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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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deflated. hello, i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. yesterday the president-elect called the cia's claim ridiculous. says it's another excuse to undermine his victory. and why wasn't this brought up before the election? in fact, it was brought up before the election, a lot. back in july, we learned that the computer networks and democratic committee has been hacked and brought up in this joint statement by the department of homeland security and director of national intelligence one month before the election. >> and moments ago, the republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell made very clear he thinks this is a big deal. and said this, the russians are not our friends and says he has
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the highest degree in confidence in the intelligence committee and it's something worth investigating, which appears to put him at odds this morning with the president-elect. let's go to political reporter manu raju. you were in that press conference with motorcycle. while careful in his language, manu, senator mcconnell made big statements. >> indeed he did. he did not want to look like he was criticizing president-elect donald trump. particularly about this issue making clear in no uncertain terms that he disagrees with the fact that with trump's skepticism that russia was involved. any foreign breach is condemned and says that he backs a bipartisan review through the committees to look into what happened with russia and the
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elections. he made very clear, kate and john, that he doesn't view vladimir putin and russia as the united states ally. >> it defies belief that some republicans in the senate are wanting to ignore the tactics. i have the highest intelligence in the intelligence agencies, the cia is filled with selfless patriots, many of whom anonymously risk their lives for the american people. >> now, i asked him specifically, do you think that the cia -- that russia was trying to steer this election to donald trump? and he would not say. he wanted to just stick to his prepared remarks. so very careful assessment. also, notable that he duts not support a free-standing commission, like a 9/11 commission to get to the bottom of the 9/11 attacks, he does not want something like this to happen on russia. he believes it should be done through the existing congressional committees, the armed services committee, the
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intelligence committee. it's a bit of insight but gives him more bipartisan calls to get to the bottom of it. >> manu raju, thank you. where exactly does the intelligence stand on this right now? why is there a difference in opinion, if you will, between the cia and fbi on a critical issue? >> evan perez has done key reporting on this. what exactly, evan, are the differences? >> well, first, kate and john, we should say that there is a broad agreement at the fbi and cia and other agencies that russian intelligence hacked the democratic national committee and targeted democrats by orchestrating the release of these embarrassing e-mails. however, the cia in a briefing in the last couple of weeks told members of congress that it was also clear that the russians were trying to get trump elected. the fbi is not ready to go that far.
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they are still looking at a mix of motivations but broadly they think this is more about undermining our democratic system. the cia told lawmakers that they have come across new information from their sources that makes them believe this. but it should be noted that even the cia's view isn't 100% definitive. a lot of this is evidence that is circumstantial. as you mentioned, donald trump is tweeting about this this morning saying why wasn't it brought up before the election. it was brought up. jon and kate? >> evan perez, thanks so much. soon we're going to be hearing from the outgoing top democratic as well. we're going to have an interview with senator harry reid of nevada who never minces words. that's coming up in a little bit. joining us to talk more at this moment, former secretary of defense in the clinton
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administration, william cohen, head of the cohen consulting firm. thank you for being with us, mr. secretary. you know, when you see these reports that we continue to get and we have received, by the way, for months, that russia tried to interfere, tried to meddle in the elections. >> well, the notion that any foreign entity is planning and is carrying out cyberattacks and other ways to undermine the american people's confidence in our institutions, particularly our right to vote and to have a free and open vote. that's something that the president-elect has to take very seriously. now, i don't expect him to come out and say i agree with the report that they have altered the political environment to favor me but he should be saying this is a serious charge, i am going to work with members of congress and find out if, in fact, russia has carried out this kind of a plan and we want
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to make sure that we have a response to it in the future and never let it happen again. that's why i would hope president-elect trump would say not to belittle the intelligence committee. that's really undermining the morale of one of the most serious capabilities that we have and it would not work in his benefit in the future to disagree with those who present him with evidence that he finds unacceptable. >> you said you don't expect president-elect trump to necessarily agree with the cia's election. why not? why don't you engs pekt him to agree? >> first, if he said i agree that russia has affected the election in a way that prevented hillary clinton from being president, that throw as cloud over his presidency and would invite calls to have a new election. that's not going to happen. so i think the reality is that we need to find out exactly what role russia played, why did they play it and what can we do about
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it? i don't think we're going to go back and have a new election. for me, the most troubling aspect is we have not yet fathomed why president-elect trump is so embracing president putin, a man who has been killing thousands of innocent civilians in aleppo, who has annexed crimea. his forces have shot down commercial air cast, who is now trying to destabilize ukraine and rattling around in the baltic states trying to threaten them. why are we embracing them in such a way and putting an eye in the way of the chinese? i think congress needs to explore exactly what the relationship is between russia and the united states should be and what it should be with china. >> one of the interesting side notes here is that president-elect trump is not receiving all of the daily intelligence briefings that he is privy to. he's doing an average of one a week. mike pence is getting them every day. donald trump essentially says he doesn't need them. listen to what he said.
