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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i don't exactly get it but i think that it's funny. that was through donald trump's lens. how to view the world. >> let's give our twitter feeds a rest. let's let carol costello figure out what it -- what it all means. >> as we do every day. >> you can tell people whether or not that was parody or reality. >> okay. i'm going to be thinking about that through my whole show. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me this morning. new fallout over the cia report that russia interfered with the u.s. election to help donald trump win. a former acting director of the intelligence agency delivering this chilling assessment. mike morale tells the cipher brief it is an attack on our very democracy. he goes on to say this is the political equivalent of 9/11.
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that is quite at odds with the president-elect. just minutes ago mr. trump tweeted quote unless you catch hackers in the act it's very hard to determine who was doing the hacking. why wasn't this brought up before the election? yesterday mr. trump openly scoffed at the cia's claim. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. >> a bipartisan alliance of senators is pushing back, though, against trump's dismissal and calling for an investigation. the lawmakers saying the claims of russian interference should quote alarm every american. next hour we'll hear from the senate's most powerful republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has scheduled a rare news conference next hour. we're covering all of this this morning. jason carroll is live outside of trump tower and cnn political reporter manu raju is live on capitol hill. jason, let's start with you hi. >> good morning. it's very unusual to have this sort of public back and forth
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between the intelligence community, and a president-elect. but this is what we have. the president-elect donald trump basically saying that, look, back in 2003 the intelligence community was wrong when it said that iraq had weapons of mass destruction and donald trump says this time it could be wrong again about russia. >> way don't want intelligence interfering in our politics. but we also don't want politics -- >> i think it's ridiculous. i think it's just another excuse. i don't believe it. they have no idea if it's russia or china, or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. i mean they have no idea. >> so why would the cia put out this story that the russians wanted you to win the election. >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country. >> so, carol, despite the intelligence community being very concerned that the president-elect seems to be
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ignoring their intelligence. basically heard there donald trump saying that he believed, and he trump also believes that much of what we're seeing here is politically motivated. >> we don't want intelligence interfering in our politics. but we also don't want politics interfering with our intelligence and that's what's happening here. if you look at some of these articles that are being written. they want the reader, they want the viewer not to make that direct connection between interfering and election results. these are leaks, nonsourced, nonsources, that's what hearings are for and investigations are for. >> their feeling is that it is politically motivated but a bipartisan group of senators have now called for congress to investigate the intelligence community's findings about russian hacking into the to try to influence the american election. team trump moving ahead with his transition efforts, moving ahead with naming new people to his administration. the newest name now, general john kelly. name to be the man who head up
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the department of homeland security. carol? >> all right, jason carroll reporting live from trump tower this morning. so let's head now to capitol hill where senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will hold that news conference at the top of the next hour. manu raju has more on that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. yeah that news conference designed to talk about what mcconnell wants the house, the 114th congress, his accomplishments, the republicans achieved here. but, it will be dominated with questions about russia and russia's involvement in the elections, and what senator mcconnell knew, and his thoughts about this call for a bipartisan investigation but we do know is senator mcconnell does get top secret intelligence briefings that most members of congress don't because he's a member of the republican, and member of leadership and in september he was briefed by multiple agencies and some democrats in that briefing we are told by a source briefed on the matter wanted to take an approach at that
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september meeting and say that russia was involved in this hack and was trying to steer the elections one way but in that september briefing we are told by a source that mcconnell had some questions about that intelligence. did not want to make that assertion. thought it would be a political move to do that. so we'll see if he weighs in on that. so far his office has declined to comment now at the same time there has been this bipartisan call for an investigation among some republicans joining democrats, including senator john mccain of arizona with chuck schumer this morning. talking about why there needs to be investigations. here's what they have to say. >> they did hack in to this campaign, and they did it, i think, with some -- or at least what seemed to be effect of sort of every week or so there was new information. and were they hacking republicans the same way? republican national committee? and if so, why didn't they -- there's a whole lot of issues out there. it requires investigation.
