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tv   New Day  CNN  December 30, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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and another four diplomats that are also going to be expelled, as well. that comes after the 31 russian diplomats in washington and four diplomats at the russian consulate in san francisco that were expelled by the obama administration. we don't know if there are any further measures but these measures are just a recommendation at this point, it seems. the kremlin will have to decide the russian president, according to the kremlin, spoke to him this morning is in no hurry to make a final decision. conscious of the fact that in less than three weeks donald trump much more sympathetic is going to take the reigns of office in the white house and the hope is still in russia that this poor relationship with the obama administration can be transformed into something much more positive under president trump. >> matthew chance, thank you very much. this announcement from russia follows tough sanctions
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announced by the obama administration against russian agencies and expulsion of dozens of spies that u.s. officials say were posing as diplomats. let's get to evan perez live in washington with the very latest. good morning, evan. >> good morning, don. with only three weeks left in president obama's administration he is firing back at russia for their alleged meddling in the u.s. election. 35 russian diplomats now have less than 72 hours to leave the country. u.s. intelligence officials say they were spies posing as diplomats. the expulsion part of a massive crackdown by president obama against russian alleged cyberattacks. also includes shutting down two russian compounds located in maryland and new york. >> what these individuals were doing were basically collecting intelligence. intelligence officers operating here and using these compounds for intelligence collection purposes. >> reporter: the u.s. sanctioning nine russian individuals and entities,
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including the russian spy agency, the fsb, and the russian military intelligence unit the gru. the u.s. intelligence officials say the gru ordered the attacks on the democratic national committee and other political groups under orders from the kremlin. in a statement, president obama says the cyberattacks could only have been directed by the highest levels of the russian government. obama and u.s. intelligence officials have implied that russian president vladimir putin was directly involved in the hacks. in part, to hurt hillary clinton's campaign. obama warning, "all americans should be alarmed by russia's actions." the stiff sanctions joining bipartisan praise. >> we cannot allow a foreign power to impact our elections. >> we're the united states of america and you will not mess around with our election system. >> reporter: speaker of the house paul ryan calling the sanctions overdue as they vow to hit russia harder calling for even stronger sanctions. >> need to name putin as an
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individual of this inner circle because nothing happens in russia without his knowledge or approval. >> reporter: meanwhile, the white house looking to take covert retaliation, as well. saying, "these actions are not the sum total of our response. the u.s. says it is ready for any response from russia." >> we can anticipate a response of some kind. but the truth is that we enjoy the greatest capabilities of any country on earth. that's offensive and defensive. >> and obama has also declass y declassified intelligence to help cybersecurity companies in the u.s. and abroad identify, detect and disrupt russian cyberattacks in the future. poppy. >> evan perez, great reporting. do stay with us, we want to get to all this analysis in a moment. first, president-elect donald trump dismissing the u.s. sanctions against rush frau months. the president-elect has denied that the u.s. intelligence communities conclusions with russia meddling in the election
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are necessarily fact. he has a lot of questions about them. now trump says he will meet with intelligence officials next week to get the facts. our jessica schneider joins us with that part of the story this morning. good morning. he's still saying in the statement it's time for us to move on. >> he's reiterating that skepticism that he expressed about the alleged russian hacks. he did speak initially outside mar-a-lago saying we should "get on with our lives." time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with the leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of the situation. top transition adviser kellyanne conway say the sanctions seem largely symbolic and continue to cast doubt on the intelligence. conway accusing president obama of playing politics with this whole issue. >> even those who are sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying that
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part of the reason he did this today was to "box in" president-elect trump. that would be very unfortunate if that were the motivating -- if politics were the motivating factor. we can't help but think that is often true. >> kellyanne conway continue saying if donald trump will reverse the sanctions once he takes office. >> thank you so much for the reporting. we have a discussion about this and bring in matthew chance, bring him back and moscow evan perez in washington, as well. and welcome washington bureau chief for "daily beast" jackie kucinich and seleaney ze zito. before we get to all of that and especially the news about the retaliation. how unprecedented for the president to announce this publicly now? why is he doing this just weeks before the election? i'll start with you, jackie. >> president obama had to do
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something. he was getting a lot of criticism for not acting sooner. that fantastic "new york times" piece a couple weeks ago that outlined the obama administration was hesitant to act during the election because they didn't want it to look political and like they were helping hillary clinton. so, they really, they had to respond because otherwise it would reflect poorly on his legacy and, as well, it looked like they were letting russia get away with broader intelligence agencies said that they did. >> even though a number of high-ranking republicans are agreeing with the president on these moves, including house speaker paul ryan, including senators lindsey graham and john mccain, paul ryan says it's overdue and the point here is the white house knew about this and addressed it publicly months ago. listen to what josh earnest said back on october 11th. >> the russian government is directing the effort or at least
