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tv   New Day  CNN  December 29, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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so much talk that she died, debbie reynolds, of a broken heart. >> we'll begin with the legendary actress. died one day after her daughter passed away. >> 84 years old she was a film legend and sang and danced her way into movie history. 1952 musical "singing in the rain." fans now mourning the unspeakable loss of mother and daughter. our paul vercammen is live in los angeles with more. good morning, paul. >> good morning, poppy. all of hollywood seems heart sick right now. we heard that debbie reynolds had been rushed to the hospital yesterday after complaining of some sort of breathing difficulties and then her son, todd, issuing a statement. todd would be carrie fisher's brother, as well. he said my mother passed away a short time ago. she spoke to me this morning and said she missed carrie and she is with carrie now.
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♪ i'm singing my song for you >> reporter: singer, dancer, actress was a hollywood triple threat, an america's sweetheart. her film career began at the age of 16 after being spotted in a beauty pageant. her star officially launched just a few years later after a spirited performance opposite gene kelly and in "singing in the rain." >> they locked me in a big old studio and for three months i had five different teachers one for tap, jazz, modern and then i would work, work, work until i would fall apart. >> reporter: other notable roles followed including 1957 "tammy and the bachelor" which resulted in her number one hit song "tammy." she played opposite gregory peck in "how the west was won" and
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performance in "unsinkable molly brown" earned her an oscar nomination. beloved on screen at times her life offscreen overshadowed her success had two children with her first husband. producer todd fisher and actress and author carrie fisher who died one day before her mother. in 1959 the marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce when fisher left reynolds to mary her close friend elizabeth taylor. reynolds was able to joke about the marriage years later. >> i was a simple little girl and he fell madly in love with elizabeth. now i understand. you know, so many years later and it's in the past. >> reporter: her second and third marriages also ended in divorce, each time causing reynolds financial pain. however, she had been quietly collecting hollywood memorabilia over the years that would prove to be a wise investment. in 2011, reynolds sold marilyn
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monroe's white subway dress in an auction for $4.6 million. she also never quit performing, though she stepped away from film for most of her career, she continued to entertain on broadway stages and in las vegas nightclubs. in addition, reynolds had several tv roles over the years notably playing liberace's mother "behind the candle obru." her wide away of work was recognized in 2015 when the screen actors guild recognized her with a lifetime achievement award. reynolds said she loved every minute she spent in show business in her biography called "unsinkable." her personal and professional resiliency. >> i paid 25,000 bucks for that sucker. >> reporter: that spark and sense of humor along with her talent that reynolds will be remembered for. >> i love you.
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good night, everybody. thank you. >> and let's read now from debbie reynolds last facebook post. thank you to everyone who has embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. i'm thankful for your thoughts and prayers that are now guiding her to her next stop. the irony now debbie reynolds seemingly inseparable with carrie joins her on that next stop. >> didn't think we would see you this morning, paul vercammen on news like this. let's talk about it with larry hackett. former editor and nischelle turner. let's listen to debbie reynolds in her own words talking about what was a very loving and also very complex relationship with her own daughter. >> it's very hard when your child doesn't want to talk to you when you want to talk to them and you want to touch them and hold them.
