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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 17, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> it's just about noon. you are about to look at pictures from baltimore, maryland, where i-95 is shut down because of i ice. one of the most packed highways typically across the country is empty. we'll have more on the icy conditions affecting more than 150 million people today in just a moment. but first, the president-elect is continuing his thank you tour today in alabama. he is returning to the same stadium where 30,000 supporters came out to see him during the primaries, last night in florida, making a campaign succession, his supports fought dirty. >> you people were vicious, violence, screaming, where is the wall, we want the wall. but now you are mellow and you are cool. and you are not nearly as vicious or violent, right.
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because we won. >> meantime he announced another choice for his cabinet, south carolina representative mick mulvaney. china return this underwear drone that belongs to the u.s., president-elect trump is weighing in, tweeting china seals u.s. drone out of water, rips it out of water and takes it to china in unprecedented act. skruft before president obama began his vacation, he washed them to -- retaliation against russia for its interference in the u.s. election. a lot to get to. begin in alabama with the president-elect's big rally before the holidays. his final stop before he is expected to head to his estate for the next few weeks. cnn national correspondent ryan
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nobles rilive in mobile. >> reporter: boris, what we are expecting that he will follow that same script he used throughout the thank you tour stops across the country. you can see behind me we're inside the stadium, it's a bit of festive backdrop. he will make reference we are coming close to the christmas holiday. donald trump has taken somewhat of a different tone when he has spoke to these big crowds throughout this thank you tour, thanking them for being there for him since the very beginning of his campaign, this stop in mow bhe mobile is appropriate. it's the first place he brought out an enormous crowd, 30,000 people back in august of 2015. it is where we got the first glimpse of that support he was going to collect interest working cla working class voters in particular. there is already a significant line forming outside of the
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stadium and we're still several hours away from the president-elect taking the stage here in mobile, alabama. >> music already under way. trump announced mulvaney. he calls it a great honor. what sort of reaction to this choice are you hearing so far? there there is a lot the criticism about this guy. >> reporter: i mean it will be interesting to see how democrats react to this as time goes on. as you mentioned, a member of the freedom caucus, initial founders of that freedom caucus, generally the response from republicans has been positive, both house speaker paul ryan and senator rand paul putting out statements in support of him. they like he is a deficit hawk, he is a numbers guy, someone that knows the budget backwards and forwards. so republicans like the fact that he is the type of guy that is going to reign in spending. democrats may be concerned he will be the type of person that
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calls for deep budget cuts, we'll is have to see how this place out. right now in terms of the republican establishment they seem happy with him as this pick. >> ryan, we mention that trump is headed to mar-- are we expecg any more announcements before the new year. >> reporter: we have a fum week before the christmas holiday. even though the president-elect is expected to spend his time in florida, it is considered to be a working vacation for the president-elect. the transition hasn't given us any specific idea as to who those cabinet picks could be this week, it's certainly possible we could have more major announcements before the christmas holiday. >> ryan in mobile alabama, thank you. president-elect trump continues to dismiss claims that rurk meddled in the collection, president obama is making it chris cal clear, he believes that russia was behind the hacks on the dnc. the president going as far as to personally warn vladimir putin to back off during that
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face-to-fa face-to-face meeting at the meeting in september. >> in early september when i saw putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen, was to talk to him directly. and tell him to cut it out. there were going to be seer krus consequences if he didn't. in fact, we did not see further tampering of the election process. >> the russian government, as you might imagine is firing back. putting out this statement. reading in part, either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last. otherwise it all begins to look unseemly. i'm joined by cnn senior international correspondent clarissa ward. what is the mood in russia over the tension that these hacks have gotten? >> reporter: well, i think that the russians have steadfastly denied having any involvement
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with these attacks since the allegations first emerged in october. there hasn't been much of a shift in that tone at all. we've heard the kremlin spokesman call the accusations indecent, ludicrous nonsense. in russian media this is very much being portrayed as an attempt by the obama administration to kind of poise in the well ahead of a possible warming of relations between the u.s. and russia with the election of donald trump. so i don't think people here are worried too much about this scandal. i think if anything, possibly even they're kind of enjoying it, they're relishing the attention they're getting as a result of it. many people also relish the idea, even though they say it's not true, that russia could have this kind of sway, impact that russia could pull off a move like swinging the u.s. election. underpinning the sense of non chow lance, i would say is the
