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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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this is cnn news room.
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>> third down the hour japan's prime minister at pearl harbor offering condolences 75 years after the surprise attack on the united states. >> john kerry prepares a speech. >> and she was born into hollywood royalty. she reigned as a princess in a galaxy far, far away. we remember the life and legacy of carrie fisher. live in atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. >> this is cnn newsroom. >> it is 2:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. a symbol of reconciliation. >> mr. abe and the u.s. president stood together in hawaii paying tribute to those who died in the japanese attack
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75 years ago. both leaders asserted their nation's alliance. cnn's athena jones reports. >> reporter: hi there. a historic day here at peril harbor. a moment 75 years in the making and pictures and videos, the likes of which we've never seen before. a u.s. president and a japanese prime minister going together to the uss arizona memorial a pay their respects to the fallen. both leaders delivering moving remarks and invoking the sights and sounds of that day in 1941 when more than 2400 people never made it home. president obama saying abe's presence shows what's possible between nations and how former foes can become the best of allies. >> as nations and as people, we cannot choose the history we inherit. but we can choose what lessons to draw from it. and use those lessons to chart our own futures.
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wars can end. the most bitter of adversaries can pictubecome the strongest o allies. the fruits of peace always outweigh the plunder of war. this is the enduring truth of this hallowed harbor. >> the prime minister saying his visit to the uss az left him speechless. here's more of what we had to say. >> as the prime minister of japan, i offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here as well as to the spirits of all the brave men and women whose lives were taken by a war that commenced in this very polilace. and to the souls of the countless innocent people who were victims of the war. >> there you heard the japanese prime minister offering his condolences to the souls who lost their lives but not an apology for the actions his
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nation took here 75 years ago. it's important to note that president obama speaking at japan in the fall, both leaders choosing instead to deliver forward looking messages focusing on the future of the u.s./japan alliance. athena jones, cnn, pearl harbor. meanwhile u.s. israeli relationships is fraying. a call for halt of settlement construction in the west bank. >> the united states abstained on a vote. israel says it has evidence the white house pushed for the resolution. the united states denies that claim. >> we reject the notion that the united states was the driving force behind this resolution. that's just not true. the united states did not draft this resolution. for did it put it forward. it was drafted and initially introduced by egypt in
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coordination with the palestinians and others. >> israel says it will advance its plans to build hundreds of new homes in east jerusalem despite the resolution. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will give a speech on peace in the middle east. >> he plans to talk about the way ahead, but in less than a month he and his boss, president obama will be out of office. >> reporter: the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was aware that john kerry wanted to give a speech laying out the vision of the obama administration for a solution to the israeli palestinian conflict. and the way things stand right now with how bad registratilati and how worse they have gotten between the president and the prime minister, this speech and the netanyahu response has likely become another stage of the ongoing fight between these two we've seen in recent days.
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it's not likely to endear obama to netanyahu any more. netanyahu has made it clear israel has no intention of abiding by the security council resolution. that he blames squarely an president obama and secretary of state kerry. in fact, the city of jerusalem has plans to build more. those plans were on the books for the vote. the city of jerusalem, the deputy mayor says they're not changing any of their plans because of the security council resolution, and the response from netanyahu and the israeli government is likely to be the same to the kerry speech, both sides here, that is the say the israelis and palestinians will wait to see what kerry lays out, what's the vision and how will the obama administration handle some of the complex issues of the conflict. the borders and more, and depending on what kerry calls
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f for, this might be a difficult speech to accept. i expect he'll call on both sides to make difficult concessions on a way to what they say is a peace plan, a israeli state by a palestinian state. donald trump is congratulating himself for some positive economic news on tuesday. he tweeted the u.s. consumer confidence index for december surged nearly four points. the highest level in more than 15 years. thanks, donald. in the meantime the president-elect has selected another top advisor. jeff zeleny has more for us. >> reporter: tonight donald trump is filling a critical west wing position. tapping a veteran of the george w bush administration to oversee cyber threats and homeland security. thomas bossert will have an
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expanded role in trump's administration. >> the government with the united states at a federal level needs to do something to address the threat. >> here he is at a cyber security conference, he will work alongside michael flynn who trump named as national security advisor. bossert will be on equal footing with flynn who's portfolio is primarily international threats. >> there's nobody out there that can't with penetrated. >> the choice has some establishment republicans and trump critics breathing a sigh of relief after flynn's appointment stirred controversy. it's an interesting selection for trump who was a sharp critic of the iraq war after initially supporting it. >> look at the war in iraq and the mess we're in. i would never have handled it that way. >> reporter: ten years ago this week, saddam hussein was executed. for his part, bossert was a
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proponent of the iraq war. to be clear, the use of military force against iraq and afghanistan was and remains just. hussein's behavior and the intention at the time led mr. bush to conclude the use of military force to remove him was not only just but necessary. all this has trump is rounding out his team during his working holiday. two cabinet positions remain. veterans affairs and agricult e agriculture. both posts could be filled this week. tonight trump coming to terms with unwinding his business interests and dissolving his foundation before taking office amid questions of potential conflicts of interest. he defended his philanthropy on twitter. i gave millions of dollars to the donald j trump foundation, all of which is given to charity and media won't report. tax records show he hasn't personally donated since 2008.
