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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. a lot of news to get to. president-elect donald trump says he'll announce new members of his administration both today and tomorrow. and we have breaking news on that right now. sources are telling us terry bransad is the ambassador to china. given all that he's said on the trail, this is a really important post. we'll dig in to that. also, you're looking at the cover of "time" magazine, namely donald trump, the person of the year. trump also saying that the most coveted role, secretary of state, probably will not be revealed until next week. he also said mitt romney's still in the running. trump newly named as "time" magazine's man of the year pushing back against the headline which raieads, preside of the divided united states of america. his most ferocious critic mitt romney is still being considered for secretary of state. listen. >> is he still under consideration? >> yes, he is. >> does he have a chance to become secretary of state? >> yes, he does.
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i mean, i've spoken to him a lot. and we've come a long way together. we've had tremendous difficulty together, and now we have come a long way, but the answer is, yes, he does. >> so this isn't a case of stringing him along as revenge being a dish best served cold for the comments he made during the campaign? >> no, it's not about revenge. it's about what is good for the country. >> our leslie schneider is live outside the trump tower. what is the latest news, jess? >> reporter: secretary of state is the mostly watched post. all eyes have been on the former massachusetts governor mitt romney. he's a leading contender sitting down with donald trump twice over the past few weeks. mitt romney after the last time he met with donald trump even came out and praised donald trump's electoral victory.
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interestingly this morning, donald trump talked about the fact that the two have come a long way together. and that donald trump has come a long way in his thinking about mitt romney. but despite that over the past few days and weeks, we have heard a lot of other names emerge as possible contenders for secretary of state. in particular, we've heard about general david petraeus. and we have heard about former utah governor and former u.s. ambassador to china, jon huntsman. also emerging in the past day or so, exxon's ceo ron tillerson. he met with donald trump here at trump tower. donald trump called him out by name this morning calling him a great man. so what will transpire here, he was asked if he's merely stringing mitt romney along. donald trump says he's not out for revenge. this is about what is good for the country. donald trump also shedding some light on the fact that he has, in fact, consulted the current president, president obama, and some of his potential picks. >> i love getting his ideas and
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i may differ in many cases, i defer very greatly. >> but in one of the cases when you went to him with a specific person in mind for an appointment, did you go with his recommendation? >> i would say that, yes, i take his recommendations very seriously. and there are some people that i will be appointing. and in one case, have appointed, where he thought very highly of that person, yes. >> reporter: so donald trump talking about his appointments and nominations. we are expecting another announcement happening probably today or tomorrow surrounding iowa governor terry branstad. we learned from sources that donald trump has offered governor branstad the position of u.s. ambassador to china. and that announcement is expected on the heels or at that des moines, iowa, rally that will happen, part of donald trump's thank you tour tomorrow. interestingly enough, governor branstad has a close relationship with the president of china.
