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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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this is cnn newsroom. i'm boris sanchez in for fredricka whitfield. we start with a bipartisan group of high-profile senators calling for an investigation this to russia's role in the u.s. election. >> the fact the cia and fbi disagree showed the need for a bipartisan investigation that gets to the bottom of this. the investigation should be tough, strong and bipartisan, and should have access to all materials, classified and not. >> in a joint statement released this morning, senators chuck schumer and jack reid and republican senators john mccain
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and lindsey graham said it should alarm every american. donald trump is dismissing the hacking claims blaming them on democrats that are bitter over the outcome of the election. >> i think it is ridiculous. another excuse. i don't believe it. i don't know why. i think they talk about all sorts of things. every week it's another excuse. we had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the electoral college. the final numbers are 306 and she is down to a very low number. i don't believe that at all. >> you are saying you don't know why. do you think the cia is trying to overturn the results of the election to weaken you in office? >> if you look at the story and what they said, there's great confusion. nobody really knows. hacking is interesting. once they hack, if you don't catch them in the act you are not going to catch them. they have no idea if it is
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russia, china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. they have no idea. >> why would the cia put out the story the russians wanted you to run? >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of this country and i think they are putting it out. we need to get back to making america great again, which is what we are going to do and already started the process. >> you said you don't believe the intelligence community's analysis that the russians were involved? >> they are not sure. they are fighting among themselves. they are not sure. >> the question is these are the folks you have to rely on. >> sure. >> to know what is going on in the world. >> unless we make changes at the top. we will have different people coming in because we have our people and they have their i want poo people and i have great respect for them. if you read the stories they are disputing. certain groups don't necessarily agree. personally, it could be russia.
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yo i don't think it is but who knows. they don't know and i don't know. >> i want to ask you about your skepticism about the intelligence community. you are getting the presidential daily brief only once a week. >> yes. >> well, i get it when i need it. first of all, these are very good people giving me the briefings. i say, if something should change from this point immediately call me. i'm available on one minute's notice. i'm don't have to be told, i'm a smart person, i don't have to be told the same words and same thing every day for the next eight years, could be eight years, eight years. i don't need that. i do say if something should change, let us know. in the meantime my generals are great, being briefed. mike pence is being briefed, who is, by the way, one of my very good decisions. he's terrific. they are being briefed. i'm being briefed also.
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if they are going to come and tell me the exact same things. it doesn't change necessarily but there are times it will change. it is a fluid situation and i will be there. but i don't have to be told the same morning, every day, sir nothing has changed, let's go over it again. i don't need that. >> president obama just ordered a full review of russia's involvement hacking in the election. democrats are calling for herings. do you think this is part of an effort to undercut you. >> president obama has been terrific. very respectful of the process and everything else. so i saw that. i want it too. i think it's great. i don't want anyone hacking us. i'm not just talking countries but anyone, period. if you are going to do that you should not just say russia but other countries also. and maybe other individuals.
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>> political effort here. >> hey, look, we had -- many people are saying -- one of the great victories of all time. they are embarrassed. >> to go deeper with are joined by rye onnobles outside of trump tower in new york. the trump camp pushing back against this issue. so is the rnc. some lawmakers, including republicans, don't seem to want to let it go. >> reporter: yeah. it's an interesting showdown set up here, boris, between president elect trump, the rnc and some republican senators. it's clear the president elect doesn't want to open the door to the idea that perhaps the russians were involved in a way that impacted the outcome but there are a group of bipartisan senators that want it looked in to more because of problems that it could lead to down the road. listen to what john mccain said this morning on cbs saying with
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democrats this time around but it could be republicans the next time. take a listen. >> it's clear the russians interfered. now whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a certain candidate, i think that is a subject of investigation but the facts are stubborn things. they did hack in to this campaign. they did it, i think, with some -- at least what seemed to be effective of a sort of every week or so there was new information. were they hacking republicans the same way? the republican national committee and if so why didn't they -- there's a whole lot of issues out there. it requires an investigation. >> the rnc has said clearly they don't believe they were ever hacked. they pushed back on those illusions that perhaps the rnc was hacked, as well. boris, it brings up another conversation about the united states relationship with russia
