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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 8, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. president-elect donald trump resuming his thank you tour tonight but focused on assembling his administration this morning. any time now, the trademark gold elevators of trump tower will whisk the latest candidate upstairs to transition headquarters. retired admiral james stravedes is said to be on the growing list for secretary of state. if chosen, it will only add to concerns that trump's white house will have a heavy military influence. he's already chosen three retired generals to serve atop his administration. trump also coming under fire for his selection of scott pruitt to head the environmental protection agency. pruitt would become the guardian of a mission he has often criticized and lead the very agency he has sued as oklahoma's attorney general. cnn's ryan nobles is outside
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trump tower with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the big meeting here today at trump tower will be with retired admiral james stravedes, being considered for the role of secretary of state, the ever expanding role of potential candidates for the president-elect. this meeting today comes after a busy day filling out appointments to the trump administration. as you mentioned, tonight trump will formally introduce terry branstad as his new ambassador to china. he appointed wwe executive linda mcmahon to head up the small business administration and general john kelly will become the next secretary of homeland security. but the appointment that is raising eyebrows today is that of scott pruitt. he's currently the attorney general of oklahoma and has been a big critic of the epa. he will now become the administrator of that agency. he's also someone who has often criticized the science behind climate change. so a busy day for trump, no doubt, and that busy day comes
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on the same day as a report out of the "new york times" that gets into how trump is going to handle his global business empire once he becomes president. according to the "new york times" trump may not fully divest himself from that business and his daughter ivanka may just take a leave of absence from her work with the company. today, trump toattorney michael cohen talked to reporters about that topic. >> i want to talk to you about what's going to happen with the business. >> rather not talk about it at the moment. >> yeah? >> if that's all right. i know everybody is concentrating on what he's going to do with the business. they will find out on december 15th, i believe he said he will make a statement. and he's going to describe how the business will be run in the future once he takes the white house. >> is there any truth to the "new york times" story that he may keep a stake? >> i'm not going to comment on that. again, mr. trump will talk about it on december 15th at his press conference. >> any word if ivanka trump is stepping away, possibly moving
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to d.c.? >> that's a question you should be asking of ivanka. >> reporter: of course, trump said time and time again that his business is not important to him anymore, that he has a much bigger job now as president of the united states. so we have to wait and see what he says when he explains his new role with his company at his first press conference since winning the election on december 15th. >> stay tuned. ryan nobles, thank you. the local union boss representing thousands of carrier workers is taking aim at donald trump, calling the president-elect a liar. chuck jones says trump inflated the number of jobs his deal with carrier would save and he has no regrets about calling out trump on it. >> we had a lot of our members when the word was coming out of 1100, they thought that they would have a job. then they find out the next day after -- last friday that most
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likely, they weren't, 550 were still going to lose their jobs. >> just a few minutes after that live interview, donald trump tweeted this. quote, chuck jones, who is president of united steel workers local 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee the country. then an hour later, trump tweeted quote, if united steel workers was any good they would have kept those jobs in indiana. let's talk about that and more with cnn political analyst and senior editor for the atlantic, ron brownstein and politics editor at the, jason johnson. welcome to both of you. so jason, the president-elect of the united states gets into like a twitter argument with a local union guy. what do you make of that? >> i think it's horrible, carol, and it's dangerous. let's be clear. he's not in an argument. he just attacked the guy. chuck jones came out and said look, we're happy for the jobs that were saved but you told us you were going to save a lot more jobs than you did and that's a problem and you
