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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  December 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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police released a man they had described earlier as a suspect saying forensic analysis failed to tie the man to the truck itself. whoever carried it out is now claiming that it is the inspiration for it. we turn to max foster live for us in berlin this morning. max, how is germany reacting to this attack? >> well, it's interesting because there's a head of one of police unions going around on local media saying they're very close to finding the next suspect. you talk there about the forensics that were gathered from the scene behind me. there's a lot there. there's blood samples and gps date that they can use from the cabin as well. police very tight lipped at this point but certainly as far as the police chief is concerned he's confident that an arrest will be made soon. people are focused on that
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because of course there's a terrorist at large in berlin, potentially and maybe farther afield. there's huge concern. also concern and frustration that they had the wrong man for several hours and the police operations slowed and perhaps but everyone on a back foot. so some concern there as well. yes, the market, they're hoping to reopen it soon and that's an act of defiance against what isis wants to do in cities like this around the world and western cities to try to disrupt normal life. and they want to show that normal life can get back to normal. isis claiming that the attacker was one of its soldiers. props being opportunistt tun ip prance they believe this person was inspired by it. no word that this is an isis attacker, certainly that is framing the investigation for sure. >> interesting how convinced that certain officials are in
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telegraphing that they'll soon have an arrest in this. max foster, thank you. the crucial evidence in the berlin truck attack and the biggest lead in every sense is the semi truck itself. abandoned by its driver after mowing down dozens of victims. let's break down what we know about the truck and the time line of that attack. tom foreman's got that in the virtual cnn studio. >> this is the truck used in the attack. it was owned by a polish shipping company. it was on what is believed to be a routine run. authorities believe it was hijacked in the outskirts of berlin between 3:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. the driver killed. his body later found inside of that cab. how do they know it was this period of time. the shipping company back in poland said the truck was outfitted with a sophisticated gps. they told the mirror newspaper that basically they saw odd behavior.
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someone trying to start the truck twice and failing. when it got rolling again, dramatic drivers toward berlin as if somebody else was behind the wheel, not their regular driver. by 5:00, they say it had reached the christmas market up here near berlin. they had tried to call the driver numerous times. no answer. what happens next is also a mystery. for a few hours it simply goes missing. as it gets darker here, the foot traffic gets bigger. and then the truck reappears down here. holiday market is highlighted up here in red. and according to eyewitnesses it begins accelerating, up to about 40 miles an hour. jumping the curb. this is somewhere all of those stalls and all of those people would have been. and plowing through people for about 250 feet before finally coming to a stop down there. why did it stop. we don't know. it didn't hit any major barrier. police don't believe anything kwhaled it or rammed it. and there were no witnesses that
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got out and ran away. only the murder victim found inside of the cab and an awful lot of questions for the investigators. tensions rising between the united states and turkey over claims the u.s. bears some of the blame for the assassination of the ambassador of turkey. secretary of state john kerry calling the foreign minister to offer his condolences. the foreign minister telling kerr that that he they believe the u.s.-based fethullah gulen was behind it. turkey claims he was also find the failed coup attempt in july. kerry's spokesman said the secretary raised concerns on his call about rhetoric blaming the u.s. for the assassination. the spokesman called those claims absolutely ridiculous.
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>> with respect to american involvement/support, tacit or otherwise, for this unspeakable assassination yesterday, because of the presence of mr. gulen here in the united states. and it is -- it's a ludicrous claim. absolutely false. >> now, for the latest on the assassination and russian reaction, let's bring in cnn's matthew chance live in moscow. matthew, this is such a shocking incident. the politics aside, the concerns that officials have. how are ordinary russians reacting to what happened in ankara. >> it's absolutely horrified and shocked. to see that the ambassador to turkey was gunned down in such a cold-blooded way and so publicly. those images that we've seen that are so shocking about the gunman standing there cooley and
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drawing his weapon and firing. i think it was nine shots into ambassador karlov as he dropped to the floor in front of his wife and in front of all of the guests at that photographic exhibition in ankara where he was giving a speech. up until now, really with a few exceptions this has been a conflict in syria. a russian intervention in syria that has been relatively low dauft. russians haven't really felt that they had much of an impact on him. it's all been possible from supporting bashar al assad but with this kind of killing with the consequences of is that russian intervention spilling over into russia's actual word and across the border physically into turkey really rams home that this is a dangerous military conflict with all sorts of consequences.
