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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 6, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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9:00 p.m. eastern, a live town hall, right here on cnn. the next hour of "newsroom" begins right now. good morning, everyone. top of the hour. 10:00 a.m. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. we begin with politics and president-elect donald trump making a surprise appearance this morning. moments ago walking out of those golden elevators to trump tower. speaking with reporters. the latest headline, he digs in and goes after boeing, a major american company. why? because of the cost, price tag on next air force one. all of this happening as trump gears up for a busy day of transition meetings. he says he has some great people coming in today. we know he will meet with exxon mobil ceo rex tiller son. former secretary of state henry kissinger fresh off his trip to china. conservative radio host laura ingram all on the schedule to meet the president-elect. let's go to jessica schneider
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outside of trump tower. this is is big because he doesn't usually talk to the media going in and out. >> a lot twists and turns from the president-elect. what we thought was going to be a quiet day at least in the beginning of meetings here at trump tower turned into a appearance from the president-elect himself. donald trump spouting off this morning about air force one and what he's calling the bloated costs. now, let me give you a rundown as to how this all developed through the morning. around 8:52 this morning, just about an hour ago, donald trump took to his favorite medium, twitter. he put out this. help said, boeing is building brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than $4 billion and continuing with his exclamation cancel order. of course the new air force one will be a 747-8. the old air force ones, 747-200s. he greeted the pool cameras just inside the trump tower lobby and had this to say.
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>> well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be over $4 billion. for air force one program. and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot of money but not that much money. >> now, interestingly, it was donald trump earlier this year that actually went off on air force one, calling it a very old airplane, saying it had old gins and it was spewing stuff. potentially now changing his tune, talking about cost overrun. this would not be completely unprecedented. in 2009 president obama took office he canceled a marine one contract order that was running in the range of $11 billion. that order canceled. could president-elect trump do the same thing. we shall see. perhaps now it is back to business. donald trump has a number of meetings this morning, many intriguing meetings.
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one with exxon ceo rex tillerson. being added to what continue to be a growing list for secretary of state. some sources saying tillerson definitely not a leading candidate. however donald trump is intrigued by his world view. also today inside will be former secretary of state henry kissinger as well as the mayor of washington, d.c. after all of that, getting down to business today, donald trump will hit the road for the second stop in his thank you tour. he'll be heading down to fayetteville, north carolina, for a 7:00 rally. it's the first of three rallies this week. being, we saw one in cincinnati last week. later on this week, on thursday, donald trump will be in des moines, iowa. on friday, going to grand rapid, michigan. delgs spite the fact, despite the fact that a recount is actually happening in that state, when he won by less than 10,000 votes. we never really know what to expect here. just a little while ago, seeing donald trump in the lobby here. we do expect a full day of meetings complete with that rally tonight, poppy.
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>> jessica schneider. thank you. it's a good thing you're there around the clock because you never know when he's going to come out and address reporters. with me now, cnn business correspondent alison kosik, betsy woodruff is with us, daily beast. and patricia columner, daily beast. let me begin with the news jessica went through, this boeing news. jessica, walk us through this, because a really fascinating twist is the fact that the former ceo jim mcderny of boeing up until about a year ago is actually on a team set to advise the president-elect after inauguration on jobs and the economy. >> yes, that is an interesting twist. ways happened here is boeing reportedly got the contract to start preliminary work on a new fleet of air force one aircraft. this is on two jets. this contract for this preliminary work started in january. and says it was initially for
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$25.8 million. but the air force actually planned to spend a lot more. estimating at one point, $6 million. so that was a huge dichotomy in the number there. this is also an interesting story because you see the power of a tweet. let's bring up that tweet one more time. i want to tell you what happened to the stock price once he tweeted that. he said boeing is building a brand-new 747 air force one for future presidents but costs are out of control. more than 4 billion. cancel order. then you saw, minutes after, you saw boeing stock slide 1%. it was quickly retweeted. it was liked. you saw boeing stock take a hit. it's now recovered. it was interesting to see it drop that quickly based on what donald trump said. walking out into the lobby, he also said this, he said, well, the plane is totally out of control. it's going to be $4 billion for the air force one program. and think it's ridiculous.