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shouldn't lie to people, and you got people here who know they will get laid off at the end of the year during christmas time. he has every right to say that. it's his job to work with and protect those people. he can say donald trump lied. then trump attacked him. now this man is getting death threats on the phone, via e-mail, there have been reports of death threats at him. i think it's horrible, it's irresponsible for the president-elect but that is unfortunately who he is and how he's going to behave going forward. >> by the way, ron, mr. trump did not dispute mr. jones' numbers. mr. jones was on "new day" this morning and had this to say. >> maybe the choice of words weren't the best, but the ultimate message was the same. he didn't tell the truth. he inflated the numbers and i called him out on it. he overreacted, president-elect trump did, and i would expect if he was going to tweet something he should have come out and
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tried to justify his numbers. >> so ron, i mean, in the great grand picture of life, where does this go? >> this is -- i agree, this is very significant. the president-elect of the united states attacking an individual citizen by name because that citizen criticized him. after we have seen him also criticize other sources of kind of septembkepticism from "satur night live" to "hamilton" to corey lewandowski saying someone should be in jail because he published information about donald trump not paying federal taxes for many years. what you have is a systematic kind of really assault here on voices that are critical in a way that we simply have not seen before. this tweet yesterday, if it continues into the presidency, is an extraordinary kind of shift in our public dialogue where the president of the united states with all of that implies, leader of the free world, commander in chief, bringing all that power to bear to criticize an individual
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american citizen because of raising questions about their performance, that is kind of a new world and i'm not sure it's one that many americans will be comfortable with. >> but jason, what's the goal here? is it just because mr. trump is thin-skinned or does he want to intimidate people into going along with whatever he does? >> because he's basically auditioning to be a dictator. and a bully. >> that's strong, jason. >> because this is dangerous. because what happens if some crazy person, look, we have seen people run into pizza restaurants in d.c. and try to shoot them up because of conspiracy theories. what happens when chuck jones gets attacked? what happens when someone sets fire, what happens when someone who donald trump attacks online and again, he attacked him. the guy didn't say i hate donald trump. we don't even know if chuck jones voted for him. he just said look, he said he was going to save 1100 jobs, he only saved 700, this is dangerous. and dictators do that.
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dictators bully people. dictators use that kind of arbitrary power. if donald trump wants to save jobs that's great, that's what he ran on. i think he should bring his own companies back first before going to local places but this is dangerous and i think it should concern any american citizen, republican or democrat. >> ron, jason is using the word dictator. that's strong. >> look, i don't think we are in that point. i think, i can see why people would feel this is kind of a road toward a kind of rejecting kind of the voice of pluralism and legitimate voices of dissent. i would not go that far. i do think people ought to be concerned about what the implications of this may be. i think donald trump, look, donald trump won the election fair and square. he won the electoral college. but the fact is that he's going to lose the popular vote by more than anyone who has ever taken office before. there are a lot of americans with questions about the direction that he is setting and the issue is for him to persuade and kind of include those
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americans in his vision, or is it really to just kind of intimidate them into being quiet. i think this kind of -- this kind of personal criticism of an individual american who is raising questions about the president is a line that is a dangerous line to cross. >> all right. stick around because we have a lot more to talk about. still to come, donald trump once claimed to know more than the generals, at least when it comes to isis, so why is he picking so many generals for his cabinet? he is.errible at golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. ensure enlive. always be you.
