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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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germa germany german security services consid him a threat president-elect trump says it's an attack on humanity and says it proves that tightening of muslim immigration is necessary. erin mclaughlin is in berlin as the manhunt is on. protesters are there. they are calling for closing of the borders. erin, what can you tell us about the investigation? >> authorities are being tight lipped in terms of not wanting to compromise this ongoing investigation. owe know they were conducting police raids in the cologne area of germany earlier today. that is where a 24-year-old tunisian suspect, anis amri, is registered to have lived.
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they offered an award of 100,000 euros, just over $100,000, they described him as being 5'8", 165 pounds, armed and dangerous. we know he had been arrested in august trying to cross illegally into italy but for some reason a judge took the decision to let him go. german intelligence authorities saying he was also on their radar. at one point trying to get a gun. now his asylum application had been rejected by german authorities but they were unable to deport him because they could not establish at the time his identity and now, of course, this attack, his identity papers were found inside the cab anyone of the truck. authorities now saying that the polish citizen that was found dead, shot and killed inside the cabin, was not at the wheel, the gun used to kill him now
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missing. authorities urging members of the public to be vigilant and on the lookout. look? >> erin, thank you so much in berlin. let me bring in paul cruickshank, our cnn terrorism analyst. paul, let's begin with the fact with that he was deemed unfit for refugee status, denied asylum seeker status. why wasn't he watched more closely during that process? >> well, these are all questions which german security services are going to face over the next several days, weeks, months. there seems to have been a series of missed opportunities in this case, a known radical extremist, somebody considered dangerous who was part of an isis recruiting network in germany that was funnelly wannabe jihadis to go join isis
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in syria and iraq. german security services moved to dismantle the leadership of this network. they arrested five people including the head of the network, an iraqi who claimed to be part of isis but operating on german soil and they charged them with terrorism offenses but clearly they were still part of the network, still at large, including this individual and he was able to strike but in terms of missed opportunities, he was on the radar screen from the police point of view because he was trying to get aheld of a weapon and also taken into detention in august on the way to italy with some fake documentation. ultimately, the reason they weren't able to deport him is because they couldn't figure out who he was and on german law you need to know who you're dealing with before you deport somebody. >> what about the fact that as
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of this afternoon his face and name have been put out, the fact that they're asking for the public's help. what sign is that to you? >> well, it's boston all over again, isn't it? they're using these pictures, they're crowd sourcing the investigation. it's a sign they're peres it from to find him. they're worried he could strike again and because he was linked to this recruiting network in germany he's got people there that could hide him or struggle him out of the country. and after the paris attacks -- >> he went back to the neighborhood. >> exactly and it was the isis logistical support network that hid him in that apartment in brussels for months and months and months, could we see something like that materialize again in this case? we'll have to see. >> paul, just knowing germany, so unlike what we've seen, if an attack like this were to happen in new york or other major metropolitan cities in europe.
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there's no surveillance video of the attack itself and everything i've read told me germans just -- because of their attitudes towards surveillance. >> well, that's right and some of that is historical because of nazi germany but informs, in fact the german cabinet agreed to move forward with new legislation in terms of having more cctv cameras being allowed in various parts of germany and also some easing of sort of data protection laws to make it easier to do this surveillance wiretapping and that kind of thing so there's a big debate going in germany but, yeah, not many cameras would have been in that area although they were able to get a little bit of footage from at least some cameras in the area but not necessarily showing the attack. one thing we have to worry about is this guy may have filmed the attack in realtime and may, as he's still at large, try to post it on the internet.