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and i think that boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make money but not that kind of money. thank you. >> obviously making a lot of headlines there. we'll see what transpired from this. ladies, i'd like your take on the other big headlines. obviously, general flynn is under a lot of pressure. but frankly he's a done deal. he's likely going to be the next national security adviser because he doesn't need to be confirmed by the senate. betsy, your take on the fact that not only does he still have this tweet about a conspiracy theory totally fake news story he tweeted in november about hillary clinton. still up on his twitter account. this one. his son also on sunday night after an armed man went into a d.c. pizza shop and fired shot because of another fake news story, flynn's son and his chief of staff said it remains a story, the left seems to forget podesta emays and the many
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coincidents tied to it. what responsibility for general flynn or the president-elect to start disavowing these completely false stories that have now led to violence? >> you would think there would be a massive level of responsibility incumbent on these folks not to propagate innocence that leads to people engaging in dangerous activity. we know conspiracy theories can sometimes be tied to violence. doesn't mean that all people who believe in conspiracy theorys is violence. a study by the university of miami found there's a strong correlation between people who have a high propensity to believe conspiracy theories and people would believe it's okay to use violence when you don't believe in what the government is doing. when you push stories like this that is false and incendiary, particularly in the case of pizza gate, where there are allegations of child molestation, it's fact that that is likely leading to something
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dangerous happening. >> it just, you know, begs the question of is it going to take it for someone to get hurt for this nonsense to stop. let's listen to joe scarborough on msnbc asking the vice president-elect pence about general flynn and specifically about his son who we just talked about with that fake news tweet who is his chief of staff. let's listen to what pence said. >> well, general flynn's son had no involvement in the transition whatsoever -- >> he has a transition e-mail. >> he has no involvement in the transition whatsoever. >> none at all? let me ask you that again -- >> i want to -- >> i want to underline that. you're running the transition, right? >> i am, i'm chairing. >> you are saying as head of the transition that flynn's son is not involved at all in the transition. >> no, no, he's not. >> okay so patricia, here's the thing, as joe scarborough rightly pointed out and as "the new york times" is reporting
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today, his son has a dot gov transition e-mail address. >> i think it's mike pence, again, being a loyal soldier and being loyal to donald trump. i think we're starting to see a relatively troubling trend of mike pence and other members of the administration saying what they need to say. it damages their credibility enormously if we start to find out that general flynn's son does have a role in the transition. we don't know how he got his e-mail address. it may have just been a request that was fulfilled and kind of a very busy time for the transition team. but for general flynn to be not coming out and denouncing these stories and for his son to not be coming out and denouncing these stories, it damages the credibility of a man who must have full confidence not just of the president but of the general public as national security adviser the advice he is giving donald trump internally and ex-teshally is going to carry an enormous amount of weight. if there's questions about his
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veracity and his stability even before the transition really gets under way, before he's sworn in as president, that's going to be a really big problem for the administration and for general flynn on the hill externally and a lot of other places, so think this is a much bigger story than maybe they understand it is. >> that's an interesting point, not just, you know, does he serve in that role but does he have the confidence of the american people as he does that. betsy, thank you, patricia, allison, thank you. quick note, vice president-elect mike pence will be on "the lead" on cnn today at 4:00 p.m. with jake tapper. let me take you to los angeles. on high alert after a terror threat to the l.a. subway system. the fbi confirming it has received an overseas tip about a possible bombing at the universal city stop near universal studios. officials calling the threat specific and imminent. law enforcement ramping up security as they search for possible explosives. at the same time, the mayor
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saying he will ride that red line today to show it is safe. our kyung lah is with us from los angeles. what can you tell us about the threat? i know they say it is credible and imminent. >> they also say it's very specific and that's the reason why the l.a. authorities decided to move forward with a news conference and inform the public about what this is, what they believe that they have in front of them, poppy. from what we understand, from the fbi, as well as local authorities, is that this threat was a phoned-in threat from overseas. it was picked up by an international partner and then the information was handed over to l.a. authorities. now, these sorts of threats do come in. the authorities in that presser last night did explain this is something they do receive on a regular basis. so what makes this different. the reason they decided to move forward is it specifically talked about a particular rail line. metro rail line. there are 145,000 people who do use this rail line. especially during the heavy morning commute hours which is
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right now during here in los angeles. they are also concerned it also talked about a specific stop, the universal city stop. there is a large amusement park, a theater there as well. so they wanted people to know about this as well as this is the holiday season, poppy, but something to keep in mine, the l.a. sheriff said, look, we don't know if this is real or if this is a hoax, poppy. >> important point, kyung lah live for us in los angeles, thank you. coming up, that catastrophic fire inside of an oakland warehouse, 36 people killed and countless questions remain. wi we will hear from investigators.