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president xi. it turns out president xi was studying agriculture in iowa and the two became friends when president xi was in school. a close relationship there to serve them forward. but that announcement expected today or tomorrow. still waiting on the secretary of state announcement. could that be at some point next week? donald trump saying likely, yes. poppy? >> keeping us all on our toes, jessica schneider, thank you for the reporting. we'll talk about that with my political panel, david chalian is here, erol lewis is here, and david lexium from the "washington post." david challian, your take on terry branstad who knows president xi. this is more important with the ambassador to china even than past presidents given what donald trump said on the campaign trail. >> not just given on the
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campaign trail but as president-elect. already the to-do list for governor branstad is growing. already the relationship is real with him being in iowa studying agriculture. there's a bond that exists. and secretary branstad has been loyal for most of the campaign process. he and his family have been with trump all the way through. iowa was a big victory state for him. one of the states flipping from blue to red. so taking a loyalist, someone with a relationship with the chinese leader. when you know that as president you plan on being tough on china, having someone in there with diplomatic skills. the longest serving governor in u.s. history. those are not bad skills to know when your boss is going to make waves. >> make your job a little tougher, keep you on your toes. erol, he said likely we'll have a secretary of state
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announcement next week. given what kellyanne conway despises that pick, what do you think of trump keeping romney on the short list? >> it's interesting because it shows the two polls. one poll is the domestic politics. so you get a governor well regarded within the party from iowa and so forth. but then there is the competence issue. can the person do the job? i took when donald trump said that, he thinks mitt romney looks the part, i don't think that was necessarily a superficial statement. but sort of a more important one, that somebody who's got a certain kind of standing on both globally, is kind of a known quantity, can carry himself in a certain way. maybe temper some of the red meat instincts of the rest of the national security team and the president himself. somebody who has a little bit of diplomatic bearing might be what he's looking for. >> david, i found it fascinating listening to donald trump's interview on the "today" show this morning when he said to matt lauer that actually he's taking advice from president obama on some of these appointments. and he even said that he made an
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appointment that president obama liked and approved of and was in his camp on. i wond who aer who that is? >> i don't know about that reporting, but you have clearly seen a change in posture of president-elect trump toward president obama since election day, since that first meeting between the two of them two days after election day when it looked clear to me, anyway, with the two of them sitting in the oval office, that president-elect trump had a new sobriety about his demeanor after having sat down and talked about some serious issues with president obama. it makes sense that if president obama is willing to provide advice, that at least during the transition face, president-elect trump will take it. but 45 days from now, donald trump will be no longer taking advice but making the decisions. >> david, back to you. a president of a divided america, trump didn't like that and said at the end of the interview that it was snarky. he said, i didn't divide them. they are divided now and i'm
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going to bring them together. >> right, this is part of the argument he was making throughout the whole campaign. he was part of dividing america. he ran one of the most divisive presidential campaigns in history. and i think he's keenly aware that is not going to be a successful formula for governing. i think if you watched him last night in fayetteville, i thought it was fascinating. he really was trying, he started to get into a rift about poll numbers and was like, we are not talking about poll numbers anymore. we are unifying. when the crowd booed the press, he tried to tap it down from them. and i don't recall donald trump doing that. he seems to be aware that he is starting this monumental task as president of the united states in a more precarious position because of the divisiveness of the campaign. and he's pretty interested in trying to at least make the effort that he indicates to everyone that he's aware he's going to be the president for everyone. i don't know if he'll be successful. it was a burn the bridges campaign. but that is clearly what he's doing right now, which i find interesting. >> that line last night in
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fayetteville, i'm the president of all americans and will unite us. errol louis, let's listen to what he told matt lauer about his twitter habits. >> i have not seen you backing off fights on twitter in the time since you've been elected, you targeted the cast of "hamilton," china, boeing, the media and "snl." is this proving to be a habit that you're finding a difficult time breaking? >> no, i think i am very restrained and talk about important things. as you know recently, china, and the fact that we talked about their devaluation. we talked about them building this massive military fortress in the middle of the south china sea. which they're not supposed to be doing, and other things. and frankly, it's a modern day form of communication. i get it out much faster than a press release. i get it out much more honestly than dealing with dishonest reporters because so many reporters are dishonest. >> and it is a modern form of communication, errol, if you
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heard the worker from carroll last night, and van jones did a great job talking about donald trump's tweets, the way he gets information. can he keep doing this from the potus account? >> not only can he, i expect that he will. >> will he? >> i expect that he will. and i think what will happen is, and he'll figure this out sooner or later, the whole question about bringing the nation together is 180 degrees at odds with his habit of spouting off quickly. he's talking about the speed of it. why do you quickly have to tell us what you think about "saturday night live"? >> so matt lauer asked him about "saturday night live." he basically said, why can't you stop watching "saturday night live" if you really don't like it very much? and he kept saying, i think it is a bad show, it shouldn't be on the air much longer. should he drop this? >> i think errol is right, it reflects a thin skin that we saw on the campaign trail. twitter is a good tool to go above the heads of us in the media, but it is a document. it's not any less a quote than a
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press release or speech. if he says something, unless he says he was hacked or someone else had their thumbs on his phone when the twitter feed went out, it's a presidential statement. and he's got to start sort of getting his arms around that idea. he can use the tool, but what he says matters. >> and you can't delete them because they are part of the federal record once you're president. guys, thank you. we appreciate it. much more to talk about ahead obviously in the next hour. first, we are following some breaking news. a passenger plane crashing in northern pakistan. officials say that pakistan international airlines said this plane lost control and contact with the control tower heading to islamabad. it was an hour-long flight. the plane was carrying 48 people. of course, this is early hours. and as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. we'll be right back.
