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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  December 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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terror attacks around the world from jordan, where tourists were slaughtered inside a medieval castle, to turkey, where several people are being questioned right now after the assassination of the russian ambassador that happeneded in ankara. now, those being questioned includes the shooter's family and his roommate. vladimir putin, the russian leader, is vowing revenge. but we begin in berlin where german police are in high alert and working under the assumption that the perpetrator behind yesterday's deadly attack on a christmas market is armed and still at large. to be clear, officials say the man they have in custody might not be the man who drove the truck. this attack happened at 8:00 p.m. berlin time. a tractor trailer plowed through a crowd of holiday shoppers dragging some people 50 feet, leaving 11 people dead, 50 injured. there was a man found dead in the passenger seat of the truck. an asylum seeker from
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afghanistan and the pakistan region, he was detained yesterday about a mile from the scene, but police now say it is unlikely that he was the driver. cnn frederik pleitgen is in berlin with these new developments, fred, what are you hearing? >> yes, john, one of the reasons why the police are saying they believe they might have the wrong person in custody is they obviously questioned this man from pakistan. he continuously denied any sort of involvement in all of this. it seemed as though potentially some alibis may have checked out. one of the things police say is so alarming is if they is not the person who was at the wheel of the truck as it plowed through this christmas market, that that person who's still at large then would then potentially be armed. the reason for that is a second body was found in the cab of that truck on the passenger seat with gun shot wounds. but there was never a gun recovered here at the scene of the crime or where that
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pakistani person was taken into custody. so the police say, look, if there's still someone out there, if we haven't gotten the suspect in custody yet, as you say, they believe they don't, then the person at large potentially is armed and is obviously very dangerous as well. after they've seen the -- what happened after this attack here on this christmas market. of course, as you mentioned, it happened at 8:00 p.m. when the truck plowed through here. at about 40 miles an hour. making no effort to hit the brakes. hitting a lot of the market stalls of the kind you see behind me , and of course also hitting a lot of people as well. some descriptions from eyewitnesss are absolutely harrowing. of people being trapped underneath the truck as it continued to move. of course we know the death toll of course also one that is very alarming. 12 people at least killed. and almost 50 people, some of them with very severe injuries, john. >> fred, while i have you here, i just want to make clear to our
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american audience the role these christmas markets play in german culture. these are places that people go, everyone goes, in the weeks leading up to christmas. it's part of the celebration. with your family and loved ones. >> yes, it certainly is part of the celebrations, an important part of german christmas culture, if you will. the christmas market we're in now is one of the largest ones in the western parts of berlin so many people go here. on top of that, of course, you have to keep in mind this attack happened at 8 p.m. that's usually around the time people will have gotten off work, will have done christmas shopping. this is also a very large shopping area. a lot of them will have met their friends here at the christmas market. a lot children will also have been here as well. so certainly from that vantage point, this was of course a soft target but also one of course that was packed with people. one of the things eyewitnesses have described is how impossible
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it was for the people crammed into this area to try and escape. the alleyways, the pathways are very narrow and of course that truck was moving very quickly. for the people that were stuck here, it was almost impossible to try and get out of its path as it plowed through here, john. >> seemed to be an attack designed to kill asp people as possible in a place to inflict the greatest symbolic harm. fred like pligerick pleitgen, t. he was on his way home from work when he witnessed this attack. what was the scene like after the truck drove through, those images, what you saw, must have been horrifying. >> yes, it was very horrifying and i don't want to go into detail what i see. the people i saw on the ground. and other people who take care of the injured people. it was really unimaginable.
