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tv   New Day  CNN  December 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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catastrophe in syria we're going to see attacks like this all throughout the world. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. welcome to your "new day". it's tuesday, december 20th, 8:00 in the east. there are developments on the attacks in europe and the middle east. berlin's police president now says they cannot confirm that the man they have in custody is the driver who plowed through the crowd at a holiday market. >> part of that is because he supposedly denying involvement. another part they picked him up a mile and a half from the scene. they are warning maybe there could be an armed gunman still on the loose. we have complete coverage starting this morning with fred plantkin live in berlin. >> reporter: one of the reasons why police are warning people to be careful they believe if someone is still out there, if the person they have in custody
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is not the right person, is not the person who was driving that truck through this christmas market then that person could, indeed, be armed. because remember when the truck came to a stop in the cab of the truck, on the passenger seat they found another person's body and that person had gunshot wounds. so far authorities have not been able to retrieve the weapon. that's why the berlin police tweeted out said look the suspect we have in custody is denying all allegations so therefore everybody needs to be careful. if you see anything suspicious call police don't try to do anything on your own because there is no doubt that the individual who plowed through this christmas market with his truck certainly was very, very dangerous. just to recap all of this, of course, happened at 8:00 p.m. last night as this christmas market was really at the height of the hustle and bustle with many people here the truck plowed through here going about 40 miles, destroying a lot of these stalls that were built here. taking out a lot of people in
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its wake as it was plowing through. the numbers are devastating. some 12 people killed, around 50 people, some with some very serious injuries and so, therefore, obviously berlin and the german politicians are saying this is definitely a terrorist attack that was plotted here. however, at this point in time they are saying, look, we're still questioning the man we have in custody but at this point in time he's denying all the allegations. they are checking out whether he has any sort of alibis. they are saying be on the look out in case someone else is out there. >> whenever you have more breaking news bring it to us. in turkey police detain seven people and questioning them after the chilling on camera assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey. most of those in custody are members of the shooter's family. cnn international diplomatic editor, nic robertson has more. >> reporter: it's quite normal here in turkey for authorities
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to pick up members of the attacker's family. that is standard practice. doesn't mean they were necessarily connected. we have had here the first elements of the joint russian and turkish investigation team. we saw that russian forensic team go into the building behind me where the attack took place, where the russian ambassador went down. it's all caught on camera. the video you're about to see is very disturbing. leaders of turkey and russia are calling it a provocative terrorist act. the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey caught on video. andrei karlov shot multiple times in the back while giving a speech at an ankara art exhibit on monday night. the gunman shouting defiantly god is greatest, and do not forget aleppo. do not forget syria. according to turkey's interior minister the lone gunman is a
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22-year-old police officer, born in turkey. his body taken from the scene after he was shot and killed by security forces. shortly after the attack. the brazen public assassination coming as many blame russia for its part in supporting syria's president in the civil war and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in aleppo. turkey and russia often at odds over the syrian civil war trying to put aside their differences this year. russian president vladimir putin vowing the assassination won't damage relations. pledging to step up the fight against terror. and saying quote, criminals will feel the heat. the pet of turkey agreeing, calling the attack a provocation, aimed at driving a wedge between two countries. the u.s. state department condemning the attack. >> we stand ready to offer any
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assistance that may be required to russia and turkey as they investigate this attack. >> reporter: hours later another frightening incident. this time outside the united states embassy. in the same neighborhood where the ambassador was assassinated. turkish police arresting a man who fired into the air with a shotgun, yelling in turkish, i swear to god don't play with us. now the united states a embassy is closed today. meanwhile in moscow you have russian, turkish and iranian foreign ministers meeting to figure out humanitarian disaster in aleppo and at the same time look at the strained relations we have increased again between russia and turkey. thank you very much. president-elect donald trump creating controversy with his rapid response to the attacks in turkey and berlin labelling both