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president-elect donald trump talking tough last night on terror at a thank you rally.
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listen. >> we're not going to be a fleeted military anymore. [ applause ] from now on it's going to be america first. we will stop racing to topple foreign -- and you understand this, foreign regimes that we know nothing about. that we shouldn't be involved with. instead, our focus must be on defeating terrorism and destroying isis. >> donald trump said this yesterday and this just hours after president obama delivered his final address on national security at the air force base in florida. the president was speaking to u.s. troops. and one thing was clear, his message was aimed at least, in part, at his successor. >> adhering to the rule of law is not a weakness in the long-term it is our greatest strength. the whole objective of these terrorists is to scare us into changing the nature of who we
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are and our democracy. and the fact is, people and nations do not make good decisions when they are driven by fear. >> athena jones is live this morning at the white house. good morning, athena. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. this was a wide-ranging speech. the president used it to tout his administration's accomplishment when it comes to counter terrorism. he talked about the killing of osama bin laden, weakening al qaeda, the progress made so far against isis in iraq and syria. and he also talked about the important work of protecting americans, a more broadly administrati administration's success of thwart i thwarting foreign terrorist organizations. >> no foreign terrorist organization has successfully executed and planned an attack on our homeland.
6:18 am
and it's not because they didn't try. plots have been disrupted, terrorists have been taken off the battlefield. >> reporter: now, critics might point out while a foreign terrorist organization hasn't been able to carry out a plot on american soil, there have been others, lone wolf attackers who have been able to successfully attack america, whether in orlando or san bernardino, people who are inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. and poppy, you mentioned this being some sort of message to the incoming president. the white house insists that this is a speech that was in the works, that was being planned since before donald trump was elected. so it wasn't written for him or in response to him. but it's very clear that the two leaders do not agree on how to approach the world on several fronts. so you did hear the president continuing to make his case for closing the prison at guantanamo bay, cuba. that's a prison that president-elect trump says he
6:19 am
wants to keep open and fill up with more bad dudes. the president also talked about the need to maintain the ban on torture. trump during the campaign talked about bringing back waterboarding. so it is clear the two leaders have a different approach to the world. the message, if anything, that the white house says the trump team should take from this speech is that it's a complex world. and resolving or solving the world's problems will require complex solutions. no easy answers that may fit into a campaign slogan. >> athena jones, we appreciate it. as president obama and president-elect trump deliver their speeches, they strike different tones when it comes to the war on terror. as athena just said, our cnn political commentators are here with us, and retired major general "spider" marks. donald trump said this yesterday, this stood out to us, the script for what we are doing has not yet been written. to some, that is music to their
6:20 am
ears, to others, that is scary to hear. what is your take? >> well, the script for -- the notion that the script has not been written, i hope he was talking about the particulars of policy. because there's a great deal of change going on in the world, right? we have had changes in leadership in britain following the brexit, in france going on right now, millions of protesters in south korea, there's a lot going on. if that is what he meant, that's one thing. when it comes to the underlying defense doctrine to guide the country over the next few years, it is a little bit startling to hear. because with all of those kind of changes that i just listed, and there are a half dozen other countries from saudi arabia on where there are shooting wars and instability, the notion that the united states is anything other than a rock of stability, guided by core values and principles that others can't understand and build around, is really not going to work out in the world in general and for the