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yes, you know. >> how long was it before emergency personnel came to the scene? >> they came fast. also policemen gave first aid also in the christmas market and there's also some policemen who protect -- and the rescue teams, the police came very fast. >> were you able to see inside the truck at all? >> yes, at first, the truck came through the christmas market, so i moved through the destroyed booth and people lying there and then go on the back of the truck and then i went another way, outside, to go on street, to come on street and see the front
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of the truck and there's destroyed glass and destroyed front and the driver door side was open and -- i only saw one person was lying there. inside the truck. i don't know the other person escaped, was the information of the police, yes. >> all right, that was jan hollitzer. joining me, paul cruickshank. the news this morning is the man the german officials have in custody, this man they believe either to be from pakistan or afghanistan, at this point, they're not sure, he may not be the man driving that truck. that is a major development. >> well, not only are they not sure, john, but they think it's probably not the attacker they have in custody. i was told that by two german
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intelligence officials. so they're really back to square one in terms of this investigation. they're also worried that there may well be a perpetrator at large armed and dangerous. somebody who has already killed all these people. and also has a gun with which they would have killed this polish driver inside the truck. so it may well be a scenario right now of a manhunt, a race against time to arrest this individual before they can strike. again, they've shown plenty of capacity to kill people in germany. the problem is, it's not clear the germans have any good leads at the moment. that's why they're asking the public to send in any video they have from the area of people who were there so perhaps they can catch sight of whoever it was on that tape. >> to be clear, the reason this is a major development is all night overnight, we were
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covering this, there were details they believe the driver may have been a refugee from pakistan and afghanistan. that's all now out the window. they do not believe that to be the case. they have no idea who drove this truck. and at this point, there's this huge manhunt under way. >> well, it's important to say they haven't completely ruled it out, that they might have got the right guy. they're just heading in the other direction at the moment in time of the investigation. yes, all this information about this being a pakistani refugee coming into germany late last year, all of that open to severe question right now. look, i mean, all we really have going for us here in terms of understanding the possible motivation is this is a very similar m.o. to these isis-inspired attacks we've seen in the united states a few weeks ago at ohio state but also in nice last summer, and they've been calling for these kinds attacks. but it's certainly possible at
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this hour there is a different ideology, a different motivation going on here completely to islamist terrorism and we should not rule this out. it seems they're back to square one in terms of this investigation. it comes at a time when the germans and german counterparts are on high alert there could be other copycat attacks in germany, elsewhere in europe. notably deafening silence from isis. if somehow this person had been in touch with them, surely they would have put something out by now. but it's quite possible if this guy's still at large, he could be downloading a tape right now on the internet. >> all right, paul, standby. i want to bring in the director of the international center for the study of radicalization and political violence. peter, it's interesting, we do not know who carried out this attack at this point. there are more questions than answers this morning as german authorities tell us they're leaning against the notion that the man they have in custody did it. but it does have the hallmarks
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of the type of attack that isis has called for over the last year. it is eerily similar to what we saw in nice on bastille day. >> absolutely. if you look at everything that has happened, the type of attack, also the fact that isis has attacked christmas markets in late 2014 in france with cars, that in nice we had a truck driving over a number of people. it all seems to fit together also with isis strategy, which is to encourage precisely this kind of attack. only last month we had the isis online magazine providing prescriptions for exactly this kind of attack. on the basis of that, you would say this makes sense. on the other hand, of course, we do not have an isis claim and we do not have an attacker. so this is still a very open investigation and we still do not know who did it. >> so peter, along those lines, i hear music behind you.
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it sounds like there are people out on the street and celebrations going on. ways t what's the atmosphere like in berlin with the very possibility there's a masked murderer on the loose right now? >> i don't think people are necessarily aware of that. around the attack site here, you have on the one hand an eerie silence. i know that very well because i studied in this city, i grew up in germany. normally this is a very busy place in berlin. it is almost entirely empty. you have peace concerts. you have people laying down wreaths. you have people writing cards. and people speaking silent prayers. this is completely unprecedented. i don't think a lot of people are aware there's an attacker on the loose potentially and people are not necessarily thinking about this right now. >> all right, peter newman in berlin, right near the site of attack, thank you. paul cruickshank, thank you as well. new this morning, police detailing at least six people in connection with the assassination of the russian
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six people are being held for questioning in connection with the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. this horrific attack was captured on video. we do want to warn you, it is very graphic.
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[ gunshots ] >> all right, that gunman who you see there is shouting, do not forget aleppo and god is great. as he opened fire on ambassador andrey karlov. he had been speaking at an art gallery in ankara, the turkish capital. the shooter was a 22-year-old police officer. he was killed on the scene. russian special agents have arrived in turkey now to help with the investigation. we want to bring in cnn's international diplomatic editor nic robertson is in ankara, and senior international correspondent clarissa ward in moscow for that angle. nic, first to you on the ground there, what's the latest on the investigation? >> well, we saw just a few hours ago the russian investigators go into the area of the art exhibit. they had sort of white forensic lab coats, if you will.