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providing the information responsible for the leaks. and that's a source of some concern because the intelligence community has concluded with high confidence that they're doing so to try to destabilize our democracy. that's something that, obviously, the president takes quite seriously. >> takes quite seriously, evan. but didn't do anything about it for two more months. why? >> well, i think jackie had mentioned that just now. she's sort of, you know, i think one of the things that was happening behind the scenes is, frankly, the obama administration folks thought that hillary clinton was going to win. and if you remember during the campaign, donald trump was already calling this a rigged election. so, there was a lot of concern that if you do this during the campaign, that donald trump will have an excuse when he loses that the white house was essentially trying to help hillary clinton. it turns out, obviously, they were wrong.
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we all were wrong. that donald trump ended up winning the election and it appears that talking to sources even in the intelligence community that even the russians were surprised at how successful this entire operation was being. >> matthew, i need to ask you about the russian response because we're wondering if this is just the beginning. if this is going to be a fit for tat. putting out reports that a school closing that was false. they're saying. but now they're kicking out 35 u.s. officials. is this just the beginning of it for rusha and the u.s.? >> in normal circumstances i would say, yeah, it's probably just the beginning. this is a further deterioration of a relationship that has been very problematic over the course of the last couple of years between washington and moscow. this is it sinking to new lows. we're not in a normal situation. less than three weeks from now the donald trump in the white house and the kremlin are very aware of that. they believe that -- they're
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saying these measures by the obama administration as it ends its last few weeks in office are what they call land mines they're putting underneath the future relationship between trump and putin. between russia and the united states. and, so, you get the sense that the russians are, you know, trying to sort of sit tight. they're going to hold their fire a little bit. although they enhanced these 35 expulsions, a little bit. hold their fire a little bit and wait until donald trump comes to the white house and see if the relationship can be built from that point and the relationship with this outgoing obama administration. >> also what is different about these sanctions then. the ones after the annexation of crimea and incursion into ukraine. those are economic sanctions and they hurt the russian economy and folks on main street. these are different. we'll see if there are additional sanctions. >> even some republicans wanted them, these sanctions to be stronger. >> they may be. they may be. that's what senator lindsey
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graham and i want to talk about president obama and his statement. it's time f i will meet with the intelligence community. kellyanne conway a huge figure in his team said yesterday on this network perhaps this is an effort to basically box in the president-elect. let's listen. >> even those who are sympathetic to president obama on most issues are saying that part of the reason he did this today was to "box in" president-elect trump. that would be very unfortunate if that were the motivating, if politics were the motivating factor here. but we can't help to think that that is often true. even "the new york times" characterized it this is an attempt to box him in to see what he will do as president. >> do you really think the president would do all of these things just to box in his political adversary and she said, well, that's what "the new
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york times." what do you think? >> i think the incoming administration is trying to telegraph two things. one, let's get past this. they're talking about, you know, making our election and our win less solid. less, you know, tainted by the hacking. bit they're also saying and trump said that in his statement that he's going to be meeting with the intelligence folks and to discuss what happened and discuss what's going to happen going forward. they're basically saying, look, we won and the hacking had nothing to do with it but we will take this seriously and we'll go talk to the intelligence people. >> even with some republicans like lindsey graham and john mccain saying they would want more and they say the retaliatory measures are long overdue but a small price for
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russia to pay on its brazen attack and impose stronger sanctions on russia. the question is in 20 or so odd days when the trump administration is now in place, will they reverse these sanctions because that would be highly unusual and unprecedented. wouldn't it, jackie? >> absolutely. we're about to see policiy so s interesting politics at play. the most republicans and democrats think that sanctions are a good thing. think that russia should be punished for this. donald trump comes in and does away with this executive order because this is an executive order and it can be. the next president can just take it away. he just doesn't hadoesn't have congress. you'll see some friction with the hill and you might see it play out in part through the confirmation hearing of the secretary of state nominee rex tillerson who, of course, has
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very close ties with russia. it is going to be a really interesting 100 days for sure. >> evan, to you. i mean when i first read, you know, yesterday this was breaking that the united states was expelling by sunday, by the way, these 35 -- what they're essentially calling spies posing as diplomats for the united states and shuttering these two quote/unquote compounds in maryland and new york. i thought, why were they allowed to be here in the first place? >> this is what happens in, frankly, in the spy business. the united states knows people inside who work for the russian embassy and the consulates who they believe are spies. they follow these people around town. they make sure that they know what they're up to. they spy on them every place that they can. so, when at times like this that you have tensions that flare up, especially between the united states and russia. you already know who you are going to kick out of the country because you already believe these people are here under false pretenses.