6:21 am
united states, in particular. >> it goes to the question of was it the latter, the call with taiwan, for example, and what the goal is in all of that. general marks, to you, there is quite a difference in how president obama and the president-elect deliver their message, right? especially when it comes to the war on terror. let's listen. >> radical its laslamic terrori words that some people don't like to say. the ideology of death that slaughters innocent men, women and children. >> we are fighting terrorists who claim to fight on behalf of islam. but they do not speak for over a billion muslims around the world. and they do not speak for american muslims, including many who wear the uniform of the united states of america's military. >> here is how my colleague, our colleague, steven collinson put it, the headline of his piece, he said a commander and chief mo prizes nuance and restraint put
6:22 am
his legacy in the war on terror tuesday in the hands of a brassy successor who requires gut-check leadership. when it comes to how our allies react when president obama was inaugurated, there are major differences there. what is your take? >> there are major differences. the key thing is the most important ingredient that the united states commander in chief or president needs to take is the motion of predictability in his leadership style. in other words, as we all understand, what has to happen is enemies need to take pause when they listen to our president. and our friends need to be emboldened and ensured. and they need to feel that we have a steady course, we've got some predictability, and we have some measured response to what is going on. and, in fact, we need our alliances and friends wherever they are. and we need to pick those very, very, very precisely. we also need to try to convert those that want to do us harm. that doesn't take place if
6:23 am
you're unpredictable and kind of all over the map in terms of your proclamations. where we are right now is we have an exiting president and incoming president. and it's difficult for us not to just suppose what might be again what has been over the course of the last eight years. >> one thing we know on that point, general, for example, is that president-elect trump has said, why would we ever talk about our strategy? for example, in mosul, right? he was very critical of that. i spoke not long ago with someone who was a clinton supporter who voted for clinton who said, i think trump is right, not to publicize our strategies. now there's a lot of complexity to that and a lot of reason why, as you know, you know, the military does that. but he is very different in terms of what he will say or will say publicly about u.s. strategy going forward. >> what we are doing is deflating strategies at the tactical level.
6:24 am
i can't speak for the president-elect, but when he says don't talk about what we are going in mosul, that's a tactical engagement that requires the support of the united states and other partners. and at the policy level, policy drives strategy. and what we would all want our president to do is be very determined and very focused on what his policies are. then we can derive what those individual strategies might be and tactics are. what is happening in mosul has nothing to do with strategy and everything to do with tactics. you do want to keep that classified. >> david, back to you, what he said last night after general mattis gave brief remarks saying, i hope i get the waiver approval from congress. and would love to serve. and then here's what donald trump said about that. >> with our allies strengthened, with our country strengthened, i look forward to being the civilian leader, so long as the congress gives me the waiver, and the senate votes to contend.