8:17 am
they had blue plastic bags on their shoes as if they were going into the crime scene. they didn't appear to spend too long at this location. but what we do, both president putin and president erdogan have said is they want to get to who was behind this man, who was supporting this young policeman, were there any others involved. it's sort of common practice here in turkey that the parents, close family members, roommate, would be detained. doesn't necessarily mean they're implicated. but this is often the place that turkish officials would start. however, there have been scant few other details. the interior ministry here reporting there was some al qaeda books found in his apartment. that there were also what they call ghoulenist books in his apartment, remember who the gullenists are who the government blames for the coup in summer in july and we've seen
8:18 am
the government here round up tens of thousands of people, put them in jail, throw them out of jobs, et cetera, accusing them of being behind this coup. it's a common slur that the government uses. so at the moment, we don't have publicly made evidence to support that. for russian investigators, very likely one of the things they would like to know, and we've heard hints of this from the kremlin spokesman today, is how that government was in the room standing behind the russian ambassador alone with a weapon for so long, being unchallenged. >> diplomatic security very much in question right now. clarissa ward in moseco, let's go to you. we heard from vladimir putin overnight. what are russian officials saying about this today? >> well, officially, i think the reaction has been very much in calling in unison with the reaction of the turkish president. both leaders are saying essentially this was a provocation that was aimed at
8:19 am
derailing the russian/turkish relationship. that has been a troubled relationship in the past. it was just about -- just over a year ago that turkish military shot down a russian fighter jet that they claimed had erred into turkish airspace. but since then, there has been a significant warming of that relationship. and particularly in the last six months since the failed coup attempt against president erdogan. so officially the party line here is absolutely stern. this was an act of terror. this must be investigated. as you said before, john, a team of russian investigators is now on the ground in ankara. they're working closely with turkish investigators. we also know that the body of andrey karlov, the russian ambassador who was assassinated in such a brutal fashion, is now on the way back to moscow. the mood here is definitely somber. people are lighting candles and paying their respects. but there is a definite sense that nobody wants to see this
8:20 am
escalate, that nobody wants to see the relationship between turkey and russia really suffer as a result of this and there has been a large summit here in moscow today betweenhe turkish foreign minister, the iranian foreign minister and the russian foreign minister. the goal or aim of that summit was essentially build out some kind of road map for dealing with the syrian crisis. i do think it's telling that summit went ahead as planned. while of course the late karlov was mentioned in the summit, it did not devolve into any kind of spat or he said/she said about who's to blame. as i said before, i really think turkey and russian officials are taking pain here to say, you know, the relationship remains strong, the focus must be on the fight against terror, john. >> yes, no space as of yet between turkey and russia on this. this attack yesterday. just one of the areas of extreme violence flaring up all around the world. nic robertson, clarissa ward, thank you. new this morning, donald trump calling out bill clinton
8:21 am
over the former president's remarks about donald trump's intelligence and the former president's explanations for why his wife lost the election. plus, dramatic 911 tapes just in from the road rage confrontation that left a 3-year-old dead during a shopping trip with his grandmother. there is a manhunt under way. >> the guy blew the horn at me and i threw it back and he shot, and i thought he shot in the air. he shot in the car! generosity is its own form of power.
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you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. you might be on vacation right now but president obama rushing to get things done during his final days in office.