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>> the fact that the cia and fbi disagree shows the need for a bipartisan investigation that gets to the bottom of this. the investigation should be tough, strong and bipartisan and should have access to all materials, classified and not. >> now exactly what form that investigation takes shape, still remains to be seen. we know that senator mccain chairs the senate armed services committee and he's signaling that he would like to do it through there or perhaps a subcommittee led by his friend and ally, senator lindsey graham but this comes, carol, at the same time that some republicans are joining democratic concern over trump's likely pick to be secretary of state, rex tillerson, the exxon ceo, because of his ties to russia. including marco rubio, florida senator who sits on the senate foreign relations committee raising concerns in a tweet over the weekend about tillerson's ties to russia, and that is so significant, carol, because he votes against tillerson in a
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confirmation hearing in the committee, that could be enough to kill this nomination. so we'll see what happens here. but a lot of questions on capitol hill about russia. russia's involvement in trump's team? >> manu raju reporting live from capitol hill. in spite of what senator mcconnell might say later this morning, four powerful senators, both democrat and republican, are pushing for an investigation into russian interference in our election. so let's talk about that. cnn justice correspondent evan perez is hill, jill dougherty joins me, and lieutenant colonel rick francona cnn military analyst and retired u.s. air force intelligence officer. welcome to all of you. evan i want to start with you because i want to be clear both the fbi and the cia suspect russia hacked into the dnc, the democratic national committee's computers and clinton's campaign manager's e-mails. what the two agencies differ on is why. so give us the cia's take. >> well, that's right, carol.
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right now, there's broad agreement at the cia and at the fbi and other agencies that the russian intelligence agencies hacked the democratic national committee and that they targeted democrats by orchestrating the release of these embarrassing e-mails. now the cia, in a briefing a couple weeks ago, did tell members of congress that it was also clear that the russians were trying to get trump elected. now the fbi isn't ready to go that far. they still are looking at a mix of motivation, but broadly they think it was about undermining our democratic system. the cia told lawmakers that they had new information from their sources. but really, even the cia deal isn't 100% definitive. a lot of this is circumstantial evidence. of course, donald trump is tweeting about all this this morning as you mentioned this morning he says why wasn't this brought up before the election? the answer, carol, is that it was brought up before the election. the president-elect would have learned a lot of this in his daily intelligence briefing. >> it was brought up in july. last july. and then we talked about it all
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the way through the election. >> we talked about it a lot, exactly. >> exactly. so mike morell, the former acting cia director says russia's interference in our election is the political equivalent of 9/11. he says it's a direct assault on our constitution. do you agree? >> no, i think that's a bit overstated. i mean, of course it's troubling that they're doing this. but you're looking at this from the russian perspective, they -- they decided that they were going to possibly back one candidate, and conducted an information operation to that effect. if what we're talking about is hacking into someone's e-mail. we're not talking about manipulating the results of the election. we're talking about trying to influence the election. trying to influence how people vote. so we're not calling into question any russian capability or attempt to change the vote. they're just trying to influence how people cast their vote. >> if, if russian computer hackers hacked into the republican national committee
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e-mail, right, and then sat on that information, but decided to disseminate the dnc's private information, through wikileaks, does that make it different in your mind? >> no. i think that's exactly what happened. and i think it was a conscious russian decision that said we're going to try and embarrass the dnc. we're going to steer our efforts to influence people to vote for donald trump. that's if it's true. and you know, that's how they -- that's their tactic if that's what they thought. but i don't see any indications that the russians actually hacked into machines or tried to manipulate the actual votes themselves. so this is what countries do what sbels services do. normally you're not candid about it as the russians can be. but you know, this could be akin to like a president going to, let's use example president obama went to london, and told the british population not to vote to exit the eu. or there would be economic consequences.
