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tv   Smerconish  CNN  December 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. i'm michael smerconish coming to you from philadelphia. we welcome our viewers in the united states and all around the world. the russians are apparently doing our politicians long what they've done to our athletes. cia now saying russia did meddle in the campaign. the trump team is dismissing the
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news as like the iraq war based on bad intelligence. sean spicer here to explain. is the family dream dead? it's harder to earn more than their parents did. is this why trump won? and can he do anything to reverse that grab? plus, a popular stadium vendor in my hometown of philadelphia also happens to be a white nationalist. her politics on social media got her fired. was that fair? what might it mean for others? and germany, the latest country to consider banning full face veils. angela merkel to anti-immigrant populism but does this infringe on religious rights but i and other members of the media had a press release from the
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communications office but not just another announcement of a new addition to the trump administration. it said this. transition statement on claims of foreign interference on u.s. elections, these are the same people that said saddam hussein had weapon of mass destruction. the election ended a long time in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history and now time to move on. and make america great again. in response to published accounts that the cia concluded that russia did indeed intervene to help donald trump win. according to today's "washington post," the latest assessment with key senators in a closed door briefing on capitol hill last week and according to the senior u.s. officials based on that presentation. and to favor one candidate over the other to help trump get elected. that's the consensus view.
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not produced by all 17 intelligence agencies and apparently received along partisan lines. mitch mcconnell, senator majority leader now trump's nominee for transportation secretary raised doubts about the intel and said that he would consider any effort by the white house to challenge the russians publicly as an act of partisan politics and there's more. "the new york times" today reporting that democrats weren't the only ones who were hacked. one reason that intelligence officials believed the russian hack was intended to help trump is that the russians also hacked the republican national committee but none of that information was ever released. whereas information gleaned from the dnc was given to wikileaks. in this context, the release from the trump transition is troubling. in a prepared statement, not an off the cuff remark at a rally, donald trump just cast doubt on an intelligence community with which he's going to have to work. and it is trump despite now
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having access to all the nation's intelligence who is is repo reportedly only receiving one intel briefing per week. the situation to me is reminiscent of the reluctance of the bush administration and then house speaker dennis haster post- 9/11 fearing the information gleaned would be used for partisan gain. ultimately, facing pressure from 9/11 victim families, that administration relented and we got that report. the situation is a similar case of national security. and what a shame. the partisanship runs so deeply in this country that we no longer even yunite against a common enemy but see ourselves as republicans and democrats first instead of as americans. mr. trump, if these stories are based on bad intel as you accuse, a president should want that out in the open. not swept under the rug as with the wmd's and if a foreign
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hostile government did intervene in our election, you should want to know all of the facts of that situation and do so in a manner of full transparency. we can handle the truth. joining me now, cnn counterterrorism expert and former cia analyst philip mudd. what did you think when you saw the release? >> this is really impressing for , depressing. on the campaign trail, you can create facts. he had to have the humility to say yes and the president-elect backed down. when the president-elect didn't like the facts from the department of justice and the fbi, the fbi director comey saying he would not pursue the e-mail investigation into hillary clinton, attack the messenger. now we're getting the same thing when we have a transition from
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the campaign trail. if i don't like the facts, if i want to cozy up to russia, let me attack the messenger. this is not just the president of the united states. this is the leader of one of the three arms of government, the executive branch. before taking office, two elements. the fbi and the cia that he doesn't trust them. this is unbelievable. >> what impact is this going to have on his relationship moving forward with that intel community on which he must rely? >> i think there's two elements here behind the curtain in washington, dc that you have to consider. the impact is unclear for two reasons. number one, the pressure from the congress who is received the briefings about this intelligence, how will they go public and use their pulpit to attack and the second piece nobody is talking about, we have an incoming cia director nominee who is going to be under tremendous pressure from the cia workforce. i spent 25 years there.
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i can tell you what they're going to say. one, is the new incoming cia director named by mr. trump going to answer to the president and speak as the president wants him to speak or is he going to represent the facts as the caia? cci cia knows them? and i suspect he doesn't know what his answer is yet. >> phil, you know that it's been reported that president-elect trump is receiving about one intel briefing per week even though he has the opportunity to be briefed on a daily basis with the same information as president obama. what do you now think of the fact he's briefed so infrequently in the context of this russian story? >> there are two pieces to this, michael. let me make sure i remain non-partisan. i don't think it's a huge deal whether the the president-elepr briefed once a week but how he's receiving information. mr. pence is receiving once a day. how often do they talk?