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actions that might not make the president-elect donald trump very happy. let's go live to athena jones in hawaii. athena, let's begin with the president's plan on offshore drilling. >> right, hi, john, this is the example of the president trying to run out the tape. he's talked about working up until the very end at the things he wants to accomplish. we understand the president plans to move as early as today to bar offshore drilling in parts of the atlantic oceans. that means no more leasing of oil rights. what's interesting, he's made several other moves to restrict drilling in the waters around the u.s. in the past. being done using a law from 1953 that will make it much harder for any future president to reverse. of course the future president in mind we're talking about is president-elect donald trump who has promised to boost u.s. energy production. it will not be an easy thing for
8:26 am
trump to come in and reverse. he's trying to protect his legacy on two fronts in some ways. doing as much as he can on the policy front. also having conversations with the president-elect to try to influence him to keep some of the policies he's put in place. this is one area unlikely to be agreement. >> they don't seem to agree on this. it makes you wonder what else might be on the current president's agenda along those lines. athena jones in hawaii, thanks. a new war of words between president-elect donald trump and former president clinton. mr. clinton told a paper near his home that donald trump doesn't know much, one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him. this is how the president-elect responded. he wrote, bill clinton stated that i called him after the election, wrong, he called me with a very nice congratulations, parenthetically. he doesn't know much how to get
8:27 am
people even with an unlimited budget out to vote in the vital swing states. those are two explanations for why the election went the way it did, bill clinton talking about angry white voters, donald trump talking about the fact that hillary clinton didn't campaign in certain states. there's a third explanation as well we've heard in the last 24 hours. that, too, from former president bill clinton, who cast his electoral vote yesterday for his wife hillary. listen to what he said. >> i've never cast a vote i was prouder of. you know, i've watched her work for two years. i watched her battle through that bogus e-mail deal. she fought through that. she fought through everything. and she prevailed against it all. but, you know, then at the end we had the russians and the fbi deal and she couldn't prevail against that but she did everything else and still won by -- >> you know, win, even though
8:28 am
you get 2 million votes more, if you don't get the electoral vote. that's a third explanation. bill clinton offers the fbi as an explanation. angry white voters. because hillary clinton didn't campaign in certain states. which is it? >> a little of all the above. look, the election was so close in the end, hillary clinton winning the popular vote but losing the electoral college by a combined 80,000 votes in pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin. you can fairly point to anything if you want. like the james comey letter as a tipping point in the result. the reason it was so close, that the james comey letter could have been the tipping point really is the other -- is the other key variable here. hillary clinton was running as a candidate with the highest negatives of any presidential candidate ever. the fact he was within reach, even if that did tip it his way, was revealing. it was revealing of how many voters had resistance to her, reluctance about her, and their deep difficulty at reaching not only angry white men but also
8:29 am
none college white women who voted for donald trump over hillary clinton by a margin equal to ronald reagan over walter mondale. even if you want to say something like the comey letter was the tipping point, there were deeper structural problems in the clinton candidacy that allowed it to play that role. >> well stated, ron brown steen. when you point to any one thing without including others, it is not the exhausted explanation for what happened in this election. let's look forward to possible future elections, shall we, because the first lady of the united states, michelle obama, she sat down for an interview with oprah winfrey and discussed the question that a lot of democrats are asking right now. will she possibly one day, just maybe, run for office? listen. >> would you ever run for office, i have to ask it? >> no. >> no kind of office? >> no. look, that's one thing i don't do. i don't make stuff up. i'm not coy. so -- >> the democratic party has not asked you to run for anything? >> no. >> no conversations? >> i'm not having conversations.
8:30 am
no. conversation is like two-way street. i don't know what they're talking about. but i'm not talking back. >> that is sherman-esque, ron brownstein. for other politicians who dance around questions whether they may run, that's how you say no. no, i'm not running for office. no, it's not going to happen. not, no, i have no intention, no, i have no plans right out in. she says no. >> look, in this campaign, the first lady proved to be an extremely effective messenger for a political message. and whether she runs for office or not and she is saying not, my guess is we're going to hear more from her in the years ahead. i mean, moving beyond the role she had played through most of the presidency into something with much more edge and bite, she was perhaps the democrat's single most effective surrogate. her speech at the convention and her speech in new hampshire
8:31 am
about donald trump after the access hollywood tape were two of the memorable moments of the year. i'm guessing we have not heard the last of michelle obama. >> she said no, by the way. i don't often get bonus time with ron brownstein so let me take advantage of this and ask you more about what happened in this election. to donald trump's point that hillary clinton didn't campaign in states like wisconsin. didn't go to wisconsin at all, didn't go to michigan until the end. the flip side of that, she did go to north carolina a lot. she did go to florida a lot. she still lost both those states. >> right. >> nevada, colorado virginia, which were seen as swing states, she didn't campaign there and she won. i'm not sure what you can learn there. >> the fact in this campaign, the clinton campaign put enormous effort above all into ohio, north carolina, florida, pennsylvania, ranking fourth. those first three were not in her initial 270. they were reach states. they were kind of insurance states. wisconsin, michigan and
