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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> smelling like britney conspiracy and relating to the ape taking care of baby tarzan. jeanne moos, cnn new york. and don't forget you can watch "outfront" anywhere, any time on cnn go. ac 360 starts right now. . tonight breaking details on how donald trump's tangs team landed on their pick of rex tillerson. and two more choices including rick perry getting the department he said he wanted to abolish. and there is a lot of people running. why did president elect trump end up selecting tillerson? >> it is an interesting back story and one that is informative as it is instructive. about why tillerson ended up being the pick. we knew all the players that were in the game. rex tiller son was not one of them until a couple of weeks ago. and here is a reason why.
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they simply had not found the right candidate and because of that according to transition officials a call was placed by violent mike pence to steven hadley and condaleezza rice and he was basically a welcoming for other bias. and they sat back --. -- look for other ideas. they thought back to individuals they had worked with and tillerson came to mind for one good reason. his relationships with international communities and international leaders at his time on exxon. again, it is important to note donald trump and recollection tillerson did not know one another until this call was actually made. he came in for an initial meeting it. went well there was a level of comfort there. the two hit it off. most importantly they found their personal profiles matched up. they were deal makers. they viewed the world from a
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similar vain and that is how this came to be. those endorsements played an enormous role on getting recollection tillerson to this poin >> and rick perry, he once said he was going to abolish the department he's going to lead now. >> management skills were crucial there. you can look back at the 2011 date moment. you can look back at rick perry on "dancing with the stars." and you tend to forget he was the longest serving governor in the state of texas. equivalent pretty much to 11th largest economy in the world. during the time conservatives loved what he did with the state, particularly on issues with energy. those conservatives with were not only happy with perry
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himself but also pushing the administration to try and find a spot for him. the trump group made sure the meetings were set up. and they met and the two, despite rick perry calling trump's candidacy a cancer on conservatism, ended up hitting it off and they found a role there. and it is worth noting rick perry not the only individual sources say will be a cabinet pick. and also keep an eye on the ryan zinke. he'll be the selection to run the department of the interior. he's an army veteran. he knows the issues very well from where he's from. this is also a surprise pick. ryan zinke is the pick. he'll be something to keep an eye on the days and weeks ahead. >> and phil mattingly.
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-- ceo of general motors. also with deep global ties to be his defense secretary. charlie willis, saying for years i thought what was good for our country was good for general motors and vice versa. now some are asking similar questions about tillerson. we look at some of the reasons why. >> iraq, 2011. the central government is struggling to contain terrorism and unify the country. when suddenly the kurds up north announce a block buster deal for oil drilling on disputed land with one stroke bolstering their claims for independence and infuriating baghdad and washington. behind it all, exxon mobil and its ceo rex tillerson. but that is no problem say those who know him best. like john hamry at the center for strategic and international study where is tillerson is on the board. >> when head of exon mobil, his
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responsibility is to champion exxon mobil. he's going champion america now. >> all over d.c. people are lining up. james baker and continued lisa rice who called him an excellent choice with broad international conspiracy and former defense secretary robert gates who sites his great integrity. in fact those three power players actually suggested tillerson to trump. they also worked with tillerson and exxon at paid consultants. it is that sort of coziness and the oil giant's vast economic influence that concerns crit iics, especially the boss's deep ties to russia. >> anybody who's a friend of vladimir putin must disregard the fact that vladimir putin is a murderer, a thug akgb agent. >> tillerson's had close relations with the putin for years. even receiving a russian order of friendship.
