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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 8, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> i'm sure it will be somehow. somehow, something good has to come of wearing that thing. andy, thank you so much. thank you for joining me. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. if it's thursday, donald trump must be meeting with a retired four-star about a possible job. berating a private citizen on twitter. and considering a new white house role for one of his kids. today, the president-elect will sit down with retired four-star admiral james stavridis, a man who by the way was actually vetted as a possible vice presidential pick for hillary clinton. >> but already this morning, donald trump has announced another cabinet post filled. oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt is trump's pick to head the environmental protection agency. democrats and progressive groups already signaling a fight over his nomination, not that they
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can do much with republicans in control of the senate. pruitt is an outspoken critic of a lot of the science behind climate change and currently has a case pending against the very agency he wants to now lead. while all of that is going on, so is this. donald trump in a fight over the very deal that he claimed as a big win just last week. the president-elect attacking a carrier union leader after he called trump a liar for fudging the numbers on how many jobs were actually saved at that indiana plant. listen. >> what they're doing, they're counting in 350 some odd more that were never leaving this country at all. if you're dealing with people's livelihoods, you sure in the world ought to know what the numbers are. >> cnn's ryan nobles is live outside trump tower here in new york whach york. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning to both of you. this has really become a pretty public spat between the president-elect and this leader
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of the united steel workers 1999, chuck jones, who represents those workers at carrier. jones basically called trump a liar, saying that he inflated the number of jobs he helped save from going to mexico. trump bragging that at one point he had saved around 1100 jobs but that number, much closer to 800. while that criticism was something the president-elect didn't take too kindly. he went to twitter to attack jones, saying he's done a terrible job leading that union and he actually extended it even further and blamed jones and other union leaders like him for many of the reasons that jobs have been leaving the united states. well, jones for his part is not backing down. he said he's been in a job like this for a long time and has thick skin and can take criticism even if it comes from the next president of the united states. he said he's thankful the president-elect helped to save these jobs but at the end of the day he just wants him to be honest. take a listen. >> he overreacted, president-elect trump did, and i
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would expect if he was going to tweet something he should have come out and tried to justify his numbers and try to justify when i called him out. >> reporter: jones of course and his union did support hillary clinton during the campaign. this of course has been a busy couple of days for the president-elect. he has an important meeting here in the not too distant future with james stavridis, a former admiral and could potentially be the next secretary of state. of course that would be another military leader that trump could add to his administration. yesterday announcing that john kelly, former general, will become his secretary of homeland security. so a busy couple of days for trump as he continues to fill out his cabinet and administration. >> yes indeed. ryan nobles outside trump tower, we will keep our eye on the elevators to see who else may go up to meet with the president-elect. we will talk more about the carrier situation with brett voorhees, president of the indiana state afl-cio and good
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friend of chuck jones, the carrier union official we were just talking about. brett, you have been with chuck all morning. i want to know what your reaction was when you saw the president-elect go after your friend on twitter. >> well, when i saw the tweet last night i was actually flabbergasted. i was actually out christmas shopping with my daughter and my wife, and saw that the tweet come across and had to take a double look to make sure that i was seeing the right thing. i never, ever would expect our future commander in chief would actually go after an average blue collar worker, local union president, from indianapolis, let alone from anywhere in the country, and was very very surprised that he would actually stoop that low. >> stoop that low. you have been with -- you have been with chuck all morning. he had quite the night last night. he's been on tv all this morning.
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why do you think it's a stoop that low? can you describe this a little bit more? >> you have got the president-elect, who is commander in chief, and he's taking time and spending time and basically cyberbullying by tweeting out basically, he doesn't even know chuck jones, doesn't know who he is, doesn't know his character, and stating that he's an awful president in his tweet, going after an ordinary average citizen and maybe he should spend more time on national security and issues like that, or even spend more time saving the jobs from going to mexico like he campaigned on for the last year and a half. >> so brett, what chuck did, is chuck called out donald trump, the president-elect, on the numbers at carrier, right. chuck says the numbers are more like 800 jobs saved, not 1,000 or more, which the president-elect said. in general, do you favor the deal that donald trump brokered here? 800 jobs have been saved that were going to mexico.
