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tv   All the Best All the Worst 2016  CNN  December 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> zma and that was a start of a thing where she hung with us. and she showed us what she did with the command on the stage. >> now more than ever" airs new year's day here ab cnn 8:00 p.m. all the best, all the worst of 2016 starts now. 2016 was all wild west, all the time. filled with events that bucked like a bronco. struck like a snake, and roared like a barroom brawl. so saddle up for a look back with our rough riders. nfl nominee and sports analyst hines ward. erica hill. and flula borg.
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john berman. helen hong and seton smiaton sm welcome. i'm tom foreman. every time we had one story lined up another came charging around the corner. in news, in movies, in science, in technology, in tv. and most of all in the exhausting, exhilarating wild fire of politics. ♪ >> hillary clinton is a bigot. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior. >> this was the unpredictable year. >> definitely a crazy year. >> this was crueller, meaner, nastier. >> like the mind screw of the century. >> i'm taking the gloves off.
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right? yes? [ bell ] >> this really was the worst election in modern history. i mean, it was like not "dumb and dumber". >> ehhhhhh! >> it was like hated and hateder. >> voters tasing a choice between u.s. b secretary of state and hillary clinton. a democrat would be the first senator to hold the oval office and donald trump, a billionaire tv star who would be the first with no government or no military experience. and it got nasty fast. >> but she's crooked hillary. crooked hillary, crooked hillary. >> everything is a game. it is like he's living in his own celebrity reality tv program. >> on tv their ads featured bitter attacks. >> penalty flag on trump.
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penalty flag on hillary. below the belt. >> on the streets the fans clashed, sometimes violently. and poll after poll brought us the worst reality of the race. voters said they did not trust either candidate. >> it felt like the second season of the wire, where i was just like oh, i know we have do this, but this is not as fun as the first season. >> the first family was having fun despite the nasty campaign. best cameo, president obama slow jamming the news on the tonight show. >> ♪ climate change is real ♪ healthcare is affordable ♪ and love is love ♪ >> umm, umm, umm, commander in preach! ♪ >> reporter: still the heat grew hotter. the republican convention was a barrage of heavy artillery aimed at clinton.
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worst yet trump's speech. >> she was the star of both conventions. >> and nude photos made headlines too. >> she wasn't into the campaign process. >> it wasn't a convention where you said hey this is everything the republicans hoped it it would be. yet now as we look back maybe we missed something. maybe we missed a message that at least some voters in key places like. >> at the democratic convention, everyone appeared to be into it. but their candidate topping trump by a few points in almost all of the poll, the celebration started early. then came three bruising debates. >> absolutely. >> wrong. >> -- and everything that swirled around them. >> seemed like every time we were getting on a serious note something else came through or a
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scandal and wiped everybody's credibility away. >> reporter: of clinton's worst choice of words: >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> reporter: that rapidly became a rallying cry for the other side. but her worst new problem was an old one. >> do you remember when bernie sanders during the primaries told hillary clinton everybody is sick about hearing about your damn e-mails. well apparently james comey didn't get the memo. >> reporter: news for democrats. when the fbi director said he found nothing to justify criminal charge. worst follow-up? when he announced new evidence to consider just days before the vote. >> let's be honest. the timing is a little awkward. but in you don't say something and then it comes out after the election that you had something, that would be a little awkward too. so it was a no-win situation.
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>> reporter: once again the fbi said nothing warranted charges but hacked e-mails didn't help her cause. >> and also she got ahead of the story. >> for donald trump the trouble seemed endless. after years of suggesting barack obama might have been born elsewhere he made an admission, even as he falsely claimed clinton started the whole thing. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: questions about his business practices dogged him. support from white supremacists haunted his campaign, even as he disavowed it. a guy even climbed trump tower. you know, but not all of it. and while first lady michelle obama got mad props for our car pool karaoke with missy
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elliot ♪ . another ride back in 2005 gave us the worst sound bite of the election. audio of donald trump talking about sexually assaulting women. >> and when you are a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the --. you can do anything. >> when i heard the audio that came off of the bus from donald trump, i was like --. i was grossed out. i was offended. by [ bleep ] wanted to grab back. >> trump jumped to quiet the controversy. and after diving briefly in the polls he started rising again. >> it was fascinating. because everything he did was what candidates have been told for decades and multiple election cycles not to do. >> i think donald trump was very popular because he had hats.