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going forward. the president elect rejects any notion that russia was behind the hack. he said the intelligence community doesn't know but leading republicans, like john mccain, feel confident it was russia behind the hack. it will be an interesting conversation for the president elect, his intelligence official and leading senate republicans when he takes office in the next few weeks. >> another interesting angle to this is the fact we are awaiting on the announcement of secretary of state. rex tillerson appears to be the front runner. he is the crowe of exxon mobil who has warm relations with russia. >> that's right. that also leads in to this conversation about this group of moderate republican senators who certainly represent the establishment wing of the republican party who have voiced concerns about tillerson as potential secretary of state. i talked to senator mccain yesterday an he said he is very
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concerned about tillerson. he wants answers to the questions he has about his relationship with russia and that could lead to a difficult confirmation fight if that is the direction the president elect intends to go in. we believe tillerson is the leading candidate but they say no announcement is coming until sometime next week. >> ryan nobles live from new york, thank you. let's find out what it means for a trump white house going forward. i'm joined by cnn political commentators. alice, trump has argued the information from the cia is coming from democrats that are unhappy, bitter with the outcome of the election. do you agree, and do you think we should move forward? >> i think that's a large part of it, boris. a couple of things come out of what we just heard from senator mccain. there is evidence of hacking done but no evidence to indicate
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it was the russian government. it may have originated in russia but not the russian government. that's an important distinct and the influence it had on the election. reality is hillary clinton lost because she didn't have a message that connected with the people. the american people wanted to drain the swamp and donald trump connected with them. pushing this narrative about hacking influencing the election is coming from democrats who are having a difficult time coming to terms with the fact they lost this election. >> maria, do you agree? >> absolutely not. i think that trump and his supporters have got to understand and learn the difference between the dnc and the cia. the dnc did not come up with this investigation or the findings that the cia has now said pretty definitively that russia was behind the hacks and did interveer in this election
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and russia did go in there wanting to help trump and hurt clinton. that's not something the dnc came out. there's a difference between these two organizations. trump needs to understand what they are. it's very concerning and should be scary moving forward to the american people that this is a president elect, frankly, that has no interest in really understanding what the situation is, what the situation is globally with the united states when he rejects what the cia is saying and supports russia and their strong man leader putin. that's something we all have to realize is not where we want to be going in to a new administration. that's why you have republicans voicing concerns that the findings that the cia put out there and there should be a bipartisan investigation and it should not be politicized. these are republicans doing
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this. they are probably afraid of what the investigation may find. >> we have to ask about something maria mentioned. this is a bipartisan effort and a split between republicans like john mccain and lindsey graham about how he should approach russia compared to the trump campaign. how do you see itself playing itself out? >> i think everyone understands russia is a concern. we are frustrated that years ago barack obama shunned mitt romney for pointing out the concerns we had with putin. we were frustrated with hillary clinton's failed reset with russia. we understand the serious nature of russia and it is important moving forward and i think that donald trump will set the right tone and understands the threat and i think moving forward, looking at the potential, the potential, i say, for russian influence in the election is important but there's no credible evidence that the russian government influenced this election whatsoever. >> it is laughable when republicans say tler concerned that obama brushed what mitt
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romney said aside and so concerned about hillary's failed reset and show no concern whatsoever with trump's affinity and love for russia and putin at the expense of believing his own intelligence community agencies. that should put fear in all of us. even more so when we have no idea what putin -- i'm sorry, what trump's connections are business wise with russia and with entrepreneurs and business people in russia. his advisers were clearly connected with russia. some had to leaf the campaign because of those connections. there's so much here we have towns and investigate. it would be smart of trump to say let's put everything on the table and investigate everything. the fact he doesn't want that, i think underscores he has something to hide. >> it's interesting some of the things you said, maria, a lot of
