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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 29, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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syria. that's where we start. russian president vladimir putin confirms a cease-fire agreement has been reached between the syrian opposition and the government of president bashar al assad. that's set to begin in about eight years, midnight local time. putin says both sides have signed documents saying they are ready to begin peace talks. turkey and russia will guarantee the truce. the united states apparently not taking part in these negotiations. let's start there with matthew chance following the story out of moscow. the u.s. has tried for years to bring some peace to aleppo, to greater syria, and now there's this deal without them at the table. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the united states are conspicuous by their absence in this deal. it was brokered essentially by russia and turkey, two countries on opposite sides of the conflict in syria. russia backing bashar al assad, the syrian president. turkey backing various rebel groups opposed to assad.
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but they are politically speaking in unison now. they are on the same page and have agreed to three deals announced by vladimir putin today. the first is that cease-fire which as you say goes into effect at midnight local time tonight. the second deal that's been agreed between the syrian government and their backers and the rebels backed by turkey is an agreement on how to police that cease-fire, the monitoring of it to make sure it doesn't fall apart, very important in such a volatile place as syria. the final agreement that's been reached according to vladimir putin is an agreement for all the parties to get together with the exclusion of the united states, of course, at a peace conference to be held in kazahkstan next month to try and hammer out a more permanent agreement to bring to an end the conflict in syria. so very dramatic developments that have taken place over the course of the past several days and these announcements really could make a big difference on the ground with some caveats. the first and the biggest caveat
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is perhaps it's not all together clear which of the rebel groups are included in this cease-fire. we certainly know that isis, the islamic state, is not included. there appears to be some debate about whether the group formerly known as the al nusra front, affiliated with al qaeda, whether or not they are included or not. the russians certainly have not included the name of that group on their list of groups who have signed up for the cease-fire. turkey has also said along with the russians that any group that is designated as a terrorist group by the united nations is not included in this arrangement. that would include the group formerly known as the al nusra front. but the rebels themselves have said it's their understanding that the al nusra groupings are included in the cease-fire so we are trying to get clarity on that. it's important because obviously this group is the one along with isis that does the majority of fighting in syria against the government. so their inclusion or not will
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make a big difference as to whether or not this conflict is drawing to a close or whether it will continue. >> the deal just announced, still a very fragile period, scheduled to start at midnight local time. matthew chance, thank you so much. let's turn to the white house now. as it prepares to hit back at russia as soon as today for meddling in the u.s. election. retaliation by the obama administration is expected to range from expanded sanctions to covert actions down the road. cnn justice correspondent evan perez is following this story and joins us from washington. evan, the kremlin already threatening to strike back if the u.s. takes steps against russia. >> reporter: that's right. this is an issue the obama administration has been debating and debating internally for months and in the next few hours, we expect we might finally hear the names of russian officials the u.s. wants to punish for meddling in the u.s. election. u.s. officials tell us to expect new sanctions, diplomatic measures. they are expected to name individuals associated with the russian disinformation operation that the u.s. intelligence
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agencies say was at least partly focused on harming hillary clinton's presidential campaign and helping donald trump. there is also covert actions that we may never know about in which the u.s. says it can take whenever it chooses. the russian reaction so far, well, lies and misinformation. that's what they say the obama administration is up to. a foreign ministry spokeswoman in moscow says the following. any action against russian diplomatic missions in the u.s. will immediately bounce back to u.s. diplomats in russia. of course, in just over three weeks we will have a new president here in washington who doesn't believe the russians were behind the cyberhacks of democratic party organizations. as you know, these are actions donald trump when he comes into office, he can undo them if he so chooses. >> certainly can. evan perez in washington, thank you so much. let's talk about all of this. i'm joined by juliette kayam from the homeland security cyberreview for the department
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of homeland security and jill dougherty, former cnn moscow bureau chief and russia consultant. good morning to both of you. juliette, i want to start with you and the breaking news of the morning, this syrian cease-fire. from your perspective, considering the realities on the ground, the new realities in aleppo, who is included and who is not included in this cease-fire deal, what's your degree of confidence this will hold? >> well, it will actually just depend on the extent to which turkey remains committed to this cease-fire. i think the news coming out of this is the fact the u.s. has essentially been written out of this peace agreement. we will see if it holds. we have tried this before, at least the united states has, and the most relevant aspect of this is essentially that turkey that has basically been warming up to russia over the last couple months, is willing to go it alone with russia to get a cease-fire that they certainly want and that the russians can basically demand at this stage.