6:25 am
thank you very much. >> you'll get that waiver, right? you're going to get that waiver. oh! if he didn't get that waiver, there would be a lot of angry people. such a popular choice. >> what did you make of the way that the president-elect put that, david? >> so the way he ended that statement was dismissive of congress to confirm general mattis as secretary of defense. that being said, i don't anticipate this is the issue which our republican congress is going to defy the incoming republican president in the first 100 days. i anticipate, i don't know, but i anticipate that general mattis will be confirmed as secretary of defense. the challenge comes down the road when policy meets practice in terms of whether president-elect trump has to shift in the middle east. wants to shift in iraq and syria, wants to shift on the iran deal, and how general mattis carries out his directives from the white house. going back to what general marks said a moment ago, i really think that what you'll see from
6:26 am
president-elect trump going 45 more days until he's inaugurated is getting closer and closer to the realization that what the challenges are militarily and of the foreign policy have to do with policy. not things like the element of surprise. right? i defer to general marks when it comes to strategy and tactics, but the element of surprise is not our challenge with isis. >> errol louis and david, thank you. fareed zakaria sits down with president obama about his time in the white house. this is a cnn report, "the legacy of barack obama" is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump is speaking out about why he apparently sold all his stocks worth millions of dollars before the election. cnn business correspondent alison kosik is with me just moments away from the opening bell on wall street. good morning to you. >> good morning, poppy. >> this was an interesting revelation. he said he sold them back in
6:27 am
june, i believe, and gave a different answer now as to why he did that to what he was saying about the market back then. >> two different reasons. i want you to listen to the reason he gave today for cashing out of the stock market in june. listen to this. >> why did you sell all your holdings in june? >> because i felt that i was very much going to be winning. and i think i would have a tremendous -- a really big conflict of interest. >> so why not announce it back in june when you were under fire for a lack of financial transparency? >> i let everybody know. i was never a big stockholder, but i bought a lot of different stocks. and i had a lot of stocks before then, too. and what i did is sold them. >> a very different answer from what he said in august of this year right after he got out of the stock market saying it was a very scary stock bubble that pushed him out of the market. you know, either way, we kind of have to take his word for this as far as whether or not he did sell his shares. it's hard to verify because he's yet to file a current financial
6:28 am
disclosure form. the next time he's required to do so, it will be may of 2018. but we do have an idea of some of the stockholdings. you can see them there including boeing, pepsi and ge because of a financial disclosure form that he did file in may. one closing note to give you, poppy, if he would have stayed in the markets he would have made some money because the s&p 500 is up 500% since june. >> took the words out of my mouth. that's what i was going to say, no bubble yet. we'll watch. allison, thank you. opening bell is in two minutes. still to come, donald trump ran on being a billion-dollar businessman. but can he use the same tactics of tough negotiating while in the white house? we'll talk about that all, next. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading.
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good morning, i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. 24 hours after picking a fight with boeing, president-elect donald trump is defending a tweet slamming the cost of building the next air force one. >> i think the planes are too expensive. i spoke to a very good man yesterday, the head of boeing, a terrific guy. and we're going to work it out. but that's what i'm here for. i'm going to negotiate prices. and it's -- planes are too expensive. and we're going to get the prices down. and if we don't get the prices down, we're not going to order them. we'll stay with what we have. >> this is the latest shot fired in trump's public battle with companies he feels are taking advantage of american taxpayers. we saw it when trump hammered out a deal with carrier to keep hundreds of jobs from going to
6:34 am
mexico. trump is also claiming credit for a $50 billion u.s. investment by japanese tech giant softbank tweeting yesterday, softbank of japan has agreed to invest $50 billion in the u.s. toward businesses and 50,000 new jobs. he went on to say that masa had never done this had we not won the election. i'm joined by a columnist from "the daily beast, sally cohen, and ben ferguson. already, guys, something tells me you are not on the same page on this one. good morning, ben. let me begin with you. i mean, come on, you're a republican, you're a conservative, you don't like the idea of the government picking winnerers and losers. you don't like it at all. and what is interesting is that keith hennessey is quoted saying, when a politician rewards his friends and business friends and punishes business
6:35 am