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created a massive oil partnership with the russians a few years ago. and ads secretary of state he would be well positioned to push for a rollback of sanctions that derailed the deal. possibly making millions for his old company in the process and unless he divests his share, for him too. exxon recently granted tillerson more than 2 million shares of the company, worth an excess of $180 million at current prices. under among congressional democrats worry is white hot. >> this is a fight for the sol soul of our democracy. >> connecticut's chris murphy sums up what even has some republicans troubled. rex tillerson has spent his entire career putting oil company profits first and the country second. it is fantasy to suggest he'll
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change once in office still many say he's the kind of man who could do joust is that. plenty to talk including new reporting how the pick came about. carl, what do you make of the tillerson nomination? it is reporting, the reporting by phil mattingly for condaleezza rice and baker and gates it was his relationship with leaders overseas that was one of the selling points. >> this is why we need hearings. i don't think it is time to cast a final judgment. what we're looking at peroneal the greatest conflicts of the interest in a transition that we've ever seen. going to trump. not just these nominees. and they all come back to russia. the question is trump's family's business interest and his interest in russia as well as mr. tillerson's. and whether these tentacle that reach out and the octopus at the
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head which is trump, what does it mean? we need to know and these hearings need to tell us about donald trump i's business in russia. we need to know his family's business in russia and how it relates to is this going to be a national krejcash register for family? those questions all come together and should hinge on the hearings. >> clearly democrats are raising all sorts of objections to tillerson. but he's a ceo. very much in the making of donald trump and obviously some republicans. >> yeah it is interesting that the people who recommended him have a very different world view than donald trump does. >> and in fact gates was very critical of him. >> critically of him and, you know, were obviously condaleezza rice was very involved in the iraq war. so it is interesting that he looks to these people for advice. i agree we have to sort of wait and see for the hearings. but one of the issues i think to be concerned about with both
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trump and tillerson is they see everything through an economic lens. for them it is about making deals with businesses. but that is not really what diplomacy is. diplomacy often governments will work against their economic interests if they have a national interest that overrided. so if you go in and try humiliate the chinese they might just walk away even if it is not this their best economic interest. it is possible he could koit. but you know i think we need to hear what he has to say about how they plan to implement this kind of policy with someone with no diplomatic experience. >> a company lake exxon mobil. they have their own intelligence department. they are in some ways a mirror government. just like as ceo it is not that dissimilar from being secretary of state. you could make an argument. >> what wha he's very good at is what they call in the diplomatic trade bilaterals. he goes into a country and meets
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with the country's leader or foreign minister or whatever etc. to do deals for exxon. and i find some amusement here. in the reagan rae when ronald reagan was tough on russians, all my liberal friends went crazy. you can't do that. you have got to learn to get along with the russians. and here they are saying don't get along with the russians. and the comment about putin is a murderer and all this, senator mccain. good lord. franklin roosevelt called joe stalin uncle joe and he makes putin look like an angel here. >> is it fair to be labeling tillerson as a friend of vladimir putin before we've even heard from him, in any hearings before we've heard him describe what his relationship is? >> clearly there is evidence in tracking back on his relationships with putin.
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i think if you google apparently his name you find dozens and dozens and hundredes of pictures of them meeting and making business deals. they clearly have a very close relationship that is of concern to other people. what i have not heard is the two words mentioned here which relates to tillerson which is the words of climate change. and my concern. we've talked about putin. but the reality is you now have somebody who is going to be secretary of state, a very important position gloeshting climate change agreements around the world. someone who's the head of a company t third larnls oil and gas company in the world who's been pumping gas like crazy. who's for oil and gras fracking. and if you combine everything together i think think we should be very concerned about who the united states will actually have a aggressive position on climate