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a familiar theme is emerging as donald trump unveils his staffing picks for his upcoming administration. military experience is in high demand. john kelly and james mattis joining michael flynn as the retired military officers trump is trusting on homeland security, defense and national security and the list doesn't end there. today, trump meets with james stravedes, a retired navy admiral believed to be on the list for secretary of state which is also rumored to be a
7:14 am
potential job for general david petraeus. all of this coming after trump famously claimed to know more than the generals on isis and later said this during a town hall. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> whoa. let's talk about this. with me, again, ron brownstein, senior editor for the atlantic and jason johnson, politics editor for the and political science professor at morgan state university, barbara starr also joins me, cnn pentagon correspondent. welcome back and welcome to you, barbara. i will start with you, barbara. is this unprecedented to have so many generals possibly serve in an administration? >> it appears to be so in recent times. let's start with mike flynn as national security adviser. we certainly have had that in the past where military people
7:15 am
have served in that position, even retired. so that's one thing. to be defense secretary and be recently retired from the military, of course, this all dates back to james forrestall in the 1950s. secretary of homeland security, that department hasn't been around long enough. one of the big challenges may be the unique personalities involved. mike flynn will be the traffic manager, if you will, for national security affairs moving in and out of the white house chain. he will be the traffic manager for reports, for analysis, for decision making, for meetings with the president. but mike flynn is a retired three-star. he was an intelligence staff officer, somebody who might have been on the staff of somebody like general mattis or general kelly. so it will be very interesting to see how those two four-stars deal with that situation and how all three of them may be called upon publicly to defend partisan
7:16 am
policies really for the first times in their careers. >> okay. ron, going back to what we just heard donald trump say during the campaign, that these generals don't know nothing from nothing, so what changed? >> yeah. look, donald trump is an executive and he likes executives. i think that's a clear pattern here. we are not only seeing generals being put in these positions, but you are seeing a number of even former business officials. linda mcmahon and wilbur ross. there's a kind of preference for kind of executive experience as opposed necessarily to kind of demonstrated experience in the public sector which is more like -- you are more likely to see from a democrat. certainly generals kelly and mattis have stellar reputations and many democrats have praised them. as well, the kind of cumulative concern is when all you have grown up with is hammers, all you see are nails. whether having such a tilt toward the military in senior ranks of the administration gives you a kind of predilection
7:17 am
towards seeing the military as a solution to any problem that arises. >> so much of a solution to any problem that might arise, scandals of the past are left there and i want to bring up general petraeus, possible pick for secretary of state, because general petraeus gave classified information to his mistress. he was cheating on his wife while serving in the military. and paula broadwell, his mistress, appeared on a cbs morning show this morning. she actually cannot find a job. here's what she said. >> i think he's unequally qualified for many positions, but that's not my position to say. i think the president-elect would have to decide and members of the senate. as i woke up to the news, it was a bit of a shocker that he was being considered for a cabinet position. i was both shocked that i'm still in this tenuous position and yet happy, because i think he should be able to go on with his life. >> so she still admires this man greatly but she has a very a
7:18 am
admirable past with lots of military experience. i'm making a left turn here but it just seems so wrong to me. >> she's the nicest ex-mistress anyone has ever seen. she's like i know he kind of ruined my career but i really think he's a good guy. look, i think the general thing is this. number one, it seems like the list of people to potentially be secretary of state keeps getting bigger and bigger. i'm waiting for trump to suggest like omarosa and bill belichick. i don't know what he's really going for because the people he assum seems to be pointing out for secretary of state are very different and don't have any universal idealogical theme. the other issue is this. trump has a right to pick any generals he wants. i as a philosophy think the president should be able to put together their cabinet, the senate has to approve who those people are. the people we need to be more concerned about are people like steve bannon, reince priebus and michael flynn, who are the people who are really as the other guest mentioned, who
7:19 am
control what information donald trump gets. if michael flynn decides he doesn't want to take the text messages from mattis because he really does want to continue with torture, that's more of my concern. i think president-elect trump has a right to put together as much of his administration he wants, whether it's executives or generals or anybody. >> barbara, just a last question because it's not just the generals, right, because mr. trump is also thinking as a choice for cia director, mike pompeo along with steve bannon, senior counselor. both of them have military ties as well. >> well, you know, i think we probably don't want to risk overgeneralizing mr. bannon's experience was many many years ago in the navy. i think really, what we are discussing here is really key. if mike flynn, recently retired, is at the center of national security in the white house, exactly how much control will he
7:20 am
have over the flow of information going to president trump, will secretary of defense, if you will, james mattis, homeland security secretary, if you will, john kelly, and potentially an admiral or general in charge of the state department, have all the access they need and want to president trump or will retired army general mike flynn control that. all of that remains to be seen. in every administration, whether they have been a general, admiral or civilian their whole lives, there is always this political to and fro with the white house. it will happen this time. it will just be very interesting since they are all ex-military and they all have known each other for years, how it will work out. >> real quick, carol, in foreign policy, all of this is even more consequential because as we talked about, on dealing with the world, donald trump departs from traditional republican thinking much more than he does on many domestic issues. for example, naming scott pruitt to the epa is something you
7:21 am
would have seen from a lot of conservative republicans trying to roll back regulation but finding a secretary of state who is credible on the international stage and shares the coordinates and views that donald trump expressed in terms of kind of reset with russia and requestioning nato and proliferation, that is a difficult needle to thread. you are seeing the difficulty play out in real time. >> got to leave it there. thanks to all of you. coming up in the "newsroom" small businesses, big concerns. is a world wrestling mogul the best advocate for the little guy? their thoughts on donald trump's choice to head the small business administration. us! switch your family of four to t-mobile, get unlimited everything, and we'll give you $800. that's right! $800 to spend anywhere you want. plus, all season long, get awesome deals on smartphones, tablets, and accessories. hurry in to t-mobile and get your holidays on us.
