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tv   New Day  CNN  December 13, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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to leave his business, he says, before he takes office. also vowing no new deals for the trump organization during his presidency. we have to wait and see we have the transition covered from every angle this morning. let's begin with jason carroll live from trump tower. >> reporter: goodfinally decidi tillerson was the man for the job after the two had a meeting over the weekend where he decided he was a, quote, good fit. but his critics are already coming forward saying that he does not have the foreign policy experience and also that his ties to russian president vladimir putin are just too close for comfort. president-elect donald trump set to pick exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. sources say tillerson was recommended by former republican secretaries of state, including
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james baker and condoleezza rice. tillerson chosen after trump's very public vetting of a string of high-profile candidates. sources say trump called the 2012 gop nominee mitt romney personally last night to say it wasn't all a game. tillerson's nomination already generating controversy with no formal foreign policy experience. the business titan instead forming many close relationships by forming massive oil deals, including with vladimir putin, sparking criticism from both sides of the aisle. >> anybody who's a friend of vladimir putin must disregard the fact that vladimir putin is a murderer, a thug, a kgb agent. >> reporter: this has trump and his top advisers continue to attack the cia over their findings that russia meddled in the election. >> it smells like politics, plain and simple. >> reporter: trump's camp offering no proof of their
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claims, as a bipartisan group of senators calls for a congressional inquiry. >> i think we ought to approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> reporter: president obama reiterating calls for a review to prevent russia from impacting future elections. >> this was not a secret running up to the election. the president-elect in some of his political events specifically said to the russians, hack hillary's e-mails. >> reporter: trump's team says he won't interfere with an investigation. >> he's the president of the united states. the legislature can do what it wants. >> reporter: for his part, trump delays a news conference where he promised he'd address how he'll handle the conflicts of interest with his business. trump tweeting late monday, he will be leaving his businesses before january 20th, and two of his three children, don and eric, plus executives will run the companies, notably no mention of his daughter ivanka, who is likely to step away from
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the businesses and serve as an adviser to her father. trump also promising no new deals will be done during my terms in office. and poppy, trump will be continuing his thank you tour. he'll be heading to wisconsin tonight, then pennsylvania thursday, orlando friday, and mobile, alabama, on saturday. also continuing to make some announcements to his administration. gary cohn will be taking over as director of diplomatic council. also, romney mcdaniel, the niece of mitt romney, will be heading up the rnc. she was instrumental in helping him secure the state of michigan. and also, rick perry now the front runner to head up the department of energy. you'll remember back in 2011 he had that oops moment during a debate when he was asked which one of the departments he would eliminate if he were to become president. he couldn't remember it at the time and finally remembered the department he would eliminate, the department of energy.
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poppy? >> yep, jason carroll live outside of trump tower this brisk tuesday morning. thank you so much, jason. also this just into us at cnn. trump's transition team officially announcing indeed exon ceo rex tillerson will be nominated the next secretary of state. now comes the confirmation process. it's going to be a tough one for him, an uphill battle likely. let's bring in manu raju from washington. it's official now. what's it going to be like when he has to face senators in. >> reporter: you know, he'll need 51 votes to get confirmed. with 52 republican seats, that means there's not much room for error. already we're seeing some pushback because of tillerson's relationship with russia. republicans like john mccain, lindsay graham want to take a tough approach on russia, say they want answers, and they're withholding their support until they hear more from the nominee. if he does not win over those skeptical gop senators that, means he may need support from
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senate democrats. that's something outgoing democratic leader harry reid told me yesterday may not happen. >> i don't know if he can get 50 votes or not. i think it might be hard for him to do that. >> did the reports that you're seeing about his russian connections concern you in any way? >> it's in keeping with trump. he's already stated he likes putin better than he likes obama, so it's obvious he likes russia. that's fairly concerning to the world and certainly concerning to americans. it's concerning to me. >> reporter: now, the first challenge for tillerson is to clear the senate foreign relations committee, where the gop will have a one-seat advantage. that means one republican defection could thwart the nomination if democrats stay united. already marco rubio of florida, who sits on that panel, is warning he may not be on board because of tillerson's connections to vladimir putin. chris and poppy? >> manu, appreciate it. thank you for that interview. let's discuss more on this long
