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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  December 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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ac 360 starts now. john berman here in for anderson. tonight breaking news. sights and sounds that traditionally celebrate happiness and celebration, tonight in mexico city, they mean tragedy. watch this.
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unbelievable. mexican authorities say the explosions you are seeing have already claimed at least 29 lives. that is city of 60,000. the death toll just went up to 29 and you get the sense that it could rise again based on the destruction we're seeing right now. i know it is early ed. but any information about what happened? >> we're still trying to figure out if there is any information on what caused this horrific scene to unfold in the town of put peck which is just north of mexico city. this is a town renowned for its
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pyrotechnic industry. in a town where thousands of people gather, that is common sight. a huge industry in this town north of plmexico city. and the death toll, staggering. 29 people dead. the concern that the toll could be even higher is a very real concern. and as well as dozens more injured. reports of as many as seventy people injured. as you watch the documentic images unfield it really gives a sense of the chaotic scene that was unfolding in this market as explosions just ripped apart the market there out of control. >> and goes on and on and on and on ed. what do we know about the market itself? it is known for its fireworks booths and the selling that goes on there? from the aerial video it looks very very big and you can see that he has people running and
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clustered around you can only assume are folks that are injured. >> those are people onhe ground injured. and the aerial photos we've seen, showed some of just torched remnants of what is left behind from these markets vendors where they sell these elaborate fireworks displays and fire trucks. -- fireworks. a very popular activity here, setting off fireworks as a way of celebrating the end of -- the christmas holiday, as well as the end of the new year, welcoming in the new year. so you can image there is a very popular time of year which explains why there were so many people there this afternoon. john. >> ed lavandera for us again. this is an unfolding tragedy. death toll up to 29. we get keating more information and we'll keep your eye on this
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following very very closely over the next two hours. right now to the man hunt for a mass murderer who killed twelve, plowing a truck through a christmas market in berlin. he might have been isis inspired. he is certainly at large. he's also not alone. the last few days have seen act of terror from the southern europe to the arabian peninsula. raising concerns that we are entering a dangerous and vulnerable times in many, many way and we're going look at it all tonight. starting with the frederick pleitgen on the investigation which is now a man hunt in germany. fred, what details do you have on this investigation? >> reporter: well the investigation right now really has moved into a new phase john. earlier the authorities had a man in custody actually the better of last night and today. and at some point they realized
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they had the wrong man. t reason why is after the truck plowed through the christmas market, they arrested the person and then took a lot of frnzics at the site of where all this happened. and none of the details matched the man they had in custody. so after that the berlin authorities came out and said we believe the actual person who did this, or people who did this, because they are not sure how many may have been involved. they believe they are still at large and they also believe they may still very well be armed. because they also found a dead body on the passenger seat with gunshot wounds and no weapon retrieved from inside the cab of that truck. so therefore, they say there could have well be people at large and they seem to be armed and most definitely are dangerous. you mentioned that isis came forward and they believed they inspire all this. didn't offer much in way of detail. and it really is one of the things troubling for the
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investigators here. is they don't know whether this was someone who acted individually or whether or not there was a larger. >> what is have authorities been telling people in the area? >> first of all, keep sending in videos, photos from the time of the crime and the scene of the crime as well. trying to peace things together. trying to see if they can get images of whoever got out of that truck after it crashed into that christmas market and also whether or not they might be able to ida someone on those videos. at the same time they are saying people potentially here at large and the market where this happened job also a major transit hub as well. with a big railway and bus terminal as well.