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a massive man hunt under way in georgia for a suspect who shot two police officers, then fled the scene. authorities are on the lookout for this man. his name is miquel lembrick. he's accused of opening fire on police during a domestic dispute call. victor blackwell is following the story. >> reporter: let me get you the very latest that just came in from the georgia bureau of investigations. the reward for information leading up to the arrest of this accused cop killer has more than doubled overnight. now up to $70,000, more than 50 local and state officers and investigators have swarmed this small community of americus, georgia, 140 miles south of atlanta. we are told this man on the screen is said to be armed and dangerous. went into hiding about 24 hours ago after investigators say he shot two police officers, killing one. here's what we know. officer nicklas smar and officer
7:27 am
jody smith with the georgia southwestern state university campus police department responded to a call about a domestic dispute at an apartment complex roughly 24 hours ago. they encountered lembrick when officers say he started firing shots. smith is now in very critical condition at a hospital but we are told that smar died soon after the shooting. here's what we know about lembrick. this is from the americus police chief who says lembrick was known to his office and to the officers there but they did not know when they responded to this call that he was the suspect, that he had open warrants related to kidnapping charges and other charges relating to a previous domestic dispute. there was a woman and a child who were found at that location. they are safe. but this is a real concern for georgia's southwestern state which is so close to where this happened. the shooting did not happen on campus but there was a lockdown at the university, at local grade schools.
7:28 am
the university is now, they finished with their finals yesterday and we know the grade schools are open there but with extra security. when it comes to the question of where could this suspect be, the police chief there says he doesn't know where he could be, but they are getting tips in. they are checking those locations so this manhunt is broad and growing and again, in just the last few moments we learned that information leading up to that arrest, up to $70,000. >> victor blackwell live for us. we'll be right back. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis.
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donald trump assembling what is believed to be the wealthiest cabinet in presidential history. trump has picked several fellow billionaires to serve in his white house and his choice to head the small business administration is raising eyebrows for her wealth as well.
7:33 am
linda mcmahon is married to the billionaire founder of the world wrestling entertainment, the big company, the wwe. she served as ceo of that company. she spent as much as $100 million of her own money on two bids for the senate and is a big-time republican donor. so is she the best person to advocate for the little guy? our guests are small business owners on opposite ends of this election. frank voted for donald trump and carla voted for hillary clinton. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. frank, should we worry that donald trump is appointing so many wealthy people to serve in his cabinet and in his administration? >> i think my take on this is i think there's two schools of thought on this issue. school of thought number one is the last thing we need is a billionaire running the small business administration. the counter argument to that,
7:34 am
though, is much more curious and the fact of the matter is, linda mcmahon helped oversee an organization that grew from a very small business to a very large one, and that may make her uniquely qualified to run this organization. >> carla, it is true, linda mcmahon has built the company up. she in the past has filed for bankruptcy. that was early in her career. she and her husband briefly lived on food stamps. maybe they can relate. >> i think we can't negate the fact she did come from humble beginnings, but i think the bigger issue is what qualifies as small business in america. in america, you have to have 500 employees or less and be below the $7.5 million mark and in europe and in australia, it's more like 50 employees or 15 employees in australia. so i think that's what we really need to take a look at is what we are qualifying as a small business.