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>> these are very good people giving me the briefings. i said, if something should change from this point, immediately call me. i'm available on one minute's notice. i don't have to be told -- you know, i'm a smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing and same words every single day for the next eight years. could be eight years. but eight years. i don't need that. >> i don't need that, he said. does he? >> i think every president needs to have regular briefings of what is being called upon in the world. he's going to be making decisions that are life and death and made in a matter of minutes, if not hours and i think it's always important to have the latest intelligence so you can make an informed decision. he may be smart and no one questions that. but i found that being briefed by the intelligence committee, every morning when i was at the
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defense department, was vital to me carrying out my job and i would hope he thinks it is in his interest to do so. he can say i don't want a 20-page report. i want to down to 10 pages, 5 pages, he needs to have access to that briefing every day, in my opinion. >> mr. secretary, exxon ceo rex tillerson is a leading candidate for secretary of state. he clearly has very close ties with russia through his business. is that an asset or a liability? >> well, it can be both. he obviously is a very competent in the world and it's unchallenged and the real issue is not so much mr. tillerson but why the president-elect has so embraced this relationship with russia, i would like to see a better relationship with russia but not on president putin's terms.
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not that he can kill innocent sif civilians and destabilize ukraine. i want to see a better relationship. i know that president putin wants to be respected but he has to conduct himself beyond bullets and bombs in order to gain that respect. >> one last question. if russia what should the repercussions be? what would you have the u.s. do? >> we'd have certainly a different relationship than one that president-elect trump envisions right now. it would be much more arm's length and invite some form of repercussions from the united states, whether it's increased and intensified sanctions, whether it is maintaining an offensive capability against russia themselves in terms of their own media systems to undermine credibility in president putin's leadership, it could be a variety of things but certainly it should not go with some kind of a response, either active or passive.
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>> secretary cohen, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. joining us now to discuss, senior international correspondent clarissa ward and senior washington correspondent for politico, ana palmer. great to see you two. ana, i want to get your take and lean on your best knowledge of capitol hill. you now have a bipartisan group of senators calling for investigations. one of them leading the charge, of course, is senator john mccain. investigations into russia's hacking. listen to what he said yesterday. >> vladimir putin is a thug and a murderer and a killer and a kgb agent. he had boris nemtsov murdered. he's now precision strikes by russian aircraft on hospitals in aleppo. let's call vladimir putin for who he is. it's too important.
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a fundamental of a democracy is a fair and free election. >> john mccain is calling for bipartisan kind of investigation, maybe commission to look into russia's hacking. we just heard from senator motorcycle, though, saying to go through regular order but that also should not be a partisan issue. what is the impact of what mr. mcconnell is saying this morning on how far republicans you think are going to be going or looking to go into investigating the hacki hacki hacking on capitol hill? >> it's a divide between donald trump and where you see senate republicans. they are trying to make this not the benghazi inquisition. they want to make this a serious investigation of what is happening. you'll note, neither of them, either mitch mcconnell or john mccain, went so far as to say this is the outcome of the election. they want to stay away from that but say, listen, it did happen, what was the purpose? what can we move forward and learn from that?
