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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brianna Keilar  CNN  December 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. you are live in the "cnn newsroom," i'm brianna keilar in washington. with his late few cabinet decisions supposedly in the pipeline and yet another twitter spout under his belt, the president-elect is leaving trump tower this hour for columbus, ohio. donald trump is meeting with victims and first responders from last week's knife and car attack at ohio state university. and then after that, it's off to iowa for another of trump's so-called thank you rallies. then there's indiana, a state that trump is not visiting today but one very much on his radar. last night, a man just 43 days
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from the presidency, personally attacked the head of a local steelworkers union who called him a liar for overstating how many jobs would be retained at the carrier plant in indianapolis. moments after chuck jones made his case on cnn, donald trump tweeted, chuck jones, who is president of united steel workers 1999, has done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee the country. an hour later, this tweet, if united steelworkers 1999 was any good, they would have kept those jobs in indiana, spend more time working, less time talking, reduce dues. there is a lot more to get into here. i want to bring in cnn's sunlan serfaty, also here in washington. before we get back to this trump versus jones showdown, what can you tell us about the president-elect's meetings today? >> another busy morning for the president-elect today at trump tower before he does hit the
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road. perhaps most notably this morning, someone who just went in to trump tower a few minutes ago and is set to sit down with the president-elect at some point soon is former nato commander james trevitis, under possible consideration for secretary of state. his name really seems to be one of the few that were added as donald trump in the last week has really expanded his search for a secretary of state, rather than narrowed it down. we do know from the president-elect himself that he is potentially nearing a decision on this very important role. the most high-profile all the cabinet picks. potentially coming to a decision next week. after that, early this afternoon, trump will travel, as you said, to columbus, ohio. you' he'll be meeting privately with victims and first responders of that osu knife attack last week. then moving to iowa, where he'll role out his pick to ambassador to china. governor terry brad stet.
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>> we've been hearing about hires, but the one we're seeing the uproar over is donald trump's pick for epa. >> a lot of pushback for scott pruett which of course was announced formally this morning from the transition team. a lot of democrats on capitol hill and progressive groups really vowing to fight this nomination in some form. and bringing up his past comments over climate change. the fact that he is a climate change denier. as early as may of this year, he said the debate is far from settled over whether human activity has contributed to the warming of the earth. notable comments from incoming senate majority leader, minority leader chuck schumer who said pruett will have to answer many tough questions and that nominating process will be an interesting hearing in january. >> yes, certainly will be. okay, ryan, tell us about this showdown that we're seeing between donald trump and this union boss. he's a union boss in indiana.
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this has got be pretty heated. it's taken a lot of attention away from other things. >> it shows the president-elect doesn't take any fight lying down. if someone's going to come after hip, he's going to come right back at that person. chuck jones is the leader of the united steelworkers 1999, which is the labor union that represents those workers at carrier. and when he called donald trump essentially a liar, that's when trump went to twitter and said that he's done a very terrible job running that union. he blamed him and other union leaders for jobs leaving the united states. well, chuck jones is a guy that's been in this game for a long time. he's probably never been in a public spat with the next leader of the free world, but he doesn't appear to be backing down in any way, shape or form. he said he can take donald trump's criticism. what he just wants for the president-elect is for him to be honest, take a listen. >> you know, you hear all the
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time how a skilled negotiator he is, you know, he says about himself, so i've been in a lot of negotiations as a union representative. so i would have to assume that he show the world either the precise numbers or most certainly should have. >> jones did say he is thankful for the role trump played in keeping those jobs in the united states. he just wants trump to tell his union members and all of america the full story. brianna. >> all right, ryan nobles, sunlen serfaty, thank you. i'm joined by scott hall, president of the alliance for american manufacturing. thanks for being with us. you work now just to explain to our viewers this alliance between unions and manufacturers. you also have worked for the afl-cio. what is your read on this fight between donald trump and the steelworkers union boss in indiana? >> well, i know chuck jones.