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change. >> tillerson has said in the past he actually believes -- >> nice compared to donald trump who denies and rick perry who denies it. but it is about the conduct of his company which did not reflect anyway. >> first of all i think it is really important to note that the reason he was a friend of russia, right, is that he brought an enormous amount of capital investment to russia. he as the ceo of exxon mobil had leverage over putin in these negotiations. putin wanted exxon to come. and he has personal relationships with every head of state on the planet where they are doing significant business. and by the way, russia isn't even the leading -- in terms of the barrels per oil that exxon gets out of each country per day. russia is like sixth on the list after africa. after the middle east. after china, after south america. so there is no reason why rex tillerson shouldn't be considered as a viable candidate. he's going to have to answer
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tough questions and he has to be prepared to answer though questions. but he is someone who has international business experience. has practices jeffrey said in bilateral deals making deals workshop -- so tough questions absolutely. especially with republican members who want to be able -- >> we're going to have more with the panel. we got too take a quick break. also going to focus more on rex tillerson as business and later. kanye west was at trump tower today. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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we've been reporting on rex tillerson and how the 2ru6r7b team was struggling before choosing him. now the questions to what degree his confirmation might be a struggle what. the effort might entail and how it is playing out. who on capitol hill is not on board with termsen? >> reporter: well democrats for one. there are 48 of them and none of them today have come in out in support of tillerson. several are outright opposed to the nomination. and then you add several republicans who are just concerned about his views about russia and his ties to vladimir putin. his business deals as well. and that could spell trouble on the floor of the senate if the republicans end up voting note. and then look at the sflat
5:18 pm
foreign relations committee. which is broken up ten republicans to nine democrats. if one republican jumps ship that could also stall the nomination. marco rubio of florida sits on the committee. he's said he has serious concerns with that nomination. none of the republicans are saying they will oppose the nomination. they just want to hear more about how rex tillerson views russia. >> i want understood you spoke to bob cork who are's going to be chairing the meeting. what did he say? >> j he plans a very busy january. he wants to get this confirmation done by the time donald trump is sworn into office on january 20th. at the same time he plans to probe into the russian election medaling. but he thinks that tillerson was very best choice in his words for donald trump to choose. even though corker himself was considered a possible secretary of state choice.
5:19 pm
when i questioned him on his views on russia and russian policy he didn't have answer answer. he said we need to explore that further in the confirmation proceedings. so there are a lot of questions members of congress still have about rex tillerson. >> obviously questions about russia will be probably front and center in the confirmation hearing. >> sure. and that is fair game. that is totally fair. he's going to be secretary of state. so it is up to him to present his world view and most importantly represent the president. one of the things i find interesting here is the fact that he's a businessman and a ceo of a company. how many lawyers do we have in the united states senate? how many lawyers are there in the obama cabinet? how many ivy league graduates? there is a surplus of these folks and yet we get a businessman and they say -- ha ha ha ha we get a surplus of these folks. and -- >> you're on politics. it is okay.
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>> right. -- well i don't know. seeing this week. but seriously, i mean, you have to stop and think. why is it just somebody who's in business that is a problem? when all of these other groups have a more than prepond rant. >> i get your concerns on climate change and which views clearly this president does not share and the choice seems to reflect all though tillerson himself said he does believe in climate change. but this is who he feels comfortable with and the president gets to pick the person they want. >> i'm not denying the reality of the people he's chosen and it the does reflect the fact that in this case he's a climate change denier. but i want to step back and make it clear that this is about our children and about our future and about our planet. it is not just about some difference in policy, about defense or economics, whether you are going to have higher interest rates or not. we're talking about the survival
5:21 pm
of the planet. and this choice. the fact that --. we're going to get to rick perry in a sec. you have tillerson. the conversation should be front and center. and on the business side. one of the great concerns that people have had over the last ten years is the corporation stash billions of dollars overseas out of the reach of the u.s. treasury. apple does it, to be fair. all big corporations do that. exxon has $41 billion overseas stashed in the treasury. so what do you think of that policy of corporations evading taxes. it is legal. >> we got it. is it fair for people who have one job once and switch and take on a different responsibility. >> these with perfectly capable individuals. this is a ceo of a major
