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tv   New Day  CNN  December 12, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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39 days to go before donald trump is inaugurated but he is already very much in the mix. jason carroll live from the white house and trump tower in manhattan. jason? >> the chinese government has made it very clear that china one is what they call the bed rock of u.s. chinese relations and the president-elect in the meantime also challenging u.s. intelligence assessment that russia is behind the hacking during the u.s. election. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> reporter: fiercely, the president-elect dismissing the intelligence community assessment that russia meddled in the election to help him win. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china. could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. >> reporter: claiming without offering specifics the analysis
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is politically motivated. >> i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country. >> reporter: but it's not just democrats. a group of bipartisan senators are joining forces calling for congress to launch an in-depth probe into russia's tampering. saying the reports should alarm every american and urging cyberattacks cannot become a partisan issue. >> i think they did interfere with our elections and i want putin personally to pay a price. >> reporter: this as speculation continues over trump's nomination for secretary of state. multiple sources familiar with the transition telling cnn exxon mobil chairman and ceo rex tillerson has emerged as the frontrunner. >> he is much more than a business executive. he is world-class player. >> reporter: the possible nomination already sparking sharp criticism from some in the gop establishment, concerned about tillerson's own ties to
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russia. in 2013turic illerson was awarded top order for foreigners from russian president vladimir putin. >> a matter of concern to me that he has such a close, personal relationship with vulad peer putin. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio blasting trump's pick. tweeting, being a friend of vladimir is not an attribute i am hoping for from secretary of state. the president-elect, once again, showing to challenge to china. questioning whether the u.s. should keep its long-standing position that taiwan is part of one china. >> i fully understand the one china policy, but i don't know why we have to be bound by a one china policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things, including trade. >> reporter: and, chris, the chinese foreign ministry releasing a statement that says in part, a haeearing to one chi principle is the development of
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u.s./china relations. the sound and steady growth of the bilateral relationship as well as bilateral cooperation in major fields would be out of question. also, chris, there are concerns that the president-elect is not receiving as many intelligent briefing as past president elects to which donald trump says he doesn't necessarily need to receive them on a daily basis because he is a "smart guy." chris? >> all right, jason, thank you very much. we have russia and china in the crosshairs. with russian interference the question is motive and what's fueling a little bit about these questions about motive is the gap between the cia and fbi and their findings because right now they don't line-up completely. let's bring in barbara starr to break down conflicting information. is that the right way to characterize it? >> you know, chris, good morning. these are assessments by the cia and the fbi and if they don't have exactly the same
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assessment, you would think that is something the president would want to know about. it's not such a bad thing, really. it's about the evidence and the intent of russia. now, the cia believes pretty strongly it looks like that there was hacking. the fbi agrees and that the intent of russia was to try to steer the election towards donald trump. why does the cia believe that? because they believe that russia only released information it got from hacking the democrats. that it did hack some sort of republican entity, if not the rnc itself, but only released democratic data, not republican data. conclusion they wanted to steer the election towards donald trump. the republicans reacting to this rnc communication director sean spicer talking about it over the weekend. >> if the cia is so convinced of this, why won't they go on the record and say it was, as they did with the dnc?