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i want to say one quick thing in response to your question. the discussion with selena. i think the president-elect is hearing from all of these announcements that, you know, his election was tainted. i think that's not what the intelligence agencies are saying. they're saying we don't know whether or not the russians won this election for donald trump. we're just saying this is what the intelligence agencies are saying. they're saying, look, we know this is what they were trying to do. no one will ever know exactly why hillary clinton lost and why donald trump won. that's part of what, i think, is being missed by the president-elect. >> even obama administration officials are saying they don't think it would change the outcome of the election. thank you, panel, we appreciate it. we'll see you later on in the show. more foreign policy news to talk about. the u.s. not involved in the cease-fire currently under way in syria, but what are leaders behind the negotiation saying about the president-elect trump?
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welcome back to "new day." a cease-fire in syria appears to be holding despite a few reports of clashes.
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the truth broken by russia and turkey leaves the u.s. out in the diplomatic cold. mohammad live in istanbul, turkey, with the very latest. mohammad. >> the cease-fire took effect at midnight and the morning after is so important to see if it's holding. so far all the indications is that the cease-fire is holding. as you mentioned, some sporadic clashes, but it's unclear if those clashes were on a scale that any would say this is a cease-fire violation. as for the cease-fire itself, it is really interesting. this was brokered by russia and turkey and syrian and iranian improvement. the united states had no role to play in the cease-fire agreement whatsoever. they weren't even invited to take part in the process. that could change. some long-term peace talks taking place in a month or so and interesting the kremlin reached out of offering a sort of olive branch to the united states, but completely bypassing
3:20 am
donald trump. saying that when he is inaugurated that they're hopeful that donald trump will have a seat at the table. something that they didn't offer to president obama in the past. we might see a change in shift as far as the u.s. is concerned regarding syria and perhaps more involvement now that president-elect trump has specifically been invited to the table. >> live for us in istanbistanbu thank you very much for that. as we wait to see if this fragile cease-fire will hold, there have been so many like this before. bashar al assad voicing cautious optimism about the incoming trump administration. sounds familiar. kind of like we heard from putin. welcome back jackie kucinich and selena zito. thank you for being with us. let me read it for you here. we are more optimistic with caution because we don't know what the policy is that he is going to edopt regarding our region in general.
3:21 am
but we can say part of the optimism can be related to the united states and russia. he goes on to say if the u.s. and russia get along that is good for you and smaller nations. what should americans make of this, jackie? >> it's not usually great to have dictators praising you, just as like a general rule. it's -- it's concerning. >> to say the least. >> it makes sense that assad is saying this. the obama administration has been tough on assad saying he should go because the humanitarian criskricrisis he's created. and he killed hundreds of thousands of his own people. this is cause for concern because we can't forget if putin is empowered, it really, it's at the expense of the united states. so, interesting times. >> yeah. and should we be concerned. i want to put this graphic up.