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understanding that president obama is likely pretty limited in what he could do in terms of a retaliation, because of course next month a new president will be taking office and that president, of course, is expected to have a much more conciliatory tone towards russia. >> reporting from moscow. thank you. a lot to get to here. bring in the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia and political commentator moot lewis, senior contributor as well for the dally caller. larry, they pledge to respond to the hacking but president-elect donald trump has been not as aggressive to responding to rurk. he called the allegations ridiculous. does any response from obama in the way of sanctions or covert operations potentially damage the relationship they might have with the president-elect moving forward? >> i doubt it, because certainly the russians understand that there is no love lost between president-elect trump and
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president obama even though they're putting a brave face on the transition. they're certainly not going to hold trump responsible for what obama does. trump has been rather supportive of russia, shall we say, throughout the campaign and even after the election, so i don't think that will do it. what will be interesting is as the trump administration proceeds in office, over the years, the united states' interests will undoubtedly clash with russia's probably time and time again. will the russians turn on trump, will they use some of the same techniques on the trump administration or the republican committees of one form or another, we'll have to see. >> it's interesting you say that, it's funny to see the shift, when obama initially took office hitting the reset butt with russia to where we are now. matt, we've seen this before, several american administrations have started out with a positive outlook on putin, george w. bush
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famously said he looked into his eyes and saw his soul. trump appears to be very friendly with putin now. do you expect these positive relations to continue or are we in for a repeat of what we've seen before? >> i think it will be very interesting to see. vladimir putin is a guy who laments the decline of the soviet union and wants to row store russia's stature, on the world stage and i think he man -- i think he is former kgb agent, he knows how to manipulate people psychologically, that is what we saw with the way that he buttered up george w. bush. i think we've seen that with barack obama, i think that vladimir putin saw the red line that obama drew in syria and did not back it up and calculated that he could push america around and that this president would not respond and saying to cut it out sounds -- does not sound terribly threatening, you
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know, so i think that president obama has invited some of this. i'll be very curious to see how donald trump responds when -- as larry noted, i think at some point our interests will clash and does donald trump push back or does he acquiesce. >> now, larry, matt brought up a good point. the president has appeared to hesitate going after russia aggressively. even yesterday he didn't point the finger drektdly in putin's face. it was kind of backward. he said not much happens in russia without putin. why the hesitation to confront him directly? >> maybe he wants to save the bombshell for the report, one assumes will be released before january 20th. if it isn't released by january 20th, i doubt we'll see it unless a whistle-blower leaks it to the press. you know, what is really interesting here is two things. the administration probably made
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a serious error, it's easy to say that in retrospect, but they made a serious error by not making a bigger deal of this during the actual election campaign. and partly as a result, donald trump's response to russia has been positive enough, incredibly, i think matt is probably shocked by this, too. the response to russia is now positive enough among republicans that vladimir putin's approval rating has trip pelled from around 10%, 11%, before the campaign started to 37% positive. it's just -- anybody remembers the cold war has a hard time grasping this, but it's true and i don't expect that to last throughout the trump administration. >> i should mention, larry, that poll you put out from the economists is not a cnn approved
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poll. we'll take the point but it comes with that caveat. i want you to listen to some sound from hillary clinton yesterday commenting on the hacking. listen to this. >> we have to recognize that as the latest reports made clear, vladimir putin, himself, directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against me. >> matt, very quickly, do you think clinton is right? is this really a personal vendetta? >> yes. i think that there is no doubt that russia is behind the hacks. i think it's very likely that vladimir putin hates hillary clinton and prefers donald trump and i do not think that is why she lost the election. vladimir putin did not stop her from coming to wisconsin to campaign, he did not cause her
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to set up a private server which caused the comey revelations to come out. both those things can be true. the russians probably did try to mess with her and i think she still would have lost. >> she said she lost because of two unprecedented things, the hacking and comey letter. thank you so much for the time. coming up, we have more on the russian hacking from the perspective of former cia and fbi agents. plus, winter weather wreaking havoc on the streets, traffic accidents across the country and a deadly pileup in maryland.
