this time we have 26 families that have been notified. we have 9 tentative i.d.s and we still have one doe remaining that needs to be identified.
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>> please allow me to introduce fire chief lipp. >> good morning. so as you recall, yesterday we were forced to suspend recovery operations interior due to the instability of the structure. working throughout the day yesterday and last night we were able to remove the parapit wall that was presenting the greatest danger and then we were also able to put in some shoring to stabilize some of the flooring areas. this morning at 2:20 we went back in and resumed recovery operations. at this time we've been able to search through the building and clear approximately 85% of the building right now. we'll be continuing that throughout the day. there's one corner that remains
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unstable and then that's another thing that we're going to be doing throughout the day today, stabilizing that corner so that we can search that last question. >> i'd like to update our citizens and our community regarding the pg&e planned power outage. currently the power is still off in this specific area. they are anticipating that the power will be returned by maybe 8:00 a.m., but right now safety is paramount so the power will remain off while the crane and heavy equipment is here still processing the scene. i would also like to call in my partner, public information officer marco markez. we'd like to to provide some information to our community. we have a lot of very goodwilled citizens, community members,
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people outside of the city of oakland, outside of the state, even outside of the country who want to donate, and deservingly so donate. we are logistically it is challenging for us to take donations here so we have a system set up and we have information we would like to share for anyone who would like to donate. so please allow him to provide that information. >> good morning, everyone. my name is marco marquez. one of the oak land police department public information officers. and the information i have to share with you is there is a web page set up on and if you go on the search bar there and search oakland fire or victims of the oakland fire, you will see a link that is connected there that is set up by the city as well as the red cross. now here at the site we are experiencing overwhelming amount
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of support. people coming in bringing food and asking how can they donate financially. and it is overwhelming here, and so it is set up online to where you can make those donations. whether you're here or if you're across the nation or even international. as we all know the magnitude of the impact here on the families as well as our community and one way we're asking those who want to give back is to give back through this website. it goes a long way. the funds will be appropriately distributed, and if you visit that site you can see how, but this is just an ask to the community. if you do feel -- we know you're praying. we know that your thoughts are with us, but if you feel like giving financially, please visit the website. again, that is and search up victims of the oakland fire. thank you. >> thank you, officer marquez. at this time i'm going to open up for questions. i'm going to start on the right
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and work our way around. >> there's still about 15% of the building to search. can you talk about what the challenges are? are there some specific challenges about that 15% remaining to search that's kind of holding that part up? >> sure. it's primarily that bc corner. so as you face the corner, that left corner of the building, we're not able to totally secure that yet. we're going to be putting in some bracing, exterior bracing today and then that will finalize that corner and then there's a very small section that's in the back that still needs to be processed with atf and our crews. >> will the rain affect anything? >> you know, i haven't really approached that with rain and tarps as of yet. the rain shouldn't adversely impact what we're doing. >> do you anticipate the number of [ inaudible ]. >> based on the areas that remain unsearched, i don't
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anticipate it going up. there's one section that's still in an area that has some potential but otherwise, no. >> on the website you mention mentioned -- [ inaudible ]. >> yes, sir, that is correct. there also is an oakland a's one that is set up as well that is next to it. you'll see. those two are set up for this specific incident. >> thank you. >> [ inaudible ]. >> yeah. so the issue with that corner is it's unsupported laterally as you move across so that load then gets shift along that left wall, what we're calling the
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bravo wall. if we remove the parapit there then that can cause that wall to be unstable. we need to put bracing in to support that area. if we remove the parapit wall that raises the possibility that the b side wall can become unstable and we don't want to do that. >> [ inaudible ]. >> update from officials there in oakland. some of the main headlines here. no update on the number of casualties at this point in time. so 36 people who have perished in this tragic fire, but they are not completely through the building. they said there's still a corner area of this warehouse that they need to search. about 70% has been searched. they fear they could come back to more victims. let's go back to stephanie elam live in oakland. stephanie, what else stood out to you? >> reporter: i think what's interesting here is every time we have heard from a press