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islamic terror while authorities in both situations seem unsure. cnn political reporter live in palm beach, florida where trump is on vacation, supposedly at mar-a-lago. >> reporter: he offered up statements offering his concern and condemnation for the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey but also for this attack on a berlin christmas market. as you pointed out he wasted no time in tying both instances to radical islamic terrorism even though investigations continue in those cases. he also vowed to come together with freedom loving partners in an effort to eradicate terrorism across the world. in addition to putting out these statements he took to twitter to address not just the attack in turkey and berlin but an incident in switzerland where a gunman opened fire in a mosque. on twitter he said there were terror attacks in turkey,
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switzerland and germany and it's only getting worse. the civilized world must change its thinking. not a lot of vacationing happening for donald trump. we expect he'll be getting updates on what's happening in berlin and what's happening in turkey although so far his advisers have not been able to tell us who is briefing the president-elect at this point. back to you. joining us now to talk about the various attacks that we are seeing this morning u.s. state department supposed person john kirby. it's hard to know where to start because there's so many gruesome things happening but let's just talk about for a moment the russian ambassador because your agency the state department is obviously tasked with protecting u.s. ambassadors around the world. is that job getting hard center >> always a tough job. we take first protection of our ambassadors and embassy personnel very seriously and it varies from week to week depending where you're stationed around the world. something we're constantly focused on, evaluating,
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reasession and our force posture constantly. we're very much on guard there in turkey. he's right our consulates and embassy is closed today. obviously we're taking this real seriously and we'll constantly evaluate hour by hour. >> let's talk about the situation that happened with this russian ambassador andrei karlov. he was at an art show. it's hard to imagine a more innocuous setting. this was a security lapse? >> first of all i want to offer our thoughts and prars to ambassador karlov's family and the russian people. it's absolutely despicable that you have a diplomat that is doing what diplomat dose. he went to an art gallery. he was participating in what we call public diplomacy events. all of that is what we're supposed to be doing in the world of diplomacy and had to
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reason to suspect this would be his last event, his last day. for security lapse that will be investigated. we don't want to get ahead of the russians and turks who are investigating this. obviously there was some security problem or this man wouldn't have been able to get in to do what de. as i understand it and information is preliminary, he's an off duty police officer and he may have used credentials to gain access to the venue. all of that should be investigated. we have offered our help. skek ke secretary kerry was clear yesterday if there's anything we can do, we'll stand by. >> germany this terrible truck attack that mowed down people at a christmas market. the state department, your state department issued a warning in november to u.s. citizens traveling to europe during the holidays. >> yeah. >> are americans not -- should
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americans not feel safe going to europe right now? >> we issued that right before thanksgiving around festivals and open public events such as christmas markets. we want people to be vigilante and self-aware, to keep your head on a swivel as they are out and about. i'm shocked at that christmas market a couple of weeks ago when we were in berlin at an event. so you want to be out and about and you don't want to discourage people from traveling to europe or elsewhere, particularly around the holidays. it's just a matter of being alert and cognizant of your surroundings and making sure that you're looking after those in your party as well. certainly we don't want to discourage travel to europe. >> why did you go the length of issuing that warning. what information was it that prompted it? >> there was no specific threat information that led to that alert and i would remind you we issueed a similar travel alert
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for europe back in may in advance of the summer travel months. this is something we typically do. wasn't any specific threat information that toledo this one back in november just a general sense that we got through our own inner agency processes that open events like this could be something that, you know, could come under some sort of attack by those who wish us ill, whether it's islamic terrorists or others. so, i mean this was just again an act of prudence, something that we always do and we'll continue to do going forward. >> that's a little bit different than what earlier the year the u.s. director of u.s. intelligence james clapper said. he warned something more specific than what you're saying. he said terror cells are operating in germany, he said quote we continue to see evidence of plotting on the part of isis. so, you know, i hear what you're saying that people should always be aware of their surroundings, have their head on a swivel, but really if you're shopping how are you supposed to get out of