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awaited secretary of state nomination. we have jackie kucinich, david gregory, and philip mudd. here it is right from the transition office. the announcement that the nomineeill be rex tillerson. they highlight in big ways his business experience. >> job creation. >> that he spent most of his career, they say, protecting the jobs of his some 70,000 employees, that he knows how to manage a major organization, which is critical to running this secretary of state, his tenacity, broad understanding of geopolitics will make him an excelle excellent. and his contacts with leaders around the world are second to none. david gregory, his business acumen is going to be a big second to his business contact, specifically his relationships
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with russia and vladimir putin. the timing here alone suggests trump says i don't care about the russia meddling with the u.s. election, this is my guy. >> it's clear he likes him because what does donald trump want in a secretary of state? he wants a good negotiator, someone who's going to negotiate on behalf of america. he wants somebody more like himself. they apparently hit it off in that respect. rex tillerson has business contacts because of his job at exxonmobil around the world, namely with vladimir putin. he has told people, look, the key to dealing with putin is you got to be tough. he felt the obama team was weak. but this compromise, the fact he's called for sanctions to be lifted against russia, which would greatly enrich exxonmobil, also goes to real fears, bipartisan fears, that this administration is not going to be tough enough on vladimir putin, who is an enemy of the united states and who our intelligence community says interfered in our political process. to what end, i think it's difficult to reach a conclusion. but interfered. there's going to be bipartisan
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opposition around this. don't forget, democrats are also going to come at him on climate change because he's head of exxonmobil, though he's been a little more involved. >> not to mention trade deals. he's pro-tpp. this is someone diverges quite a bit with things that donald trump has said. but i think a lot of that is going to take a backseat to his russian connections. obviously there's bipartisan concern about that. he has to have something -- say something to absolve it. this is a huge shift. >> let's think about some of the facts no one can argument with. the fact he's the one who led this half a trillion dollar deal, this big oil deal, just a few years ago in russia. when these sanctions came down, we know from regulatory filings it cost a billion dollars, just exxon alone. he said in 2014, we should be
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really careful when we think about who our sanctions really hit and who they hurt, saying we're anxious to get back to work there. how does he totally take that hat off as the exxon boss in the industry he's literally spent his life in, four decades there, and convince the senate no way will that impact at all my decision making when it comes to russia. >> i understand the congress has to have questions. i expect the confirmation hearing to be difficult. let's flip this coin for a moment. we have the head of one of the world's largest oil firms going to one of the world's largest oil producers cutting deals and then saying, i'd like to benefit my company as much as i can. in a capitalist society, we're saying, i don't think that's a good idea. i'd like to see more evidence that suggests that he will not be a loyal american when he transitions from business to a government position. i'm not sure that's true. i would add one element here that we haven't talked about. we talked for weeks about too many generals around. generals who, in many cases, will have confronted russia for
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a long time, confronted russia and ukraine, confronted russia in syria. now we have a cabinet dynamic that i think is different and important for a president. we have somebody who's not only dealt with russia but who has had a business advantage in developing a close relationship personally to vladimir putin. interesting dynamic around the cabinet table. >> from an intel perspective, when does a relationship with somebody who is seen as a malefactor, like putin. >> you are not an intelligence officer. >> i just asked you as an intelligence officer. i'm asking you. people assume his close ties to putin have to be a negative. when are they a negative, when are they a positive? >> i was joking. >> terribly. >> your question is 180 degrees wrong. that's an opportunity. intelligence is about access to information and people.
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access to the kremlin obviously is incredibly difficult. as soon as i see someone with access like that, my question is, how do i take advantage of the kind of access that i can't acquire as a government official? >> but isn't he kind of picking and choosing what intelligence he wants at this point. he's rejecting the intelligence community's assessment right now on russian hacking. >> time-out. two different questions. one is do you see him as an opportunity when he's at exxon. yes, i want to know what he knows. >> david gregory, our phil mattingly is report iing, sourc have told him, but they have a, quote, game plan to get him through. what do you think that is? how do you do that most effective ly effectively? >> i'm not sure what their game plan is. rex tillerson is a smart guy who has good relationships and is going to have to answer tough questions about how he and how the administration will deal with russia. i think to phil's point, there's an opportunity here to deal differently with putin.