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it was a total estrangement. she didn't talk to me for probably ten years. that was the most difficult time of all. >> but, clearly, a mother's love is like no other. they reconciled. she dies 24 hours after losing her daughter. what thoughts, larry? >> you know, when we were talking yesterday about carrie fisher it wasn't so much that she was hollywood royalty that made her interesting. she was like you. she battled her demons and had a connection to the people. no way i can embellish the irony of what happened here. clearly along the very same lines. this is not about two movie stars. this is about a mother's love for her daughter through thick and thin through all of these difficulties and appears at that last moment that she died of a broken heart. again, i cannot embellish this story line. that's what the connection is. yes, she is fames and, yes, we have known her for 70 years. that familiar relationship that people can relate to. that is why people are responding, not because they were famous because they were
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human. >> she was human as we would say. she didn't steal it. carrie fisher didn't steal it. she even talked about the men driving her into financial ruin. and "postcards from the edge" was written by carrie fisher. it was sort of a biography and about their relationship but loosely based. was the conflict between them overblown in a sense? >> well, you heard debbie reynolds just say carrie didn't speak to her for ten years. no, i don't think the conflict between them was overblown. i think they had a lot of very tough times in their relationship. they laid a lot of that out. but they earned each other. they worked their way back to being mother and daughter and being inseparable and to loving each other. i sat with this for a while last night trying to figure out, what do you say about this? how do you explain it? i don't think you do because i think there are some things that just can't be explained. i think it is what everyone says it is. i've been telling people it is
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heartbreaking and haunting and also something very beautiful about all of this. i really am a person who talks for a living and i am at a loss when it comes to this situation. they both wrote a lot of chapters in hollywood. i think i said that last night and it's just very interesting that we're talking about this, the two of them. 24 hours apart from each other now possibly, they're together, again. >> a lot of prisms that you can see this through. one that is going to be examined a lot is one through feminism and their roles generationally. debbie reynolds was 19 years old when she made "singing in the rain." do you know how old carrie fisher was when she made "star wars"? 19 years old. how they represent the different generations and what they went through, the struggles. debbie much more 1950s and '60s way and carrie going through them with the drug issues and the mental health. yet, despite all that, they had
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this bond together. i think they're going to represent strength for women and it's just going to be a fascinating thing to study. >> that is so interesting. that is so interesting, larry, you said that. when we were just watching that earlier clip of debbie reynolds dancing with the two men. look at her going toe for toe, with these men on screen. >> she learned how to dance on that movie. >> not only two men, think about mark hamill and harrison ford. the paraalism goes on and on. >> both broke through in ways that was never expected of them. let's listen to carrie fisher in her own words speaking with oprah about growing up with a famous mother. >> my mother would get up in the morning as my mother and then she would go into this big closet she had. and you'd go in on this end anded there be the shirts and
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shoes and maybe some slacks and then you'd turn left and it's skirts and dresses. and the other end probably night gowns and robes. she would go in on this end as my mom and she'd come out the other end as debbie reynolds. it was like a car wash for celebrities. >> that's old school hollywood right there. is there any, is there anyone, any group, any family left in hollywood like those two? >> like those two? >> it's the end of an era. this is the golden age of hollywood we're seeing. >> in a little different way. maybe angelina jolie and join they have the push/pull, but heads and they are both big stars. those two, i'm not sure if there is really anyone left. i mean, there could be a new generation coming. but, you know, debbie reynolds
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like larry said, we've known her for 70 years. carrie fisher was in the business for, you know, 40 plus. and they. wow. i think this could be an end of an era. >> i agree with that, too. i can't think of anybody where the public and private the performances and their private lives mingle as much as these two do. yes, angela jolie, but it's nothing like this. it really is. >> reminded me of mommy dearest. joan crawford would go in the closet and the scene of the movie where she's leaving and it says hollywood royalty. >> we have to leave it there. thank you, guys. >> we could talk all day about it. >> we could and we will a lot more on the show. but we have a lot of news to get to this morning. we want to turn to politics. we want to talk about the
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and john kerry against each other in speeches. netanyahu said kerry was playing lip service to palestinian attacks. cnn's oren lieberman in jerusalem with more this morning. hi. >> hi, don. prime minister benjamin netanyahu firing back after john kerry's speech and the obama administration vision for middle east peace. between netanyahu and kerry deteriorating so rappidly in it final weeks. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. >> reporter: a warning that a two-state solution is now in jeopardy. >> the two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. >> reporter: kerry blasting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu accusing him of undermining peace efforts.