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>> no. we are very thankful to president-elect trump for the jobs that he has saved and the jobs that will be staying here. but bottom line is why president jones came out and talked about, you know, calling president-elect trump a liar was basically he misled the members. he stood up there and at the carrier facility, and said that he was there to save 1100 jobs and it was nothing but falsehoods. he got a lot of people, a lot of workers' hopes up high, especially right here before the holiday season, just to let several hundred people down when everybody actually was either in the audience or not in the audience thought their jobs were going to be saved. very misleading. >> misleading, you say, but again, he did save jobs that would have been lost. with that in mind, what more do
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you want from the president-elect right now? >> absolutely. again, we are thankful for the jobs that he did save but we just would like for president-elect trump to actually stand by his word and stand with the working people. i mean, he campaigned for a year and a half saying that no more on his watch when he becomes president of the united states, jobs are not going to be shipped overseas. he was talking about how if he has to put a 35% tariff on companies, that he was going to renegotiate nafta, all these different trade deals. if you are going to do that, let's do that. let's not go in and save just partial jobs. if you're going to go back and save the rest of the jobs or save the plant that's two miles down the road, rexnord, which is the plant i came out of, do what you said. at least attempt to do what you said during your campaign promises. if you can't do it, you can't do it. >> the fact is that donald trump's numbers do appear to be
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off as well. you know that a lot of your members and a lot of steelworker members voted for donald trump. donald trump we believe did very well among union voters, better than past republicans have at least in recent memory. what's your message to the union membership that you serve about the president-elect? >> well, my message is, we did, we had several members that did support donald trump for president and my message to them and actually to anybody is i mean, like it or not, donald trump is going to be the president of the united states come january 20th at noon when he gets sworn in, and you know, i was brought up to make sure that you always pray for your leaders and you hope the best for your leaders and that's what i told my 11-year-old daughter when she was asking me questions about dad, why is donald trump picking on chuck jones.
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chuck jones is like a grandpa to her. and i said well, sweetheart, that's all i can do is tell you that in your prayers, pray for him. pray for him that he saves jobs and pray for him that he does a good job and he keeps us safe in the united states. that's the only message i can send. he's going to be our president for the next four years and i will support him as he goes along as president but at the same time, if he wants to keep picking -- if he wants to pick fights on twitter, we will fight right back. but we are not going to stop the fight when it comes to free trade. we are all about fair trade. if he says he's going to renegotiate these deals, then let's renegotiate these deals. just like president leo gerard said last night. he sent a letter saying he would be happy to lend a hand to help negotiate these deals. since then, he has not heard a word back. >> as you mentioned, january 20th when he will become president, he will have the power to start renegotiating the deals. that's when you can keep him
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accountable for that. brett voorhees, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. so from indiana to washington, d.c. now. one long-time conservative d.c. think tank is playing a big role in donald trump's transition team and also that would also mean playing a big role in shaping his administration. joining us now with that, the president of the heritage foundation, former senator of south carolina, jim demint. great to see you. how have you been? >> great. we have been busy. actually, we have been busy for about a year hoping we would get this chance to shape the next administration. >> you are almost trying to hide your smile. we read that you had said just this week that you are basically giddy about the incoming trump administration. why? >> well, i'm worried about our country. i have told folks who were running for president if they knew how much trouble our country was in, they probably wouldn't want the job. but just to have the chance to be at the table, to be listened to now. we know at heritage because we do so much research what policies really will make
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america great again and the opportunity to actually get those implemented, it does make me a little bit giddy. >> what's your take on the carrier deal? because it doesn't sound like the kind of thing you as a senator would have supported or that heritage would support. generally speaking, you don't want government interference or as george will said, coercion in private industry and trade. >> well, there are lots of companies considering moving from this country right now and i hope they will all stop and give this president, this congress, a chance. >> i was asking about the carrier deal, though. the state tax breaks in potential consideration down the line from the federal government. >> actually it's a pretty good thing if he saved jobs and is more than a month from becoming president. that's where his heart is, to save these jobs. i don't know all the details about the deal. we should not be using taxpayer money at least at the federal level. that's my opinion. but i hope every company that's considering moving any jobs out