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i believe that there are people within these agencies that are upset with the outcome of the election and pushing a personal agenda. the facts don't add up. >> president obama, of course, ordering a full investigation into russia and hack before he leaves office and, as jason just mentioned, bipartisan consensus emerging on capitol hill to have a look at all of this. alisyn? >> barbara, thank you very much. let's discuss it with our panel. former cia counterterrorism official philip mudd, great to have you. "washington post" reporter abby philip and washington examiner and host of podcast examining politics, david drucker. when you heard sean spicer say if the cia is so sure, why wouldn't they come out on the record? >> i feel like jumping through the tv screen and taking this guy out behind the shed. about the service he received
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from the cia for eight years. talk to his father, one of the most staunch defenders in the republican party of the cia. this guy who doesn't know is telling me that the cia is political after all those years of service to republicans? i don't buy it. >> you're angry that donald trump, even, has said that how can the cia be trusted? they got the intelligence wrong with wraek. . >> if you look at the history of the presidential engagement with the cia, very mixed. sometimes they like to read things and sometimes they like to take in information through their advisors. my mom taught me something that maybe president trump can learn. if you have something negative to say about somebody, you do it in private. if you want to praise them, go in public. >> now, in terms of what we understand about the intel here, is there any question among any of the agencies yet alone
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division with the cia and fbi, as to the main question of whether or not russia was involved or somehow motivating the hacking that went on in the election. >> no, you pointed to what i think is a real confusion over the weekend. the difference between what happened and why. i don't think there is anybody in the intelligence community that follows the electrons here who looked at what the hackers have tried to do during the election and come up with anything but one conclusion. russians were involved in hacking before the election. not any dispute about that, chris. >> the president-elect, david, he disputes that, as well. not just the motive. that's where alisyn's quote becomes operative. whether the russians were involved at all. he laughed it off saying it was some guy in a bed. not the motive because that gets soft even by phil's own appraisal. why does the president-elect question whether there was hacking at all? >> i think the president-elect
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could say hillary clinton and her supporters are trying to lean on this as an excuse for why she lost the election. all he really has to say is it's not an excuse for why she lost but as president i'm not going to stand for this the way president obama has and allow it to continue. very easy, political way for him to say democrats shouldn't use this as a crutch but i'm going to actually do something about it and that's why people elected me to fix all these problems. what do we know about russia and hacking? very few countries and entities that can actually hack at the lefl of russia and the united states. we were able to do a lot of othis. they're able to do a lot of this. the chinese can. not something somebody in their basement can do. number two. we know that vladimir putin has looked very kindly on donald trump from the beginning. whether trump in his heart likes that, doesn't like that is beside the point. >> you wrote about this a long time. >> vladimir putin has an army of internet trolls that are
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unofficial kremlin mouth pieces and they were promoting make america great again and trump on their website in russian language going back a year and if you talk to former ambassador to the united states michael mcfall, granted he worked for obama and was a part of the russian obama policy. he works at the hoover institution. president obama still holds it against the united states that when putin came back into power there were democratic protests in russia and he blames us. finally, putin is a nationalist. he views trump as a fellow traveler. that might not be fair, necessarily. when you appoint james mattis. this is what putin thinks about trump. this is the way putin has acted towards other nationalists in europe and france and scotland. so, it makes sense that he would try to be very active in disrupting our democratic process simply because he's a
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hostile actor and he would take a lot of pleasure from being able to believe that he is either manipulating the american system or we think so and i don't think any of those can be denied whether or not you believe the cia's report and their intelligence or not. >> so, abby, i mean, what does it tell americans that the president-elect, trump, seems to believe putin saying, no, we didn't do anything, over the intelligence community? >> well, this goes both ways. as an addendum to what david just laid out, donald trump has also done and said and appointed people close to him who also have positive ties to putin. >> rex tillerson. >> michael flynn, his national security adviser is one of his closest advisers on broad national security issues and is in the white house. not subject to senate confirmation in part because those ties are something that
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would be under scrutiny if he were to go before the senate for confirmation. so, you know, trump has over the course of the campaign not just been the sort of recipient of positive words from putin, but he has also expressed positive words about putin himself. maybe it's because it's a situation of mutual flattery. but that is the scenario that has left a lot of people in the intelligence community and else where wondering what is going on here and why won't trump establish a certain amount of distance between himself and another nation which -- while the united states tries to have a cooperative relationship with russia, we are at odds over a lot of major issues. >> but ties with russia could have been a virtue for some of these picks. no question you need a better relationship. but because of the president-elect's resistance to reality, now everybody is more suspicious of this. certainly the men and women in congress. well, look, we have a lot to
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talk about. stick with us here as a panel. can you do that, phil? >> i can try. >> calm you down. get you some chamomile. we want to talk about other threads that need to be tied up. rex tillerson the former ceo of exxon. he has had very successful relationships with russia. that could have been a plus, but now a lot of questions about the depth and the potential loyalties here. we discuss. china is on the horizon in a whole new way. stay with us. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you? [brakes squeak] credit karma, huh? yep, it's free.