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he's a man of deep integrity. he looks out for his members. he was elected by them so he's not a boss, he's their leader. i think it's foolish for donald trump to try to single out american citizens for criticism, for a decision he's going to make. it's going to be a long four years and he hasn't even taken the oath of office yet. he's going to have to realize his policies, his deals, are going to be subject to scrutiny. what i admire about chuck and the steel workers in many of these companies is they can have disagreements. they sit down across the bargaining table. they try to work out a deal that's good for everybody. they can shake hands and move on. and they will continue to have disagreements. but this got very personal and it's incredibly unfair. it certainly takes the spotlight i think from trump's perspective off of what he's trying to achieve, which is boosting manufacturing jobs in the united states and appealing to working class voters, attacking one of their own is probably not the
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best way to do that. >> you know, it's a really interesting point that you raise. one of the things we heard chuck jones say was, look, he didn't keep 1,100 jobs. it was 800 jobs. 300 of those were administrative, among other types of jobs, that were never going to mexico. he also had said look, this is good jobs are staying there. what do you think when you see donald trump brokering this carrier deal? does it make you hopeful? or do you think that this is just a drop in the bucket and it doesn't have broad impact? >> i think at an individual level obviously it's mostly pr and symbolism. i'm happy like chuck is for the steel workers who will have a job and come next year face the prospects of employment and a much grimmer future. that's no way to run an economic policy. he has to sit down with steel
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workers if he wants to make changes. a lot of the leaders of the republican party, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, stand in the way of changes like that. it doesn't make sense to drive a wedge in a potential partnership when you can make progress reaching out on issues like infrastructure investment, on reframing trade policy and rebuilding manufacturing, which is what i think a lot of trump voters are seeking. or at least that's the signal they seem to send in states like pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin, which flipped from red to blue. those are industrial heartland states. they want to see manufacturing resurgent in this country. >> they do. all right, scott paul, thank you so much. really appreciate you being with us. we have a lot more to talk about. time to get these guys on. ryan lizza is washington correspondent for the new yorker and cnn political commentator. wanda summers is cnn politics editor. chuck jones, as you know, said
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that the president-elect was lying his you know what off. he didn't say "you know what." he also gave donald trump some credit though, let's listen to that. >> any time i've talked to the media, one of the first things i've said is i thanked him very much for getting involved and help save the 800 jobs that were going to remain here in indianapolis. the people -- we are very grateful for what he did. so he's not listened to that. >> now, it's maybe for the average person not unusual to hear a scathing criticism loud and clear as well. but now we have jones getting death threats, right? do you think president-elect donald trump understands the impact that he has when he singles out an individual like this? >> i don't think he does. i mean, i think what we've learned over time is he doesn't take it seriously necessarily.
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but the impact is much, much scarier when you're on the receiving end and you're just a sort of civilian out there, a journalist, you know, a head of a union, just an american citizen wozho's a critic. he kind of sees everyone as the same. a political opponent. the head of a corporation. someone on twitter that criticizes him. a lot of people at his level would have a rule that, you know, you don't punch down, you only punch up, especially when you're the president-elect. he doesn't play by that. i think a lot of people -- we in the media have gotten used to this now. and we know that he frankly doesn't take these things so seriously, right, the fact that he can sit down with a mitt romney or ted cruz or the people he pummeled in the campaign and it's sort of all water under the bridge or even the relationship he's developed with barack obama. i don't think he understands it's very different when it's someone like this who's just an average person out there whose life can be changed overnight
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when 15 million twitter followers see that kind of attack. jones is right, trump is wrong. trump inflated the number of jobs by about 40%. is that the biggest deal in the world? no. but this guy was right to point it out. >> the way he points it out obviously got under his skin there. he's blaming this union head for losing jobs overseas. it was interesting, hearing scott paul make a point, and i wonder how much you think this is the case. there were a lot -- i presume union workers in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, ohio, who supported donald trump. does this sit right with them when a union leader is being criticized? >> brianna, you're absolutely right. that's one of the biggest things that struck me is i was reading the tweets and watching the conversation other the last few hours. this really highlights the divide between union leader like chuck jones who have sat right
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of the president-elect during the election and the rank and file in the industrial in the rust belt states that you nameded who came out and support him and are responsible for elevating him to the presidency. there's a big divide there. i think many people take that for granted. the leadership and the rank and file aren't on the same page here. >> listen to what bill clinton's labor secretary had to say directly to donald trump about this. very interesting. >> what you, mr. trump, what you would like is for no one, not a ceo, nobody on television, no journalist, nobody, to criticize you. you take offense at that. well, you are going to be president very shortly. you are going to have at your command not just twitter but also the cia, the irs, the fbi. if you have this kind of thin skinned vindictiveness attitude toward anybody that criticizes you, we are in very deep trouble. and, sir, so are you.