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is mr. trump greeting intelligence without receiving the briefing? different presidents over the past 50 years have gotten briefings in a lot of different ways. sometimes orally, sometimes in writing. the underlying question is not whether he receives once a week but whether he trusts the executive branch that he is charged with leading and i think the initial reports are no. this is going to be corrosive within the executive branch on issues like iran nuclear, north korea, syria. when people bring bad news, what's the response going to be? is that going to lead them to say, i'm not bringing bad news anymore? >> a final thought if i can to lack your intelligence k credentia credentials, what's the most dangerous situation? a domestic disturbance because two spouses will be arguing and then unite against the presence against law enforcement. we used to be like that. we could have our disagreements as republicans but if we had a
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common enemy like a hostile threat from russia, we'd be united in opposition to russia and as i see the reaction to this story and the prospect that they intervened in our election, it really depresses me to think that we suit up as republicans and democrats first and not as americans. you get the final word. >> look, this is not about partisanship. i understand. i live in washington, dc that the democrats hate the republicans and vice versa. i must have testified 50 times. it's a horrible experience in a closed hearing when you hear one member yell to another because of a partisan question. the point is not whether the russians hacked in favor of president trump but the foreign power intervened in one of the most sacred american acts, voting for president of the united states. it is unbelievable that the congress can't figure out how to talk about this without partisanship. >> so glad you said it. so well said. phil mudd, thank you so much for being here as usual. later this hour, i'll also
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speak to rnc communications sean spicer on all of this. what are your thoughts?conishsm. the tweets are flowing in. during the campaign, he latched on to everything the fbi put out on hillary like it was the direct word from god. why the reverse? because it doesn't suit partisan interests right now. one more we've got time for it. cnn international, it seems almost trnous after trump rejects intelligence from his own agencies regarding russian hacking. phil mudd said it well. not who did it benefit but apparently, it took place. up next, a new study reveals americans much less likely to outearn their parents. i'm going to talk to j.d. vance and frank about how this contributed to trump's victory and what means for all of our future. are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages,
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the real secret to donald trump's electoral success may have been unlocked by economists and sociologists from stanford, harvard and the university of california. they did a first ever analysis tracking the income of individual families over time rather than taking a snapshot of the nation. and they learned that children's prospects of achieving the american dream of earning more than their parent haves fas hav from 50% to half of that and no doubt exlaiplains the frustrati felt by many. two authors who saw this election clearly and whose insightful books made both end of year best book lists. list "listen liberal" and "hill billy elegy" top from npr to the
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economist. let me begin with you. i'll put the graph back on the screen so that it can seep in a little bit. in 1940, your odds were 90%. if you bring it to modern times, about 50%. what key, if any, do you think that holds to understanding the election? >> in my opinion, this is how you should, i mean, this is inequality. this is the number one that undergirds everything going on for us but i always think of this in connection with the bernie sanders. people burdened by the student loans, going out to look for a job out of college and running. >> living at home. >> that sort of thing. >> in your book, j.d., here's
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the point i'm taking away. the folks you write about, who you were raised with in appalachian, they didn't need the economists from harvard and stanford and university of california to tell them this. they've probably been hearing about the american dream but not experiencing it themselves. >> yeah, that's exactly right. it's surprising in some ways to me that the study came with such a wave of approval and excitement from the media because it's really not that surprising if you paid attention to the economic trends of america in the past 30 years, you know this has been a significant problem and what's so striking about this, as you mentioned, folks who are born more recently only have a 50% chance of making more than their parents, but that's really geographically concentrated in certain areas. so places like the industrial midwest where donald trump performed so well, this problem is especially. not so much in california or in places like kansas or nebraska. >> to your point, and you remind me of thomas' other book, or one
3:17 pm
of his many books "what's the matter with kansas," let's put a map on the screen and show you where your prospects are worse of outperforming your parents. look at the south. i mean, look at those southern states and gentlemen, if it's reminiscent of anything, let me now put on the screen the electoral map of 2016. there's a lot of correspondence, thomas frank, between where trump won and where the american dream is not being utilized. you have argued previously that those folks were nevertheless voting against their own economic interest. >> yeah, well, that's a different story. we'll get to that in a second but there's a lot of maps like that that you could use, michael. the map of shorter life expectancy for people. places where people are using methamphetamine. all of these things. wherever you find the sort of economic despair and destruction, you'll find, i'm sorry to say, a lot of trump