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we have to remember two administrations, the bush administration and the obama administration, tried their own kinds of resets and they didn't work with putin because putin manipulated both administrations. so the trump administration has got to show that it has some ability to try something different. rex tillerson is a guy who has a real relationship there. at the same time, they've got to demonstrate -- because i thought i heard them on the issue of islamic terrorism, that you had to call the enemy what it is. yet, they do not call russia what it is, which is an enemy, a thuggish regime, and people who kill their critics, democratic critics in the country. >> so the question becomes what language will he use when being pressed on those questions. >> and he's going to be making some calls himself. >> but also remember, bottom line, the chance of squashing a nominee for a republican president when the republicans have control of the senate, very small. so it may be controversial -- >> you got mccain, rubio.
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i think that's separate from saying they won't vote for him. but they'll make it tough. >> more on trump's pick for secretary of state. donald trump postponed a big press conference that was planned for thursday about separating from his businesses. remember he said there's going to be lots of legal documents. it's going to be done the right way. now he started tweeting some of his plans. what are his plans? why did he delay it? next. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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welcome back. there's breaking news on the transition of power. so far president-elect making it official, naming exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson his nominee for secretary of state. tillerson has no foreign policy experience. he's built business relationships, though, with many, many world leaders, including a close one with russian president vladimir putin while he's spent 40 years at exxon. that relationship could make his confirmation hearings more difficult, with senators on both sides of the aisle expressing concern. formers secretaries of state condoleezza rice, james baker, along with bob gates recommended tillerson to trump. that's what got him in the running at all. we're continuing, of course, to
3:18 am
follow this breaking story. also, the president-elect tweeting that he will be delaying his first post-election news conference where he had been expected on thursday to discuss potential conflicts of interest with his businesses and the presidency. here's what he tweeted. even though i'm not mandated to do so by law, i will be leaving my businesses before january 20th so that i can focus full time on the presidency. two of my children, don and eric, plus executives, will manage them. no new deals will be done during my term or terms in office. let's discuss with our panel again. jackie kucinich, david gregory, philip mudd. ivanka's name not in there to run the businesses. we know how highly he thinks of her as a business executive. how do you read that? does that mean she'll be in the white house with him? >> or close by. close enough even on the outside to be able to advise. her husband, jared kushner, is someone the president-elect has said he wants to be close, in the white house, or just outside the white house.
3:19 am
i think there's no question both ivanka and jared have played a big role and have real sway over the president-elect. it sounds like that's where their area will be. it's just not clear to me the extent to which he's going to separate himself from his businesses. operational control is one thing. i don't know how he avoids other conflicts. >> it has to be unclear to you because it is by definition unclear. the lack of transparency is raising its head once again. how will we know whether he's part of this essential brand licensing business? that's what it is, right. everybody's trying to report now -- mother jones came out with a deep dive on which banks he owes money to and how much. but you don't know. you don't know if there are going to be deals done or not. how would you know? it's not a public company. until trump starts to become transparent with his holdings and his finances, no matter what he says, it's completely unverifiable. >> it would also be helpful if he had a press conference once
3:20 am
in a while. this one is supposed to be rescheduled. who knows if it will be rescheduled. we weren't told -- >> last press conference he had was the one where he encouraged russia to hack hillary's e-mails. >> maybe it's smart they haven't had one yet. seriously, he was supposed to have a press conference on thursday. it would be the first one he's had in ages, to your point. and he didn't because he has preferred these more structured sit downs with right now fox news. chris wallace is very, very talented, but it's very different in sort of a rapid-fire press conference situation. he just hasn't gone there. >> also, he can say what he wants. if he doesn't put out his tax returns -- >> which he's not going to. >> here are my business interests, here's what i'm separating from, here's how you'll know there will be no more deals. >> do end you think it's interesting in the tweet he mentioned, by the way, because of the way the law was written in the land, i as president don't have to abstain from any
3:21 am
financial gains. >> he's playing on the absence of law to mean there's an absence of responsibility. the two things don't go together. >> completely different. let's turn over to something else. he said in that chris wallace interview, as you well know, basically, i don't need these daily briefings, these presidential briefings every day. i'm a smart guy. if something changes, call me up. i'm available at a minute's notice. here's how president obama reacted to that. >> it doesn't matter how smart you are. you have to have the best information possible to make the best decisions possible. and my experience with our intelligence agencies is that they are not perfect. they'd be the first to acknowledge that, but they are full of extraordinarily hard working, patriotic, and knowledgeable experts. and if you're not getting their perspective, their detailed
3:22 am