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of this country will just take a pause because we have got such a heavy regulatory blanket on these companies, within a year i think they are going to see a better business environment. >> if they move overseas you want to see a 35% tariff on their goods coming back in? >> that doesn't make any sense. but the way we can do this is level the playing field with a new tax code. >> you do admit a lot of what donald trump is talking about on trade is just completely different than what heritage has called for over the years. big supporter of nafta, nafta, best thing ever for agriculture and other things. you were very pro-free trade as an organization. >> we are free trade. but it needs to be done in the context of economic freedom and over the last couple of decades, this country has become less and less economically free, with the highest tax rate in the world. some of the most burdensome regulations. so if you open your borders to trade when our companies don't have a chance to compete, that's not a good philosophy either. so we need to fix those things that make it hard to have jobs
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in america. >> it doesn't make sense when it comes to the 35% tariff that donald trump is putting out -- >> the tax code needs to treat our goods as fairly as those who are coming into this country. that's the way to fix the problem. not with tariffs. >> you mentioned the border. let's talk about the border in a different respect. on immigration, another big issue, donald trump in speaking in an interview with "time" magazine speaking specifically about dreamers, young undocumented people who are here, brought over at a young age. he said this. we are going to work something out that's going to make people happy and proud. they got brought here at a very young age. they have worked here, they have gone to school here. this seems almost the argument that supporters of the dream act, if you will, democrats, more liberal people, what they would argue, why they are arguing the dream act. does that make you comfortable? >> well, the first step is to fix the border because no
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immigration policy makes any sense -- >> the border is not the dream act. the president-elect who you just confessed to being giddy about -- [ speaking simultaneously ] >> i want to talk about those that are here. i want to talk about how did we control our borders. then we can talk about those who are here. >> we're just asking about your opinion on the dreamers. >> he's talking about it. what i tell our policy people is rhetoric is not policy. when it becomes policy, we will criticize it. we will cheer for it if it's good -- >> will you criticize any extension to the dreamers? >> we probably will, that folks who are here illegally should not be treated the same as those who came here legally. >> if he secures the border as he promises he will, would you support that? >> we have to deal with those who are here. he talked about deporting those who have committed crimes. so a lot of those can be worked into guest worker programs. there are a lot of things we can do if we have a border we can control and an immigration policy that makes sense. >> one last question. "new york times" reporting that donald trump intends to keep a stake in his business empire.
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he said he's going to announce next week at some point exactly how he will deal with his business and financial interests. if he does keep a stake, that does seem to be the type much thing, the word cronyism gets thrown around, i would imagine heritage in the past, particularly if it were democrats, would have been against. are you concerned about how he will separate himself from his businesses? >> i'm concerned about any conflict of interest just like hillary's foundation. i call that out. if there is a conflict of interest, we will call it out. >> any stake in his businesses, is that a conflict? >> i have to see how they structure. lot of people keep their assets, put them in blind trusts. somebody else manages them. i really can't comment on how he assis sets it up but his focus will be on running this country. i imagine his family and people who are currently running aspects of his business will run it. it has to be completely transparent. but it's going to be hard with large businesses like his, almost every government transaction has something to do with that business. >> all more important.
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one quick clarification. you said on executive orders. does donald trump need to lift, eliminate the executive order that barack obama put in place with regard to dreamers, daca? >> i don't know exactly what that executive order was. we were opposed to that and i think his first stroke of the pen should be to eliminate all president obama's executive orders. then there are several for practical reasons they have to put back. but the dreamers should not receive any kind of amnesty with an executive order. >> that's what donald trump suggested just now to to"time" magazi magazine, maybe they should get consideration. >> it should be done through congress or normal order of things with a good public debate but it should not be considered until we control our borders. >> regular order. shocking that a former senator would approve of regular order going through congress. great to see you. thank you. >> good to see you. coming up, a very big, he's a very big critic of the very agency he has been picked to lead. he says the science behind climate change is up for debate.
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democrats are promising a confirmation fight for that man. what's that fight going to look like since republicans are in control of the senate? one top democratic senator is joining us. let's see where he draws the battle lines. plus, is the president-elect considering a white house role for one of his children? new reports that donald trump's daughter ivanka may take a leave of absence from the trump organization. we will take a look at what role she plans to play. no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs. it was one of those complete, meant-to-be moments... i totally fell in love with him. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped the aspca save nearly thirty thousand animals so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate another two hundred and fifty dollars to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ [and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo.