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voters. and back to about people and their economic interests, well, the idea that trump is going to fix this? come on, now. look at who we appointed to be labor secretary. >> thomas makes the point that the labor secretary is not someone supportive, for example, a minimum wage. will those folks who are in that very dark and shaded part of the country get the relief they're looking for? >> well, i think a lot of folks in that part of the country when they think of the labor secretary, probably more upset about his views on immigration than the minimum wage and we can sort of figure out which is more important from the perspective of the low wage workers but i think these voters judge donald trump not who he puts in some of these positions but whether their lives actually get better in the long-term. these folks give politicians a fairly long leash. they voted for bush in 2000. a lot voted for barack obama in 2008 and now swung to donald
3:19 pm
trump in the past few months. so i think that whether those things that thomas talks about, the meth addictions, the opiate addictions, the wage stagnation. if those things move in the right direction, a lot of people won't care who the labor secretary is. >> a lot of this is aspirational, maybe not caught up so much. both you have written so effectively about. not caught up so much about trade policy as they are being aspirational. they look at donald trump. he's a huge success financially speaking and they say, i want to be like that. i'm going to cast my lot with donald trump whether or not he's a democrat. >> like j.d. said, how things change in their actual lives is what makes a difference. here, you have to go back to the lost promise of barack obama. he was elected in 2008 for a lot of the very same reasons, you know. the economy was in free fall. you remember what this was like and we elected him with all of
3:20 pm
that hope and this, sort of grand picture inequality, the deterioration of the american dream did not reverse itself. you think of all the things he could have done to change the direction of the country on this. getting tough with wall street. making it easier to form a labor unionme union. starting to enforce anti-trust laws, for pete's sake, any of these things could have made a dent in the big picture disaster we're talking about that has befallen middle america. he didn't do those things and now we have gone, now our hope has sort of curdled into despair. >> but, you know, j.d., final thought from you, what i think of when i look at the initial graph, not so much zigging and zagging. indulge me, put it on the screen one more time but there was a pretty steady decline from 1940 until the present day which tells me, there it is. frankly, this hasn't been because of any particular administration. it makes me wonder, j.d., have
3:21 pm
things been so good for so long in this country, do so many have flat screens and so many have a home that it couldn't always continue in which the way it had been? you get the final word. >> i think it's important to recognize these trends are absolutely bigger than one politician or one single party. this is a long-term problem in our economy and not just about the decline of the unions but also about the fact that our technology has made it so we prioritize and value skills in our economy more than we ever have. it's harder to get a good job if you graduate from high school without good trade schools or good access to a college education. the simple fact is that this is a long-term and complicated problem and i think the failure of barack obama and frankly the failure of the politicians that came before them on both parties is the failure to recognize this is a long-term problem that requires extraordinarily dedicated and complex policy work and frankly, neither party
3:22 pm
has really been up to it for the past, obviously, 30 or 40 years. >> that was my point. thank you for that. nobody knows those issues better than those two gentlemen. what are your thoughts? tweet me at @smerconish. what do we got, katherine? you liberal democrats just don't stop your jealous opposition to trump is what's hurting this country. hey, jacbrad, no, i'm an american first. not a republican, not a democrat, i'm not an independent first. i'm an american first and i'm frustrated by the idea that people are so caught up in their partisanship as to whether they like the outcome of the election that it then kick taillights whether they care about a russian hack of what phil mudd said is one of the most sacred aspects of being an american and that's our right to a free and open democracy. come on, man. still to come. that new cia intel revealing russia was involved in the 2016 election trying to help trump that his team attacks as
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according to the cia, russia definitely had involvement in the american election working towards trump election victory and they shared this intel with key senators in a closed door briefing on capitol hill last week. donald trump's transition team reaction was to attack the messenger. quote, these are the same people who said saddam hussein had weapon of mass destruction. the election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest electoral college victories in history. now time to move on and make america great again. correspondent, elise, what are you hearing on this subject?