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pretty easy to get away from here and go pretty far in a short period of time. and they are saying look, if you see anything suspicious. call the police, don't try to act on your own. because again people you are dealing with potentially extremely dangerous obviously being behind killing 12 people here at this very very important very large christmas market and wounding dozens as well. >> frederick pleitgen in berlin. thank you. pooul cruickshank joins us now. and isis is claiming this attack is carried out by a soldier of the islamic state. this is the language they use to say someone inspired by isis. not directed by isis but inspired. and dpirs of all do you believe it and second what does it mean for the investigation? >> well, they are making the claim they inspired it, john. but they are not offering any evidence whatsoever to back up that claim of -- and so they may
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be just being opportunistic here. they may of course know something. they may have had some contact with the perpetrator. we had a case in germany in july. an axe attack on a train where there is a very similar worded claim by isis. and in this that case the axe attacker had actually been in contact with an isis handler and then eventually uploaded a video playing responsibility. so not clear yet. but what we can say is there's really been no public articulation of any evidence from the german investigatory side of any link between any side and terrorism. they don't have the evidence at this point. they don't have a suspect. they don't even have an image of a suspect that they can take to the public at this point. so they are really back at square one having released this other individual who had nothing
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to do whatsoever it seems with this terrible attack. >> back at square one, paul. you have been working your sources inside germany and across europe. is there a sense that the they dropped the ball here? they had what was the wrong guy in custody for 24 hours where they focused on him where clearly they should have been focused elsewhere? >> well to make that determination but they were relying on eye witness reports. it seems there was some confusion as there often is with these kind of reports and that they ended up talk taking the wrong person into custody. so of course during all of those hours where they really truly did believe that they have the perpetrator in custody, they are not going to be perhaps at full tilt on the investigation like they would otherwise have been if they had thought they would still be at large. now we have that reality that
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someone is at large, perhaps even more than one person and as fred was saying, someone presumed to be armed and dangerous and somebody's already killed somebody with a fireman and a worry now that this individual could go and hijack another truck somewhere in germany. there would be nothing really to stop them from doing that as they have got this firearm. and as we've seen these really large trucks are really all for weapons -- >> the suspect could be anywhere in germany. not to mention anywhere in western or eastern europe right now on the run over this 24 hour period. paul hold the line. and later with all that is going on in the world, the question is just how much does the next president donald trump know about it? and who is he hearing it from? the question of presidential briefings back. we're going take a closer look ahead on 360.
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it's been a hectic and horrible 24 hours out of berlin. as each new development comes in and as we bring them to you one by one. but now it is worth taking a closer look at what it shows. sometimes moment by moment from the beginning. before we go back to the panel, tom foreman joins us with a look at that. >> hi tom. this is the truck used in the attack. it was on a routine delivery of steal when authoritied believe it was hijacked.
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the body later found inside the vehicle. that company told it is a sophisticated truck with a gps tracking system in it. and during this period of time they noticed someone tried to start the vehicle twice and failed to do so. and then say they when i finally got moving again it was driven in an erratic fashion, not the way a skilled driver would have done it. nonetheless by 5:00 it arrived near the christmas market according to what this company told the mirror newspaper. they had been trying to call the driver. he never answered. what happens next is a mist. it is dark. for a couple of hours we don't know anything. and then by 8:00 we know the truck has approached the market from down in this area here. we've highlighted the market in red so you can see where it is. and at the street level, witnesses say the driver turned
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off the lights, accelerated up to about 40 miles per hour and right in here is where all the shops and all the people were where the truck jumped the curb and plowed through everyone before finally coming to a stop down there. >> horrifying description. looks like it didn't go exactly through the market but down one side. do we know what made the truck stop? >> we really don't. that is a mystery. there is no indication it hit a insurmountable barrier. police did not challenge it or ram it in some fashion. perhaps the driver had decided he'd done all the damage he could do. maybe he stalled the vehicle out. nonetheless we don't have all the eye witnesses yet who say they saw someone leave the truck. so exactly when, where and how the driver of the vehicle left after doing all the damage is one of the big questions for all the investigators out there and they have a lot of answers.
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>> just by looking at that truck knowing it was filled with steasteal steel, knowing how deadly it must have been. back with our panel, michael, the claim by isis that the person who carried out this attack is a soldier of isis, which to them means inspired by isis. first how do we know it is authentic? second, is there a downside to them making a claim that might turn out to be true? >> sure. if he's an agent of al qaeda or some random crazy person although that suspicious is kind of cast aside. given the elaborate nature. a hijacking, a murder. driving an hour two with a dead body. he was turning this into a battering ram. seemed like the intention here was to commit mass murder. soldier of isis would be many
5:18 pm
things. he could be an operative. it's has dispatched hundreds if not thousands of sleeper operatives throughout europe. a lot have come in through the refugee waves. there were two supposed to be part of the paris attack ring who actually got stopped and interned in a refugee camp in greece for a spell. so we don't know how many come from raqqah or mosul are running around the continent. it could easily be the case the german police spent 24 hours interrogating the wrong man. if you are isis you are waiting for him to get away clean and make contact with you before you go out and claim responsibility. that is one explanation. >> maybe they waited on purpose. >> yeah. >> let me bring you into the discussion. obviously isis did make the claim within 24 hours. why was it so important to them to have their name attached? >> well because it was a lethal attack that succeeded. and we've seen repeatedly people inspired by isis in the west
5:19 pm
where isis does take responsibility, says they are a soldier of the cal freight which doesn't necessarily mean anything really in terms of direction by isis or even certainly training by isis. so this is a very typical claim. they may be taking a little bit of a risk here if it turns out that this person was inspired by another group. we saw in the ohio state university attack where eleven people were injured with a vehicle. the somali american who carried out that attack three weeks ago, seemed to have been more inspired by an someone born in the united states. we're not talking about the vatican or some group that is widely regarded as an organization that is doing -- is a force for good. so> they had lied about it. they are beheading people are you teenly. a lie is not a problem.