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in terms of the blame that ankara is putting on fethullah gulen on this. the russians are stepping back from that saying we're not going to make any and before we apportion blame to any particular group or any government or any individual. >> well, that's hopeful development. matthew chance for us in moscow. thank you very much. how often is donald trump being briefed on security situations? the frequency of those high-level briefings back in the spotlight now following attacks around the world. the president-elect also working to fill remaining top jobs in his administration. cnn's top reporter jeff zeleny is at trump's estate in palm beach for us. >> christine and miguel, donald trump is beginning another day of vacation here in palm beach, florida. it say working vacation, he is meeting with business leaders as
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he puts together his cabinet and gets ready for his administration which now starts 30 days from today. he still has to to fill. veterans administration secretary and agriculture secretary. now donald trump is hosting a series of meetings here in mar-a-lago, his resort here in palm beach including carlos slim. that mexican billionaire that donald trump railed against during the campaign, well, he invited him to a dinner here over the weekend. donald trump confirmed that in a tweet yesterday calling him a great man. clearly a sign that things will be different in some respects when donald trump becomes president. taking a softer tone in some areas, not in others. one key question is donald trump reing his daily intelligence briefing. he has said he does not need to receive it every day. he does not need to receive the same information every day. mike pence is receiving one.
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not saying whether he received one directly or one from his transition team, that's something that we'll be asking today as donald trump begins another day in palm beach. miguel and christine. terror attacks already putting donald trump on the spot. he's not even in the white house yet. joining to us discuss the president-elect and the early challenges he's facing cnn politics reporter eugene scott. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we know in the report he's not receiving the daily briefings every day. if pence is getting them and he's getting them on occasion, a lot of the information is the same, he says. how big of an issue is this? are they communicating in that transition? >> well, they certainly say they are communicating but this is a huge issue because as we know and what we've seen this week what could be happening internationally in the world of terror could change by the day. most recently, we're having reports that he's getting three a week. that's not enough for people on the ground in national security issues.
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we need to some some type of engagement on a daily braces to make knowledgeable decisions. >> both of these people, president obama and president-elect trump are in warm weather. one from mar-a-lago and from hawaii, we're hearing new developments from the president that he's going to cut a drawdown at gift more. 59 prisoners there. 22 i think are eligible for transfer. and it looks like he's going to try to really drain this down as much as he can. donald trump said he wants to load it up. >> right. >> and at the same time, president obama signing new protections in the arctic and atlantic oceans. is this is the president, as we've heard him say before, the game can be the most exciting in the final moments? he's not going to allow any time on the field, if you will, around the court, pass him by without getting a legacy getting cemented here? >> i think that's what we're seeing and also remindsing us that we have one president at a time. president obama is still
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president. and there are quite a few things he would like to get done before he leaves office. he's a president that is very concerned about his legacy and talks about it often. one of areas, the investigation into russia's involvement in the election. i think that's another example him not really embracing a lame duck phase in the final month. >> they are on vacation right now. particularly, the president-elect on a working vacation. it's my sense that things have calmed down from the supercharged sensibility that we've had since the election in the last several weeks. does it seem that we're moving into a somewhat more normal case of transition leading up to the 20th? >> well, the election is so abnormal, that our sense of what is normal is off. there is really a lot going on and i don't know that we've seen this much activity happen so quickly after the election.
