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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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brown in for brooke baldwin. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says secretary of state john kerry doesn't understand what he and his people have suffered through. netanyahu firing back calling kerry's speech a big disappointment. >> translator: kerry's speech is a big disappointment, he observively talks again and again about israel because instead of talking about the root of the problem, the palestinian authorities not talking about a jewish state. i have to say that i am surprised. that's what the secretary of state of the biggest empire in the world has to say. >> with the clock ticking down on the woob white house, kerry spoke for an hour and ten minutes about his vision for peace in the middle east and
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what he believes is standing in the way. listen to what he said. >> wherethe israeli prime minis publicly supports a two-state solution but his current coalition is the most right wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. the result is that policies of this government which the prime minister himself just described as more committed to settlements than any in israel's history are leading in the opposite direction. they're leading towards one state. >> reporter: the speech happening less than a month before president-elect trump takes office and with the backdrop of a bitter war of words and major cracks in the once strong bond between the u.s. and israel. netanyahu calling it a "shameful ambush" after the u.s. abstained on a resolution condemning israeli settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem instead of using the veto power to black the vote but derry defending the decision and rejected the israelis' claim of secret
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collusion to craft the vote. >> we also strongly reject the notion that somehow the united states was the driving force behind this resolution. the egyptians and palestinians had long made clear to all of us, to all of the international community their intention to bring the resolution to a vote before the end of the year and we communicated that to the israelis and they knew it anyway. the united states did not draft or originate this resolution nor did we put it forward. >> i'm joined by cnn global affairs correspondent elise labott. elise, kerry's speech was a strong defense of the administration's dealings with israel. walk us through netanyahu's reaction. did he say anything that came as a surprise to you? >> no it was a vigorous defense of what israel sees as the rightful claim to this land. the speech was primarily about
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settlements so what he was saying that secretary kerry was doing in criticizing israeli settlements is criticizing israel's right for this land and right for these families to build their homes there so it was a vigorous defense of their settlement policy but it was critical of the fact that secretary kerry paid a little lip service to palestinian terrorism and incitement. israel claims that that's the reason it doesn't have a partner for peace in the palestinians because of their unwillingness to compromise of this terrorist action against israel over decades and so i think they thought it was a biased attack that blames israel for the breakdown of the peace process and lack of peace, pam. >> walk us through secretary kerry's six-point brand that he laid out, the feasibility of his hopeful road map for a two-state solution with less than a month to go in the obama administration. >> well, these are the six
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points that successive presidents have talked about, regular in addition of the borders of what a palestinian state would be, and that's going back to the '67 laines. this was during the war with israel when israel claimed the land and that's what the international community recognizes as the borders of the palestinian state so that's well known. then there's talk about refugees, that israel would have to company it is rensate refuge couldn't move back to a palestinian state because it would be small and they would give up claims to the land so they would be compensated. then it talks about israeli security and that mean there is would be a nob militarized palestinian state and other things like two states for two people, a jewish people and an arab people, those are two states and these are issues that have been going on and on and on. these are what they call final status issues, the future of jerusalem. secretary kerry says both israel and the palestinians should be able to claim it as their
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rightful capital and there's what they call an end to the conflict which means all arab states if there was a peace deal would recognize israel and what secretary kerry argued in his speech is that even though israel has been improving relations with arab states such as those in the gulf such as saudi arabia, qatar, the united arab emirates because of threats posed by iran, he said israel will never have peace with its neighbors if it doesn't make peace with the palestinians and his larger argument is this settlement policy, pam, this expansion of israeli settlements on lands the palestinians claim for their state is one of the main obstacles to peace. >> elise labott, thank you for breaking that down for us. joining me now, the former u.s. ambassador to israel and syria and director of the baker institute at rice university. in the speech, netanyahu says israel looks forward to working with trump to mitigate the damage that this resolution has caused. in your view, what damage has
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been done with the resolution and what do you see the relationship between israel and the trump administration being looking ahead? >> well, on the second part of the equation it's very difficult to see how that relationship is going to evolve. the president-elect has to get into office, sit in the office, get his cabinet officers in place and then determine what his policies are going to be. now, having said that every american administration, democratic and republican certainly since 1967 have stated as official u.s. position that israeli settlements are illegal under international law. ronald reagan, george w. bush, i'm just citing republicans. but both democratic and republican administrations have done two things, one, they have all worked very hard for arab-israeli peace, especially israeli palestinian peace. each administration had its initials but at the same time