8:32 am
pennsylvania were part of her core 270 as we saw. if she would have held them, she would have won the election. more of those diverse white coll collar sunbelt states, colorado, new mexico, nevada. she was able to hold those. i do think there was a misallocation of resources. wisconsin and michigan, they were absent in october when trump was eating away at their advantage. as you point out, that was not the sole answer. we saw a widening of all the geographic and demo graph ek devilds we have. with clinton depending on primarily white collar voters. trump's dominating among blue collar whites and voters who lived outside major cities. and that portion of america united behind trump just a little more than clinton's did behind her. one very revealing number, voters who approved of president obama, just about 80% of them, over 80% of them, voted for clinton. there was a slight waiver in the clinton -- in the obama
8:33 am
coalition, and that allowed trump to drive through at the weaki isest point, the upper midwest, the rust belt. >> that crossover there, that 10%, decisive. ron brownstein, thank you. next, much more on our breaking news. a huge manhunt under way for the berlin truck attacker. officials now say they might have the wrong man in custody. this, as the united states stepped up security. we're going to take you live to a similar christmas market here. plus, was this attack inspired by isis and what were the key signals? that's next. listen up. we're not professional athletes... but that doesn't mean we're giving up. i'm in this for me. for me. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, lowering a1c by up to 1.2 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or
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back now with the breaking news on several major terror
8:37 am
attacks across the middle east and europe in just the past 48 hours alone. from a shooting at islamic center in zurich in switzerland to an attack by armed militants at a popular tourist attraction in jordan, a suicide bombing in yemen that left more than 50 dead and in turkey where six people have been detained in connection with the assassination of the russian ambassador in ankara. that brutal incident caught on camera. and in berlin, german police now say that the man taken into custody after a truck plowed through a christmas market, killing 12 people, that man is unlikely to be the driver of that truck, and it is perpetrator, the man behind this attack, may still be on the loose. there's a manhunt under way across europe. and now law enforcement in the united states is stepping up security in the wake of all these attacks. cnn's brynn gingrass outside a christmas market here in new york city. as we hear, security, police departments, they're on alert
8:38 am
now. >> absolutely, john, this is sort of the response we've become accustomed to here in new york city. the nypd taking immediate action after the attack in berlin. we saw heavily armed highly trained officers stationed right here at the christmas market in columbus circle. not here at this point right where we're standing but as we circle around, you can see, there's just a number of nypd vehicles. certainly their presence is felt. we're seeing a number of counterterrorism officials walking through the christmas market at this point on foot, talking to shop owners, talking to people who are shopping here. so certainly they are keeping a watchful eye for anything suspicion. also just alerting people in this area. now, we know these officers, again, highly trained. and then sometimes carrying heavy machinery. they're all around the city. and they're part of that 500-member group that the nypd started about a year ago in response to these sort of attacks. we know when these attacks happen, nypd then just
8:39 am
circulates them around the city, to areas that might be considered possibly a threat at some point. so the german consulate is one. these christmas markets, located, a half a dozen of them, around the city, they're stationed there, again, keeping a watchful eye. it's important to note, john, for a time this city is buzzing with tourists, there's no credible threat against new york city but certainly it's nice to feel their presence at this time. >> understandable that new york city police and security officials around the country now on alert. brynn gingras, thank you. joining me, cnn national security analyst peter bergen. you've written in just the last 24 hours on sort of the diabolical effectiveness of these truck, you know, attacks or vehicular attacks on crowded areas. simple but incredibly dangerous. >> yeah, i mean, we've seen in the united states, just three weeks ago, a somali refugee who
8:40 am
was a legal permanent resident of the united states crashing into a crowd at ohio state, injuring 11 people with his car. obviously the nice attack is well known where 86 people were killed. in france. and now we have this attack in berlin. unfortunately, these attacks are quite hard to prevent. you know, a lot of european countries, it's hard to buy semiautomatic weapons. putting together a bomb is not, you know, super easy. driving a truck into a crowd requires no training. and the barriers to entry for this kind of attack are unfortunately very low. >> incredibly low. again, just some of the details we have here. this truck involved in this attack. it originated in poland with a cargo of steel. it was driven into berlin where we don't know exactly what happened but there a dead polish citizen found inside the cab of that vehicle. so one can assume that perhaps the driver of that vehicle was murdered. he may be the person found
8:41 am
inside. so it would have been a hijacking there. peter, there's very little way to defend against this. you can put up barriers. you see it in new york, they do put up barriers. they park large construction-type vehicles, you know, at the entrances to big public gatherings so nothing can drive through. but it's hard to protect every market in a country like germany where every city, every village has these christmas markets out this week. >> indeed, you recall during thanksgiving there was some concern about the macy's parade and nypd did park big trucks along the route of the parade. being, nothing actually happened. here where i'm sitting, we're about to have one of the largest public events the united states puts on, a presidential inauguration. certainly u.s. officials are, you know, have been planning for that for a long time, long before they necessarily knew who was going to be president. but there's a lot of concern.