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>> right. >> but both of them are very much on the front lines in addressing the issues. >> i want to play a little sound for sean spicer, you know, he's working for the president. he was on fox. i want to play this sound. this has been a remarkable week in terms of different, but very concerning taxi around the world. listen. >> i think it's going to be swift and fierce. mr. trump has made it very, very clear, he understands the threat that radical islamic terrorist poses to our nation and, frankly, to our friends and neighbors around the globe. and we've got to be able to call it what it is and root it out. we cannot be -- being politically correct. we've got to understand the threat we face and attack it straight on. >> and swift and fierce meaning this administration's view on terror attacks. fierce and swift how? we don't know. >> well not quite clear, swift
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and fierce without being swift and fierce and knowledgeable and insightful is concerning to some critics who said some of the responses to what we saw happen this week, came before we had all the facts. and we're still trying to figure out many of the facts and the details. and that can have some serious ramifications on us internationally. >> eugene scott. >> thank you very much. thanks for getting up early. >> great to see you. all right. let's talk money. >> money, yes. >> 26 points is all that stand between the dow and 20,000. the dow came within 13 points of that on yesterday's session. couldn't quite get there. futures are pointing higher. we could see history at the open. what about next year? come on. we want to look forward. there are a few factors lurking that could derail the trump rally. investors are giddy about infrastructure spending. what if it doesn't trickle down? and what is it the series of
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workers impede the infrastructure? second, tough trade war. as president, he will have the power to act on trade. third, global tensions and terrorism, we saw it this week. markets, though, took it in stride. how will that change under a trump presidency? he will likely be tested early and often. but this has been a phenomenal stock market rally so far. and it gives donald trump a real -- a real tailwind, i think, heading into next year as working with congress on tax reforms and other things. >> but the tax reforms are so big, the stimulus package we're talking about are so big these are giant things that could fool the market. >> congress has been inactive so long there say pent-up desire to take credit for it. you've got hundreds of people finally wanting to do something for the american people. evacuations could end today
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all right. russia has come up with a road map that it claims will lead to a peace deal in syria. the deal does not include the u.s. but russia's if foreign minister has convinced iran and turkey to sign on. this as turkish officials say the evacuation of aleppo could end today. turkey's foreign minister say 40,000 people have now fled the war-torn people. we want to go live to muhammad lila on the turk kish/syrian border. he's been following this for days now. a peace deal in syria, after years, years of war. what does, i guess, the composition of the players tell us about what a peaceful syria would look like? >> well, you know, those words
2:19 am
peace, deal and syria haven't been said some in the same sentence for such a long time. but what we do know is this, russia, turkey and iran are opening a joint declaration. we're going to be getting details of the specifics of that peace plan moving forward. and a key part of that arrangement, christine, all three countries say they will provide guarantees that the groups on ground don't violate that cease-fire. that's important because iran has its proxies on the ground. turkey has its groups that it supports on the ground. of course, russia is directly backing syria's president assad. if all three of those are able to rein in their groups on the ground and make sure that none of the people under our control violate that cease-fire it could be something better. but in terms of humanitarian goals, 20 u.n. observers are going to be arriving in aleppo
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to observe this process that's dragged on for two days. we're getting information from both the armed fighter in aleppo, as well as the military, that the evacuations could be complete by the end of the day. certainly a very positive step there. >> thank you so much. thank you so much, muhammad lila. now, the dramatic moments, seriously dramatic just before the crashing of a cargo plane caught on video. the story just ahead on "early start." but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know. so don't worry, mom. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car. wthe rest of the world... fades away.
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a deadly plane crash caught on video in eastern colombia. the cargo plane can be seen tilting to one side. and veering off the runway, just
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three minutes after it attempted to take off. we'll show you another angle here that is just frightening. it comes skimming along the road. five crew members were killed. look at the people down there just missing them. and a flight technician was sent to the hospital with unknown injuries. at this point, it is unclear what caused that crash. more dramatic video for you. at least 29 people are dead, 72 people injured after an explosion ripped through this fireworks market. this is north of mexico city. you can see thick smoke. you can hear the explosions tearing through that market. now, investigators are trying to determine what went wrong. we've got cnn's ed lavandera on the story. >> christine and miguel, the video images emerging from the town of tultepec, mexico, just north of mexico city are staggering and horrifying to watch as people gathered in this
2:25 am
open-air market in a town that's basically known as the fireworks capital of mexico. it was a horrifying scene. more than 70 people injured. more than three dozen people killed. that death toll could continue could rise. we were told that three wrung people were taken to a hospital in texas to be treated for their extreme burns. bystanders rushing into the scene to help whoever they could. this is a scene that unfolded tuesday afternoon. the images from the ground reveal the scorched fireworks stands. a place where elaborate fireworks displays are sold. very popular this time of year as we head into the holiday season and new year's festivities. this isn't the first time that this actually happened in his ohm-air market. it happened again in 2005. there were no deaths in those series of explosions, but it did cause a great deal of damage and
2:26 am
injury to people. once again, this small town basically known as the fireworks capital of mexico rocked by this horrifying incident. christine and miguel. a frantic all-hands search for the suspect in the berlin truck attack. after a huge setback for the investigation. we'll have that live, just ahead. at jared... ...we turn feelings... ...into jewelry. jewelry that tells her she's the best thing that's ever happened to you. in a way that goes beyond words. it could be a piece jewelry designers created just for jared. or a piece we custom made... ...just for you. because we're more than a store that sells beautiful jewelry. we are jewelers. the one, unique gift... ...that tells her exactly how you feel. that's why he went to jared.