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rex tillerson is the current exxon chairman and ceo. he is supposedly high on the list of president-elect donald trump's candidates for secretary of state. who is he and his inarguably close ties with the russian government and with vladimir putin could have been a plus, but now it's question mark. let's bring back our panel to discuss. and the reason it went from a plus to a question mark is because of the president-elect's, you know, obstinence when it comes to
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russia. seems like it's almost something protective when it comes to condemnic russia as the facts would allow and that makes what could have been a plus, tillerson is good with russia, maybe that could help our relationship and now a question mark because we don't know the motive. >> i understand the motive. i think it's pretty clear. we ought to remain open minded with one question. if you look at the past few years with particular russia and we're sideways with them in syria. the president-elect wants out of syria. how do we figure out a better relationsh shiship so we're not confronting each other in nato states and not bombing different people in syria. i think there's a trump that trump realizes. that said, we just come out of election where everyone says forget about russians and democrats. they try to undermine americans voting for the -- >> why don't you see something more nefarious at play with
3:18 am
russian alliance? >> first of all, money talks. i want to see what the president-elect does when he gets in office. for example, he's talking about rolling back the iran deal. i don't buy it. i don't think he can. i don't think he will. there's a lot of talk here. i do think he's appointing people who have the politential for a different kind of relationship with russia. >> i think that's right. i mean, there is a potential for them to make some substanceative changes that might improve the relationship long term. from a political perspective, i think you'll see on the hill if trump nominates rex tillerson he's just going to be used as a proxy to draw out answers from him about his position on some of these macro questions. it may or may not be about rex tillerson but i guarantee you folks will use that as a vehicle to extract, you know, extract questions and answers from this administration about what their policy actually is.
3:19 am
let's not forget that donald trump has not exactly outlined what he wants out of this relationship. he's expressed some positive views towards putin, but he hasn't been particularly specific about his world view for that relationship and for the united states geopolitical position around the world. so, the more of those answers that we can get. i think republicans are going to be some of the moderate republicans are going to be some of the folks wanting that information more and putting, you know, the republican leadership mitch mcconnell in a tough spot. >> on the basis of what is already known about what russia may have done to influence the election. if it turns out to be true that congress comes together and slaps sanctions on russia for what they did, forget about the motives and all that. that is a political discussion. what kind of situation does that put the president-elect in? >> well, let's see what happens. let's not forget that congress is done for the year. so, nobody's slapping sanksz s
3:20 am
between now and when the new congress is seated in early january. ten days, two weeks where you would have president obama available to sign a sanctions bill and is this something that republicans will let pass through both houses of congress in a sense allowing president obama to act on foreign policy that close to the end of his term? i really don't think so. if republicans and democrats work together to push this after trump is elected inaugurated, excuse me, then the issue is, what does he do about it? i think the big irony here is that republicans and i think rightly so in many ways have criticized obama's russian reset as being failed policy. yet, donald trump campaigned on and now appears, you know, ready to sort of act on russian reset part two. and to the question is, is he going to have any more success in getting the russians to act the way we want them as opposed to us doing what the russians want? are we going to move back into
3:21 am
the middle east or are we going to continue to leave it to russia. that's what the serial play was all about. are we going to try to make changes to the iran deal in which the russians will not want. and i think that's where tillerson becomes very interesting because as we've been discussing here. tillerson with his skillset and relationship with moscow could actually be a plus if we want to push back on the russian government and reset the relations to our advantage. the reason everyone is questioning tillerson is because we're wondering if donald trump is going to tell putin, hey, man, we're friends. do what you want. we're not really that interested in being that involved in places like the middle east. just don't cause us that many problems. that's where tillerson becomes a shock test for what this administration is going to do. >> other big questions about what the u.s. relationship will be with china. since president-elect trump took the call with taiwan. yesterday president-elect trump explained where he is on china.