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isis have called on their recruited to do exactly that, their sympathizers to do exactly that. >> what more do you know just about isis and presence of jihadists in germany. this was a first. yeah it was the first fatal islamist attack. there have been plenty of plots since 9/11 but over the last several months really the threat has spiralled in h germany, officials talking about an unprecedented threat. more than 800 have gone to syria, thousands of radical extremists on the radar screen of germ man security services and this is a very large threat in the country and the biggest game changer of all is the arrival of these million or so refugees, many of whom have come in from syria and now, of course, the vast, vast majority of them are no security risk whatsoever but they're worried some of these young guys and
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women coming in might be impressionable for some radicals already in germany in terms of radicalization and, of course, isis have tried to exploit these refugee flows coming into europe to infiltrate operatives and that's how they carried out the paris and brussels attacks. >> you are so knowledgeable on all of this, pall cruickshank, thank you so much for taking the time to walk us through what they're looking for in berlin. thank you. just into cnn, this emergency doctor who happened to witness the horrific aftermath of the attack, treating the victims hit by the truck, has just spoken to cnn's max foster. >> there was blood all over the scene, it was like a little war zone. you can't imagine. >> reporter: is that what they're describing? it felt like a war zone? >> well, yes, as they describe it. i wanted to help but i couldn't help anymore so difficult, this is a very traumatic, very
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traumatic event for them. and even now it's only -- only time will tell part of the story not the full story yet. they need strong support to overcome it. many of the staff who were informed by social media are already here so in this hospital we had about 250 of staff members coming in from their own parties, that i had breakout parties, christmas parties. they were at home so their system was activated. the injuries were related to the mechanism of injury. on one side you have to consider the scene. a truck drove into a crowd of people who had some drinks, it's a mass plate so there were serious soft tissue injuries, broken bones. some of them were caught under the truck and some of the injuries that couldn't survive if you can imagine a truck drives over your chest or abdomen this is a significant injury. then other patients were
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affected by those hut which is collapsed so there were wooden poles or whatever fell on them so they had clavicle fractures and other broken bones and this is probably the spectrum. other ones were hit by, you know, minor things they only had contusions and this is just the physical trauma. the one which is follow now -- and we're becoming much more aware about the psychological effect on them -- because they realize what happened to them, what kind of environment it occurred. >> in total, 12 people were killed and 48 others injured in berlin. forensics teams continue to search for victims in the fireworks market filled with people preparing for christmas and new years. it erupted in a series of deadly explosions caught on camera.
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4 unreal. mexican officials say as a result of what you're looking at 32 people were killed, dozens more injured, many more unaccountable for, the blast sent huge plumes of smoke into the sky, rattled the ground even in neighboring towns. the disaster has shaken the community just north of mexico city leaving some looking for missing loved ones and others wondering how they managed to get out. >> translator: we are looking for my niece's boyfriend. here is the photo so anyone can identify him. we have been calling the hospitals and they haven't given us any information. trite trait to tell you the truth, i do not know how i ran out of here. everything was so horrible. >> sara sidner is standing by there.
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sara, before we get to how this could have happened i want to ask you about the victims. some were airlifted to the u.s. for medical care. do you have an update on them? >> reporter: three children airlifted and we have not heard their condition but their conditions were bat enough that they had to be taken to galveston, texas, from tultepec. just a few moments ago a local official showed me some absolutely terrible video of the bodies that were lying side by side with little yellow numbers on each body telling you the number of people dead in that area. i counted seven, it was hard to look at. he said from what he saw as he walked around this area there were more than 32 people he saw himself dead. he is sure of that. we are waiting to confirm that with authorities but hard to forget those images covered in dust lying there deceased.
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i want to show you the scene. that photo was taken at one of the stalls just behind me. if you look just there, you'll see one of the charred buildings and down below that is where those bodies lay, the pictures just absolutely horrific. the panel lise afamilies are stg for loved ones. as you mentioned we talked to a gentleman just a half hour ago saying my 72-year-old mother has worked here for 22 years. his brothers managed to get out, his mother they can't find and those are just a few stories we're hearing from people, people looking for their children, we talked to a grandfather whose young child ne they could not identify, they could not find. unfortunately just a few minutes ago they were able to find that child and unfortunately that child, three months old, was deceased. he was too distraught to speak to us any further but did say that they are going to have to figure out now funeral
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arrangements as opposed to celebrating christmas with their family. brooke? >> i am so sorry for them and all those families and those who still don't know where their loved ones are in mexico. sara sidner, thank you so much for what you're doing there, coming up next, president-elect donald trump has criticized and questioned boeing's government contract to build the new air force one. guess what? moments ago, just who arrived at mar-a-lago to meet with the president-elect? the ceo of boeing. what's that about? we'll take you live to palm beach coming up next. and as trump speaks publicly for the first time since the terror attack in berlin and the american family of a couple being held captive by the taliban responds to seeing a new video of their loved ones begging for help. video with their children we'll share that with you in just a couple minutes.