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>> and jill, to you, let's talk about that. the u.s. not at the table for these -- this cease-fire, the upcoming peace talks. what does that mean and put that into the context of what it means for vladimir putin on the world stage as he has this ongoing conflict with the u.s. on several fronts. >> well, looking why big picture, victor, i would have to say this puts vladimir putin in the position of being the peacemaker. it makes him look like the guaranteor of peace in that region. that would be a huge deal. of course, there are a lot of questions about it but politically, message-wise, it's very good for president putin and sets him up with kind of a clearer picture in syria for donald trump, because the whole argument that putin has been making is look, we should be in this together against terrorism and if he can present that picture to the world and to donald trump that, you know, it's kind of black and white.
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now we have kind of solved aleppo, beginning to solve this terrorism problem in syria, then donald trump would find it easier to come on board which is something he's been talking about. forget about those rebel groups. we don't want, this is mr. trump speaking, we don't want to support those rebel groups, we want to join with president putin and even as he's said, not maybe directly, but with president assad, because the greater problem is terrorism. so i think politically, this is very significant. >> we are hearing from the russian foreign minister lavrov in a statement asking just as you served up there, to bring donald trump into this. i would like to express the hope that as soon as the administration of donald trump takes office, they will also be able to join these efforts to settle the syrian crisis so that we can jointly work in this direction. i want to turn to the retaliation as well from the u.s. government as it relates to
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the hacking, and jill, i want to first come to you. russia has already signaled that if there are they call them hostile acts toward russians in the u.s., there will be for the u.s. in russia, the u.s. diplomats in russia. here's a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs. what does that look like? is it the form of putin to respond with some proportional retaliation? >> you know, that part of it is kind of worrisome because the united states, at this point, is not saying they are going to make it difficult for russian ambassador -- the ambassador or any of the personnel here in the united states, but russia apparently is reading into the obama administration that threat to respond when they say diplomatically. i think they are saying it's going to be personal and they are also in a way hding the american staff at the u.s.
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embassy in moscow hostage by saying you do it to our guys in washington and we are going to do it to your guys in moscow. by the way, they are already doing it to maeamericans in mos at the embassy with quite a bit of almost psychological warfare against them, letting them know they are being followed, making sure they know that security can get into their apartments or anything else. so you have the cyber threat that they could make things very nasty for the united states, then you also have this kind of unpleasant worrisome personal thing about american diplomats. >> juliette, the russians may be putting the cart before the horse here. the u.s. has to first announce what that retaliation will be, at least the part they are willing to make public. what do you expect to hear as we are expecting to hear this as early as today, and will this be the proof that the russians and
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even those on the trump transition team have asked for? >> i don't think we will hear the proof yet. remember, this is what's going to be announced today is separate from the review that president obama asked of the intelligence agencies which we expect sometime in january. this is essentially saying we already have enough, we don't -- and there's going to be a covert aspect to it which we won't hear about, then as jill was saying, the more overt side. let's just be clear here. the hack by the russians against the united states was not sophisticated. these were phishing expeditions, especially when you think about john podesta and his g-mail. this was not a sophisticated cyberattack. so our retaliation can be either diplomatic as jill was saying, it could be additional sanctions. when you think about how will russia respond, russia may respond in a totally different way just to antagonize us. so previous sanctions, for example, when we made sanctions regarding human rights violations, putin came back and