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the way of a semitruck barreling towards you? >> an attack like that is very difficult to predict and certainly to prevent. also if you're an innocent bystander and a shopper to get out of the way. we're not at all faulting anybody who fell victim to this terrible attack at all. all we're saying is that there's enough information out there, nothing specific and credible to a particular market or a particular street but there's enough information and concern out there that we want people to just be aware and be vigilante. that was the purpose for the alert. we're obviously going to continue to assess and analyze information as it comes in and if we need to update that or be more specific we'll do it. >> let's talk about the attacks in the past 48 years we've seen gobblely. these are only the big ones we know of at the moment but let's break it down. in zurich, switzerland there was an attack on a mosque. in berlin, of course, the truck
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attack we've been talking about. in ankara the russian ambassador assassinated. in yes mean sue decided bomber that killed 50 people. john, do you see a connection here or are we trying to find a pattern that doesn't exist? >> i think it's somewhere in the middle. don't forget there was an attack in jordan that now we're hearing daesh is claiming responsibility for. terrorist networks and i don't want to make a leap on the attack in berlin or the attack in turkey yesterday. those are under investigation. but, you know, even in berlin they are saying, they are presuming it to be a terrorist attack. let's put that aside for a second. we're obviously seeing terrorist networks under pressure and threat particularly daesh look for low cost, low resource, high impact events to try to continue to attract people to their narrative, to their ideology. so we're seeing this all around the world and it's something we all need to stay focused on.
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counterterrorism is something that threatens everybody. that's why in the united states we don't try to fine cooperative ways to work with allies, partners, other nations around the world, to snierm, to naflsz that information and able to use to it try to get ahead of these sorts of attacks. but it's a difficult thing to do. remember they only have to be right once. we have to be right 365 days, 24 hours of each and every one of those days and that's a very difficult thing to do. we know we stopped attacks here in the united states. we know our partners here have prevented and stopped attacks from happening but it's going to be very difficult to do that when one person has it in their mind that they want to kill innocent people and they will do it in a low cost way. >> john kirby we know how busy it is at the state department today. thank you for taking the time. we're following breaking news from the czech republic. two-time wimbledon champion says an armed robber broke into her
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apartment. she suffered damage to tendons and fingers on her right hand which is her playing hand. the injury is severe and fortunate to be alive. the robber is still on the run. well teams searching for ms 370 say it's likely they've been looking in the wrong place. a new report out recommends they shift to a new search area the northeast of the current location in the indian ocean. the search is slated to end in early 2017. that malaysia airlines flight you'll remember, of course, vanished on its way from kuala lumpur to beijing. >> president-elect donald trump will be responsible for america's reaction to these terror attacks. what do we expect based on what he is doing now? we'll ask a top member of the transition team and also the president-elect was just tweeting about something that's almost completely off topic.
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donald trump is officially the president-elect. the electoral college voted for trump yesterday. there was none of the drama that was expected. in fact, if anybody lost some support it was hillary clinton. this morning the president-elect back on twitter, joining us now is republican congressman from new york, chris collins. he was the first house member to endorse donald trump and is the
5:20 am
trump transition team first liaison. so, let's talk about why the president-elect stays so focused on the leverage ma civilian his win. this moaning he's tweeting at clinton. clinton stated i called him after the election. wrong, he called me with a very nice collisions. he doesn't know much especially how to get people with an unlimited budget out to vote in vital swing states and more they focused on wrong states. he won the election. why this insecurity about the legitimacy of the win? >> well i don't think it's insecurity, chris. just yesterday bill clinton as he was casting his electoral college vote for his wife, went out again and said let's remember hillary clinton won the popular vote. so bill clinton continues to be one of those people who just doesn't want to let go. wants to refer to donald trump as the electoral college president. so, you know, i thought that was