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donald trump's pick for head of the environmental protection agency isn't a general, isn't a billionaire. he's not al gore. not by a long shot. instead he's a vocal, active critic of the very agency he's been chosen to lead and has fought president obama's climate change policies. >> that man is scott pruitt, oklahoma's attorney general, close friend of the fossil fuel industry that is very prominent in his state. just a few months ago he wrote in the national review the link between global warming and human activity is far from settled. a lot of scientists will tell you that's not true. the choice galling democrats and environmentalists. one of them says trump has bi basically picked the fox to run the hen house. want to discuss this with
8:22 am
senator chris kunz from delaware. last time you were here, you told us you regretted that democrats changed the rules in the confirmation process keeping the filibuster out of it. i imagine that that regret is particularly acute for you on the issue of scott pruitt. >> let me be clear about that comment. what i regretted was that then minority leader mcconnell so overused the filibuster to block every major nominee by the obama administration to the d.c. circuit, the nlrb and many other vital posts, that we ultimately as a democratic caucus felt compelled to make that change. what i regretted was we had a dysfunctional senate where the minority leader and minority caucus at the time, the republican caucus, so thoroughly and effectively misused the f l filibuster to block president obama that we ultimately took the step of changing that rule in the senate. let me comment on what you just said about trump's decision to
8:23 am
nominate oklahoma's attorney general. i think climate change is one of the greatest threats to the united states and to the world. our current military leaders have already been taking steps to prepare our military bases and military facilities around the world for climate change. my home state of delaware is the lowest mean elevation state in america and we are preparing for the real impact on our state of climate change. the purpose of the environmental protection agency is the protection of the environment. to nominate someone to head the epa who isn't just a climate skeptic but has actively litigated to block the obama administration's clean power plant gives me real pause. i think this is a very bad action and while the president-elect has had some interesting meetings with advocates for taking strong action to address climate change, this action to nominate someone to be in charge of the epa who i'm gravely concerned will undo the epa strikes me as a line in the sand where we are
8:24 am
just going to have to stand up and fight. >> what's that fight going to look like, though 'as we pointed out, there's not much to do. >> well, that fight means we are going to have robust and open hearings. we will ask tough questions. we are going to see whether the american people care about clean air and clean water, whether we can hold donald trump to his election commitments he said in the course of the campaign that he cares deeply about clean air and clean water and this nominee is someone who signaled by his actions as oklahoma's attorney general that he cares more about defending the fossil fuel industry than he does about taking significant steps to protect our air and our water and our long-term health and our climate. so i think if we can persuade the american people and they can persuade members of congress of both parties, then we will have a change in terms of this confirmation. if we can't, we won't. >> we learned the president-elect intends to nominate general john kelly to lead homeland security. we know james mattis is his pick for the pentagon and we know admiral flynn, general flynn, i should say, is national security
8:25 am
adviser. three generals so far and he meets with admiral stavridis today. is that too many generals? >> i think what matters is that donald trump is choosing people with significant experience in foreign policy and national security. given that he has very limited experience in those areas, i'm encouraged that he's looking to folks with deep and broad experience in those areas. i'm frankly more concerned about making sure that we respect our traditional treaties and commitments around the world and i'm concerned that we so far hear skepticism from donald trump about whether or not russia actually engaged in intentional actions to influence our elections. admiral mike rogers, current head of the national security agency and cybercommand, has publicly said, as have all the leaders of our intelligence community, nonpartisan folks with whom wee w entrust our national security, that russia took aggressive action to try to influence our elections.
8:26 am
they are not saying they determined the outcome but the lack of a bipartisan commitment so far to tackle this critical issue concerns me. i was pleased that republican senator lindsey graham stepped forward to say he agrees with me and many other democrats that we need to take this very seriously because this shows a level of aggression by the russians against our security that frankly donald trump isn't taking seriously yet. >> senator chris coons, great to have you with us. thank you. interesting line in the sand when it comes to scott pruitt of oklahoma. interesting to see what that fight looks like or how deep that line is. the president-elect says he sold his stock to avoid a conflict of interest but what about his business empire? his own business interests? new reports that he's not ready to sever ties. plus armed and dangerous. armed and very dangerous. a man hunt under way for a suspect who police believe he shot two officers, one of whom is dead. details ahead. look at this... a silicon valley server farm.
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that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. live pictures from inside the lobby of trump tower. who will go up that elevator next? >> who will come down. i don't know. just sounded appropriate. >> donald trump meeting with retired four star admiral james stavridis, now apparently on that growing list of those being considered for secretary of state. >> with us now to talk about it all, cnn political director david chalian, cnn politics executive editor mark preston and national political reporter for politico, eliana johnson. let's throw up the map. it's not a map.