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the reporting indicating there was a reluctance from the obama administration to go after russia aggressively. thach had this information for months and decided to try to publicly shame putin instead of going at him with perhaps sanctions or covert operations. why do you think they didn't? >> i wish they would have. can you imagine if obama had come out before the election and announced this investigation? he would have been eviscerated about plitt sioliticizing our c intelligence communities and what he is doing now is the right thing to do. if republicans were smart, trump were smart, if he wanted to prove he wants to be the president for everybody, instead of continuing to try to divide this country he would say, yes, put everything in the open. let's remember, this president, the president elect did not win with a mandate. he won in three states with less than 100,000 votes from an
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electoral standpoint. hillary clinton is now about to get to the 3 million mark of more votes in the popular vote than president elect trump. trump has an obligation to bring the country together. >> the popular vote is irrelevant at this point. the election results are in. donald trump won and it is improper for anyone to speculate how donald trump will respond to russia when we have eight years of the obama administration placating to them. a and now they lost the election and say russia is not our friend. that is hypocritical of democrats to do so i and i think we will see moving forward trump will be firm when it comes to russia. >> he hasn't proven he will do that at all. he has proven the opposite. that he will coddle russia, ric reach out to russia and do everything he can to keep the united states from understanding
12:15 pm
what involvement russia had in our elections. it's shameful. >> to speculate that he will placate to russia when we have eight years. >> he already has. >> ladies, ladies, it's a heated conversation. thank you so much for sharing your time with us. >> thank you, boris. >> thank you, boris. next, deadly 0 terror attacks. dozens are dead. details on what happened next. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. you'll even get the samsung galaxy s7, the pixel phone by google, or the motoz droid for only $10 per month. hurry, these offers end soon. get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon. asmy family tree,ing i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard...
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. farm fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipes, delivered to your door for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery vrmts oex ploegss part of turkey and egypt. first in turkey where a militant kurdish group claimed responsibility for twin bombings in istanbul. it killed 38 most police officers. a camera captured the moment where the first blast detonated. a car bomb going off of oids of a /* /- -- outside of a soccer
12:19 pm
arena. 13 people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. in cairo, local media reporting 25 people are dead and dozens injured after an explosion in a small church attached to a coptic christian cathedral. it is unclear who was behind the blast. joining me is lieutenant colonel rick francona. what are your thoughts on the chaos surrounding the attack on istanbul that killed 30 police officers? >> the group taking credit for this is the tak. the church believes them to be nothing more than an afill wait of the pkk the outlawed designated kurdish terrorist group. we are not sure of the connection but we know they are responsible for a series, a litany of violence against the turkish government over the past few we'res. it's not surprising they are involved.
12:20 pm
the target was police officers. this is a tactic we have seen with the the pkk in the past as well. they primarily goof police and military targets rather than the population as a whole. i think it is another in the series of violence we will see in turkey. >> colonel, we have heard turkish president recep tayyip erdogan said he will take every measure to exact revenge on that group. what will that look like? >> a crackdown in southern turkey. as you know the turks are involved in northern syria. they have troops there, armor, artille artillery, special forces supporting the free syrian army trying to move on the isis capital of raqqah. while they are there, as well, they are also conducting strikes against the northern kurds in syria. they are called the ypp. i in the initials are confusing
12:21 pm
but they regard all of these kurds to be affiliates or sympathetic to the pkk. we will see more turkish action directed a thet kurds, both in turkey and northern syria. since the fall of the mubarak government in 2011, we have seen an upstitick in violence. the government of mohamed morsi, a member of the muslim brotherhood was removed by power el el-sisi. so this violence increased through that. when i talked to the pope after the removal of mormorsi, he was concerned the violence would be directed at the christians.
12:22 pm
he was concerned about it. i think his fears were realized. this strike was at the heart of the coptic church. this is the seat of power. >> thank you so much for your perspective on these attacks. up next, monday brings another day of testimony in the charleston shooting trial. sunday services at the historic mother emanuel ame church. the pastor said his congregation is still trying to heal. more on that next. glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. [and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette.