3:22 am
listen to this. >> i fully understand the one china policy, but, i don't know why we have to be bound by a one china policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things, including trade. i mean, look, we're being hurt very badly with china with devaluation and taxing us heavy at the borders when we don't tax them. we're building a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea, which they shouldn't be doing. and, frankly, we're not helping us at all with north korea. >> phil, does that explain where the u.s. will be with china in their relationship? >> are you kidding me ? i have less idea now than i did 30 seconds ago. the same thing we saw in this political sphere. throw every card out the window and every plan out the window and come up with the campaign strategy that upends everything we know about politics. now we're going into the national security realm overseas saying iran nuclear deal, maybe
3:23 am
not. dealing with russian and syria, that's fine. what did we do with the two china policy? we'll figure that out on the fly. he'll act the same way in national security that he did during the campaign. >> i think that's pretty accurate. what he's doing in that interview is using the bully pulpit to pressure china on diplomatic issues. >> right now in the state of play than he does right now with russia. they both subjects do not deserve the same scrutiny. he is right as the incoming president to question the policy with china. >> i think he has that right to change that policy f he wants to. the question is, how is he doing it? he's going about it in a television interview basically saying, we're going to force china to make a deal. so far china has responded to this by basically being fairly calm, but we can see the levels kind of ratcheting up slowly as we go forward. >> panel, thank you very much. great to get all of your
3:24 am
experti expertise. so, thousands trying to leap aleppo as they ramp up air assaults and tighten that grip on that city. we go right to the front lines ahead for you on "new day."
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an update now on the situation in syria. government forces there are tightening their grip on aleppo reclaiming yet another neighborhood this as tens of thousands of syrians run for their lives. cnn seenuranior international correspondent spent the weekend in aleppo. >> in that little enclave that they have in aleppo. a sustained campaign by the forces and i don't think we can stress enough even by the syria
3:29 am
what we have been seeing is a lot more fire power. you're not talking about an ebb and flow on the battlefield. a sustained 24-hour campaign using very heavy weapons. at the same time, alisyn, you have tens of thousands of people trying to flee those besieged areas and the only way they can go out is to go right through the front line. we were there just two days ago and we saw people who were in a devastating state. who said that it was very dangerous for them to come up, but they had to make that journey hoping they would make it out safe. so, really looks as though the rebels are losing their foothold in aleppo. this is something that could only be a matter of days the syrian government believes. but at the same time the syrian government is losing ground else where where isis has gone back into the ancient city and it seems as though isis used bad weather in the past couple days which means the syrian air force couldn't fly air strikes and has moved into that town, again. so, a lot of motion there on the
3:30 am
batt battlefield. a very, very brutal state of affairs right now, especially out there in aleppo. chris? >> fred, thank you very much. another story for you the gunman who shot and killed football player will smith has been convicted of manslaughter. last night very late, actually, the jury also found 29-year-old hayes guilty of attempted manslaughter of woundering his wife, raquel. the jury convicted him on the lesser count. the sentencing is in february. hayes could be looking at 40 years. toing good dwg two police officers raced to the hospital this morning after being shot. the shooting started when the officers entered a home in byron about 90 miles south of atlanta. the officers were serving a warrant in a drug investigation. the officers returned fire, but it's not clear if they injured the suspect. no word on the officer's
3:31 am
condition at this hour. so, the first big winter blast keeps pushing east. snow getting dumped across the great lakes and the northeast. some spots expected to end up with 18 inches of snow once this storm moves all the way through. already today you have about 350 flights canceled or delayed. icy conditions making this delta plane skid off the runway after it landed in detroit. the good news, no one hurt. well, president-elect trump taking on the cia, so, why one lawmaker is calling mr. trump unhinged. that lawmaker joins us next on "new day." says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5
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>> i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country and, frankly, i think they're putting it out and it's ridiculous. just to be very clear, you have the president-elect there talking about the election. he lost the popular vote. the electoral margin, one of the lowest we've seen except for george w. bush in the modern era. and yet he does question the intelligence about russia's involvement in hacking during
3:36 am
the election. one congressman is now calling out mr. trump for his criticism of the intelligence, even calling him unhinged a new buzz word in politics. joining us now is that democratic congressman jim himes. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> good morning, chris. >> the idea that russia was involved in the hacking during the election. how sure are you of that intelligence? >> sure enough, chris, to tell you it's not an idea, it is fact. and this is not a fact that is in dispute by any of our 17 intelligence agencies. i've been in the room, as have my colleagues. one person who believes this is still in dispute and this is some bizarre democratic plot and i think no unattorneycertainty. the question is why and who ordered it and all this we may never know the answers to. it's not open to debate any more. >> the motive is still unclear. that's the disconnect between the cia and the fbi.