5:22 pm
corporation. >> effective for who -- >> -- really going to have to decide who they are going to narrow their sights on. and the other thing they need to matrix this against is the calendar. because trump is going to be inaugurated and the next thing is they are probably going to try to get a top appointment through. probably jeff sessions. and then scotus. >> don't democrats have to kind of pick and choose where they want to expend their time? you can't just oppose everything and say everyone is completely terrible? >> i think so. but i'm not sewer that is what they are going to do. >> at least what i've heard more of the tactic is going to be maybe to -- slow a lot of them. do whatever they can to gum up the gears and act whatever the republicans did is sort of the pressure. on tillerson i think there should be one standard and i guess this is going to be my forever dream. this will someday happen in
5:23 pm
washington. when you hear people talking about this relationship with russia i feel like we're going back to when everyone was criticizing president obama for wanting to talk to other countries and wanting to talk to bad people. the argument isn't i want to be best friends. the argument is we have to talk to people that we have international and national interests that coincide and we need to be able to talk -- >> -- >>[chatter]. >> -- look. mark zuckerberg is studying mandarin so he can get closer to the chinese government. are you under the impression the chinese government is worse than putin? they are doing the exactly sam things. >> we've propped up regimes of human rights abusers for decades. >> this should not be about democratic opposition. there are thoughtful republicans one hopes who are going to use this nomination as the fulcrum to look at donald trump and his policies. because trump so far has not told us much about what he
5:24 pm
really intends to do. and this nomination is a chance to look at conflicts of interest. energy policy and perhaps rolling it back in a way that we haven't seen since richard nixon created the epa. conflicts of interest. energy policy. russia, hacking. all of it comes together here. so i could -- >> why would republicans do that though is this. >> not many of them. but you only need a few like mccain and other thoughtful people to make this about policy when we have a president elect who's not being forth coming and sends out kellyanne and his propagandaists every day and we don't know what the hell is going on. >> donald trump is probably going to get most if not all of his nominees. my guess is that pruitt is probably the superficial lamb because maybe two or three moderates. but i think for democrats it is
5:25 pm
also about talking to the base and preparing for the election in 2018 and beyond. which i think most democratic senators want to say we're not going to let these people pass unchallenged. >> lot more talk to taub about. club donald trump's pick for energy secretary. known for its perfect storm of tiny bubbles, it has long been called the champagne of beers. ♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
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more breaking news tonight. president elect trump also announced today he tapped former texas governor rick perry to head the energy department.
5:29 pm
>> and i will tell you. it is three agencies of government when i get there that are gone. commerce, education, and the -- what's the third one there. let's see. >> -- [inaudible]. >> oh five. so commerce, education and the. >> epa. >> epa. there you go. >> seriously is epa one you were talking about? >> no, sir. no, sir. we were talk about the agencies of government. epa needs to be rebuilt, no doubt about that. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government that i would do away with. education. the -- commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> that gap was a pivotal moment in his troubled campaign.
5:30 pm
now he's on track to lead the department for securing the safety of america's nuclear weapons. it is an interesting choice. obviously there is the irony of a man who wanted to eliminate the department to be head of it. >> if he can remember it. >> i don't know if it is ironic. that is the thing. if you look at the way he's choosing people who are somewhat hostile to some of the organizations it may be intentional. yeah. right. so i think if you look at the epa, or some of these other departments it is -- you know, it is also interesting because it is not. a i think a lot of people think energy department and think it is oil and gas and climate change is a piece of it but it is also responsible for our nuclear arsenal for non proliferation and things like that that is about 60% of their budget so not something he has expertise in. the i think the last two had degrees in physics. and work on climate change as well. the science underlying climate change so it is not really his
5:31 pm