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on xfinity x1. the trial of the gunman behind the charleston massacre will continue tomorrow. he tells the fbi he had to do it. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. we are joined from charleston. you attended a church service where the shooting took place. you talked to the pastor about how the congregation and survivors were coping. how are they watching this unfold? how are they feeling? >> they have been in court every day. as you mentioned, we had an opportunity to sit down with the leader of the congregation for
12:27 pm
six months and told members of the church he was not going to speak publicly during the trial of dylan roof. we watched today's service from the room where the bible study took place on that horrible day and we heard that message of hope the reverend was sharing with the congregation. he's had to hit the ground running six months ago preparing, some of the survivors and families of the victim. he's been their spiritual leader and take a listen. >> part hof how they feel is important to be heard because they are hurting. a lot of -- that's why i came back to the fact that we will
12:28 pm
continue to pray our way through it. when the victims speak and families speak i pray that people pay attention because as i said before everyone's reading about it. everyone's talking about it. we have lived it. the families are still living it. >> pastor manning saying some of the hardest days could be ahead. went we hear from more victims in open court during victim impact statement and finally members of the church are hoping to remember the victims handing out calendars each month with the story and face of some of the victims. of those nine victims killed here about a year and a half ago. that's the focus they want to be on, the victims here and of course not the man standing trial in federal court. >> a small token to help them remember, amid some painful testimony to listen to.
12:29 pm
thank you. up next, donald trump doesn't believe russia hacked the presidential election to help him beat hillary clinton. his response to the assessment of russian hacking and its potential influence on the election.
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tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. a group of senators pointed to evidence that the russia interfered in the u.s. elections. let's listen. >> a lot of this is don't by foreign governments and it raises things to a higher level. the fact they hacked and may have tried to influence an election is even more serious still. our election process should be. >> all americans should be alarmed over the hacking evidence some senators say and are calling for an congressional investigation. donald trump said he doesn't trust the reporting on russia's involvement or the sources providing that intelligence.
12:33 pm
>> you read the various stories, there's disputing. they are disputing. certain groups don't necessarily agree. personally, it could be russia. i don't think it is, but who knows. i don't know either. they don't know and i don't know. >> if an investigation in to the hacking revealed that russia did attempt to sway the vote the implications could be serious. let's go to cnn senior sbaushl correspondent matthew chance live in moscow. how are your sources within the russian government reacting to these accusations? >> well, i think it's fair to say they are on the same page as donald trump on this issue. rejecting they had anything to do with the hacking allegations. they rejected it in october, at the height of the presidential campaign when the allegations were made. they are saying there's nothing new in this.
12:34 pm
we see no evidence of this. this is simply an attempt to discredit russia and to show russia in a negative light to the incoming u.s. president. so there's been a categorical denial. the whole idea of the incoming trump administration being undually close to the close to the kremlin is not an issue that appears to be going away. it has been fuelled by the apparent choice, the favorite candidate at the moment to become trump's secretary of state, ceo of exxon mobil oil company at the moment. he has a long standing relationship with russia and given the order of friendship, one of the highest civilian honors and he spoke out aboutness about against sanctions against russia. >> there's debate about how close he is with putin.
12:35 pm
do you have any indication? >> i think the has a relationship that stretches back some decades with russia and some years with putin. putin was there when tillerson signed $500 billion deal to explore for oil and gas in various parts of russia including in its arctic. putin pinned the medal of friendship on his chest. but because he has a working knowledge of russia. just because he's done business in russia doesn't exclude you from holding the high office of secretary of state. in fact, trump thinks it is an advantage that he has personal relationships, not just with the russians but others as well. the attitude in the kremlin at the moment is they are rubbing their hands with glee when they think of a donald trump presidency and a tillerson, rex tillerson has the potential secretary of state. >> we already saw them pop champagne the day after the
12:36 pm
election. matthew chance reporting live from moscow, thank you. >> let's talk about this more with brian morganstern and ellis -- some experts said it is a constitutional crisis that we should redo the entire election. do you think this is that beige big of a deal, that big of a crisis. >> i don't see many people saying this. but let's find out. where the trump argument is the weakness to the extent a that he and those around him are trying to throw cold water on a serious investigation. the thing that john mccain is talking about today. let's dig in and find out where the facts lead, wherever they lead and then judge what it means. >> i want you to listen to some sound from trump's soon to be chief of staff, reince priebus, earlier today. let's listen. >> do you believe, let's clear this up. do you believe -- does the