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>> i haven't heard democrats say that this is about the outcome of the election. i heard a lot of people saying they want to see an investigation into what russia did and see some of the intelligence that the cia and others have produced to make it public. that's what i've heard from people. motorcycle said he would like hearings. it will be interesting to hear what happens there. rex tillerson, the likely pick of secretary of state, that could be an area where many of these issues come up because of his known ties to vladimir putin in russia. is this a confirmation battle, do you think? >> i think it's going to be one of the biggest battles you could see donald trump not put him up because you've seen marco rubio and others caution him about where they see there is going to be big issues. you saw senator mccain call vladimir putin a thug. that is not the relationship that rex tillerson and exxonmobil have had. he also has significant ties in terms of the lobbying that exxonmobil has done to the state department. democrats will hammer him on that. this is becoming one of the most
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controversial picks so far that donald trump is potentially going to be making later this week. >> clarissa, russia responded to the possibility of a nomination of tillerson, putting on a statement that was complementary of rex tillerson and then also saying this, a spokesman for the kremlin saying, there's a big difference between being ceo of a big corporation or secretary of state. close ties to the highest levels of russia's government, i'm even surprised they are offering an assessment of a not yet announcement of a secretary of state. >> yeah, it's a pretty unusual step for them to steak. while i think they are trying to rein in speculation, the subtext of this press release is that while the jury is not out, certainly we are cautiously optimistic or even enthusiastic about tillerson 's possible appointment of secretary of
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state. the u.s. sanctions against russia have crippled the russian economy, not just the u.s. sanctions, i should add, but the european sanctions which have had a more devastating impact. they are bigger trade partners with the russians and i think the hope is that if tillerson was to take over as secretary of state, if donald trump makes the same movements with russia, potentially the u.s. would lift its sanctions, that the u.s. would use its influence over europe to get them to lift their sanctions and that in turn you might see a real thawing in the russian economy which has been struggling hugely in the past few years. in the last come of weeks, we saw something unprecedented or something we haven't seen in the last couple of years, which is that vladimir putin essentially privatized russian state-owned oil company or previously state-owned oil company and we
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saw a swiss company coming in to buy 20% stake in that company. and it may be possibly drawing to an end and russia may have some kind of an economic recovery imminently. >> i think one of the two biggest transitions is, number one, the united states will have closer ties with russia. already is during the transition of president-elect, and number two, clarissa, it's going to have more complicated and thornier and hostile ties with china. listen to what president-elect trump said about the one-china policy over the weekend. >> i fully understand the one-china policy but i don't know why we have to be bound by one-china policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things, including trade. >> it seems crystal clear that the phone call between donald trump in taiwan was no mistake. this is a policy shift in regard
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to taiwan. a policy shift in terms of how tough he's going to be with china and the question is, tough. >> is it because he really cares about taiwan or the second sentence that you heard him say there? this is a bargaining chip to bring to the table because donald trump wants to be tough on china when it comes to trade and what he sees is unfair economic practices that have hurt the u.s. he understands full well that taiwan is a lightning rod for them. he's trying to take advantage of that and, in fact, in some ways it even reminds me of behavior that we have seen with president vladimir putin who may not necessarily care about an issue like syria, for example, but is willing to drill down on it and exploit it because he understands that it means a lot to other players at the table and gives him an advantage toll try to use it. >> clarissa ward, anna palmer, love your insights. thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. moments from now, we'll hear from a very, very big player.
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the outgoing top democratic in the senate, harry reid joins cnn live with his reaction to the president-elect's reaction. you're not going to want to miss this. >> absolutely not. two of trump's closest advisers. now the president-elect trump says he's looking at ways to get his daughter and son-in-law into his administration. how? that's coming up. chilling video of a confession by the man on trial for the massacre inside the charleston church. why he laughed during his confession and what he said about his motivation. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and
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the senate majority leader
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reaffirming the investigation into a russian election cannot be a partisan issue. the president-elect saying, though, it's not an issue, period. >> he says it's ridiculous and donald trump says it did not happen. joining us now, clinton former white house adviser. harlen, we've heard from those who say they want to investigate. donald trump says it's a waste of time and it's ridiculous and doesn't want the investigations to happen. what's he afraid of? >> as opposed to the blanket and broad stafts that the russians were involved, we've seen zero evidence offered by the united states government and white house to substantiate the claims that the russians were involved. we've heard from the cia special report that they were involved and have a high degree of certainty but we have not seen
8:23 am
any evidence. like i said before -- >> do you want them to declassify everything and lay it out for you? >> it's hard to trace a sophisticated hacker. especially if it's a phishing scandal. so i think that we need to see a higher degree of evidence. you know, there was a former cia director that said this was on par with 9/11. if we're going to make that grave statement about an adversary like russia, we need to be absolutely certain that it's then. >> it sounds like it's what some democrats are saying. let's see the information, white house. make it public right now. >> yes. what we don't know is whether sources or methods could be c e compromised. what we know is that 17 intelligence agencies have a view that the russians did this and surely the select would want to know if the russians were trying to influence our elections. it's unbelievable to democrats and to me that he would somehow want to shut this down or smear at the intelligence agencies that he's about to leave.