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conference they've said the number of people who have lost their lives have gone up. they're saying they did not find anymore bodies throughout the night. now that they've made their way 85% through, they're feeling they're getting to the end of the recovery efforts. taking their time methodically to go through that. last we heard there were three people that they were not able to identify. they're now saying they have one person they're not able to identify. making some progress there as well. this one corner that is unstable is part of what has been slowing them down for the last couple of days on making their way through the building. that's what we heard a lot about. this one corner that they don't want to make their way into because it could fall or could collapse. so that's why they're taking their time but really learning more now about the fact that they have 26 of these people they've been able to identify, nine as well. between those numbers together you've got positively identifying and tentatively identifying. they're making their way through the 36. they're letting family members
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know they're able to identify them. >> absolutely heartbreaking. stephanie, thank you so much. live for us in oakland. meantime also in california, los angeles this morning on high alert after a terror threat on the subway system there. the fbi confirming it did receive an overseas tip about a possible bombing at the universal city stop that is right near universal studios. officials calling the threat, quote, specific and imminent. law enforcement ramping up security as they search for possible explosives. the mayor of los angeles, in the meantime, says he will ride that line, the red line today, in an effort to show that it is safe. we will continue, of course, to follow this story out of los angeles this morning as we learn more. meantime president-elect donald trump back on the road. today he travels to north carolina for the second leg of his thank you tour but first it is all about business. a busy day of meetings as trump weighs potential cabinet picks. exxon ceo tiller son, henry kissinger and laura ingraham all
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on today's schedule to meet with the president-elect. all of this as michael flynn continues to face a lot of heat. let's bring in jessica snyder live for us outside of trump tower. good morning. what is the elevator watch tell us? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, poppy. another adrenaline-fueled day for the president-elect. the way donald trump likes it. we're expecting a number of meetings and then of course it's onto the second stop in his thank you tour this time in fayetteville, north carolina. this happens at 7:00. before he hops on the plane, he will be meeting with an array of people who are drawing a lot of intrigue. exxon ceo rex tillerson. it turns out that sources are telling us he's being potentially considered on that growing list of secretary of state names. of course, sources say that it is a long shot but that donald trump is very intrigued by tillerson's world view. other notable names that will be at trump tower, d.c. mayor
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muriel bowser as well as former secretary of state, henry kissinger, who just got back into the united states where he met with president xi. laura ingraham has been floated out there for the possibility of press secretary. she talked about it this morning. >> we've been friends for a long time and i'm looking forward to having a conversation. there's no agenda. there really is no agenda. i think obviously my name has been bandied about for press secretary. a lot of considerations. but i talked to someone over the weekend who you all would know and i said, if this opportunity presented itself, and he said, sometimes it's really good to change up your life a little bit. give it a little jolt. give it a couple of paddles on the side. change things up a little bit. sometimes if your country calls you, god opens that door, you have to really seriously consider it. >> reporter: so it is down to business here at trump tower with all of those meetings. donald trump did get out on the town tonight making another stop to his favored 21 club in mid
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town manhattan. it's a new york institution. a former speak easy. that's where donald trump was a few weeks ago when he dished the press pool and went there. you can see some of the pictures when donald trump walked into the restaurant. some of the people there cheering for him. he did dine at the restaurant with his wife melania as well as his three eldest children. donald jr., ivanka and eric trump. so a little bit of fun before getting back down to business today. then of course later tonight hitting the road for one of those rallies that his top advisor kellyanne conway called the oxygen for the president-elect. poppy? >> there you go. we saw him during the campaign and they continue in this period and perhaps into his presidency. thank you, jessica. we appreciate it. coming up, donald trump might be in talks with future appointees, but it's one that he has already made. a decision he's already made about this man, general michael flynn, that is taking a lot of heat. why dozens of activist groups have penned a letter saying flynn must go.
