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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  December 21, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. this is "cnn newsroom" live from l.a.lios angeles, ahead th hour a name and face and frantic search. authorities say this is the prime suspect in terror attack in berlin. says the deadly attack in germany is attack on humanity but questions remain about his plans to fight terrorism. and day after the devastating
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fire explosion in mexico, families waiting on word of loved ones. thanks for joining us. i'm john vause. this is "cnn newsroom" l.a. a europe wide manhunt is on for a new suspect. authorities say 24-year-old anis amri is armed and dangerous, arrived in germany and has ties to terror groups. i.d. found into the truck used for attack. and arrested previously but judge ordered his release. chris joins us with the latest. europe-wide hunt. where are they focusing the
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search? >> reporter: involving at least hundreds of german police across germany, searches here in berlin and other parts of germany. still heard nothing from authorities as to whether found him or anyone else in relation to that. but that was a good break yesterday when they announced they had found the documents in the truck that crashed into the market over my shoulder, killing at least a dozen people. have found those documents, links to tunisian man and going from that. he was released in august. how? he had been facing a deportation order and because authorities could not fully identify him by the name to deport him, had to release him. believe it or not. that's where it stands right now john. >> now that the suspect is known to be been a faired asylum seeker clearly has political
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ramifications for angela merkel. >> reporter: absolutely does and joining me is dominick thomas. like to talk to him about this. you're a professor of french and francophone studies at ucla and visiting humboldt university here. the political ramifications we saw a bit last night. the far right group here that will be campaigning in the elections next fall were outside of be chancellor merkel's office and head of the party just a day or two ago said the deaths here are merkel's death. how much political mileage get from this? >> voord extraordinary. this isle general election. lead uh-huh up to the election this is nightmare for chancellor
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merkel's party. alternative for dutchland is using this for every bay policy to link terrorism to policies on immigration and other groups like this group -- >> reporter: there last night and have protests in leipzig about every week. >> and link refugees to terror. this is a terrible situation for merkel. >> reporter: but it's hard to say there's any poll yet we see after this attack. but leading up to attack. how much traction? >> enormous. this is a party that initially came out of the greek financial crisis but very rapidly shifted political policy making towards the question of migration, german national identity and protectionism. did extraordinarily well in
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berlin elections last year, now represented in all the 16 federations of the german republic. and this is an absolutely ideal event for them. allows them to get visiblity and talk about all these kinds of questions that have proved throughout europe in the move towards populist far right parties to build toward electoral constituencyies and difficult to combat around these question. >> you're also a francophone studies professor. if the far right gains a lot of ground and perhaps wins in france, what could it do to german politics here? french election is coming up in spring. >> april and may. ahead of the german elections. not only has the national party continued to rise in the polling, but the candidate for
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the right. the political platform has also moved to the right. talking about islam and immigration and so on. far right politics are shaping the discourse today in europe. one difference i would say is that the economic situation in germany is different from italy and france. germany is doing well, others are not. >> reporter: another thing is how far is merkel's coalition going to shift right as result of this? seen the head of the sister party of bafaria, saying take another look at refugee policy. >> seeing cracks in the coalition. cdu and csu sister party making more and more comments about the problem of migration and linking it to merkel's chancellorship. becoming difficult for her to do this. her response to this has been
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remarkably measured. refused to go down the road of fear and anxiety which is exploitedly them and members of the coalition. >> reporter: thank you very much. john we'll be watching how merkel reacts to that. so far yes, taken a very calm approach to this. let's see how she reacts in the coming days. >> thanks. also to dominick thomas in berlin. talk about the manhunt. security expert, former member of israel's counterterrorism unit. we understand that law enforcement can't track everyone. but failed asylum seeker, links, under surveillance because thought planning a burglary to raise financing for weapons. could have been anyone, just a face in the crowd.