5:20 pm
>> they had someone in custody. they released him because it didn't appear he was the guy. and german authorities haven't released any images of the scene. it is not like they are asking for social media people to weigh in. it is almost as if they don't want the public to be part of this investigation. in the way at least we have been through it in the united states. i'm thinking, for instance, about what happened in boston with the boston merritt bomber. the officials there basically. >> there is much less cct coverage in germany than in other countries and they are asking the members of the public around that area before, during and after for any video they happen to shoot because they are
5:21 pm
desperately searching fur any individuals they could potentially bring to the public. that is a judgment call of course. because if you put the pictures out. the perpetrators can feel sort of desperate, the universe is closing in on them and launch follow-on attacks more quickly. it is always a judgment call. it was in boston for investigators. but that could be a very powerful tool if only they actually have the images and it is far from clear they do. maybe once they have gone through all of this tape that's been submitted by the public they will find something. just like they were able to do in boston from all of that security camera footage. >> michael, paul points out he says they are back at square one on this investigation. and when you see the people congregated on the streets at the memorial there it is jarring because there is still a killer on the loose somewhere and it could be in berl b and there could be concerns he'll strike
5:22 pm
again but you point out after the bataclan a number of suspects guide there that might but there were arrests weeks afterwards. >> yes there were. and you are talking about the schengen visa free border system in europe here. this person could have gone to poland, to austria. we don't know. and 24 hours is a long time to quit a city like berlin. and if all of the focus was on this one suspect. who for all intents and purposes looks like he didn't do it, you let him go. that's taken your eye off everybody else. we don't know. there is a misconception about the lone wolf and self radical -- actually a lot at first blush look like lone wolf attacks actually thai do have a link back toon isis cell or isis
5:23 pm
apparatus in raqqah or elsewhere in the middle east. so this could have been very well they needed to make a safe exit and exit the release of the crime. if he's captured and if he is isis cell then suddenly the intelligence is much more valuable. >> and stick around as developments come in. the new york city police say they have moved teams including the critical response command to high profile locations around new york. the police monitoring events in germany very very closely and around the world. take a look at how the u.s. is increasing security. that's next. oh, how waso good!en house? did you apply? oh, i'll do it later today. your credit score must be amazing. my credit score? credit karma. it's free. that's great!
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police department in the united states and around the world are increasing security. the nypd has moved teams to high profile locations around the city. evan perez joins me with the latest. what kind of measures are we talking about here to secure what could be soft targets around the country? >> well john like you mexed the critical response teams in new york, as well as the police departments here and around the countries have been moved to these public markets, the festive christmas markets and other big public gathering places around the country. these are very hard places to secure. i took a walk around a christmas market and noticed there were more police but you didn't see any additional barricades. these are located in transit points and places people gather for a reason. so they can attract shoppers and so on. so it is really hard to secure
5:28 pm
them. we keep hearing from law enforcement is look, we've increased security. we want people to come and enjoy the places but keep an eye for things that are unusual. >> and obviously this comes a week before new year's eve around the country and especially here in time square where it's pack and for a month in washington d.c. these are big, high profile, significant security risk events. are there concerns in the intelligence community now? >> absolutely. and as you mention those things are always a major concern. especially the inauguration, which will be the focus here at the capital behind me. it is always a big concern for the intelligence community and law enforcement. one of the interesting things i've been talking to people about is is it lack of chatter for plots here in the united states. it is not like last year where this time they saw a lot of chatter or possible plots they were very concerned about. o most of those did not pan out but what's interesting is we do
5:29 pm
hear a lot about intelligence coming in about plots in europe n germany where they have done round ups of some arrests in recent weeks. as well as in the balkans. they have been anticipating that you have some people in the continent who might be getting help from syria. it appears there is still some ability for command and control to direct attacks in europe. >> maybe not in spite of but because isis is under pressure in syria and iraq. thank you so much. joining me now my panel. julia, you have been working your contacts inside homeland security and the concern you are getting is not just on one threat but really three type of threat streams. >> there are three different threat streams going on now.