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to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. in oakland california, officials updated their investigation of the horrific warehouse fire there. we know that 36 people are confirmed dead and crews now say they do not necessarily expect the death toll to climb. but as memorials build outside
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of the gutted rooms, a criminal investigation is moving forward. the man who has held the lease on that illegal residence speaks out. our paul vercammen is at the scene. i know they still have not searched the entire building but they've gotten through most of it. still, though, one of those victims unidentified. >> that's right, but they made progress. just about 15% of the building left to scour. let's listen to the oakland police spokeswoman. >> the most important message we want to send, because we know families are watching. we know 36 families are watching. we know other families are watching as well. and also to our community. we're not going to put an end time. we're going to continue the search. we're going to continue the investigation. we're going to continue the process. until absolute lly every piece debris is removed from this
7:18 am
building, every area has been searched. >> and here's why firefighters are confident they may not find any more bodies. i was able to speak with the battalion chief off camera and he relayed to me that in the remaining 15%, it's sort of a back wall and a large part a corner. he said it's unlikely people were hanging out in that area and they can see into the debris field and so they've got a good glimpse on that so they are optimistic they won't, they're crossing their fingers and they're praying, won't find any more bodies. >> it's been an absolute tragedy throughout, paul, thank you. we appreciate the reporting from oakland. still to come, gop leaders vowing a swift repeal of obamacare. but do they have a plan after that. some 20 million americans of course depend on it right now and they want to know. e ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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house speaker paul ryan speaking on capitol hill just moments ago talking about that controversial phone call between the president-elect and the president of taiwan. let's listen to what speaker ryan said. >> it's prudent for him to take congratulatory calls. i spoke with the president of taiwan when she was transferring planes in miami a couple months ago. it is prudent for the president-elect to take congratulatory calls. think for him to not take a congratulatory call would be considered a snub so i think everything's fine. you think i'm going to sit here and comment on the daily tweets.
7:24 am
i'm just not going to be doing that. >> so the house speaker not commenting on the daily tweets but saying he thinks everything is fine regarding that phone call. president obama is making what is expected to be his final speech on fighting terror groups abroad. it could be his last chance to help encourage the incoming trump administration to keep some of his policies in place. our athena jones is following all of it from the white house and joins me now. the place where he's going to make this speech is an air force base that he's visited before. any idea why this location for this final speech on terrorism? >> hi, poppy. the location is significant. we're talking about the home of central command. the home of special operations command. these are the folks who have been responsible for waging the war against groups like isis. of course, special operations forces were responsible for carrying out some of the most important mission of the obama presidency like killing osama bin laden. they're also of course involved in training opposition forces
7:25 am
who are taking the fight to isis in iraq and syria. and the president's deputy national security adviser ben rhodes said president obama feels a very personal connection to the special operations forces community and he wanted to go there and thank them. so he'll be meeting with those troops before delivering the speech later this afternoon. as for the speech itself, as you mentioned, the last major national speech on national security. he'll use it to sum up his administration's record on fighting counterterrorism and make the case for a continuation of the same approach. we expect to hear him talk about why it's important to close the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba. that's a campaign promise he was never able to fulfill. he'll also talk about why he believes the ban on torture should be maintained. he'll make the case for targeted approach to fighting terrorism. so using special operation forces, for instance, rather than carrying out the kind of large ground war we've seen in
7:26 am
previous campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. and we expect he'll dip in the iran nuclear deal. several of these are areas where president elect trump has inkalted he will go in a different direction. he's talked about bringing back water boarding which is considered torture and he said he wanted to fill up the prison at guantanamo bay with some more bad dudes. so it will be interesting to compare the obama approach to the potential approach of a president trump. saying this speech was being worked on well before trump was elected so it wasn't written to respond to him but it is certainly going to be a message of some sort for the incoming president. fareed zakaria sitting down one on one with president obama, speaking about the triumphs and struggles during his time in the white house. cnn special report, the legacy of barack obama. it airs tomorrow night, 9:00