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24 days until trump takes office, his inaugural committee is bracing for protesters. he will hear the concerns of those demonstrating on the women's march on washington. >> we understand people have concerns. we welcome them. we hope some will come to d.c. and change their minds and celebrate with us. >> reporter: it's an open question if any of the protesters expected to gather will end up celebrating donald trump. it's highly doubtful. but as donald trump looks forward to creating his own administration, he is still spending at least some time looking backfiring off one more tweet at president obama reminding him he campaigned across the country for hillary clinton and in donald trump's words, he lost. jeff zeleny, florida. >> jeff, thank you. two leading senate republicans are criticizing president-elect trump for his dismissal of
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russian hacking allegations. >> they spoke with jim sciutto during a stop. >> reporter: donald trump has repeatedly dismissed the assessment of the u.s. intelligence committee that russia led by putin that russia hacked the u.s. election. senator graham, are you concerned that trump is in effect, siding with a dangerous adversary of the united states against his own intelligence agencies? >> well, when i heard that president-elect trump basically dismissed the intelligence, i was very shocked because i.d. been briefed by the fbi. there's no doubt in my mind that russia hacked the political systems and that it was russia and groups that hacked into podesta's e-mails. they hacked into my campaign account. reince priebus said the president-elect would accept the results if all the intelligence
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communities are on the same sheet of music. now the fbi and cia and director of national intelligence are all saying the same thing, that the russians tried to influence our elections. >> do you have any explanation for why the president-elect still refuses to then accept that assessment? particularly now that he's being briefed presumably, on the classified intelligence that led to that assessment? >> well, jim, i think he will be presented with the overwhelming evidence, change his view and he has said some things like he wants to spend more money on defense. he has said some favorable things about nato. but on the issue of the russians, i mean, there is no doubt about it. and we have to act, and we have to have a policy which this administration does not have, and a strategy which this administration does not have, and address this threat to our national security. if they're able to undermine an election, they're able then to
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undermine democracy. >> all right. we'll take a break here. coming up, a bright light of the "star wars" galaxy goes out much too soon. we will look back at carrie fisher's life and legacy. plus a look at mayhem and violence at u.s. shopping malls. why investigators are looking into the impact of social media. stay with us. for all the things that are important to you. i guess we don't need the kid anymore. custom alerts on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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the princess is gone. there will be nobody like her ever again. princess leia lives in everybody's heart and soul, and it's taken us into the future and beyond. she'll be missed. >> lovely words. tributes are pouring in from celebrities and fans remembering carrie fisher. the actress best known for her role as princess leia. she died tuesday at 60 years old. long time friend george lucas issued this statement. in "star wars" she was our great and powerful princess. feisty, wise and full of hope in a local that was more difficult than most people think. >> fisher's co-star says carrie
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was one of a kind, brilliant, original, funny, and emotional fearless. she lived her life bravely. we'll all miss her. >> now, for a look back at her life. >> reporter: i'd have expected to find you holding vader's leash. >> reporter: carrie fisher won the hearts as princess leia as one of the most beloved franchise histories ever, "star wars." princess on screen. hollywood royalty off it with a sharp wit and sharper pen. her mother, actress debly reynolds, her father, eddie fisher. fisher wove her experience as a show business kid who struggled with addiction into a novel, postcards from the edge. >> i was writing different takes on obsession. i think of that as sort of the
11:19 pm