5:21 am
totally inappropriate by former president clinton to again gin up the democrats that to claim donald trump is not the legitimate president-elect of the united states. that was just yesterday. i don't blame donald trump at all. that was totally inappropriate by former president clinton to make the comments de. it's time for the country to come together, unite behind president trump and bill clinton didn't do any of that, just playing into that narrative just yesterday. >> by to concussion on that personal political dynamic and who wronged him and it winds up bleeding into other things. for example, the refusal to acknowledge whatnot only people where you are but those in the intel community see as consensus the russians specifically putin the kremlin were behind the hacks that happened. the president-elect won't go near that conclusion and it seems to be his motivations are political. why do i say that? listen to what he said in 2014. >> i've been talking about china
5:22 am
for a long time. they put on the front like we're your friend and everything and in the meantime the cash comes out of your back pocket. it's disgraceful what's going on. i think he's 100% right. it's a big problem president bush. we have that problem with russia also. you saw that over the weekend. >> russia is doing the same thing. 2014 donald trump acknowledging what everybody knows in the intelligence communities which is that russia motivates these hacks like they did during the election. but now the president-elect donald trump won't say what he said in 2014. it seems to be because, again, he's defensive about the legitimacy of the election. >> well, i think it comes back, chris, cyber hacking by china, by russia, by north korea, it's an ongoing problem, it has been for years and years and will continue to be and certainly mr. trump was referring to that back in '14. i think the basic problem is liberal media keeps wanting to
5:23 am
insinuate the hacks influenced the election and just last night jake tapper was saying there's no proof wikileaks influenced this election. so those people who are continuing that narrative and i believe that's what you got donald trump responding to. the suggestion, even by bill clinton yesterday. somehow he's not the legitimate president of the united states. >> congressman, bill clinton lost. okay. that's sour grapes. that's what people say. the intel agencies are the ones forwarding the theory on the implications. you just named jake tapper and staring at the unfortunate face of chris cuomo none much whom have brought up a connection between the hack and outcome of the election. why is the president-elect ignoring what the intelligence community has consensus about. on the one hand you want to blame certain people for political motivations, but you're not saying the same type of scrutinizing statements about
5:24 am
the president-elect when his motivations seem entirely political. >> well, again, it's 95% certain that russia did the hacking. i'm certainly willing to stipulate that. the president is entitled or president-elect is entitled to his own opinion. i've heard different reports on whether he is, you know, not 100% so at 95% all i can say is he certainly is entitled to his opinion. i would stipulate russia is behind the hacking, release those to wikileaks and also would say it's doubtful that changed the outcome of the election. >> last question for you this morning, the president-elect quickly gets out and says what happened in turkey what happened in berlin, islamic terror, we have to rid those people from the face of the earth. do you see the problem with that rush to judgment when in germany they don't even know exactly who did it yet. they have questions. and in turkey you're dealing with somebody who seems muslim, did say god is great in arabic,
5:25 am
but was talking about aleppo which many secular syrians and sectarian concerns of sunnis are upset about with russia so that it's not exactly just islamic terror. and we don't know what it is in germany yet the president goes out early and condemns both as if he knows what happened. >> well, you know, president-elect trump promised throughout the election he's going to take the fight to isis or daesh gentleman before referred. that's the throat our civilization, the terror threat that isis brings. so i think it's appropriate. certainly i think germany clearly would appear considering the fact that isis has training videos up on the internet that talk about -- >> why not wait until you know before you give a conclusion about what happened on foreign soil? you don't see any problem with that. >> well, what i would say this president is going to take the attack to isis unlike president
5:26 am
obama and he's not going to hesitate. so in calling them out, putting them on notice that we're going to take it to them, the fight, by some chance the actions in turkey were not isis that doesn't -- isn't going to dissuade this president, president trump from going after isis at every turn and not backing off even for a second. and i think america appreciates that he's going to take the fight, not just sit back and wait for the next attack. >> all right. congressman collins thank you very much for your perspective on this. as you've been talking about, president-elect trump back on twitter this morning going after former president clinton. why? we'll tell you. chris columbus was the director... it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie!