7:27 am
p.m., right here. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. thank you for joining me. repeal obamacare, you've heard that over and over. one of the largest rallying cries of the republican party. with house speaker paul ryan vowing an early vote, what happens to the millions of americans who have signed up for it and rely on it now? in an interview this week in his home state of wisconsin, he said, quote, clearly there will be a transition and a bridge so no one is left out in the cold. so no one is worse off. question this morning is what does that bridge look like? with me now to debate, the president of the conservative american action forum and rona furhow, author of the new book "makers and takers." l let's listen to what the vice president said about this. >> they decide they're going to
7:28 am
immediately repeal the affordable care act. all of a sudden, i figured out, 20 million people now have insurance. all of a sudden, they found out. they can't go back to charging more for women than men. all of a sudden they figure out, my lord, previous conditions do matter. now they say, we'll repeal immediately, go into effect after the next election. bless me, father, for i have sinned. >> in all seriousness, douglas, there is an urgency, right, for many people who rely on it to know what's going to be next. there's also an urgency among republicans to repeal it fast. paul ryan says, you know, there will be a bridge. to you, what will that bridge look like? what, frankly, could it look like? >> well, think there really is an urgency on the republican party. this is an enormously unpopular
7:29 am
law. so there's a political urgency to move to something else. so i have a full expectation that they will pass a bill that repeals it. at that point, they will set out to craft a replacement plan and in the interim they will leave in place some of the components of the affordable care act. the subsidies. some insurance regulations. which they are unlikely to repeal in the special procedures they call reconciliation. there's going to be no abrupt change. there's no going back to 2007. there's no scare tactics. >> douglas, how can you say there will be no abrupt change if they repeal it and don't leave, you know, most of it intact because if you ask the architects of obama -- >> you can easily. >> let me just finish. if you ask the architect, they say one part is often reliant on the other. so how can people be sure they will be covered in the interim before something else is passed? >> so you pass a bill in 2017 that says effective january 1st, 2020, the following provisions
7:30 am
are no longer law. so there is literally no abrupt change it it change, it's been the expectation from the beginning and they will be able to do that with very little problem. the problem becomes a replacement plan. they understand that. they're beginning that work now. in doing that replacement plan, it will say effective january 1, 2020, something like that, the following conditions will prevail. they will be cognizant of the 10 million people in the exchanges. they will understand that those pieces of health care landscape are real but so is the reality that health care costs are rising at almost 6% a year again. >> so let's talk about -- >> they haven't somellved the c problem. >> a very important point, the cost. this couldn't have come at worst timing for hillary clinton, during the end of the campaign, and it was a real boon to the president-elect because the news came that obamacare premiums are skyrocketing, up an average of
7:31 am
22% for the benchmark silver plan. it will cost a 27-year-old enrollee almost $300 a month now. if you look at other states, it's going up 116% next year. not every year but at least for the next year. ways t what's the solution when you have skyrocketing costs? >> i think the starting point has to be an understanding in many ways obamacare was a band-aid on a system that is way more dysfunctional at a baseline level. if you look at the u.s., largely privatized systems still, our health care costs are about 30% higher than the next most expensive country. and we have far worst outcomes. you know, frankly, the solution i think to health care in america is to put it under a nationalized system. i know that might sound radical but frankly every other rich country in the world just about does that and has cheaper costs and besh otter outcomes -- >> people paying a lot more to get that -- >> at a national level,
7:32 am
overallit would be a lot cheaper. if you took medicare, frankly one the most popular programs of all time along with social security, and you decreased the age at which people could be eligible for that, it would work far better and at a national level would be far cheaper than letting a system, a market knows best system, continue to work in a way that is clearly broken. >> douglas, can -- obviously some people love that in europe and obviously some people hate it. can this country afford that. how do you see that playing out? >> look, look. this is exactly what was being said in 2007, 2008, leading into the passage of the affordable care act. we now realize it didn't work at all. >> it was a republican idea, by the way. >> -- change medicare because the medical program is not delivering high value care. it's delivering very expensive care with poor outcomes. so none of those things have been improved by the passage of