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>> the israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution. his current coalition is the most right wing in israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements. >> reporter: netanyahu firing back, calling the speech a disappointment a bias attack that paid lip service to terror attacks by palestinians. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: despite repeated denials orchestrating friday's united nations condemning israeli settlements in the west bank and jerusalem. >> the united states organized, advanced and brought this resolution. >> reporter: kerry vehemently defending the obama administration refusal to veto the u.n. resolution. >> no american administration has done more for israel's security than barack obama's. we cannot properly defend and protect israel if we allow a
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viable two-state solution to be destroyed before our own eyes. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump weighing in on kerry's speech from florida. >> i think it set us back, but we'll see what happens after january 20th, right? >> netanyahu saying he'll work with president-elect donald trump to try to repeal the u.n. security council resolution and try to undo some of the damage here. these two leaders netanyahu and president-elect trump sending tweets back and forltforth. hang on, january 20th is coming. netanyahu saying in short, thank you. trying to point out obama's support of israel and his point there is that these two leaders obama and netanyahu signed a $38 billion military aid deal, the largest in u.s. history. >> we are seeing socmedia diplomacy playing out between the president-elect and the prime minister of israel. thank you very much.
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the united states and israel looking, well, nothing like the best of friends. tensions escalating after the dueling speeches. we'll talk next about what it actually means for peace negotiations and is israel abandoning a two-state solution? next.
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u.s./israeli relations have hit rock bottom after the path to peace in the middle east and fallout condemning jerusalem
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settleme settlements, why are these allies so publicly? contributor to "atlantic" peterbiner and james woolsey. senior adviser to the trump campaign. thank you, gentlemen, for joining us. what is your reaction to the secretary's speech? >> i think netanyahu had the better of these exchanges. this is not really about one state versus two state solutions. this is about whether the palestinians accept the right to exist. in current circumstances, they don't. israeli arabs, muslim usually citizens of israel about one-sixth of the israeli population can go to bed at night without fear that someone is going to bash in their front door and going to kill them. they had their own members in
3:19 am
the knesset they have supreme court justices and their own publications. they lead a very reasonable life, particularly for the middle east. that sort of life is not possible for a jew living in the west bank governed by the palestinians. they will be killed. and if you even sell property to an israeli, you'll get killed. so, there's nothing much that can be done in this world of one and two-state solutions and compromise. >> the secretary addressed that, ambassador, in his speech condemning any sort of violence against israel or anyone. >> they always do. and then you come down to boycotts and so on. there's always an effort coming from the palestinians to effectively get rid of israel. >> so, peter, to you, the question that ambassador woolsey brings up is an important one.
3:20 am
where is the palestinian leadership condemination of this violen violence. condemn any part of violence on the israelis. do we need to see more of that on the part of palestinian leaders. >> to say the palestinians don't accept, yes, the plo recognized in 1993. >> but not as a jewish state. the point is not as a jewish state. >> but, yes, in fact, israel at that point did not ask the palestinians to recognize israel as a jewish state. never defined what it means to be a jewish state and the united states did not. the united states did not recognize israel as a jewish state. egypt did not recognize israel as a jewish state. this is a new request that benjamin netanyahu made that was not made by previous prime ministers because netanyahu haas hostile idea to the two-state
3:21 am
solution. under no circumstance could he envision israel removing his troops west of the river. >> i think it's nonsense. >> jim, the claim that palestinians would inevitably kill jews in the west bank. i have jewish friends, who live in the west bank. frankly a racist claim to suggest that palestinians would inherently kill jews. >> not if you read the newspapers. >> some commit terrorism and many don't. >> peter beinart, to my question, does there need to be more from the palestinian leaders in terms of condemning the violence? >> absolutely. >> look, i think that was for me. >> one thing they could do -- >> ambassador, let's let people beinart answer that. >> let him finish his thought, ambassador. >> actually, again, mahmoud abbas has again and again accepted israel's right to exist and land swaps in the west bank,
3:22 am
too. tremendous problem. >> then when any possibility comes up such as the clinton parameters. such as the clinton parameters back in the last days of the clinton administration, which was a compromise. it was tough from israel's point of view, but the knesset accepted it but the palestinians would not. that was the last time we had a real chance for a two-state solution. israel accepted it. the palestinians didn't and they lie about it. the palestinians lie about it all the time. >> look, we could, i could debate you on 2000, but we can go more recently. if you want to look at 2013, 2014. the kerry the obama administration the single biggest obstacle were israeli settlements. >> the obama administration has nothing to say about -- has nothing, has nothing to say about any of this that is not pro-palestinian. sometimes it's quietly pro-palestinian.