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said okay, you americans can't adopt any russian children. so it was so sort of far afield from the substance. i think the obama administration certainly may not even know the range of retaliatory actions that putin could take because they could be far afield of a cyberaction/reaction we might be anticipating. >> waiting for, again, as soon as this morning or later this afternoon, an announcement from the administration on a portion of the retaliation against russia. thank you both. >> thank you. a tunisian man detained on suspicion of being tied to the berlin truck attack suspect has been released. officials initially thought the man was the recipient of a voice message and picture send by anis amri, the berlin attacker who died in a shootout with police in italy. additional investigation showed that is not true. germany's federal prosecutor also announced that the isis video claiming responsibility for the attack is, her word,
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john kerry's last major speech as secretary of state may be his most memorable. laying out his vision for middle east peace, kerry also pointed the finger at israel over the
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failure to find a compromise with palestinians. israel's prime minister fired back, calling the speech a biased attack against his nation. secretary kerry did not reserve all his criticism for israel, admitting palestinian officials share blame for tension between the two sides as well. >> in the most recent wave of palestinian violence has included hundreds of terrorist attacks in the past year, including stabbings, shootings, vehicular attacks and bombings. many by individuals who have been radicalized by social media. yet the murderers of innocents are still glorified on fata websites including showing attackers next to palestinian leaders following attacks. >> cnn's oren lieberman joins us from jerusalem. the secretary intended for this to be a statement on his vision for peace, but this was received in the prime minister's words as a lecture and one they did not need nor want.
7:17 am
>> reporter: you are absolutely right. you heard it there. secretary of state john kerry tried to balance this speech, he tried to point out what he thought were the problems in the palestinian side and the israel side and he even talked about the obama administration's help for israel over the years but on this end, on the end of the government of prime minister benjamin netanyahu, that very much fell on deaf ears. netanyahu said he was quote, disappointed by the sfeepeech a felt it was anti-israel. it seems netanyahu lumps this speech in with the u.n. security council resolution which he still blames squarely on secretary of state john kerry and president obama. here's part of his response. >> this conflict is not about houses or communities in the west bank, the gaza district or anywhere else. this conflict is and has always been about israel's very right to exist.
7:18 am
palestinian rejection of israel and support for terror are what the nations of the world should focus on if they truly want to advance peace. >> reporter: netanyahu reiterated his position that it's not settlements that are the obstacle to peace but there's an international consensus especially at the u.n. they are very much part of the problem. this went beyond a speech and response. netanyahu took to social media where he posted a picture of president obama at the western wall, one of the holiest sites for the jewish people, back in 2008 and posted a caption saying 2016, u.n. security council calls the western wall occupied territory which we know netanyahu blames on president obama, and they asked rhetorically seriously? that is the point where this relationship between netanyahu and kerry as well as obama has gotten to. it's certainly not moving in the right direction in the final weeks and it looks like it's only getting worse at this point. >> it is personal. oren lieberman in jerusalem, thank you so much. during a brief meeting with
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reporters outside his mar-a-lago estate in palm beach, donald trump weighed in on relations between the u.s. and israel and again blasted the united nations following the passage of that resolution condemning israel's west bank settlements. watch. >> i'm very very strong on israel. i think israel has been treated very very unfairly by a lot of different people. you look at resolutions in dwruthe united nations, take a look at what happened, they are up for 20 reprimands and other nations that are horrible places, horrible places, that treat people horribly, haven't even been reprimanded. so there's something going on and i think it's very unfair to israel. >> cnn's scott mclane is in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can add israel to the list that president-elect trump and president obama disagree on and lately they have taken a few jabs at one another as well but the two men spoke by phone yesterday and if you listened to donald trump's description of that phone call, you would not
7:20 am
know there was a rough patch at all. he called it a great conversation and said the transition is going smoothly. >> he called me. we had a very very good talk about generally about things. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump addressing reporters outside his mar-a-lago estate and walking back an earlier tweet accusing president obama of transition roadblocks. >> our staffs are getting along very well and i'm getting along very well with him other than a couple of statements that i responded to and we talked about it and smiled about it. >> reporter: trump distancing himself from the obama administration and senators who want to punish russia for their alleged meddling in the u.s. election. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. >> reporter: trump taking credit once again for a previously announced commitment to bring jobs back to the united states. >> i just spoke with him. he said because of me they are doing 5,000 jobs in this