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each american administration has considered israeli settlements as an obstacle to peace so what we saw last week at the united nations security council was nothing new. >> well, other than the u.s. deciding not to veto the resolution. >> even that is not new because in 1980, i can just cite one of several united nations council resolutions, resolution 471, the united states stained against a very strongly-worded anti-israeli settlement resolution. that was in 1980. there have been other resolutions. so there has been nothing new in the united states abstaining from a resolution on settlements. i think it's the current context -- >> certainly new under the obama administration. >> yes, exactly. and as you said this is a war of wards that comes at a tense time in israeli/u.s. relations. the obama administration and the netanyahu administration simply have not seen eye to eye on the
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way forward on israeli/palestinian peace. >> you heard some strong words from netanyahu today. it wasn't a surprise given what happened with the u.n. resolution but then you look at the big picture and the relation to u.s. and israel. the united states commits more than $3 billion a year in aid to israel. president obama just signed a new deal that commits $38 billion over the next ten years. so how could netanyahu say that essentially the u.s. isn't a committed ally? >> i think it's a very difficult argument to make. the united states is israel's key ally in international support. when i was ambassador to israel, when prime minister rabin was in power there was no question of the relationship being fundamental throughout different american administrations and different mizly administrations. that remains. the united states remains a
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strong supporter of the state of israel, especially politically and security grounds. you just mentioned a $38 billion arms package over ten-year period. that's highly significant. it's unprecedented so it's not the relationship that's in question now although it seems to be in this war of words as you said earlier but it's the difference over how to move forward on an israeli/palestinian peace settlement. the united states is committed and has been committed over several administrations to a two-state solution along the lines that secretary of state kerry outlined. that alternative is as you stated a one-state. a state that brings the palestinians and the israelis into one state and the danger of that is that given demographic realities that the clpalestinia
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population simply just grows at a higher rate than the israeli population, over years if there is only june state it will become dominated by a palestinian population and what happens to the goal of israel which is a democratic jewish state? >> i want to quickly go to sound from netanyahu in the speech he gave earlier today doubling down on the claims the u.s. helped craft the anti-israel vote. let's listen. >> we have it on absolutely incontestable evidence that the united states organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the united nations security council. we'll share that information with the incoming administration. some of it is sensitive. it's all true. you saw some of it in the protocol released in an egyptian paper. there's plenty more, it's the tip of the iceberg. >> ambassador, do you believe that this evidence exists?
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you've heard secretary kerry and others say the u.s. didn't do anything to orchestrate this resolution. why didn't doesn't israel share the information rather than waiting until the next administration? >> frankly, i don't know what's so secret about not sharing that information now. if it's there it should be publicized now but what secretary kerry said and all we can do is take our officials at their sword that the united states did not introduce the resolution or draft the resolution, but when the resolution was introduced into the united nations security council it did obviously discuss the resolution with the various members of the security council and according to secretary of state kerry, demanded that there be a balanced resolution that cited palestinian issues not just israeli issues so we'll see. >> just very quickly, i asked my guests this last hour. what do you make of secretary kerry making this speech with
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less than a month to go? >> very quickly. when president obama came into office in 2009 he initiated an israeli/palestinian peace initiative. he stated that israeli settlements should be frozen. that was in 2009, pamela, it's very interesting over those years they really tried to reach an agreement under u.s. auspices and were frustrated by the fact that they haven't been able to achieve that and today as they are moving out of office they are reiterating their principled position on an israeli/palestinian settlement, it's very interesting. >> all right, ambassador, thank you very much, happy new year to you. >> happy new year. joining me now from jerusalem, oren lieberman, also josh rogin joins us, cnn political columnist for the "washington post." oren, i want to start with you. kerry says israel's own prime minister publicly supports a two state solution but that his coalition is the most right wing and extreme in the country's
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history. how does that square, explain that. >> what he said there and pointed at very specific elements. for example, one of the people he referenced, didn't name specifically but the education minister naftali bennett opposes a two state solution. he made it clear he opposes any palestinian state saying israel will not accept a terrorist state next door. he's also referenced gaza saying that's the palestinian state, look how that's turned out. to continue for one more moment on this point, after trump's election it was bennett who had one of the first responses and his response to president-elect donald trump's election was "the era of a palestinian state is over." that's part of what kerry was talking about. that leading the government. no neftali bennett is not the prime minister, he is not netanyahu but bennett holds tremendous sway in a right wing government. netanyahu himself has said multiple times there is no more pro-settlement government in israeli history. that was also a red flag for kerry. one more note. there's legislation being