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>> so are you. that's what stuck out to me. because even as you have at types republicans who don't want to criticize donald trump, criticism isn't always bad. if you hear a lot of criticism, you might know you need to make a course correction, right? is this a disservice to donald trump, that he's doing these things? and also then that he even has allies who don't want to criticize him? >> well, it's not -- his tweets are often untethered from his ideas and his strategies. i mean, look this is the first president-elect in decades who agrees with the industrial unions about trade policy. these guys could be his greatest allies on some of what he has said is a core -- a core part of his economic agenda. so to shoot your mouth off and twitter and alienate an important labor leader in the midwest who should be a natural ally, when you're going to be fighting paul ryan and some of the more free trade republicans on this issue, just seems
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counterproductive. personally, i have become less and less outraged about the tweets over time. because i don't think -- i don't think -- >> you just stop hearing them i guess. >> maybe don't take them as seriously. >> you're not taking them as seriously. >> if robert rice's prediction comes true and trump start using the irs and the cia and whatever else to go after people and not just twitter, then we have a different story on our hands. >> all right. hang in with me because we have much more ahead, you two. they're going to stay with us. up next, when al gore showed up for a meeting at trump tower, it appeared donald trump might be warming up to the idea of fighting climate change. not so much anymore. based on his controversial pick to run the epa. we have a closer look at scott pruett's record coming up. ense . glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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you're looking at live pictures. this is of donald trump's plane at la guardia airport. because this hour, the president-elect is going to be leaving for ohio from new york. he's going to meet with victims and first responders of that recent campus attack that we saw at ohio state university. then later, it's on to iowa for him. it's part of his thank you tour that he's been on between his election and the inauguration. we'll keep an eye on things there as he moves around.
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after speculation donald trump would moderate his stance on climate change, democrats are slamming his choice to lead the environmental protection agency. donald trump's pick is oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt. he's a climate change denier. this move only adding more confusion on where donald trump stands on the issue. so let's show you what we're talking about here. in 2012, trump put out this tweet. it said the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese in order to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. then he said this to the "washington post" editorial board in january, perhaps there's a minor effect, but i'm not a big believer in manmade climate change. and now this on manmade climate change from donald trump's recent meeting at "the new york times." he said, think there is some connectivity. there is something. it depends on how much. let's discuss with environmental lawyer david bookfinder. thanks for being with us. just to let our viewers know, you have met scott pruitt. you personally like scott pruitt.