7:21 am
country. >> reporter: trump also on defense about how he will deal with potential conflicts of interest with his business. >> you people are making that a big deal. it's actually a very simple situation. it's not a big deal. we will be having a press conference sometime in early january. >> reporter: and dissolving his foundation that's currently under investigation. >> i have a foundation that has given millions and millions of dollars to people over the years and it's been very well thought of and we will see what happens. >> reporter: at the brief press availability the president-elect stood side by side with controversial boxing promoter don king. the former boxing tycoon weighing in on the strained relations with israel. >> peace in the middle east. >> reporter: we are told trump is expected to make another cabinet selection this week. one open job is secretary of veterans affairs. meantime, trump has been doing that work himself. yesterday we know he met with some top hospital officials to discuss how the v.a. should be
7:22 am
run. one transition official says trump is looking at a private/public option which would allow veterans to access private health care in addition to v.a. hospitals. victor? >> scott, i know you may not have the answer to this, but i can't let you go without asking do we know why don king was there? >> reporter: yeah. we know donald trump was having some sort of dinner event at his mar-a-lago estate with a bunch of people so i'm not exactly sure why don king was there specifically or why he decided to come out with donald trump at that particular moment, but given his eccentric dress and the flags it certainly made for quite the photo op. >> certainly did. thank you so much. as we mentioned, donald trump seemingly shrugging off any punishments for russia's election interference, even as some top republican senators are vowing to levy those sanctions. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives. i think the computers have complicated lives very greatly. >> here to discuss, rebecca berg, cnn political analyst,
7:23 am
national political reporter for real clear politics and amber phillips, political reporter for the fix. ladies, good morning. >> good morning. >> amber, i want to start with you. give me an idea of if republicans in congress will let the u.s., let the president, quote, get on with our lives. >> no. not when it comes to russia. we have already seen the senate majority leader, one of the most powerful persons in congress, mitch mcconnell, come out and say it defies belief that we would not try to look into whether russia and how russia hacked into our elections and leaked all those democratic e-mails. now, the devil is in the details here. there are some top republicans like john mccain who want a full-fledged special investigation. think of on the benghazi level that the house republicans did for hillary clinton. then there are republican leaders like paul ryan who say
7:24 am
you know what, let's just do this through regular order. either way, there's going to be investigations by republican congress into how russia interfered with an election where republican president won and that's got donald trump on edge. >> rebecca, the president potentially enacting sanctions. we read they are tying to figure out how to use the april 2015 executive order to levy sanctions against russia. if the president does that, we know the republicans on the hill have been very critical of president obama's use of the executive order. are we expecting them to stay silent because they agree with this one, essentially cherry-picking which ones they will contest? >> well, that's a great point because this is a difficult issue in that respect. republicans do have incentive politically to stay quiet on this because of donald trump's difficulty with this issue, but it would also behoove them because they have been tough on
7:25 am
russia in the past, to support president obama on this issue. i think we will probably see republicans in congress sort of get back together on this issue once congress reconvenes, but in the meantime, stay silent. >> what's the potential for this taking over the first hundred days of his administration? >> i mean, i think it's like the critical flash point between republicans on capitol hill and donald trump and his own party. he's really becoming increasingly isolated here in america when it comes to russia. whether or not we hear from capitol hill republicans on sanctions obama wants to implement in his final days, they are largely with the foreign policy and intelligence community in that russia is a foe, not a friend. donald trump increasingly appears to be one of the only people saying that we should try to get along with russian president vladimir putin. we should give him the benefit of the doubt, that he doesn't trust his own intelligence when
7:26 am