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that was an attempt to influence that election. on a much larger scale what the russians did is very akin to that. >> okay. >> carol, real quick, i just wanted to clarify real quick, we have no, and the fbi has no indication that the russians did get in to the rnc system. what they did get into, we're told, is third party organizations that did have some access to rnc data. so that's been a little bit of a misunderstanding over the last few months. we've repeatedly heard allegations that they did get into the rnc and perhaps sat on that information. right now the investigation is not showing that. >> okay. so thank you for clarifying. so, jill, we're sitting here and we're talking about this. we're talking about russia possibly influencing an american election. and tipping the scales toward one candidate. so is vladimir putin sitting back and, you know, kind of laughing at the united states? >> you know i think he's getting back at the united states for
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what he feels the united states did with him. he believes that the united states has influenced elections and the political process in russia and actually other countries in the former soviet union. whether you agree with this or not. i mean he says for example, hillary clinton, gave the sign for demonstrators to come out on the streets of moscow in 2012, and those demonstrators were demonstrating against elections but they were also about holding anti-putin signs. so, take it kind of as a personal approach it could be that, you know, putin really, we know, does not, well let's say, detest, he does detest, hillary clinton, and blames the united states for interfering. so it could be kind of this tit for tat. >> interesting. so, so evan a question for you. if u.s. intelligence sources and the fbi have all of this information on russia, why
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haven't there been any arrests? >> you know, carol, that's actually one of the toughest things here. is that doing this, doing the intelligence work is one thing. but to bring a prosecutable offense takes a long, long time. that's what the fbi is working on. that's one reason they're a little bit more conservative about where they're at. they're still working to try to figure this out. they still haven't been able to draw a direct line between moscow and wikileaks which is the website that published these e-mails. so that is something very at the top of their minds are at the fbi, and, that's definitely what the investigators are looking at. i think you're going to -- it's going to be very difficult to try to figure out exactly who did this. they do know, though, that it was russian intelligence agencies that was behind it. >> so colonel francona. donald trump is denying russian involvement. he says this has become politicized. both the cia and fbi are doing this for political purposes. but the cia director, john
6:14 am
brennan, was a national counterterrorism director under republican george w. bush. before he became the cia director. and the fbi director james comey is a republican. so, is it political? >> oh, i don't want to speak for mr. trump on what's political but you know, hacking into someone's e-mail is not that sophisticated of an operation. but i suspect that the russians if they were behind this would probably did it fairly easily. i don't see why we're arguing about whether it was the russians or not. i think it's more important that it was done. i think the investigation is important to find out exactly who did it. and if they can, a lot of times it's very difficult to determine exactly who did what if these kind of operations. and if the russians left that much of a trail then that wasn't a very professional operation. >> so, so jill do you suspect, you know, from a russian perspective, that they, they fear an imminent arrest on the part of the united states
6:15 am
intelligence services? >> i don't think they fear that anyone's going to go over to moscow and arrest them. but looking at this, carol, in a big kind of a big focus, they have succeeded in undermining faith among many people in democracy, in the american way of democracy. they have obviously criticize kd hillary clinton. i mean i watched russian media. there's no question that she was under attack by the russian media. and then, you know, did they do it to help trump? or did they do it to hurt hillary? it kind of works in the same way in the end. if you know what i mean. so i think the overall thing is that this is very damaging to the entire system. and there is a mood that's been created which is as soon as there are reports in the united states of hacking, the system is corrupt, et cetera, the russian
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media begin to tweet and facebook and des accept nature all sorts of stories about that. so there's kind of all of this information which goes all over the world and undermines faith in the united states, it undermines faith around the world and confuses everything and that's the objective is to make it very confusing, and very -- look very bad. >> it's interesting you say that, because fox's interview with john bolton, who is trump's possible pick for deputy secretary of state ended on russian state television just this morning i have to end it there though. thanks to all of you. still to come, a man with close ties to russia emerges as donald trump's favorite to take over the state department. details on the exxon ceo rex tillerson. you want to make your enamel sure to protect it, you want to have it for life. consumption of very acidic foods can wear away your enamel. your tooth is gonna look yellower, um more dull. nobody wants to have yellow looking teeth.