9:20 am
but you're certainly worried about hip hem heading up the ep why? >> i'm very worried about scott pruitt heading up epa for a variety of reasons, starting with the climate issue. scott pruitt does not seep to accept what almost all of the world scientists and all the world governments do. which is that climate change is happening. it's caused by human beings. and it has very, very bad effects. so that's the start of the problem. >> okay, so when you look at the biggest risk here, what is the single biggest climate change measure that you think could go away under a trump administration with pruett at the helm? >> well, the current administration has promle gated some protections on climate. the clean power plan, which is designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the nation's power plants and without a doubt, the clean power plan will now be -- it's dead. the epa will repeal the clean
9:21 am
power plan. and there will be no federal program to reduce carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas emiss n emissions. >> you heard me there, david be talking about donald trump's record. i think for some people, they would be surprised that trump and his three eldest children signed an open letter to president obama and congress in 2009 and it said it urged them to take action to, quote, control climate change, an immediate challenge facing the united states and the world today. now you have this appointment of someone who questions climate change period. let alone manmade climate change. why do you think there is this shift in what we've heard from donald trump over the years? >> i don't think i or, indeed, anyone else can explain the rad dad shifts in donald trump's thinking in year to year, month to month, hour to hour. what we can do is simply say he has appointed someone to run epa who does not believe in climate
9:22 am
change. and that is extremely dangerous. the danger goes further, right, scott pruitt has fought basic protections for clean air. repeatedly suing epa when epa tries to protect clean air for people in cities across the country. scott pruitt has fought those tooth and nail. and that is extremely dangerous. >> we saw the president-elect just this week on monday. he met with former vice president al gore. big advocate. one of the biggest advocates on climate change. what do you make of that meeting, considering this nomination we're seeing? >> i think it was pure window dressing. i think donald trump had no intention of acting in a positive way on climate. i think his nomination of scott pruitt establishes that. >> you are the former chief counsel for sierra club. it's really interesting. you run a consulting firm with the former chief of climate for exxon. you work with a libertarian think tank that is in favor of a carbon tax.
9:23 am
so to your staunchly republican friends and colleagues who say environmental regulations make it very difficult for businesses. they put a drag on the economy. what do you say to them? >> they're usually overestimating and wildly inflating those costs. how do we deal with climate change is the big issue. and once you accept the basic science, then the question becomes what is the most efficient or effective mechanism for dealing with it. the problem with this incoming administration is they simply don't believe there's a problem in the first place. >> all right, david bookbinder, appreciate it. he's a fellow and co-founder of elemental six consulting. thank you so much. i want to bring back now our panel to discuss these cabinet picks. why do you think donald trump, considering he's got it covered when it comes to positions on climate change, why did he settle on pruitt? >> i think what you're finding is the republican party is, in
9:24 am
one place, a lot of important issues and trump is his own person in a lot of ways, you know, a populist nationalism that -- >> but he's picking someone who is where a lot of republicans are, right? >> his transition is filled with standard issue republicans, right. there aren't a lot of republicans like donald trump. and so he has always leaned towards being a climate change denialist, frankly, despite what he told "the new york times" when he said he'd have an open mind -- >> and despite that letter maybe in 2009. >> some reporting that suggest his daughter is more -- believes in climate change and is worried about it. and in some of his, you know, one of his hotels in scotland, has pointed to climate change as a problem for the hotel and the rising sea level in scotland and has actually asked the local government for help to deal with that. i mean, this is a worrying pick if you believe in climate change. the arctic ice is at an all-time record melting. you go down to miami, people are
9:25 am
seeing flooding that theyer in saw. we're the only industrialized country in the world where the parties have a debate on this. everyone else, climate change isn't an issue, it's just how to address it. >> let's talk about cabinet picks. we're hearing it's general john kelly for homeland security. how is this pick being received, wanda, and what does he bring to the table? >> retired four-star general who rose through the ranks to head u.s. southern command, put him in charge of the military prison at guantanamo bay cuba and put him in position to deal with drug trafficking, cross-border issues, he's likely to face in he becomes homeland security secretary. the big thing critics latch on to is immigration. telling lawmakers on capitol hill as recently as last year that smuggling rings could bring tens of thousands of people across the border illegally into the united states, including children. so definitely some tough rhetoric there. if there's going to be immigration reform, something that many democrats on capitol hill would like to see and some
9:26 am
republicans, in fact, in the next 4 to 8 years, if he is confirmed, i think that's certainly worrying a number of them. >> are you surprised when you hear donald trump talk about how much advice he's getting from president obama? and also whether that's true, whether that's sort of meshing with what you're hearing from democrats in the white house? >> i am surprised. i think back to that image of president-elect trump and president obama sitting together in the white house really cordally, which is fascinating to me, given the tough rhetoric on both sides. these are two men who had nothing nice to say about each other. but the idea he perhaps could be getting advice from president obama who's been in the white house for eight years might do something to soothe the critics out there who are just worried that donald trump is completely in over his head, he's not getting the lx briefings, he's not getting the right advice and not taking the job seriously. >> he says he's taking some of president obama's advice, even on his picks. what do you think? >> i think it's probably one of the best signs so far. there are only a few living presidents. there are only a few people who have been in that position.