it comes to this hacking. so he's becoming increasingly isolated and i think it could be a major flash point within the republican party as soon as congress starts up. >> again, we are expecting as early as today a statement from the administration about that retaliation against russia for their interference in the 2016 election. rebecca, donald trump talking about jobs coming to the u.s., new jobs from sprint, from another company, one web. listen to what he said. >> so we just had some very good news because of what's happening and the spirit and the hope, i was just called by the head people at sprint and they are going to be bringing 5,000 jobs back to the united states, taking them from other countries. they are bringing them back to the united states. >> now, listening to that again, donald trump is announcing this as if this is new. i guess trying to take credit for these. we talked earlier that possibly
7:27 am
is inappropriate considering these jobs were announced before the election. >> right. so there are really two problems with this. donald trump is claiming credit for these jobs being created and also presenting this as new information. neither of these things is true. i think this really illustrates one of the challenges for reporters moving forward in the trump administration, is really diving deeper into what donald trump says and figuring out should we take his statement at face value or is there more to the story. in this case, there is definitely more to the story. donald trump has really made a name for himself in his business career and then in his political career as a very good marketer. he knows how to sell himself. he knows how to present himself as a very successful businessman. and he tends to get a little hyperbolic when he's bragging about his feats in business and in politics. i think that's something we are going to have to be careful of in the years to come. this is an example i think of
7:28 am
him overselling his involvement and his role in this. certainly there is some economic optimism as a result of the election and we have seen the markets rallying, but as you noted, this investment was made before the election and it's not really totally correct for donald trump to be taking credit in this case. >> important to point out. thank you both. >> thank you. still to come, we just yesterday were sitting here talking about carrie fisher. today, debbie reynolds. from her legendary career in hollywood to her tragic final hours after the death of her daughter. take one.
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good morning. i'm victor blackwell in for carol costello this morning. good to be with you. the tributes are pouring in as hollywood and fans mourn the death of actress and singer debbie reynolds. she died just one day after her daughter, carrie fisher. her son tells cnn she is with carrie now. the beloved star took hollywood by storm for decades making her debut in 1952's "singing in the rain." ♪ >> cnn's paul vercammen is live in los angeles this morning. we are learning a lot, just a day after she lost her daughter, how close they were in their final years. >> reporter: that's literally and figuratively, they lived right by each other and of
7:33 am
course, postcards from the edge borrowed from their relationship. debbie reynolds has said she thought it was overdramatized but nevertheless, carrie fisher would mine parts of the relationship for some of her material. i was fortunate enough to interview debbie reynolds about 20 years ago about being a parent and i couldn't help but ask her what she thought, she was one of those mothers who sort of felt like her kids could do no wrong. here's her answer. >> they can do no wrong. i'm just a slob of a mother. i adore my children. i do suggest to them for their happiness, if i think they are really going off the cliff, i will really please, i have to say something before disaster, but i try to back off from that. i learned a big lesson a long time ago and i think you must release them, let them go. then if they like you, they will come visit with you. if they don't, they won't. >> reporter: clearly they did
7:34 am
visit with her. here's what she had to say in her last facebook post. thank you to everyone who embraced the gifts and talents of my beloved and amazing daughter. i'm grateful for your thoughts and prayers. they are fnow guiding her to he next stop. love, carrie's mother. >> paul vercammen in los angeles, thanks so much. turning to politics. donald trump campaigned on a promise to do away with obamacare so what will trump care look like? we will talk about it with one of obamacare's architects and biggest critics, next. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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president-elect donald trump has big plans for his first 100 days in office. at the top of the list, obama tl care. the gop has wanted to repeal the affordable care act almost from the day it was signed into law and now they could have their chance. the big question, what will congress replace it with? and how many people could possibly gain or lose their insurance with what is already being called trump care? let's discuss now with jonathan gruber, an economics professor at m.i.t. and architect of obamacare and betsy mccoy, former lieutenant governor of new york, author of "beating obamacare." good morning. i want to start with you with the important question. the affordable care act, over 1,000 pages long. how difficult do you expect it will be to repeal this and replace it? >> well, to repeal it politically is not that hard. to repeal it, they can do that through the reconciliation process. replacing it is going to be impossible because the republicans have shown no