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at trump tower where moments ago lieutenant colonel alan west was seen inside the trump tower. we 3re assume he's there to talk to donald trump. we don't know exactly about what but allen west was a big supporter of donald trump through the entire election season. rex tillerson is the ceo and scharm of exxon mobil the world's most valuable oil company and sources tell cnn he is donald trump's pick for secretary of state. trump, who was expected to make a formal announcement later this week cited tillerson's record at exxon as one reason he'd be a good pick. >> well, in his case, he's much more than a business executive. he's a world-class player. he's in charge of i guess the largest company in the world. he's in charge of an oil company that's pretty much double the
6:21 am
size of his next nearest competitor. it's been a company that's been unbelievably managed. and to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players. and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia. he does massive deals for the company, not for himself, but for the company. >> okay. so the kremlin, russia, echoed tillerson's business acumen. cnn asked dmitry petrov if tillerson is a friend of russia and he told us this quote he's very professional. we plan a lot of mutually beneficial projects between our conditions. unfortunately a number of them were left unrealized. as to whether he's friendly to russia or not there's a huge difference between being a secretary of state and being ceo of big corporation. we should note that a few years ago, tillerson was awarded russia's order of friendship by vladimir putin. so let's talk. washington bureau chief for
6:22 am
"usa today," jason johnson also joins me, political science professor at morgan state university. susan, should americans worry about this pick for secretary of state? >> well, some americans are expressing some concern, some important americans, including the chairman of the senate armed services committee john mccain, who yesterday said he was concerned about whether tillerson would have too much of a tilt toward russia. and if donald trump goes ahead and nominates him for secretary of state, we know he's going to get some scrutiny in the senate foreign relations committee for confirmation. marco rubio, a member of that committee, expressed concern. rand paul is on that committee. so is jeff flake. those are some independent-minded republican voices who i think are likely to raise questions about tillerson's history with russia in general and vladimir putin in particular. well, well, here's a concern jason and i'm going to try to put it as simply as i possibly can. so exxon the company wanted to do a lot of oil facilities in
6:23 am
russia. but then russia invaded crimea in ukraine and u.s. emposed all of these sanctions on russia which killed exxon's dreams of expanding into russia. so, now you have tillerson and russia, they both want to work together on these oil fields. russia would love those sanctions lifted because the economy is in the tank, right? so in that sense should americans raise their eyebrows? >> you know all we got to do is add denzel and this is like a man churian candidate situation. that's how bad this is. i believe that the president-elect has the right to pretty much pick who he and maybe one day she wants to be in their administration. but in the wake of very clear evidence by the central intelligence agency and the frib that the russians had impact on this election were working in concert with president-elect trump it's a very bad idea for a national security to put someone who is not only inexperienced, but has incredibly close ties to the russian government as
6:24 am
secretary of state. and here's the thing he didn't just get the order of friendship from vladimir putin. if you look at the history of people who received that award they've given it to double agents, they've given it to people who have betrayed their countries in favor of russia. i think this is a very dangerous selection. i have a lot of doubt it's going to pass the senate. >> susan, how did it go from i'm considering mitt romney to the exxon ceo guy? >> you know, here's the most amazing thing, could two figures have more different, more contrasting views of the united states relations with russia than romney and rex tillerson? and they seem to be the two finalists for secretary of state? because mitt romney famously in the 2012 campaign said that there was no bigger foreign policy concern than russia. and rex tillerson has this history of business dealings with russia. we should note that rex tillerson has some allies, some people who say he would be a good secretary of state. there are reports that bob gates has spoke highly of him to
6:25 am
donald trump, bob gates the former defense secretary and that condoleezza rice has as well. so those are some powerful backers. but there are concerns especially in the wake of this ongoing investigation by the obama administration into exactly what it was russia tried to do during our elections. >> okay. so jason, all of that's going on because there's maybe going to be a congressional hearing, who knows, but these four very powerful senators want one both democratic and republican. senator mitch mcconnell is supposed to make remarks at the top of the next hour. we suspect he will say, we don't need any congressional investigation. it's nothing new. there's no hard-core evidence, why waste our time? and then donald trump says he might nominate another -- yet another person with ties to russia. >> you know, carol, in a historical context, this is called -- this is how nations, you know, hand off the baton to the next great empire. because when you get domestic leaders who are more concerned with power than the actual sovereignty of the nation, that
6:26 am