edge, and i thought of it in the car driving back in palm springs with the music up loud. >> reporter: she pushed her book into a movie starring meryl streep. >> remember my 17th birthday party when you lifted your skirt up in front of all these -- >> i did not lift any skirt. it twirled up. >> reporter: fisher poked fun at the absurdities of show business life and matters of self-medication. including taking pills. >> any mood stabilizer is a weight gainer. you feel better but you're fat, so a gain a loss. it's not a good situation. >> reporter: fisher spoke about being bipolar and often turned pain into humor. also writing, wishful drinking and shock-o-holic. there seemed no lack of material. after all, elizabeth taylor became her stepmother. fisher was briefly married to
11:20 pm
paul simon. years later she gave birth to a daughter from her relationship with agent brian lord. she debuted in the acclaimed film, "shampoo". inbetween the "star wars" movies, fisher landed movie roles. some stinkers, "under the rainb rainbow". "hollywood vice squad ". and played meg ryan's wisecracking friend in when harry met sally. but nothing is larger than fisher in "star wars." >> transported you. >> do you like the princess? >> i have her over sometimes. she's a little pitchy, you know. >> reporter: nearly 40 years after making "star wars," she wrote a book based on her diaries. for the first time she revealed
11:21 pm
an intense affair with harrison ford. he was hahn and leah during the week and carrie and harrison during the weekend. ford hasn't commented. fisher spent a lifetime trying to separate the role from the person. >> i was wigger than life and twice as unpleasant. i always felt restricted. >> and brian larry joins us again live from los angeles. as we heard there, carrie fisher recently revealed that ro moman between she and harrison ford. let's look at the chemistry between them on screen. >> stop that. >> stop what? >> stop that. my hands are dirty. >> my hands are dirty too. what are you afraid of? >> afraid? >> you're trembling. >> i'm not trembling. >> and brian, interestingly, harrison ford hasn't commented
11:22 pm
on the revolution of this affair between the two of them, but they were clearly very close, weren't they? let's talk about that and her incredible talent as both an actress and author. >> well, yes. i mean, that was really in a way the sort of soul of the original "star wars" trilogy, that relationship. and it got much richer with the empire strikes back which was the scene we saw where that relationship took root and grew. but carrie fisher was a talented actress, but really made a name for herself in a number of different areas. she was an extremely accomplished writer. wrote a number of books about her life. and she was a well known script doctor who was sought after to do punchup and rewrites on a number of films, including "sister act" and "hook ". >> she had a self-deprecating sense of humor.
11:23 pm
people say she was tough and she'd been through a lot in her life. some issues near and dear to her heart liker a advocacy for mental illness and addiction. listen to this clip from 1990 with larry king on cnn. >> i liked -- i didn't like illegal drugs. i liked legal drugs. so i liked medicine, because i liked the philosophy of it. you're going to feel better when you take two or eight of these. and i always wanted to feel better. and one of the side effects of percodan is euphoria. i thought it was a side effect i could easily live with. >> she was remembered as princess leia, obviously, "star wars," but she was also remembered for this as well. and really speaking out about it. >> she was. and she was very adept at it. there are ways you can do that and can make people uncomfortable, and she was extremely funny about it. she was someone who grew up in
11:24 pm
hollywood. she was raised by hollywood parents. but who could look at the town from a distance and write about it in a very honest, open, and often very funny way. and she turned into this books. she turned that into her one woman show. it became an hbo special in places funny. she talked about being born to simple folk and thanked george lucas for her stalkers. so she was someone who really saw the sort of absurdity of the fame and she enjoyed and the life she lived. >> yeah. it's an incredible loss, isn't it? and as much as she tried to pull herself away from that role, it is really princess leia in "star wars" that defines her to this day, isn't it? >> it is, and a lot of actors deal with that in different ways. some completely embrace it, and others sort of shy away from it. and i think in an interesting way, she was able to do a little bit of both.