3:22 am
take a special look at this, seena. this is foreign policy differences between the president, the current president and the president-elect. this is a look at russia. so, president obama wants harsh sanctions and donald trump says move on and syria help negotiate peace from obama and trump says ignore the civil war. obama says on israel, critical settlements. he is critical of settlements and on israel donald trump has unquestioning loyalty. should we expect -- i mean, it is unusual. both these two dictators would say it appears that donald trump is cozying to these dictators. we can say without a doubt it is a different foreign policy under a president trump than president obama. >> absolutely. you know, trump ran on being completely different on everything that had to do with president obama. well, not everything. but, you know, on foreign policy, absolutely. and, you know, i mean, these dictators and you have putin and you have assad. yapping around about how their
3:23 am
relationship is going to be with trump. we don't really know what it's going to be like. but it's a little bit of smack talk because their relationship with obuama was so terrible and they want to nip at him as he's walking out the door. going forward, we don't know what's going to happen. but we do know there is at least a willingness from trump to have some sort of dialogue between both countries. you know, hopefully, you know, it's a positive step. but, you know, anything can happen at this point. >> it's interesting because we're talking about russia -- >> syria. >> a leader who has literally dropped barrel bombs killing hundreds of thousands. >> dictators. >> these children who died. what's interesting to me, jackie, is that president obama has essentially said syria was my biggest failure. not using those words. he said it still haunts him and
3:24 am
he feels somewhat responsible for the continuing violence there. trump could come in and say i am stronger, i will be the one to oust the assad regime. whether or not he can do it is a different question. i wonder why he's not taking that path. >> why trump isn't taking the path to say he's going to be stronger against assad? >> and i will finish what he -- you know, what some people would say this president hasn't. >> well, what trump has said is that he wants to go after isis and syria rather than focus on assad. which is going to make assad a lot happier. and it's part of the whole donald trump brand of, you know, bombing the heck out of isis. again, this could be, this could be tough talk, but i think taking the eye off the ball off of someone who has, as you mentioned, had created so much chaos in his own region.
3:25 am
it's perplexing. >> let's talk about the media. the obama administration has been criticized for not being as transparent as it said it was going to be in the beginning. donald trump hasn't had a formal press conference in quite a long time. he broke his silence with two press appearances on the steps of his mar-a-lago estate. so, the question is, why the silence, selena. why the silence? >> well, i think there's a couple things going on. first of all, they are trying to figure out what they're going to be and where they are going forward. you've got that. you've also got this ability that he has sort of rolled out to talk past the press and use twitter as a way to communicate, not only to people, but to foreign governments. and he likes the response. >> selena, can we put, i want to put something from, this is from sean spicer when he talked about
3:26 am
press conferences and then i'll let you continue your responses. play this. >> while we have to sort of do these press conferences because they're part of the fabric of our country, if you will. there are also some new opportunities that we can be utilizing to bring more peepinal to the process and have a conversation with the american people and not limit it through the filter of the main stream media. >> that was the first time, poppy, that we heard that they're going to hold formal press conferences because at first we weren't so sure. >> absolutely. i think no president and no president's administration really loved the daily press conference. but also a great opportunity for them to get what they're doing out into the public and i think, you know, sean spicer loves that engagement. he loves to get that information out. i suspect it's probably going to be at least the same as what we saw from the obama administration. maybe even more. >> don makes such an important
3:27 am
point. the obama administration said a lot of things and actions and transparency was very, very different. the criticism goes both way. thank you, ladies. happy new year. new years rebelers will see heightened security right here in new york in time squares tomorrow. 2 million people to descend on that celebration. low are police and terror officials protecting all of them? a live report, next. choose. choose. choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, right now, the best buy rated c2 mattress is only $699.99 learn more at know better sleep with sleep number. freshly made in the tokyo-japanese tradition,
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new year's revellers can expect very tight security in new york's times square tomorrow. this as we count down to the
3:31 am
final hours of 2016. security stepped up after the recent truck terror attacks in berlin and, of course, in nice, france. brin is live in new york with more. this is the first new year's eve in six years that i won't be in times square. you cannot overstate the amount of security and it's going to be even more this year. >> oh, yeah. it's just layers and layers of security, poppy, that really just evolves. the nypd starts preparing for all of this once the ball dropped earlier this year. it is really, again, security that is evolving when terrorist threats happen all around the world. >> ten, nine -- >> reporter: new york city is on high alert in anticipation of one of the biggest new year's eve celebrations in the world. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: securing it takes an army. 7,000 nypd officers is just one part of the enhanced measures being taken to protect the city. >> this is where everybody has to be on their toes.