area of expertise. >> although if you are donald trump and want to project the idea of less government, of eliminating waste, a guy who wants to eliminate the whole department, maybe makes sense in that way. >> it does. and there are six cabinet members so far that fit that description, about eliminating waste and stripping government down to nothing. that is what this process has been about in part. but i want to come back to this question of russia in conflicts of interest. we need to know. and i think these nomination, but particularly tillerson is a way of finding out what donald trump's holdings are in russia. what debts he has in russia. we need to know that. we need to know about the visits of his sons to russia on his behalf. these hearings are an opportunity to find that out, including perhaps governor perry's hearings. because the president elect is not going to let us know. this is a way perhaps we can find out what we need to know if
5:32 pm
we are going to be a country in which the president of the united states is held to reasonable standards and conflicts of interest. >> we now have the four men of the climate change apocalypse. trump, tillerson, pruitt and now rick perry. here is what rick perry said in 2011. i think we're seeing it almost weekly or daily scientists coming forward and questioning the idea that man made global warming is what is causing the climate to change. that is a 100% false. that is not true. 98% say that climate change is man made. so you have a man who is coming into the energy department who's a climate change denier. >> voters heard this and they voted and they decided and -- >> i'm telling you people should be concerned about this and rebel against and let me make an economic point if a moral point doesn't fly. there is going to be a huge
5:33 pm
energy industry throughout the world that is going to address climate change. it would be foolish for the united states not to be a part of that and the energy department is part of where it's developing. >> what is the message you think trump is sending by? >> that he was elected to change policy and he's going to do it. one of the key things here anderson that is not talked about often enough. i have a column coming out tomorrow for conservative review. the pendleton civil service reform act of 1833 was put in to get rid of the spoil system and help the silly service. effectively this worked out. the union gave $700,000 in the last -- in the 2016 election cycle to democrats in the house. 86 thousand to republicans. my point is these bureaucracies are liberal themselves. so they have a stake in all of
5:34 pm
this. so they definitely do not want a pruitt or any of these others in charge. >> let me just show you a picture of basically the selection so far for donald trump's cabinet. and margaret as you look at that, does it concern you? the vast majority white, mail. >> millibillionaires. >> and politics aside. >> i want a party that reflects the country. and i would prefer a republican cabinet also reflected the diversity in the country. that said i think diversity is not only what we see physically. it is also an ideological diversity and i think you have -- the way i see this cabinet as sort of a mix of drain the swampers and reformers versus people who maybe don't really represent the message that donald trump is running against where you have a goldman sachs guy at treasury and a big money guy in commerce. so there is a mix of the loyal
5:35 pm
people. jeff sessions who's a. grksz. i think you really have a mix. there is something for republican reformers here. there are a good soirvegs these nominations that really represent changing. the way -- >>[chatter]. >> -- jump said he was running against. that in fact it is a group of -- >> -- tom price at hhs who is going to repeal obamacare. because he is the guy who's written a repeal bills. you have people who's lives and legacies -- >> but -- >> -- >> you didn't say these are not elitists. billionaires. people from goldman sachs -- >> hold on a second. >> -- reform and really unchanging the way you think about government. because you think government is can solve everything and these fel folks want to reform the way
5:36 pm
government is interfering. >> i do think the -- in trying to prevent kids from getting asthma, yes. i think that is a proper -- >> how do you feel about -- >> let me -- >> -- >> he destroyed the school system there. >> that was the detroit educational system doing before she got involved? >> it was not -- >> -- not factually correct. no it isn't. let me finish with the epa. you are talking about someone who wants to come in and reform the government on behalf oaf some crazy ideology that is actually going to harm kids. >> we got to go. >> -- pretty mainstream republican ideology. so it may not be what you believe. charter -- >> school choice -- >> >>[chatter]. >> and -- most of these people are and i've talked to o a lot of conservatives who didn't
5:37 pm
support trump and they are pretty happy with the people he's choosing for the most part. the republicans are skeptical of the epa. of the department of education. it is not even believe who believe there is a problem with climate change think maybe the regulations are too much. i understand -- >> -- for those who were republicans and others who were concerned that donald trump was going to completely blow everything up in washington. a lot of these choices send a message of stability at least for those ideas. >> surprisingly establishmentarian for someone who was going sweep things clean and bring non insiders. by and large as the pollu
5:38 pm
plutarchratic selection. >> we've got to take a break. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges.