3:23 am
sometimes it's blatancy, sir. >> let's listen to what secretary kerry said about condemning that violence in his speech yesterday. >> and the most recent wave of palestinian violence has included hundreds of terrorist attacks in the past year, including stabbings, shootings, vehicular attacks and bombings. many by individuals who have been radicalized by social media. yet the murders of innocence are still glorified on fattah websites including showing attackers next to palestinian leaders following attacks. >> ambassador woolsey, he did it just there. >> he did right then. but that is not what shows up in palestinian papers. that's not what shows up usually in statements from the plo. certainly not what shows up in anything coming from out of godda. not showing up from the missiles coming out of gaza against
3:24 am
isra israel. carry flags saying, don't worry, we're in favor of a two-state solution. this is, this is really nonsense that the palestinians do not accept israel's right to exist and they are now going at it through boycotts and devestme s. >> coming up on "new day" we will have benjamin netanyahu's spokesman will join us. and president-elect donald trump tweeting about a rough transition and then changing his tune hours later. what changed? we'll discuss with our political panel. that's next. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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president-elect trump taking credit for plans to keep thousands of jobs in the united states. also downplaying potential sanctions over russian interference and telling reporters everyone should get on with their lives. hi, scott. >> good morning, poppy. you only follow daonald trump's twitter feed you would think the relationship has gone south. but you may come away with days, after settle jabs trump and obama spoke on the phone yesterday and seemed to smooth things over for now. >> he called me. we had a very, very good talk about generally about things. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump addressing reporters outside his mar-a-lago
3:29 am
estate and walking back an earlier tweet accusing president obama of transition roadblocks. >> our staffs are getting along very well. and i'm getting along very well with him other than koppel statemea couple statements. >> reporter: trump distancing himself from the obama administration and senators who want to punish russia for their alleged meddling in the u.s. election. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. >> reporter: trump taking credit for a previously announced commitment by a japanese bank to bring back and create jobs in the u.s. through investments in sprint and a florida start up. >> just spoke with the head person. he said because of me they're doing 5,000 jobs in this country. >> reporter: trump also on defense on how he'll deal with potential conflicts of interest with his business. >> you people are making that a big deal. it's actually a very simple solution. it's not a big deal. we'll have a press conference some time in early january. >> reporter: and dissolving his foundation that is currently
3:30 am
under investigation. >> has given millions and millions of dollars to people over the years and it's been very well thought of and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: the president-elect stood side by side with controversial boxing promoter don king. the former boxing tycoon weighing in on the strained relations with israel. >> about peace. peace in the middle east. >> now, we're still waiting to find out who trump will name as his secretary of veteran affairs. trump met with hospital officials to discuss how the va should be run. a transition official says he's looking at a public/private option that would allow veterans to use va hospitals, but also access the private system, as well. this idea is in line with what he was proposing on the campaign trail. poppy, don. >> a lot to discuss. cnn political commentator and errol louis is with us and senior editor of "the atlantic."
3:31 am
ron brownstein. >> he left us hanging there. why is don king there and why is trump appearing with him is the big question for me. >> one of many questions. something, you know, already kind of routine about donald trump sending us mixed messages. i was looking last night at the crawl on one of the shows and donald trump sends mixed messages on and you can save that part and just the part after the colon. obama in tranition or some kind of other issue. there's an issue here in twitter and his first impulse is to lash out on twitter. when he gets more time to reflect, he tries to be more diplomatic. a sense in which they see a certain value in kind of being unpredictable in this way. but the point of all these mixed signals may be that we're sitting here talking about mixed signals. >> the question is. you can sort of laugh it off a bit in this instance saying, tweeting that the transition is not going smooth and telling a reporter, what are you talking
3:32 am
about? of course it's going smoothly. what if you're dealing with foreign leaders and especially adversaries, errol. that's a totally different ball game. >> that's what people have been warning about for a while. the impulsive tweeting of donald trump, certainly as a candidate. that was president-elect and perhaps as president is throwing off mixed messages, not just to world leaders, but to the very large apparatus called the united states government. where people don't get a memo every day about where they're supposed to be going or what the official line of their agency or of the administration is. they get it by listening to what the president says in public. so, i think he's, you know, in some ways risking a little bit of chaos, not just in the foreign policy establishment, but also with his economic team. >> one thing about the tweeting just real quick, it's not kind of random. any perceived slight criticism that he feels he has to respond. that is -- as president of the united states, you take a lot of incoming every day from critics at home and around the world.