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considered now commonly known here as the legalization bill that would legalize illegally built israeli outposts in the west bank. that was another red flag to kerry. he mentioned that and said this is what concerned us, this is why we allowed the u.n. security council resolution to go through and this is why kerry chose to give his speech to lay out and build some common ground here in the closing days of the obama administration. >> josh, the israeli prime minister again said today how much he's looking forward to working with donald trump, he tweeted it, said it in his speech, trump tweeted this today before kerry's speech, he said "we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. not anymore. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and now this u.n. stay strong, israel, january 20 is fast approaching." so josh how do we expect things to change when donald trump officially takes office? >> starting on january 20 that will be the end of the united
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states using pressures on the israeli government to get it stoo do what it wants for the next four years. that will be a basic fundamental shift in the u.s. approach not only to israel but the middle east peace process. if there's going to be a peace process going forward, the trump administration will make sure it's on terms the israeli government is okay with from the start. whether or not that will be successful is questionable at best but no longer will the united states be in a position of trying to balance between the two sides and come up with a process that forces israel to do things it doesn't want to do. those days are over. >> oren lieberman, josh rogin, thank you, happy new year to you. straight ahead, russia responds. new reaction coming into cnn about the obama administration's plan to strike back at russia for meddling in the u.s. election. then later, one of the hottest holiday gadgets now at the center of a murder trial. can the amazon echo be used against a murder suspect in court? stay with us. we'll be back. your insurance company
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breaking news we're following. cnn has learned the obama administration is finalizing plans to retaliate against russia for meddling in the u.s. election. an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow and russia says when it happens it stands ready to hit back. a spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry tells cnn "any action against russia diplomatic missions in the u.s. will immediately bounce back on u.s. diplomats in russia." she also added "frankly, we are tired about the lies about
12:20 pm
russia hackers. it's misinformation by obama administration aimed at providing an excuse for its own failure." joining me to talk about that is evan perez and cnn contributor jill doherty, cnn's former moscow bureau chief. jill, what does "hit back" mean, exactly? what do you foresee russia doing? what are they capable of doing to hit back as they say they will do. >> well, there could be a number of things they could do. they could do it diplomatically. they could do it in a cyber fashion and this notice that they're putting the u.s. on about any action against our diplomatic mission could be answered in kind. that's kind of the nasty part of what's been going on between russia and the united states. russia taking action against u.s. diplomats in moscow.
12:21 pm
and things ares accuse the united states of doing the same thing. that's worrisome and doesn't have a lot directly to do with this hacking and cyber story. but that's what they are saying. >> so evan, what are you hearing about the white house's plans for retaliation against russia? >> well, pamela, it involves a series of measures including expansion of existing sanctions, we expect that they're going to name names of people they believe are associated with this disinformation campaign. a lot of people forget it goes beyond the hacking of the dnc and democratic party organizations it also goes to the release upon wikileaks and other web sites. that's what the obama administration is now responding to. everybody hacks, the united states hacks, china, every other intelligence agency is involved in this type of activity what's
12:22 pm
different here is the fact that the information that was stolen was then released as a way to influence the u.s. election which is what the u.s. intelligence agencies believe happened here. >> and u.s. intelligence officials didn't even think they were capable of influencing what happened in the -- >> exactly. >> jill ji, you were talking ab how russia could hit back. how concerning is this in terms of an escalation of signer warfare, something to that effect? >> this is exactly what the obama administration was worried about when they decided that they were going to take some steps that they were trying to formulate how you calibrate this. because you can take it up to the edge but then you can step over the edge where you launch a
12:23 pm
cyber war and that's been the concern. nobody knows where that ends up there are a lot of steps that could be taken. but you can use signer to attack infrastructure, for example, electricity grids, etc. this is uncharted territory. the word has been used a lot so it's dangerous and you can see with a statement from the foreign ministry of russia that they are threatening to come right back at the united states. it could get nasty very fast. >> and -- >> go ahead even. >> just to pick up what jill was saying, that's the concern. we have a lot, frankly, more to lose than the russians. a lot more of our economy is tied up on the internet. a lot of infrastructure of the united states is exposed poorly defended frankly so the concern here is if you do do something
12:24 pm