12:37 pm
president elect believe that russia was trying to muddy up and get involved in the election in 2016? >> number one, you don't know it. i don't know it. and there's no conclusive or specific report to say otherwise. that's the first thing. the second thing is you don't have any proof that the outcome of the election was changed -- forget about who did the hacking. >> do you want to know? >> if someone did the hacking. >> how do you know that? >> does he want to know? >> of course we want to know. >> he wants an investigation on capitol hill? >> of course. listen, i don't know what investigations he wants but we want to know. >> the rnc between today and yesterday very, very strong in their responses. him and sean spicer getting agitated yesterday r. regardless of the results of the investigation, ultimately it could be a black eye on the start of trump's presidency. right, brian? >> i don't think it would be a
12:38 pm
black eye on the trump presidency. i think it would be on the obama presidency. that's when it happened. i think the positions here between the members of the foreign relations committee, john mccain and others an the trump transition can be reconciled. that may seem weird but look, trump doesn't want the legitimacy of his election challenged. i think he is right. at this point we have no evidence to suggest that russia was the reason he won. he won, it's done. we don't want foreign governments hacking our lead her and reading confidential e-mails and so it is fair for capitol hill, members of the senate committees to want to investigate this but having trump push back on his legitimacy at the same time, they are not irreconcilable ideas. >> brian brings up a good point a lot of anger over president
12:39 pm
obama essentially being reluctant to go after russia more aggressively thichl had the information that russia was meddling in the election allegedly for months. why do you think they didn't act more aggressively sooner? >> i wish they had. i think they didn't want to seem like the current president was engaged in the politics of it. we just don't know. could it throw the results of the election out? this was a close election, as you know, a few votes could make a difference. all of those e-mails through wikileaks which seem almost certainly to have russian sources to thel just dig it out. i don't think we can say the answer to that. i hate when trump folks act like we don't want to know. >> that's not what they are acting like. >> it is kind of. >> the point is of course we want to know what capabilities the forn governments have to infiltrate high level leaders
12:40 pm
e-mail. but nobody is wanting to skip wisconsin and michigan and pull out their ads and not do rally and speak to working class voters. no one told her to run a poor campaign. that is not russia's part that. is hillary's fault. >> wish we had more time. we thank you for being with us on sunday. >> we're back in just a moment. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people
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tomorrow is the sixth month shooting of the deadly massacre in the pulse nightclub that left 49 dead and 53 wounded. for the first time we are hearing more on what happened that night from s.w.a.t. officers who responded to the 911 call. >> pul-u-l-s---u---l---s---e in. everyone is bleeding everywhere. >> where was the concentration of people who didn't make it? >> main dance floor was the greatest concentration. he did most of his killing within the first two minutes, the video and the audio that i heard multiple gunshots and magazine changes within the first minute or two. >> did any sense of rounds of how many rounds he fired.
12:45 pm
>> the first police officers arrived on the scene while the gunman was still shooting. sergeant morris and his team entered through the open patio on to the dance floor. >> we were saying things like if anyone can hear us raise your hand. some of the folks that were, of course they were obviously deceased but still trying to hold on to each other to protect each other. >> reporter: on the opposite side, near the main door, officer highland was preparing to make entry with the sec teon team. >> a female came out and dropped to the ground once i came to the second doors. while there was gun fire still going on, i tapped one of the officers in front of me and said give me some cover. i went and grabbed the female. >> reporter: shattering a picture window, highland and another s.w.a.t. officer moved to the back of the club. >> we got five or six other
12:46 pm
officers with us and made entry in to the club where the gun fire was coming from. we had an idea that the gunman was in the bathroom. we just didn't know where at the time. so we held our positions. >> reporter: is it fair to said you had your firearm up and ready? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the whole time? >> whole time. >> reporter: the a shooter brief lif appears. they fire but miss. >> she was in the bathroom and they were holding cover on him which allowed me and a bunch of officers to go and extract the wounded in there. >> reporter: ambulances were blocks away outside of the safety perimeter. >> i remember shouting use my truck. get them out of here and another officer trumped in the driver's seat of my truck. some people we were pulling out they would take them and load them on the back of the truck and take them to the hospital down the street. >> 15 trips in all as frantic phone calls from inside the