enemies, it is called crony capitalism. ben, you say? >> it is sour grapes from someone who didn't want donald trump to become president and they are doing everything they can to undermind or act as everything he does is terrible. let's just look at the boeing deal for one moment. this should be bipartisan. every american in theory pays taxes, whether a republican or democrat. having a president that says, i'm not going to take delivery of a new airplane that i get to use, specifically made for me, if it costs too much, should be something that we should all be excited about. that's called responsibility. and what he said was, as a businessman, i'm not going to allow your tax dollars to be taken advantage of by price overruns. we know the government accountable office already warned us last year that this contract was going to be more than they budgeted for, which was $2.3 billion. they are expecting it to be more than that. and that is before we have to pay for the plane once it is made. so when he says it's a bad deal -- this is a smart deal for
6:36 am
him to say that. >> even boeing -- saving american taxpayers some money is a good thing. but the thing is, boeing just said they don't know the price because the pentagon hasn't told them all the information. >> but we know the deal has already gone up in price. we already know from the government accountability policy that what has been budgets is going to go over. >> sally, let me ask you this. this is not a new way of doing business. this carrier deal is calling out ford. if you look back to 2012 right before the election, the obama administration made a deal with the big oil refinery in pennsylvania, a swing state, they gave them $25 million in tax breaks and they stayed. they didn't talk about it. so isn't this just tactics, different way of communicating
6:37 am
to the public about it. >> i mean, listen, you're not going to find me defending tax giveaways to big business or military spending for that matter, although i can't help but find it ironic that i'm suddenly in the position of doing the latter. look, the issue here is that politics in east asia are collapsing and being reshaped because of his busy thumbs seems -- is not a big deal. we're not talking about that. we're going to talk about the fact that he shuffled about taxpayer money. which is what he did, shuffled around taxpayer money with the help of mike pence, his running mate, in order to save, not even all the carrier jobs from going overseas. it's a good thing for those people's jobs saved, absolutely, but we have to look at the
6:38 am
optical win at a greater cost to the american people. the taxes give way to the indiana state funds. >> in all respect, i think we are missing a point on what donald trump has done. donald trump said, look, if there are jobs, and these jobs with carrier were going to be gone. they had already built the plant to do this in mexico. and he was able to save them and keep people employed. how is it that that is somehow bad news? how is it somehow bad news? >> it's not about being bad news, it's about strategy. >> people are spinning it that way. >> i'm not. my question is about strategy, can you pick winners and losers? should you, and is this going to work? one mile down the road, you know another factory is letting go of 300 people. trump is tweeting about it, how many companies can you do this
6:39 am
for? does it need to be a focus on the overarching strategy. >> i think when your biggest asset is donald trump. donald trump's biggest asset is figuring out how to do business and making these deals. when this is what you're really good at, why not do it in a public way to let him and other people know, look, i'm willing to work you. i'm willing to work to keep americans employed. that is what we should be in favor of. it's keeping jobs in america. that is just smart business for every american. >> then there would be a big difference between, for instance, if donald trump said or any president for that matter, we can try for a second term. if donald trump said, look, you have government contracts to carrier or another company about to send jobs overseas. you have government contracts, you do that. we're going to cancel those contracts. so in other words, your company,
6:40 am
free to do whatever you are, that's called free market capitalism last time i checked. >> we, the government, are not going to reward you with our business. that's very different than saying we are going to incentivize you, carrier, to do this portion we have seen. by giving you tax breaks we don't get to other rhythms. that's not fair. >> i have to leave it there. the ceo of the parent company carrier did go and go an interview where he said, i was born at night but was not born last night. i'm well aware that 10% of our profit comes from the government contracts. so there are a lot of legs to this one, certainly. sally cohen, ben ferguson, thank you very much. still to come, why are rebels in syria? they are pleading to an end to this horrific bombing.
6:41 am
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the united states and other western powers are calling for a cease-fire in the besieged city of aleppo. they are condemning russia and the assad regime in syria for the bloodshed and bombing happening right now. and they say russia is blocking the u.n. from helping put an end to war crimes and atrocities. in the past few days, the syrian government forces have made their biggest push yet into eastern aleppo grabbing control of various parts of the city that have been held for years, really four years, by internationals. fred pleigten just returned.