7:33 am
time or the passage of the affordable care act. an attempt to not nationalize and overregulate and to top down one size fits all health care. we'll see an approach that's driven by conditions on the ground, the fact the u.s. is a very large 300 million people with very different kinds of health conditions and you have to taylor solutions to the conditions on the ground. that's what you'll see in an approach that goes from the bottom up. >> i'd love to just jump in here with two facts. about a third of the people in this country that cycle in and out of poverty do so because of a health care emergency because they're not covered. fewer people will now -- or more people will be not covered if we deal with the republicans are proposing. secondly if you look at how the markets have been -- >> republicans haven't proposed anything yet. you can't say that. there's been no proposal. >> if you turn back -- >> how can you say that -- >> pharmaceutical stocks are going up, insurance stocks are going up -- >> it's just scare tactics --
7:34 am
>> and people are going to end up being uncovered. >> there will be a proposal. it's just scare tactics. you can't say those things. >> as paul ryan told our jake tapper a few weeks ago wrister the election, it has not been drafted yet. talking about some of the proposals that have been out there. clearly, there's a lot more to debate. i hope you both come back. coming up, president-elect trump says he wants to scrape the iranian nuclear deal. iran's president saying that's not going to happen. that's next.
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7:39 am
repeatedly said the deal with iran was one of the worse he'd ever seen. joining us now from london, cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson. so what are the big headlines here? and has the president-elect responded yet? >> not yet. what we're hearing from the iranians though is really an amplification of what they've been saying since donald trump was elected. sort of two days after that, the supreme leader came out, clearly very concerned about the nuclear deal. he was saying that this is, you know, we made this deal, this deal will stick. we know united states is our enemy but the deal will stick. now they've seen this extension of the iran sanctions acts and there's concern in iran about that. being what the extension to the sanctions does is allow all the nuclear related sanctions to have a snap back facility.
7:40 am
of course, they were waived by secretary kerry right after the deal. now you have this extension for ten years. so you this protection if iran steps out of the deal. clearly they're looking at donald trump. clearly they're looking at the selection of general mattis as defense chief. this is what president rouhani said today. >> translator: the u.s., as part of the five plus one, is one of our enemies and wants to pressure us. there is no doubt about that. we have to resist, be steadfast and find a way to counter it. they may break the nuclear agreement. they have already done so by extending the dematto law. if this measure is actually implemented, then it will be a clear breach of the nuclear agreement and will cause us to react very harshly and severely. >> so what the iranians are saying, the extension of these sanctions hurts them in other
7:41 am
ways. non-nuclear-related sanctions are now going to be extended. this hurts their trading. they're not allowed to use u.s. financial services, also the dollar. so this is their concern. it also goes back to trump's relationship with the taiwanese, how that's antagonizing the chinese, and this is causing concern, that this is going to be potentially a president they don't know how to deal with. >> nic robertson, very important headline out of iran, thank you very much for that today, in london. also coming up, she's an executive in the trump organization and the president of at least one of his go-to advisers. what will ivanka trump's role be as first daughter? also, discussion about potential conflicts of interests. first, voting is under way for the 2016 hero of the year. the all-star tribute airs this weekend. make sure to vote. >> they are the kind and the
7:42 am
caring. they are the strong and the brave. they are the ones who see a need, fill a void, make a difference. >> i'm trying to give them all the opportunities they deserve. >> this has become my life. i don't ever want to do anything else. >> they don't do it for themselves. they do it for all the rest of us. they are a reminder of what's good in this world and what it truly means to be a hero. >> we give them the foundation from which they can thrive. the feeling of family. >> we have transformed the lies lives of thousands of children. >> this sunday night, cnn presents a very special live event. the tenth annual cnn heroes all star tribute. >> tonight we're gathered to celebrate extraordinary men and women who highlight the best of what humanity has to offer. >> join host anderson cooper and special co-host kelly ripa as we honor ten extraordinary people. the tenth annual cnn heroes all-star tribute live sunday night at 8:00 on cnn.