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our priority is you. the berlin truck attacker still on the loose. a manhunt under way. turns out police yesterday had the wrong guy in custody. and the assassination of a russian diplomat. why turkey bears some of the blame. i'm miguel marquez. >> it's almost three minutes past the hour. let's start in germany where authorities are scrambling for a new lead in the berlin truck
2:30 am
attack that killed 12 people and injured 48 more. police say forensic analysis failed to tie the man to the truck. whoever committed the deadly attack, isis is now claiming that it, isis, was the inspiration. let's get to the very latest on the investigation and the manhunt, we turn to cnn's max foster live in berlin this morning. max, when we learned yesterday that somebody was in custody, someone who was a recent refugee from the afghanistan/pakistan border, seemed like this thing was closed up. but not anymore. they couldn't tie that man to any forensic evidence inside of the truck. and now there is a killer on the loose. >> well, there is. and some very quick developments happening in the last few minutes, christine. a piece of evidence, some sort of i.d. seems to have led to the next step of the investigation and several in the media names a
2:31 am
young in his 30s. local strong sources within the police are agreeing on this. they're identifying a young chechan man. if they are shore they got the right man, it would explain why we haven't seen a massive police presence that we've seen in paris, for example, in previous attacks. and also why the police have been so title-lipped overnight. because they really have haven't let anything out whatsoever. they haven't really responded to the claim by isis that the attacker was one of its soldiers. they haven't offered any i.d. really on who this soldier is either. we're expecting to hear from the
2:32 am
police. trying to speak to them, as i speak to you. in the next few minutes or so. this investigation is moving very quickly indeed. >> so that's really important development, max. let's stay on that for a minute. there was a manhunt under way, there were no indications that they know who did this but you're saying local media with strong sourcing is suggesting that they may know who did this? >> yeah, a young chechan man. doesn't suggest either that it's an asylum seeker. perhaps having conversations with the immigration authorities but we're understanding it's very clear on this as well. we'll have to confirm that for ourselves. but that's certainly the conversation here on the ground in berlin. >> max, you go firm that up for us. we know you have a lot of phone calls to make and a lot of work to do. thank you so much. come back as soon as you have something else for us. we know you're on it for us. thanks, max. tensions rising between the
2:33 am
united states and turkey over blames that the u.s. bears some of the blame for the assassination of russia's ambassador to turkey. secretary of state john kerry calling turkey's foreign minister following the murder to offer his condolences. the foreign minister selling kerry this country believes the muslim-based cleric fethullah gulen was behind the attack of the turkish ambassador. he lives in rural pennsylvania. turkey also claims he was behind a failed coup attempt in july. and has been trying, without success, to get the u.s. to extradite him. a kerry spokesman said the secretary raised concern on his call with turkey's foreign minister about rhetoric blaming the u.s. for the russian ambassador's assassination. a spokesman called those claims absolutely ridiculous. >> with respect to american involvement/support, tacit or otherwise for this unspeakable
2:34 am
assassination yesterday, because of the presence of mr. gulen here in the united states. and it is a -- it's a ludicrous claim. absolutely false. >> now, we're getting reaction to those claims this morning. let's bring in cnn's matthew chance. he is live for us in moscow. math thushg the russians seem to be lowering that rhetoric now. is that right? >> yeah, we spoke to the kremlin a few minutes ago, actually. and put this to them. the suggestion that's been made by the turks that it was gulen that was responsible for this, that orlandoed. and also these implications that have been made, these allegations, and i suspect in some way that orchestrated this attack. that's something that distanced themselves from the kremlin spokes dmitry peskov saying they're not going to make any allegations, we're not going to jump to any conclusions until
2:35 am
the joint investigation is of course, finish russia, of course, has sent a team of investigators and others to work with that turkish counterpart. to try and find out the circumstances around this incredibly public assassination of one of its senior officials. we've seen those images, of course, of ambassador karlov being gunned down as he was making a speech at that photographic exhibition in ankara. not just had a breach of security happened, but who if anyone, which group, if any group, was behind this 22-year-old off-duty riot policeman who carried out that assassination on camera, effectively. and when that investigation is completed then i think we'll probably hear a lot more from the kremlin on the issue. >> matthew chance for us in moscow. thank you very much. >> remarkable that the gunman is behind him in those pictures. and the ap photographer's poise in just continuing to roll. >> i saw that interview.