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the electoral college has official lie confirmed the election. but president-elect donald trump is still talking about his legitimacy. he tweeted this morning about former president bill clinton and what hillary clinton's campaign did to lose the election. joining us now cnn political analyst david gregory with the bottom line. the irony that the
5:31 am
president-elect keeps feeding this perception of the illegitimacy of his election when he hates that perception to begin with. how do you see it. >> it doesn't make any sense. the issues won't go away. and the more that it appears that trump and his team are just trying to dismiss these allegations of tampering with the election by the russians the worse it's going to get. why doesn't the president-elect say look i'm going be the president. it doesn't whether it determines the election but this is a serious matter for me, for future presidents. we got to get to the bottom of this. that's the responsible thing to do. i don't know why he wouldn't be confident. >> it's because he doesn't like when people take shots at him. i mean he's been very clear about this. he calls himself a counter puncher so bill clinton was an elector yesterday. he cast his vote not surprisingly for hillary clinton
5:32 am
and he came out and caught by a reporter who asked him, you know, how do you explain what happened. first, he gave his explanation of what went wrong for hillary clinton, so let's listen to that moment first. >> i've never cast a vote i was prouder of. you know, i watched her work for two years. i watched her go through that bogus e-mail deal. sheing fought through that and fought through everything and prevailed against it all. but then at the end we had the russianss and fbi deal. she did everything else. and still won by 2 million votes. >> that's his take on what went wrong and then in a print interview former president clinton said this about donald trump. he doesn't know much. one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him. that's what trump responding to in these tweets.
5:33 am
bill clinton stated i called him after the election. wrong. he called me with a very nice congratulations. he doesn't know much. now he's switching this on to bill clinton essentially how to get people wean an unlow temperatured budget out the vote in the vital swing states and more they focused on the wrong states. david >> well trump is right about that. look bill clinton is a former president, so should have chosen his words more carefully thinking about the presidency and the importance of the institution. but he's also the spouse of the candidate. so, yeah, some sour grapes, there's a lot of anger and disappointment and a lot of factors to look at about why hillary clinton lost, including jim comey's actions, including the leaked emails, including their strategic ideas during the campaign. there's going to be a lot of recriminations and a lot of sour grapes. you see that all playing out. i don't think we'll get a different trump. president trump won't be
5:34 am
different and he'll use twitter as a personal arm of his communications, to directly speak to his people, to tweet the media, to tweet anyone who comes in his path. i think this is a pattern we'll see. the real question is how it be impacts policies, how it impacts relationships that go beyond internal domestic political infighting. >> seems that the challenge for the president-elect early on will be his ability or inability to surrender the me to the we. to put his personal agenda aside and start focusing on the people who elected him. in that way what he's saying this morning about these attacks abroad is creating a lot of controversy. the germans aren't sure but if are right about who they think they have, which is this refugee who drove this truck into the christmas market and then you have turkey where you have this guy who is expressing isn't just islamic extremism for many but sectarian concerns about who has been victimized in syria and
5:35 am
secular concerns about russia's role in syria, he lumped them all together, trump saying they are all islamic -- islamic terror. what's the risk? >> well, i mean it's the same risk you always see which is he's generalizing. he's creating kind of a war against islam. generally. but i think you would argue that's not in effect what he's trying to do. the real issue here is syria, destruction of sir area role the russians are playing, what is our relationship going forward with the russians to stem that tide and the refugee crisis. the crimes against humanity here that have pushed people out of their homes. what are they left with throughout that region and across europe and what are the potential dangers and angela merkel iran germany who is up for election in 2017 who has had an open door policy for asylum seekers has been a political problem for her. morally she's trying to do the right thing.
5:36 am
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last night first lady michele obama sat down with oprah winfrey. they talked about a lot of things mostly the last eight years and michele obama offered advice to the woman who will hold that next title. >> my offer to mylania was, you know, you really don't know what you don't know until you're here. so the door is open as i've told her and as laura bush told me and as other first ladies told me. so i'm not new in this going high thing. i'm models what was done for me by the bushs. laura bush was nothing but gracious and helpful and her team was right there for my team, all throughout this entire eight year process. >> your team is going the same. >> we'll do whatever they need to help them succeed.