5:30 pm
there is the general holiday threat stream, which as evan was saying it is not specific but it is a holidays. people are getting together. lots of airline travel. then the specific threats recently. and then the historyics transition of a presidency and in democracies, transitions are always sort of nerve wracking times because an old team is leaving, a new team is coming in and we've seen in particular in spain about a decade ago attacks around elections so it is those three streams causing this alert and physical presence probably i would guess through inauguration. >> along those lines what do you think security officials and organizations are doing today they weren't doing prior to the attacks yesterday?
5:31 pm
>> well i think -- i'm here in boston this weekend and i talked to some law enforcement officials earlier today. and specifically was talking about this threat with the activity that the terrorist attack that occurred in skbrrm how that is going to effect security here in boston specifically. and they have first night here, which is a celebration around new year's. and several other activities related to christmas. and boston p.d. and the massachusetts state police are putting for patrols out there. they are lot more vigilant and more aware and trying to get the public also to be aware and vigilant of what's going on especially at these large public events that draw a lot of people. >> and you can't protect every soft target especially this time of year when so many people are out doing so many things. so what do you do? >> you don't think of security as on/off.
5:32 pm
i'm safe or i'm not safe. i stay home or i go out. how we think about securities is layered defenses. a bunch of different things in place that will minimize the risk in population. includes surveillance and intelligence sharing and barriers. see something, say something. effective response plans -- all of the layers that go into minimizing the risk. but you never get the risk to zero unless you tell toempb stay home. we're not going to live luike that. >> see something, say something. this was in the forefront way back in september 11, 2001. are people still responding and being as helpful across the country? >> yes. and i -- they are being very responsive to the see something, say something. which in a lot of cases have seen some issues on reporting that we've seen in the past specifically regarding active
5:33 pm
shooter responses etc. i think people are listening to the see something, say something homeland security phrase that's definitely caught on and i think people are becoming a lot more vigilant. and then the alerts around the holiday, everybody's observations i think go up another notch, especially when you have what happened in germany occurring a couple days ago. >> sensitivity level very high right now. thank you very much for being here. so we know the president elect is not a fan of the presidential daily brief. he said earlier this month he doesn't need to be told things every day because he's smart. that is what he said. so we wondered he's getting the briefs and aftermath of the recent attacks that have spouted up around the world. we'll tell you what we know next. and also new video if the deadly blast just in from outside mexico city. stay with us.
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we have new video just in detailing the devastation at a fireworks market north of mexico city. it shows from the first time what it looks like from the ground. my goodness. as you can see it really is just horrible. at least 29 people have been killed. explosions just rocked the area,
5:38 pm
one after another after another. dozens are injured and the death toll is going up fairly rapidly so we're watching very closely and trying to a speak to officials on the ground and also witnesses as well. this video just in. you can see in see the devastation on the ground there. rescue crews obviously picking through the rubble. you can see people very very concerned. this is a very large fireworks market. and known for its pyro technics. known for the stalls and the fabulous displays they have there. and again we're going to go back to this and get more information altz we get on the scenes there. and president elect donald trump says he's closely monitoring the terror attacks in germany and turkey. is and what they will not say is whether he received his daily briefing today. if you remember he's been taken
5:39 pm
just one a week. and last week his team said he was up to three times a week. and jeff zeleny joins me now with the latest. so jeff it sounds like the trump camp is playing kind of coy here with the details. >> well john we simply do not know exactly how he is getting his information. they did say he is closely monitoring this as you say and he's in regular contact with his national security officials. but they would not answer if he received, something that only he can receive as a presidential daily briefing. and that is in the document the president receives every day and the president elect is entitled to that as well. and that is would be something that's given to him to present the nuances in security changes across the world in the wake certainly of those attacks happening in germany and elsewhere. but his transition spokesman sean spicer and others simply should not say if he received one today.