3:37 am
points for speculation there, but not about whether or not russia was involved at all. >> that's exactly right. look, this is intelligence. this is not law enforcement where they can go into your house and get your phone records. this is intelligence where things are always a little uncertain. however that russia hacked this election is not uncertain and this takes us back to president-elect donald trump who is, again, the one person out there who thinks there is, well, actually y soo actually, i shouldn't say that. speaker ryan, mitch mcconnell and others are standing around donald trump who is not only disagreeing with the cia, but actually criticizing the cia and, sadly, speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell and others are not standing up and saying the president cannot in the face of adversaries criticize the united states intelligence community. >> well, under the category of politics, sometimes taking things a little too far. your tweet said we're five weeks from the inauguration and the president-elect is completely unhinged. the electoral college must do what it was designed for. what does that mean,
3:38 am
congressman? >> well, i'll stand by my characterization of the president-elect. again, what finally pushed me over the edge is that when the president-elect of the united states criticized the -- can you imagine what the leaders in moscow and terraehran are think as they watch the next president of the united states criticize his own intelligence community and stand up for the defense of russia, one of our prime adversaries. it's just -- >> are you suggesting that the electoral college should take away the results of the election? >> the electoral college, if you read the federalist papers and understand why it is there, it is a group of people. it is not an algorithm. it is a group of people that our founding fathers, you know, to whom supposedly we all sort of defer to mrepledge the idea thaf someone is ill equipped to be president and all sorts of
3:39 am
phrases about the majority acting in a way that prafr the electors don't agree with, the electoral college can step in. by inouthe way, you as a lawyerl know, that will cause a lot of litigation. whether it was criticizing the cia or reversing decades worth of policy with china and appointing people like steve bannon has not done one thing that would suggest he is qualified to be mayor of a small town in connecticut. >> by your definition as a democrat. but the election, if nothing else, was almost a pure referendum on change. somebody coming in from the outside and shaking everything up. people could easily suggest that's what he's doing. i get why you could criticize him. a lot will go on for the next four years at a minimum. i suppose award hillary clinton. not only is that highly, highly unlikely and maybe illegal, but why would you even propose it as a solution? >> well, i grant you that it's
3:40 am
unlikely, but it's interesting that word you use referendum. if it was a referendum on anything -- >> you had a lot of people come out and vote for donald trump and they did it with a motivation that caught you guys by surprise. >> absolutely. >> those are people who want a voice. they're not deplorable, they are despera desperate. they feel the system is against them and the realities are against them and they mat, too. >> we've sat in these seats before and we talked about the election and the campaign and, boy, were the democrats wrong. boy, did the democrats run a lousy presidential campaign and was everybody wrong. no question about that. but now we're past that. and you're right. under the rules president-elect donald trump won this thing fair and square. right? we don't, apparently, as many americans are learning have a one-person, one-vote system in this country. despite a 3 million vote difference, hillary clinton will not be president and donald trump will. we do have this thing called the electoral college which is a group of people. a group of people who come
3:41 am
together to deliberate. if that thing exists. by the way, i'm of the opinion it should not exist. the idea that a majority of americans is a profoundly problematic thing. if it exists, why would it exist but for any other purpose than what it could do in one week which is to say and something that i think the majority of americans i think probably believe today which is that we're about to make a president who is dangerous. he is standing up for russia. criticizing the cia. the chinese flew a nuclear equipped bomber over the south china sea because of a phone call that the president-elect made. >> we don't know why. >> you're right. we don't know exactly why the chinese did that. coincidence that one day after president-elect trump says we're going to review the one china policy we have a china bomber flying over the north china sea. >> every state controls what their electors do. you'd have a lot of legal hurdles. that's probably not a practicality.