8:32 am
i just call it a map. of who trump picked so far for his cabinet. scott pruitt, some of the latest ones, scott pruitt for epa, john kelly for homeland security, linda mcmahon for the small business administration. what do we know, what does this all say about the cabinet that trump is building right now? >> well, first of all, let's just also remark how quickly actually he's doing this. if you look historically, he's filling out this cabinet with some deliberate speed and it's a little more idealogical in nature on the conservative side than many would have expected from donald trump who is really all things in his life has proven to be a pragmatist. this in many respects looks like a playbook from the conservative think tank the heritage foundation, mike pence's world, if you will, and really starting to fill out with some real idealogical conservatives in this cabinet which you would expect in a republican administration, but as we all
8:33 am
know, donald trump has broken with conservatives time and again and i think even with his own cabinet choices here, you will find that in some policy areas, he doesn't quite align with every single thing they have said in the past on the issues they will now be overseeing if confirmed. >> the pentagon with mnuchin -- sorry, treasury with mnuchin, the pentagon with mattis, not particularly idealogical and those are big jobs, too. on that front, the epa, scott pruitt, this is a guy who i don't think wants the epa probably at all or if he does, barely. how do you square the fact that donald trump picks him within 24 hours of meeting with al gore and leonardo dicaprio? how do those things make sense together? >> i think trump on the campaign trail marketed himself as somebody who was a deal maker. i think even as he picked somebody and i would emphasize
8:34 am
that scott pruitt is somebody who i think republicans will cheer. democrats are appalled but i think he's somebody republicans far and wide really like and think highly of, and who trump's blue collar even union voters have chafed at overregulation, what they consider overregulation from the epa which has hurt sort of small businesses. you saw even unions in ohio endorsing republicans because of this. and but trump also wants to keep people like al gore on his side. he doesn't want to be bashed and criticized by them. i think it's a savvy strategic move by him. >> mark, one interesting thing i have been harping on all morning. pruitt has a case pending in court against the epa along with some other states right now. can you sue yourself? what's going to happen when he takes over the epa?
8:35 am
>> you can go blind if you do that. >> there's a list of how many times pruitt has sued the epa. it's at least eight times. he often loses. there are actually three cases which he's a party to right now that are being under consideration right now where he's sued the epa. one of them is just him directly, his state suing the epa. the other two cases, he's a party to. look, he can take his name off the lawsuit and the case can move forward with whoever is his successor. but you have to wonder when you are talking about rules and regulations and what his plan is, i suspect a lot of these lawsuits might go away because if they have the ability to stop overregulating in their eyes, then they are not going to have a need for these lawsuits. you are not going to have all these republican state attorneys general trying to sue the epa. this has really become a major political headache for
8:36 am
environmentalists and really, a nightmare for environmentalists. at the same time the folks like jim inhofe and others who are very conservative who have been very much against the epa are certainly cheering this on. >> there's no doubt what scott pruitt and donald trump want to do. it reminds me of the china business. he has the phone call with the president of taiwan, then nominates as ambassador to china, someone china loves. china loves terry branstad. donald trump, the president-elect showing again how he can work both sides of the same thing, looking more like a deal maker here. >> that's his trade, right? this is classic trump, to push as far as you can so that when you actually sit down and get a deal, it is more to the liking of where you would like to be. but also to make sure that as you are bringing people to the table that everybody has a little something to hang on to. so china has terry branstad while he actually on twitter is saying let's get tough with
8:37 am
china. at least they have something to hang on to to get to the table. i think this sort of good cop/bad cop trump is playing himself on both sides -- >> he's both cops. >> he's both cops. both the good and the bad. because that's what he has found successful in business. >> mark, the carrier deal, last week i remember when we were talking about this, you said no matter what you say about it, this is a big political win for donald trump. but now the more we learn about the deal, the numbers are changing about how many jobs are saved, how many jobs are still going overseas and then this fight on twitter, is this becoming more of a nuanced political win? >> well, i will go back and still say it's a political win. 800 jobs were saved, whether it's because of mike pence eventually giving in, but to the point donald trump has taken a situation where it was a very big positive for him, he's turned it into a negative. he overexaggerated the number of jobs that were going to be saved. even the local union boss said listen, he could have said 800 jobs were going to be saved but
8:38 am