that requires a response in kind wet might have more to lose than the russians do. >> on that note, is the goal for the white house to give a proportionate response rather than take it up a notch with the retaliation. >> right. and that's one of the reasons why they have spent months and months behind the scenes wronging over how to respond to this. they didn't want to cause an overreaction and they want to make sure the russians can see what they're doing and it's a diplomatic way of handling this. the u.s. has sanctioned russian entities before, people in russia. the russians have responded by doing sanctions including senator mccain so there are way s to do this without letting it get out of control. >> meantime, vladimir putin continues to deny russia had anything to do with the election hacking, right? >> actually, pam, read the fine
12:25 pm
print. president putin as far as i can really see they have never directly in let's say a legal way said we didn't do it. they have said in a general sense. president putin's have been more well, even if there was hacking the truth came out and we learned about the -- as he would say, the democratic party et cetera. so in a way i would argue there's been some gloating by the russians about being able to get into the american system. evan knows this as well. part of this is each side get toing the other saying well we can hack you better than you could hack us and that's also very danger's. so we don't know where this is going and then you have to fact that the next administration is
12:26 pm
in in just a few weeks and we don't know what they are going to do. all of this could be over or changed but i'll tell you, when you talk to anybody who knows this field, this is not going away. hacking is not going away. and governments have to find a response. >> evan, i have a feeling we'll be busy covering hacking on all fronts. jill, thank you so much, both of you, for coming on the show. appreciate it. up next, secretary of state john kerry giving a fiery exit speech of sorts on his vision for middle east peace. how the president-elect is weighing in. you're watching cnn, we'll be right back.
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back to our breaking news, secretary of state john kerry laid out his vision for nasa a global impasse that has vex it had united states for generations. bringing peace between arabs and israelis in the middle east and israel's leader has just fired back. this war of words comes less than a week after the u.s. allowed a controversial united nations resolution to pass without vetoing it. it condemned israel's settlements on territory palestinians believe is part of their future state. kerry says the settlements impede a two-state solution, a land for israelis alongside a land for palestinians. >> one thing we do know, if israel goes down the one-state path it will never have true peace with the rest of the arab world and i can say that with certainty. the arab countries have made clear they will not make peace with israel without resolving the israeli palestinian conflict. that's not where their loyalties
12:31 pm
lie, that's not where their politics are. >> i want to express my deep disappointment with the speech today of john kerry, a speech that was almost as unbalanced as the anti-israel resolution passed at the u.n. last week. in a speech ostensibly about peace between israelis and palestinians, secretary kerry paid lip it was so the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. >> let me turn to sunlen serfaty in palm beach following president-elect donald trump's movements today. sunlen no reaction from trump on kerry's speech but netanyahu took notice, right? >> no formal reaction from the president-elect who is here in florida right now but he did earlier this morning give
12:32 pm
something of a prebuttal of sorts to secretary of state john kerry's speech. he took to twitter and got a tweet out there reaffirming his support of israel and pointing a finger at the obama administration accusing them of damaging the relationship with isra israel. hours before secretary kerry's speech he dweeted "we cannot continue to let israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not anymore. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and now this. the u.n. stay strong, israel, january 20 is fast approaching." so the president-elect up with a direct message sent to israel and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu tweeted back saying "president-elect trump, thank you for your warm friendship and clear-cut support for israel. the prime minister also this afternoon after secretary kerry's speech in a speech cited support for the trump
12:33 pm
administration and said that he's looking forward to mitigating the damage done by the obama administration working with the incoming trump administration. now president-elect trump is here at his mar-a-lago estate today where he's been holding a plethora of meetings, doubling down on his meetings since the holiday. he met with his national security team and had an intelligence briefing this morning where no doubt these issues are likely to come. the president-elect is likely to make a statement later today on the economy, pam, but we'll see if he weighs in on secretary kerry's big speech. >> sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. now for analysis. i turn to jeremy diamond and juana summers. jeremy, you wrote an in-depth piece for and before we dive in, i want to put this into context. how unusual is it for a president-elect to weigh in on
12:34 pm
foreign policy before he takes office like we just saw donald trump with his tweets. >> well, it's a breach of the protocol that existed typically between presidents and president-elects. this notion that there is only one president at a time and president-elects typically avoid making such pronouncements on policy, particularly on foreign policy where there can be some room for you want to project one u.s. foreign policy at a time but donald trump is not sticking to that and he's making clear, particularly on this issue of israel and the israeli sett settlements that there will be a different era once he takes office. >> in your piece on you say this is a remarkable moment for both men. what did you mean? why is this such a remarkable moment? >> it really comes down the fact that president-elect trump and president obama have in the past tried to maintain pretty good relations for the past several weeks.