is a problem. mitch mcconnell was in the meeting with president obama, and the fbi director, and the cia director, two months ago when they said we need to have a bipartisan effort to do something about this. and he dismissed it then because it was more important that donald trump win than the united states not become a client state to the russians. this is a problem. and the fact that we have a president who doesn't want to pay attention to this is a problem. and i think every american, republican or democrat who cares about the sovereignty, integrity of this nation to be concerned about these connections to russia. we've done this historically. now we're on the receiving end. not a good place to be. >> okay, susan, best guess. what do you suppose will happen? will there be hearings? will they take place before donald trump goes through his inauguration? >> i don't know. i think we should give mitch mcconnell a chance to speak before we judge what it is he is saying. i do -- i do agree that the idea that russia would try to meddle in our election is something that should be of great concern and deserves investigation. and whatever congress decides to do we know the administration is going ahead with an
6:27 am
investigation, so it's not as though there is no scrutiny of this. but let's see what happens you know. donald trump is not yet president. obviously he's taken positions on russia that that have dismissed some of the conclusions of the intelligence agencies about what happened. but i think maybe this is an issue that is still percolating and we need to see what happens. >> susan page, jason johnson, thanks as always. we're just moments away from the opening bell on wall street. alison kosik and the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, carol. i am expecting to see some caution when the opening bell ring in about three minutes from now. what a year it's been. the dow is up 13%. the nasdaq up almost 9% and the s&p 500 up 10.5%. but i'm seeing caution ahead of the fed meeting which begins tomorrow and this decision day coming on wednesday. so at this time last year when the fed met, member wound up hiking interest rates for the first time in almost a decade so
6:28 am
investors this time around are expecting a repeat performance. there's now a 95% chance a rate hike will happen. so that will make things like mortgages, credit cars and car loans more expensive. wall street's really going to be looking to see what the fed wants to do in the future. how often it wants to tighten those races in the coming year. also getting more expensive this holiday season gas prices because of a huge run-up in crude oil. prices topping $54 a barrel for the first time in a year and a half and that will translate into higher gas prices next year. carol? >> oh. alisyn kosik many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom" a cnn exclusive with inside war-torn aleppo. an update from the 7-year-old syrian girl whose story captured the world's heart. >> i am --
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that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. the death toll climbing in istanbul overnight. turkish state media reports 44 people have now died after saturday's car and suicide bombing. the blast happening after thousands of fans had left a
6:33 am
soccer game. most of the victims police officer. a splinter group of the kurdistan workers party have claimed responsibility. in sky row, egypt, the first funeral services now being held after a suicide bomber killed dozens inside a coptic christian church. it happened during a worship service sunday morning ripping through a section of the church for women. at least 25 parishioners died. nearly 50 others were injured. egypt's president says three men and a woman have been arrested. the syrian army and it's allies are in the final stages of recapturing aleppo. more than 700 rebel fighters surrendered in the last 24 hours that's according to russian officials. massive civilians fleeing. nearly 13,000 escaping in the last 24 hours alone. but still trapped inside aleppo is 7-year-old vanna whose family is now living in hiding after her tweets captured the world's attention.
6:34 am
more now from cnn. >> the 7-year-old captured the world's attention as her mother tweeted almost daily about b bana's life under siege in aleppo. then this chilling tweet came last night. tonight we have no house. it's bombed. i got in rubble. i saw deaths and i almost died with a photo of her covered in dust. as regime forces advanced and captured their neighborhood the family disappeared for awhile. and rarely tweeted. on sunday, bana and her mother spoke exclusively to cnn from an undisclosed location in rebel-held eastern aleppo. >> i feel that we are really targeted from the reege i'm. so i can't tell anyone even my
6:35 am
parents don't know. >> tense of thousands of people have left east aleppo. and they've gone out. why are you still there? >> i am afraid to lose one of my kids. if i flee with all the people because they think i am work against the regime. i don't belong to any side. i am just what i was speaking about. civilian people. >> she says she decided to speak to us because some of accused them of being an anti-regime propaganda tool, something she denies. but she admits helping her daughter articulate their messages to the world. she says she feels doing it in english is more effective. >> bana can speak a little
6:36 am
english. i help to make sure that her voice reach a lot of people in english. >> her answers in english are short and her mother in the background helps her. switch to air bake. she clearly is more comfortable. >> bana says she misses school, she misses her home, and with barely any food available, she also misses fruit. two months ago, her mother told us she would never leave aleppo. now all she wants is for someone to evacuate them to safety. bana sings her favorite song. a 1980s song about children of war. ♪
6:37 am
>> cnn, amman. >> bana and her family remain in hiding. the situation is dire on the front lines. but a group of volunteers, first responders, risk their lives every day to rescue people like bana. they've rescued about 60,000. just yesterday they were seen rescuing a baby from the rubble. the scene ending with a caption life won today. with me -- thanks to both of you for being with me.