perspective, then you are flying blind. >> who's right? does he need them daily? does he not? >> i don't know about daily. this is about access to information. the presidents do this in different ways over the past 50 years. is mike pence talking to him? i think there's one key issue that the president raises that he's exactly right on. that's a poor choice of words by the president-elect. this is not about being smart. of course he's smart. this is about being informed. you look at what's happened just over the past three or four days. military activity by the chinese in the south china sea, bombings across the middle east. you look at the syrian offensive that's resulting in the humanitarian crisis in aleppo. you want to tell me the president says it's like watching paint dry, there's not a lot going on in the world. one more reality check about washington, d.c. suggesting that the cia director is going to say, hey, donnie, it's time for a briefing. that don't happen in washington, d.c. to suggest there's that level of informality to create a briefing
3:23 am
on the fly is simply not correct. that's not washington. >> also, look at what just happened with the russian hacking. there's no way, from my sources on the intel side and on the ground side, people who are working that case, to prove that russia was behind these hacks that took place during the election. there's no way that donald trump, if he were taking his briefings seriously and listening to them, could say this is a ridiculous notion that russia hacked and was behind the hacks here. there's no way he could say it. >> time out, i disagree with you. i think he absolutely would say that. we just went through an entire campaign that was based initially, partly, on the claim that the president of the united states was not an american citizen. we call that fake news. >> no, no, no. you're saying something different. you and i seem to cross signals a lot. if he's listening to the people like you who are charged with briefing the president about what matters, there's no way that he could say the suggestion that russia hacked or had something to do with the hacking of the e-mails during the election is ridiculous. >> what phil is saying is even
3:24 am
knowing that, he would still say it, and ignore it. >> i'm saying it shows more need for these briefings and more need for him to get with believing the information that's told to him. >> when the president-elect met with president obama, he had a look on his face and in his general comportment like someone who was appropriately odd and humbled by the presidency. i don't think he ought to lose that when it comes to developing information about what's going on in the rest of the world. anding i think he also understands the importance of the constitution of the presidency. the fact that he responds to this assessment about russia and says i don't think there was interference is so dangerous. no one needs to make a conclusion about how it might have swayed the election. that's not the point. the real point is there was an effort to interfere with our election. there was an effort by an outside power to disrupt our core institutions of democracy. if you're the president of the
3:25 am
united states, it's bigger than you. you have an obligation to say this is wrong, we won't let it stand. you can't just freelance and pop off about this stuff because you may come to rue the day you do that if it becomes more materially significant to the administration. that's where i think he's being incredibly shortsighted. he doesn't know what he doesn't know at this stage. >> quick button? >> yeah, this is not about fake news. i'm concerned that we're transitioning to fake intelligence. you make it up as you want to see it. >> philip mudd, thank you very much. jackie kucinich. david, as always. exxon's rex tillerson, he's the man of the moment. nominated by donald trump to become the next secretary of state. the president-elect calls him a, quote, world-class player. he told people around him, this guy is a level above anybody else i'm considering. does his business background automatically trance late into good diplomacy? next. there is no typical day. there is nothing typical about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer...
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the situation in aleppo is getting worse. the u.n. says there are reports of pro-government forces killing 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children.
3:30 am
a spokesperson for the united nations is calling the situation a, quote, complete meltdown of humanity. this comes as much of eastern aleppo has been taken over by advancing syrian troops. the syrian government has not commented on the report, and a cease-fire has been denied. meantime, a blast of arctic air invading much of the country this week. you're probably feeling it at home. also, more snow and ice could be on the way. our meteorologist jennifer gray is here with what you need to know. good morning. >> good morning, poppy. yes, we're going to have a series of winter weather systems that are going to impact much of the country. really, no relief for the time being. look at current temperatures. minneapolis, 5 below zero, feeling like 18 below zero. windchill of 11 below zero in omaha. chicago, only feeling like 8 degrees this morning. as we go through time, though, this arctic air is going to continue to sink down. it is going to basically invade much of the country.
3:31 am
in fact, the eastern two-thirds of the country are going to feel temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal in the coming days. we are going to see morning low temperatures 0 degrees in chicago. it makes its way to the east. friday in new york city, only 14 degrees. that's the actual temperature before we even factor in the windchill. also, the snow is going to be a factor. we're going to see lake-effect snow all across the upper midwest and the northeast, around the great lakes. so the air gets only colder as we go through thursday. then look at this system across the west. that's what's going to bring the next winter weather system all the way to the east. by the weekend, it could mean an icy mess for portions of the east. >> yikes. all right, jen. thank you very much. we'll check back with you in a little bit. exxonmobil's chief executive rex tillerson getting the nomination for secretary of state this morning. he's the head of big oil, and he
3:32 am
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president-elect trump's search for a secretary of state is over this morning. curious timing. as senators call for hearings about the depth of russia's attacks on our election, the incoming president nominates exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson as secretary of state, known in large part for his dealings in russia and close relationship to putin. here to discuss tillerson's background, the plus and minus, is cnn global economic analyst and author of "makers and takers." good to have you. good mind to put to this. >> thank you. >> what are the pluses? how does tillerson size up as an international presence? >> it's important to look at his business background and what does it mean to be the head of a major oil company.