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this guy has red flags all over him. >> this isn't just a face in the crowd. clearly somebody german authorities looking at. and not just germany, interpol in europe is where it's strongest. so many countries across europe. for them to centralize all the information, interpol is key ingredient. but where was the surveillance? why did it stop? that surveyance is the key and first part of the all of the preemptive work to prevent future terror attacks. why not listening to his cell phone, tracking it. let me be clear. everything is done with cell phones. tap into the cell phone. already red flagged, a team of people track the cell phones of the suspects and know where he's going. asylum seeker, trying to leave the country or get into another,
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this is ang operational failure. something happened in the actual movement portion of the operations to allow this guy to be able to get into a truck and then drive into the crowd of people. >> anis's father spoken publicly. confirmed son spent time in jail. this is what he said. >> translator: he went illegally to italy with friends and burned a school. jailed for three years. then moved to germany. haven't spoken to him in long time. seven years since he left home. don't even have his cell phone. >> and went on to say had no idea he was planning anything like this. mother and maybe his brothers had spoken to him over a couple of months but no idea. which is typical in a case like
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this. >> almost typical -- feels like isis because again with the rental of the truck with the false name. there's operational planning that these terror groups are getting better and better at. training operatives or would-be operatives or copycats or anybody wants to jump into the terrorism game. don't speak to family members or break silence. not saying that the family doesn't know but wouldn't be surprised if they didn't know about the specifics of the operation because it allows the attacks to be successful. >> may have been suspicious that something changed with him. religiously or -- >> fact that father didn't speak to him. >> known as preacher without a face. this is image we have of him
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from kroouk shank. one of the top isis leaders in germany if not the top. would indicate amri has support network out there and no lone wolf. >> he's watched by many governments. not just americans and brits and interpol but many organizations including israel watching this guy for a long time because of the command in the youth that he controls. known spouter of hatred. very visible online and social media as well as public image in the news. he's somebody very similar to sheik ak med who israel ended up assassinating. one of the clerics, zealots who command violence because of their ability to be able to lead on camera and get people to
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follow their ideology, dangerous creature. watching for a long time. hard part is where do you draw the line between free speech and inciting rhetoric that can cause death? that's the trick. >> look at what is happening now. europe-wide arrest warrant and also a bolo, be on the lookout for. public statement from the authorities. had to do that because the name leaked to the media and authorities in germany thought had no choice but to do that. how does that jeopardize the search? leak to the media. >> feel like it's done intentionally. it's part of operations. time and place to give things to the media, because with this outlet you have it -- you want it traveling on facebook and instagram. i say leak it. best set of eyes are the masses.
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want everybody to see the picture and report and text immediately. catch him much quicker. same thing that happened in prior terror attacks in europe. get the information out there to catch this guy. may have weapons. very dangerous guy and needs to be arrested immediately. law enforcement needs to be careful. really dangerous. >> thanks so much. take a short break. when we come back, donald trump makes first public comment on the berlin terror attack but questions linger where he's getting his information. also a young syrian girl who tweeted through months of bombing in aleppo gets a presidential meeting in turkey. , the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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welcome back everybody. donald trump has called the berlin christmas market rampage an attack on humanity and said it's indication of his plans to ban immigrants from terrorist countries. >> when president-elect donald
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trump addressed reporters today had new national security adviser right behind him. retired lieutenant general michael flint in florida to discuss world events and staffing. meeting on the schedule before the the terror attacks in germany and turkey. began the day with first of the week. staff insists getting some type of intelligence briefing every day and will be on the top of things from day one. >> very much up to speed on what is going on and fully ready to be sworn in next month and take over role as commander in chief. >> u.s. official tells cnn trump is averaging one formal briefing a week. same type that president obama gets every day. trump is also getting briefings on specific topics. >> one thing i will say, president-elect is receiving numerous briefings, whether from
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national security team with general flynn and others as well as formal. >> briefings come amid increasing global turmoil. kremlin said relations with the u.s. have frozen day after president obama imposed new sanctions aimed at russia's involvement in crimea and ukraine. that incoming could reverse. new administration will have to make decisions. hope they see the wisdom of not business as usual with russia and how friendly will the incoming president be with vladimir putin? >> has to be more cautious about russia than he appears to be. he needs to understand their interest and attitude doesn't align with ours. >> nowhere more clear than when
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the meeting ofussian, iranian and turkish officials on what to do about syria. >> all are united. >> but believe the talks not stop moscow from continuing military operations in syria beyond aleppo. but getting some of the essential national security jobs filled still on the to do list. topping that list may be a nomination for a director of national intelligence and for mr. trump to select his white house advisers on homeland security and counterterrorism, perhaps all the more urgent given recent events. john? >> barbara starr thank you. joining me is matthew litman and hamid dylan. thanks for being with us. 147 days now since donald trump held a news conference. spoke to reporters on wednesday
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for a minute mostly about the attack on berlin and seemed to double down on hardline immigration policies. >> what is going on is terrible. what's going on is terrible. >> has it caused you to rethink or evaluate your plans for administration of the u.s. >> you know my prans and all along i've been proven to be 100% correct. what's happening is disgraceful. >> the criticism is don't know what the plans are because keep flip-flopping and changing. >> why tell his plans about national security and terrorism to media at this point? he's picking advisers, on a good pace compared to the obama transition and what he said, is
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spot-on, not sure what the criticism is about. >> first of all picking good advisers, there's an article that discusses the fact he's picking lot of the advisers based on appearance and didn't speak john bolton for secretary of state because didn't like his mustache. i think he's picking people that might appear to look good on a reality show. >> criticism right now is we don't know where the muslim registry stands. will there be one or not, a ban on muslims coming into the country? how will it work and be implemented and one of the things that looks like may be under way after the news conference is could be on the cards. similar after 9/11 that the fbi and various others say was complete failure, expensive and didn't work. >> what i've heard is focus is heavy scrutiny on people from
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terror-sponsoring regions of the world. seems to still be the plan from what i've heard. i think it's legitimate in this time of terror around the world. people from foreign countries don't have a human right to come to our country and there is a right for the united states to protect sovereignty and borders and giving closer scrutiny to some parts of the world where young people are taught to blow up little children. it's appropriate to american interests. >> but that's not what donald trump is saying. saying go be toy religious test and muslim not allowed in the united states. it's on his website and can't tell you how many people who support donald trump told me he doesn't actually mean that and means something else like what you just said did you donald trump keeps saying he means it and will be a muslim ban. let's take donald trump at his word and assume that's the policy. how it's going to work, no idea.