6:38 am
you're -- your documentary is heartbreaking. it's hard to watch. i don't know how people who -- who are part of get the courage to go into aleppo. >> you're quite right. they've been rescuing people since 2013. and over 70,000 lives so far. the team that we focus on is in aleppo and is still there now attempting to rescue people where they can. but much like bana's family they feel positive at the moment, and are very scared that they will be a target for the regime coming in to the city. so we're very worried. >> and i can understand why, orlando, because hospitals have been targeted within syria in fact there are few working hospitals, if any, so how do you get people who are terribly injured out in time to save their lives? >> well, i mean, i think that
6:39 am
the tragedy at the moment is that's just not happening. it's not just hospitals that have been targeted. the white helmet rescue centers, the equipment is being targeted. and you know, what's particularly worrying at the moment is men between the ages of about 30 and 50 who are crossing over into government areas are according to reports of the u.n., that they're going missing. so we're really concerned about everyone in aleppo. you know, especially the guys in our film. >> and of course some of this bombing is coming at the hands of the syrian regime and bashar al assad. many of the injured children we're seeing in america, bashar al assad says it's all propaganda it's fake including that heartwrenching picture of that little boy covered with dirt and blood after a bombing on his village. not that one but we'll get to that. but, but, how, how does the world -- there's the picture. bashar al assad says it's fake.
6:40 am
>> yeah. i mean we have seen, you know, hours and hours of footage in making the documentary, and there are many, many journalists that have done the same. the content that is coming out both from aleppo and from all over syria is myriad and much of it from the white helmets. it's certainly true that the world needs to respond. the world has not done enough as yet to protect civilians, and in particular children, and certainly in this stage now when aleppo is almost fallen, the geneva convention, more than ever must be used specifically workers must be protected. >> so orlando why isn't the world helping more? >> you know, it's -- it's really difficult. i can't speak for the international community but in terms of the general public around the world, i think part of the probably is an apathy. the syria conflict is so
6:41 am
upsetting. it's been going on for over five years, nearly six years, and people find it increasingly difficult to engage in it because it's so sad. part of the reason we wanted to make this film is because of that. because the white helmets are a story of hope. these are everyday civilians who risk their own lives to save others and it's a story which resonates and we hope our film helps engage people with what's going on. >> and i do want to touch just one last time before i let you go on who, who volunteers for the white helmets? who are these civilians who risk their own lives to go into this terrible country -- not a terrible country because syria itself it once was a beautiful country but it's a total, complete wreck right now? >> ordinary civilians, carol. so these are bakers, they're builders, they're electricians. people from all walks of life walked into a volunteer center and said we believe in hope, and
6:42 am
helping our fellow men and women to survive digging out children, women, men, out of of the rubble. so these are ordinary people. i think it's important to remember that they need to be protected, as well. >> we thank you both for joining me this morning. thank you. thank you very much. and you can catch their documentary "the white helmets" it's on netflix right now. still to come in the "newsroom," trump calls into question a long-standing diplomatic tradition between the united states and china. now beijing has a stern warning for president-elect trump.