3:37 am
what it basically means is you're spending a lot of time with foreign governments in problematic places. one of the criticisms has been that he doesn't have state department experience, and that's true. but there's plenty of career people that can be put around him. i actually think that in some ways his business background could be seen as a plus. i mean, we're moving into a very kind of mercantilistic era. exxon is considered to be one of the better run oil companies in part because they had some early problems. the exxon valdez crisis. they had a lot of trouble early on that he helped clean up. they were considered to be one of the better run companies you'd want to be in the fox hole with. >> he's a relative lifer. the check on his foreign exposure is it's only been places with minerals running under the ground or off their shores. but he hasn't dealt with countries where oil is not a
3:38 am
presence and a principle concern. >> that's true. if you look at where oil is, it tends to be in trouble spots. you can argue that either way. has he done a lot of, you know, traditional diplomacy in continental europe? no. he has dealt with some of the world's most difficult autocrats? yes. >> he knows saudi arabia. he. doesn't know jordan. he knows venezuela, he doesn't know guatemala. he doesn't have the far reach of someone who travels for more security based purposes, like a rudy giuliani. >> right, that's true. i think the other thing that a rex tillerson appointment signals is that we're moving into an era where america is going to be more assertive. like it or not, this is a guy who's tough. he's very uncompromising. he's known for having a take-no-prisoners style. he's an intellectually rigorous guy, but he's a very tough guy. >> and then comes the vladimir putin part. do you want somebody who's buddy buddy with putin who has big pursestring ties to the future
3:39 am
of sanctions in that country? tillerson has been outspoken, saying sanctions were a mistake. now they may be looking at more sanctions. do you have a secretary of state who has that kind of competing interests? >> that's the thing that worries me more, actually. i think you have to look at the business interests and the conflict of interest here. this is somebody that in the last filing still owned a large chunk of exxon stock. there's no question that he is going to be thinking about the company, about his own interests when doing dealings. i just don't think you can separate those things out. i think there's going to be questions during senate hearings about should he put his interests in exxon in a blind trust. >> that's easy. it's going to be about his loyalties. it's about separation. he's going to have to show the man who gave him an order of friendship award or whatever you call it, vladimir putin, that he can see him as the bully and the villain that many members of our government does and still justify what he did with him in the past. >> absolutely. and let me tell you, i've spoken to many oil executives who have
3:40 am
done business in russia. it is a very, very tricky business. it is a tough line to walk. they all walk it. i'm going to be interested to see how much closer tillerson is to putin than any of the other major oil executives doing business in that country. >> well, we are the choices we make, right. that takes us segue into another separation issue, donald trump. here's my suggestion. this can't work. whatever it is that he wants to do. he delayed his announcement on thursday. i believe there's good reason for that. they say that they have to deal with personnel. they have other points of focus that they have to put first. i think they can't find a way that's going to be satisfying for people. without transparency, this can't work. this is a private organization. he said there'll be lots of legal documents. not ones that you would get to see in all likelihood. there won't be anymore deals made. donald trump tweeted out, or his organization put out. how do we know? he won't be having any organizational role. how do we know? ivanka is not going to be there, she's going to be with me, the sons will do it.