2:36 am
that guy had clearly been around the block a couple times. just poised in that situation. >> how often is donald trump being briefed on security situations? the frequency of those high-level briefings being seen around the world. cnn washington reporter jeff zeleny is at trump's estate in palm beach. >> christine and miguel, donald trump is beginning another day of vacation in palm beach, florida. it is a working vacation. he's meeting with business leaders as he puts together his cabinets, gets ready for his administration which now starts 30 days from today. he still has two members of his cabinet to fill. the veterans administration secretary, as well as agricultural secretary. other advisers could come this week. now donald trump is hosting a series of meetings here in mar-a-lago, his resort here in palm beach including carlos slim, the mexican billionaire that donald trump railed against during the campaign.
2:37 am
well, he invited him here to a dinner over the weekend. now, donald trump confirmed that in a tweet yesterday calling him a great man. clearly a sign that things will be different in some respects when donald trump becomes president. take a softer tone in one other than in others. one key question, is donald trump receiving his daily intelligence briefing. he said he does not need to see the same information every day. mike pence the vice president-elect is receiving one. but in the wake of these attacks in germany, his advisers would not answer our questions whether he received one directly yesterday. or simply received information from his transition team. that is something we'll be asking again today as donald trump begins another day here in palm beach. miguel and christine. >> jeff, thank you. terror attacks putti ting donald trump on the spot. he's not in the white house yet. joining us is cnn reporter eugene scott.
2:38 am
let's talk about the terror attacks. yesterday, kellyanne conway was on fox. and she talked about extreme vetting and that donald trump does have policies that will prevent these sorts of things from happening in the united states. listen. >> he has talked about combining with other allies to try to stop and the policies, everything is on the table in terms what that means. but also his extreme vetting program is very attractive to many americans because we simply don't have one now. we have countries that harbor and export terrorists, most notably islamic terrorists. and you remember, jenna, that isis said they would ming until with syrian refugees. they promise to do that. >> is it as simple as vetting? >> the refugees are buried here. years it takes to get in.
2:39 am
>> the problems we have some europe, we don't really have those problems in the united states, right? >> that is very true. we've seen criticism of donald trump over the past few days that his response to terrorism issues globally seems to different 88 the fact that things are different in different places. something in the trump campaign hasn't campaign, one is their deep knowledge of the existing vetting process, what the flaws are in that and how they will change that. they often just say they're going to make it better. but they haven't highlighted what's wrong with things as they are, which many people in that community, will tell you far more detail than critics will let on. >> i'm spoken to many refugees over the years, and they talked about just how much information they needed. not just them. years. it takes years for them to get from syria to jordan through the vetting and then here. even on an expedited basis. it's very unclear what she's talking about in that situation.