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tsa ask people questions about religion? i don't know but saying on the website. >> that's from campaign several months ago. take it out of context. >> it it's out of context -- >> articulated it. >> donald trump has not. >> repeatedly. >> he has said just today, confirmed fact there would be muslim ban in the united states. i don't know how many more times he has to confirm it. people around donald trump said its not the case but donald trump hasn't. >> one of the other areas of confusion with donald trump seems to be his own statements when it comes to what he actually said on monday after the berlin attack. listen to this. >> the attack in berlin being against christians. >> when was that said?
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>> i believe you said it. so wondering how this might affect relationships with muslims. >> it's an attack on humanity. that's what it is. and it's got to be stopped. >> okay. this is exactly what the press statement said on monday. innocent civilians murdered in the streets as they prepared to celebrate the christmas holidays. isis and other islamic terrorists slaughter christians and others as part of their global jihad. is the president backing away from the statement or realize the implications in what he was saying? >> both of those statements on true. attack on humanity and specifically on christians around christmas time, largely christian country. broadened to humanity also
9:26 pm
correct. but people in berlin likely to be christians shopping in the holiday season. >> second statement he made was the right statement. press team probably put that out without him knowing it. he was smart, realized that separating by religion the wrong thing to do in that one and said it was about humanity and not christianity. in that case donald trump was going back on the first statement which was smart. shouldn't have put out that statement. >> do we remember this from the campaign? >> when we win on november 8th, we are going to drain the swamp. >> well now it seems draining the swamp might not happen. this is what trump adviser former speaker newt gingrich said to npr, president-elect moved on. >> i'm told he now disclaims
9:27 pm
that. it was cute but doesn't want to use it anymore. >> doesn't want to drain the swamp. >> i had written what i thought was a cute tweet. the alligators are draining and tweeted back. >> how do you tell the different? >> far from draining the swamp, more of what he was criticizing before, insiders making money off the government. that's one. number two, said going to prosecute hillary clinton, not doing that. number three, building wall on the border with mexico, seems like go back on that. number four, just hearing may go back on the muslim ban. maybe he is or isn't. immediately going back on promises to supporters and not inaugurated yet. >> i don't think newt gingrich
9:28 pm
saying somebody sent me a note has policy significance. not in the list of nominees right now. it's humorous to hear that democrats are complaining about not prosecuting hillary clinton or building a wall. fact of the matter is rhetoric used in speeches. what i see in the team appointed ready to clear out washington's corruption and excessive regulation and even today made appointment very important in that regard. carl icahn. looking forward to seeing the promises carried out and don't see anything contrary in the appointments so far. >> matt want the last word? >> his kids in a position in these meetings and going to be running his company. if draining the swamp doesn't mean not allowing your kids to make money off your administration, does that make sense to you? >> leave it at that. catch up next hour.
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after the break, recruitment after the break, recruitment
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9:32 here on the west coast. welcome back to viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom" live from los angeles. i'm john vause with the headlines. manhunt for this man.