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president-elect donald trump now facing increased pressure to rescind his offer to retired general michael flynn as his national security advisor pick. more than 50 progressive organizations signing a letter arguing that flynn is, quote, unfit for the job. among their concerns comments made by flynn that, quote, fear of muslims is rational and also concerns about his ties to foreign governments when he was advising. they write, his appointment will damage america's standing in the world and pose a threat to our national security. it is really important to point out flynn's position doesn't need senate confirmation. so this is pretty much a done deal. let's discuss. lynn sweet is a washington bureau chief. errol lewis is here and heidi pryzbala. welcome to you all. let's first look at the major
6:21 am
concerns are about things that he's tweeted and a lot of it about also not just the comments about muslims but about fake news. this is a tweet that he put out there in november but has left up, quote, you decide nypd blows whistle on new hillary e-mails, money laundering, sex crimes with children, et cetera, a must read. now here's the issue. there's no basis in fact for that, but we've just seen this week the real life impact that fake news can have when a man armed with an assault rifle went into the d.c. pizzeria, fired shots because of a fake news story tying hillary clinton to a conspiracy theory that he wanted to, according to his own words, investigate for himself. lynn, to you. you wrote in your column today that the oxford dictionary's word of 2016 is post-truth. this is a serious problem. how should flynn be addressing this? >> well, i don't know because you're dealing with somebody in
6:22 am
a new world here, somebody, a prominent public official going into a public administration who wants to push false news stories. this is somebody who comes out of the world of intelligence. he is somebody who has vast responsibilities to advise the administration on what is true and what is not in the world. now you mentioned a moment ago that groups complained about him. well, those are all democratic allied groups, poppy, so i don't think they'll have any sway at all on the situation. >> but i think, you know, errol, to you, when you look at the bigger concerns over fake news, those aren't just among democrats. i would argue there are many conservatives that are concerned about things like that, especially seeing what played out in dc as a result of a fake news story. >> well, sure. but let's be clear. the problem goes all the way to the top. we're talking about a president-elect who launched his public career based on the lie of birtherism which he has never renounced. >> he did come out, as you know,
6:23 am
near the end of the campaign. said two sentences, the president was born here. >> rather than make excuses for him, let's be clear. he spent years telling a lie over and over again that he has never renounced. that's at the beginning of the campaign. at the end of the campaign he makes a claim about millions of false votes or sort of stolen votes and he's never renounced or clarified that either. so you can't really fault general flynn for doing what his boss, his future boss, has been doing to great success for a number of years now. and i think this letter as partisan as it is, lynn is correct, it won't hold a lot of political weight, this is not something congress has to approve, but i think it will at least signal to general flynn that he is being watched and that his performance has to really step up quite a bit from these kind of tweets that he's been putting out. >> there has also been, heidi, a lot of concern about his son in terms of what he has tweeted in the past. very controversial things. but including what he just tweeted on sunday night. let's read that because this is
6:24 am
about the pizza gate issue, the fake news story that led that person with a gun into the restaurant. until pizza gate is proven to be false. it will remain a story. they've forgotten poe des stay e-mails and the coincidences. this is his chief of staff and working for and employed by the trump transition team. >> you ask yourself, how can he possibly get away with tweeting this, and then standing by it and digging in. and i think this is basically at this point magnifying what is a really broader systemic problem of accountability here in washington. now you talked about both parties being concerned about fake news. that's probably true. the autopsies show that the overwhelming majority of the fake news structure is targeted at democrats. so that is why when you see leaders like paul ryan who are asked, for example, about donald trump himself tweeting out fake
6:25 am
news about millions of illegal voters, which is completely unproven, and he does not push back, instead he says, well, he won so let's move on, that is where you see that you have a real problem that we are not in -- we're in a -- we are in a post truth world if folks like paul ryan won't set the facts straight. going back to 2008, for example, john mccain had a moment, the no man moment, where he was asked whether -- or he was -- a voter stated that the president is muslim and he said, no, ma'am. we're not seeing republican leaders step up like that on these issues. >> that's a very interesting comparison. i remember that moment vividly. before i let you guys go. a brand new tweet from donald trump this morning. boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control $4 billion. cancel order. this is fascinating but errol,
6:26 am
this is him talking about government waste and of course any president-elect should be talking about what they deem to be government waste. he's doing it in a unique way through twitter and he is taking on this company head on, not calling the ceo saying can we negotiate. >> his transition advisory team. >> it is just -- there are so many layers to this that fascinate me. lynn, go ahead. >> the ceo is on his transition advisory team. he has total access to him. >> right. so why put it out there like that, errol? this is what he did with carrier, too. he saved those jobs. >> you know, sooner or later this is going to end up in court, this kind of behavior if it continues, because there are procurement rules, there are things that you are and are not supposed to do to try to influence the outcome of a bid like this. frankly, i'd start with the number that he's putting out there. that $4 billion claim sounds wildly out of whack compared with the actual cost of a plane, which apparently is from what i can tell from the aircraft