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> . >> reporter: the attack in berlin being an attack against christians? >> who said that? when was that said? >> reporter: i believe you said in the a press release. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: so i'm wondering how this might affect relations with muslims. >> it's an attack on humanity, that's what it is. and it's got to be stopped. >> those were the first public comments from president-elect donald trump as he's in palm beach on vacation with his family since hearing from him since that deadly attack in berlin.
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let's begin. we have senior political reporter manu raju from washington, also cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny in palm beach and bob cusack who's the editor-in-chief of the hill so great to see all of you. jeff zeleny, you're there. let me begin with you. to me the piece that jumped out beyo was the ban on muslim immigration. how did you interpret as a response? >> yes, he was asked, brooke, if he still supports that ban on muslims which was made about a year ago in early december back in 2015 during a speech in south carolina and of course he went on during the course of the campaign to soften that a little bit but he was asked that briefly and he says he does stand beside it, he said, look, i was right, look what happened here. and didn't go on to fully explain what his current position is so that remains a lingering question here.
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as president, what will he try to do if anything? will he do an executive order? propose legislation? his aides say don't look for that immediately if at all. but this was about optics today, brooke, having michael flynn down here to mar-a-lago, three other generals down here to mar-a-lago. he's being brief nod doubt but also making the case, sending the signal, that he is on top of this heightened holiday terror alert. >> i want to bounce back to you on boeing but bob cusack, what do you make of the fact that he did actually -- there has been no news conference. apparently there's a news conference happening in january but the fact that he stepped out his front door and said something? >> because he hasn't done a press conference in a long time and it's something he criticized hillary clinton on the campaign trail for not doing press conferences, not many of them. so this is the strength of donald trump's, i think, campaign and he wants to make it his presidency that any time
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there was a terrific akach in 2015 and 2016 he would be out of the gate saying it's terrorism before the investigation is complete. this is what his supporters like, his whole message is i'm strong, my opponent is weak and i'm going to be tougher than they are and we'll be seeing that today. >> jeff zeleny, we know he's had visitors, we talked about carlos slim, the mexican billionaire who he apparently had for dinner and now the appearance of the ceo of boeing. to me it's especially surprising given what he said about boeing some weeks ago and how expensive air force one, the new one, would be. what's this about? >> brooke, the ceo of boeing as well as lockheed martin, two companies that have very big contracts with the pentagon, with the u.s. government and it's simply a meeting that was not announced in advance. it was something -- they like the element of surprise here. they like the shot of these
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people walking into mar-a-lago so donald trump is making good on his plan, what he said earlier, to cut costs of that air force o air force one contract. it's going to be fascinating to watch as this goes forward. 30 days from today he becomes president. will he continue to call individual ceos to the white house and negotiate? it appears indeed he might so we have not yet gotten a read out of that meeting. it's just under way right now or about to be under way so a bit of theatrics but also a bit of following up on what he said he would do and change about business done in washington, brooke. >> you have to be on your toes seeing who's coming and going without any heads up. manu, to you. jeff said 30 days to inauguration. i want to ask you about something that happens in 31. trump is getting criticism for this private fund-raiser that's supposed to be hosted by his adult children. the infication offered a private reception and photo opportunity
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for a limited few with the newly inaugurated president plus an auction of multiday hunting, maybe fishing trip with the trump sons. this is now not going to happen but you, sir, dug up some documents, on this, manu, what did you find? >> it looks like donald trump jr. and eric trump both were involved, at least nominally, initially, in this fund-raiser saying that those two you could certainly -- if you contributed to upwards of a million dollars you could certainly go hunting with them or go fishing with them but since the news broke on this event. the trump team has distanced their sons from it saying that, look, they were not this is not formally official yet, they are still working on the details of this program and they are walking away from it now. now this is the challenge coming in for the trump team even if