9:27 am
it's an overwhelming job. and the fact that trump has a sort of new opinion of obama and recognizes that whatever i said about this guy in the past, whatever i thought about him, at the very least, he's had this job. i could actually listen. i think it's very encouraging. i think it's not something anyone would have predicted based on trump's previous opinions of obama. >> even ideology aside, certainly, they have a difference of opinion. there's a lot of process stuff that happens as you're president. there aren't many people who know how to handle that. >> i don't think pruitt was on obama's list. >> i don't think he was. all right, you guys, thank you so much. juana, ryan. up next, two law enforcement officers shot, one dead. the manhunt that just ended in georgia coming up. wild-caught alaskan salmon.
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a parade, military men, has been passing through the trump tower lobby as president-elect trump picks his cabinet. today, his meeting with retired navy admiral, believed to be on the list for secretary of state, as is former centcom commander general david petraeus. he's chosen retired general john kelly to head the department of homeland security. retired general mattis tapped to his defense secretary and retired general michael flynn is his pick for national security adviser. let's bring in national security analyst juliette klime to talk about this. the question is simply is he tiring too many generals? >> i think if he hires all of them open the list, the answer is absolutely yes. you know, individually, each of
9:33 am
these picks makes sense. it's sort of like halloween candy, each of them may be good but eventually you want a steak or a salad. the idea a general by their experience is the best experience for each of these different agencies really sort of underestimates what these different agencies do. and i think puts an overemphasis on that sort of chain of command training that so many of these generals have lived under. and the department i worked at, the department of homeland security for example, it's not a military department. it does not thrive or work on chain of command philosophy. you have to work with state and locals. the private sector. faith-based communities. that's a very different skill. >> okay, chain of command mentality aside, if i can just play devil's advocate a little bit. i'm assuming donald trump and those close to him say, look, these guys are smart, they have a lot of experience. they have institutional knowledge. they've been around the block.
9:34 am
some, you know, it's not just about being in the war zone. there are a number of other issues that they've dealt with, as we've seen with john kelly. do they bring -- what kind of -- what kind of knowledge do they bring that is a positive? but what is the harm of having just too many generals so that there isn't that civilian mind set? >> right. so i think in practice, especially with general kelly, who i was on air yesterday supporting, you know, he comes from southern command, he understands the border. people may have differences with his immigration stance, but nonetheless, he's a subject matter expert. individually, i think each of these generals certainly stands on their own. but if you actually look at the vast array of issues that are part of the national security and homeland security box, the military way is only one way.