11:25 pm
she could enjoy "star wars" and sort of come back to it. we have to remember that the last movie of the original trilogy was in 1983. it took a long time for them to get back, but the franchise has been so popular and been introduced to ju generations and parents introducing it to their kids, which will go on forever. that carrie fisher as princess leia will be a part of people's lives for years to come. >> indeed in the movies but certainly in the legacy. the things she did and the impact she had on so many people. brian lowry, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. the holiday season draws huge crowds to u.s. shopping malls. i'm sure you've been out, and it tb a mess out there, and it can get ugly at times. >> this year a string of similar brawls is raising questions
11:26 pm
about whether they were linked nationwide. jane looks at the rash of pass panic attacks. >> reporter: at shopping malls around the country, trying to find the best bargains of the year turn shopping adventures into a mass exodus, fearing the worse. >> three ladies came running in our direction and screaming. >> reporter: the incidents all occurring within hours of each other. the facts seem to play out in the same way at every mall. tweets showed as the events were unfolding, initial reports at a majority of malls were shots fired. reports of weapons were false, but instilled that initial fear for holiday shoppers scared for their life and just trying to get to safety. >> i honestly assumed they were going to be followed by a guy with an automatic weapon ready to just mass casualty. >> reporter: this is cell phone video in aurora, illinois. people rushing out to find an
11:27 pm
exit. the same thing in long island, new york. >> i was with my son and wife. my son fell down. it was pretty intense. >> reporter: while this is happening, fights break out in mall food courts. one in fayetteville, north carolina. and in colorado large numbers of people seem to already know what's going to happen. >> one of our officers was attempting to make an arrest of two people fighting. the crowd began to circle our officers. >> reporter: colorado investigators believe there was a social media nexus. >> there was something going around on social media about a fight taking place here. >> reporter: as police look to see if the cases are connected, one law enforcement expert says if anything, these incidents show how easy it is to create maz panic. >> it was what we call targets of opportunity. whoever is responsible for this, and we don't know if they're all tied in. that's being investigated, but they knew there would be crowds.
11:28 pm
>> reporter: cnn, new york. the president has handled many global crises during his two terms in office. next here on news room, the latest challenge he will hand off to the president-elect. plus north korea races to complete its nuclear weapons program. a live report later this hour. stay with us. to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may increase suicidal thoughts or actions in some children, teens, and young adults within the first few months.
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a warm welcome back to you. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm george howell. 2:31 in the morning on the u.s. east coast. the prime minister of japan made an historic visit to pearl harbor tuesday offering condolences to the many lives lost on the japanese attack on america 75 years ago. mr. abe and president obama
11:32 pm
affirmed their nations alliance. fans and celebrities around the world are remembering carrie fisher, the iconic actress best known for her role as princess leia in the "star wars" movies died on tuesday. fisher suffered an apparent heart attack on a flight. she was 60 years old. in tan attack targeted a vee in kabul. no one has claimed responsibility. this is the hole from the biggest drug best in the philippine's history. police seized more than 890 kilos of meth fete mean. there's a street value of about $120 million. ten people were arrested in the raids. weeks before he leaves office and foreign policy is at the forefront for the u.s.
11:33 pm
president, braarack obama. and the president is facing international challenges including the latest u.n. security council vote that has israeli leaders fuming. our global correspondent has more. >> reporter: tonight israel announced plans to build hundreds of new settlement units in east jerusalem in defiance of a u.n. vote calling them illegal and sharpened attacks on the u.s. accusing the white house of orchestrating the votes. as president obama deals with the fallout, new questions about the world he's leaving. >> there are places around the world where horrible things are happening and because of my office, because i'm president of the united states, i feel responsible. >> reporter: take syria. after calling for president asaad's oust, the war wages on.