7:39 am
appetite for developing a comprehensive replacement plan. they can replace it with something which is half as good. they could have a plan which covers ten million instead of 20 million uninsured but in terms of actually substantively replacing the law, guaranteeing the end of discrimination in insurance markets and actually covering 20 million americans, there is simply no plan that's been proposed which realistically achieves those goals. repeal it, they can do. then they will suffer the consequence of recreating discrimination in insurance markets and causing millions of americans to lose health insurance. >> lieutenant governor, let me come to you now. republicans have promised they are going to repeal and replace obamacare. the first 30 words of any rally for the campaign, we know. now that they have both houses of congress and the white house, the reporting is they can't decide on what to replace it with. i know you want to talk about some of the points we heard from jonathan there but talk about that. they have had six years to come up with a plan. >> actually, they are quite ready. there are two major components in all the republican plans.
7:40 am
they are just working out the fine points. the major one is medicaid because 16 million out of the 20 million or so people who have gained coverage since the affordable care act was passed are enrolled in medicaid. medicaid has been around since 1965, it's not going to be eliminated, and the states that have expanded medicaid eligibility under the law are not going to do a 180 and change that. but the republicans want to improve the effectiveness of medicaid spending. it is soaring. it's increasing on a per capita basis at twice the rate of medicare and is now above $8,000 per recipient. that's several thousand dollars more than is being spent on people in private plans and yet we see that the people on medicaid are not experiencing improvement in their health. we want better care for the dollar and the republicans all agree that block granting medicaid to the states so that it's the decisions are done
7:41 am
locally will improve the quality of care delivered to medicaid recipients. that is the key point in the reform. >> jonathan? >> well, first of all, there is plenty of evidence that medicaid is quite good for people's health and people will suffer enormously if it's taken away. second of all, look, block granting medicaid is a totally separate issue than the affordable care act. if republicans want to say we would like to block grant medicaid, that can absolutely be done within the context of the affordable care act. it's a totally separate issue. >> it isn't a separate issue. it is not a separate issue. it's the biggest part. >> jonathan, let me read for you something the lieutenant governor wrote in the "new york post" this morning talking about this law and expanding coverage to millions of americans. even gruber's analysis attributes none of the gains to changing the rules regarding pre-existing conditions. most people with pre-existing conditions already had coverage before obamacare and pre-existing conditions crisis was largely concocted to sell
7:42 am
obama's health law. your response to that? >> simply incorrect. first of all, what opponents of obamacare miss is that ending discrimination in insurance markets is not primarily about pre-existing conditions. it's about not allowing insurors to charge the sick more than the healthy and president-elect trump and others have tried to divert it to make it about pre-existing conditions. that's a small issue. my wife's a breast cancer survivor. if the insurors said sure, we will cover your breast cancer but charge you $100,000 a month, what good does that do her? that's nan issthe main issue. that's the one republican plans have not addressed. there is no republican plan which does not allow insurors to charge my wife $100,000 a month. >> that's right. but the republican plans all provide taxpayer funded subsidies to make care affordable for your wife. the fact is that obamacare is a scam. it discriminates against young and healthy people forcing them
7:43 am
to pay many times the expected cost of their care in order to subsidize care for the chronically ill. it's unfair to put that whole burden on the small number of young and healthy people in the individual insurance market and that's why more people refuse to sign up even though they didn't have insurance than were willing to sign up, and jonathan gruber, you know this because on october 17th, 2013, you said for the first of many times we had to lie about this plan in order to get it passed. if we had admitted that we were going to force the young and healthy to pay in to subsidize the chronically ill we never would have made it pass. it was a lie. you said it was a lie. the fact is the republicans subsidized care for chronically ill people including unfortunately your wife, honestly transparently. >> let me jump in here. you say people aren't signing up for it. we know in the last several weeks, there have been ramp-ups of people signing up for the affordable health care.