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trump, jr., and eric trump do not take a formal role or even advisory role with the white house. any perceptions but of selling access to the children of donald trump will be seen as an effort -- will be criticized relentlessly. remember, george w. bush, barack obama, both of them told their family members that they could not be involved in such a charitable function because of that concern that it could be perceived as something untoward and especially as donald trump is relying on his sons for advi advice, donald trump jr. question know was involved in the selection of the interior department department secretary nominee ryan zinke, the congressman from montana. so there is still some efforts that the trump team needs to take to clear up any conflicts of interest that may arise from their public and private lives. >> so is that sort of a blurred lines situation there, bob
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cusack? somebody reminded me today that during the bill clinton administration -- and i want you to fill in the blanks -- some people were invited and i read the slate article and it listed however many hundred people during their time slept in the lincoln bedroom and some of those people donated to the clintons, might have helped with hillary clinton, apparently even president clinton personally endorsed the idea of the sleepovers. >> it's a problem for the incoming administration, when we're talking about a scandal about the clintons 20 years later, that's a problem. it was a pay to pay situation where friends of the white house were allowed to stay overnight in the lincoln bedroom and there were golf outings to get access. donald trump said "i'm going to drain the swamp" newt gingrich indicating today -- >> that's over with. >> that that's not going to happen. but he's got to go back. this was a big closing argument that he made in the last week,
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anti washington. he's going to have to at least try to drain the swamp. it's not easy. but when you have these stories come up it hurts the effort. >> and people are jumping over his cabinet picks saying you thought hillary clinton would have been establishment. speaking of picks in general before i let you go. we heard a new name, dr. peter navarro named head of the white house trade council. what do you know about him? >> brooke, this is just coming in right now. this is not a cabinet position but this is someone that will play a key and guiding road in the trade policy and this is something that -- trade is going to be -- there is a subcabinet position for that. a lot of trade activities will be run out of the commerce department and, brooke, so interesting, this was an anthem of donald trump's message in -- to working class voters about changing trade, making it fair and things so he's bringing peter that rar rnavarro who is c
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to head the national trade council so this means he has two full cabinet positions yet to appoint and then his cabinet will be complete and 30 days from today he takes office, brooke. to my gentlemen trifecta, thank you, manu, bob, jeff, appreciate you. 30 days to go until he places his hand on the bible and israel's ambassador to the u.s. is voicing hope that mr. trump makes good on his promise to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem the ambassador told guests at his chanukah reception "israel hopes the next year when the new american ambassador to israel lights the menorah to his embassy, he will light in the the same city where the maccabees it will it 22, ,200 ys ago."
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oran lieberman is live. >> this is one of the closest confidantes of benjamin netanyahu. it's one of his members of his inner circle hoping trump move this. this is the closest person to netanyahu endorsing him. but it would be a break with decades of u.s. foreign policy which has left jerusalem as an open-ended question. or -- leaving the answer to final status negotiations between israelis and palestinians. for president-elect trump to say he's going to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel it would slam the door on that issue, it would very much anger the palestinians but it's what the israeli right wants to see and that's why right after his election they said that's one of the first things they want to see him do.
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trump has said repeatedly he would do it and his pick for israeli ambassador david friedman has called on them to do that. so it's a sensitive issue that's being handled or it would seem that it could be handled quickly here if trump follows up on his campaign promise and moves the embassy to jerusalem and recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel. brooke? >> in jerusalem, oren liebeman, thank you. up next, a couple held hostage by the taliban for nearly five years speaks out in this brand new video pleading for an end to their captivity while holding their two sons born in captivity. now the man's parents are responding. we'll talk about that next.