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hillary, i don't know what she had. maybe it was like a walt or some socks or perhaps a skirt or a sun dress. no. donald trump just had a hat. >> well the best thing out of the election this year is watching "saturday night live." i love all the in spite of. >> reporter: comedians had a field day. >> she's the one with the bad temperament. always screaming. constantly lying. her hair is crazy. her face is completely orange. >> snl gave donald trump a really big platform this year. thanks snl. >> but you know what? no ruins. it is like outback steak house accept a president wins at the end. >> reporter: that is exact what happened in extraordinary ways. >> the numbers came back in
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numbers and ways for trump that hadn't happened before. >> energized trump supporters began flipping blue to red and democrat turnout floundered in key precincts. >> he will be president donald trump. what is that going to be mean? we just don't know. >> a hand full of pollster whose saw the victory coming. the worst, everyone else. >> i have no faith in polling. i have no faith in projections. >> it was an awful year for pollster. i'm glad in i'm not that in business. >> the backlash was immediate with protesters storming into the streets. >> i do no know why hillary did not win. actually spoils alert. till hillary did win. have you counted your actual votes. >> there was -- unleashed when.
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>> the electoral college is k z [ bleep ]. >> i think a lot of people with this election especially are wondering does my vote count. >> both chambers of commerce, and substantially more than democrats. for democrats. >> congress is our only hope. i'm hoping they are able to do is same trash they did to obama to trump. >> what was it all for? why? why did i work that hard? for eight years and just get wiped away in one election. >> on the other hand he did enjoy his highest approval ratings since the last presidential vote. >> it was a good and bad year for him. but i think he's going to have a great year next year out of
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>> theolital scene was such a bar fight it is sometimes difficult to remember all the hard things going on. but there was plenty. so keep your boots on. ♪ >> coming un. move along little doggies. the hottest music of the year. sounds from beyonce, drip and the chain smokers. and what has 18 legs and takes more than a century to win the championship? it is all the best, all the worst, 2016. let's head up up and move em out. this holiday, the real gift isn't what's inside the box...
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a new release, hbo special and o slot at the super bowl all surrounded the best event of the year for some fans. >> beyonce, done. >> i love the music. and jay-z, and beyonce, i just think they are the power couple. ♪ ♪ treat her better >> to be sure adele remained a force to be reckoned with and plenty of others were fighting for the spotlight. toef lowe, arianna grande.
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♪ so baby pull me closer >> i'm kind of upset with that song closer" by the chain smokers. >> and black beats by ray shreamer. >>. ♪ if i was you i'd want to be me too ♪ ♪ >> no flash in the pan came from meghan trainor. >> she found a sound. she's like a lighter beyonce. >> ♪ i can't help loving myself" i don't need anybody else ♪ >> they don't let sad people on white pop stations anymore.
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♪ ♪ >> there was plenty to be sad about in music. worst news. sunday passes. david bowie. eagles glenn frey. mer merle haggard. russell ♪ ♪ hallelujah >> when i heard leonard cohan died i was just sad. >> and of course there was the legendary prince. ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain >> his loss triggered an outpouring of emotional tributes. it is prince, like hearing the gland canyon died. and then the questions about the drugs that killed him. >> there was the rumors he wasn't doing well and then all of a sudden he was gone. and it was just crazy. ♪ far out west, the best
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concert event of the year for many older fans was desert trip or as many called it old chella. a three day bash featuring the rolling stones, paul mccartney, the who and neil young among others. >> i think it is wonderful when the old seniors of the world are not just sitting in a living room making tiny sweaters but instead are singing songs from 55 years ago. i find this exciting. >> bob dylan was there about the same time he was named this year's nobel prize winner for literature. >> bob dylan getting the noble prize for literature was the best excuse ever to listen to three days of the bob dylan. not that you even need that excuse. >> someone on that nobel prize committee is really gunning for some free concert tickets. >> ♪ i just miss you ♪ and i just wish you were a better man ♪ >> keith urban, florida george
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line and little big town got lots of attention in country. >> i can two step with the best of them. >> but given an award to the best all around due wet is st. anne's parade by shovels and rope. ♪ and i need more fingers than i got on my two hands ♪ ♪ because life may be too -- the new sheriff in town is online streaming. it is now number one way we're listening to music and increasingly how we're getting television too. and there were a lot of great new shows. >> some people choose to see the ugliness in this world. i choose to see the beauty. >> best proof an old movie can be remade into a new tv hit. >> west world is very good. and every step of the way it surprises me and delights me and the acting is so good. and anthony hopkins should be in
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everything still. >> they don't make anything like they used to. >> do not want to spoil it but if you are combining cowboys and future and like ipods, i'm inside this. i'm in the town charlie brown. i very much like it. i like to watch robots be humans and smooch each other. >> worst case of a great new series feeling way too short. >> stranger things. >> are you serious? >> awesome show. that eighties vibe. i really enjoyed that. >> family, wynona rider. how much more could you want. the kids are amazing. i bet the stock price of egg go waffles went up based on stranger things.