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>> the intelligence community is reinforcing its belief that the russian government med deld in the u.s. election. an internal mem hoe, john brennan said he meant with the intelligence and fbi and there is a strong consensus among us on the scope, nature and intent of the interference. i'm joined by cia covert operations officer mike baker and law enforcement analyst and assistant director. the perceived dispute between the fbi and cia that we talked about last week now seemingly has been resolved. they agree about the interfere and the motive in the hacking. what bridged that gap, perhaps some miscommunication? >> no, i honestly don't know what bridged it.
9:17 am
because originally the point of contention was the fbi was suspicious of how they knew that putin himself absolutely ordered the attacks. you know, there is the assumption that nothing happens in russia without him and he is the supreme leader and he must have orchestrated it, but there was no indication, at least initially for the fbi that he actually did. so they were willing to agree that the russian, somebody in the russian system was causing the hacks, but they weren't willing to contribute it directly to putin personally. >> mike, russia has said put up or shut up in response, saying show us the evidence or drop the issue. if there are informal actors taking part in this hacking, it might be difficult to get any kind of evidence. are you expecting anything from this investigation that might make it indisputable, the russian influence on the election? we lost both of these --
9:18 am
actually we have tom, so we lost mike there. tom, that question to you, are you expecting any kind of indisputable evidence perhaps? >> i doubt it. this isn't like the cuban missile crisis where we showed the photographs of the missiles being placed in cuba and presented at the united nations, i don't think the intelligence community is going to want to reveal the trade craft that helped them identify that they believe this came from russia. >> now, the head of wikileaks come out and said russian hackers were not the people that gave him the hacked e-mails. listen to this sound bite. >> our source is not the russian you 0 government. >> in other words let me be clear, russia did not give you the podesta documents or anything from the dnc? >> that's correct. >> from what we've heard from others, it takes a sophisticated operation to go through with this kind of hack.
9:19 am
so if it wasn't russia, who else could have done it? >> you know, there are a lot of people in a lot of countries that could have done it. the problem i have with this is that what we've learned about the dnc system and what we learned about the clinton private servers, were that practically a 12-year-old could hack into them. they were very unsecure systems x this constant narrative this is one of the most sophisticated hacking operations in the world, what the russians can do or china or the united states or iran, that may be true, but you are talking about master burglaries breaking into a building that wasn't locked in the first place. so i don't think it required that level of sophistication and also, when they're that sophisticated they don't usually leave a trail that is easily identified. that's another system. that's why directly comey of the fbi spoke last summer saying that -- especially with secretary clinton's private
9:20 am
servers that they could easily have been penetrated without a trace, without anybody know they came, stole information and left. and that is what i have with this thing. this was not a secure system and we're making it like nobody in the world, except maybe russia and a couple of other key countries could have broken into it. >> that's an interesting point. mike, we have mike baker back on the phone. to tail off that, some clinton supporters are disappointed the president didn't go after russia more aggressively. the reality is these hackers had access to the dn cnet work for more than a year, and federal investigators warned the dnc and offered them help more than a dozen times. why do you think they didn't take action earlier? >> there is several reasons, i apologize for losing the -- i go on the record as blaming the russians for the mishap.