8:24 am
that's very, very troubling. >> you know, matt, john bolton, rumored to be secretary of state, maybe possibly deputy secretary of state, he says that this russian hack would be a false flag. listen to this. >> we have to know the facts here and it's not at all clear to me, just viewing this from the outside, that this hacking into the dnc and rnc computers was not a false flag. i believe it's been politicized to a degree. >> if that was the case, no evidence leading to that yet, isn't that even more of a case for congress investigating? >> it is. it also is a case against john bolton becoming the deputy secretary of state. that is a nutty thing to say. when you have the consensus view, the cia and other agencies, that the russians are doing this to somehow claim that obama was trying to have an impact on the election when he
8:25 am
himself ordered that this would not be released before the election is bizarre on the point of -- to the point of insane. that man should not be allowed anywhere near foggy bottom and certainly not as secretary of state. >> i think we need to be careful. you said 17 agencies have come up with the conclusion that the russians were involved but when you look at the memo from the national intelligence agencies, from october 7th, they've always said the hacks were consistent with the russians. >> the u.s. intelligence community is confident from the u.s. persons and institutions. what has happened that makes you not trust the cia? >> for one, i can remember the discussion up to the invasion of the war in iraq. >> they acknowledged that was a problem. >> they said there were stockpiles of weapons of mass
8:26 am
destruction so i have reasons to disbelieve. >> exactly. if you do, don't you want to see senate hearings? would you like to see donald trump say let's get it all out there? because he hasn't come close to that. >> what i think they are trying to do is delegitimatize the trump administration. >> is donald trump trying to delegitimatize -- >> let's get it out there. we should know it. >> donald trump may not believe russia is behind it. but you know who does in mike pence from in october he said there's no question that the evidence points to that direction being that russia was behind it. i think there's more and more evidence that implicates russia. that's mike pence from october. >> we still haven't seen a single sled of evidence. >> matt, last word. >> look, democrats are not in any way arguing that donald trump isn't the legitimately elected president-elect.
8:27 am
no one is arguing that. >> some are. >> well, they are wrong. what we're saying is that he should not be denigrating the intelligence community before he becomes president. he should be taking his intelligence briefings, which he's not, and we should have hearings in congress to find out if the russians are influencing elections. that's it. >> thank you, guys. last week, senate minority leader, top democrat in the senate, said that donald trump hasn't been as bad as he thought he would be. you can pretty much be sure he does not agree on trump's assessment on russia's hacking and meddling in the u.s. election. harry reid live. we'll be right back.
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let's go live now to capitol hill. >> manu raju is sitting down with harry reid. manu? >> reporter: john and kate, thank you. senator, thank you for sitting with us. i want to start talking about russia and the intelligence community. you sit in a lot of these briefings. from what you understand, was russia trying to sway the elections to donald trump? >> any of the briefings i've had have appeared in the -- i've ignored everything in the press. that's why in august there were also even then reports of russia being -- messing around. we knew they had hacked the dnc and there was talk then about what they are doing to like the election. they were leaking stuff out through wikileaks.