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>> plenty of older series unveiled their latest series. >> i watched the new "orange is the new black" and i cried at the end. hysterically. >> my reign has just begun. >> i got really into game of thrones. >> the battle of the --. i love this show so much it has ratings and large people and tiny people and walking people and wars. it is the best. >> best new show with a familiar old face? >> we will not live in fear. >> designated survivor. >> who knew kiefer sutherland was going to be our perennial saving world guy? >> ah, it's going to be awesome boy. >> worst case of a fantastic show not being noticed by enough people yet. >> i really like "atlanta." i think that is the realest show ever made on this planet. that blows my mind.
5:22 pm
>> staying power. competition shows continue to rumble on. >> oh, "the voice." i love "the voice." >>. ♪ i just keep -- >> dancing with the stars is now its 12th years. >> and everywhere i go i'm always being asked for the first dance. it is the greatest thing that's ever happened but also it was the worst thing because now i can't go to wedding parties, bar mitzvahs. i can't do anything because of the "dancing with the stars." but i love watching it. >> i'm going to cry. >> worst guilty pleasures? any of the unstoppable reality show series. >> bachelor and bachelor island and some of those bachelor-like reality show now where you follow the couple, ben and kate. i'm all about that, yo. yantd stop. >> i need to believe him. >> best case of art imitating
5:23 pm
life. the people versus o.j. simpson. american crime story. deja vu all over again for those who saw the real thing. >> it went on a long time. every day iz glued to the tv. you couldn't get enough of the o.j. trial. >> best do it yourselfers. give it to the games and their hit home make over owe. >> i love a good fixer upper marathon. chip and her are adorable. >> and the best comedy writing on tv. bob's burgers. >> what's going on? >> your mom. >> what? >> the strangest new arrival? >> vodka and chain saws? >> right. father and son warrior weekend. >> like heman meets arrested development. weird. >> lot of fun. >> and the worst oversight finally corrected after all these years, congratulations to
5:24 pm
rupaul at along last winning an emmy. >> don't touch that dvr. coming up the biggest and best and baddest in big news. spectacular moments in sports. and roll it. >> -- >> we'll go out for the worst night at the movies, the best blast off. and are you excited? or is that a flaming phone in your pocket? all the best all the worst 2016 rolls on. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards... or even file a claim. do that.. yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app. download it today.
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the election was hands down the biggest story of 2016, but all around the globe, we had unrest, natural disasters, and conflict. the biggest and worst domestic story, the clashes between police and african-american communities, complete with graphic videos showing officers shooting citizens. >> shots fired. >> it was really conflicting and it was just really sad. it was like a dark cloud over everything. every single day, it was like you were waking up to this news. >> just as troubling, retaliatory attacks on law enforcement.
5:29 pm
the worst at a peaceful protest in dallas. it left five officers killed, nine wounded, and everyone talking. >> the issue is, are they going to talk to each other? are we all going to talk about it and are we going to do something about it? >> i mean, it's interesting, because of my perspective as a black person, i don't know when this conversation wasn't a thing. >> at the end of the day, we're all americans, so we need to find a way to get along and make our country better than what it was. >> other events, wildfires in tennessee, devastating floods in maryland and louisiana, killing of a gorilla holding a child in ohio, transgender bathrooms in north carolina. a pipeline protest in north dakota, and zika virus all over. >> i love with zika, there was no plan in place. at one point, the cdc was like, don't be a woman in miami. and women in miami were like, uh --
5:30 pm
>> it was actually aimed at pregnant women, but still -- we saw a major shift on addiction. >> dn! drugs! the surgeon general is pushing more than ever before to treat it as a chronic illness, with more than 20 million americans hooked. >> from the ritzy suburbs to some of the poorest communities in this country, and if we don't get a handle on it, i think the consequences are really going to be devastating. >> but few stories shocked like the attack on a gay nightclub in florida. 49 people died, the most ever from a single gunman. >> it caused people to actually have to pay attention to the issues that face the lgbt community that i think a lot of people were trying to ignore for so long. >> to have that be a place where so many were murdered was particularly tragic.