12:35 pm
they have tried since the election, president obama received president-elect trump at the oval office and they have spoken on the phone repeatedly and now we're seeing this fissure, a lot of it has to do with both the impact that that will have on policy but also the impact that it may have on the relationship between the two men and this kind of transition of power we're seeing where typically there is a tight relationship between the two men trying to help the next president assume office and do the best for the country. >> so we're hearing two different positions from the obama administration. president-elect trump when it comes to israel. juana, talk about how the u.s.'s position on the u.n. resolution might change when donald trump becomes president, i understand there's a vote that condemn this is resolution, right? >> that's right, pam. there's a non-binding resolution that republicans say will be one of their first acts in the house when congress returns in the new year. this comes as no surprise. congressional republicans have forcefully condemned this action saying the obama administration hasn't handled this well but it's not just republicans.
12:36 pm
we've been hearing from the number-two democrat in the house steny hoyer saying this was not the right way to go, so the non-binding resolution is expected to pass with bipartisan support. the biggest question is will republicans go further, even depriving funding as some have suggested because of this action. >> how likely is that, jeremy? >> well, passing a resolution in the house condemning this action will be pretty easy. there is bipartisan support as juana suggested and what this will do is essentially show first that the trump administration is trying to take a new tack towards israel as it enters offers and second of all showing they can have bipartisan support and a bipartisan consensus on this issue of israel and it will be an easy measure to pass and something that will kind of be a good sign for the first days of a trump administration. >> give an early boost for president trump when he officially takes office. juana, focusing on trump and obama, they had been getting along, as we touched on with jeremy then the president said
12:37 pm
this during his historic moment with the japanese prime minister when the two visited a pearl harbor grave. >> it is here that we remember that even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. we must resist the urge to demonize those who are different. >> so some took that as a bit of a jab to donald trump and that may include trump himself who tweeted this "doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory statements and roadblockroadblo. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. sorry about my sketchy reading of donald trump's tweet there but juana, how much of this is public posturing and how much of this is showing the truth that things have soured between the two men? >> i have to say, pam, that is far cry from what we saw from
12:38 pm
president obama and president-elect trump sitting together in the white house, the relationship jeremy talked about earlier in the segment. i think president-elect trump is someone who when there are attacks made at him, whether it be the statement we just heard obama say there or obama's comments to our colleague david axelrod suggesting he could have won on his message of hope and change had he been able to run again, these are things president-elect trump constantly and methodically responds to. so how far the relationship has frayed i'm not sure but i would suspect to see if president obama continues to make these comments, rather thinly veiled or not so veiled about president-elect trump, we'll see this infighting play out in the open in a way we've not seen in relationships from presidents and president-elects in the zblast ju past. >> juana, jeremy, thank you. up next, the device is always listening. now one of the hottest selling holiday gadgets could be at the center of a murder trial. why prosecutors want amazon to release the audio from an arkansas man's echo device.