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president elect trump had a full day of meetings at trump
5:42 pm
tower. kanye west. jim brown. and bill graits. and hall of fame running back jim brown joins me tonight. how did this meeting come about? what did you want to talk to the president elect about? >> about the is a state of black america. and aye been working on that for many, many years. and he said certain things in his early days about wanting to do something about it. we have a lot of violence in our neighborhoods now. we need education. and we need jobs. >> what kind of a response did you get from him today? >> totally positive. he's almost like two people. he was very receptive. funny. cracked some jokes. and understand it very well. and said he was in. that he would work with us. >> during the campaign he talked about reaching out to african
5:43 pm
american voters in particular. he talked about inner cities in a way that did offend some people. lot of democrats. some african americans of saying what have you got to lose. what have the democrats ever done for you that your schools aren't working. can't get jobs. can't get an education. you know, you get killed on the streets. did -- during the campaign, did that stand out to you at all? what did you think of that and what did you think of how you saw him today is this. >> i saw all of it. and a lot of it, i understood because of his personality. he's different. and for years the presidency has been like a smooth ride and nothing really dramatic has happened. but with him every day is full of energy. things are going the happen. and to today when i met him it was like meeting a different
5:44 pm
person. >> you were a hillary clinton supporters, is that right? >> yes. >> i'm wondering. there were a lot of clinton supporters who are obviously upset about the result of the election. depressed about it. you are willing to give him a chance. you are willing -- this is the president now. this is everybody's president. you are willing to let him -- to try to work with him. >> well in my opinion, people that go against the election are going against america. we have free elections. everybody can vote. we brag about that and we know we're going to have a winner and we're going to have a loser. so my point is, if we respect the winner and approach that person, have access to that person and that person will look at what we are presenting, that is not too bad. i could have set back and said well hillary didn't win, i'm just going to sit on my butt and
5:45 pm
complain. but the one thing about this country, if you get off your butt and you apply yourself, you can be successful. but if you want to be delivered? you're talk about the wrong country. >> the people he's going to have him in the cabinet. predominantly might. predominantly male. is that upsetting to you at all? >> you know, that is a tremendous question and i give an answer and a lot of the people black people in my community might think i'm a sell out by saying this. the three greatest people in my life as young person were wife. my high school, superintendent, my high school coach and my --. so i'm not a person that really deal in color. i recognize the inequities that
5:46 pm
certain cultures have to go through. i understand the history of slaveries and all those things. but i'm not a victim. i can participant. i can invest my money. i can invest my time. and that's what i'm doing. i'm not working for anybody. i'm not making any money doing what i'm doing. i'm doing it because someone did it for me. >> and you're making a difference. >> absolutely. >> it is an hon tore talk to you mr. brown. thank you. legendary jim brown. coming up. top republican voices calling into to something. ♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the #1 choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. for all day and all night protection... banish the burn... with nexium 24hr. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free
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well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. another top republican in congress is taking effect. senator bob corker chairs the senate foreign relations committee. he says he plans to launch an inquiry. lawmakers are signaling that it is crucial to get to the bottom of how they have left elections. they're dismissing the findings from the u.s. intelligence committee. what did corker say he hopes to achieve with this investigation? >> well, senator bob corker, anderson, says he wants his committee to have open hearings
5:50 pm
and classified sessions to basically get to the bottom of russian involvement and go step by step about what happened and why officials believe russia is the culprit. here's what he said. >> i think any time we have a country that is attempting to discredit our democracy, it's an important issue for us to pursue. that goes to his benefit. that is what he has tried to achieve. how deep it goes and whether they actually tried to tilt it towards the candidate or not, it's hard for me to discern at present. >> reporter: so this would be the third senate committee to dig into next year. the three reviews stopped short of a separate committee, anderson. similar to what you saw with the panel with the 2012 benghazi attack. >> i understand you have details about exactly when the white house found out about the russian attack. >> reporter: my colleague evan perez has been talking to officials. the obama administration was
5:51 pm
aware that the russians were behind the hacks. why didn't they respond apparently targeting the clinton campaign? by july intelligence agencies said russian hackers reached the dnc earlier. over the next three months there was a debate between the white house and other government agencies about how to respond to russia in the middle of an election. three issues popped up. there was concern that calling out russia could lead to more cyber conflict. there was worry that it could hamper ongoing talks with with russia over syria and the obama white house was concerned that calling out russia like that, saying that it was hurting hillary clinton would be seen that it was actually looking like the obama white house was trying to help clinton and they didn't want to give donald trump any ammunition. we're told from officials they thought hillary clinton would win the election and they didn't want to give him any excuse to call the results into question. >> pamela, thanks. how is the russian hack sitting
5:52 pm
with republicans? we're finding out their thoughts on russia's interference in the pick for secretary of state. take a look. >> reporter: single digit temperatures. not enough to stop the folks at the very front of this line from arriving 15 hours before donald trump's arrival. suffice it to say, the people you're about to hear from are intensely loyal. >> yes, it's freezing. >> reporter: what made you decide to wait out this long in the cold? >> well, i wanted to support donald. i feel that he's getting a bum wrap. >> reporter: bum wrap about what? >> everybody is picking on him. >> reporter: you feel sorry for him? >> i do. >> reporter: a lot of people feel similarly. donald trump has every right to believe people are trying to undermine his election victory. >> i don't think there was any kind of hacking. it's all made up. >> cia says it believes that russians did this hacking in order to help donald trump. >> that's nonsense. >> reporter: you don't believe the cia? >> no. the cia has been polite sized.