5:41 am
so that's one of the things i said to mylania. when you get to a place, when you can digest all of this and you have questions because, you know, you don't have questions the day after the election. it's just like you're looking around-the-house what do you want to know? i don't know what i should know. so my door southern plains. that was the nature of the meeting. >> to discuss the interview we have the author of "hidden power." in addition to the proud tradition in this country of the peaceful transfer of power there's also this graceful transfer of power that first ladies do among each other. it's really comforting it is to hear michele obama talk about it. >> petroleum of first lady is unique to america. it combines a monarchial role as
5:42 am
well as a working role. so they live and work in the same house. and there's no other country that has such a strong and defined role. and michele obama is now, enters that history and she is carving out a role for herself that i have to say reaches into eleanor roosevelt territory because she has declared an independent voice, independent of her husband, and not as a political voice, but as a moral voice and people really look to her as a role model beyond the. african-american community. she was obviously history making as the first african-american first lady, but now it's particularly young people who see her as a model for parenting, a model for a modern marriage, and for speaking out for decency and kind of a fearless voice that we haven't seen coming out of the white house for a very long time.
5:43 am
>> even though it harkens back to eleanor roosevelt. let's say that this, we see in michele obama the natural extension and evolution of a team of equals. of course you have your president of the united states but as first lady she's move and dove tailing of morality in politics. one question is, is her advice best served to mylania trump or to ivanka trump. if it's true about the role she's going to have at the white house we've seen that before at the white house usually in the absence of having a first lady to her. >> you knows i think whenever michele speaks she's speaking to a lot of women, right. i think that she's very -- she's brilliant in how she phrases things. when she's saying we go high, when they go, low when she says this is what we do, we model what we want to see, i think she was speaking to everyone. if you want a smart first lady you have to be one. so i think when she was speaking
5:44 am
about talking to ivanka she was talking torch. throughout this interview when they were talking about being an angry black woman and she said you don't know me. i heard you don't know black women in this way. you don't know us, so these narrow narratives are what we're here to shatter, right. >> we have that. let's play that moment. watch this. >> when you were labelled that angry black woman was that one of the things that knocked you a back a bit. >> that was one of those things that you sort of think dang you don't even know me. you feel wow, where did that come from. you know. that's the first blow back because you think wow that's so not me. but then you sort of think well this isn't about me. this is about the person or the people who write it. you know, that's just the truth.
5:45 am
>> you know, you're on the receiving end of whatever people think. whatever their opinions are as first lady. you can't severe well get on twitter and give them a tongue lashing. >> no. the thing that's lost in this discussion is that the first lady plays a dual role external and internal. traditionally the most successful presidential marriages have been the ones where the president has an open line to his wife because the presidency is such a bubble inside a bubble seen cut off from the people. but the first lady still has more mobility, more exposure and the successful ones have an honest straight relationship with their husbands, and michelle obama clearly has that and one wonders about their successors because melania trump who paid mrs. obama the greatest of all compliments -- but she has no sense of american history which is unique in our history
5:46 am
to have a first lady without any ties to american culture, politic, history. so this is going to be a very steep learning curve. >> that is a profound moment. when you think of the word first and lady is rarely associated with black women. michele obama gives you a new imagination for what a black woman in power and agency and dignity and grace and intelligence can be, she's arguably going to be one of the most memorable first ladies, the first on so many levels. and, you know, when coretta scott king said women will be the soul of this country, she's the soul with soul. so we'll remember her in many areas, not just this first one, but she was cool and under pressure she modelled how to be a patriot, how to put country first. when people were coming for your and giving you ideas, like that
5:47 am
new york cover that was horrific. the way she shape shifted through that was something that women and girls can look to forever. like they will come for you and you can like do it with style. >> thanks so much. gate to talk to both of you. let's talk about another woman who certain lie earned great distinction, she's on "jeopardy". the woman on your screen right now is not alive to appreciate it. next we're joined by the long time boyfriend of the late game show champ to ask what would she have thought about this remarkable run. next.