5:31 pm
>> religious radicals struck in pakistan, belgium, turkey and france, with few clues on how to stop them. >> you can't just round up muslims in a country, because there are millions of muslims who are innocent, law-abiding citizens of that country and don't deserve to be, you know, lumped in with these crazy, insane people. >> in iraq, the battle to retake mosul saw stiff resistance from isis. the best word on the terror group, they're losing ground. the worst reality? >> that may be so, but at the same time, isis was still able to inspire and carry out attacks all around the world. >> syria produced nothing but more misery, more refugees, and the photo of the year. >> it was a real little boy going through some really, really tough times, and nobody has an answer.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: elsewhere, polls said the vote for the brits to leave the european union was doomed so almost no one saw the brexit coming. >> i think what occurred, everyone in england did not understand. i think they said, breakfast? and everyone is like breakfast? yes or no. yes to breakfast. i'm so hungry, it's the morning time. yes to breakfast. >> italy handled an earthquake while the vatican made mother teresa a saint. north korea continued missile and nuclear tests, as the world wondered what's next. >> i know this, though. south korea makes some of the best revenge movies in the world. so i kind of want to make sure that country sticks around. >> worst party crashers. the russians, getting involved in many affairs far beyond their borders with president vladimir putin leading. >> from what i get, he's an evil dude that likes to ride on his horse without shirts. that's all i really know about the man.
5:33 pm
>> in colombia, 50 years of fighting with rebels appear to be finally winding down. in haiti, hurricane matthew brought death and disease. in cuba, the passing of fidel castro raised questions about the future after a year of improving relations with the u.s. and everywhere, the worst hot flash still global warming. with record temperatures and plenty of alarming examples of its impact. >> yeah, how about glacier national park? to thi that in perhaps my children's lifetime, the glacier is gone, that's crazy! >> through it all, the best kitchen table news, the american onomy did pret well. >> hey! show me the money. >> i think 5% is a very great number for unemployment. it is terrible for skim milk.
5:34 pm
but i think delicious for unemployment. >> home building was up, wages, too. >> things are good, yet, people are saying, at least at the polls, they're not good enough. >> yeah, well, i'm like, are we still in a recession or is that over? >> i know we're not where we want to be, but we are taking strides in the right direction. >> and the most staggering number from 2016, 325 million, the current size of the u.s. population. that's 2.5 million more than last year. >> with births, deaths, and immigration, we're getting a new american every 13 seconds. >> wow. every 13 seconds. that is a lot of people. >> so where do we go from here? still to the west, to find cars that drive themselves, unbelievable moments in sports, and the best and worst movies under the sun. >> let's count 'em down.
5:35 pm
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my family! i remember my family! they're out there somewhere! i have to find them. >> a little fish was lost and a lot of fans were found by one of the best films of the year, according to the box office. >> i did see "finding dory." dory was found. i hope i didn't ruin it for you. >> animation broke out with "zootopia," "kung fu panda 3" and "the secret life of pets." even "the jungle book" took the cinema by storm. >> "the jungle book" was amazing. that was actually amazing and brought me to tears. i loved that. >> but hold tight -- superhero flicks sold tickets like wild. "captain america" and "batman vs. superman" were almost unstoppable. >> my advice to superman and batman is lighten up a little bit. >> oh, oh, hello. >> best twist on the theme.