3:42 am
you have a bill you want to put up to have congress reclaim, is the word, its ability to declare war and resolve with the executive its role this is part of a big dispute where congress has been giving the presidents over time more and more power. i would call it, many critics would call it a real mistake. that congress is abdicated giving the executive -- you want to take it back. are you getting support, bipartisan support to take back congressional power over what the united states does militarily abroad? >> yeah, i think i will. i drop this bill on the last day of the congress. i didn't have an opportunity to go out and shop it amongst my colleagues. this will be portrayed as an anti-trump thing. to some extent it is. personally, i know donald trump can't do a lot of what he talks about doing. setting up a list of muslims without congressional approval. however, for all the reasons you point out, he could effectively get us into a war and that
3:43 am
really worries me and this bill is designed to not just address that, it's designed to address a problem of 50 or 60 years making which is since world war ii. we haven't declared war. by the way, the presidents have taken that power because congress has been cowardly about exercising the responsibility that is given to it in article one of the constitution. too many congress just say that's a scary prospect war. i don't want to take responsibility for it. but, look, there is a reason why the framers did that. we need to deliberate decisions that serious. >> as you get more into it, we'll cover it. congressman, thank you very much. appreciate it. u.s. intelligence agencies say russia meddled in the presidential election, so, if mr. trump picks rex tillerson as secretary of state, what does that mean for relations with putin and russia? all that's next on "new day." emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs.
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using the pen instead of fingers, it just feels more comfortable for me. be like, boop! it's gone. i like that only i can get into it and that it recognizes my fingerprint. our old tablet couldn't do that. it kind of makes you feel like you're your own person, which is a rare opportunity in my family. (laughter) the new york jiance stepping up sunday night snapping the dallas cowboys winning streak. hines ward has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> good morning, alisyn. the cowboys don't lose often, but when they do, it's to the new york giants. now, the weather was brutal in new york. both teams had a tough time scoring. but in the third, eli manning finds beckham jr. over the middle and outruns everybody and does his michael jackson
3:48 am
moonwalk dance there. last chance for the cowboys, though. prescott finds dez bryant which ends the comeback. the cowboy husband three turnovers in this one. the giants win, 10-7. and a big congrats to louisville sophomore quarterback lemar jackson. he became the youngest player ever to win the heisman trophy at only 19 years old. now, he's the fourth sophomore to win it and there the first player from louisville to do it, as well. jackson pretty much came out of no where to win the heisman. a 50-1 long shot before the season started. so, congrats to him. i love the blazer. and he gave a nice shout out to his mom. brought tears to his eyes, alisyn. >> all right, hines. thanks very much. the kremlin just released a statement about president-elect trump's reported frontrunner for secretary of state. will it affect how donald trump will approach the relationship with russian president vuloladi
3:49 am
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the cia says russia meddled in the u.s. election. meanwhile, president-elect trump is considering rex tillerson, an oil ceo with ties to russia for his secretary of state picks. joining us now to discuss what all of this means is jill dougherty a global fellow and a
3:53 am
russia expert and cnn international correspondent clacla clarisa ward. it is hard to exaggerate this finding. the cia believes that russia interfered with the u.s. presidential race and affected the outcome. what does this mean? >> well, alisyn, i think it's not just the fact that russia intervened or interfered. people have been talking about that for quite some time. one step further that russia interfere would the explicit desire to affect this election to swing the vote in donald trump's favor. i think up until now most people have been simply considering the fact that possibly russia was trying to undermine the democratic process. to make america look bad, to cast the u.s. as a dangerous and divisive country. but with this idea that they would actually actively be trying to swing the vote, that really takes us into unchartered territory. in either case, to be honest,
3:54 am
alisyn, it's really just as serious and it creates a huge problem for the u.s. in terms of how does one respond to this? it is not a simple case where you can respond in a fit for tat manner. at the same time, it's not something you can just leave without responding to. we've heard allegations that russia's been doing the same thing in europe. funding populous right parties. there are, of course, concerns about what happens next year when you have france going to the voting booth and also germany having an election. so, this is a problem that is only going to grow exponentially if it's not dealt with. not a simple one to deal with. primarily because, frankly speaking, intelligence agencies say that russia is a peer to the u.s. when it comes to the area of cyberwarfare. that means that russia's capacities are as significant as the u.s.'s and it risks escalating this into a full-blown cyberwar, alisyn. >> what is the answer to how the