7:35 am
therefore, having someone who is a billionaire running what we are calling small business in america is potentially not the best fit. >> so frank, does carla have a point? >> well, again, it really depends upon which school of thought you subscribe to. >> your school of thought. >> well, i think at the end of the day, i would want someone in that position that had significant experience taking a small business and turning it into a much larger one. i would be suspicious of someone who had a small business, ran a small business and although they experienced some small modest amount of success, never really went anywhere. that's my take. >> got you. carla, what's the one thing that would help you make -- that would help make your business more profitable?
7:36 am
>> so i also am a member of local shops 1 here locally that has over 400 small businesses. if you talk to small businesses here, what you will hear is access to capital is probably the number one leading issue for local small businesses and it's not just access to capital, but it's how the capital is being issued to the businesses. so adding a new bill for me, a new monthly bill that i need to pay, is not necessarily the best way to partner with me to grow, but perhaps taking stake in we -- us growing together like a percentage of my profits so that as i am successful, you're successful as a lender, would be a better approach. >> frank, same question to you. >> yeah. i was going to say, i think from my business and for most small businesses, what we have suffered through over the last, well, probably go beyond eight years, but at least the last 20
7:37 am
or 30 years are successive administrations that believe the way you build an economy is from the top down. i don't subscribe to that belief at all. i believe you build an economy from the bottom up. but when you are building that economy from the bottom up, you need to have an administration and a person in a position of power that has experience, significant experience, taking a small organization and making it larger. >> so carla, i did want to ask you about health care and obamacare. would the repeal of obamacare help small business people? >> no. and so what you find with a lot of small business owners is many small business owners in america actually keep a full-time job just to have health care. so being able to address that is important. i think because of the criteria because such that it's 500
7:38 am
employees and $7.5 million, the smaller section of the small businesses is overlooked constantly. this would just i think lend weight to that. with someone that's -- >> i guess what i'm asking, carla, obamacare, some employees work for small businesses are enrolled in obamacare which eases the cost to the small business owner. if obamacare were repealed, would that hurt your business? >> yes. that would definitely be detrimental and i think the way this is shaping up so far is -- it looks more like a corporate takeover of government and policies. >> so frank, the same question to you. >> well, to be honest with you, i think rather than worrying about obamacare being overturned, i think that's certainly a possibility, i believe it's a much greater possibility that this program will crumble under its own
7:39 am
bureaucratic weight. evidence of that is as follows. i will mention this very quickly. in my home state of minnesota, the average health care premium increase year to year was a shocking 60%. in the state of arizona, by comparison, that same year to year increase was 116%. to be honest with you, if i were a democrat, and i'm not, but if i was, i would be much more concerned about watching this obamacare program crumble rather than worrying about the republicans picking it apart. >> have to leave it there. frank and carla, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom" he's an icon. george takei joins me live. why he's so worried about what trump has been saying about muslim americans, next. and voting is under way for the 2016 cnn hero of the year. the all-star tribute airs this weekend. be sure to vote. >> they are the kind, the
7:40 am
caring, the strong and the brave. they are the ones who see a need, fill a void, make a difference. >> i'm trying to give them all the opportunities they deserve. >> this has become my life. i don't ever want to do anything else. >> they don't do it for themselves. they do it for all the rest of us. they are a reminder of what's good in this world and what it truly means to be a hero. >> we give them the foundation from which they can thrive. the feeling of family. >> we have transformed the lives of thousands of children. >> this sunday night, cnn presents a very special live event. the tenth annual cnn heroes all-star tribute. >> we are gathered to celebrate extraordinary men and women, to highlight the best of what humanity has to offer. >> join host anderson cooper and special co-host kelly ripa as we honor ten extraordinary people. the tenth annual cnn heroes all-star tribute live sunday night at 8:00. aring off. i'm dragging. yeah, that stuff only lasts a few hours.