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welcome back. "save them from their nightmare." that's the plea from an american canadian family that has been held hostage for almost five years. kaitlin coleman, a citizen from pennsylvania, was pregnant when she and her husband joshua boyle were taken hostage by the taliban in 2012. now the taliban's media network released a new video showing for the first time not just the couple but their two little boys. their faces soiled with dirt. we will not here at cnn play the audio of this video as their appeals were made under duress but i can tell you that in it you hear coleman, who is covered by a veil begging both president obama and president-elect trump to help them. the video is the first time boyle's parents have seen their
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grandsons and today the grandparents released a statement and i want to read part of it for you. they say "it is an indescribable emotional sense one has watching a grandson making faces at the camera while hearing our son's leg chains clanging up and down on the floor as he tries to settle his son. it's unbelievable that they have had to shield their sons from the horrible reality for four years." with me now, someone who's been held hostage by the taliban, david rowe managed to escape after seven months in captivity in the mountains of afghanistan and pakistan. david, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> it's obviously -- first of all in one sense i can't imagine being a grandparent and seeing my grand kid for the first time like this. second it was john kirby who said it was reprehensible that they would have put the kids in the video. just knowing the taliban as you have, how would the kids be treated? >> i obviously have a bias in
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this because of my own captivity. it's appalling these two kids, they appear to be four and roughly two are being held captive, it's extraordinary. i think they're treating the kids well, though. their faces are dirty but they appear to be well fed and it's -- this is a clear strategy to keep them alive. they don't really necessarily care about their lives, but they want to keep the children alive, keep the parents alive so they can get the best deal possible. i had a doctor come see me when i was sick at times, i was given shots at times by my guards and we want to keep you going long enough to get the best price for you. >> why, though, include the children in the video. >> it's a push now for some kind of a deal. maybe there's an appeal to president obama, maybe he will make a deal before he leaves office and then to president-elect trump. this is a sign by the taliban these captors are alive and they might want to do a deal now. >> what would the conditions be? i know every person's situation
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is different but to have a -- initially in 2012 a pregnant woman give birth twice. what would the conditions be for her? >> so they're probably held in the mountains of pakistan, it's a tribal area. i was held there for seven months, bowe bergdahl, the american soldier held for five years also held in the same part of pakistan. it's a problem that pakistan doesn't try to get control of this area but women give birth there. there are towns. there are midwives. >> there are no obstetricians so what do you have? >> again, this is how the local women are forced to live. there was a very high maternal death rate during birth. it's dropped a lot in afghanistan since 2001 but she clearly has survived this. there might have been a midwife. they would want her to survive the deliveries so they could sell her for a higher price. >> just last question. we know that they made this plea both to the current president and the next president. what would your message be to the grandparents, sitting at home seeing their grand kids for
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the first time, would they be receiving help? what would you say to them? >> i think they will -- i have talked to one relative of one of the captives but they've asked me to keep that private. they will keep them alive because they are valuable. and so they should rest assured with that but, you know, that i clearly want a prisoner exchange, there was an exchange for bowe bergdahl, that was denounced by republicans. donald trump will be the new president. would he do a prisoner exchange? that's not very clear. there's two senior taliban captives they want in kabul to be released for this family and there are reports of other prisoners being held, other americans in the tribal areas also. that's what they're looking for. what will obama or trump do? it's not in the hands of the family. >> david, thank you. >> thank you. >> david rohde. in north carolina, lawmakers are getting to vote on the hb-2 law that is known as the quote/unquote bathroom bill. critics say the new version doesn't go far enough.
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we are live in raleigh, north carolina, next.
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there's still no vote in north carolina where state lawmakers are supposed to vote on repealing the controversial hb 2, what you probably know as the bathroom law. this legislation requires people to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender at birth. state lawmakers are handing the matter in a special session. it follows the charlotte city council's vote to fully repeal the city's non-discrimination ordnance. opponents say hb 2 discriminates against lgbtq community and has cost the state millions of