8:32 am
and so i thought it was important to put the fbi on notice. do something about it. i wrote in august. and the fbi director didn't have the decency, courtesy to even respond to my letter. i got something from the government affairs department, somebody who probably doesn't know his way down to the capitol sent me a letter saying we are looking into it. they looked into nothing. >> why do you think that is? >> well, it's obvious he was a partisan in all of this. >> comey? >> yeah. comey. it's obvious. there's information out there, he had it and i'm confident he ignored it. people in the campaign for donald trump were in touch with the russians and now it's very clear, one of the biggest mysteries that people think exists, why didn't he do something? no mystery to me. >> you mentioned this august briefing that prompted you to send this letter to comey for a
8:33 am
further -- >> yes, of course. >> what did you specifically learn in that -- >> the august briefing i already said the stuff that i've learned in my briefings appeared in the press many, many times. i wrote that to comey because i thought he should do something and be careful because i always thought he was republican so very courteous letter i wrote to i am had, i want him to investigate and let us know. he didn't do either one. if he investigated, he kept it underwraps. in fact, to show how how awful this situation is, this man ignored a precedent that's been going on for decade after decade after decade. the fbi does not get involved in politics, except comey did. he ignored the attorney general, not only this one but all of them in the past. >> from your understanding, there's a split between the fbi and the cia right now? >> you're saying that. i am saying that the fbi -- >> do you understand that? >> i am saying that the fbi did
8:34 am
nothing, did nothing. all of the information that we've heard in the last couple of weeks, it was available to the fbi. he just ignored it. he did not make it public. did we ask him to? more than once and he didn't do it. >> you mentioned ties between coordination between the trump campaign allegedly and the russian government. you mentioned this in an october letter. you had said that to comey, you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between trump and the russian government. what are you basing that assertion on? >> if anyone can read the english language, all they have to do is read the press. it has nothing to do with briefings i've had from intelligence community, period. >> but what evidence exists that there is -- there were ties of coordination before the election between the trump campaign and the russian government? >> there were reports in the press, for heaven's sakes. >> what are you referring to,
8:35 am
specifically? >> oh, i can't respond to a specific, single item. but they were all over. all over. the dnc was hacked, everybody knew that. we knew wikileaks was coming on drip by drip by drip. they were coordinating this obviously with the trump folks and the russians. >> so just to be clear, are you saying that the russian government was in fact trying to steer this election to donald trump? >> my opinion is yes. now we are hearing that you guys are reporting all of this stuff from the intelligence agencies. they clearly see it. >> do you think that trump in any way is an illegitimate president because of the russian involvement? >> no, i never said that. of course, i wish someone else had won, even though hillary clinton got 3 million more votes than him.
8:36 am
we have an electoral college and he won. >> would trump have won this if russia didn't get involved? >> all i know is russia helped a lot. and comey helped trump significantly. a week before the election, he came out with this. oh, we've found some more e-mails and as result of that we lost senate seats and i think we lost the -- >> so you think comey swayed this election towards trump and. >> but for him, i'll say single handedly, had he not written that letter a week or so before the election, she would have won and we would have picked up two more senate seats. >> we reported over the weekend that there was a september briefing where officials from the intelligence committee briefed congressional leaders and asked for a bipartisan
8:37 am
statement to resist that approach. what happened in that briefing? how can you characterize it? >> jay johnson, as -- jey johnson was concerned about something happening. he said we should have each secretary of state contact me if they need some help. so i contacted the governor of the state in nevada and told him he should call the fbi and secretary johnson and he did. some people there didn't do it. i did. >> senator mcconnell apparently did not believe the intelligence was strong enough and resisted calls for bipartisan -- >> i don't know why -- i don't know what he did or didn't do.
8:38 am
>> do you recall that happening? >> what happening? >> that mcconnell resisting calls to move forward for some sort of bipartisan statement about russia. do you remember that happening in that september briefing? >> yeah, i've had a number of conversations with pelosi and trying to write a letter that everybody accepted and we never got one done. >> and it's because the republicans resisted it? >> well, it didn't get done. >> do you believe there was a systematic effort by the republican leadership here to withhold this information before the elections because of politics? >> no. my concern is this. head of the fbi ignored information that was out there and instead of telling us what it is, he decided to get involved in the election and did all the stuff i've already talked about, the so-called all he had a week before the election, going against all precedence, going against attorney generals of all ages,
8:39 am
he decided he wanted to sway the election and de. >> over the weekend, the rnc denied "the new york times" story saying that the russians hacked into their systems. we have reporting saying that there was an rnc vendor that was hacked. from what you understand, were republican entities beyond that rnc vendor hacked as well? >> i have no idea. all i know is wikileaks didn't report one single thing about the republicans that i'm aware of. >> do the russians have information about the republicans that they withheld? >> i have no idea. all i know is that anything coming from wikileaks was dripped out against democrats, not a word about republicans. obvious wikileaks was bought and sold on the effort to get trump elected. >> and you're not aware of russia withholding more information right now? >> on republicans? >> yeah, on republicans. >> no, i don't know anything about that.