9:33 pm
authorities say anis amri is tunisian native with ties to islamist groups. arrested but police say had so many fake papers couldn't deport him. donald trump is calling attack on humanity. trump says the attacks prove he's been right all along about banning muslims or people from terror-prone countries from entering the united states. and north carolina law makers failed to repeal the so-called bathroom bill. bans anyone from using public bathrooms that don't correspond to the biological sex on their birth certificates. lost revenue because of the backlash against the law. back to germany. police looking for this man,
9:34 pm
anis amri for this attack. more details. >> reporter: it's a race against the clock to find the man authorities say is connected to monday's devastating truck attack at christmas market in berlin. take a look. a massive manhunt under way across germany as a picture and name of the man they're urgently looking for are circulated among european police forces. tunisian national anis amri, worn in 1992. say identity papers in the truck used to carry out deadly attack and say could be still armed and dangerous. authorities say he had known linked to radical islamist group, entered germany in july 2016 and claimed asylum.
9:35 pm
>> the asylum application rejected. couldn't be deported as he didn't have valid papers. process for issuing replacement papers started in august. at first tunisia denied he was national. >> also released, the truck as driver, completed the planned run from italy to germany before losing contact with employer. believe high jacked four hours before the attack. body shot at close range found in the passenger seat. as cleanup continues, mourners gather to share shock and sadness. >> people go here to have a good evening. to drink and eat something and stay here and -- with friends or family. and then they're dead.
9:36 pm
after five minutes. it's -- >> reporter: the german president visited local hospital to pay respects to the injured. meanwhile german chancellor angela merkel's re-election bid compromised as she faces concern offer the acceptance of asylum seekers over the past year. despite the fact that initial reports about the driver being a refugee were wrong, far right is casting blame on merkel for the attack: berliners say they're resilient, market to reopen on thursday, want life back to normal as soon as possible. back to you. and still doubt over the isis claim that one of their soldiers carried out attack.
9:37 pm
spread fear and chaos to spark anti-muslim backlash to drive muslims into the arms of the terror group. thanks for coming in. strategy seems to be to widen the gulf between muslims and nonmuslims and people in europe equate refugees with terrorists and for muslims when living in europe experience islamophobia, prejudice, bigotry. this strategy, judge by political reaction, seems to be working. >> exactly. i think we as american muslims or in the west are fighting xenophobia on the one hand and isis on the other hand in terms of their ideology. right in the middle in terms of having answer for both. talking about opposite sides of the same coin.
9:38 pm
both have ideology of hate and want to see religious war and widen the gap or gulf of misunderstanding between the best and muslim world. we the moderates in the west of the muslim communities are saying no to hate. we need to bridge that gulf and we need to offer solutions in dealing both with xenophobia and ideology of isis. >> one of the strongest arguments you could make i guess is equating refugees with terrorists is this is exactly what isis wants. why doesn't it resonate as much as it should? >> unfortunately politicians like to use now tweets to offer policies when they're thot policy. if you want to -- stop supporting russia and bombbirdment of aleppo and syrian towns and villages.
9:39 pm
stop dictator from prosecuting a war against humanity in syria, deal with that situation so there are no refugees coming from there. refugees want to go home. talking about a ban on muslims. case in germany, this guy had false documents. going to say aren't muslim. authorities don't know the difference between all this. people don't know what they're talking about resorting to these slogans. >> germany seems to be a particular target for isis because it has taken in so many refugees and so the antithesis of what isis actually wants. doesn't want the countries taking them. which is why germany is a target right now. >> germany is definitely a target by isis like many western countries because isis wants to launch a war between islam and
9:40 pm
the west and will send individuals. and unfortunately you have individual isolated incidents, lone wolves. because we in the west, muslim communities, have rejected isis and al qaeda ideology so go on internet and social media to recruit individuals. also have to look at how we've been pushing back against the ideology. we need community-led intervention programs. >> everyone keeps asking what more can be done. muslim community especially in the united states and europe asked to speak out against the attacks and done that. but get the sense there's a real fear in the united states especially been a backlash over the last couple of months against minorities and muslims they're scared to speak up. >> we're not scared. i'm not scared. >> there is a fear.
9:41 pm
>> there are going to be hate crimes. there is against any community and we have to work with the authorities, law enforcement and fbi to go after those that commit hate crimes whether it's jewish, african-american, et cetera. standing on the shoulders and feel we have plan to integrate into american pluralism. and requires a partnership between communities and law enforcement. people say need to speak out more. we have been but rarely have a platform. >> it's hard to be heard. >> and people need to listen. >> thank you. show break. scene of a massive fireworks explosion in mexico turned into a grave yard, details after the break.