6:27 am
website $370 million. you've got to have two planes. >> look at you doing your research on the fly. >> then you add security enhancements and so forth. the expected life of 30 years. frankly, it may not be that much. you know, it's expensive to protect the most powerful man in the world. >> quick thought, heidi. >> this is all about branding. we're continuing to see the president kind of brand himself as the populist just like he did with carrier even though the effects may be minimal, he's getting -- if you look at the polls, he's getting a lot of credit from the public by highlighting these things. it's fair to point out that this is something president obama didn't do, for example, with the bailout which was worth so much more in terms of jobs. >> good point. lynn, heidi, errol, nice to have you on. thank you so much. i'm sure the ceo of boeing and donald trump are probably talking right now. quick note, vice president-elect mike pence will be live on "the lead" 4:00 p.m. with jake tapper. donald trump doubling down on threat to u.s. companies.
6:28 am
some gop leaders not buying in. mr. trump revowing on twitter that he will impose a 35% tariff on companies who move jobs overseas. top republicans this morning raising major red flags. cnn's alisyn kosik is with me. we have a history lesson here. the last time this was done in the 1930s it was disastrous for the economy. >> there is historical precedent. this is a very different situation but there are deep seeded concerns about, you know, if donald trump goes ahead and -- goes ahead and taxes these companies 35% for goods that they bring into the u.s. and a way to punish them for sending jobs overseas. there are a lot of concerns. for one, it would make goods here in the u.s. more expensive. it could hurt companies. it could ultimately cause a trade war and i think that's part of the reason why you're seeing a lot of the top gop leaders really not stand behind trump with this. they're coming out with very strong statements. one from house speaker paul ryan saying this, i think we can get at the goal here, which is to
6:29 am
keep american businesses american. build things in america and sell them overseas. that can be properly addressed with comprehensive tax reform and yet another statement from house majority leader kevin mccarthy saying i don't want to get into some type of trade war. i don't think government should be picking winners and losers. the idea here is let's think of something else to incentivize companies to keep jobs here, to stay here. the only way to do that, they say, is to redo the tax code. >> which hasn't been done in a long, long, long time. before i let you go, the market. the wild card is how would the market react if, indeed, these tariffs were instituted. he could find creative ways to do in the short term. >> he could. you're not going to see the market react. you're seeing the market open at a record high. 19th of the year. you're seeing the market really react to a trump presidency for what the hope is that he can bring. you're seeing low taxes, less regulation, you know, this pro growth theme that trump has ushered in. everybody thought the market was
6:30 am
going to tank when he came into office but -- if he was elected but we're not seeing that. we're seeing this run up for stocks. >> he's being handed a pretty remarkable economy. >> he is starting off on a strong foot. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. up next, donald trump's thank you tour heads tonight to north carolina. that is where we will take you next. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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today prosecutors say the fight for justice is far from over after the murder trial of officer michael slager ends with a hung jury. slager is a former police officer seen in the video, the cell phone camera video shooting walter scott in the back after
6:35 am
he ran away. the shooting was captured by a witness on their cell phone back in 2015 when it happened. now scott's family says they're looking ahead to their next chance in court. our nick valencia is live from charleston, south carolina. not the outcome i think that either side was expecting. >> no. good morning, poppy. this lack of a decision, if you will, has caught a lot of people in this community off guard. more than five weeks of a trial, days of deliberation. it was monday -- >> nick, let's listen to the president-elect donald trump just came out of the elevators to address the press. >> everything fine? got some great people coming in today. you'll see them. >> mr. trump, what are you talking about with mayor bowser from washington, d.c., today? >> we're going to talk about a lot of things to a lot of people. we have a great group of people. doing very well. thank you all very much. >> you tweeted this morning canceling the contract for the new air force one. >> the plane is totally out of
6:36 am
control. it's going to be over $4 billion for air force one program and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. okay. thank you. >> well, that was fascinating. the president-elect who is yet to hold a press conference coming out of the golden elevators addressing the press. he's having meeting with henry kissing kissinger, laura ingraham, also meeting with muriel bowser from washington, d.c. he would not get into specifics about what they will speak about, but he was asked by a reporter about boeing and the tweet he just put out this morning saying the $4 billion cost for the next air force one is ridiculous, out of control, we should cancel the order. he said that the costs are totally out of control. he just said it's ridiculous and he thinks that boeing is doing, quote, a little number.