8:40 am
all i know is that they certainly didn't leak any information, that is, wikileaks. it was all directed to hurt clinton. >> trump said this week that he gets a presidential daily briefing about once a week rather than daily. i thinks some of these briefings are repetitive. you get a lot of intelligence briefings but do you think that these briefings are repetitive. are you okay with the president taking that briefing once a week? >> well, it's very concerning to me. i know the people that brief the president. they spend 80 hours a week getting ready to brief the president. 80 hours a week because that information is so sensitive. i don't get a briefing every day. but i get one every couple of weeks that's very concerning. and i think it's unbelievable that he said, well, let pence do
8:41 am
it. that should be done by the chief executive of our government. >> are you surprised he only wants to take it once a week? >> i guess we should be happy that he's doing it once a week, if all he's done is belittle the security agencies anyway. >> and he's suggesting that he also may pick rex tillerson to be the exxon -- to be the mobile ceo of it's been criticized because of tillerson's ties to russia. you don't get to vote next year but i'm wondering, do you think he'll have a difficult time getting confirmed here in the senate? >> well, i don't know if he can get 50 votes or not. i think it may be hard for him to do that. >> you do? based on your conversations with democrats? >> and i have nothing against tillerson. i know him. i know nothing about his russians connections. >> do the reports that you have seen about his russian connections concern you in any way given -- >> it's in keeping with trump.
8:42 am
he's already stated he likes putin better than he likes obama. it's obvious he likes russia and that's fairly concerning to the world and certainly concerning to americans and concerning to me. >> i'm wondering, you said that comey may have swayed this election to -- >> i didn't say he may have. i think he did. >> you think he did. but don't democrats deserve any sort of blame here in the elections? you specifically joe biden raised concerns about that. >> it might not have been too bad. she's going to wind up getting 3 million more votes than trump. >> do democrats harbor any responsibility whatsoever for losing this election? >> well, that's a pretty small area to reach. but what i'm saying is that she got 3 million votes more than he, or will be by the time the
8:43 am
votes are all counted, and that comey was heavily involved as a partisan and that is untoward someone from the fbi would do that. >> what specifically should your party have done differently to keep the senate, to win back the white house. >> i think we would have won the majority in the senate and we would have won the presidency but for comey. >> so there's nothing at all -- >> but you keep saying that, manu. of course we could have done better. but the point is, everyone can do better, you know? in a fistfight, you lose it, could you do better? of course you could. >> after the elections, you raised some pretty scathing statements about trump. you said that he lost a popular vote, called him a sexual predator in your statement. you also said that watching white nationalists celebrate while innocent americans cry tears of fear does not feel like america. >> so what's wrong with any one of those statements? >> a lomonth later, do you stil
8:44 am
feel that way? >> of course i do. i have said that he doesn't appear to be as bad as i thought he would be. still bad. >> you think he's doing better. what makes you say that? >> he says he's going to try to help the dreamers, he's shut up about the fence, he appears to be somebody that's trying to not be as crazy as his election. >> so you're feeling a little better about donald trump? >> i said he's not as bad as i thought he would be. he's still bad but not as bad as i thought he would be. >> joe manchin, a democrat, said your letter was an embarrassment to the senate. what's your response to that? >> every one of my members has a right to say whatever they want to say and manchin, of course, is running for a part in the trump administration. so maybe that's the way he got the door open. >> would you have a problem with joe manchin taking a job with
8:45 am
donald trump? >> heidi heitkamp, i don't think she'd do that. >> and you'd be okay if they took a job? >> who? >> either manchin or heitkamp, would you be okay with that? >> listen, i know that we've done stuff in the last few weeks to try to make manchin happy. so he'd be another democrat, at least temporarily. >> as we close here, you're on your way out. who represents the future of the democratic party and who do you think could bring the party back? >> i've had pretty good advice in my career and the best advice i've ever gotten is from susan mchugh, my chief of staff. she always said, always said, the one thing that's important is to make sure you keep your pulse on what's going on in nevada and in the country. and i've tried to do that. and i think what we as democrats need to do is make sure we have
8:46 am
an idea of what is going on in our country at any given time. and you've pecked around here a little bit, what more could we done? of course we could have done better messaging the economic problems we have in america today. but it's easier to be a monday morning quarterback. i think our message was good and i hope that the future will look at what took place. we have right now as we speak, the ability to do extremely well. take, for example, what bernie sanders did. he didn't raise a single penny over the telephone. and i think if we're going to get rid of citizens united, that's what's going to have to happen. we're going to have to have grassroots, grassroots. >> specific people you think would be -- other specific people you think would represent the future of the democratic party to get the party back into power? >> well, you know, as joe biden