12:47 pm
nightclub. >> hurry up. he is reloading in the bathroom. >> reporter: 30 minutes later the gunman exchanges three phone calls with police. >> i'm going to ignite it. >> a new threat as a bomb dog identifies the scent of explosives in the gunman's car. dozens of police and deputies work quickly to rescue survivors hiding throughout the club. some two dozen hostages are trapped in the south bathroom and in the north the gunman is pointed his assault rifle toward the door, ready for police. it's more than two hours in to in the standoff. >> why isn't anyone coming to get us in the bathroom. two people in here about to die. four are dead. someone needs to come in here now. >> if our officers had heard him
12:48 pm
start shooting they obviously would have went through the bathroom door and engaged him. >> reporter: a text comes through at 4:30 saying he is going to put suicide vests on us and blow the club up. that must have accelerated things significantly. >> it did. he wasn't answering our calls. >> it was clear to us he had explosives and he was going to blow the club up if we didn't back out. no one backed out. >> when my s.w.a.t. team commander tells me what the plan is, i say get ready for an explosive breach. he comes back and says, they're ready. >> went off. hit the lights and the dust settled an the wall was still there. >> s.w.a.t. officer robert woodyard aims at the rear wall. >> i change in to four-wheel drive and drove at the hole that was supposed to be breached. >> it was the hallway, the
12:49 pm
hostages are feet away. so he rams a second hole. >> i remember backing out and just seeing hands, just immediately. a couple of the guys on the ground grabbed the hand held ram and tried to maj the holes bigger and once it was big enough people started to come out. >> officers started to hear shot actress the north bathroom and we learned from the survivors that was shooting out at the officers. that's when officers, again, some flash-bangs, loud noise and bright light. somewhere during that time is when the shooter came out of the big hole made in the hallway and immediately began to fire at officers. several other officers also returned fire. killing him right there. >> the standoff is over three hours and 15 minutes after it
12:50 pm
began. 49 people are dead. 53 injured. 101 piems eople rescued by polie >> why not launch the operation sooner? >> going within the doorway within the first few minutes would have been a suicide operation for the officers. but i believe hostages would have lost their lives from the gunman or friendly fire from our officers, if we'd gone in right away in the bathroom. >> the officers were interviewed the same day. only then did the chief learn the gunman had been waiting to ambush his swat team. >> i'm proud how the team responded. >> incredible report. we'll be back after this break.
12:51 pm
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't
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hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. in a few hours, heros will be honored live on cnn. one being honored tonight is harry swimmer. after he retired from the insurance industry, he turned his for profit horse farm into a non-profit to yoasis for childrn with special needs. >> a therapeutic riding program. we work with special needs children. and i'm a very lucky man to be able to do that. i met a little girl, non-verbal,
12:55 pm
deaf. wondered what she'd be like on a horse. i said to the grandmother, i said, how about if we bring her out to the farm and let me see what she'd do on a horse. i put her on a pony, and she lit up like a candle. i said, this is what i wanted to do. these children come to me with all kinds of disabilities. verbal and non-verbal. they gain so much from doing something that other children don't do. that they can do. when the children are on the horse, you can't tell they're disabled. they ride like anybody else. these children come to me every day with open arms, and i love every one of them. this is their farm as much as it is mine. >> you're the best. >> i love you, too. >> they are the kind and the caring. they are the strong and the brave. they are the ones who see a need, fill a void, make a difference. >> i'm trying to get them all the opportunities they deserve. >> this has become my life.
12:56 pm
i don't ever want to do anything else. >> they don't do it for themselves. they do it for all the rest of us. they are a reminder of what's good in this world. and what it truly means to be a hero. >> we give them the foundation from which they can thrive. the feeling of family. >> we have transformed the lives of thousands of children. >> tonight, cnn presents a very special, live event. the tenth annual cnn hero heros: all-star tribute. >> tonight, we're gathered to celebrate extraordinary men and women who highlight the best of what humanity has to offer. >> join host anderson cooper and special co-host kelly ripa, as we honor ten extraordinary people. the tenth annual cnn hero heros: all-star tribute, live at 8:00 on cnn. special people doing tremendous work. you can learn all about the finalists at the next hour of the cnn newsroom starts right after this short break.
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happening now in the newsroom, donald trump blasts american intelligence over its assessment that russia interfered in the election. >> it is ridiculous. i think it is another excuse. i don't believe it. >> it is clear the russians interfered. they did hack into this campaign. >> democrats and


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