3:32 am
i know complacency can set in at times but certainly not at an event like this. >> reporter: in the wake of the isis-inspired attacks in nice. most being used as a protective barrier around the perimeter of times square to ward off a truck-style attack. >> we live in a changing world now. it can't just be about what happens in new york. >> reporter: the nypd is in constant communication with foreign departments gaining intelligence and sharing police strategy with cities abroad. in london, there is added security at the changing of the guards. heavily armed police were unavoidable in berlin as they stood posts behind concrete barriers at a christmas concert. christmas markets were heavily patrolls and 10,000 officers on the streets working around the clock. >> translator: we're giving of
3:33 am
ourselves and our time and at a cost to ourselves and our families. >> reporter: nearly 2 million people expected in times square. the extra police presence a noticeable addition to keep new york city safe. >> if you're coming down to times square, rest assured it will be a safe venue. >> we know that just within the last few weeks members of the nypd have been visiting truck rental companies and securing parking garages in this area and even going to area hotels talking to managers. just keeping their eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. don, we should mention the nypd said there was no credible threat against the ball drop ceremony. >> thank you. president barack obama is in office for only three more weeks, but how will his recent foreign policy decisions from the past few days affect president-elect donald trump for years to come? we'll discuss, next.
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russia's foreign minister is demanding that foreign diplomats be expelled for meddling in the u.s. election. this is just one of several diplomatic challenges facing president-elect trump when he takes office in three weeks. joining us is bobby, editor and chief. what do you think? >> i think it was inevitable. withputen and the putin administration responding to provocation is very much part of the persona that putin has. there was never a chance that he was ghooing to wait and think about it. that's how other countries do things. that's how the obama administration do things. >> does this hurt us? >> i don't think so. i think the moment the obama administration announced their expulsions, i think they were expecting a retaliation at once.
3:38 am
it hurts both countries in a wider scheme of things, but we've seen historically that over a periods of months or maybe a couple years a lot of these people, not the exact same people but the positions will be filled gradually. especially if going forward. relations between washington and moscow. >> but here we were just talking in the break about the era of the strong man. so, trump, assad, putin, shinzo abe. one country and leader that we know that trump does not have an affinity for is iran. when it comes to the negotiations about syria, there is the potential if trump decides to join those that he would be at the table with iranian leaders at the same time that he wants to tear up the iranian nuclear deal. >> that's exactly right. >> what will he do? >> not a lot of gap between the iranian position and the russian
3:39 am
pe position on syria. one of a dozen different contradictions that he is going to have to try and balance out when he becomes president. a lot of these contradictions his attitude towards russia and putin. now he's president. it's very clear that he wants to have a good relationship with putin. but that means that you have to, you have to position yourself against the many policies that putin has. which is very unusual for the united states to respond in that way to the russians. it's usually the other way around. in the last 25 years it has been the other way around. these are the kind of challenges that he has put himself in a position to have to deal with. >> the question is why then give the appearance that you're aligning yourself with these dictators that we have taken issue with. >> i don't think he thinks of them as dictators. he thinks as putin as a strong man a decisive leader. he has been a fan, as i said, for many years. long before it became clear that
3:40 am
he was going into politics. >> these two men haven't met. >> no, they have not met. >> despite what he said about "60 minutes." >> that will change very short. >> could putin be playing him? >> there's no question. putin plays everybody that he could possibly play and this is sort of a christmas gift for putin to have donald trump as president of the united states. he's, he's someone who has demonstrated that he can be played. >> is there an irony in the fact that trump's statement begins with it. it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. this from the sort of ultimate grudge holder. this from the man who still has a grudge towards "vanity fair" and i'm serious. >> he can move on from a bad review of a restaurant. he wants to move on from the idea that russia may have tried to influence american political system. i mean, but that is move on. i think that's the sort of expression that is going to be sort of the core of his foreign policy. he wants to move on from everything that has gone before.