9:35 am
there's intelligence, there's diplomacy. look, he's not going to like -- president-elect trump is not likely to pick all these generals. but the generals do have a certain mind-set that i think is fair to say for the future picks we may want to look outside of that box. and then, you know, with you, i just have to say it, if you're going to choose generals, that means a white male over a certain age. that is just clear. so that diversity so many of us have been thriving or pushing for in the national security arena, more women, different diverse backgrounds, is not reflected in his national security picks. >> there's another general on donald trump list for secretary of state. that's general petraeus. and paula broadwell, the woman with whom he had that infamous affair and shared classified information with, is speaking out today. here's what she said. >> i think he's unequally qualified for many positions, but that's not my position. i think the president-elect
9:36 am
would decide and members of the senate. as i woke up to the news, you know, it's a bit of a shocker he's considered for a cabinet position. i was both shocked that i'm still in this tenuous position, and yet happy, because i think he should be able to go on with his life. >> she says he deserves a second chance. she certainly believes she does as well. what do you think of her saying that and also whether that could affect his chances, just a reminder of his issues? >> well, look, he's going to have those issues whether paula broadwell came out or not. i know miss broadwell. i know general petraeus. and he'll have those issues regarding, you know, whether he has to check in with his parole officer. that's going to exist whether broadwell came out and spoke today or not. look, they made personal mistakes. that's the world that we live in. it's not -- to me, that's not a big deal. the one is the professional issue. only general petraeus was the
9:37 am
director of the central intelligence agency. when this happened. paula broadwell was not. if he was allowed and permitted to move on, the issues that she's facing regarding army regulations and an army review certainly should go away as well. that seems to me to be the right thing for a young woman who wants to commit her life to public service. it's a no brainer in my mind. >> you know, she certainly has a strong desire to move on and is unable to. i want to ask you about something donald trump said during the campaign, where he said he knows more about isis than the generals. he also said this. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it's embarrassing for our country. >> what do you think about that assessment and then also his insulting the generals at one
9:38 am
point? >> yeah, it is, it's an irony of the transition, but it happens, in a campaign, you know, he was denigrating the generals who worked for president obama. now he's essentially relying on those same generals to fill his national security post. look, i served in transition for president obama and served for president obama. this transition is going on now. i think what every new president realizes is that most of the people working in government are good committed people. they really tend not to be political, especially in national and homeland security, and they just want to protect and defend america. i think, you know, in the next couple of weeks, donald trump and his team will i think realize that there may be disagreements on policy, but everyone tends to work in good faith in these communities. >> yeah, campaigning is some fantasy and governing is a dose of reality. juliette kayyem, thank you.
9:39 am
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following breaking news out of southwest georgia. police say the suspect wanted for fatally shooting one officer and critically wounding another is now dead. cnn's victor blackwell is joining us live. this just happened, victor. tell us how this went down. >> the major question here is if this suspect, the suspected cop killer, lembrick, died as a result of a gunshot from law enforcement or a self-inflicted gunshot wound. there's a news conference at the top of the hour. we'll get the answer from the georgia bureau of investigation. there was a day-long manhunt for
9:44 am
lembrick after police say two officers in the small town of americus, georgia about 100 miles south of atlanta, responded to a call about a domestic dispute at an apartment complex. officer jody smith with the southwestern state university campus police. lembrick started firing shots, killed one officer. at last check, officer jody smith is in critical condition. we have learned in just the last few minutes that there was some interaction between officer smar and lembrick the day before this fatal shooting involving a domestic dispute. the sheriff there in sumpter county, sheriff pete smith, says there was some involvement between this officer and lembrick. we have learned about these two officers and their connection to one another. this is a small town but these two were roommates, each engaged
9:45 am
to be married, and now one fiance will plan a funeral instead of a wedding. the other will have to focus on helping her fiance recover. we're waiting for some updates on the specks s on the specks pecifics of how t ended pretty quickly after this day-long manhunt there in americus, georgia. >> just awful, we know you're following developments, thank you, victor blackwell. two juveniles under arrest for starting those deadly tennessee wildfires. they're facing aggravated arson and possibly more charges and they could be tried as adults. authorities are not releasing their names, ages or genders. the fires burned more than 17,000 acres and 2,400 structures. forced thousands of evacuations in and around gatlinburg. 14 people were killed. 175 others were injured. displaced residents and business owners are now being allowed to return to their homes and properties a week and a half after these fires started. and you are looking at some
9:46 am