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donald trump's stance on allowing muslim immigrants into the united states seems ever-evolving. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> that was last winter. a few months later, trump said his proposed ban would only involve certain countries. more recently, trump says he supports the idea of creating an immigrant data base. what's unclear is where exactly he stands today. since his win, mr. trump has not discussed his plans in detail and that leaves a lot of questions out there. not only for muslim americans but for other immigrants and immigration advocates, too. cue george takei, worried history could repeat itself. the japanese american and "star
7:46 am
trek" icon is speaking out about his experience during world war ii. he was forced from his home at gun point as a 5-year-old and sent to an internment camp in the united states along with the rest of his family. with me is george takei. welcome. >> good to be here. thank you very much. >> i want to focus a little on the election before we get into the immigration issue. because more than one republican says democrats are in a state of hysteria after donald trump's win and in light of what jill stein is doing with the recounts, right? is it far off? >> well, i was shell-shocked the day after the election. i just couldn't believe because all the polls indicated otherwise and so for a good number of days, i could not see things with an even balance and then it's getting to be even more worrisome. the kind of people he's appointing to major cabinet
7:47 am
positions, jeff sessions, to head the department of justice, when he has a history of racism and he was denied a judgeship because of that history. >> a lot of people said that was many many years ago and you know, give mr. trump and his cabinet picks a chance. >> well, i hope he's learned, but then now he's got a person who is -- has been fighting environmental -- what we know today as the head of the environmental protection agency. i mean, it's absolutely shocking and irrational, unbelievable. >> so what would you say to somebody who voted for mr. trump, just simmer down, the election is over, he won, you just have to deal with it? >> well, the popular vote went with hillary. more than two million, 2.5 million votes. >> that's true, but donald trump still won the presidency. >> and we are now reconsidering
7:48 am
the electoral process. i think, you know, the electoral process was good 200 years ago when information, news, got to people in the hinterlands very slowly, by pony express. we live in this world today when we have the internet, cameras, immediate information. there is no reason for that kind of system anymore. >> do you think it will change, though? >> i beg your pardon? >> you think it will really change, the electoral college system? >> well, i never thought trump would be elected so yes. we deal with the realities of today. >> i went to your twitter feed and you think "time" magazine is trolling trump with its person of the year cover. i want to show people a picture of your tweet. you say devil's horn, monster shadow, unretouched bald spot, dilapidated chair, literally resting on laurels. are you just seeing what you want to see in that picture? >> well, we see what we see, don't we. and we get the news as we get
7:49 am
them from trump tower and we are very concerned. >> so you believe that mr. trump is evil? >> i think mr. trump is uninformed. the kind of things he's been saying even through, i mean, we were doing a musical on the internment of japanese americans. innocent americans born here, my mother was born in sacramento. my father was from san francisco. they met and married in los angeles. we were born there. yes, my grandparents came from japan but they were hard-working immigrants who wanted to be american citizens but there was a law denying immigrants from asia to get american citizenship. yet after pearl harbor, after japan bombed pearl harbor, they saw us as the enemy. we were all initially categorized as enemy aliens. they had a registry and they got all the japanese american names. american citizens of japanese
7:50 am
ancestry. and they developed a registry. and one of his surrogates even used the word precedent, our incarceration as precedent for a muslim registry. >> you are afraid that it's possible that that sort of thing might happen again only with muslim americans? >> they are talking about muslim registries, aren't they. and he himself talked about banning muslims from entering this country, with no basis in fact. yes, there are some muslims that are terrorists. but to have a sweeping statement in the same way that we were characterized as the enemy simply because we happen to look like the people that bombed pearl harbor. we are three generations here in this country, yet overnight, we became the enemy. enemy aliens, they called us. we were born here. the whole phrase didn't make
7:51 am