3:41 am
what does that mean? he won't even put out his taxes. can he separate to the sufficiency of somebody's scrutiny like you or our government without transparency? >> probably not is the answer. we have gotten almost zero transparency from donald trump in terms of documentation of international business dealings in particular. one thing i have to say that i'm concerned about, i talked to economic advisers of foreign countries in asia and latin america. i'm hearing them say, okay, we understand how this guy does business. we understand this sort of kiss the ring phenomenon. we understand this bringing ivanka to a meeting and, oh, okay, this is the person you need to be dealing with. this worries me. that signaling is really important. i think this goes to your point that, you know, without transparency and giving this kind of signaling to other foreign leaders who do business in very different ways is a dangerous thing. >> he keeps saying something that he has shown no indication that he's willing to actually act on, which is to put the country first. the president-elect has said it many times, but he won't show his taxes, and he's not giving
3:42 am
you any transparent accounting about what these potential conflicts are. it can't work any other way. thank you very much. poppy? >> all right. one region that rex tillerson will have to focus on if confirmed is china. on that note, beijing is warning it is seriously concerned following president-elect donald trump's controversial comments just a few days ago on the one-china policy, not to mention that phone call with taiwan's president. so what is the potential fallout? we'll dig into that next. volunteer for meals on wheels. we had an instant connection. what was that? i said, "delivering to you is always a special treat." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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the patriots almost giving up a huge lead against the ravens on monday night football, but tom brady comes to the rescue. hines ward with more in this morning's bleacher record. >> good morning, poppy. yes, tom brady looks like he's on his way to winning another mvp award. all the guy does is come up big when it matters the most. check him out here when he finds martellus bennett in the end zone. poppy, this is what we call a 50/50 ball. there's nothing better as an offensive guy than taking the ball away from a defensive player to score the touchdown. but the play that sealed the
3:47 am
game was brady's long touchdown strike to chris hogan. look at this pass by brady. it was right there in the bread basket. all i can say is i can't hate on tom brady. tom brady, you're the man. he's the ultimate x-factor. the patriots go on to win 30-23. the nfl announcing yesterday it plans to spice up the pro bowl weekend. they'll have the skills showdown that will include, drum roll -- >> i love you! >> i love you -- >> joni loves chachi. >> that's right, dodgeball. they're going old school. that's going to be so funny to see. players will take part in other events as well, such as the relay race, the precision passing, and the one that i'm really looking forward to, the best hands competition. now, in the nfl, they moved the pro bowl from ohio to orlando this year. it should be fun to watch, especially the dodgeball.
3:48 am
>> especially the dodgeball. thank you, hines. see you soon. >> no problem. coming up, president-elect donald trump picking rex tillerson to be his secretary of state, if he can get him confirmed. what do foreign policy experts think about this choice? former congresswoman jane harmon weighs in next. in everything that matters? coming in first place... introducing the all-new 2017 ford super duty. the only high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body heavy duty pick-up. it takes first place in every measure of tough: best-in-class towing. best-in-class payload. best-in-class horsepower. and best-in-class torque. winner, winner, chicken dinner. this is the next level. this is the all-new ford super duty.
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breaking news this morning. president-elect trump making it official. the nominee for the next secretary of state is exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. let's get some reaction from former congresswoman jane harmon. she's now president and ceo of the woodrow wilson center, a veteran of foreign affairs and the politics thereof in this country. so jane, rex tillerson, what do you see as the big pluses and the big questions? >> well, he's well known to the wilson center. he received our award, one of our annual awards. he's an impressive businessman. the questions are, as have been raised here already, what are the ties, the economic ties to russia, can he see putin without blie blinders on. and will he really be secretary of state or ambassador of state. the rumor i'm hearing is john bolton will come in and be deputy and he will be the inside
3:53 am
guy. that will be a very ideological turn for the department of state. >> we know that no number two for state is being announced today along with the tillerson announcement. john bolton comes with arguably more baggage or equally as much when it comes to iraq, someone who still thinks it was a good idea, the invasion. that was clearly a tough point for donald trump during the campaign. why do you see bolton as number two? why do you see tillerson not running the state department? >> well, it's a rumor he's number two. trump is putting in people who are to the right ideologically. so he is doing that. i don't know. tillerson has gravitas. he's another successful, i assume, billionaire. handles himself in the way trump likes people to handle themselves. but i don't know what his hard experience is negotiating not just deals, economic deals, but really discussing the linkage among countries. i think we're going to turn to
3:54 am
china in a minute. he's going to have to understand that repudiating the one-china policy may start a war with china. then where are we going to be in terms of trying to prevent north korea from using nukes against us. they view us as an existential threat. they almost have the capacity, long-range missiles and the ability to miniaturize warheads. how are we going to deal with north korea if we're at war or have no relationship that's functional with china. >> but from the outset, donald trump, as president of the united states, saying, let me look at one-china policy. how does it work for america? is this in our best interest? for a lot of the things he's done that seem spontaneous and not well thought through, there is a good intellectual construct there. question the policy, let's see if it works for america. this is not high on the list of reckless things he's done yet. >> well, i think i differ. i wouldn't call it reckless. but i think it's dangerous. maybe that's a different word. the one-china policy is our
3:55 am
fundamental relationship with china. it's the deal richard nixon and henry kissinger cut to engage with china. that one-china policy goes away, and they've said they have grave concern about what he said, and we don't have the ability to do other things that i think we should do. i think he was right to talk to the leader of taiwan. he can talk to any leader he wants to. i think he's right to raise the theft of intellectual property and the issue of china's currency. i think he's right to talk about china's provocations in the south china sea. but that conversation won't happen if the one-china policy doesn't remain. i'm really concerned that our ability to contain north korea, if it's possible, won't happen if china's not more or less on the same team. >> here's how john mccain put it yesterday when that exact question was posed to him by jake tapper. let's listen. >> i think it's healthy when you look again at the chinese behavior i just chronicled.