3:28 pm
>> well, i think it's interesting that what the transition and donald trump are saying are these are the people about the iraq war and it's kind of making this charge that the intelligence was politicized. people don't know what to make of what's going on but these are not the same people who led the charge over the iraq war. this was 13 years ago. probably are still some officials at the cia but the leadership that made the conclusions long since gone so i think it's great you have sean spicer here to explain what the transition really meant. did they mean that the intel itself coming out of the community is flawed? that's going to be a real problem because what donald trump and the transition is saying is that they don't trust the 17 intelligence agencies not only going to be under president-elect trump's command, but going to be informing him to make monumental decisions about national security or is the
3:29 pm
charge just about this politicization of the election? obviously, you've heard from donald trump when he thinks someone is criticizing him. this is not an off the cuff remark, as you've been saying. this was something thought out. if it's related to the election, that's one thing but if it's a larger lack of trust in the intelligence community, that's going to be the problem and i think that that's what you're going to hear from intelligence agents. phil mudd and others i've spoken to are very concerned that the president that they will be reporting to does not trust them. >> does this represent the obama administration wanting to make sure that this event is recorded while he's still president, lest it never get addressed by a president trump? read the tea leaves of the white house, if you would. >> i think it's a couple of things. first of all, the administration did say yesterday, they called it a lessons learned about what happened under this whole
3:30 pm
election system. they already know what happened because 17 intelligence agencies already had their intelligence and "the washington post" reported yesterday, there was this intel assessment. when you say lessons learned, it's not for an administration walking out the door. it's to let the next administration know what happened, perhaps give them incontrovertible proof but you've heard many in congress asked to declassify some of the information. democrats want to see classified. leading republicans on the hill. many of them skeptical are saying they'll be leading investigations. i think it's to carry this forward and if donald trump were to just dismiss it all as president, i think that there could be some problems with not only democrats but republicans on the hill and lastly, i think it could be to impose some measures as president obama is walking out the door. i've heard that officials have already prepared a whole range of options, more sanctions,
3:31 pm
perhaps could be some cyber we won't really know about but to make a case that this happened, make sure that russia holds itself accountable and then pass it forward to the congress and the next administration if president trump were to say, i don't believe in all of this, then he'd be open to charges of politicization. so this isn't over, michael. >> elise labbot, thank you so much for being here. joining me now, rnc strategist, sean spicer. you heard elise. to her point, we're not talking about the same intelligence community responsible for weapons of mass destruction 13 years ago. why was that statement made? >> if you bear with me a minute, a lot to unpack here. before the election, it was the democrats and the media who questioned if donald trump lost, would he accept the results of the election. he won overwhelmingly. 2300 counties, nine of 13
3:32 pm
battleground states and now the democrats and the media who are questioning the validity of these results. so it's amazing where we've come, but let's get back to where we are now. the report that the "washington post" put out, elise said this, all 17 agencies agreed on this. false. here's what the "washington post" said. the report fell short of a formal assessment because of minor deficiencies among the agencies had questions remaining and then the cia refused to comment. let's be honest about what's going and then look at what "the new york times" reported. on part, another finding that the republicans hacked the computer system in addition to their attacks. that's false. so the intelligence is wrong. it didn't happen. we offered "the new york times" conclusive proof it didn't happen, they refuse to look at that, ignored it because it didn't fit the narrative. the bottom line, the intelligence is wrong because their writing the conclusion they came to was based in part on the rnc was hacked.
3:33 pm
it wasn't hacked. we have intelligence agencies that we work with that are willing to help sort this out. they refuse to look at that because it didn't fit the narrative that "the new york times" wanted to write. it's reprehensible what they've done and so i do question so many of these things. one, if that's how the intelligence was based, then it clearly is wrong and we were willing to offer proof to that point. second, the report was not conclusive among the 17 intelligence agencies. they admit that. three, if the cia is so convinced of this, why won't they go on the record and say it was like the dnc? this is, i mean, i believe that there are people within these agencies that are upset with the outcome of the election and pushing a personal agenda but the facts don't add up and i think that the idea that the media immediately sides with these unnamed sources is a problem. you guys are willing to run with whatever comes out, unnamed sources from unnamed agencies and yet the cia -- >> okay. sean, come on. i am sitting here as, first of
3:34 pm
all, to your first point, to your first point, the reason that donald trump was questioned so often as to whether he'd accept the result, if i have to remind you is because donald trump himself was casting doubt before the election on whether he was going to accept the result of it. that's why all the questions came his way. i'm not sitting here as a democrat. i'm not sitting here as a republican. aisle not sitting he i'm sitting here as an american so frustrated by the idea that people are suiting up in their usual jerseys on this issue, respectfully, including you, and instead of uniting against a common enemy, in this case, putin and russia and being pissed at the idea he put his thumb on the scale in our election and instead, look at the result of the election. >> hold on, stop, stop. >> we like the election and then therefore don't want to deal with this anymore. >> hold on, wait, wait. just stop for a second. i'm not suiting up. i'm using facts. facts that the "washington post" even put in there.