3:33 am
you feel you have to hit back at everyone, that will produce a lot of chaos. >> we keep talking about him. he's very thin skinned. he is not going to change even though part of his supporters and transition team say he will become more presidential. what could have happened? maybe something legitimately happened between the tweet and him standing in front of the cameras. >> they talked on the phone. >> in that conversation. what transpired in the conversation? >> they have kept, look, i think they have kept a personal nonaggression pack very personally since the election. >> you think it looks good to their supporters to sort of publicly hustle? >> i think president obama, president obama genuinely. they both genuinely want the transition to work because it has to work. there is the thing called the u.s. government. i also think in the case of president obama, he, i think, is on a track to be more involved and more critical than we have seen former presidents be and he wants to lay down the predicate that he has given donald trump
3:34 am
every chance. >> i want to talk about jobs and his business ties and major conflicts of interest. he basically said yesterday look at all these sprint jobs that are coming back because of me et cetera, et cetera. those are jobs that were announced this fall and he took credit for them. at the same time on a really serious note, he still hasn't told anyone how he's going to divest himself from all these businesses, ties, not just to u.s. businesses. ties to businesses all over the world especially in some countries that we don't have the best relationships with. here's how he addressed that yesterday. >> it's a very routine thing. it's not a big deal. you people are making that a big deal. the business. because, number one, when i won they all knew i had a big business all over the place. it's actually a very simple situation. it's not a big deal. and we'll be having a press conference some time in early january. >> he's wrong when he says it's
3:35 am
not a big deal and only you guys care. here's what a bloomberg poll just found. 6% of americans think he needs to choose. they do care, errol. >> it involves foreign ties and constitutional issues that are not waivable. not as if public opinion, even if it's shifted away from that 67% would enable him to do away with that. it is a big deal. the fact that he keeps postponing it. let's be clear at the root of all of this was the refusal to disclose those business ties. >> there's nothing legalally binding nat says he has to as the president of the united states. it may look bad that people may be concerned about it. >> establish limits. >> you can't be swayed by foreign governments. >> the jobs have been announced in october. donald trump is taking credit for these jobs now. the numbers may be different
3:36 am
just as they were in carrier. the current president, millions of jobs for americans over the past -- >> 11 million. >> 11 million jobs. should the current president be touting more jobs? >> that's the thing. any individual job announcement is good news for the families involved. but, it is in the context of the overall american economy, it is a very small impact relative to the overall impact of your economic policies. there are 145 million jobs in the latest numbers. we're talking about 5,000 there or 1,000 there. roughly 12 million jobs since he took office. the impact of your macroeconomic policies dwarf any of these individual arrangements with the individual companies. >> thank you, gentlemen. the obama administration set to unveil plans to hack russia. those sanctions could come down today. how will moscow respond? that's next.
3:37 am
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welcome back to "new day." the obama administration set to drop the hammer on russia. russia is not taking the threats lightly and promising to hit right back. cnn justice correspondent evan perez live in washington with the very latest. good morning, evan. >> good morning, don. they have been debating the issue internally for months and the obama administration is getting ready to punish officials for meddling in the u.s. election. officials tell us to expect new sanctions and dip lotmatic measures. that u.s. intelligence officials say was at least partly focused on harming hillary clinton's presidential campaign and helping donald trump. now, there's also covert actions that we may never know about in which the u.s. says it can take what the chooses. the russian reaction so far,
3:41 am
lies and disinformation. that's what they say the obama administration is up to. a foreign ministry spokeswoman in moscow says, "any action will immediately bounce back on u.s. diplomats in russia." of course, in just over three weeks we will have a new president here in washington who doesn't believe that the russians are behind the cyberhacks of democratic party organizations. these are organizations, poppy, that donald trump can undo if and when he chooses. >> evan, thank you very much. we will be watching and see if the sanctions or anything comes down today. we appreciate it. we're following breaking news this morning. syria's state run news agency announced a cease-fire expected this morning. russian authorities have also discussed the cease-fire. few of the terms have been released. we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it. >> of course, a big story. we'll be following that developing news as we get more information.