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dollars. >> unfortunately, $650 million, thousands of jobs, tons of discrimination later we are here too late but we've got get it done now. so what i know is that people in both parties have recognized, especially republicans, that we can't move forward until this is gone from our books. we're not winning acc tournament games back, we're not bringing paypal back, bruce springsteen is not coming back to north carolina until house bill 2 has been repealed. >> the bill supporters say it is -- they say it's law, it should not be repealed. nick valencia is outside the statehouse. we know no vote but state republicans have filed a new version, tell me about that. >> this day started off with drama and there's been no shortage throughout the day, brooke. it was a short time ago that senate bill 4 was produced to the legislature by republican leadership. senate bill 4 called on the surface "repeal hb 2." but according to state democrats it does anything but. it puts a six month moratorium
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on non-discrimination revisions meaning this repeal won't happen for another six months. that extension could keep going and going which is why state democrats are unsatisfied with this. i just heard from one democrat who said they will not support this bill. he started off this morning and a lot of people in this state optimistic about a chance, a prospect at a full repeal of house bill 2, the so-called bathroom bill. right now that optimism is basically dmon existent. brooke? >> till me about the lawmaker who you talked to who denounced this whole special session who denounced this as unconstitutional. >> so it started off a special session in the house with a representative standing up in protest to the special session saying it was unconstitutional at its very core, there was no extraordinary event that led them to having this special session called which is why he said it should be null and void. they've had recess today. in and out of recess, hours upon hours of caucusing. it was at the first recess i
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caught up with jeff collins and asked why he was protesting this bill. i wanted to see the reason behind your protest. >> reporter: i gave my reason and said what i meant. >> reporter: you don't think this is constitutional? >> it's not. there's been no extraordinary occurrence. >> reporter: and the response by paul stam who is a figure head here, did that change your mind? >> he said he thought the rules were fine, which i agree. but we're here unconstitutionally. >> reporter: are you planning on voting no against the repeal. >> i'm planning on voting no on anything that's done here because it's all unconstitutional. >> wow. >> it was reported that earlier this week the leadership in both the republican side and the democratic side brokered a deal. if the democrats were able to get the city council and charlotte to rescind their ordnance, which is how this all started brooke, in february. it would clear the way and any obstacles for a full repeal of house bill 2. it doesn't seem like that will happen any time soon. the anticipation was that a vote
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for house bill 2 repeal was going happen by midday and we're till waiting. brooke? >> okay, we continue to wait. nick valencia, thank you so much in raleigh. next, caught on camera, surveillance video of a university of oklahoma football player -- this is tough to watch. he is punching a woman in the face and for the first time we are hearing what he told police during the investigation. what his team is now saying.
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for the first time, we are hearing oklahoma university star running back joe nixon tell his side about what he says happened on the night in 2014 when he was captured on surveillance video punching a woman inside this bar. so his interview with police investigators just after the assault has been released. he says the woman was the aggressor. cnn's ed lavandera joins me now
12:48 pm
with some sound from that interview. how does he say she is the aggressor? >> well, the video is really tough to watch. >> it's tough to watch. >> according to n ing ting to m miss molitor blew smoke in his face and the altercation moved inside and mixon says one of the woman's friends used a racial slur against him, the "n" word then she pushed him, slapped him and he delivered the incredibly tough blow to her that knocked her down instantly, slamming her head into a table, her face was broken, had multiple bones broken in her face. there are multiple videos that even though this incident happened in 2014, the videos are just now emerging. they've been part of a focal point of a lawsuit, some other legal matters as well but just a few days ago these videos have been released and one of those
12:49 pm
videos includes the interrogation, the interview mixon gave to police days after this incident. he explains what happened. >> she swung on my, i was so shocked because she hit me so hard because after that, like boom. even though she pushed me i didn't think she was going to hit me and even though she hit me like how she hit me i was so shocked because she hit me so hard it felt like really like a dude hitting me and then, like, my face just started ringing and that, like, it was just like a reaction. >> so it felt like a dude hit me is what he said. mixon did not serve jail time for this. he was put -- he was charged with a misdemeanor and served a year's >> we'll leave it there. ed, thank you. ed lavandera. to syria now, where you have state media saying the evacuations from eastern aleppo have restarted after a delay.
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the red cross says all those in need of hospital attention have -- are out. but snow has been following -- falling and people are struggling to keep warm. one of those evacuated over the weekend was a 7-year-old whose tweets from inside eastern aleppo were shared around the world. earlier she was a guest in the presidential palace of turkish president erdogan. >> reporter: it's the latest footage of the 7-year-old in turkey presidential palace in a carefully managed photo op with president erdogan. she was smiling, kisses erdogan on the cheek. he in turn kisses her hand. she looks to erdogan and says -- >> i would like to thank you for -- helped us to get out. i love you.