7:44 am
i want to give you an opportunity to respond to that. i have one more thing. jonathan, quickly. >> so basically, what we have is a situation where the law is succeeding where once again, there's no answer. let's go back to what the lieutenant governor said, that basically she said well, my wife, the insurance companies could easily charge $100,000 a month, don't worry, we will give her a $5,000 tax credit. what good does that do? they do not fault the fundamental problem that was broken in insurance markets which is insurors discriminated against the sick. there is no republican solution to that problem. none has been posed. no simple empty talking points will solve that. >> got to wrap it there. thank you both for being part of this conversation which obviously will continue. politics, undoubtedly dominated the news cycle in 2016. it was a year of unprecedented firsts from the first female candidate nominated to a major political party for the presidency to a political
7:45 am
outsider elected to the highest office. cnn's chief correspondent, washington correspondent jake tapper counts down the top ten unforgettable political moments of 2016. >> reporter: this year everything we thought we knew about politics was turned on its head. political attacks, e-mail hacks and several cracks in the glass ceiling made for an unparalleled race between the first female major party nominee and a billionaire political outsider. president-elect trump will soon take office but first, let's lo back at our top ten political stories of 2016. number ten. conservative supreme court justice antonin scalia died suddenly in february. >> everything is on the line. >> reporter: in an unpre presprd move, republicans vowed to block any high court appointments until after the presidential election. >> simply to turn your back before the president even names
7:46 am
a nominee is not an option the constitution leaves open. >> reporter: judge merrick garland was nominated in march but never even had a hearing. number nine. >> you want to give me a good sendoff? go vote! >> reporter: in their final presidential year, the obamas hit the campaign trail. >> when they go low, we go high. >> reporter: with more catch phrases. >> come on, man. >> reporter: and less restraint. >> donald trump is uniquely unqualified to be president. >> reporter: but a different tone after the democratic defeat. >> if you succeed, the country succeeds. >> reporter: number eight. >> i beat everybody. i beat the hell out of them. >> reporter: donald trump won the republican nomination but struggled to win over the party. republican leaders distanced themselves. will you support him? >> i'm just not ready to do that. >> reporter: but will the party now unify around president trump? >> we will hit the ground running. >> reporter: number seven. trump's unvarnished campaign attracted extremists support.
7:47 am
>> i don't know anything about what you are even talking about with white supremacy. >> reporter: he was slow to denounce white supremacists. >> david duke endorsed me? okay. all right. i disavow. okay? >> reporter: his controversial rhetoric on race continued. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall. >> reporter: even targeting the judge in his university fraud case. >> if you are saying he can't do his job because of his race, is that not the definition of racism? >> no. i don't think so at all. >> reporter: number six. the conventions. >> the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for president. >> reporter: hillary clinton made history in philadelphia and a gold star family made trump an offer. >> have you even read the united states constitution? i will gladly lend you my copy. >> reporter: in cleveland, melania trump's speech was familiar. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life.