2:40 am
>> let's talk about the headlines this morning. democrats are pushing for rex tillerson, the secretary of state to release his tax returns. he's a really rich guy. >> that's important. there's crediticism and concern over tillerson because of his ties with putin. there is an involvement that people want to know about and need to know about. it's interesting that we haven't seen a forthcoming response to this given there are concerns about his nomination, period. >> this cabinets is so rich. the video we put on line -- how rich george bush's cabinet is like one-tenth of the net worth of just the commerce secretary. >> i remember seeing the video. and they have people whose net worth was like $26 million down at the bottom. >> speaking of vetting, i take it the tillerson nomination
2:41 am
hearings are probably going to be some of the most significant and questioning, when it comes to his dealings with russia. his accounts around the world, personal and the work he did, with exxonmobil. this is going to be a very intense session. >> especially right now given anything that's happened with russia. >> right. >> climate change as well with exxon. and looking like a partisan issue as well. >> the trump team pushing for information on how much resources united states gives to other countries on climate change? >> right. there's been some issues on the trump team making an area that
2:42 am
trump's team has been criticized for since before they were elected. not having a deep commitment to climate change issues. and concern that the progress in the world has made on an international issue can be scaled back. >> they're asking those questions to the agency what are you going to do with this information? >> right, they want to know what you want to know and why. so it's not really clear. the trump team is saying we're just asking question. >> meanwhile, president obama using the last days of his presidency to secure new protections. >> secure. >> in the arctic and the like. >> this has been a hallmark issue of his, that he's hoping the trump team will continue. as of right now, it's not clear that they will. >> here's my prediction, there will be a lawsuit whesomewhere. >> just one? >> yeah. >> eugene, nice to see you. outgoing secretary jack lew cautioning the incoming
2:43 am
administration. lew said donald trump aggressive tax cut plans could blow up the deficit. >> i suspect the environment in washington won't be focused so much on the fiscal gap for the next few months. but it's really important that we keep our eye on that. because if you open a big fiscal gap, the only way to close it is to cut spending or to raise taxes. the president-elect has produced to cut taxes significantly for individuals and businesses. he wants to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure. during the campaign he said he would pay for it by cutting wasteful spending and all of that without touching social security or medicare. it will be interesting times. >> that is going to be a hocus-pocus trick. celebration of life for the late nba sideline reporter craig sager. even the pastor got in on the tribute with the wardrobe. more of the tribute when hines ward joins us this morning on
2:44 am
"bleacher report." ay starting at $35/month. no extra monthly fees. ♪
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tadirectv now. stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. welcome back to "early start." the longtime turner sports broadcaster craig sager was celebrated during a memorial service. >> that's right, hines ward has more on this morning's "bleacher report." >> good morning, guys. yesterday, legendary nba sideline reporter lost his lengthy battle with cancer last week at the age of 65.
2:48 am
memorial service was held near atlanta yesterday. the pastor wore one of seager's trademark flashy jackets. tnt "inside the nba" host ernie johnson offered a teary tribute. >> we say farewell to our friend sags and make this humble vow. there's no way to gauge the days, no way how long but know that craig will do the best to live seager strong. >> reporters across the league dressed in seager-inspired outfits on the sidelines. what a tribute, craig sager you will be missed. i know from the players and fans and people who aren't involved even in basketball, we'll miss you there, buddy. pro bowl roster came out last night. raiders led all teams with seven
2:49 am
players led by mvp quarterback derek carr. the cowboys topped with six players. the cowboys have five including rookie dak prescott and ezekiel elliott. now, the pro bowl will be in orlando florida, the sunday before the super bowl. and finally dancing warriors mom, she was rocking it in the sweater. she got a chance to show off her new moves with the dance team. her name is robin scheiber. she's got to be one of the coolest moms on planet right now. everybody is asking for a photograph, selfies, everything. her husband says she has serious skills. kudos to her, look at her, she's rocking it. >> the best fit about that video all the people -- the first one, all the people around her watching her do this while she's in the stands. it was magical. >> sign her up for "dancing with the stars." >> sign her up for "dancing with
2:50 am
the stars." >> hines ward, thank you very much. we have breaking news to bring to you right now. we can report that german police are searching for a tunisian suspect in that horrible attack on berlin. a man born in 1982. they say they found his identity papers inside the cabin of the truck. a security official telling cnn. that is just now in to you. they are looking for the suspect. >> clearly when they have this they good get to interpol, put the picture out there. and hopefully get him into custody. we have chris cuomo following this very closely, chris. >> what they're trying to figure out why they're looking for him? do they believe this is a man driving the truck, a different type of association. so, we're on that with the latest from the scene. and we're also going to talk
2:51 am
about how they got to this point. the problem of rushing to judgment here and in turkey, where they're still trying to figure out what the motivations were in any organization connected to that event. in germany, we do have isis stepping forward to say that was an isis-inspired event but do they know that? we're going to be talking about some of the best counterterrorism people about what the evidence is in the attack. also, we're going to be talking about these conflicts of interest that keep popping their head up around the president-elect and his family. this time, it's more about the family and a potential charity event that was forced out of the planning of the inauguration. why? there was some kind of paying for time with the president involved. we have the details for you on "new day." >> interesting, chris, i know you'll continue to follow the manhunt for us in berlin. thank you for that. all right to kind of less
2:52 am
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a deadly plane crash caught on video in eastern colombia. the cargo plane can be seen tilting to one side and veering off the runway, just three minutes after it attempted to take off. we'll show you another angle here that is just frightening and shocking. it skims along the road. five crew members were killed. a flight technician was sent to the hospital with unknown injuries. at this point, it is unclear what caused that crash. singer-songwriter james taylor cancelling his upcoming concert in manila in protest.