12:51 pm
>> reporter: the opulence of the presidential palace is a stark contrast to the dooms day scenario she and her mother were warning about on twitter for weeks. living in an area controlled by the armed opposition, an area bombarded daily by air strikes and artillery. her mother tweeting several times that each tweet would be their last. but the tweets weren't their last. as the evacuations were under way, photos of young bana surfaced smiling at a refugee camp run by a turkish religious charity in northern syria. at one point her mother tweeted directly to turkey's president and foreign minister, saying, please, please, please, make the ceasefire work and get us out now. turkey's foreign ministry told reporters they were making special arrangements specifically for bana and her family to be whisked out of syria and straight to turkey's capital, ankara.
12:52 pm
many praised banna and her family for showing the harsh realities of the devastating war. critics accused armed rebels of exploiting her to further a conflict that's killed hundreds of thousands of people on both sides. today her only tweets were these, the official government photos of her smiling and safe. from along the turkish syrian border, cnn. >> mohammed, thank you so much. coming up next, you knew him, you loved him in the '90s. richard marx. comes to the rescue of some flight attendants. what he did, along with his wife, when a passenger on that plane got a tad unruly.
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♪ whatever you do >> that takes me back to school dances. richard marx, guys. one of the '80s, '90s rockers. "right there waiting." "now and forever." he is making news for a totally different reason when a fellow passenger on the plane got unruly. he did something about it. the trouble started when a man reportedly began pushing flight attendants and pulling their hair, okay? this is when richard marx and other travelers leapt into action, tied him up with a rope. marx's wife -- he's married to former mtvdj daisy fuentes. she posted photos online. chloe moss is with me, our cnn entertainment reporter, to walk me through, what happened? >> reporter: interesting tidbits here between richard, daisy and
12:57 pm
the unruly passenger and the rope. where did he find the rope? the good thing is, brooke, nobody was hurt. this took place over the course of the entire duration of the flight from hanoi to seoul. almost a four-hour flight. imagine as a passenger on that airplane you would be totally stressed out and worried and nervous. that's what daisy and her husband said on social media. this was totally distressing. they did everything they could. they tied the passenger up several times. he kept breaking free from the restants. >> -- restraints. >> the taser guns? >> he said the flight attendants had taser guns but they didn't know how to use them. they ripped the airplane apart. they said the airline did a horrible job and should have been more prepared for a situation like this. the airline gave a statement saying, look, as soon as the plain landed authorities came on board and being too the man off. they decided he was intoxicated.
12:58 pm
they defended the flight attendants and said they did everything they could, they didn't want to use the tasers because they didn't want to hurt the other passengers who were near them. not sure if that's true or not, but at least nobody was hurt. >> for the record, because i looked. richard marx is still on tour. >> he was performing in hanoi. >> vacationing in vietnam and on his way to l.a. chloe, thank you. it's been more than two weeks since cancer took the life of a jeopardy champion but her winning streak is still ongoing. cindy stoll began taping her appearances on the game show over the summer after telling a producer she wanted to compete but only had about six months to live. she told them. but last night, she won, for the sixth straight time. >> over to our champion, cindy. she had 13,600. she wrote down, maryland. that is right.
12:59 pm
and it will add 10,201, giving you a one dollar lead as we come to julia kite, who was very impressive. did she come up with maryland? no. ohio. did you lose a lot? 5,000. you'll finish in second place. but cindy, congratulations, young lady, you are now a six-day champion with 108,303. you get to play tomorrow. i'll look for you then. >> how about that. cindy and her boyfriend actually kept the outcome of her jeopardy winning streak secret. so even her friends and family have been watching it play out on tv. >> when the lights were on, i think, call it a surge of adrenaline or what, she was able to sort of fight through all that was going on and, you know, i -- it still is pretty amazing to me because she was fairly -- she was not doing well the day before and was, you know, understandably worn out and exhausted right afterwards.
1:00 pm
but she did great when it came time to present. >> she has won more than $100,000 which will go to a cancer charity. good for her. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. they had him and they let him go. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. a man hunt going on right now for the terrorist who plowed through a crowded christmas market in an 18-wheeler. we find out authorities were already familiar with him. plus, just being bitter betties or threatening democracy. north carolina republicans ramming through legislation that strips the new democratic governor of key powers. is north carolina a preview of bigger things to come? and, powder keg. a massive plume of smoke, explosions shooting out in every direction after a fireworks market tragically ignites.