8:47 am
said, in two years, that decision will start. and, you know, bernie sanders proved you don't have to be a teenager to do well. >> well, senator reid, thank you so much for chatting with us. kate and john, back to you. >> all right. manu raju, fascinating interview with outgoing senate democratic leader harry reid. he says he thinks russia made a difference, helped donald trump a lot and without the release of the comey letter, hillary clinton would have won and joe manchin is working, campaigning for a job in the cabinet. >> but still says, though, citing a couple of trump's previous comments, though, says that donald trump is still bad but not as bad as he thought he would be. that coming from senator harry reid. a lot to discuss, next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry
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--spent a fair amount of time talking about china, most important and rising adversary. we talked about hacking. whether it's chinese hacking or purported russian hacking. we talked about the opportunity that the president-elect has to literally reset things. to reset the trajectory of this economy. to reset the role of government. to reset america's role in the world and how we're perceived in the world and i think it's why he's getting such fantastic people in this administration. the high quality of people that he's named already says so much about his executive abilities, but it also says that people recognize the opportunity that our new president-elect has to
8:52 am
really make a huge impact on people's lives in this country, and on events around the world. so it was an honor for me to be there. thank you all so much. thank you. just moments ago at trump tower that was carly fiorina. former president candidate in the republican party. one of the fiercest critics of donald trump during the entire election, but now heaping praise on the president-elect thinks it's going to be the president-elect. >> and we want to talk about the very big and fascinating conversation manu raju just had with the outgoing senate minority leader, top democrat in the senate, senator harry reid. harry reid had a lot to say about russia. two parts of it, right? russia in terms of the election, russia helped a lot, by helped he means not helped his side in terms of the election and also slammed the fbi director james comey calling him a partisan in
8:53 am
all of this saying he had information of russia's hacking and he ignored it. >> yeah, but i thought it was interesting in the interview, harry reid had a totally different approach to this whole russian hacking story than does chuck schumer or other democrats left behind. remember, harry reid's leaving, to actually work then this and investigate it. harry reid played into donald trump's hands a little. he is using it as an excuse for election results. he unloaded on jim comey saying the whole wikileaks leaking of russian hacking is, was indeed all about trying to make trump win. that is different from what you're hearing from schumer and mccain and graham. the bipartisan effort, now mcconnell joined as well to investigate, if indeed, russia was up-ending our ability to have free and favor elections, irrespective of the raunchelect
8:54 am
>> right. and harry reid made it sound -- did say he accepts the results of this election, outright. >> he did. >> and david, remind us where we are now. it's different than where we were 90 minutes ago. mitch mcconnell announced there will be hearings. he'll let hearings go on inside the committees of the senate. armed services and expect more also. >> didn't go whole hog what something called for a separate special committee, a la benghazi committee, gets a select committee. you are right. mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer praising him for doing it, it does need to be looked at and leaves donald trump on an island at the only person in politics generally who doesn't think it's clear russia was involved in trying to impact america's election. >> also might spell trouble for the leading candidate right now to be his secretary of state,
8:55 am
rex tillerson. i mean, harry reid was asked about rex tillerson and harry reid's assessment when it comes to confirmation, he might have a problem finding the 50 votes to get confirmed. >> he could. we've seen grumblings right from mccain from senator graham. lindsey graham of south carolina. >> marco rubio. >> marco rubio of florida. obviously, that's three. only have 52. that would, if the three voted against tillerson and every democrat voted against, obviously, scuttles the nomination. a long way to go from here to there. mitch mcconnell pointed out, there will are confirmation hearings, the information discussed and then we'll see. >> watched closely. david chalian, thanks for being with us. >> thanks. breaking news. china responding to the president-elect claims he will use the one china policy as a bargaining chip. details ahead. heumatoid arthrit, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication...
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hi there and welcome to "cnn newsroom." thank you for joining me. i'm brianna keilar. just 39 days before donald trump is sworn in as president as he appears on the verge of choosing america's next top diplomat and using incredibly undiplomatic language towards america's experts. for that matter, china. having written off a cia report russian


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