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just coming up to 9:45 on the west coast. welcome back everybody. at least 33 people confirmed dead in massive fireworks explosion in mexico. the blast so powerful it shook the ground in neighboring towns. forensic teams combing through the charred rubble searching for human remains details. >> reporter: there's a strong desire for not only the families searching for answers but also law enforcement and rescue crews spent much of the day in the market going through the debris and trying to figure out exactly
9:46 pm
what led to the explosion. ask government officials they will tell you the focus is on the victims and providing support but there really isn't much information as far as what caused it or what preliminary cause investigators may be looking at right now. at this time a lot of families are asking the government to help them find their family members. i spoke to one woman who went to the morgue, the hospital, and still standing outside that fence hoping for more answers. this is a market that just nine days ago state officials called one of the safest in latin america, and it's massive, ten football fields give or take and 300 vendors that officials say all have prmts to be here as people came to look for fireworks for christmas and new year's, very common. in the meantime investigation
9:47 pm
continues and search for answers not only for law enforcement but also for families. john? >> layla, thank you. syria now, first snow is making evacuations from eastern aleppo even more urgent. the red cross estimated -- fled. and another 20 busses left the area. one of the heartbreaking voices belongs to this 7-year-old. tweets in inside aleppo put face on civilian tragedy. now she's safe and met with a twitter follower, turkish pred president. >> it's the latest photos in turkey's presidential palace in a photo op with erdogan. smiles, kissing him on the cheek and he kisses her hand.
9:48 pm
later as she and her brother sit on erdogan's lap looks to him and says -- i would like to thank you for the -- of aleppo and help us to get out. >> the opulence of the presidential palace is stark contrast to the doomsday scenario she and her mother warning about. area controlled by opposition and bombarded almost daily by air strikes and artillery, managed to get internet connection, mother tweeting several times each tweet would be the last. but not the last. as evacuations under way, photos surfaced of her in refugee camp. at one point mother tweeted to
9:49 pm
turkey's president and foreign mibster. please, please please make the cease fire work and get us out now. told reporters making special arrangements specifically for banna and her family to be whisked out of the area. many praised the family for offering a daily glimpse into the harsh realities but critics accuse armed rebels for exploiting her to further a conflict killed hundreds of thousands on both sides. today only tweets were the official government photos of her smiling and safe. cnn. >> okay. take a short break here. when we come back, a royal change of plans. queen elizabeth and prince philip delay a trip to the country. hi, we're the hulford quads.
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prince phillip are putting off holiday travel because both are suffering from colds. the royal family traditionally
9:54 pm
heads to their estate for christmas and to kings cross station and take the 1044 train all the way up. that did not happen on wednesday. buckingham palace didn't say if the trip is cancelled altogether or being delayed. the christmas spirit can sometimes go in to overdrive, like with two brothers in this uk. they go out for the holidays lighting up their mum's home like few others. ♪ >> christmas in bristol where we decorate every year. our mum's house and she lends it to us. >> we started back in 1994. we bought our first little -- >> a silhouette. >> christmas tree. >> christmas is tradition for
9:55 pm
us. >> we got to australian newspaper. some people will travel a good few miles to see a decent set of christmas lights. >> very nice. around the corner and easier task. >> couple of hours. >> we get problems with the wind, blowing reindeeroff the roof. not much you can do to fasten it down. and my favorite -- >> art scenes are good but nativity. >> that's our number one question, is the electric. >> how much does it cost. >> we always used to do a big turn on ceremony of the lights and usually a few neighbors and family but it got so big. we serve hot chocolate, burgers,
9:56 pm
hot dogs. we have been raising money for children's hospital for eight, nine years now. whatever we can do for them. this is our hobby, raising money for children's hospital. sometimes we stand outside because people don't know it is our display and hear lovely comments, how nice the lights are. >> they cuddle each other. it is warm when you see it. it is not just for kids but all ages. >> good stuff. you have been watching "newsroom l.a." stay with us. i'm john vause. a lot more after this. yeah, chevy was great in that. who played the wife? beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter. oh, i think it was um... chris columbus was the director... it's called claymation... narwhals really exist... actually guys, it was the ghost of christmas past... never stick your tongue on a frozen flag pole... yukon cornelius... "die hard" is considered a christmas movie! that's the unlimited effect.
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ahead this hour, armed and dangerous. a new suspect in the berlin terror attack is on the loose. plus, the death toll is rising from the fireworks explosion at a market near mexico city. a number of people are still missing. later, almost 3 million more people voted for hillary clinton than donald trump and the president elect can't seem to stop tweeting about it. hello. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. great to have you with us. i'm john vause. wi


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