11:34 pm
president obama's reluctant to go all in limited support to moderate rebels. >> we wanted to do something, and it sounded like the right thing to do, but it was going to be impossible to do this on the cheap. >> reporter: meanwhile russian air strikes help regime forces tighten their grip. now aleppo in ruins. a humanitarian catastrophe unfolds. vladimir putin on the march in europe seizing crimea and moving nuclear capable missiles to u.n.'s doorstep. experts say president obama's restraint emboldened america's adversarie adversaries. >> he's made clear he does not see the united states leading a global security system against those predator states, be it china or iran, north korea or russia that are challenging the status quo. >> we will extend a hand if you
11:35 pm
are willing to unclench your fist. >> reporter: an early offer to engage with america's foes led to a landmark nuclear deal. he has threatened to tear up the deal or renegotiate it. world leaders are watching with hope and concern about this promise from the knew commander in chief. >> it's time to shake the rust off america's foreign policy. >> there's nothing wrong with unorthodox approaches. the question is what is the basic bottom line? is vladimir putin, the chinese people who we can share an orderly world with. the jury is out on both of those. >> reporter: secretary of state will lay out a vision for how he believes the conflict between israelis and the palestinians can be resolved. and it's up to the trump administration on whether to take that route or go its own. joining us now is david
11:36 pm
road, a global affairs analyst. he is in new york. thank you so much for being with us. it appears israel is now thumbing its nose at the u.n. security council by advancing plans to build hundreds of new homes in east jerusalem despite the u.n. security council demanding an end to the settlements. what does this signal, do you think? >> i think a determination by the prime minister netanyahu to push ahead with the settlements. he's clearly extremely angry at the united states and the obama administration for not vetoing this resolution. he argues that it would lead to less chances for peace and these new settlements do endanger the peace process, so it's an everyonelation from the israeli side. >> and israel is still insisting it has evidence to prove the u.s. was pushing for this
11:37 pm
resolution, even orchestrated it, apparently, that according to israel. the u.s. denies that claim. what do you think? what proof do you believe israel has on this? >> it's hard for me to say. i don't know. again, the israelis say they have this evidence. there was a trip where secretary of state john kerry was in new zealand. that's where some officials alleged there were talks possibly about this resolution. the u.s., the obama administration flatly denies that. other diplomats from the security council say the u.s. never made their position clear until the vote it. again a very bitter fallout between the netanyahu cap net and administration and the obama administration, and it's unprecedented. it will all change in a few weeks with donald trump taking office. but there will be more of this in the coming days, i think. >> and i want to ask you about that. i wonder how different will u.s.
11:38 pm
israeli relations be once the trump administration is sworn in. and what do you expect mr. trump to do about the resolution passed friday? >> he's dismissed the u.n. as a body, and he's criticized the resolution. he lobbied against it and made a call to egypt to ask them not to introduce the legislation. he supported an ambassador that supports more settlements, the direct opposite of the obama administration's position. it will be a different situation on january 20th 9 there's news john kerry will give a speech outlining the obama administration's vision for a two-state settlement. this close to the end of their term, it's hard to see what impact that would have, but if kerry gives the speech as planned, it will give more recriminations between netanyahu
11:39 pm
and obama as the end of the term approaches. >> and where does this leave efforts for peace in the middle east? >> it doesn't appear to be improving them. george mitchel, a former u.s. envoy on the middle east peace said this resolution and the fallout politically is pushing peace farther away. the danger is that this is popular to the prosettlement sort of base that supports netanyahu. will that lead to more radical elements that oppose a peace deal and the palestinians, will you see protests there? if you're fueling the extremes on either side, that makes a peace less likely. it's a very unusual situation, and we'll see what john kerry says tomorrow. >> all right. we'll have to just do that, inzeed. david, thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. a foreigner north korean diplomat has a dire warning about kim jong-un's nuclear weapons program.
11:40 pm
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welcome back. it appears pyongyang is rushing to complete their nuclear program. kim jong-un wants it dropped by the end of next year at all costs. >> a top diplomat at the north korean embassy has a stark message for the world. >> reporter: yes. exactly. and that's why his words come with so much weight. he was deputy ambassador at
11:44 pm
north korea's embassy in north korea. he made his first media briefing with south korean local media yesterday. and speaking to them he said that he believes that kim jong-un will follow his nuclear development program at all costs. and is determined to complete it by the end of 2017. now, this means that it's a race against time as far as north korea is concerned to complete its nuclear development ambitions. he also said it doesn't really matter what north korea or kim jong-un is offered in returned. whether it's $1 trillion or $10 trillion, he won't stop his nuclear amambitions. he said it's not about economic
11:45 pm
incentives, and crucially why 2017? well, that's because we're going to have now president-elect trump, then president trump in the white house in 2017. here in south korea, of course, you know i've been following the protests against president park. she will either be impeached or step down, and there will be a presidential election. so more transition time here in seoul. so apparently pyongyang is now count oging on this new transit period and new administrations in washington d.c. and seoul to take place and unable to take military action against north korea. they feel this is the ideal time to make progress on nuclear ambitions. simultaneously, apparently kim jong-un believes he will come to the table for dialogue but only once north korea is a nuclear state, it's then that he would
11:46 pm
be willing to approach some kind of dialogue with washington and seoul. and by the way, north korea hasn't made any response to the statements made over the last few ways, but when he defected in the summer they called him a criminal and said he was under investigation and that's probably why he escaped. that was at the time. no update on that. but taing hoe is under the protection of the government. he says he won't stop until he dismantled the regime to save his people from -- >> no doubt, alarming concerns being raised by this top diplomat. thank you for the reporting. 2016 has been tough for the entertainment industry. we've seen so much political division around the globe.