6:43 am
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china has a certain message for president-elect trump. if the one-china policy is ignored, cooperation with the united states would be, quote,
6:46 am
out of the question. those comments coming after trump said the u.s. doesn't have to be bound by the long-standing tradition of only having diplomatic relations with beijing and not with taiwan. here's what trump told fox news. >> i fully understand the one-china policy. but, i don't know why we have to be bound by one-china policy. unless we make a deal with china. having to do with other things, including trade, and i mean look, we're being hurt very badly by china with devaluation. with taxing us heavy at the borders when we don't tax them. with building a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea. which they shouldn't be doing. and, frankly, with not helping us at all with north korea. >> trump unleashed an international controversy after he spoke with taiwan's president over the phone, something no u.s. president has done in decades. and then he fired after tweets against the chinese government. cnn's matt rivers live in
6:47 am
beijing with more. hi, matt. >> hi, carol. this one-china policy and any perceived threats to it is, for the chinese government, one of its most sensitive topics. so it's not a surprise that earlier today at a regularly scheduled press conference for the ministry of foreign affairs, a spokesperson had some strong words for the president-elect after his comments. adhering to the one-china principle is a bedrock for the development of u.s./china relations. of the bilateral relationship as well as cooperation in major fields would be out of the question. >> so some strong words there but a relatively measured tone. but the communist party here in china does have other ways of expressing his viewpoints and they use the state-run newspapers to do so. earlier this morning in a paper called "the global times" in an editorial that paper said that
6:48 am
trump is like a child in his ignorance of foreign policy. so some very consistent negative statements. but, carol, the reason why the chinese government is so upset about this is because of what this policy means. the one-china policy here in beijing means that the chinese government used taiwan as a breakaway chinese province. the united states only formally recognizes beijing and does not recognize taiwan. but if the trump administration were to come in and either ignore the one-china policy as it stands now or as perhaps go so far as to establish diplomatic relations with taiwan, beijing would see the trump administration as endorsing an independent for taiwan. for beijing as they say time and again that is a line too far and they would not accept it. how they would respond, economically, militarily, that has huge implications, and perhaps this is just a negotiation from the trump administration, the incoming administration does expect to try to negotiate the new trade deals with china. but whether trump's rhetoric here is just negotiating ploys or not, here in beijing they are
6:49 am
certainly taking it very seriously. carol? >> all right, matt rivers reporting live from beijing. one country looking forward to trump being president is israel. in an interview with "60 minutes" the prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he is excited to work with the new president-elect. >> i know donald trump. i know him very well. and i think his attitude, his support for israel, is clear. he feels very warmly about the jewish state, about the jewish people, and about jewish people. there's no question about that. >> netanyahu admitting he's had differences with president obama, but insists it was never personal. he also said he's planning to meet with trump to discuss ending the iran nuclear deal. trump previously slammed that agreement calling it stupid. and a disgrace. trump's choice for secretary of defense retired general james mattis has warned against withdrawing from that iran deal. still to come in the "newsroom" we are minutes away from senate
6:50 am
he'll be facing questions about a possible investigation into reports that russians intervened into the u.s. election. more on that at the top of the hour. ♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. ♪ but when we brought our daughter home that was it. ♪ now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how.
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checking top stories, two georgia police officers were in the hospital after serving a
6:54 am
search warrant this morning. the shooting started when the officers entered a home 90 miles south of atlanta. no word on the officers' conditions. the gunman who shot and killed new orleans football star will smith after a traffic stop has been convicted of manslaughter. a jury also found cardell hayes of attempted manslaughter after wounding his wife raquel he's facing second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder but the jury convicted him of lesser counts. brace yourself. a winter weather blitz is facing parts of the nation. today, hundreds of places have been delayed in places like chicago and snow and frigid temperatures push across the country. part of the great lakes and new england could get a foot of snow when it's all said and done. get ready for another wave of cold as the arctic blast hits tomorrow.
6:55 am
dangerous subzero temperatures will move in from bismarck to boston and the midwest could be looking at single digits for the rest of the week. sorry, costello family. and the nominees of the golden globes are -- >> best motion picture, musical or comedy. 20th century women, "deadpool," lala land, sing street. >> oh, it was lala land that is the favorite including best picture and best director. as for best actor in a drama, kasey affleck and amy adams, jessica chastain and natalie portman. this year's host is jimmy fallon. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" is back after a break.
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agood morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we're following two breaking live events about to get under way at any moment now. on the left side of your screen, a news conference by the senate top republican, mitch mcconnell. he's sure to address the cia reports that russia interfered with the u.s. election to put donald trump in the white house. on the right-hand side of your
7:00 am
screen, a roundtable discussion with the attorney general, loretta lynch. she's at a muslim center to discuss hate crimes and the uptick in violence since the election was held. for now, he's scoffing at reports that russia helped put him in the white house but four senators are concerned. they are demanding an investigation. and they say the findings of russian interference should, quote, alarm every american. we're following it all. manu raju is live on capitol hill. let's start with you, manu. >> reporter: good morning. this news conference is designed for mitch mcconnell to talk about the accomplishments in the 114th congress but expect a lot of questions about russia, especially given the facts that senator mcconnell sits on these top briefings that not other members get because he's the senate majority leader. whether or not he supports


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