3:42 am
meantime, we'll tell you about another story we're following. two u.s. service members both pilots confirmed dead in texas. the apache helicopter they were in crashed into galveston bay and dive teams locating the men on wednesday. investigators haven't released their names. they also aren't saying if they recovered the flight recorder. more investigators are arriving this morning to help figure out exactly what went wrong. to sports. there's no punching in basketball. and the knicks carmelo anthony paid the price. details ahead in the bleacher report. we live in a pick and choose world.
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it was a pretty short night for carmelo anthony against the
3:46 am
hawks. getting ejected in the second quarter last night for throwing a punch. andy shoels has more in this morning's bleacher report. they teach us in elementary schools these things. >> carmelo anthony losing his cool a little bit last night and ended up getting him an early shower. i want to show you the play where it all went down. you see him get tangled up under the basket and melo throws a punch and the two had to be separated. that was originally called a foul on melo but after reviewing it the official gave him a flagrant two which is an immediate ejection. the knicks go on to overtime to lose this game. dez bryant threw the first touchdown of his career. that perfect pass has daz wanting to change positions. according to "the dallas morning news" vp stephen jones said bryant tried to attend the cowboys quarterbacks meeting and lobbying for more passing plays. he is probably just joking
3:47 am
around, probably. they have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. imagine this you're trying to cross the street in new york city and you become the victim of a vicious crossover. that's what happened here to gillian. he just keeps going along his way after jordan falls down. she is probably still icing her ankles this morning but props to her for trying to play solid defense right there. >> i would say only in new york. >> some agent is trying to sign that kid. >> i'm sure she's icing her ankles. thank you, andy. with three weeks left in office, why is the obama administration putting out plans for israel and russian sanctions now? we'll discuss that.
3:48 am
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just 22 days left in the obama presidency, administration. you wouldn't think that is the case with the clashing with israel and the sanctions about to be leveled with russia.
3:52 am
president-elect trump also responding to that, but the president seems to be laying out his path now. donald trump laying out a different path. let's discuss with cnn contributor selena zito and errol louis. i'll start with my initial thought here, errol. just 22 days left. why now? >> when it comes to your legacy, it's never too early to start. i think what you've got is president obama trying on the middle east and on other issues to sort of put his marker in the ground, start working on his legacy. we know he is very history minded. he was that way before he got elected. >> never too early or never too late. you would think 22 days left. these are big things to be doing in the final hours. >> the very first thing he is probably going to do after january 20th is take a short vacation and then get a great big book deal and write about his presidency. this is a president who very much wants to make sure that his place in history is assured, like every president before him. i think, though, at the same
3:53 am
time, donald trump is, you know, maybe jumping the gun and he may wish that he had waited a little bit longer. the middle east mess is going to be here for a long, long time to come. >> selena, you say that it makes the obama administration look, in your words, small, for doing this now. at the same time, as you know, they came under fire from, you know, not just from republicans. from a number of people for not acknowledging the extent of the russian hacking sooner. not going after russia for it. the president saying, look, we would have looked political and looked like we were trying to help hillary clinton. >> yeah, it's probably a lot of that. you know, in the summer, i believe he, i think it was the umisser he to the summer that he told putin to cut it out and subsequent interviews after the election he said he didn't want to give the impression that he had a heavy hand in the election in either direction. you know, now with all the sort
3:54 am
of furor that came afterwards and people pointing fingers, i think he might regret that tact that he took, although he probably wouldn't admit it. the russian sanctions or whatever they're going to do is going to come out today. it will likely have the full robust support of both sides of congress and it's something that they'll take on going forward. >> the support of -- you're right, it will have the support of, as lindsey graham said 99 out of 100 senators but it won't have the support of president-elect donald trump who will likely try to walk most of it, if not all of it back. listen to what he said just yesterday saying we need to get on with our lives. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. computers have complicated lives very greatly. the whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on.