11:47 pm
and devastating images of war. we'll talk to a sociologist about coping with the pain up next. t and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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. . . . .
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the "star wars" icon carrie
11:51 pm
fisher died on tuesday. she was 60 years old and her colleagues from that movie are sharing their memories of the person that so many people knew as princess leia. fisher was best known for that role, a galactic diplomat on screen, taking on a revolutionary role in real life. billie d. williams said in a tweet, the force is dark today. said he will miss her laughter and kindness. >> she is the latest artistic loss of 2016. here is a look at some of the actors we have lost this year. ♪ >> it was his own business. i always liked him. ♪ >> i think he means mink. >> no, it was for me. >> he was so filled with pain
11:52 pm
and the need to be perfect. >> she's everybody's pain in the neck, you know? she is a mother-in-law from hell. >> i created the kind of mother that i wished i'd had. >> your sister is not the type who flirts. >> they all are, dad. ♪ >> don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted. >> what happened? >> he lived happily ever after. ♪ wow. so many. >> so many indeed. >> and, of course, coping with the grief of 2016 has not been easy, besides all of the celebrities we lost the year was marked by war in syria, the migrant crisis in europe and
11:53 pm
deep, political division over brexit and of course the u.s. election. >> we spoke earlier with socialualist anna akbari, her book "start up your life, hustle and hack your way to happiness," just released on tuesday. >> and we were just reflecting on all of the great artists that we've lost, and i think we're feeling that in particular more acutely right now because of all of the other atrocities that are going on. any time we're at a moment where there's unrest and a time of great transformation, that's when we need our entertainers the most because they're so much more than entertainers. they're the people that give us guidance, that give us emotional support, that help us to make sense of the world. but i think what we can remember at a time like this is that creativity loves a void, and so i think the space, the emptiness that we're feeling is really an opportunity for new voices to
11:54 pm
rise up and to create can and express and to contribute. >> you know, as a journalist i'm used the seeing so many different things. i'm a new parent, and now certain images just hit me a lot harder than maybe they did before. >> yeah. >> you're a mother, i'm a father. but even if you're not a parent, just simply humanity makes you really think about this image, if we can show it. i'm sure the world remembers omran. these are the images of war. this is what happened after a home was bombed in aleppo. and these images, they're heartbreaking and they are constantly at our fingertips, you know, these images of war, the questions about politics in the united states and around the world. that stream is right here at your fingertips. you just scroll through your social media platform and there it is. maybe you're not prepared for it, but you see it and you feel the emotions there. how do people deal with that? >> well, certainly weighs heavily, and as the new year rolls around, unfortunately,
11:55 pm
there's no single new year's resolution that's going to make it all better. but i'm reminded of the words of eleanor roosevelt, that we don't have to become heroes overnight. and so i think if we remember that and we think about what 2016 has given us, because it has given us a platform for growth and change. because, you know, greatness doesn't come from perfection, it comes from adversity. and certainly 2016 has dished up plenty of that. so if we really reflect on this year, we can see it as nudging us from our complacency and giving us a call to action from which we can really spring forward and grow in ways that perhaps we didn't think were previously imaginable. >> that's a good point. >> of course, we saw in britain, the united states and across europe we've seen politics divide people in extreme ways, political differences even putting strain on families over the holidays.
11:56 pm
what do you say to people about those divides we see, and just how unusual is this? maybe if we can work in the title of your book here, how you hack your way to happiness, i love the title. what is the key here? >> well, you know, one much the concepts that i talk about in the book that's something that startups use all the time is a pivot. and essentially a pivot is just euphesims for failure. but startups take those failures and repackage it into something new and different and better. a little optimism there with just a few days to go in 2016. >> we need that. >> thank you for being with us for "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. >> i'm rosemary church. i will be back with another hour of news after this short break and you're getting out of here. >> i'll take a break. >> i'll take a break. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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