5:48 am
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cindy. she had 11,600. she wrote down this word, what salad? that's the correct response. $6401, you add to that and that gives you 18,001, five day total of $80,002. >> cindy is on a five day winning streak on "jeopardy". that's impressive all by itself. however even more impressive because cindy is no longer with us. she lost her long day of cancer ten days before the episodes began airing. joining us is cindy's long term boyfriend jason hess. we're sorry for your loss. we know you were together for a very long time. our condolences to you and your
5:52 am
family. >> thank you, chris. nice to see you. >> we're trying to explain the layers of importance in this story. winning on "jeopardy," amazing. winning in succession. but the mystery around this that cindy didn't want the people closest to her to know how it was going to turn out for her on "jeopardy". tell us about that. >> yeah. that's right. i think we -- i've gotten multiple comments saying we should be qualified to hold the nuclear codes because we've been successfully kind of keeping word from getting out even though we were incredibly excited about how it all went. but, you know, that's part of the rules of going on the show, and we try to hold to it. definitely a hard secret to keep. >> so, jason, this was -- cindy died on december 5th. obviously this run that she's
5:53 am
having, this incredible successful run was taped before that. but what is it like four this week to see her again on television winning? >> yeah. it's definitely been a mix of emotions the last couple of weeks but i think "jeopardy" part has been one of the more fun parts of it for me, i'll just say because even though i know how it turns out it's been -- it was so thrilling -- i was there with the studio audience and taping but so thrilling to show the world how well she did and she's had kind of a crazy run of skill and maybe a little bit of luck mixed in and it's just been -- that's kind of been a real break point among kind of, obviously, some other tragic circumstances the last couple of weeks. >> i know because you were there at the taping with her it wasn't easy for her. she was quite ill while she was taping. we can't tell as we watch as a viewer but what was it like for her to make it to the podium
5:54 am
teen try to stay up there and answer questions? >> it was -- you know, obviously we knew what was going on. we were kind of hyper aware of small little signs and she just still a little unsteady going up the stairs to the podium and in between, during breaks there were times when she was sort of just had her head in her hands and looking down and wasn't really -- just kind fof cussing and trying to rally her strength. but, you know, when the lights were on, call it adrenaline or what she was able to fight through all that was going on and, you know, still pretty amazing to me because she was fairly -- she was not doing well the day before and was, you know, understandably worn out and exhausted right afterwards. but she did great when it came time to present. >> talk about rising to the challenge and now you have this kind of surreal living legacy of
5:55 am
her taken so young in her life but still alive to the viewers of "jeopardy". other than just being a champion and we don't want to reveal and we don't even want to know how far she goes. >> i want to know. >> we want to watch in real-time with everybody else but what do you want people to know about who cindy was? >> you know, i think -- you can see part of it, i think even her performance on the show and even the interviews kind of with alex you see a mix of sort of her -- she's obviously viciously intelligent but incredibly humble at the same time. but she was also very fun and silly and, you know, to her closest friends full of fun stories, great sense of humor, and i think you put it right that we do sort of have a legacy of her and it's really kind of a great way that, you know, she was able to leave something to
5:56 am
do and be remembered by. >> she's contributing her money to cancer research, that that was one of her final wishes. so jason, thank you very much for sharing your story with us. and we look forward to seeing, to watching tv and seeing what happens with her run. thank you. >> the best to all of you. send our regards. >> thank you very much. that's our program. newsroom with carol costello begins after this very quick break. we'll see you tomorrow. it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie! that's the unlimited effect. stream your entertainment with unlimited data when you switch to at&t and have directv.
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. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. violent attacks around the world. in per germany a truck plows through a shop killing 11 people and injuring dozens more. police have a suspect but warn that person in custody may not be the driver of the truck. and in turkey killed on camera the russian ambassador turkey gunned down, his assassin shouting don't forget aleppo. attacks in switzerland and jordan and yemen, world leaders calling for action. we're covering these stwoers our team of reporters around the world. let's begin with


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