6:37 am
seeming to mean on the american taxpayers. we'll see where those conversations go from here. i believe we can get back to nick valencia. is that right? back to nick in south carolina. nick, let's begin again. obviously it was a hung jury in the case of officer slager. not, frankly, an outcome that either side was expecting. >> reporter: well, there was an indication there could be a mistrial on friday, but even still, this mistrial has caught a lot of people here off guard. it was five weeks of a trial, days of deliberation. jurors on monday afternoon handing a note over to the judge saying that they regretted to inform the court they could not come to a unanimous decision. this was supposed to be a slam dunk for the state. it was anything but. >> we are unable to come to a unanimous decision. >> reporter: a mistrial in the case of michael slager. video of the incident sparking outrage nationwide. former patrolman slager charged with murder of 50-year-old
6:38 am
walter scott after firing eight gunshots as he ran away from him during a traffic stop last april. >> god is my strength and i know without a doubt that he is a just god. injustice will not prevail. >> reporter: the south carolina prosecutor vowing to immediately retry the case. scott family attorneys confident they'll get a conviction. >> we don't need to scream or shout because we know that it's coming. it's just been delayed. >> reporter: the jury deadlocked friday by one holdout who told the judge he could not in good conscience convince slager of murder. >> i cannot and will not change my mind. >> reporter: by monday a majority of the 11 white and 1 black juror were undecided. the shooting caught on video by a bystander, a key piece of evidence in the case slager shot scott repeatedly from approximately 18 feet away. on the stand slager argued
6:39 am
self-defense telling jurors the video doesn't show the full confrontation. he saw scott as a threat. >> it was total fear that mr. scott didn't stop, continued to come towards me. >> reporter: scott's family hoping a conviction could help heal the wounds. >> in my heart, i will find the peace to forgive michael slager for doing that until my family can see justice, no, there's no forgiveness. >> reporter: scott's family attorney went on to say that this was a missed opportunity, a missed opportunity to heal some very deep wounds in the black community related to a series of police shootings throughout the country. 11 of the jurors were white, only one was black. the scott family chose not to focus on that during a press conference having a much more uplifting phone saying that they are convinced during the retrial they will get the conviction that they want.