3:35 pm
this is what they wrote. they wrote that the 17 agencies couldn't conclude with certainty what happened. they wrote that. not me. they also wrote, "the new york times" wrote that the rnc had been hack. that's false. >> how do you know it's tallahassee? >> because i work with the intelligent agencies. hold on, michael. hold on. >> go ahead. >> we were willing to offer "the new york times" inside access to know what happened, offer them proof. they chose not to engage in that conversation. not us. i sat there with senior folks from "the new york times" and said, we'll give you access to certain things so you can see that we are telling the truth, that we can prove this. they chose not to engage in that conversation because it didn't fit their narrative. so when it comes, respectfully, we are the folks actually trying to show this. so please don't turn around and put it on me. this is what we are trying to work with these agencies and these reporters to get it right. >> just so i'm clear, i want to
3:36 pm
understand. i want to understand facts. you are telling me that you know that the rnc was not hacked by the russians or anyone else and so to the extent whether it's the post, the times, cnn, to the extent that anyone reports including the cia that the rnc was hacked, sean spicer knows that to be a falsehood. >> i know that we have worked with intelligence agencies right now that are saying that we have not been hacked, our own systems show that we have not been hacked. i'm not a forensic, you know, computer person, so i can't say it with, but i know the intelligence agencies we're working with tell us with certainty we haven't been hacked. we've said it before and try to explain that to them and they've chosen not to engage in the conversation. that's not my fault, michael. and again, look at the reports. if they're so certain it happened, why won't they go on the record and say it?
3:37 pm
i don't understand it. it doesn't make any sense. go out there and say. >> there's an obvious answer to that, which is, i imagine, which is to say they don't want the russians to know of the way in which they've been able to assemble this case. let me move to a slightly different. >> wait, no. please don't make excuses for them. >> i'm not making excuses for anybody. >> hang on, michael, they came out and said with respect to the dnc and the dnc confirmed it, okay, so i don't understand why, look, there's questions on that side we've been willing to talk to people to show it wasn't true and people are willing to ignore it. on the flip side, there was a difference. when it came to what happened on the dnc, and i'm just trying to get the facts out there and somehow, it's like, you must be lying, or must not be accepting the facts. >> i didn't say that to you. sean. >> no, michael, the implication, hold on, with all due respect,
3:38 pm
you said that why won't we accept the facts and we're suiting up, taking our position, no, i'm trying to get the facts out. i'm trying to make reporters understand what's really happening and actually bring them into the process. >> i'm making a different point. i'm casting doubt on whether sean spicer could definitively know the answer to the question of the extent of the russian hack and my frustration is at the idea that until this thing is fully developed, already, president-elect trump is saying, move on, folks. there's nothing to see here, but i need to ask you an additional question. >> wait, michael. >> i'm so concerned. i'm being fair to you, but i've got to get a word in every once in a while. i'm troubled by the idea that my president-elect, all of our president is already throwing under the bus the intelligence community with whom he's going to have to work on life and death matters. wasn't that a troubling thing to
3:39 pm
do at 9:24 last night in that very? >> no. michael, "the new york times" in their story said that they based their conclusion on the fact that the rnc was hacked. if the rnc was not hacked, then that casts doubt on their conclusions. i don't understand why this is that difficult to understand. if you're basing something -- >> regardless of whether the rnc was hacked and that would be a big and new development, i think we know to a certainty given podesta and debbie wasserman-schultz that the dnc was hacked. why aren't we as americans upset about the fact that a foreign hostile actor put its thumb on the scale and why doesn't donald trump want to get to the bottom of that as he takes office? that's the issue. >> first of all, okay. there's a couple of things. i am outraged. i don't think any foreign entity or individual or any -- >> don't you say that? >> i'm saying it. i just said it.