8:42 am
about terrorists using vehicles as weapons. of course, they're planning for that kind of contingency in the inauguration. but terrorists are like school shooters in a lot of sense. they copycat. a tactic that is successful in one place often pops up in another place. so you're probably not going to see the end of these kinds of attacks. >> it's hard to defend so you think intelligence services around the world would go on offense and try to identify some of the people who may be behind attacks. that too, almost impossible, given it can be anyone who just flips on a switch essentially and decides to perpetrate this kind of violence. >> indeed. in the case of the ohio state attacker, who injured 11 people three weeks ago, he was not on the radar screen of authorities. and, you know, typically when we look at these cases in the united states, i mean, some people just emerge out of nowhere. the san bernardino case, which
8:43 am
you recall well, john, the couple involved were not on the radar screen of any law enforcement. of course, they kill eed 14 peoe attending a training session in the christmas period, pretty much a year ago now. balanced against that, you know, sometimes people are on the radar screen. in the orlando case, where 49 people were killed, he was known to law enforcement but the fbi can't keep information in an unlimited way. unfortunately, people do get to the attention of law enforcement authorities and then often later do something lethal. >> peter bergen, thanks so much for your analysis, appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. all right, up next, a 3-year-old boy, tragically shot and killed as he sat in his grandmother's car. police are calling this a road rage killing. a local pastor has a message for the suspect. we are coming for you.
8:44 am
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a grandmother's agony following a shooting of her 3-year-old grandson in little rock, arkansas. acen king was in her car. they were on a shopping trip. police say the motorist behind her thought she was moving too slowly. they're calling it an incident of apparent road rage. cnn has obtained the 911 call of the incident. you can hear the grandmother's cries. >> hello? hello? >> hold on one second. they're getting him out. hold on. they're putting hill on the ground. they're saying he's been shot. >> my baby, oh, my god! >> the killer is still at large. a pastor at a local church has a message for the killer. we are on your trail.
8:48 am
joining me now is that pastor, terrence long. pastor, thank you for being with us. you say you want the community's help. that help actually hasn't been coming. >> well, actually, as of 30 minutes ago, we got very great leads. we want the community to still know that we are on his trail. we are getting the information. calls are coming in left and right. i think we're closer to where we need to be. because this violence has to stop here in the little rock area. >> there was a problem you said with this culture of no snitching. people not wanting to come forward with information. >> that's a big problem. that is a big problem. until it hits home. for this to happen in our small city, close-knit neighborhood. someone has to say something. we can no longer be silenced by these killers and these villains. we have to stand up and take a
8:49 am
stand for right. because i stated yesterday, this is the king family today. it could be your family tomorrow. so the no snitching rule, all of that is thrown out of the window, especially when it companies to a 3-year-old child. there shouldn't be a no snitching rule. that's everybody's child. we should be able to stand up and make a stand and show these villains we're not scared of them. we will no longer be held hostage in our hope homes as at of people carrying guns without a conscience. >> everyone should want to find out who did this. everyone should want to make sure it doesn't happen again. i understand you've been speaking with his family. i can't imagine the pain they're suffering right now. >> distraught. i mean, it's unexplainable how bad it is for them to wrap their minds around the situation. they've not been taking any phone calls.