3:55 am
we have speed and a lot of other things. but i have not spoken with the senators and i certainly will be -- >> is he just going to undo all of this? >> look, trump is looking at it this way. the russian hacking seems to taint his win. you know, it casts a shadow of a doubt in his mind and even though it didn't have or likely didn't have an impact on the result, you know, they coincide with each other. i'm sure, you know, if i had won i'd probably feel the same way about dismissing it. having said that, trump has shown to us that he changes his mind all the time. so, what he said today about or yesterday about computers, tomorrow he might say, hey, the russians need to cut it out. >> you said it, literally and seriously. that was, i think, you came up with that one.
3:56 am
russia is responding. they're coming back and i want to put this up on the screen. if washington really does take new hostile steps, they will be answered. any answer against russian diplomatic actions will bounce back on u.s. diplomats in russia. frankly, we are tired about the lies about russian hacking. it's misinformation by obama administration aimed at providing an excuse for its own failure. how bad could this conflict get? >> it could get quite serious. i think it it could end up being not just between russia and the united states, but the fight to focus on is president-elect trump may be at odds with congress over this. let's keep in mind, this wasn't just about whether or not the presidential election was tainted. there were as many as a dozen congressional races where there was russian meddling. congress is going to take that very seriously. they're not going to just get on with their lives. this is their lives. that is going to remain on the agenda. we'll see what kind of evidence the obama administration wants to make public. but president-elect trump is
3:57 am
going to have to deal with this with something other than this fog of distraction that we heard yesterday. nobody knows what happened and if he is seen as the russian line, which he does just put forward there, it will really set opclash with congress. >> do you think the argument, selena, is legitimate that some have made. the president-elect is, in essence, doing the bidder of other foreign leaders. vladimir putin and benjamin netanyahu. benjamin netanyahu tweeted this yesterday, president-elect trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear cut support for israel. and he put a flag of israel and a flag of the united states there. >> well, look, i think more than anything what trump is doing and putin and netanyahu do the same thing. is projecting strength. trump is a business man. he has always believed that that gives you great leverage if you're coming from a position of strength. so, when he agrees with putin or
3:58 am
agrees with netanyahu on staking this ora of, look, i'm in command. it does give the appearance, especially to his detractors that, oh, you know, he's buddy with these guys and he's not buddy with obama. but i think it's more about what he wants to project to voters and the sort of personality he wants to project as an incoming president. >> selena, errol, thank you very much. we're following a lot of news this morning including the death of debbie reynolds. let's get right to it. >> this conflict is about israel's right to exist. >> the status quo is leading toward perpetual occupation. >> the united states organized this resolution. >> it's very unfair to israel. >> it is not this resolution that is isolating israel. >> nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> robust sanctions could send a strong message to the russians. >> they are going to be bringing
3:59 am
35,0 5,000 jobs back to the united states. >> accusing president obama of transition road blocks. >> i'm getting along very well with him, other than a couple statements. ♪ all i do is dream of you legendary actress debbie reynolds has died one day after her daughter, carrie fisher, passed away. >> you have to be very strong. you can't let it get you down ♪ i'm going to learn to read and write ♪ >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. welcome to your "new day." i'm poppy harlow along with don lemon. who can operate on no sleep. >> you know, it's an honor to have to report on these two ladies. i mean, it's just unbelievable. we're going to discuss a lot of that. that's where we're going to begin, heart break. heart break for the legendary actress debbie reynolds.
4:00 am
she has died a day after her daughter, carrie fisher, passed away. she sang and danced her way into movie history. starring alongside gene kelly in "singin' in the rain." paul vercammen is live. >> william shatner putting it best he is heart broken. he thought his grieving was done for 2016. and then he said in a statement that in the morning, debbie reynolds had expressed that she missed carrie. and then that moment she says, she's with carrie now. ♪ i'm singing my song for you >> reporter: singer, dancer, actress was a hollywood triple threat, an america's sweetheart. he


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