3:55 am
u.s. can respond to this? >> i think this is a very serious thing. i totally agree. and the problem is right now there are no rules of the road. i mean, different people, different countries, nato is right now looking at what kind of rules could you have? because, for example, if right now it is proven that they interfered in the election for a specific purpose or for person, that means that the u.s. has a right to retaliate. but according to international law, how the united states could retaliate could go anywhere from outing the people who are responsible for this to maybe hacking into their systems and destroying them to maybe interfering with banking in russia to maybe interfering, let's say, in the electoral grid of russia. these are some of the options. and it escalates as you go up. the danger to all of this is if
3:56 am
you start one thing, as we just heard, the russians can retaliate and very quickly it can escalate into a cyber war and that is not anything that the united states wants to be involved in. >> against that backdrop, president-elect donald trump is considering rex tillerson, ceo of exxon to become his secretary of state. tillerson has a long relationship with vladimir putin and russia. in fact, he was ordered, he was given the order of friendship from vladimir putin, which is as award as you could find. what does this mean, clarrisa, if he becomes secretary of state? >> i think it means we've seen the kremlin come out today and try to dial back a little bit of the perceived the thenthusiasm. a huge difference between being
3:57 am
secretary of state and being ceo of a big. they're excited acetylerson as secretary of state because the main think they want to see is u.s. sanctions repealed. u.s. sanctions hurting russia a lot over the past years, not as much as european sanctions. but given the european sanctions because they were in part levied at the obama administration. i think there's a real hope that perhaps under tillerson we could see those u.s. sanctions repealed and then we could see u.s. pressure on europe to also repeal their sankctions. that would have a massive effect on the russian economy. just in the last two weeks we're seeing some economic developments that do give signs that perhaps the international markets are thinking there may be better times ahead for russia economically, alisyn. >> we do know that tillerson is not a fan of those u.s.
3:58 am
sanctions on russia. can we logically conclude that if he is secretary of state, all of that changes? >> no, we cannot. because undoing those sanctions would be big. it would be huge. those sanctions are not just economic. they were designed because of russia's actions in annexing crimia and incursions, military incursions into ukraine to change russia's behavior which went way beyond economics. they're the only tool, really, that the united states and the europeans at this point felt that they could use. but, you know, i think this whole debate is a theme that we have to watch very carefully because all the relationship with russia is not just a big deal in economic deal. it goes a lot further. it goes into let's say values and geopolitical relations and these are all very important. so, you can't just go in there
3:59 am
and try to do like a rug deal at a market. >> jill dougherty, clarissa ward, thank you very much. tweet us at new day or post your comment on we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> if you're president of the united states, you better be in touch on a daily basis with your intelligence briefers. >> i don't know why we have to be bound by a one china policy. we're being hurt very badly bia. >> want to make sure that the secretary of state is a person who represents america. >> he knows many of the players and he knows them well. >> matter of concern to me that he has such a close, personal relationship with vladimir putin. the fbi and cia at odds over why russia influenced the election. >> the facts don't add up. >> they have no idea if it's russia. it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. >> i think they did interfere with our elections and i want putin personally to pay a price. >> announcer: this is "new day"
4:00 am
with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. we begin with donald trump tangling with china and his own intelligence agencies. the president-elect insisting democrats are behind the cia's claim that russia tried to influence the election in his favor. he calls the finding ridiculous, even though lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for a bipartisan investigation. this as mr. trump increases tensions with beijing. questioning america's need to adhere to a one china policy. chinese state officials lashing out at the president-elect calling him "an ignorant child." this is just 39 days before inauguration day. cnn has the transition covered starting with jason carroll live from trump tower in manhattan. good morning, jason. >> good morning to you. the chinese government has made it very clear that the one china policy is essential to u.s. chinese relations. meanwhile, the president-elect also challenging u.s. intelligence


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