6:40 am
poppy? >> nick, do we know how many jurors were holdouts as of yesterday? on friday there was this one holdout juror and the rest were ready to convict. did that change over the weekend? >> reporter: on friday we heard about this lone juror who said under good conscience morally he could not convict the former police officer with first degree murder. however, on monday morning the courtroom started with a series of questions being read outloud by judge clifton newman. he said a majority of the jurors were still undecided as of monday morning. how the jury voted, however, still has not been made public. poppy. >> nick valencia live in charleston. thank you very much. attorney chris stewart is with us live from atlanta. he represents the family of walter scott. thank you very much for being with us. >> hey, how are you, poppy? >> i'm well, thank you. take us into the minds of the scott family. i've been listening to you speaking since this hung jury was announced. you sound very upbeat. you're optimistic about a second
6:41 am
trial and winning your case. how does the family feel? >> well, the family is what made me upbeat. when the decision came out, i'm kind of a fiery person and can get upset. mama scott reached forward and put her hand on my shoulder and said, god's got this. and that just calmed me down and calmed everybody down. she has been leading this entire thing. we just follow her lead, and you can see how she's handling it. >> as you heard nick valencia reporting, the jury on friday we know had this one holdout juror. by monday, according to the judge, it was a majority of the jurors that were undecided. what do you read into that? do you believe that? and what does that mean for a second trial if this case is brought again, which i know is the intention? >> no, i think that jury -- well, the 11 members of the jury were just being extremely smart. what they heard on friday from the judge was that if it continued to be deadlocked, then it was over. so they came back, they wanted
6:42 am
to come back to try to convince this lone juror to change his mind and they started off that morning by saying that they were undecided because they knew if they came back and said they were deadlocked, it was over. i think those 11 people really wanted to try and change his mind but he just refused to do so. >> the state had to prove what is called malace aforethought. the jurors came back and asked clarification on terminology on things like that, malace aforethought and also heat of passion. does that show to you that that's an indication that the jury was considering both the murder and the manslaughter charge? because they were offered both. all the way up to the end? >> definitely. you know, i'm sure some of the jurors are going to be talking soon, but they were clearly thinking about murder. for all we know, it might have been 11-1 for murder but the guy who held out, as you heard nick say, you cannot do that.
6:43 am
you cannot hold up a jury for moral reasons. you have to follow the law. you have to follow the judge's instructions. and michael slager was guilty. >> so when you look at what is next, the prosecutor scarlet wilson said yesterday we will try michael slager again. given this mistrial, do you believe that the prosecution, the state arguing this case, should try it differently a second time around? >> i think miss wilson did a phenomenal job. i think the judge was phenomenal. you know, sometimes, and i've tried a lot of cases with a jury, sometimes you have a person that can just not listen to what's going on or the evidence, they make a decision based on their personal feelings and hold a verdict back. i mean, it happens. that's why we're upbeat. people are saying we would never get a verdict because there were so many white people on the jury. well, you see that only one person stopped the jury. doesn't matter what color you are.
6:44 am
people saw what happened. >> all right. obviously there is also the federal civil rights case that begins in january. a lot to get to. we'll continue to follow this. chris stewart, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. still to come, as protesters prepare for a white supremacist to speak at a major american university, the man behind that event who brought him there to speak defends the movement. >> do you think this is a white nation? >> i think it was at one time and i think that the reaction of trump being elected and the reaction that's going on with the alt right being popular is reaction to it declining being a white nation.
6:45 am
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. a white supremacist who made headlines for quoting nazi propaganda is speaking tonight at a texas public university. >> hail trump, hail our people, hail victory. >> that was richard spencer celebrating donald trump's
6:49 am
victory an few weeks ago. now, texas a&m university is taking flak for allowing him to speak there. the school says it does not support his views and it did not invite him. so who did? our gary tuchman sat down with the man who set up this event. >> reporter: this is the man who invited white nationalist richard spencer to speak at texas a&m university. he knows it will be controversial. he knows most people don't want this event to take place. what do you think of richard spencer? zw >> um, think he has some valid points. >> hail our people, hail victory. >> reporter: the nazi imagery at this gathering upsetting to so many. a political activist who lives in texas says he doesn't agree with all of spencer's views but he certainly does some of them. do you think this is a white nation? >> i think it was at one time. i think the reaction of trump being elected and the reaction
6:50 am