3:41 am
there is a big part of the trump appeal that he is going to do things differently from everybody. to do that, ask you to start by saying, we will move on. >> clean slate. does move on maybe mean i know the intelligence. my people know the intelligence and it doesn't look good for me. in some way it might appear to undermine his election. is that part of the reason that he wants to move on? >> certainly with russia, that might be one of the -- that would appear to be one of the clear motivations. but to engage in the idea that russia influenced the election is also in some degree to admit that the election was there for not entirely legitimate and that his victory was entirely legitimate. of course, you could understand why he wouldn't want to do that. more importantly, he wants to move on from genocide and say, yeah, he wants to move on from the massive murder of people by bashar assad. move on from the question of settlements of israel. >> before your question, let's just put this up so you can see
3:42 am
how they differ on foreign policy. >> exactly. you talk about the difference business between russia and syria and when it comes to israel, netanyahu can wait. he is counting the hours for january 20th and he can't wait to say good-bye to president obama. on israel, what will this mean going forward for this alliance and, frankly, how the rest of the world views the united states position on israel? >> no, we have to remember that often in the past, particularly with republican presidents that have come into office complete and as you pointed out there, complete loyalty to israel. we'll move the capital to jerusalem, but then when they become president, the rubber hits the road and the realities come up and smack them in the face and they have to sort of adjust their position. there is a good possibility that might happen here, again. once he becomes president and he has to confront all the many different complexities of the middle east that he has to make some adjustments to his positions particularly towards
3:43 am
israel. that's not what netanyahu is looking forward to. >> no doubt that he will have to do it in some way. >> unprecedented. >> no unpresidented. >> all right, thank you, bob. nice to have you on. >> happy new year to you. an arkansas football player forced to sit out his bowl game. what he did off the field that got him sent to the bench. that's ahead in the bleacher report. is there an elk in your bed?
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arkansas hit the field to take on virginia tech last night. but they were without their starting tight end. andy sholes tells us why in this morning's bleacher report. >> this is one of the stories that you just say, really. suspending jeremy sprinkle because he was caught shau shoplifting. each player was given a $450 and they all went shopping together on tuesday as a team and sprinkle attempted to shoplift $260 worth of items from the store. since sprinkle is a senior, the suspension effectively ended his college career. arkansas looked like they were going to be fine opening a 24-0 lead over virginia tech. but the hokies came storming back in the second half scoring
3:48 am
35 unanswered to win the belk bowl. long-awaited return to the octagon tonight as she faces amanda nunez. first time rousey will be in the octagon since leaving a year ago. showed up wearing a lion mask. her nickname is the lioness. not speaking to the media at all before this fight but after the weigh-in she posted this on instagram. thank you to everyone coming out to support at the weigh in. the happiest new year. very interesting to see which rousey shows up tonight. the one that lost last year or the one that dominated usc. >> we'll be watching. thank you, andy. appreciate it. this year is full of dramatic events. which incident stood out the most?
3:49 am
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the school board in buffalo, new york, trying to force one of its founders to resign. carl paladino under fire for a racist rant he made last week about the president and the first lady michelle obama. the board approving a resolution that he steps down. if he refuses, the board plans to ask the state education commissioner to remove him. love, love taking on a new meaning on the tennis court. get it. tennis great serena williams is
3:53 am
engaged. set to be married to her boyfriend reddit co-founder. he popped the question while the two vacationed in rome. williams announced it herself on reddit. the pair just began dating last year. when you know you know. >> when you know you know. >> that's what i would call a power couple. >> totally. >> congratulations and good luck to them. this year full of dramatic events, including that one. catching the nation's eye. which incidents stood out from the rest. jean casarez has the top ten crime stories of 2016. >> we are not going anywhere. we're here to do a job. >> reporter: a 41-day occupation at a federal wildlife refuge in oregon ended when four remaining protesters finally surrendered. one of the leading occupiers was killed the month before heightening tensions. the armed occupiers frustrate would the feds over land right
3:54 am