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we know that ivanka trump will not be a typical first daughter, if there really is a typical first daughter. she is an executive at the trump organization and very involved with her father's transition to power. from talking climate change to the former vice president al gore, helping interview possible cabinet picks and now she's planning reportedly to move her family to d.c. so what does this all tell us about her role as first daughter? here's our dana bash. >> like most trump projects, the washington hotel opening this fall was a family affair. >> two years ago when we promised the city of d.c. that trump would be coming to pennsylvania avenue in 2016, we had no idea what we were foreshadowing it. >> reporter: it turns out ivanka trump had no idea what she was foreshadowing. now her plan to move her family to d.c. is raising a slew of
7:48 am
questions about one of the more fascinating aspects of what we know will be an unconventional presidency. the role ivanka and her husband jared kushner will play. in an interview last month, this was ivanka's prediction. >> i'm going to be a daughter. but i've said throughout the campaign that i'm very passionate about certain issues and that i want to fight for them. >> reporter: that explains her sit-down with former vice president al gore on climate change. but she also took the unusual step of attending a meeting last month between president-elect trump and japanese prime minister abe, which "the new york times" reports took place as representatives of ivanka trump products were in tokyo working on a licensing deal with a company backed by a bank owned by the japanese government. that brings up another conundrum. trump's businesses. during his campaign, he said he would hand over control of the trump organization to his children. if that includes ivanka, it could pose a conflict if she's an active participant in the
7:49 am
trump white house. trump told the "new york times" if it were up to some people, i would never see my daughter ivanka again. it was tongue in cheek but revealing about how inextricably linked ivanka is to the president's professional life. as he told us at the opening of his hotel in d.c. >> i want to back my children. my children work very hard, ivanka in particular. at the opening of the hotel, i want to back my children. >> reporter: as president, his children want to back him. especially ivanka's husband jared who played a leading role running the trump campaign and now the transition. he's asked lawyers to look into whether he can get around a nepotism law preventing children and in-laws from administration jobs. >> he's a very if guy. he's a quality person. i think he could be very helpful. i would love to be able to be the one that made peace with israel and the palestinians.
7:50 am
>> reporter: trump said his son-in-law would be good at making that happen. having them in the west wing could pose conflicts and certainly would be unprecedented but it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. >> he will fight for equal pay for equal work and i will fight for this too right alongside of him. >> reporter: it was what ivanka trump promised and it was a selling point for many trump voters. dana bash, cnn, washington. >> let's discuss with "new york times" report effort jacob bernstein who co-wrote a fascinating article this week will ivanka trump be the most powerful first daughter in history. a sign perhaps, the phone call between house minority leader nancy pelosi. she caws president-elect trump a few days after he wins. she brings up women issues. he hands the phone to ivanka. >> that tells you either that ivanka is one of the most important people to him, i think it does tell you that but i think it also tells you, you know, that women's rights is not
7:51 am
the first thing on his agenda. and so she becomes this sort of surrogate for this. she is a person who has kind of wide -- sort of wide social net in new york with kind of progressive people. and so she's a good sort of foil to him in some way. >> yes, with some very progressive people in new york. i remember interviewing her more than a year ago now and many people on both sides of the aisle were effusive in their praise for her. she's been very well liked before her father ran by some people across the board. i find it interesting she's the one that facilitated the meeting between vice president al gore on climate change, something the president-elect has called a hoax, and it was leonardo dicaprio, you report, that may have helped sway her on that. >> i don't know if he swayed her on it but certainly leonardo dicaprio went to meet her and brought a copy of his documentary. given trump's choice at the epa. >> who is a climate change denier. >> denier basically.