being with the alt right being popular is the reaction. >> reporter: he is sympathetic to the point of view of the so-called alt right, a relatively new term for what in the past were called white supremists. >> why would i want to see america become less white? only people with a mental illness want to be displaced. >> reporter: here's the thing, you and people like you have a hang-up about the color of people's skin. ways the difference what people skin is? why does it matter the pigment? >> it's not just pigment. >> reporter: what is it? >> people's behavior. people's iq. >> reporter: there are lots of people -- there are lots of white people with low iqs. there are lots of black people with high iqs. everyone's different. my question is -- >> better the devil i know. >> reporter: texas a&m does not want this event to happen and has officially rejected richard
6:51 am
spencer's views but says it cannot ban the event because this is a public university. a number of students who oppose spencer's visit has organized what is expected to be a large demonstration. they pledge to keep it peaceful. we have a responsibility to take measured action to counter white nationalism, white supremacy. >> yes, think there's going to be outside age tatater, by all means. >> reporter: the monitor of hate group says he's declared he wants to prevent the populations of white nations from becoming what he has termed a home genius muddle of sludge. he says there is a way to make america more white. >> a ban on immigration, if not a strict curb on immigration. i don't think you can bring somalians into america and expect them to assimilate. >> reporter: but some somalis can, right? >> i would be very selective on that. i think we freely let anybody
6:52 am
into america. >> reporter: that's what prejudice is, you're saying they should all not come. there are bad people would should not be in this country from all nationalities, all creed, all religions. but by saying all somalis shouldn't come here, isn't that being a bigot? >> um sometimes maybe being a bigot is wise. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, college station, texas. >> again, that address at texas a&m is happening tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ as soon as i became a parent i changed as a person, drastically. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how.
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all right, checking top stories. a sheriff's deputy is dead after her car falls into a sinkhole in texas. another driver was rescued. no word on that victim's condition. the fire department needing a crane to lift the car out of the 12 foot sinkhole. not clear how exactly it was formed. also, president obama set to make his final speech today on the administration's counterterrorism strategy. it will happen at an air force base in tampa. the president will address active service members and members of the special ops teams who have been fighting al qaeda and isis around the world. the future of grocery shopping it is apparently here from amazon. no lines. stores where you just shop with your app, grab what you want and go. the first store is of course in seattle. but it's only available for amazon employees right now. the public can shop there early next year.
6:58 am
♪ they don't love you like i love you ♪ the grammys showing love to beyonce yet again. the 2017 grammy nominations just announced this morning. beyonce leading the pack with nine nods. drake, rihanna and kanye west all earned eight nominations a piece. and chance, the rapper, picking up seven nods. as for the album of the year, it is adele, beyonce, justin bieber, drake, and sturgill simp son. we'll see who wins the grammys coming february 12th. hillary clinton may have won the popular vote but she didn't win over every voter who supported president obama. in the messy truth, a new cnn special, van jones sits down with a family of long-term democrats to better understand why they voted for donald trump. >> hey. >> come on in. >> lord, thank you for this food and thank you for bringing everybody together. >> scott is a lifelong democrat who voted for obama twice. >> thank you so much, amen. >> cameron, his only son who is
6:59 am
old enough to vote in the last election, also supported obama. this year, all four voted for trump. you can't imagine two guys more different and yet you supported one and then you supported the other. what did you like about obama and then what did you like about trump? >> i think obama represents a lot of love and i think he's a good man and he did all he could. we supported him for two elections. then when those changes really didn't come about and obamacare actually affected me personally with my own mother, i think we needed a change once again. trump seemed to come through here and he's speaking change again. so i think we still voted for change. >> for more from that conversation, you will not want to miss the messy truth. it is tonight with van jones,
7:00 am
9:00 p.m. eastern, a live town hall, right here on cnn. the next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. good morning, everyone. top of the hour. 10:00 a.m. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. we begin with politics and president-elect donald trump making a surprise appearance this morning. moments ago walking out of those golden elevators to trump tower. speaking with reporters. the latest headline, he digs in and goes after boeing, a major american company. why? because of the cost, price tag on next air force one. all of this happening as trump gears up for a busy day of transition meetings. he says he has some great people coming in today. we know he will meet with exxon mobil ceo rex tiller son. former secretary of state henry kissinger fresh off his trip to china. conservative radio host laura ingram all on the schedule to meet the president-elect. let's go to jessica


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