300 extra people who are out of work. then watching donald trump, watching erin burnett last night and hearing what this local union official had to say, then has to tweet about it. so again, drawing attention where he doesn't need to draw attention to himself. he should take the win and try to move on. but i suspect that's not going to happen for the next four years. >> eliana, last word? >> for trump, using the power of the bully pulpit now that he's president to personally attack individual american citizens, you saw him do it during the campaign toward republican fund-raisers who were spending money against him. he did it to the ricketts family, for example, who eventually supported him, is very dangerous and he's going to get a lot of pushback if he doesn't stop doing it once he's inaugurated. but it's something i think the american people don't like to see in their president. obama got a lot of blowback for doing it with skip gates during an incident about the police. and all presidents learn when
8:39 am
they realize how powerful their words are, you know, as president of the united states. >> we haven't seen it -- he hasn't seen it hurt him yet. that's the bottom line. great to see you all. thank you so much. coming up, it's a wall trump may not build after all. not that one. but the one between the president-elect and his business empire. a new report says trump may keep a stake in his companies. what does that look like and what does it realmean? plus the frantic search for a killer of a police officer. this man is accused of shooting a pair of georgia officers, killing one. they say he's armed and very dangerous. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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let's have a talk. let's talk about the delicate relationship between donald trump, the president-elect, and donald trump, the billionaire businessman. the "new york times" is reporting that trump is thinking about handing the reins of his empire over to his two older sons, but here's the important part. he's also still planning, according to the "new york times" to keep a stake in the business. >> wait, there's more. we are learning daughter ivank achl might step away from the company and became an advocate for issues near and dear to her in washington. trump attorney michael cohen was asked about all this earlier. listen. >> i want to talk to you about what's going to happen with the business. >> rather not talk about it at the moment. if that's all right. i know everybody is concentrating on what he's going to do with the business. they will find out on december 15th, i believe he said he's going to make a statement. he's going to describe how business will be run in the future once he takes the white house. >> is there any truth to the
8:45 am
"new york times" story that he may keep a stake? >> i'm not going to comment on that. again, mr. trump will talk about it on december 15th at his press conference. >> any word if ivanka trump is stepping away? >> that's a question you should be asking of ivanka, correct? >> yeah. >> an attorney at heart, not wanting to go there. let's bring in our panel. cnn political commentator alex stewart and miami beach mayor philip levine who supported hillary clinton during the campaign. we will learn the details next week but the "new york times" reporting donald trump intends to maintain, keep a stake in his business. that's not a blind trust. that is enough? >> here's the thing. obviously we will find out more next week. he's made it quite clear that he is going to focus first and foremost on the business of the nation, the people's business, not his. i take him at his word. i truly believe he will. he's taken the proper steps now to make sure there is a wall and -- >> really? >> i think it's a good thing. >> that's a wall? >> he's made it quite clear
8:46 am
that -- first of all, he doesn't have to do this. it's not a matter of law. it's a matter of making sure there's not the appearance of anything untoward happening. but he's making steps to make sure that there's a distinction between him and his business. >> that clearly is not good enough for you, mayor. why? >> well, i got to tell you, i'm an entrepreneur, built my companies and became mayor, and i got to tell you, when you are the mayor, nothing compared to being president of the united states, it is a 24/7 job. you have to be focused on it. i kept my companies. they are completely separate. i'm actually not, i have an executive team that runs it. i think mayor bloomberg had a really good model. mayor bloomberg put everything in a blind trust and it worked out wonderfully. listen, donald trump, the president-elect, needs to focus on the country. there's only one organization he really needs to run now and that's the united states of america. i trust, i hope he will do that. but we elected, we, all of us elected the new president as an international businessman. it wasn't like he said i'm not. he said that's who i am. he didn't think he was going to win. a lot of people didn't think he
8:47 am
was going to win. you have to give him time to figure out what to do with his assets. it's pretty fast, imagine unraveling your entire life from november until january? let's give it time. give him the benefit of the doubt. i think he will realize he needs to be the ceo of america. >> what about his daughter? what about ivanka? what does she need to do? what role is right for her to play in this administration? >> i think as we have seen throughout the campaign, she has been very involved, very hands-on. i have seen her at many events. she's very well-spoken and a great representative for him. and with her proposals she's already put forth about child care, she certainly wants to have a finger in the political side and obviously talk of her moving to d.c. i think she has -- would have a strong role in the administration. i think she would be very beneficial. so whatever she decides to do, i think she's a great representative for him and she's very effective at getting things done. >> mayor, let's be honest, deep