5:40 pm
but mar-a-lago, here behind me. it is not a facility we believe is equipped to deliver this type of sensitive information. the vice president elect did receive his briefing we're cold in washington. it is unclear if the president elect and the vice president elect spoke. or it is unclear if the president elect spoke to president obama who as, you know, is vacationing in hawaii this week. >> so a limited amount of information at best. if donald trump has not been receiving these briefings, do we know what he has been doing? >> he's continuing to fill out his cabinet. there are two more positions that remain open. the ag secretary and the veterans administration secretary. he did have two interviews today here at mar-a-lago in palm beach with potential candidates for the v.a. job, a central port of his campaign message really twouz help the veterans. i'm told he's getting closer to filling those spots, as well as other white house staff
5:41 pm
positions, press secretary and others. he's been having meetings. he also entertained here over the weekend carlos slim t mexican billionaire who he raled against during the campaign, invited him. and donald trump tweeted this afternoon that carlos slim is a great man. >> thanks so much, jeff. want to bring in our panel. joining me tonight. washington post political writer phillip bump and three of the finest political commentators. kayleigh mac nain mcananecanane. he could be missing key details? >> he's obviously not yet the president. it would be a different ball game. we'll see what happens once he
5:42 pm
becomes presidents. but if you look at what happened yesterday he very much quickly took to twitter and made some statements that were blaming radical islamic terrorists. it is not clear if that was based on information he had received or if that was his assumption or where that came from in the moment he was tweeting it and sending out these press releases and it raises the question. if he's not getting the information, then where is he getting it from? and is he passing along things that are inaccurate? i think that is the more pressing con sirn. once he's president the real concern is he gets caught somewhere he doesn't have advisors handy and has to make a decision on limited data. >> he's got 30 days to study up. there is a lot going on in the world right now. there are these attacks. it just seems to me this would be the exact moment when you want to get as much information as possible. even if you don't like sitting down. even if it is repetitive and today it wouldn't be repetitive
5:43 pm
because there are brand new attacks. >> we know it is not lor lack of work ethic. it is the repetition he had the problem with. he said mike pence you take this every day. i'll take it three times a day. he's being briefed every day -- sometimes twice a day -- >> -- mike pence. >> of course not. but he's being briefed every day and sometimes tweet a day by those around him and his inner circle. he's getting the information he needs and. >> he's getting briefed by people who are briefed by other folks we think. we're not sure. i'm not questioning the military credentials or the security credentials of these folks but they are not in the intelligence service right now, today, getting the very latest information interest the ground in berlin, the very latest information interest the ground in ankara, talking to diplomats around the world and the people doing the classified briefings are. it just seems to me that you
5:44 pm
would want this information no matter what. >> and he's getting this information and the form he's getting it is his choice. and the form he's getting it are in the brightest. and isis is a real problem. this is the person who's funneling this information through for donald trump. >> we don't know what mike flynn is telling him. with do know the classified briefings would be -- >> we -- >> -- around the world from the very u.s. intelligence officials who are on the ground there. >> we in the media don't know a lot. what we do know though are those who know far more than that assure that donald trump is taking national security very seriously. >> -- getting security. >> sure. >> donald trump is not doing it every day. we don't know if he did it at all today. again, i'm not questioning mike flynn's security credentials. a decorated general. james mattis.
5:45 pm
although i don't think he's briefing the president every day. but he's a filter between the people who are getting the information directly and the president elect. don't you want to on days of extreme importance like today remove that filter? >> i wouldn't prefer he remove the filter. but i'm not worried. he's getting it a couple, two, three times a week. he's surrounded himself. he's not president yet as we've noted. he's surrounding himself with people like general flynn. general mattis. and i also think do you know who's been getting these -- >> this isn't about president obama. >> my point is having all of this information is the end all and be all, it didn't work for president obama who created really a catastrophe in syria. >> so you go in with less information? is that the idea? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying that president trump obviously needs investigation. obviously needs intel.