5:53 pm
obama has polite sized every agency, department of justice, fbi, now cia. >> reporter: so you think they're out there to help the democrats? >> absolutely. >> reporter: many people say they just don't trust the cia and therefore don't believe that any possible hacking would have been done for donald trump's benefit. >> their reviews are more on their feelings and not necessarily on facts as how the -- >> reporter: the cia? >> yes. >> reporter: you think this is not fact based, it's feeling based? nchs i do. >> reporter: the cia says it was. why don't you believe the cia? >> i don't believe that russia would hack anything in the united states and leave evidence that it was them. >> reporter: and that leads to the russian business connections of secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. there are some who told us let's wait and see. >> he may bring a different perspective to it. obviously trump likes rich business people in his cabinet. he works well with them. and let's try that maybe. i don't know.
5:54 pm
i'm not sure. >> reporter: trump supporter nina belo is pretty sure. >> i think he'll be pretty good. >> reporter: does it bother you at all that he has strong connections to russia? >> not in the way he is connected with the business. i any that's it. >> reporter: can he be a diplomat and be an honest broker with a country like russia when he's so close to russia? >> i think he can. >> reporter: because? >> because he's a smart businessman just like trump is. >> 31,000 people inside. >> reporter: anderson, donald trump has been speaking now for about 35 minutes. he hasn't yet mentioned russia or hacking but he has talked about secretary of state nominee. he says rex tillerson is a strong man, he's a tough man. he says he has a resume like you've never seen before and, quote, he will reverse years of foreign policy blunders and disasters. i should tell you, anderson, a lot of this rally is like it was before the election.
5:55 pm
he's instigated chance against hillary clinton, also instigated large chance against all the news media standing right here. anderson. >> gary tuckman, thanks. killing of a 6-year-old girl in colorado. a case that is still unsolved. hard to believe 20 years later. cnn special report, the murder of jon benet. preview next. e to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks.
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the story continues to haunt. a little girl found dead in her home. 20 years later the jonbenet ramsey story. the murder of jonbenet. here's a preview. >> police were desperate to talk to their prime suspects. after four months of refusing to cooperate, the ramseys finally sat down in april of 1997. two more formal interrogations followed. >> i'm talking about scientific evidence. >> i don't give a flying flip how scientific it is. go back to the damn drawing board. i didn't do it. >> despite countless days of heated interrogation, there was no confession and no charges. >> how about the theory that this was an accident? someone was upset over bedwetting. >> going down the wrong path, buddy. >> this $100,000 reward --
6:00 pm
>> then the ramseys took their case to the public. >> you may be eluding the authorities for a time, but god knows who you are and we will find you. >> the police never did. >> cnn special report "the murder of jonbenet" starts now. the following is a cnn special report. >> hurry. 515 street. >> what's going on there, ma'am? >> it is one of the greatest unsolved crimes in history. >> we have a kidnapping. there's a ransom note here. >> a little girl vanishes from home christmas night. >> it's just like you got hit in the stomach. where's my child. >> hours later she's found strangled to death. >> i couldn't do anything but scream. >> keep your