5:40 pm
>> "deadpool." what a great movie. it was so much fun. >> superhero landing. that's very hard on your knees. >> i'm happy, ryan reynolds, whenever he talks, i'm just enjoying the man. he's this wonderful snarky, wonderful white man. >> how's it going. >> tough guys also roamed through the list of money makers. >> i'm a big fan of tom cruise. anything he's in is going to be good. >> reporter: matt damon as jason bourne and his old pal, ben affleck were counting tickets too. >> i did watch in "the accountant." i love maths very much. i was very confused there was no mathematics really in this. it was just a man kicking other people in the face and looking very serious with glasses. >> cool. >> not cool. >> funniest take on action adventures, "central intelligence." >> the tag line for "central intelligence" was, "a little heart and a big johnson." and whoever came up with that -- >> best and worst relationship
5:41 pm
movie, depending on your mood? >> i just saw "girl on the train" last week, which was amazing. >> nope, nothing happened. it was stupid. >> all right, let's go! >> "bad moms" got big laughs, but another film with women in lead roles got the worse backlash. "ghostbusters." >> i liked the old "ghostbusters." bill murray, dan aykroyd. i ait afraid of no ghost. that. i liked that. >> for a movie a lot of people didn't like, it sure made a ton of money. so, girl power, what?! >> "star trek: beyond" was popular, but the best sci-fi flick "arrival." >> now that's a proper introduction. >> and the best documentary was also the worst way to make people squirm. "weiner." weiner mie, all you can think
5:42 pm
about the whole time is why did he let the cameras there? >> and you really just wanted it to end, because it was painful to watch. >> you did disgusting things. you have a nerve to walk around in public. >> and you're a perfect person? you're my judge? >> for all of that, this was one of the weakest years in decades for movie attendance, in part because of millennials aren't going much and a lot of things are competing for our attention, including a dazzling year in sports. fear of zika and crime kept some athletes away, some russians were disqualified for doping, and still the rio games were great. >> how can you not love the olympics? >> it's the only time, i think, in any sporting event you really feel patriotic. >> you guys did kick all the booties. >> the u.s. gymnastics team nailed it, michael phelps became the most decorated olympian of all time with 28 lifetime medals, katie ledecky dazzled, but then another swimmer gave us
5:43 pm
the worst story of the games. >> oh, lochte. ryan lochte is a hot mess. >> what a dumbass. >> lochte and some pals said they were robbed at gunpoint after a night on the town. >> i put my hands up, i was like, whatever. >> brazilian authorities, not convinced. it was a huge embarrassment for the u.s. and lochte lost a small fortune in endorsements. >> sometimes you just say, i was at a gas station and i had to go. >> worst good-bye. give it to the greatest. muhammad ali. >> i think the passing of muhammad ali hit a lot of people really hard, because he was seen as such an amazing figure in our society for just across the board. >> he was the original gangster. he was a rapper. he, you know, float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. so iconic. >> if you have the audacity to call yourself the greatest, you better deliver and he did.
5:44 pm
>> there were other great stories. leicester city winning the premier league championship. eddie hall's dead lift of more than a half ton. and pete kostillnick's record run. 72 miles a day for 6 weeks to cover 3,000 miles coast to coast. >> that's remarkable. i have suffered through a couple of marathons and i don't know how anybody runs 72 miles a day, day after day after day. super human. >> however, the major sports gave us e biggest monts. in the nfl, some thought at nearly 40, the broncos' peyton manning was just too old to beat cam newton and his panthers in the super bowl. >> i felt sorry for peyton, because seeing him limping around and screaming, omaha, omaha, he really didn't know what the hell omaha was, but he found a way to persevere and
5:45 pm
gave us old people hope that you can still win a super bowl at the age of 40 still. >> in hockey, metallica played the national anthem before their san jose sharks tangled with the pittsburgh penguins, but then skated off with a stanley cup, anyway. in basketball, the never-champion cleveland cavaliers faced the same team they lost the nba trophy to last year, falling perilously behind. >> the cavaliers came back and under lebron james they beat the golden state warriors. it was amazing. >> and that might have been the best sports story, if it weren't for the cubs. >> this is the most dramatic thing i've ever seen. it was awesome. >> in the world series of a lifetime, the long-suffering chicago team fought back from a terrible hole against the cleveland indians, breaking a 108-year dry spell.
5:46 pm
>> 108 years is crazy. >> people were like, ahhh! >> i think it's amazing that in the time the cubs had won their last world series, my country had started and lost two world wars. so, again, sorry about both of those, and also, congratulations to you, chicago cubs. >> as the late cubs announcer harry caray would say, holy cow. in a moment, "alexander" storms broadway, an old friend goes missing, and a naked burglar. plus, ec quest. it's "all the best, all the worst 2016." the world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member,
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there were spectacular explosions, a european probe crashed into mars, but overall, it was a good year for space exploration. space-x solved the big techno challenge, safely launching and landing numerous rockets. the supermoon drew hoards of shutter bugs. and an asteroid, what some are calling a second moon, was discovered orbiting earth, only the size of a football field. >> listen, you know, that's enough space for me.