8:50 am
they just want prayers. and then they'll be able to maybe come forward and talk. but this week, they're just wanting to -- they're still trying to understand what happened. and what they can do to move forward behind this. so we're in prayer for them. we're in prayer with them. no one can say they would know how to deal with this. we're leaning and depending on god to see us through and that this kill ser is found. if i can make this announcement again, this community, the yorkwood community in southwest little rock. this is a community for this guy to be coming out of, he had to be visiting someone in that community. and they have to know something. the way we're blasting it on tv. they see this. again, i want to let them know they're just as guilty when they don't turn this person in. >> if you do have a lead,
8:51 am
obviously, get in touch with the pastor. more importantly, get in touch with local police. you believe there may be leads developing this morning. can you tell us what those might be? >> i believe we've gotten phone calls, even pictures of suspects and, again, like i said here locally, we're on your trail. it's a matter of time before you are caught. so your best bet is turn yourself in. again, i'm not hard to find in the city of little rock. if he calls me, contacts me, facebooks me, i will pick him up take him to the police station and guaranteed he'll be accepted with no harm, nothing will happen to him, because we want to pray for him, too. he made a mistake. i truly believe he made a mistake and we want to help him as well. >> pastor terrance long, thank you for being with us, for your work and if you speak to the family against, asa's family again, pass on our thoughts. >> i will. thank you so much. just in, a major development in the russians hackings into the u.s. election as senators
8:52 am
call for an investigation and a special select committee. the senate's most powerful republican, well, he has other ideas. that's next.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
all right. a political parting gift from north carolina's outgoing republican governor pat mccrory equivalent of a lump of coal, stripping powers from roy cooper, previously appointed three board members, increasing to eight split evenly among party plins previously candidates for supreme court justices appeared on ballots without party affiliation. new law requires candidates to have a republican or democrat next to their names increasing chances of partisan jumpships. governor mccrory appointed 66 trustees to the university of north carolina school boards. the new law strips the incoming
8:56 am
gorner, democrat cooper, of all of those appointments and outgoing governor mcrocrory appointed 1,500 to offices. and ingumming governor only allowed 425. that's not the only thing going on in north carolina. jim moral, political reporter for "the charlotte observer." my, oh, my, jim. now we have in the last 24 hours the bathroom law, the so-called transgender bathroom law, the back and forth between the city of charlotte and the state government. what's going on there? >> you know, a crazy few days down in north carolina for the reasons you talked about, but in spite of all that, people say the stars aligned to make this repeal, this possible, or likely repeal of hb2, known as the bathroom ordnance a probably for tomorrow. the legislature is meeting tomorrow in special session, which by all accounts is supposed to be a short one this time. and they're supposed to repeal
8:57 am
this bill that's cost north carolina hundreds of millions of dollars by some accounts, in lost jobs, economic opportunity, of sports events, like ncaa tournament games and acc championship games. we'll see. it's been a crazy few days. >> just to review, so people understand here, and correct me if i don't have it right. what happened, initially charlotte passed protections, city of charlotte passed protections for transgender people to use bathrooms of their choice. the state legislator pass add controversial law saying, no, no, no, no, no. cities can't do this. charlotte is gone back, flipped things around, the state meeting in special legislature and will get rid of this provision, as you said, cost the state of north carkarcarolina so much bu. the question, why after the election? >> a good question, and you've got to think the election had a lot to do with it. the offer that the city council accepted yesterday in which they repealed the ordnance that sparked this whole thing by
8:58 am
unanimous vote was basically the same deal that they've had, that they rejected a couple of times earlier this year. you know, you talked about the session last week. the special sessions where they sort of cut the incoming governor's needs off. consult the incoming governor's powers off and cost them a lot of appointment powers and other powers, and now they're working with him to pass this reappeal of hb2. the new governor, incoming governor roy cooper, the democrat, on the phone sunday night allegedly with leaders of the legislature as well as democratic members. city council to work all this stuff out. >> right. >> he gets hurt politically one week and he's maybe the hero the next week. >> you say hurt politically one week. a lot of observers on both sides, both democrats and republicans who look at what happened with the incoming governor losing some powers and talk about the audacity of the republican legislature in the
8:59 am
outgoing governor to do something like that. that is not the kind of thing you typically see just a few weeks before coming into office. >> yeah. and governor mccrory, the outgoing governor, signed one of those bills you're talking about yesterday, and he said, even though he agrees with most of it, part of it, the part about stripping the governor of appointments he doesn't agree with but will let the incoming governor work that out with the legislature and there's no love lost between the new governor, roy cooper, and the republican-controlled legislatu legislature. interesting to see what he can get done n. for an exciting four years. thanks for being with us. appreciate your expertise. >> thank you. all right. top of the hour now i'm john berman. breaking developments in five major terror attacks around the world from jordan, where tourists weredieval castle to td
9:00 am
the russian ambassador to turkey killed. the russian leader vladimir putin is vowing revenge, but we begin now in berlin, because there a suspect is in custody. has been in custody, but police are saying they do not know if he is the man who intentionally dloev drove a truck through a crowd of people at a christmas event last night. 12 people died in that attack. 11 killed by the truck in the attack. one person was inside the truck found dead after. 11 people as we stand here this afternoon. 11 people in critical condition. a witness took video right after the crash. we warn you, this video is troubling. you can see people tending to those who were injured moments before. christmas markets in germany are a quintessential part of the german christmas


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