3:40 pm
stop and let me. i just said it. let me actually take yes for an answer. i said it. okay? i don't want think doesn't think, no one thinks that a foreign entity should be interferin interfering. now the next thing, what proof does anyone have they affected the outcome? i've heard zero. so show me what facts have actually shown that anything undermined that election. donald trump with 306 electoral votes. 2300 counties, 62 million americans voted for him. what proof do you have or anyone have that any of this affected the outcome of this election? >> i'm just an american trying to discern all that i'm reporting on. >> then answer the question. you're asking me, show me one fact that the outcome was changed. >> ask debbie. i can't say it impacted the ultimate outcome but that it took place? go ask debbie wasserman-schultz.
3:41 pm
to be continued. i do appreciate you being here. by the way, love to talk to your boss on this. he's a watcher. he twee tweets about my show. mr. president, let me ask you these questions. i appreciate you. >> thank you, michael. >> i've lost my plays. i don't know where the hell we are. still to come, a popular cracker jack and nut vendor at the phillies baseball games fired her, look, i'm going to talk about this story next. i just think that that issue of a foreign hack of an american election is as serious as it gets. and i want to know all the facts. and frankly, i don't care where the chips fall. if they hurt democrats, if they hurt republicans, that's not my game. i'm not here. this is not fox and this is not msnbc. i'm trying to figure out where the truth lies. back in a minute. ♪ i want a hippopotamus for christmas ♪
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3:46 pm
coming in, we can't wait until the end of the show. we've got to deal with some of them now. let's see this. millard. he doesn't trust info from obama cia but believe his own cia people when put in place. it's unsettling that he would come in already casting doubt on the intelligence community with which he's going to have to work. give me another one. that's what i was trying to say. smerconish, stop your "smer" campaign agains againsagainst @realdonal against @realdonaldtrump. i said, i voted for president, not him or her but willing to accept him as my president and i said i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and wipe the slate clean. we've started from scratch but i'm not liking what i'm seeing and surely going to say that as events unfold. one more quickly if we have time. russian hacking equals wmd's. remember the government and
3:47 pm
media role in wmd's, didn't work out so well. these are different folks. i want to know all the facts. by the way, it's donald trump who seems predisposed to knowing the answer. i don't know how that's possible with one intel briefing a week. so a popular cracker jack and nut vendor at philadelphia philly baseball games fired for her political beliefs. the case of the white nationalist known as pistachio girl is next. energy is a complex challenge. people want power. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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she thinks you gave birth to the heros. >> no, they do it all on their >> no, they do it all on their own. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare] lois prices from grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there.
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3:52 pm
political extremes. should she lose her job, for seven seasons, emily uchiss has been known as mipistachio girl. peanuts! peanuts! she moved product and brought responsibility that would not apply to a unanimous vendor. she was captured on this video scuffling with protestors that spray painted her hair while accusing her of supporting
3:53 pm
anti-semitism and fascism. she has been fired because of her political speech off of the job. she says she was told her social media doesn't align with their values. i think her firing raises an interesting question. it risks setting a dangerous precedent. i asked my xm audience. 61% said she should not be fired for expressing her beliefs off of the job. she called herself a die-hard trump supporter and white nationalist. i asked her to define white nationalism and she said this. >> basically we want to keep whites from becoming minorities in their own homelands.
3:54 pm
if you look at europe, native germans will be the minority in about four years, and i believe native british are already a minority. forced immigration, forced assimilation, forced integration which is what you can basically call a genocide. and then in the united states whites will be a minority in a few years. >> they may feel like long festering deeply held feelings, but she said she only felt this way a few months. she says she never said anything political at games, away from games, she says she can say what she wants and it's her choice. >> it's my personal choice. you don't see black lives matter people getting fired over these
3:55 pm
things, and they're shooting bang bang shoot shoot. 15 dead cops, 16 dead cops, i never advocated for violence or anything. >> so the company cut her loose. this was legal, yes. aramark is a private employer, and pennsylvania has no even if they had the right to fire uchiss, i think it sets a dangerous pre dangerous precedented. what about in a world where serve a key stroke away from embarrassment. do we want to encourage the
3:56 pm
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this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. tonight, new details on president-elect donald trump's leading candidate for secretary of state. rex tillerson, the two men met today and sources tell john king the oil company executive told trump he would be honored to be the nation's stop diplomat. we're told no official announcement