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so if you received an amazon echo this holiday season as i did. your echo data could potentially be used against you one day in court. police want amazon to turn over echo data belonging to a arkansas murder james bates. he's accused of killing a man last year after a night of drinking. amazon says it won't comply. the suspect's father and his lawyer say the police request is overreaching. >> i have a strong feeling about personal privacy but i have a much stronger feeling about my son's innocence. however it is felt like to me
12:43 pm
that i am in this particular case -- i have exhausted all of my personal resources proving his innocence again and again and again. >> but what they're trying to do is novel but it's a deep invasion of privacy. >> then you have the other side, the prosecuting attorney argues if you can get a search warrant for someone's home, if you can draw someone's blood against their will. obtain a warrant for someone's cell phone, their computer, then this device shouldn't be any different. let's talk it over with danny cevallos. danny is this device different? >> this isn't exactly the same as getting a warrant for your blood or searching inside your him. in this case, police are seeking information not from the home but data from amazon itself and that raises all kinds of issues in the digital age. >> because it went to the cloud, right? >> it went to the cloud, it went to a third party and if it's
12:44 pm
outside of your reasonable expectation of privacy not only can you not quash that warrant, you don't even have standing to object so there are prosecutors who will say that, hey, because amazon has the data and not the customer, the customer can't even object to amazon turning it over. it turns out a.m. son and companies like amazon will oppose these search warrants and subpoenas but sometimes they comply, sometimes they don't depending on how overbroad they perceive the quests. >> this reminds me of -- i don't know if this is an accurate comparison -- but the fbi and apple tussle over terrorist data. >> our anti-kuwaquated law is h to deal with data and not just any data but data in the ether. is it in a server on the moon or in ireland? what is the cloud? most judges and lawyers don't really even fully understand
12:45 pm
what it is. so we have to address notions oaf privacy to amorphous things like data which we know of in concept but can't touch them or think of them like an object. >> all right. let's talk about the object, the echo. it contains less than 60 seconds of recorded sound in its storage buffer. as new sound is recorded the old is erased so there's no audio record made of what went on in a room where an echo sits. how useful is this eck coy? what value does it bring the table in an investigation like this? >> admittedly, i'm a biased defense attorney but when you think about what they're seeking. they're seeking information on the off chance that somebody said something to the effect of "hey, alexa, how do i wash blood out of my jeans" or something like that. i'm not trying to be glib but that's how much of a deliver of sound we're talking about. so while it's possible there may be some deliver of audio
12:46 pm
information stored in the cloud because the echo has to send that information to the cloud to translate it and bring it back so it can interpret your voice. so on the off chance there's a sound, a bump in the night, anything on that audio recording, it seems as a defense attorney this is a very broad approach to seek what is really prospective and maybe unlikely data out there. >> and i want to read amazon's full statement before i let you go. amazon says it will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on u.s. amazon objects who overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course. echo's microphone is good at filtering out background noise. could that factor into the legalities of this request? >> it could. there's so many issues that come up. first of all, is recording in our home a violation of wiretapping? if it has that capability, how long before the fbi starts getting parents not for our
12:47 pm
telephone but for our amazon echoes. maybe the current incarnation but whatever comes in a year or two years from now when there's so much more sophisticated than they are now so when it comes to these recording devices, yes, the consumer can turn them off and erase the data stored locally but once information goes out into the ether, you cannot unring that digital bell. >> dan any cevallos, thank you. i have a feeling we'll be talking about this for months, years to come. moments ago, donald trump emerged briefly from mar-a-lago. what he just said up next. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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just into the cnn newsroom, donald trump emerging briefly from mar-a-lago in west palm beach. he was asked about this tweet directed at president obama. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. moments ago he was asked about
12:51 pm
that where he said, quote, things are going very, very smoothly. a brief scare at trump tower prompted an abrupt lobby evacuation. all this over a suspicious package that was a backpack filled with toys. it spawned a twitter fight over the cost of providing security to the building on fifth avenue. trump's pick for press secretary, sean spicer tweeted that they were back to work at trump tower after a false alarm. to which the press secretary for the new york mayor bill de blasio responded, no problem. we'll send you a bill. they've already requesting $35 million to help pay for the extra man power that stands guard at trump tower. cnn looks at the challenges the high-rise building poses. >> trump tower, a nearly 70-story high-rise in the middle
12:52 pm