9:21 am
how do you respond to a sieker attack. the problem has been, whether the pentagon or anyone else looking at cyber warfare, the problem is you have to get attribution, figure out the point of origin. then you have to figure out what is an appropriate response. and the concern is that you know, responding in cyberspace could escalate very quickly. now, i agree with tom, i think the interesting -- there are so many layers here -- it's interesting that the signature or the fingerprints left supposedly by the russians in this hacking attempt were relatively in the scheme of thing in forensics easy to find. that is unusual. unless they were intending to leave this. now, that is not out of the question. the russians have been engaged in covert action and propaganda campaigns since early world war ii, when they had a pack with the nazis, going through the cold war had this is what they do. the objectives always remain the
9:22 am
same as far as the russians are concerned, is to chip away with faith and democracy, as we were engaged in that cold war with them. technology has changed, instead of leaflets and newspaper articles, they have cyberspace, social media, that is a more effective tool and more difficult in the sense of the response. >> some fascinating points. wish we had more time with you both. thank you for joining us. >> up next, at least three people are dead as freezing cold air is icing over highways across the country causing multiple accidents. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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another person killed in an accident in virginia. drivers in maryland finally able to break away from the highway that has been grid locked most of this morning. i spoke with the mayor of baltimore, she had a warning for residents. >> again, encouraging people, please stay off the roads, stay off the streets. be careful if you have to go out. be conscious of the fact that this is not snow, this is ice and we've not risen above the freezing and so we're very, very concerned about all of our residents. >> she not only said stay off the street, she said stay inside your homes all together. it's not just maryland and virginia, bad weather is wreaking havoc on americans across the country. sara, what is it like there? >> reporter: you know, boris, this snow here is turning into rain. but across the country, people are still dealing with these icy roads. as you mentioned in baltimore parts of i-95 still shut down
9:27 am
after the 55 car pileup, two people killed, another 11 injured in that accident and it wasn't the only one, the only multicar crash across the country today. in virginia another person died. state police say it was one of 41 accidents that they are responding to and investigating as a result of this icy conditions in virginia alone. in massachusetts, state police tweeted photos of vehicles that had slid off the road noting that those resulted in only minor injuries and drivers in indiana had to evacuate their cars when it became too slick to travel on and walking difficult. responders in indiana brought in ladders to help people off the freeways in minneapolis. there were several drivers stuck, pushing their cars out. we had a lot of snow here this morning, snow covered roads and sidewalks, it is beginning to melt and turn into slush and people here are beginning to
9:28 am
come out on the streets. as you can see, of course, a little bit of reprieve coming ahead in the forecast, tomorrow here in new york city, it's expected to be 60 degrees. so people who are dealing with this across the country today at least can look towards tomorrow with a little bit more of favorable weather. >> lot of slush ahead of. it's unfortunate it's happening on the busiest shopping weekend of the year. thank you. >> coming up, china has seized an underwear drone from the united states. hear how donald trump is responding and what china says it's going to do now. the real gift isn't what's inside the box... it's what's inside the person who opens it. give your loved ones ancestrydna, the simple dna test that can tell them where they came from -by revealing their ethnic mix. it's a gift as original as they are. order now at
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>> thank you for joining me. china's government says the u.s. is hyping up an incident where it seized a u.s. navy drone in international waters, they're now promising to return the drone in what is being called an appropriate manner. it all started thursday when
9:32 am