sense. we were not the enemy and were not aliens, yet they categorized us as enemy aliens. >> donald trump's views on muslim americans seems to be evolving and he's often said don't really listen literally to the things i said during the campaign, because things may change. >> yes. >> why not give him the benefit of the doubt? >> some have changed for the worse. we will see what he does with the appointments and he has already had a surrogate try a trial balloon, muslim registry. there was a japanese american registry. then after that registry, they came down with the curfew. we were confined to our homes from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. in the morning, imprisoned in our homes at night. then they froze our bank accounts. we were economically paralyzed. then the soldiers came. i remember that morning. i remember the two soldiers walking up our driveway, marching up our driveway, shiny
7:52 am
bayonettes on the rifle, stop at the front porch and with their fists started banging on the front door and that sound resonated throughout the house. >> how long was your family in the internment camp? >> four years. the duration of the war. >> duration of world war ii. >> four years of infamy. i'm using roosevelt's words. >> it's so ditcfferent, the tim during world war ii than it is now. >> it is an echo of what we heard from world war ii coming from trump himself. that sweeping statement characterizing all muslims. there are more than a billion muslims in this world. to infer they are all terrorists with that kind of sweeping statement is outrageous. in the same way that they characterized all japanese americans as enemy aliens. it didn't make sense. >> so what are you doing to make sure that doesn't happen again?
7:53 am
>> we did a musical based on the internment of the japanese americans on broadway played to a very enthusiastic audience. we wanted the story to continue. we didn't want it to end with the closure on broadway. so we filmed it and have combined film making with -- it isn't a filmed stage show. we had one performance we filmed with a full house. whoops. >> that's okay. take your time. >> with a full house. then we had another performance with the theater completely empty but with more cameras and one of them on a crane so we used film making techniques. we came in for close-ups, pull-backs. >> you tell the story of your family? >> exactly. we invited donald trump after he made that sweeping statement about banning muslims. i made it very publicly on the
7:54 am
internet as well as talk shows. >> any word back from donald trump? >> we had a sign there we put up on that day, this seat saved for mr. donald trump. we had a countdown on the number of performances he missed throughout the run. 79 performances. that film is going to be screened on december 13th, next tuesday night, in over 600 theaters in the united states and canada because the same thing happened to japanese canadians. they were imprisoned in canadian internment camps. we want the story to be known and seen by people all across the country. so all you have to do is go online and you will find the theater that's nearest you on december 13th, next tuesday, 7:30. >> george takei, thanks for stopping by. >> thank you very much. we live in a pick and choose world.
7:55 am
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steve smith and andy schulz. hi, andy. >> ravens playing at the patriots on monday night football. should be a good one. meantime, steve smith in the holiday mood. in the "star wars" mood as well, rocking the full-on yoda onesie earlier this week when buying christmas presents for underprivileged kids. he thought it would be a good idea to wear it when meeting with the media yesterday. >> there's been a few decades since i have worn a onesie so we were -- i tried it on so i bought it and i thought i got to use it. it was raining yesterday. kind of doom and gloom. try not to waste money. >> we will see if the force is with steve smith come monday night when he takes on the patriots.
8:00 am
>> i'm sure it will be somehow. somehow, something good has to come of wearing that thing. andy, thank you so much. thank you for joining me. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. if it's thursday, donald trump must be meeting with a retired four-star about a possible job. berating a private citizen on twitter. and considering a new white house role for one of his kids. today, the president-elect will sit down with retired four-star admiral james stavridis, a man who by the way was actually vetted as a possible vice presidential pick for hillary clinton. >> but already this morning, donald trump has announced another cabinet post filled. oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt is trump's pick to head the environmental protection agency. democrats and progressive groups already signaling a fight over his nomination, not that


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