8:48 am
down are you very much okay with ivanka trump having some kind of government role? because you guys, i think a lot of democrats say they think she's way more liberal than her father is. the things she cares about, child care, child care issues, climate issues, something you care about. >> that's a very good thing. clearly ivanka has been a tremendous asset to the president-elect for most of her adult life. i think that we should welcome that. i think president-elect needs to figure out the great management team, have his sons involved, run the businesses. listen, we all know he knows what assets he has. if you put it in a blind trust he knows what he's got, he knows what policies will affect positively or negatively his business organization. one thing i learned as mayor and the president-elect is going to learn quickly is that everybody you meet in our country is a shareholder and also a customer. it's a very different type of organization to run. he will certainly see this very clearly. >> to his point about she's obviously a little more moderate than donald trump, i think others, especially democrats, would welcome her coming to the table and having a little bit
8:49 am
more moderate influence on policy and policy initiatives because i think that would balance things out. i think her having a political role i think would be a good thing in terms of leveling the playing field. >> still, interesting to see the oversight that exists, if it exists from congress. that is something we have to watch. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. developing right now, there's a massive search for an accused killer under way. police are saying this man shot two police officers in georgia, killing one. now he's armed, dangerous and on the run, police say. details on that man hunt straight ahead. ♪ ♪ well, if you want to sing out, sing out ♪ ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ and if you want to be me, be me ♪ ♪ and if you want to be you, be you ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to do ♪ ♪ you know that there are
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he is armed and he is on the run. his name is mingle lembrick. he allegedly shot and killed a police officer in georgia and injured another. >> 20 agencies involved in a massive manhunt to find him. let's get straight over to cnn correspondent victor blackwell right now with more on this. what are you hearing? >> let me show you ways happening now in americas, georgia. we got the tape here of a house surrounded according to local
8:54 am
affiliates there, where we've got, as you said, more than 20 agencies involved. you see the local sheriff's department there in summpter county, georgia. they believe possibly he could be inside this house. we saw a lot of activity, s.w.a.t. team members running, in just the last few minutes. of course this is in connection with the alleged shooting and killing of this officer. 32 years old, said to be armed and dangerous. let me take you back to the beginning. it was just after 9:00 on wednesday when we're told that officer nicholas smar with the americas, georgia, police department, about 100 miles south of atlanta, and officer jordy smith with the georgia southwestern state university campus department, showed up in relation to a domestic dispute call. they encountered lembrick and shots were fired. officer smar was killed. we're told at last check,
8:55 am
officer jordy smith, campus officer, is in critical condition. this was not on school property. this was not a campus apartment complex. but it was very close there. the school was shut down for a period. finals ended yesterday. we know that local grade schools are open there with additional security. but there have been a flood of tips keeping in. we're told officers are searching for those. and if this does not end what we saw today, this house being surrounded, if this does not end this search, we know the reward for information leading to lembrick's arrest has been increased to $70,000, doubling overnight and nearly doubling again this morning. kate, john. >> again, we are seeing a lot of police activity around the house right now. victor just reporting on that. so we will keep our eye on that throughout the next several minutes to see if there's any more action. you can see that happening now. thank you. >> there's a lot going on. we're going to follow this very closely.
8:56 am
victor's got his eye on that as well. keeping our eye on this manhunt along with you. >> coming up, is donald trump preparing for a fight over his business ties? there's a new report on donald trump's plans raising red flags over potential conflicts of interests, that's coming up. ♪ ♪ jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. you tell your inthey made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement. excuse me? let me be frank, he says. you picked the wrong insurance plan.
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that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. you are live in the "cnn newsroom," i'm brianna keilar in washington. with his late few cabinet decisions supposedly in the pipeline and yet another twitter spout under his belt, the president-elect is leaving trump tower this hour for columbus, ohio. donald trump is meeting with victims and first responders from last week's knife and car attack at ohio state university. and then after that, it's off to iowa for another of trump's so-called thank you rallies. then there's indiana, a state that trump is not visiting today but one very much on his radar.


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