china grabbed an underwear research drone from international waters in the south china sea. donald trump weighed in this morning on twitter tweeting out quote, china steals united states navy research drone in international waters, rips it out of water and takes it to china in unprecedented act. i will bring in a former republican congressman and also the chairman of the house intelligence committee. he is now a donald trump supporter. there is no question that tensions between the u.s. and china are heating up, peter, so do you see a connection between that and the rhetoric from the incoming president? >> i think what donald trump is doing, he is signaling to china very clearly that the relationship with china needs to change. we're very concerned about what they've been doing in the south china sea. he wants to send a signal that cease, hey, in international waters, all nations can traverse those waters freely and they
9:33 am
will be -- america will do everything we can to secure those. he is saying we want a good relationship with china, but there will be accountability, expectations, responsibilities, it has to be a balanced relationship. i think at 30,000 feet, he is setting the bar for the kind of relationship that he wants to have with china. he recognizes that in this case, you know, in how america responds to the grabbing of an under water drone, we only have one president at a time, it's obama's responsibility to respond to this specific incident. >> well, there is this specific incident, but there has been quite a few of them in the past few days, we had the discovery of anti-aircraft weapons on some of the islands in the south china sea, we had a chinese nuclear armed plane fly through that area. now this. how should the u.s. respond? >> i will tell you, it's very
9:34 am
clear, i spent a little bit of time last weekend in japan, i was in indonesia, i talked to the south koreans, they are being looing for new american leadership, there has been a whole series of incidents that our allies are concerned about. it's north korea and their progress towards nuclear weapons and an intercontinental ballistic missiles. there is trade issues, they recognize that the strategies that have been in place have not been working, that we need a clob rative approach with our allies, they're looking for the united states to lead and i think donald trump is signaling to them that america will lead and we will collaborate with them to develop a new strategy. >> senator john mccain would agree with you. he writes in part, quote, china had no right to seize this vehicle and the united states must not stand for such outrageous conduct. this brazen provocation pits a
9:35 am
pattern of destabilizing behavior including bullying its neighbors and militarizing the south china sea. which until now the obama administration has failed to provide. ultimately, though, does this add up to more posturing or does this have the possibility to potentially make things worse? there has been talk about a trade war with china if the situation continues to escalate, do you foresee that? >> i don't foresee that. but what i think donald trump is signaling, exactly what john mccain is indicating america needs to do. the u.s., our allies in asia, need to send a strong signal and the expectation and the hope is that china will respond and recognize that they need to be more responsible and that their relationship with the united states is absolutely critical and if they want to maintain a strong, solid economic relationship, make sure that we
9:36 am
have peace in asia, that there is going to be expectations for them to change their behavior. clearly with governor bronstad being the ambassador to china, donald trump is signaling, we want a very good relationship with china, but it's going to come with expectations and with responsibilities. >> it will be interesting to see. >> it will be. >> if they measure up to those expectations. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, as donald trump readies for inauguration day, he will be facing dozens of legal battles, we'll break those down, next.
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9:40 am
live picture of his funeral procession taking place in columbus, ohio. >> back to politics. donald trump will have more than just transition decisions on his plate at the start of the new year. the president-elect is going to sit for a deposition that could last for seven hours, just weeks before his inauguration. this comes after his controversial comments about mexicans sparked a feud with celebrity chef who had plans to start a restaurant in one of his hotels. joe johns has the latest. >> the dust up started when the chef from spain decided to pull the plug on a restaurant he was planning for the new d.c. hotel. after trump slammed mexicans in his campaign kickoff speech. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. >> the lawyer said the comments made it difficult to hire hispanic employees to work in what had been planned as a spanish restaurant. the conflict picked up speed on
9:41 am