live pictures of donald trump's plane at la guardia airport. we're expecting the president-elect to leave for ohio very soon. he is heading there to meet with victims and first responders of the ohio state university attack before he heads on to iowa to continue his thank you tour. and up next, she is a woman who happens to be a billionaire as well as a co-founder of world wrestling entertainment, wwe. and she just got a big job in the trump administration. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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donald trump calls her one of the country's top female executives. the president-elect has tapped a billionaire to lead the small business administration. linda mcmahon, the co-founder of world wrestling entertainment. she spent as much as $100 million in her two bids for a senate seat. let's bring in christina alearny. obviously trump thinks she's a good fit for the small business administration. what is your understanding here, christina? >> well, according to his thinking, she built a family business of eight people into a
9:51 am
global brand with 800 employees. so clearly she understands the challenges that small businesses are facing. the small business administration, remember, what does it do. it helps finance, it helps small businesses get the financing they need. it's also a big advocate in washington. so what we're likely going to see out of linda mcmahon is advocating against or fighting more regulation and possibly eliminating, which has been, you know, donald trump's rallying cry, regulation, especially for small businesses. all of that plays into it. let's not forget, she is a long-standing friend of donald trump. initially, she didn't support him, but then she ended up contributing $6 million to his superpac. so that definitely helped her get in line for this position. >> yeah, sure did. of course she has her critics though, christina. >> yes, and they're definitely coming out, left-leaning
9:52 am
nonprofit group said, you know, there were labor practices at wwe, so she's going to be vetted publicly about those. also, she's another billionaire. how many more billionaires can we get in donald trump's cabinet at this point. so the criticism is maybe she doesn't have that connection to the average person, so all of these things are going to be, you know, out there in the open for reporters to dig on and the public to decide on. >> christina, i'm sure this has struck you about how many warnings there were about the stock market collapsing before donald trump was elected. now you see the dow surging and setting records. how were the predictions so wrong? we could ask that in many ways about this election. >> so, what it really comes down to are the analysts really underestimated how much the market didn't like uncertainty. the market didn't know who was going to be president. now that it has clarity, that seems to be enough for investors to make a bet one way or
9:53 am
another. and, really, that's at the crux of it. that's in the short term. investors are seeing a pretty orderly transition process. they're not freaked out by what's happening on these cabinet picks. that's also a positive for the market. in addition, in the long-term, if you look at the rhetoric, listen to rhetoric, you know, we're talking about potentially lower taxes for companies, less regulation and a big focus on economic growth, all of those things together, both in the short-term and the long-term, is really boosting stock prices. we're going to have to see how long that lasts because we're already on some indices at record highs, brianna. >> they're not freaked out. christina always keeping it real for us. christina alesci, thank you so much. harry reid departs the senate. my budget used to be a real downer. especially around the holidays. but thanks to, we can shop over 700,000 items
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from brands like samsung, kitchenaid and lego. all with low monthly payments. ♪ doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning. 24 hours and zero heartburn, it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed
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all right, we're looking at live pictures here, la guardia airport. this is donald trump's plane. because he is shortly here going to be heading to columbus, ohio. he will be meeting with victims and first responders of that car and knife attack that we saw at ohio state university just here recently. then he'll be on to iowa for another stop on his so-called thank you tour. we're going to continue to follow this. actually have been seeing some movement so perhaps he's heading out soon. it is the end of an era and a remarkable run. less than two hours ago, senate minority leader harry reid made his farewell address on the senate floor. the democratic would was also a former boxer retired after nearly three decades in congress. including 12 as leader in the senate. majority leader often butted
9:59 am
heads with reid but today both leaders played nice, kind of. take a listen. >> it's clear that harry and i have two different world views, two different ways of doing things and two different sets of legislatist priorities. but through the years, we've come to understand some things about one another. and we've kept our disagreements professional rather than personal. we've also found some common ground through baseball. >> may not be hugging out here every day. that is not what we do. we're advocates for a cause. i do the very best i can. he does the best he can. he made that out just fine a few minutes ago. so this is not a love session for reid, mcconnell. although i want everyone to know, mitch mcconnell is my friend. >> a reception to be held this
10:00 am
evening for reid. his portrait is going to be unveiled on capitol hill. he officially end his hs his can the senate this january when the next senate comes in. thank you for watching. "wolf" starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 8:00 p.m. in aleppo, syria, 2:00 a.m., friday, in beijing. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, like the fox guarding the henhouse. that's how critics are describing one of president-elect's donald trump's latest cabinet picks. trump is charging oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt for administrator of the environmental protection agency. pruitt is a critic of climate change science and has sued the very agency he's been picked to run. trump has chosen a third general for a key position. retired


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