5:51 pm
i don't need a lot of space for a vacation home. >> nasa's juneau probe arrived at jupiter, sending spectacular pictures home. and there is the best mystery in the sky. tabby star, 1,500 light years away, getting inexplicably brighter and dimmer, a sign of intelligent life? >> i'm sure, there are, there are probably other lives out there in outer space, but i want no parts of it. >> closer to ground, the similar impulse ii created the fist-ever around the world flight powered entirely by the sun, touching down ironically in the dark. and on earth, early verges of self-driving cars are now logging millions of miles and production miles could be wildly available in a few years. >> i am against it. i like to have control of the will for myself. >> we've got cell phones that explode and now they want to go to self-driving cars? i think that's a leap, future. take your time. >> fair point. samsung had a massive recall to
5:52 pm
deal with the worst feature of the galaxy note 7, catching fire. at first, it seemed a manageable issue. >> and two weeks later, it was like, if you have a samsung galaxy phone, get off the plane, now! >> don't surprise me with a fire in my pants. that's what my doctor always says. >> best example of a first-world problem, all the complaints about the new iphone with no headphone jack. >> i've got the iphone 7 right here, and it has no headphone jack and it hasn't bothered me once. >> best game played on a phone, pokemon go with more than a half a billion downloads. >> i did not play pokemon go. i sat on the sidelines and mocked people who were walking into walls because they were playing it. >> virtual reality took a leap forward with newer, easier-to-to use hardware. >> there was from "the new york times" where you were flying. that blew my mind. and then there was a porn one. i haven't tried to porn ones
5:53 pm
yet, but that's on my to-do list. >> and some old techs said farewell. general electric was the last company on earth making video kaset recorders, now they've stopped. so next question, twha do you do with all of those tapes in your basement. in the world of entertainment, after years of pressure from animal rights groups, ringling brothers retired their elephants, ending more than a century of performances with the world's largest land mammals. on the radio, garrison keeler left prairie home companion after more than 32 years. >> saturdays will never be the same. ♪ >> on broadway, the performance that had people standing in line for tickets like no other, "hamilton." >> can a brother get some tickets from somebody? i need a hookup from somebody. >> online, the best "mash-up," "hamilton" and bence. the worst break-in, the naked rglar who lost his pants crawling through the roof of a pizza place and didn't find any
5:54 pm
money, either. some of the political peoples were hilarious and all the t-rex costumes had a smiling, especially the one on american ninja warrior. we really liked that traditional good-bye to a teacher in new zealand. but in the end, the best viral preoccupation, the mannequin challenge. >> everybody's trying it. i've tried myself with my friends. it didn't go as viral, but it was still amazing. >> reporter: we're about to ride off into the sunset, but we have just enough time left for our traditional wishes for the 12 months ahead. so, stay put. "all the best, all the worst" will be right back. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european.
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we have about reached the last roundup, but before we hang our spurs up, we want to ask our guests, as we always do, about their hopes for the year ahead. >> i hope 2017 is a year where people give a damn. >> i hope we are not in a nuclear war with nobody or a war in general. >> in 2017, not only should weed be legal, it should be mandatory, because we could all use a little chilling out right about now.
5:59 pm
>> you know what i wish? that we all can just get along, you know? not look at race, not look at color. we're all americans. let's find a way to better ourselves and challenge ourselves, each and every day. >> i wish for kindness. i wish for everybody to just learn to take a breath and to listen and to be kind. >> so who knows what 2017. i hope it's sassy. i hope it's wearing a turtleneck. >> i hope that this year, and the things that we have learned really brings people together next year in that we can keep on this path of being inclusive of other people and understanding other people and their struggles and everything we all go through, because we're all human beings at the end of the day. >> and that's the end of the line for 2016. thanks to all of our guests. thanks to you for watching. and for everyone at "a.c. 360" and here at cnn, i'm tom foreman
6:00 pm
wishing you all of the best and none of the worst in 2017. ♪ [ singing in italian ] ♪ [ singing in italian ]


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