the campaign trail. >> we are not supposed to mention him until he doesn't apologized to every latino, every mexican, he have woman, every veteran and any person that he has in consulted. >> his remarks come on the same day that donald trump was in washington, d.c., opening his new hotel. >> i'm also honored to have a chance to thank the incredible team of people who brought our vision for washington's historic old post office to life. >> trump was deposed in june in a similar lawsuit with his business partner. >> i got a lot of bad publicity because of the way they handled it. they grandstanded, i think we were hurt. >> the lawyers tried unsuccessfully to limit the deposition. arguing he is the president-elect, it is not an overstatement that he is extremely busy handling matters
9:42 am
of very significant public importance. but the judge ruled that a limit on his deposition could be unfair to the chef's legal team as it prepares for trial. for his part, the chef suggested he would like to settle the fight out of court, tweeting, mr. donald trump can we end our lawsuit and we donate money to a veterans -- let both of us win. >> i don't want to settle cases when we're right. i don't believe in it. when you start setting cases, you know what happens, everybody sues you. >> besides that case, there are dozen of other lawsuits. one involving a republican consultant who claims from trump calling her a real dummy ruined her represeutation. the most disgust, trump university. >> the school had a high
9:43 am
approval rating, an attorney felt -- >> last month trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle a series of lawsuits out of court against his nowdefunct training program. >> we have republican strategy and cnn political commentator. trump's decision not to settle this lawsuit puts him at risk of spending seven hours of deposition just weeks before his inauguration. this is a case he brought up himself, why not settle at this point and as the chef said donate money to veterans. >> these lawsuits could actually cause him early headaches. but you have to understand, from what i understand, unless there is some clause in the contract it looks like he will prevail. and unfortunately if he does settle this lawsuit, even though once he becomes president, he won't be running the trump organization. this is an open door for
9:44 am
everyone under the sun to come after the trump organization and try to break contracts. i'm a former lawyer, it's been a long time since then, i would advise against settling this thing. >> you think he should sit down for a deposition where just about anybody can come and ask him questions about his legal issues in the past? >> look, you have to make this decision on a case by case basis. but you have to understand the merit of this case. the chef may not actually have a leg to stand on here. what you are signaling is to other people that do business with the trump organization that this is open season to come and mow us down. i agree a lot of cases, depending on what is at stake, trump should try to settle those suits as quickly as possible and get back to the nation's business. >> hillary to you, this is one of the several legal battles we heard trump is facing. how do you think this affects his job as president in the first 100 days. >> first, this restaurant is
9:45 am
actually in a hotel that trump has a blatant conflict of interest even running now. as president of the united states, he will be both landlord and tenant. it's a public building and it's inappropriate and he has yet to say how he is going to handle his conflicts of interest. so donald trump has a habit of suggesting when he is wronged but he has no -- so the second thing is you know, there are dozens and dozens of lawsuits against donald trump for not paying -- still pending, not paying contract ors, screwing over, whether it's painters or lawyers or dishwashers or getting people fired when they accuse him of sexual harassment. so he is -- he has dozens of people aggrieved and yet now his
9:46 am
bully pulpit is going to suggest that he is the harmed party here. i just don't think the american people are going to buy it when they know those facts and i think it's a huge waste of time for him to continue this vendetta against a chef who is essentially saying, you know what, i cannot hire latinos to work for you so you should not force me to hire latinos to work for you and by the way, he's got another restaurant in there already. so now, it's nothing more than -- >> let's be perfectly honest. the american people don't care. if donald trump keeps take is his case to the american people, strikes up early victories in the first 100 days of being in office, guess what, all this goes by the way side. here in lies the problem. hillary clinton lost the election, the democrats have the fewest elected office is nationwide since 1920, they never thought he would win and they don't have a plan b. they're grasping at straws, here is what i want to know.