3:56 am
they're an independent nation. taiwan. i believe in the one-china policy, but they are a democracy, which china is not. i believe that a conversation with the president of a freely elected democratic taiwan is more than appropriate. >> so here's what's happened since that phone call with the taiwanese president. when you look at the u.n. security council, china has voted twice against the united states when it comes to syria. in the last week they've flown these nuclear capable bombers over the area they claim in the south china sea. coincidence? >> i would say not. let's also talk about blowing up the iran deal. there's another place where at least we can contain iran's nuclear ambitions for 10 to 15 years, even if you don't like the deal. i sure don't like their actions in the neighborhood. i would say if i were secretary of state tillerson that my number one responsibility is to keep america safe and contain
3:57 am
places that have nukes or almost have nukes and could transfer them to rogue actors who want to attack us. and if you want to start there, and i would want to start there, you can't blow up the one-china policy or the iran nuclear deal. >> but is it fair to say at this point that china has been a situation where trump seems to be getting -- most people are approving what he's done. you want to talk to taiwan, fine. and something else that's been remarked on, china sent those nuclear capable bombers down there. no word from trump about it. and that's unusual because a big fear of people certainly on the left was maybe he'll whip off a tweet saying you fly a plane like that and we're going to have trouble. and he didn't. maybe that's a low bar, but is there some satisfaction for you in that? >> maybe is my answer. i'd have to know more about what the whole context is. i'd have to think about it carefully, which i assume hissed
3:58 am
a visors are doing. provoking china in the wrong way is a mistake. i agree with john mccain we should talk to anyone we want to have a-- and have a relationshi with a democracy. i've been there myself. the taiwan lobby is pretty powerful in washington. but having said that, it's a mistake to blow up the one-china policy because china says taiwan is a core principle and will go to war over taiwan, and we don't start there. >> congresswoman, good to have you on. thank you so much. we'll keep talking about this. we got a lot of news to get to. >> let's get to it. we certainly don't want politics interfering in our intelligence. >> it could be russia. i don't really think it is, but who knows. >> this simply cannot be a partisan issue. the russians are not our friends. >> the president-elect didn't call it into question. >> what's happened to our
3:59 am
political system where these e-mails get a lot more attention than any policy. >> they have no idea if it's russia. it could be somebody sitting in a bed some place. >> naming someone as secretary of state with these close ties to russia certainly raises questions. >> rex tillerson would be a big asset. >> he's a world-class player. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." alisyn is off. poppy harlow is here this morning. always good to see you, my friend. there is breaking news for you this morning. president-elect trump announcing that his nominee for secretary of state is exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. the official word coming down just about an hour ago. we're going to speak to the communication director of trump's transition team about the pick in just a moment. >> the choice of tillerson could make -- will make for a contentious confirmation hearing, given the exxonmobil ceo's close ties and long ties to russian president vladimir putin. it is just 38 days now until inauguration. we have the transition covered beginning this morning with our very own jason carroll, who's
4:00 am
live this morning for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, poppy. the president-elect tweeting about his secretary of state pick, saying, i've chosen one of the truly great business leaders of the world. trump finally deciding on rex tillerson after the two had a meeting over the weekend, a two-hour meeting on saturday. trump calling him a, quote, good fit. all this despite critics who say he has no foreign policy experience and he's just too close to the russian president. this morning, president-elect trump picking exxonmobil ceo rlgs frex tillerson for secretary of state. sources say tillerson was recommended by former republican secretaries of state, including james baker and condoleezza rice. tillerson chosen after trump's very public vetting of a string


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