issues. >> the world's most wanted -- >> reporter: mexican navy special forces captured notorious drug kingpin guzman in a predawn raid. six months earlier he broke out through a mexican prison through a hole in a shower stall that led to a tunnel. this is his second escape. law enforcement facing a national heroin epidemic. ohio police posting this picture to demonstrate the devastating impact on families. >> people do not understand what this drug is doing and how it affects families overall and little kids that get caught up in this. >> reporter: the video of a couple overdosing going viral. >> i found myself unable to put the heroin down. it's a devastation. it's pain. it's anguish. >> reporter: the addiction beginning for some with prescription drugs. the crisis made even worse this year by deadlier drugs. 2016 showed an increase in
3:55 am
fentanyl-related deaths and overdoses. >> we could make a billion gun arrests a year and it's not going to make a difference. >> reporter: more than 700 homicides in chicago as of december. the worst year for murders in two decades. there are an average of 82 shootings per week. >> on that morning, all that i was told was that i had been found behind a dumpster. potentially penetrated by a stranger. >> reporter: stanford swimmer brock turner was released from prison after three months. she was accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the victim's heartwrenching statement seen by millions. apple refuses to comply with the california judge's order to help the fbi retrieve information from the iphone of san bernardino gunman faruok. apple's refusal set a precedent for future cases that tech companies asserting their
3:56 am
constitutional rights may refuse to comply with a court subpoena power. >> there's been an explosion that has taken place in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. >> reporter: the act of a lone-wolf terrorist. >> everybody get off of the street. >> reporter: 29 injured. no one was killed. two other devices found in new jersey. this one detonated by the bomb squad. the 28-year-old was captured days later after a shootout with police days later. in february, u.s. supreme court justice scalia the outspoken conservative voice, the longest serving justice died in his sleep. who would appoint his replacement and what impact would that have became front page news in this election year. president obama's attempt to replace him blocked by republicans. the next justice will be appointed by president-elect trump. >> please don't tell me he's
3:57 am
dead. >> reporter: police shootings and race relations dominated the conversation reaching a crescendo for four days in july. sterling shot by police in louisiana, castille shot by police in minnesota. both died from their wounds. >> four cops down. >> reporter: then in dallas in the evening hours of july 8th, 12 police officers shot, five killed during protests as a gunman ambushed police. it ended when a bomb squad robot killed the gunman after negotiatatie negotiations failed. >> this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens. >> reporter: it was the deadliest single incident for u.s. law enforcement since 9/11. other shootings of and by police officers would follow reigniting the national debate about law enforcement in the u.s. >> i look over and he shoots the girl next to me. and i'm just there laying down
3:58 am
and i'm thinking, i'm next. i'm dead. >> reporter: the deadliest mass shooting in america. 49 killed, 53 wounded during a gunman's rampage inside orlando's pulse nightclub in june. omar maten was killed after a three-hour standoff with police. >> most of the victims who died were under the age of 40. young men and women full of dreams and full of plans. >> it has been nonstop this year. >> nonstop. all right. we're following a lot of news this morning, including breaking news out of russia. let's get right to it. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." i'm poppy harlow and this is don lemon.
3:59 am
over alleged hacking of the u.s. presidential election. russia's foreign minister recommending that the kremlin expel dozens of american diplomats in a tit for tat after the obama administration ordered suspected russian spies to leave the united states. >> and escalating tensions with moscow stoking memories of the cold war. happening just three weeks before president-elect donald trump's inauguration. we have every single angle covered for you with the global resources of cnn. we'll begin with our senior international correspondent matthew chance. he's live in moscow with the breaking details. good morning, matthew. >> good morning. they said they were going to hit back and that's exactly what they did. announcing its recommendations to the kremlin that 35 u.s. diplomats be expelled from russia. 31 of them from the moscow embassy at the united states. and another four of the consulate in st. petersburg. that is in response to the 35 russian diplomats who have been expelled by the u.s. authorities from various diplomatic missions
4:00 am
in the united states, as well. the question is, is that the end of the round of countermeasures. because, obviously, other sanctions imposed by the united states over alleged hacking of the u.s. democratic institutions. and mistreatment of u.s. diplomats inside russia, as well. the question is, is that going to be continuing? the fact is at the moment that the russians are sort of holding back somewhat because they know in a few weeks from now, president trump will be, donald trump will be the president of the united states. and they want to build a much better relationship with him. they want to try and draw a line under this and, obviously, trump has been more sympathetic. so the question is now, as i say, what will come after this. is this a further deterioration or will there will be a line drawn under this? president obama's sanctions targeting russian intelligence agencies and the expulsion order


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