9:47 am
how is this strategy, it may fire up the democrat base, how do you get out of the wilderness cheering on donald trump's lawsuits. >> whoa whoa whoa, excuse me, donald trump. >> the democratic party since fdr. >> donald trump is pursuing this lawsuit, not democrats, donald trump is the one going after this, being punitive continuing to pure sue his business and financial interests and no the the interests of the company. >> it was long before he becomes president. >> really quick, we were expecting this press conference yesterday from donald trump detailing specifically how he would separate himself from his business, ultimately it got delayed. he sent out a tweet saying that the media and democrats were making something simple seem complex, actually his surrogates said this is extremely complex. who is telling the truth here? >> i think there is a lot of election goes on both sides. this is complex. when donald trump rolls out how
9:48 am
he will break with his conflicts of interest he has to get it right on the first try or the demes and hillary clinton will come after him like hell on earth. >> i think people want him to separate his business interests from the public interest, that's why him pursuing things like private litigation for punitive reasons is silly. it doesn't befit a president. >> aside from the lawsuits, we may see lawsuits levied against him by states. several incoming district attorneys said they plan to steal a page from republicans if you will, using lawsuits to keep the president in check when it comes to several policies they may not support or if they are unconstitutional. we saw republicans do this with obamacare, immigration. how does he counteract that? >> well, he counteract it's by basically getting a lot of victories in congress and showing the american worker that he is on their side. what i find totally ironic with
9:49 am
this democratic ploy is again donald trump won, they never thought he would win and they're looking for a new plan, they've blown over the last eight years, states rights and now they decide they like states rights solely because they despise donald trump even more. >> do you think this strategy can backfire, your response? >> just two points. first is that you know, when barack obama was president, they had -- republicans and the country had a checks and balances on him because the republican controlled house had subpoena power to look at actions of the executive office and hold them accountable when they wanted to. and there were many times when they used it. we do not have that checks and balances against this white house any longer. a republican controlled congress has already made it clear that they are not going to use any investigative powers, that they're not going to press the president separate office on conflicts of interest. so it is appropriate. for state attorneys general to use their power on behalf of the
9:50 am
people and their responsibility is to uphold the law. the actual law. and for them to do that on behalf of their sit sewcitizens not just what democrats should have but all a americans. >> this is a political strategy. my only question to you is more than it is about the people, how does this get you out of the wilderness because you lost the bedrock of your party which is a blue collar voter, my question is simple, how does this get the blue collar voter back, i'm not sure it does. >> protecting individual rights is something more important than politics. >> thank you for joining us this weekend. lively discussion. thank you. still to come, protests in north carolina as the incoming governor is having his power cut by the republicans, some are calling it an unprecedented power grab. to the shag carpetin. ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll.
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>> the republican governor of north carolina has signed a controversial new law stripping executive powers from his successor, roy cooper. protesters in north carolina were detained after speaking out of the proposed law to remove boards from democratic control. the democrats, this is a shameful power grab. cnn correspondent joining us with the details. this was a hard fought nasty campaign. >> how we got here is important. we need to keep that context in mind. it's you mention it was a bitter, highly contested race. now what we're seeing is this highly contentious moment where it's going to be now very difficult for this incoming governor to eventually do his job. a lot of these new laws stripping some of the powers away is leading to plenty of criticism and chaos.
9:55 am
>> the latest legislative session closing with growing outrage in crowds in north carolina's capital. it's very difficult to hear because of the disruptive noise outside the chamber. >> demonstrators are angry over a series of bills rolled out during a hastily called special legislative session this week where lawmakers in the republican controlled legislature want to limit incoming governor's powers. >> what is happening now is unprecedented. what is happening now, it's going to affect the issues that make a difference to everyday working families. >> among the restrictions, requiring the republican controlled senate to approve all of governor elect cooper's cabinet appoint he's and decreasing the administration from 1,500 to 300. additionally cooper would be blocked from appointing some members of the state board of
9:56 am
education and all members of the board of trustees for the university of north carolina system. cooper beat out the incouple bant by 10,000 votes, he claimed fraud and challenged the outcome before conceding four weeks later. >> this is majority rule, we have elections. >> leaders say they will continue to be relevant in the state, democrats call it a power grab, makes for what it will be more turbulent transition for the successor. >> this is fascinating to watch this. how are democrats expected to respond, are they planning anything? >> many of them are just watching to see what they can do. as for the governor elect, his options are to take them to court. he released a statement in part saying the courts will have to clean up the mess, the legislature made, those are his own words, making reference to
9:57 am
the last process we saw in south carolina the bathroom bill. we're seeing a unwelcome mode taking place. >> it takes time from the governor's new leadership. >> turbulent transition. >> we appreciate the time. we have much more ahead in the newsroom. in just a moment, stay with us
9:58 am
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. >> it is 1:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for joining us i'm boris sanchez. there are several big stories we're following at this hour. president-elect donald trump will get his supporters together for one last big hoorah. the final stop of his thank you tour heads to


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