7:52 am
you have this question of is she going to be influential or does she exist to kind make them appear to be -- it's almost like when they talked about compassionate conservatism. they kind of used that phrase to do a whole lot of things that, you know, if you were gay or a woman, it didn't feel necessarily so compassionate. >> one thing i find interesting about her is yes she was privileged growing up. yes, she was born with a so-called silver spoon in her mouth. she worked incredibly hard. she went to the university of pennsylvania. she runs this big business and actually runs it. so no one can criticize her for not having worked hard to create success. she also has some big-name critics out there, including business magnets like barry diller. >> barry diller was a person who knew her, deon von furstenberg is his wife. anna winter has been a role model to her. and many people turned on her in the election. they felt she should have stood up for what they believe is right.
7:53 am
she's a person who has woven feminism into her sales pitch. it's very hard to square that with the campaign that trump ran and with the things that he said about megyn kelly and with the tape of billy bush, et cetera. >> so what about, then, the concerns over conflicts of interest? she's deeply involved in the transition. she's going to be running her business. and if they're living in d.c. -- >> yes, i think there's no good answer to that. i think that when they get asked, is she going to be involved with the trump campaign, she says no, or with his presidency, they sort of do a kind of no, i'm just going to be a daughter, it's what she said in dana's piece. then when asked is this going to be the most right wing presidency, they say no, look at ivanka. depending on what the story is they're being asked about, the narrative kind of switches. >> we'll see if he can get past that nepotism law and get jared kushner in to his administration. we'll watch what role that will be. if you haven't read it, go to
7:54 am
new york and read it. colts quarterback luck comes back strong. he's putting his team in playoff position. next, we're talking with football super bowl mvp hines ward.
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the colts are back in the playoff picture, after crushing the jets on monday night football. hines ward has more in this morning's bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. yes, it was a dominant performance by indianapolis colts from start to finish. colts quarterback andrew luck looked sharp, partly due to his time off. also, indy needed a win. there was a moment of silence for former jets player joe mcknight who was shot and killed last week. and then there was time for andrew luck to go to work. now, he looked fantastic coming off his first concussion of his career. luck threw four touchdowns. most of them to dwayne allen. the colts crushed the jets.
7:59 am
indy's playoff hopes, well, they're still alive. they're in a three-way tie for the division league. the loss unfortunately eliminates the jets out of the playoffs. now, three quarterbacks are among the finalists for the heisman trophy. you have louisville's jackson. last year's third place finish er watson from clemson and oklahoma, baker mayfield. then you have baker's teammate wide receiver westbrook and michigan's all around jibril peppers rounds out the list. the heisman saturday night in new york city. and honoring the world war ii paratroopers in saturday's game against navy. inspired by the 82nd airborne division. the 82nd was nicknamed the all-americans because they had members from each state. now, we haven't seen what, you know, any announcement from navy about what they will be wearing, but check out what they wore in last year's game. they rocked it. had the ships on the side of the
8:00 am
helmet. who can forget those. i'm going to go and give army the edge a little bit. because, you know, we have our very own coy wire, he will have the best seat in the house, and we'll be in baltimore with live coverage of the army/navy game starting on friday. poppy. >> a fun weekend ahead. thank you for being with me today. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. "at this hour" with berman and bolduan begins now. >> in a president-elect transition first, donald trump answered questions from reporters gathered in the lobby of trump tower. more like question. but it's more than he's done in a lock, long time. the headline from the president-elect, yes, to good candidates for the administration but no to air force one, at least the new one. >> trump tweeted this morning he'd like to see canceled the


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