6:46 am
some the great eest stories are coming from children on the ground. >> reporter: it is very much the children who are suffering the most under what is happen right now. as you mentioned, in one of these districts, the old town of aleppo, that was actually just one backed by syrian government forces about 20 hours ago. so still a very fresh battlefield. and there were thousands of civilians fleeing that area. and many of them were children, and many of them, quite frankly, were also babies. the youngest one that i personally saw was a child that was only seven days old. it was born right at the height of the fighting. and now its parents were cayrying it out of the horrible war zone into a shelter, which was very cold. and there was very little in the aid of support there. but certainly the children really are suffering under the current situation. but generally the people that we have been speaking, who have been fleeing the old town of
6:47 am
aleppo, have been in bad condition. we saw people who appeared to be malnourished, very weak and tired. many of them now, at least, are in safety as they cross the lines. but it really is sad to see and tragic to see some of the scenes we have been seeing unfold today in the old town of aleppo. as again, the rebels are losing territory there, the syrian government forces making very large gains the last couple of days, poppy. >> fred, the international community, many of those people feel that the international community has failed them. i mean, president obama talked about the situation in syria being one of his biggest if not his biggest something that haunts him still. do they feel at this point like the international community has abandoned them? >> reporter: well, i think they feel pretty much everybody has abandoned and failed them. one of the things we have to keep in mind is that many of these people have been living under these conditions over the past couple of months. again, very little in the way of food and water. and one of the things we also
6:48 am
have to keep in mind, poppy, right now, is that right now here in aleppo, it's december. it's very cold. the temperatures reach about the freezing point. and these people, many of them, are living in bombed out ruins. they have no medical attention whatsoever. there's people with medical conditions who can't get out. so yes, many of them do feel the international community has failed them. many obviously feel their own government has failed them. many feel that the rebels have failed them. so there is a great sense of abandonment. but for many of them who are getting out now, there is also somewhat of a sense of relief that perhaps, at least, the bombs raining down on their head could be over for now, poppy. >> fred pleitgen live in syria. i know you and your team risk your lives to bring us a report every day. thank you. the trial for the man accused of murdering nine church members in charleston begins shortly. we'll have details from inside the courtroom, next. bac
6:49 am
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the death penalty case against charleston church shooting suspect dylann roof is under way, moments ago the judge beginning the jury striking process, this despite roof's attempt to delay the trial. he's accused of shooting nine church goers at point-blank range during a prayer meeting last summer. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. nick valencia is outside the courtroom. the judge revealing why he denied roof's request for delay. what was his reasoning? >> reporter: well, it was up
6:54 am
until last week that roof had asked to represent himself. he was there during the voir dire phase raising objections while family members of the vick fims watch victims watched on. last sunday he he he asked the judge for defense attorneys to represent him during the guilt phase but not the penalty phase. those attorneys filing a motion asking the judge to extend the trial based on what happened with the michael slager trial, saying the jurors in this case will be under intense pressure to make up for the apparent failure of the lack of conviction of michael slager in his trial, the mistrial that happened on monday. 67 jurors will walk into the courtroom today. i should mention the judge struck down that motion calling it illogical and far-fetched. the jurors will be whittled down to 12 and six alternates and will be tasked in deciding whether roof deserves the death penalty '. the horror of what happened last year lies in the facts themselves. roof is alleged to have walked into the historic emanuel ame
6:55 am
church, prayed with them for an hour, then took out a gun and killed at least nine people. he's pleaded not guilty. the jury selection process, we understand from our procedure in the courtroom, the jury striking process has already begun this morning. poppy? >> do we know obviously heartbreaking to see those faces and see the nine victims. obviously some of their family members were in the church and survived when this shooting happened. do we know who will be in the courtroom through all this? >> reporter: we expect the family members of at least some of the victims to be in the courtroom. much of the attention and at the face if you will of these victims was the state senator and reverend of the church, clemente pinkney. his wife and 5-year-old child at the time were there at the time of the massacre last june. we don't know if they are expected to show up. we do understand that there is an overflow room for the general public as well as the media and
6:56 am
just judging by the amount of media presence here it's pretty packed inside. >> nick valencia in charleston, we will continue to follow this. thank you so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins after a quick break.
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top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow. glad you're with us. president-elect donald trump says there would be new addition to his administration today and tomorrow and we are learning about the first one. a source familiar with the decision confirms that trump has offered the post of ambassador to china to iowa governor terry branstad. the position to be challenging as the president-elect railed against u.s. trade deals with china and accused china of manipulating its currency. trump also this mor


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