of manhattan must soon be one of the most protected buildings in the united states. >> every element of the white house, whether from a security posture, communications or emergency protocols, that has to be put into place here at trump tower. >> reporter: trump made it clear he plans to return to new york often during his term and his wife melania and their 10-year-old son barron will live there for the next six months. it presents challenges. really, it's getting the president down from there. >> absolutely. >> reporter: a former secret service agent. >> washington, d.c., is simple. it's 18 acres, fenced with a big lawn in the back that we can utilize. don't have that here. so those types of considerations have to be addressed. >> reporter: training to address those concerns has already started. law enforcement sources confirm these military aircraft and helicopters recently seen hovering above the new york city skyline were mapping out
12:53 pm
possible escape routes and taking pictures of rooftops and central park for potential landing locations. the city has never been analyzed this way before for a u.s. president because the white house was opened in 1800, so never has a president resided outside of it and in a major city for extended periods of time. but trump is full of firsts. and the secret service, along with the military and nypd, must adjust. >> you'll see increasing security posture here around trump tower, you'll see a lot of standoff distance, a lot of physical changes to the location, to, you know, mitigate a lot of different threats. >> reporter: and if there were a threat he says agents would have less than a minute to bring the president and his family to safety. >> remember, we have to extract him from the top of this building. how do we do that? how do they do that safely? how do we notify law enforcement partners that there is this action? >> reporter: all questions that not only need to be addressed but put into practice by january
12:54 pm
20th. >> right now it's sort of a hurry-up offense. we're trying to rush to get this done but not miss anything. >> reporter: cnn, new york. coming up right here in the cnn newsroom, heightened alert in the wake of the berlin terror attack. cities are not taking chances when it comes to new year's celebrations. we'll show you the new security measures being put into place. il for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. go to to get started today. won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call
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tighter security looms across much of europe as new year's eve approaches. in light of the december truck attack at a christmas market in berlin, the police in germany says officers will carry machine guns. melissa bell looks at security measures being taken in paris. >> reporter: as in germany, the end of the year in france means colorful and crowded christmas markets. even before last week's attack in berlin, security here on the champs elysees was tight ensured by police patrols, 200 cameras and 60 concrete blocks. >> translator: large crowds mean strong security measures with controls, searches, protected perimeters. and all of that was taken into account well before what happened in germany. although, of course, the berlin attack reminds us of the need for vigilance.
12:58 pm
>> reporter: vigilance that will mean 10,000 soldiers on the streets of france over the holiday period reinforcing a police presence that's 91,000 strong. extra security measures announced earlier this month by this man. he visited the champ elysees on the very week of his appointment as interior minister. he called on parisians to show thanks. >> they pay a heavy price. i ask that in this hollywood period there be demonstrations of friendship and solidarity to those who ensure the security of the french people in this difficult period. >> reporter: for more than a year france has been living under a statement of emergency. bernard cazeneuve told the parliament why it was both necessary and working. >> translator: since the beginning of the year 2016, 420 people with links to radical islamism were arrested and 17 attacks planned on french soil
12:59 pm
were foiled. >> reporter: after the speech mps voted to extend the state of emergency until july of next year. for those involved in policing the streets of paris, the extra measures are beginning to take their toll. >> translator: obviously we have the means to ensure paris' security during the holiday period. extra riot police will be deployed and also extra mobile units. if i may ask, at what cost? i mean there is a human cost for the security forces in general, whether policeman, we are giving of ourselves and our time at a cost to us and our families. >> reporter: for now the interior ministry insists that such sacrifices are necessary. >> translator: we have to maintain the high level of vigilance in the face of a threat that remains high even as we continue to live freely and peacefully. >> reporter: authorities here in france are relieved that the christmas period has gone as smoothly was it has. all eyes now turn to new year's eve when hundreds of thousands of people will be here on the
1:00 pm
champs elysees to ring in a new year that they hope will be more peaceful than the two preceding it. melissa belle, cnn, paris. >> "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, pamela. president obama with 23 days to fix thousands of years' worth of problems. "the lead" starts right now. rebuking an ally. secretary of state john kerry saying, unless a palestinian state is formed, israel will have to face a dilemma of being jewish or democratic but cannot be both. as president obama makes one final drive to try to forge a peace process in the middle east. bumpy ride. president-elect trump taking on president obama on twitter naturally accusing the man he will soon replace to put up roadblocks to his transition. might he have a point? payback time. president obama expected