7:48 am
>> reporter: and senator ted cruz refused to endorse the nominee. >> vote your conscience. >> reporter: number five. trump's past went public. there was a former miss universe feud. >> we called her miss piggy. >> reporter: he responded with a link to her past. you sent out a series of tweets including one that told people to check out a sex tape. then a crude video of trump. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he brushed it aside. >> this was locker room talk. >> reporter: but nearly a dozen assault accusers said it went further than words. >> his hands started going towards my knee and up my skirt. >> reporter: trump denied the l allegations and said he would sue. number four, senator bernie sanders built a huge movement. >> we are actually listening to the american people, not the 1%. >> reporter: but was the system rigged against outsiders? >> secretary clinton received about 450 super delegates before
7:49 am
anybody else was in the race. >> reporter: bernie or bust protesters crowded the convention. >> you are being ridiculous. >> reporter: and refused to vote for clinton. number three, democrats were hacked. >> they are under attack. >> reporter: stolen e-mails from the dnc revealed bias against sanders, forcing the party chair to resign. >> no question in my mind the dnc was in opposition to our campaign. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence points to russian cyberattacks. >> our goal continues to be to send a clear message to russia or others not to do this to us. because we can do stuff to you. >> reporter: number two. >> there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> reporter: the fbi recommended no charges for clinton's use of a private e-mail server. still, the issue was gold for republicans. >> she's guilty as hell. >> lock her up! >> reporter: she tried to quell concerns -- >> my e-mails are so boring. >> reporter: -- but the fbi
7:50 am
announced they discovered new ones just before election day. >> it's imperative that the bureau explain this issue. >> reporter: the trove contained nothing new but the damage was done. number one -- >> hillary clinton has called donald trump to concede the race. >> reporter: donald trump won the white house. >> the campaign unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. >> i love this country. >> reporter: as protesters took to the streets, secretary clinton bowed out. >> we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. >> reporter: now a cabinet of billionaires, outsiders and military men will join trump for an era of who knows what. those were our top ten political stories of this year. the question is who and what will top the list next year. jake tapper, cnn, washington.
7:51 am
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it was a short night for carmelo anthony against the hawks. the knicks star ejected in the second quarter for throwing a punch. andy schulz has more in today's bleacher report. what is going on? >> carmelo anthony lost his cool last night against the hawks, ended up taking an early shower. here's the play where it all went down. let's take a look at it. you will see melo getting tangled up under the basket and he ends up throwing a punch. the two had to be separated. it was originally just called a foul but after reviewing it, the officials gave him a flagrant two, an automatic ejection. the knicks would lose this game in overtime 102-98. tomorrow night, ronda rousey makes her long awaited return to the octagon in ufc 207 fighting
7:55 am
amanda nunes. this is the first time rousey will be back in the octagon for a year ago. after her loss she said she considered killing herself. you won't see her doing prefight interviews this week. she's staying away from the media but ufc president dana white spoke about her mindset heading into tomorrow night. >> i think she was trying to do too much. she was doing movies, working very hard for us, too. she basically would take on anything that came her way. all she's interested in is this fight. she wants to win and she says believe me, the media wants to talk to me after i win this fight, i will be talking to everybody. >> on monday night, cowboys wide receiver dez bryant threw the first touchdown of his career in the team's win over the lions. this perfect pass right here has dez maybe wanting to change positions. according to "dallas morning news" cowboys executive vp says
7:56 am
bryant tried to attend the quarterbacks meeting this week and is lobbing for more passing plays. the cowboys are 13-2 and have locked up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. finally, imagine trying to cross the vestreet in new york city and you become the victim of a crossover. that's what happened here. this video was posted on twitter. you see he just keeps going on his way. jordan, on the other hand, probably still icing tank wihe . she did try to play defense but he was just too good. >> blame it on the heels. thanks so much. thanks for joining me this morning. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" up next.
7:57 am
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for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. hello. i'm kate bolduan. john berman is off today. president obama sending a message to russia, essentially we are coming for you. officials telling cnn the government is planning covert action against russia, hitting back over evidence there were russian hacks intended to interfere with the u.s. election. evan perez has been getting all the details from washington. what are you picking up? >> reporter: well, in the next few hours if all goes as planned we expect to finally hear the names of russian officials that u.s. officials want to punish for meddling in the u.s. election. u.s. officials tell us to expect new sanctions and


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