2:56 am
in a statement taylor said his music isn't particularly political but he felt he had to take a stand against deeply concerning and unacceptable reports, agency they calls them, of summary executions of suspected drug offenders without trial in the philippines. taylor's concert was to take place in february. let's get a check on cnn money stream this wednesday. the quest for 20,000 might finally end today. dow futures for gains this morning, the average just needs 26 points to get to 20k. stock markets are lower right now. home sales data, we get that this morning. a pressure look at gdp that comes tomorrow. solid numbers there could give the dow the fuel it needs. the grinch stole christmas for thousands of americans given pink slips right before the holiday. horrible timing like so many companies do. general motors, 1500 lost their
2:57 am
job. and 2,000 more. gm saying they will try to find spots in other plants. that's not gornts. boeing, numbers coming. zeer rox and cat, gopro is cutting 200 employees. that's about 15% of its workforce. if you procrastinated finishing your holiday shopping you're running out of time but you still have options. if you're ordering online there are still a ton of deals. target has 10% off electronics if you order by 4:00 p.m. eastern time today. delivery is free by the 23rd. deadline at best buy 11:30 a.m. today. for free two-day shipping. amazon prime members can even wait until tomorrow afternoon to place your orders. i've got to tell you, doubling-check when ordering, some may not make it in time. i lot of these retailers are still trying to get your business. the award for most dedicated
2:58 am
retail chain goes to kohl's. most of those stores have been open around the clock this week. they haven't even closed. they won't close until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. walmart stores also closing at 6:00 on christmas eve. all right. >> wow, get working. >> i'm getting nervous. you're finally making me nervous. >> if you can't pay for it by the end of january, don't buy it. that's "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm miguel marquez. "new day" starts now. a massive man hunts across germany. >> isis making the claim that they've inspired the attack but they've offer nod evidence. >> it's going to be treated as a possible terrorist attack. >> entinterrogating the wrong m. >> whoever is responsible is armed and dangerous. >> a horrifying scene, nearly three dozen people killed. that death toll could continue
2:59 am
to rise. >> investigators are trying to determine what went wrong. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alice son welcome to your "new day". it's wednesday, december 21, 6:00 in the east. there's breaking news. police hoeng ning in on a perso. the research resumes after forensic tests failed to link that initial suspect yesterday to the truck. isis now says knit expired this take. we have all the developments covered four this morning beginning with cnn's international correspondent hala gorani who is in berlin. >> reporter: we have some significant new information according to german security officials who spoke to cnn. we understand german police are now searching for a specific individual born in 1992, a
3:00 am
tunisian in relation to this truck attack, the attack that happened on monday evening in that market behind me. we don't have any information whether this means police believe the man was the driver of that truck that plowed into the christmas market killing 13 people or whether he's just loosely connected in some other way to the attack. this is information we hope to get a little bit later. there are expectations that the police will be holding a press conference that we're waiting to see whether or not they will divulge or announce any important information. meantime, of course, police are working around the clock to try to get more on this investigation. and find the person or persons responsible for this atrocity. an urgent manhunt under way across germany. police warning that the driver who carried out monday's deadly attack may be armed and dangerous, and


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