5:46 pm
however you also need to have the right instincts and you also need to have the right foreign policy. and president obama had information. but he lacked the other ingredient. >> i understand what you are saying right there. i know you don't approve of the president's foreign policy. i still don't understand the argument that less information -- >> i'm not make ak an argument -- >> kind of are. maria? >> i actually think that president elect has a opportunity here to convince the americans that he actually is ready to take on the position of commander in chief. not just ready but interested. one of the narratives that donald trump not taking the security briefings is really underscoring that was alive and well during the campaign is that he doesn't really care about these security briefings. he doesn't really care about what's going on around the world. now hang on. but it was something that a lot
5:47 pm
of people who were voting against him thought about him in terms of his lack of awareness, his lack of details. because he would say i'm going to surround myself with great people. i don't need to know this, myself. he even said this, i don't need to take the security briefings every day. i'm a smart person. but the fact that three events exploded the day he was elected by the electors to be commander in chief i think underscores the kind of complicated and nuanced world he's going to be inheriting -- >> that is the last part. the fact that so many new things had just happened you would want to find out that new information. just to be clear. he had been receiving one a week. up to three a week. we don't know if for sure he did receive one. and today would be a day when you want that. >> and it's purely speculation to suggest he didn't get it. >> -- >>[chatter]. >> i would just point o that
5:48 pm
maria used a word i think is great word. which is nuance. donald trump did not splay a lot of nuance on the campaign trail. sort of prides himself from lack of nuance. there is a lot of nuance on the dale briefings and if he's getting it through michael flynn, michael flynn is not known for his nuance. >> and michael flynn is notebook for paining out isis when everybody else is known --. and -- should be thrilled he's getting information through some o our nation's experts. >> i'm not thrilled by michael flynn whopy the way what he did during the campaign is tweeted and retweeted fake news. >> he is the national security advisor. he is the person who can be giving advise to donald trump. we'll have this discussion probably again over the next thirty days. thanks so much for being with us. up flexion a awareness to the assassination. hear in the photographer who
5:49 pm
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tonight, uh new information about the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey and new video showing the gunman behind his victim before he opened fire. you can see right there, the ambassador was speaking at the art gallery in ankara. witnesses thought the man who you see highlighted was part of the ambassador's security detail. he certainly looks like he was. as we now know, though, it was the exact opposite. the associated press press photographer who was there, he took these images of the killer in action. he says he partially hid behind a wall while he was doing it. he also said it took him a few seconds to realize that the ambassador was dead. we spoke to him just after the attack. watch this. >> how did you find the courage to take the photos right in the
5:53 pm
middle of this horror? >> i remember that i'm a journalist. i have a responsibility to record, to inform people and so, i belong to a generation of journalists who sacrificed their lives in afghanistan and syria so i feel always like a journalist. whatever i go. >> remarkable and chilling images. a journalist doing his job, even when his life was very much in danger. now an update on the investigation into the gunman. cnn's nic robertson joins us now from turkey. nic, the man behind this attack, what more are you learning about him and do you have any better sense of was he working alone or not? >> really, at the moment, a lot of unanswered questions, john. what we got from the government
5:54 pm
so far is he was a 22-year-old policeman. he had been for the last 2 1/2 years with the riot police. the authorities have brought in for questioning his mother, his father, his sister, a couple of uncles, some other close relatives and one of his friends, but at the moment, there's no evidence coming from the government of precisely what they're finding. they say they have found books in his apartment relating to al qaeda. they say they have found books in his apartment that they say are related to the coup. the government also going to his tometown, speaking with friends, going to his high school, talking to some of his college mat mates, as well. the foreign minister told john kerry that, in fact, that he was connected with the -- the gunman was connected with the group that was behind the coup last year. and of course that, big picture wise, is really, you know, a bit of a putdown to the united states, because the turkish
5:55 pm
authorities continue to ask the united states to hand over the man they say was responsible for the coup. so by saying this gunman was part of that same thing puts a distance between them and the united states, at the same time as turkey is getting much closer to russia. >> and about that relationship, nic, we know before this attack, russia had been scheduled to sit down with turkey and also iran to talk about the situation in syria. did this meeting go on as planned? >> sure. it went on in moscow, the foreign minister, the russian foreign minister, iranian foreign minister, turkish foreign minister. look, these are the guys who believe they hold all the principle cards in syria. turkey on the one hand supporting the position to assad. they've been supporting russia, of course, supporting assad, backed by iran, backed by shia militias from iraq, from lebanon, from other places, as well. so, you know, effectively, what they believe, they have at the
5:56 pm
table is the big powers the player thes on the battlefield in syria and therefore they can work out a pearce here. but there was a message from the russians as well to the united states that john kerry during all of this big meeting, the message was that the united states hasn't been doing enough. we, russia, and our allies can fix this, the united states hasn't been playing a good and positive role here, john, that was the message. >> and the united states not even at the table for those meetings. nic robertson, thank you very, very much. in the next hour of "360," an update on our breaking mu in out of mexico. a deadly explosion at a fireworks market. at least 29 people killed. a huge search and rescue effort now underway. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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good evening again. topping the hour, the trablg unfolding in mexico after the worst thing possible happens, really in the worst place imageable. explosions rocking a fireworks market north of mexico city.